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Effective 15 June 2014, the CJE no longer has a page limit for first submissions and it will process submissions of any page length. Also, effective 15 June 2014, the CJE has adopted Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Guidelines for Authors. Under these guidelines, all authors should state all sources of financial support, identify any interested party that provided financial or in-kind support, and reveal any paid or unpaid positions in organizations whose financial interests or policy positions are relevant to the submitted paper. This information should be disclosed in a Disclosure Statement form (one for every author) at the time of submission. The CJE receives around 350 submissions per year and publishes around 60 of these papers. It is a general interest journal that welcomes submissions in all fields. In 2013, the mean and median times to a first decision were 94 days, and all authors received a first decision within 8 months of the date of submission.

Issue 47(4): November 2014

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