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Accepted and Forthcoming Papers

The lists below contain papers which have been accepted by the Canadian Journal of Economics for publication and will appear in the next scheduled issues. For the contents of back issues please browse the CJE On-Line Archive.

The publication plans listed on this page represent our best guess as to the contents of future issues of the CJE. The Editors reserve the right to change the contents of any forthcoming issue at their discretion. Similarly, the list of accepted papers is provided for informational purposes only and does not represent an absolute commitment to publish. The Editors reserve the right to withhold from publication any paper on this list if, in their view, circumstances warrant.

Volume 47, No. 2May 2014

Noël Bonneuil and Raouf Boucekkine: Viable Ramsey Economies
Marcello Estevao and Tiago Severo: Shocks, Financial Dependence, and Efficiency: Evidence from U.S. and Canadian Industries
Jianmin Tang: Are Small or Large Producers Driving the Canada-U.S. Labour Productivity Gap? Recent Evidence from Manufacturing
Jean-Yves Duclos and Agnès Zabsonré: Social evaluations when populations differ in size
David Amdur and Eylem Ersal Kiziler: Trend Shocks and the Countercyclical U.S. Current Account
Kimberly Beaton, René Lalonde and Stephen Snudden: The Propagation of U.S. Shocks to Canada: Understanding the Role of Real-Financial Linkages
Richard A. Brecher and Zhiqi Chen: Unemployment and welfare consequences of international outsourcing under monopolistic competition
Zhiqi Chen and Bo Zhao: Unemployment and Product Market Competition in a Cournot Model with Efficiency Wage
Philippe Belley, Marc Frenette and Lance Lochner: Post-Secondary Attendance by Parental Income in the U.S. and Canada: Do Financial Aid Policies Explain the Differences?
Glenn D. Otto and Graham M. Voss: Flexible Inflation Forecast Targeting: Evidence from Canada
Ian King and Frank Stähler: Trade and Directed Search Unemployment in General Equilibrium
Elizabeth Dhuey and Justin Smith: : How Important Are School Principals in the Production of Student Achievement?
Michael Peters: Viewpoint : Competing Mechanisms

Volume 47, No. 3August 2014

Torben M Andersen and Joydeep Bhattacharya: A Dynamic Efficiency Rationale for Public Investment in the Health of the Young
Tat-kei Lai and Travis Ng: The Impact of Product Market Competition on Training Provision: Evidence from Canada
Takao Asano and Noriaki Matsushima: Environmental regulation and technology transfers
Hiroshi Aiura and Yasuhiro Sato: A Model of Urban Demography
Santanu Roy: Dynamic Sorting in Durable Goods Markets with Buyer Heterogeneity
Ronald Bachmann, Daniel Baumgarten and Joel Stiebale: Foreign Direct Investment, Heterogeneous Workers, and Employment Security: Evidence from Germany
JaeBin Ahn: A Welfare Analysis of Unilateral Trade and FDI Liberalization
Allan Sørensen: Additive versus Multiplicative Trade Costs and the Gains from Trade Liberalizations
Bruce A. Blonigen and Jérémy Piger: Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment
Fuhai Hong: Technology Transfer with Transboundary Pollution: A Signaling Approach
Federico J. Diez and Alan C. Spearot: Core Competencies, Matching, and the Structure of Foreign Direct Investment
Ida Ferrara, Paul Missios and Halis Murat Yildiz: Inter-regional Competition, Comparative Advantage, and Environmental Federalism
Jeff Smith and Arthur Sweetman: Viewpoint : Empirical Evaluation of Public Policy

Accepted and Forthcoming Papers

Elena Paltseva: Protection for Sale: The Case of Oligopolistic Competition and Interdependent Sectors
Norman Gemmell, Richard Kneller and Ismael Sanz: The growth effects of tax rates in the OECD
Jiahua Che, Larry Qiu and Wen Zhou: Entry, Reputation, and Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement
Arup Bose, Debashis Pal and David E. M. Sappington: The Impact of Public Ownership in the Lending Sector
Rupayan Gupta: Changing Threat Perceptions and the Efficient Provisioning of International Security
Raquel Ortega-Argilés, Mariacristina Piva and Marco Vivarelli: The Transatlantic Productivity Gap: Is R&D the Main Culprit
Subhayu Bandyopadhyay, Sugata Marjit and Lei Yang: International Oligopoly, Barriers to Outsourcing, and Domestic Employment
Chris Bidner: A Spillover-Based Theory of Credentialism
Ian Irvine and William Sims: The Simple Analytics of Tobacco Taxation with Illegal Supply
Xianwen Shi and Aloysius Siow: Information Externalities and Intermediaries in Frictional Search Markets
Joseph Santos: Back to the futures: An assessment of market performance on the early Winnipeg Grain Exchange
Kate Rybczynski: Gender Differences in Portfolio Risk Across Birth Cohort and Marital Status
Michael Alexeev and Yao-Yu Chih: Social Network Structure and Status Competition
Satya P. Das and Anuradha Saha: Growth of Business Services: A Supply-Side Hypothesis
Taehyun Ahn: The Employment Dynamics of Less-Educated Men in the United States: The Role of Self-Employment
Magnus Wiberg: The Comparative Political Economy of the Location of Industry
Richard Chisik: Job Market Signalling, Stereotype Threat, and Counter-Stereotypical Behaviour
Mati Dubrovinsky and Ralph A. Winter: Organizational Form and the Quality of Output
Ronald B. Davies and Rodolphe Desbordes: Greenfield FDI and Skill Upgrading: A Polarised Issue
Hartmut Egger, Frode Meland and Hans-Jörg Schmerer: Differences in the Degree of Unionization as a Source of Comparative Advantage in Open Economies
James B. Ang and Jakob B. Madsen: Export Performance of the Asian Miracle Economies: The Role of Innovation and Product Variety
Gianluca Orefice: International Migration and Trade Agreements: the new role of PTAs
Philipp Meinen: Sunk Costs of Exporting and the Role of Experience in International Trade
Philip J Grossman, Mana Komai and James E. Jensen: Leadership and Gender in Groups: An Experiment
Shushanik Hakobyan: Accounting for Underutilization of Trade Preference Programs: The U.S. Generalized System of Preferences
Haifang Huang and Eric Stephens: From Housing Bust to Credit Crunch: Evidence from Small Business Loans
Alireza Naghavi, Julia Spies and Farid Toubal: Intellectual Property Rights, Product Complexity, and the Organization of Multinational Firms
Joseph Mai and Andrey Stoyanov: The Effect of the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement on Canadian Multilateral Trade Liberalization
Katrin Peters and Monika Schnitzer: Trade liberalization and credit constraints: Why opening up may fail to promote convergence
James Harrigan and Ariell Reshef: Skill biased heterogeneous firms, trade liberalization, and the skill premium
John Burbidge: Using Distance Functions to Understand Interest Taxation
Evangelos Dioikitopoulos: Aging, Growth and the Allocation of Public Expenditures on Health and Education
Jean Gabszewicz and Skerdilajda Zanaj: (Un)stable vertical collusive agreements
Mark G Guzman and Joe Haslag: Government Policy and Price Uncertainty: A Source of Volatility in Illegal Immigration
Georges Dionne, Mélissa La Haye and Anne-Sophie Bergerès: Does Asymmetric Information Affect the Premium in Mergers and Acquisitions?
Livio Di Matteo and Angela Redish: The evolution of financial intermediation: evidence from 19th century Ontario microdata
Axel Dreher and Andreas Fuchs: Rogue Aid? An Empirical Analysis of China’s Aid Allocation