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Volume 50, No. 1Février 2017

W. Bentley MacLeod: The Human Capital Approach to Inference
Andriana Bellou: Male Wage Inequality and Marital Dissolution: Is there a link?
Kevin Moran and Gabriel Bruneau: Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Labour Market Adjustments in Canadian Manufacturing Industries
Kanda Naknoi: Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations, Wage Stickiness and Tradability
Paul Missios and Halis Murat Yildiz: Do South-South Preferential Trade Agreements Undermine the Prospects for Multilateral Free Trade?
Lisandra Flach and Eckhard Janeba: Income inequality and export prices across countries
Nicholas Rivers and Brandon Schaufele: New Vehicle Feebates
Gilbert Kollenbach: Endogenous growth with a limited fossil fuel extraction capacity
Holger Görg and Erasmus K. Kersting: Vertical Integration and Supplier Finance
Roberto Bonfatti: An economic theory of foreign interventions and regime change

Volume 50, No. 2Mai 2017

Lisa M. Powell, Roy Wada, Tamkeen Khan and Sherry L. Emery: Food and beverage television advertising exposure and youth consumption, body mass index and adiposity outcomes
Elias Dimopoulos and Bulent Unel: Managerial Capital, Occupational Choice, and Inequality in a Global Economy
Reshad N. Ahsan, Arghya Ghosh and Devashish Mitra: International Trade and Unionization: evidence from India
Christoph Böhringer, Brita Bye and Taran Fæhn and Knut Einar Rosendahl: Output-based rebating of carbon taxes in a neighbor’s backyard: Competitiveness, leakage and welfare
Takumi Naito: An Eaton-Kortum model of trade and growth
Peter Egger and Christian Keuschnigg: Access to Credit and Comparative Advantage
Yacov Tsur and Amos Zemel: Steady state properties of multi-state economic models
Gino Cateau: Price Level versus Inflation Targeting under Model Uncertainty
Nathan Bedock and Dalibor Stevanovic: An empirical study of credit shock transmission in a small open economy
Andreas Benedictow and Pål Boug : Calculating the Real Return on a Sovereign Wealth Fund

Volume 50, No. 3Août 2017

Robert French and Philip Oreopoulos: Applying Behavioural Economics to Public Policy in Canada
Jinill Kim and Sunghyun Kim: How Much to Share: Welfare Effects of Fiscal Transfers
Martin R Bodenstein, Christopher J. Erceg and Luca Guerrieri: The Effects of Foreign Shocks When Interest Rates Are at Zero
Laura Povoledo: Modelling the Sectoral Allocation of Labour in Open Economy Models
James Yetman: The evolution of inflation expectations in Canada and the US
Chi-Young Choi, Anthony Murphy and Jyh-Lin Wu: Segmentation of Consumer Markets in the U.S.: What Do Intercity Price Differences Tell Us?
Leilei Shen: Global Sourcing and Credit Constraints
Masashige Hamano and Pierre M. Picard: Extensive and intensive margins and exchange rate regimes
David P. Brown and Derek E. H. Olmstead: Measuring Market Power and the Efficiency of Alberta's Restructured Electricity Market: An Energy-Only Market Design
Carsten Hefeker and Sebastian G. Kessing: Competition for Natural Resources and the Hold-Up Problem

Volume 50, No. 4Novembre 2017

Nancy Gallini: Presidential address
Nancy Olewiler: Canada's Dependence on Natural Capital Wealth: Was Innis Wrong?
Jost H. Heckemeyer and Michael Overesch: Multinationals’ Profit Response to Tax Differentials: Effect Size and Shifting Channels
Alireza Naghavi and Chiara Strozzi: Intellectual Property Rights and Diaspora Knowledge Networks: Can Patent Protection Generate Brain Gain from Skilled Migration?
Andre Boik: The Empirical Effects of Competition on Third Degree Price Discrimination in the Presence of Arbitrage
Ibrahima Barry, Olivier Bonroy and Paolo G. Garella: Eco-labeling by a for-profit certifier: countervailing power and its consequences
Kurt R. Brekke, Luigi Siciliani and Odd Rune Straume: Horizontal Mergers and Product Quality
Yukiko Sawada: The Effect of Technology Choice on Specialization and Welfare in a Two-Country Model
Mauro Caselli, Arpita Chatterjee and Alan Woodland: Multi-product exporters, variable markups and exchange rate fluctuations
Andreas Lichter, Sebastian Siegloch and Andreas Peichl: Exporting and Labor Demand: Micro-level evidence from Germany

Volume 50, No. 5Decembre 2017
50th Anniversary Special Issue

Shelly Lundberg and Aloysius Siow: Canadian Contributions to Family Economics
Gillian Hamilton, Ian Keay and Frank Lewis: Contributions to Canadian Economic History: The Last 30 Years
James A. Brander and Gregor W. Smith: Economic research in Canada: Evolution and convergence
Victor Aguirregabiria and Margaret Slade: Empirical Models of Firms and Industries
Paul Beaudry and Francisco Ruge-Murcia: Canadian Inflation Targeting

Volume 51, No. 1Février 2018

Marc Fleurbaey: Welfare Economics, Risk and Uncertainty
Max Blouin: Peacekeeping: A Strategic Approach
Aggey Semenov: Delegation to a Possibly Ignorant Agent
Patrick Hummel: How Do Selling Mechanisms Affect Profits, Surplus, Capacity, and Prices with Unknown Demand?
Sung Je Byun and Soojin Jo: Heterogeneity in the Dynamic Effects of Uncertainty on Investment
Anders Akerman: A Theory on the Role of Wholesalers in International Trade Based on Economies of Scope
Siew Ling Yew and Jie Zhang: Health spending, savings, and fertility in a lifecycle-dynastic model with longevity externalities
Jebaraj Asirvatham, Michael R. Thomsen, Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr. and Heather L. Rouse: Do peers affect childhood obesity outcomes? Peer-effect analysis in public schools
Paula E. Gobbi, Juliane Parys and Gregor Schwerhoff: Intra-Household Allocation of Parental Leave
Meg Adachi-Sato: Stock vesting conditions, control benefits, and managerial replacement

Articles à paraître

Michael J. Kottelenberg and Steven F. Lehrer: Does Quebec's Subsidized Child Care Policy Give Boys and Girls an Equal Start?
Anthony Garratt, Kevin Lee and Kalvinder Shields: The Role of Uncertainty, Sentiment and Cross-Country Interactions in G7 Output Dynamics
Keith E. Maskus and Lei Yang: Domestic Patent Rights, Access to Technologies, and the Structure of Exports
Kenneth S. Corts : How the source of the entrant's advantage limits entry-deterring tying
Joel Rodrigue and Kunio Tsuyuhara: On-the-Job-Search, Wage Dispersion and Trade Liberalization
Ruth Ben-Yashar, Miriam Krausz and Shmuel Nitzan: Government Loan Guarantees and the Credit Decision-Making Structure
B.Cecilia Garcia-Medina and Jean-François Wen: Income Instability and Fiscal Progression