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Rédacteur en chef:
Michael Veall
Stephen Gordon
Peter Graefe
Tammy Schirle
Lisa Strohschein
Robert Dimand
Volume 43, No. 2Juin 2017

Philip S.J. Leonard: Do School Junk Food Bans Improve Student Health? Evidence from Canada
Harvey Stevens and Wayne Simpson: Toward a National Universal Guaranteed Basic Income
Garrett Ward Richards: How Research–Policy Partnerships Can Benefit Government: A Win-Win for Evidence-Based Policy Making
Rachel Shan and Michael R. Veall: Forty-one years of Canadian Public Policy/Quarante-et-un ans d’Analyse de politiques
G. Kent Fellows and Sarah Dobson: Embodied Emissions in Inputs and Outputs: A "Value Added" Approach to National Emissions Accounting

Articles à paraître

Golnaz Sedigh, Rose Anne Devlin and Gilles Grenier: Are Quebecers More Stressed Out at Work than Others?
Feixue Ren and Mike Shannon : Cohort Effects and the Returns to Canadian Undergraduate Education
Laura Brown and Elizabeth Troutt: Sex and salaries at a Canadian university: the song remains the same or the times they are a changin’?



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