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New Executive Director: The Canadian Economics Association (CEA) welcomes Vivian Tran as the association's Executive Director. Vivian has been working with the Canadian Labour Market and Skills Research Network (CLSRN) for the past 6 years. She holds a MA in International Affairs from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, and is excited to contribute to the CEA and its upcoming conference which will take place at Ryerson. more>>
Anthony Scott: CEA Founding President and Inaugural Fellow: 1923–2015: It is with great sadness that the Canadian Economics Association notes the passing of its Founding President and Inaugural Fellow: Dr. Anthony Scott. Tony Scott was born and educated in Vancouver, graduating from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 1946. He completed a Masters degree at Harvard University in 1949 and a Ph.D. at the London School of Economics in 1953. Tony then joined the UBC economics department and rose rapidly through the ranks to become a (full) professor in 1961. Tony later served as department head during a period of rapid expansion of the department (1967-71), playing a pivotal role in building the department and in developing its national and international prominence in research and in graduate education. Tony retired from UBC in 1989. Tony’s early research (in 1950s) established him as one of the pioneers in the then-emerging field of natural resource economics and he continued to be a major contributor to the area throughout his career. His contributions in the area include his 1955 book on Natural Resource Economics: The Economics of Conservation and his 2008 book on The Evolution of Resource Property Rights, representing a period of over 50 years of active contributions to the field. Tony is also well-known for his important contributions to the economic analysis of federalism and other areas of public finance. Over the course of his career Tony had received many honours. In particular, Tony was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and won the Society's 1987 Innis-Gérin medal, the Society's major social science award. Tony was the only economist to have won this award in the past 25 years. Among his other honours, Tony was also an Officer of the Order of Canada. Of particular importance to the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) is Tony's role as the founding President of the Association (1966-67). Economics and political science were previously combined in a single association. By the mid-1960s both disciplines had grown in size and scope and had diverged markedly in both subject matter and method, with economics having become more mathematically rigorous and more closely based on the scientific model. Recognizing the need for a split, Tony played a central role in forming the CEA. The structure created at that time proved very effective and robust, evolving into the very successful organization the CEA is today.
CEA February 2015 Newsletter: Call for Nominations New and Visiting Appointments; Departures; Awards; Short-Term Visitors; Doctorates. more>>
The Census Long Form—A Critical Tool for Better Understanding and Policy: Three CEA presidents make the case for reinstating the mandatory long form for the 2016 census. Please read the full press release from February 10, 2015. more>>
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