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Eating & Dining

MONTREAL RESTAURANTS - from Gordon Fisher and Greg LeBlanc
Montreal is a good city for restaurants. Areas like Chinatown, Little Italy, Old Montreal, the Plateau and downtown all contain good restaurants. What follows is a list of restaurants that are, in our experience, all of good quality. There is a focus on places near Concordia, with a sampling of notable options from further afield; an X marks personal favourites. The restaurants are broken into four levels in terms of price and quality: High, Medium and Medium-Low, followed by Informal. The St. Laurent scene is added for completeness. The high price-quality restaurants should be booked well in advance. Check out menus on-line and treat yourself. Just type the restaurant name followed by 'Montreal' into Google or your favourite search engine and you cannot fail to get more information. Most restaurants, except perhaps the Informal group, require an advance reservation, particularly for weekend nights. Unless noted otherwise, the cuisine is French. Groups would be a problem at the smaller of these restaurants.
The city has many excellent Bring-Your-Own-Bottle (BYOB) wine restaurants and a good guide to these can be found in e.g. the giftshop of Le Musée des Beaux Arts on Sherbrooke, just to the east of Bishop. Around Concordia are many bon marché Noodle Restaurants on Ste. Catherine and de Maisonneuve west of Guy.
Information on good lunch spots will be available to delegates at the check-in area.
Finally, note that May 31, 2006 is the last day on which you will be able to experience fine food in conjunction with tobacco smoke. The new health protection legislation becomes operative on June 1, and so a bit of Montreal's old world charm will pass into history. Most restaurants currently have segregated smoking and non-smoking areas; so ask to be directed accordingly.
  • X Anise: 104 Laurier W. (276-6999) Intimate Outremont restaurant with noted chef--owner, delicious `tasting menu' options.
  • X Brönte: 1808 Sherbrooke W. (934-1801) Excellent food, interesting wine list, near Concordia, can take medium sized groups.
  • Les Caprices de Nicolas: 2072 Drummond (282-9790) Long considered one of the best restaurants in town, near Concordia.
  • La Chronique: 98 Laurier E. (271-3095) On Laurier near St. Laurent, small chef--owned restaurant.
  • Toqué: 900 Place Jean-Paul Riopelle (499-2084) Old Montreal, often considered the best restaurant in Montreal, if not Canada.
  • X Queue de Cheval: 1221 René Levesque W. (390-0090) Big--shouldered steak house near Concordia, excellent steak.
  • Moishes Steak House: 3961 St. Laurent (845-3509) Like Queue de Chevel, but on St. Laurent. These places are large and busy.
  • da Vinci: 1180 Bishop (874-2001) Nearby, highly rated Italian restaurant in old townhouse.
  • Milos: 5387 du Parc ( 272-3522) Famous Greek fish restaurant, excellent quality, high prices.
  • X Brunoise: 3807 St. André (523-3885) High quality food at medium quality prices. Must reserve weeks in advance.
  • X Laloux: 250 des Pins E (287-9127) Attractive spacious restaurant in the Plateau. Good food, interesting wine list.
  • X Fereirra: 1446 Peel (849-0988) Great Portuguese fish restaurant near Concordia.
  • L'Actuel: 1194 Peel (866-1537) Good Belgian mussels, downtown.
  • X Chez Levêque: 1030 Laurier W. (279-7355) Good Outremont bistro, with bon vivant Bishop theme, church music in washrooms.
  • Delfino: 1231 Lajoie (277-5888) Good fish restaurant in Outremont.
  • Chez L'Epiciér: 311 St. Paul E. (878-22320) Old Montreal, stone walls, interesting food.
  • Les Chenets: 2075 Bishop (844-1842) Classic French restaurant across the street from Concordia with very long wine list.
  • Bice: 1504 Sherbrooke W. (937-6009) Good Italian restaurant close by, but not as good dollar-for-quality as daVinci.
  • Chez Gautier: 3487 du Parc (845-2992) Good Belgian restaurant, rich food.
  • Mythos: 5318 du Parc (270-0235) Greek restaurant, good lamb and fish, dancing to a band on lower level, piano music upstairs, good Greek wine.
  • Casa Napoli: 6728 St. Laurent (274-4351) Classic Little Italy restaurant, columns, statues, Italian families dressed up.
  • X Lemeac: 1045 Laurier W. (270-0999) Reasonably priced Outremont bistro across the street from Chez Levêque.
  • X L'Express: 3927 St. Denis (845-5333) The bistro that started the St Denis scene. Good value, lively, long bar.
  • X La Colombe: 554 Duluth E. (849-8844) Good BYOB restaurant in the Plateau, tiny, set seatings, good food.
  • Christophe: 1187 Van Horne (270-0850) Also good BYOB but in Outremont, excellent chef, limited menu.
  • Continental: 4169 St. Denis (845-6842) Busy bistro. Meant to attract budding young stars...
  • Au Petit Extra: 1690 Ontario E. (527-5552) East--end bistro frequented by the CBC -- artsy crowd.
  • Au Pied de Cochon: 536 Duluth E.(251-1114) Informal Quebec terroire cuisine: roasted fowl, pigs feet, Anthony Bourdain likes it.
  • X Tonnère de Brest: 1187 Van Horne (278-6061) Sympathetic tiny family-run place, good food, a bit of Brittany in Outremont.
  • Au Bistro Gourmet: 2100 St. Mathieu (846-1553) Small good value bistro near Concordia.
  • X Le Paris: 1812 Ste. Catherine W. (937-4898) Good value traditionsl French restaurant near Concordia.
  • Holder: 407 McGill (849-0333) Big, busy, bright, brassy brasserie in Old Montreal.
  • Rosalie: 1332 de la Montagne (392-1970) Popular downtown place, emphasis on attractive waitresses and turnover, turnover.
  • Paris Beurre: 1226 Van Horne (271-7502) Outremont bistro, decent food.
  • Ètoile des Indes: 1806 Ste. Catherine (932-8330) Good Indian food in a casual setting, near Concordia.
  • Ferrari: 1407 Bishop (843-3086) Informal Italian fare, also very close.
  • Upstairs Jazz Bar: 1245 Mackay (931-6808) Live Jazz at night, after work drinks earlier, food above average for a bar.
  • Maison de Cari: 1433 Bishop (845-0326) Good Indian food in a basement restaurant near Concordia.
The St Laurent Scene
  • Globe: 3455 St. Laurent (282-3823) Beautiful people, high prices, good food, live Jazz on Sunday.
  • Buonna Notte 3518 St. Laurent (848-0644) Like Globe but make the food more Italian, and less good, add Mike Ribeiro and models.
  • Il Sole 3627 St. Laurent (282-4996) More sedate than Buonna Notte, better Italian food, still St. Laurent.


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