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Dining Guide to Halifax

by Tess Cyrus

In general, Halifax has better restaurants than one might expect for a city its size, due to the influx of tourists every summer as well as the white-collar nature of its residents. If you are a fan of fresh seafood, you will be able to find something almost anywhere but Halifax offers a lot of variety nonetheless. Vegetarians can sometimes be out of luck but, at nicer restaurants, the chef will prepare something if requested. The waterfront tends to contain tourist traps, so the best restaurants do not tend to be found on the water (with a couple of exceptions). A checkmark (X) denotes particular favourites. The area code for Nova Scotia is 902.

  • Coburg Coffee House (6085 Coburg Rd, 429-2326)
  • Second Cup (Killam Library Atrium; Spring Garden Rd at Queen St)
  • Tim Hortons (Student Union Building; 5970 Spring Garden Rd near Robie St; 5639 Spring Garden Rd near South Park St)
  • Starbucks (5991 Spring Garden Rd at Robie St; 5466 Spring Garden Rd at Queen St)
  • Daily Grind (5686 Spring Garden Rd near South Park St)
  • Uncommon Grounds (1030 South Park St near Inglis Rd; 1801 Hollis St; Argyle St near Sackville St)
  • Wired Monk (5147 Morris St at Hollis St)
  • Just Us Coffee Roasters [Fair Trade Coffee] 1678 Barrington St
Lunch options within walking distance
  • Coburg Coffee House (6085 Coburg Rd, 429-2326)
  • Trinity (1333 South Park St, 423-8428)
  • Saege (5883 Spring Garden Rd, 429-1882)
  • Smitty's (1472 Tower Rd, 429-1148)
  • Restaurants on Spring Garden Rd near Robie St: Subway, Dairy Deli, Soup Sergeant, Jean's Chinese
  • Italian Gourmet (5431 Doyle St, 423-7880)
Dinner Options: High-end ($20-$30 entrees)
  • Bish (Bishop's Landing, 1475 Lower Water St, 425-7993): fabulous location near the water; creatively-presented global cuisine
  • Chives (1537 Barrington St, 420-9626): a fairly casual atmosphere; excellent food prepared with only local ingredients
  • X Da Maurizio (Brewery Market, 1496 Lower Water St, 423-0859): impeccable service; excellent Italian food
  • Fid (1569 Dresden Row, 422-9162): small dining room; eclectic choices
  • Five Fishermen (1740 Argyle St, 422-4421): an old stand-by reinvigorated by a hot new Québecoise chef; try the bouillabaise
  • McKelvie's (1680 Lower Water St, 421-6161): "delishes fishes dishes" near the waterfront
  • Onyx (5680 Spring Garden Rd, 428-5680): great mojitos; excellent fixed-price menu; a place to see and be seen
  • X Press Gang (5218 Prince St, 423-8816): in one of the oldest buildings in Halifax; a cozy atmosphere with stone walls and many small rooms; focus on seafood
  • Seven (1579 Grafton St, 444-4777): the best wine list in Halifax
Dinner Options: Medium ($10-$25 entrees)
  • Baan Thai (1569 Dresden Row, 446-4301): fresh Thai food
  • Cheelin (Brewery Market, 1496 Lower Water St, 422-2252): not much atmosphere but great Chinese food
  • Ethiopia Restaurant (6249 Quinpool Rd, 444-3030): no frills, but you get to eat with your hands
  • Hamachi House (5190 Morris St, 425-7711): the best of Halifax's several sushi restaurants
  • X Il Mercato (5650 Spring Garden Rd, 422-2866): no reservations accepted and always packed, for a good reason: fabulous modern Italian food and great prices
  • X Jane's on the Common (2394 Robie St, 431-5683): no reservations accepted so be prepared to wait
  • King Wah (6430 Quinpool Rd, 423-2587): consistently rated one of the best Chinese restaurants in Halifax
  • Minato Sushi (1520 Queen St, 420-0331): reasonably priced sushi right off Spring Garden Rd
  • X Opa (1565 Argyle St, 492-7999): dining room can be noisy but great Greek food
  • Quincy's (6273 Quinpool Rd, 422-4414): a modern diner; casual, good for families; great sweet potato fries
  • Saege (5883 Spring Garden Rd, 429-1882): a fairly new restaurant with a contemporary menu
  • Taj Mahal (5175 South St, 492-8251): good Indian food, great service
  • Talay Thai (1261 Barrington St, 404-3700): Halifax's newest Thai restaurant
  • Tomasino's (5173 South St, 425-7111): gourmet pizza in a cave-like room; very cozy
  • X Wooden Monkey (1685 Argyle St, 444-3844): all organic and vegetarian-friendly; funky atmosphere
Dinner Options: Pubs and Bars

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