CEA 41st Annual Meetings
Friday, June 1 - Sunday, June 3, 2007
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Novia Scotia
List of Sessions by Field of Specialization

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B5 - Current Heterodox Approaches
Sat 14:00-15:30 PEF IV: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Economic Issues
Sat 16:00-17:30 PEF V: The State and Economy

C0 - Econometrics
Fri 08:30-10:00 CESG I: Testing
Fri 08:30-10:00 Bayesian Estimation and Kalman Filtering
Fri 10:30-12:00 CESG II: Econometrics
Fri 10:30-12:00 Testing Hypotheses
Fri 14:00-15:30 CESG III: Theory
Sat 10:30-12:00 Financial Econometrics
Sat 14:00-15:30 Estimation Theory I
Sat 16:00-17:30 Estimation Theory II

C7 - Game Theory and Bargaining Theory
Fri 16:00-17:30 Applications of Game Theory I
Sat 14:00-15:30 Applications of Game Theory II
Sun 08:30-10:00 Economic Theory II: Cheap Talk

D0 - Microeconomics
Fri 10:30-12:00 Applications of Decision Theory
Fri 14:00-15:30 Microeconomics Theory I
Fri 14:00-15:30 Economic Theory I: Political Economy
Fri 14:00-15:30 Learning Games I
Fri 16:00-17:30 Learning Games II
Sat 14:00-15:30 Advances in Microeconomic Theory

D8 - Information and Uncertainty
Sat 08:30-10:00 Information and Communications Technology

E0 - Macroeconomics, Business Cycles
Fri 08:30-10:00 Macroeconometrics
Fri 10:30-12:00 Issues on Monetary Policy
Fri 10:30-12:00 Macroeconomic Labour Markets
Fri 14:00-15:30 Canadian Business Cycles
Fri 14:00-15:30 CMSG 1: Search Models of Money
Fri 16:00-17:30 Evidence on Price Adjustments
Fri 16:00-17:30 CMSG II: Inflation and Indexation
Sat 08:30-10:00 CMSG III: Exchange Rates
Sat 10:30-12:00 Issues in Business Cycles I
Sat 10:30-12:00 CMSG IV: Default and Credit Markets
Sat 10:30-12:00 CGE, Risk and Macroeconomics
Sat 14:00-15:30 Issues in Business Cycles II
Sat 16:00-17:30 Investments and Business Cycles I
Sat 16:00-17:30 CMSG V: Business Cycles
Sun 08:30-10:00 Investments and Business Cycles II
Sun 08:30-10:00 CMSG VI: Topics in International Macroeconomics
Sun 10:30-12:00 Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies
Sun 10:30-11:45 CMSG VII: Macro-Labour

E3 - Monetary Economics, Central Banking
Fri 10:30-11:00 Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy
Sat 14:00-15:30 Bank of Canada: New Developments In Monetary Policy Design
Sat 16:00-17:30 How to Talk to the Media
Sun 08:30-10:00 IDRM: Defense Economics
Sun 10:30-12:00 PEF: Inaugural John Kenneth Galbraith Lecture
Sun 10:30-12:00 IMF Surveillance Reform

F1 - International Trade and Investment
Fri 10:30-12:00 Foreign Direct Investment I
Fri 16:00-17:30 Foreign Direct Investment II
Sat 08:30-10:00 Gift Giving
Sat 08:30-10:00 Gravity Models
Sat 10:30-12:00 Theory and Application of Global Economy Model (GEM)
Sat 10:30-12:00 Trade and Heterogeneous Firms
Sat 10:30-12:00 Free Trade Agreements: Theory
Sat 14:00-15:30 Trade Cost and Integration
Sat 14:00-15:30 Volatility and Trade
Sun 08:30-10:00 International Finance I

F3 - International Finance, Exchange Rates
Fri 14:00-15:30 Empirics of Exchange Rates and Soft Budget Constraints
Sun 08:30-10:00 Canada in the North American Economy
Sun 10:30-12:00 International Finance II

G0 - Financial Economics
Fri 10:30-12:00 Theoretical Finance II
Fri 14:00-15:30 Empirical Finance I
Fri 16:00-17:30 Empirical Finance II
Fri 16:00-17:30 Topics in Empirical Finance
Sat 08:30-10:00 Empirical Finance III
Sat 10:30-12:00 Empirical Finance IV
Sat 14:00-15:30 Empirical Finance V
Sat 16:00-17:30 Empirical Urban Economics

H0 - Public Economics, Taxation, Fiscal Policy
Thu 08:30-11:00 CPEG I: Political Economy
Thu 16:00-17:30 CPEG III: Empirical Analysis of Taxation
Fri 08:30-10:00 PEF I: Taxation and Social Democracy
Fri 08:30-10:00 Determinants of Fiscal Policies
Fri 08:30-10:00 CPEG IV: Redistributive Policy
Fri 10:30-12:00 CPEG V: Health and Education
Fri 14:00-15:30 CPEG VI: Decentralized Decision Making
Fri 16:00-17:30 Political Economy
Fri 16:00-17:30 CPEG VII: Volatility and Uncertainty
Sat 08:30-10:00 CDH: Retirement and Pensions
Sat 08:30-10:00 Taxation Theory
Sat 16:00-17:30 Intertemporal Public Economics
Sun 08:30-10:00 Theoretical Political Economy I

I1 - Health Economics
Fri 08:30-10:00 Consumption, Addiction, and Health
Fri 08:30-10:00 Empirical Health, Labour and Housing
Fri 10:30-12:00 Health Economics I
Sat 10:30-12:00 Measurement Issues in Health Economics
Sat 16:00-17:30 Health Economics II
Sun 10:30-12:00 Health Economics IV

I2 - Education Economics
Fri 14:00-15:30 HRSDC I: Pathways to Post-Secondary Education
Fri 16:00-17:30 SRDC II: Promoting Access to Post-Secondary Education
Sat 08:30-10:00 Education and Training
Sat 16:00-17:30 HRSDC II: Issues of Literacy Among Canadians
Sun 08:30-10:00 MESA/CMSF I: Family Background and Access to PSE
Sun 10:30-12:00 MESA/CMSF II: PSE Persistence

I3 - Economics of Welfare and Poverty
Fri 14:00-15:30 Estimation of Household Preferences
Fri 16:00-17:30 Investments in Children in Developing Countries
Fri 16:00-17:30 Alleviating Poverty I
Sat 08:30-10:00 Poverty Indices
Sat 08:30-10:00 Theoretical Family Economics
Sat 10:30-12:00 PEP/CDSG I: Poverty and Economic Policy I
Sat 10:30-12:00 Investments in Children I
Sat 14:00-15:30 Investments in Children II
Sat 16:00-17:30 Alleviating Poverty II
Sun 08:30-10:00 PEF VI: Inequality
Sun 10:30-12:00 Empirical Family Economics

J0 - Labor Economics
Thu 08:20-08:30 CERF Welcome
Thu 08:30-10:00 CERF I: Changes in Time Use and Time Stress
Thu 10:30-12:00 CERF II: Employment Consequences of Care-Giving
Thu 14:00-15:30 CERF III: Gender, Motherhood and Earnings
Thu 16:00-17:30 CERF IV: Workplace Practices Employment Outcomes
Fri 08:30-10:00 CWEN I: Gender and Work Issues Outside Canada
Fri 08:30-10:00 Theoretical Labour Economics
Fri 08:30-10:00 CERF V: The Family Context of Labour Market Decisions
Fri 10:30-12:00 CWEN II: Women, Know Your Place! A Girl's Guide to Being an Economist
Fri 10:30-12:00 Schooling Attainment in Canada
Fri 10:30-12:00 CERF VI: Workplaces and Well-Being
Fri 14:00-15:30 SRDC I: Job Strategies for the Unemployed
Fri 14:00-15:30 Empirical Labour Market Dynamics
Fri 16:00-17:30 Trade and Labour
Sat 08:30-10:00 Learning About Wage Setting Behaviour Through Surveys
Sat 08:30-10:00 Labour Supply
Sat 08:30-10:00 Urban Labour Markets
Sat 10:30-12:00 Issues In Empirical Labour Economics
Sat 16:00-17:30 Canadian Labour Markets
Sun 08:30-10:00 Immigration, Trade and the Labour Market
Sun 10:30-12:00 Time Use in Canada
Sun 10:30-12:00 Productivity Studies

K0 - Law and Economics
Sat 16:00-17:30 Litigation and Economics
Sat 16:00-17:30 Economics of Crime

L0 - Industrial Organization
Fri 08:30-10:00 Industry Canada I: Competition Intensity
Fri 08:30-10:00 Oligopoly
Fri 08:30-10:00 Information and Competition
Fri 10:30-12:00 Oligopoly Theory
Fri 14:00-15:30 Empirical Industrial Organization I
Sat 08:30-10:00 Monopoly and Duopoly
Sat 10:30-12:00 Technology Diffusion
Sat 10:30-12:00 Incentives in Industrial Organization
Sun 08:30-10:00 CSGB: Industrial Organization Theory
Sun 08:30-10:00 Economics and Politics of International Organization
Sun 10:30-12:00 Search and Networks in Industrial Organization

N0 - Economic History
Fri 16:00-17:30 CNEH I: Wealth and Inequality in Economic History
Sat 14:00-15:30 CNEH II: Canadian Economic History
Sat 16:00-17:30 CNEH III: U.S and International Economic History
Sun 10:30-12:00 CNEH IV: Marriage and Feasting

O1 - Development Economics
Fri 10:30-12:00 Development and China
Fri 14:00-15:30 CDSG I: Health and Education in Development
Sat 10:30-12:00 PEF III: Topics in Emerging Markets
Sat 14:00-15:30 CDSG II: Institutions, Growth and Poverty
Sat 16:00-17:30 CDSG III: Topics In Development

O3 - Technological Change, Productivity
Sat 14:00-15:30 Productivity
Sun 08:30-10:00 Innovation and Technology Spillovers
Sun 08:30-10:00 Investment, Research and Development
Sun 10:30-12:00 Innovation: Theory

O4 - Economic Growth
Fri 08:30-10:00 Economic Growth: Theory and Measurement
Fri 14:00-15:30 Development Theory

Q3 - Environmental Economics
Fri 08:30-10:00 Trade and the Environment
Fri 10:30-12:00 CREE I: Resources and Sustainability
Fri 14:00-15:30 CREE II: Environment and Industrial Organization
Fri 16:00-17:30 CREE III: Environmental and Political Economy
Sat 08:30-10:00 Issues on Commodity Prices
Sat 10:30-12:00 Social Norms and the Tragedy of the Commons
Sat 14:00-15:30 Trade and Environment
Sat 16:00-17:30 Resource Economics
Sun 08:30-10:00 Regulating Environment
Sun 10:30-12:00 Topics in Environmental Economics

R0 - Urban and Spatial Economics
Fri 10:30-12:00 PEF II: Prospects for the Atlantic Regional Economy
Sat 08:30-10:00 Urban Growth
Sat 14:00-15:30 Housing Economics

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