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Conference Highlights

Presidential Address
Speaker: Aloysius Siow (University of Toronto)
Topic: TBA

Purvis Luncheon
Speaker: Caroline Hoxby (Harvard University)
Topic: Education and Growth: Working Out the Causal Connection

CWEN Luncheon
Speaker: Nancy Olewiler (Simon Fraser University)
Topic: TBA

Innis Lecture
Speaker: Daniel Trefler (University of Toronto)
Topic: Policies for Canadian Prosperity

Bank of Canada Fellowship Lecture
Speaker: Jean-Marie Dufour (Université de Montréal)
Topic: Identification and causality in macroeconomics and finance

State of the Art Lectures
• David Card (UC Berkeley): Structural Modelling and Research Design: The Continuing Evolution of Methods in Labor Economics
• Li Hao (University of Toronto): Decision Making in Committees
• William Strange (University of Toronto): On Agglomeration
• Catherine Wolfram (UC Berkeley): Policies to Address Climate Change: Opportunities and Challenges
• Randall Wright (University of Pennsylvania): Inflation and Unemployment in the long run


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