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Conference Highlights

Presidential Address
Speaker: Ralph Winter (University of British Columbia)
Topic: Economic Theory in the Courtroom: Competition Policy and Single-Firm Conduct
the presidential address can be viewed in our video library and is now available in the November 2009 issue of the Canadian Journal of Economics

Purvis Luncheon
Speaker: David Dodge (former Governor of the Bank of Canada and former deputy minister of finance)
Topic: Stabilization aspects of monetary policy and related regulatory policies for financial institutions and markets

CWEN Luncheon
Speaker: Frances Woolley (Carleton University)
Topic: A Celebration of CWEN

Innis Lecture
Speaker: Scott Taylor (University of Calgary)
Topic: Environmental Crises: Past, Present and Future

State of the Art Lectures
• Marcel Boyer (Université de Montréal): Intellectual Property and Industrial Organization
• Rob Feenstra (University of California, Davis): Product Heterogeneity in International Trade
• Sharon Kozicki (Bank of Canada): Macroeconomics
• David Laibson (Harvard University): Behavioural economics
• Christopher Mayer (Columbia University): Lessons Learned from the Housing and Credit Crisis
• Bruce Meyer (University of Chicago): Poverty, Inequality, and Well-Being

Keynote Speakers
•Jeffrey Williamson (Harvard University), Development Keynote Speaker: Trade and Poverty: When the Third World Fell Behind.
• Robert LaLonde (University of Chicago), Labour Keynote Speaker: The Case for Wage Insurance: Getting Serious about the Consequences of Unemployment
• Paul Davidson (University of Tennessee), Progressive Economics Forum Keynote Speaker: Efficient Market Theory vs. Keynes's Liquidity Theory: Alternative Explanations of the Operations of a Capitalist System


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