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Conference Highlights

Presidential Address: Victoria Zinde-Walsh (McGill University)

Purvis Luncheon Speaker: Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich)

CWEN Luncheon Speaker: Rebecca Blank (United States Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs)

Innis Lecture: Michael Baker (University of Toronto)

Canadian Public Policy Lecture: Evelyn Forget (University of Manitoba)

Canadian Economics Association Invited Lectures
• François Bourguignon (Paris School of Economics), jointly invited with CDESG
• Don Drummond (TD Bank/School of Policy Studies, Queen's University)
• Jack Mintz (University of Calgary)
• Jeremy Rudin (Department of Finance)

Bank of Canada Lecture: Shouyong Shi (University of Toronto)

Industry Canada Lecture: Patrick Rey (Université de Toulouse)

State of the Art Lectures
• Daron Acemoglu (MIT)
• Jonathan Gruber (MIT)
• Paul Klemperer (University of Oxford)
• Arthur Lewbel (Boston College)
• Nancy Olewiler (Simon Fraser University)
• Jeff Smith (University of Michigan)


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