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Participant Directory

Shown below are only paid-up registered conference participants. Participant types are R for regular CEA member; S for student CEA member; N for non-members, and V for V.I.P. guests. This page is updated daily.

#Name (Affiliation) TypeWeb
1.ab Iorwerth, A. (unaffiliated)N 
2.Abdel Razek, Noha (University of Alberta)R 
3.Acclassato, Denis (Université d'Abomey-Calavi)N 
4.Acemoglu, Daron (MIT)V 
5.Acharya, Ram (Industry Canada)N 
6.Adekunle, Bamidele (University of Guelph)R 
7.Agarwal, Manmohan Lal (Centre for International Governance Innovation)N 
8.Agbo, Maxime (Université de Montréal)S 
9.Agier, Isabelle (Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne)S 
10.Agrawal, Ajay (University of Toronto)R
11.Agurto, Marcos (University of British Columbia)R 
12.Ahmad, Nazish (Department of Finance Canada)R 
13.Ahmad, Shah Azeem Saaqib (unaffiliated)N 
14.Akbar, Mohammad (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)R 
15.Akbari, Syed Ather H (Saint Mary's University)R
16.Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University)R 
17.Akerlof, George (University of California, Berkeley)V 
18.Alamgir-Arif, Rizwana (University of Ottawa)S 
19.Alarie, Benjamin (University of Toronto)R 
20.Alessandrini, Diana (University of Guelph)S 
21.Alexander, Patrick (Queen's University)S 
22.Alexeev, Vitali (University of Tasmania)R
23.Alexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)R
24.Alger, Ingela (Carleton University)R
25.Allen, Jason (Bank of Canada)R 
26.Almansoour, Abdullah (University of Waterloo)S 
27.Almon, Michael-John (Industry Canada)N 
28.Alzua, Maria Laura (CEDLAS -Universidad Nacional de La Plata)N 
29.Amano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)N 
30.Ambachtsheer, Keith (Rotman International Centre for Pension Management)N 
31.Amedah, Sid Ali (Hrsdc)N 
32.Amegashie, J. Atsu (University of Guelph)R
33.Andrew, Kevin (Carleton University)S 
34.Andrews, Brendon (unaffiliated)S 
35.Angler, Katharina (University of Ottawa)S 
36.Anglin, Paul M (University of Guelph)R
37.Annabi, Nabil (HRSDC)N
38.Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)R
39.Apouey, Benedicte (University of South Florida)R 
40.Aragon-Sanchez, Fernando (Simon Fraser University)R 
41.Arango, Carlos (Bank of Canada)R 
42.Arbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor)R 
43.Arghyrou, Michael Georgiou (Cardiff University)R 
44.Arias, Jonas (Duke University)S 
45.Ariste, Ruolz (Canadian Institute for Health Information)R 
46.Armstrong, Alex (Queen's University)S 
47.Ary Tanimoune, Nasser (University of Ottawa)R 
48.Arya, Pyare (Saint Mary's University)R
49.Askari, Mostafa (Parliamentary Budget Office)R 
50.Atallah, Gamal (University of Ottawa)R
51.Atewamba, Calvin (Université de Montréal)S 
52.Atkinson, Benjamin (Mount Royal University)R 
53.Au, Mei Sze (University of Toronto)R 
54.Aurangzeb, Zeb (University of Guelph)S 
55.Avillez, Ricardo (CSLS)R 
56.Ayas, Charles (Concordia)S 
57.Aydede, Yigit (Saint Mary's University)N 
58.Azimi, Ebrahim (Simon Fraser University)S 
59.Baker, Michael (University of Toronto)V
60.Baksi, Soham (University of Winnipeg)R
61.Baldwin, Andy (Statistics Canada)R 
62.Banerjee, Mausumi (unaffiliated)N 
63.Baragar, Fletcher (University of Manitoba)R 
64.Barattieri, Alessandro (Université du Québec à Montréal)R 
65.Barham, Victoria (University of Ottawa)R
66.Barnett, Richard (Drexel University)R 
67.Barnett, Russell (Parliamentary Budget Office)R 
68.Barrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University)R
69.Basil, Jean (Competition Bureau / Industry Canad)N 
70.Basso, Leonardo (Universidad de Chile)R 
71.Baumeister, Christiane (Bank of Canada)R
72.Bazhanov, Andrei (Queen's University)R 
73.Bazillier, Remi (Université d'Orléans)R 
74.Beach, Charles M. (Queen's University)R
75.Bean, Jessica (Denison)R 
76.Beaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)R
77.Belford, Carlene (Competition Bureau / Industry Canada)N 
78.Bell, Andrew (Gouvernment of Canada)N 
79.Belley, Philippe (Kansas State University)R 
80.Bellou, Andriana (Université de Montréal)R
81.Beltran, Daniel (Federal Reserve Board)N 
82.Benarroch, Michael (University of Winnipeg)R 
83.Benjamin, Dwayne (University of Toronto)R
84.Bento, Pedro (University of Toronto)S 
85.Berg, Kimmo (Aalto University School of Science)R 
86.Bergbusch, Thomas (Agriculture and Agri-food Canada)N 
87.Bergevin, Philippe (C.D. Howe Institute)R 
88.Berkok, Ugurhan (Royal Military College)R
89.Bernard, Andre (Statistics Canada)N 
90.Bernier, Govinda (Finance Canada)R 
91.Bertone, Gino (Industry Canada)R 
92.Bessey, Donata (Seoul National University)R 
93.Betran, Concha (University of Valencia)R 
94.Bi, Huixin (Bank of Canada)R 
95.Bibi, Sami (Université Laval)N 
96.Blank, Rebecca M. (United States Department of Commerce)V
97.Blit, Joel (George Washington University)R 
98.Bloemhof, Barb (McMaster University)R 
99.Blom, Sylvia (Queen's University)S 
100.Blomqvist, Ake (Carleton University)T 
101.Boadway, Robin W. (Queen's University)R
102.Bobonis, Gustavo (University of Toronto)R
103.Bocola, Luigi (University of Pennsylvania)S 
104.Boden, Gillian (unaffiliated)R 
105.Boileau, David (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada)N 
106.Boire, Matthew (University of Toronto)R 
107.Bond, Amanda (Ryerson University)S 
108.Bonikowska, Aneta (Statistics Canada)R 
109.Bordeleau, Etienne (University of Toronto)R 
110.Bordo, Michael (Rutgers University)N 
111.Bose, Pinaki (University of Manitoba)R 
112.Boskovic, Branko (University of Toronto)S 
113.Bouaddi, Mohammed (HEC-Montreal)S 
114.Boucher, Christophe (QCG)N 
115.Boucher, Vincent (Université de Montréal)S 
116.Bourguignon, François (Paris School of Economics)V
117.Boyer, George (Cornell University)N 
118.Boyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)R
119.Bradshaw, James (Globe and Mail)V 
120.Brencic, Vera (University of Alberta)R
121.Brennan, Timothy (University of Maryland Baltimore County)R 
122.Brett, Craig (Mount Allison University)R
123.Britten, Spencer Maxwell (Queen's University)S 
124.Brochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa)R
125.Brown, Carolyn (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)N 
126.Brown, Laura (University of Manitoba)R
127.Brown, Natalya (Nipissing University)R 
128.Bruneau, Gabriel (Université de Montréal)S 
129.Bruns, Bryan (Independent Scholar)R 
130.Buckley, Neil J. (York University)R
131.Buhr, Karen (University of Maine)R 
132.Bunch, Matthew (Centre for International Governance Innovation) 
133.Burleton, Derek (TD Bank Group)V 
134.Busby, Colin (C.D. Howe Institute)R 
135.Byrne, David (The University of Melbourne)R 
136.Cadsby, Bram (University of Guelph)R
137.Cai, Jie (University of New South Wales)R 
138.Cai, Wenbiao (University of Iowa)S 
139.Caines, Ian (University of Toronto)R 
140.Cairns, Robert D (McGill University)R
141.Camacho, Liliana (McMaster University)S 
142.Cano Urbina, Javier (University of Western Ontario)S 
143.Cao, Shutao (Bank of Canada)R 
144.Capotosto, James (University of Guelph)S 
145.Carlos, Ann (University of Colorado at Boulder)R 
146.Carr, Jeff (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)N 
147.Carr, Jeffrey (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)N 
148.Cass-Beggs, Duncan (Government of Canada)N 
149.Castro, Rui (Université de Montréal)R
150.Cateau, Gino (Bank of Canada)R 
151.Chahrour, Ryan (Columbia University)S 
152.Chaker, Selma (Université De Montréal)S 
153.Chan, Kelvin Ka Yin (Industry Canada)N 
154.Chan, Ping Ching Winnie (Statistics Canada)R 
155.Chang, Greg (Simon Fraser University)S 
156.Chatti, Rim (HRSDC)N 
157.Chaundy, David (Atlantic Provinces Economic Council)R 
158.Che, Wayne (Queen's University)S 
159.Chemin, Matthieu (McGill University)R 
160.Chen, Ding (Xi'an Jiao Tong University)S 
161.Chen, Kelly (Dalhousie University)S 
162.Chen, Shenjie (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada)N 
163.Chen, Xuyang (unaffiliated)N 
164.Chen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)R
165.Chen, Zhuoqiong (Peking University)S 
166.Cherniwchan, Jevan (University of Calgary)S 
167.Chevrier, Christopher (Government of Canada)N 
168.Childs, Jason (University of Regina)R 
169.Childs, Stephen (University of Ottawa)R
170.Chipty, Tasneem (Analysis Group, Inc.)R 
171.Chiu, Jonathan (Bank of Canada)N 
172.Chorney, Harold (Concordia University Montreal)R 
173.Chowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of Manitoba)S 
174.Christensen, Ian (Bank of Canada)R 
175.Chu, Ba Manh (Carleton University)R
176.Chu, Chun-Fu (McMaster University)S 
177.Chung, Jackson (unaffiliated)N 
178.Church, Jeff (University of Calgary)R
179.Click, Reid (George Washington University)N 
180.Cloutier, Mike (Queen's University)S
181.Clément, Amélie (unaffiliated)N 
182.Coe, Patrick J. (Carleton University)R
183.Coen, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM))R 
184.Collette, Elias (Carleton University)N 
185.Colonescu, Constantin (Grant MacEwan University)R 
186.Comeau, Fernand (unaffiliated)N 
187.Comtois-Rousseau, Émilie (unaffiliated)N 
188.Connolly Pray, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal)R 
189.Copeland, Conrad (unaffiliated)R 
190.Cortes, Guido Matias (University of British Columbia)S
191.Corts, Kenneth (University of Toronto)N
192.Corvari, Ron (Competition Bureau / Industry Canada)N 
193.Cottrell, Marilyn (Brock University)R 
194.Coulombe, Serge (University of Ottawa)R
195.Couppey-Soubeyran, Jézabel (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)R 
196.Courty, Pascal (University of Victoria)R 
197.Cozzi, Marco (Queen's University)R
198.Cranfield, John (University of Guelph)N 
199.Cross, Melvin (Dalhousie University)R
200.Crucini, Mario (Vanderbilt University)R 
201.Cudmore, Edgar (Department of Finance)R 
202.Cuff, Katherine L (McMaster University)R
203.Cule, Monika (University of Regina)R
204.Curry, Philip (University of Waterloo)R 
205.Curtis, John M. (unaffiliated)N 
206.Curtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)R
207.Cyrenne, Philippe (University of Winnipeg)R
208.Cyrus, Teresa (Dalhousie University)R
209.Côté, Denise (Bank of Canada)R 
210.Côté, Louis-David (Government of Canada)N 
211.Côté, Steven (unaffiliated)R 
212.Dachis, Benjamin (C.D. Howe Institute)R 
213.DaGraça, Tarcisio Barroso (Competition Bureau / Industry Canada)N 
214.Dai, Tiantian (Queen's University)S 
215.Dakubo, Crescentia (unaffiliated)N 
216.Dalkir, Elif (University of New Brunswick)R 
217.Dalkir, Mehmet (University of New Brunswick)R 
218.Damiano, Ettore (University of Toronto)R
219.Dammert, Ana (Carleton University)R
220.Dan, Ioana (University of Toronto)S 
221.Danese, Giuseppe (Simon Fraser University)S 
222.Danforth, Jeff (Parliamentary Budget Office)R 
223.Darku, Alexander Bilson (University of Lethbridge)R
224.Das, Anupam (Mount Royal University)R
225.Dauphin, Anyck (Université du Québec en Outaousais)R 
226.David, Gyarmati (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC))R 
227.Davidson, Russell (McGill University)T
228.Davies, Ryan (Babson College)R Lamirande, Patrick (Cape Breton University)R Raaf, Shawn (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)R 
231.DeBoer, Kathleen (Oecd)R 
232.DeCicca, Philip (McMaster University)R
233.Denny, Michael (University of Toronto)R
234.Deri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa)R
235.Deschênes, André (unaffiliated)N 
236.Deslauriers, Pierre-Luc (Ministere des finances)N 
237.Desnoyers, Yanick (National Bank)V 
238.Dessy, Sylvain (Université Laval)N
239.Detta, Ian (unaffiliated)N 
240.Devlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa)V
241.Dhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)R 
242.Di Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University)R
243.Diallo, Saikou Amadou (University of Ottawa)S 
244.Didic, Selma (University of Ottawa)S 
245.Diener, Alan (Public Health Agency of Canada)R 
246.Diewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia)V
247.Diez de los Rios, Antonio (Bank of Canada)N 
248.Dighe, Ranjit (State University of New York at Oswego)R 
249.Dilmaghani, Maryam (Saint Mary's University)R
250.Dimand, Robert W. (Brock University)R 
251.Dinlersoz, Emin (US Census Bureau)N 
252.Dionne, Claude (unaffiliated)N 
253.Dionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)R 
254.Dippel, Christian (University of Toronto)S 
255.Disdier, Anne-Celia (INRA)R
256.Dissou, Yazid (University of Ottawa)R
257.Dixon, Jay (Industrie Canada)N 
258.Djebbari, Habiba (Université Laval)R
259.Doda, Lider Baran (University of Toronto)S 
260.Dodds, Stefan A. (Carleton University)R
261.Doko Tchatoka, Firmin Sabro (University of Tasmania)S 
262.Dong, Mei (Simon Fraser University)R 
263.Dong, Wei (Bank of Canada)R 
264.Dong, Yingying (California State Universtiy, Fullerton)R 
265.Donovan, Kevin (Arizona State University)S
266.Dooley, Martin D (McMaster University)R
267.Dostie, Benoit (HEC Montréal)R
268.Douch, Mohamed (Royal Military College)R
269.Douglas, Catherine (University of British Columbia)R 
270.Dovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)R 
271.Drelichman, Mauricio (University of British Columbia)R
272.Drummond, Don (TD Bank Financial Group/Queen's University)V 
273.Dua, Amrik Singh (Mt San Antonio College)R 
274.Dubrovinsky, Mati (University of Winnipeg)R 
275.Dufour, Jean-Marie (McGill University)R
276.Duhamel, Marc (Institut canadien de recherche en politiques et administration publiques)R
277.Dunbar, Geoff (Simon Fraser University)R 
278.Dupré, Ruth (HEC Montréal)R
279.Duran-Vigneron, Pascale (University of Exeter Business School)N 
280.Dusha, Elton (University of Toronto)S 
281.Dworakowski, Katarzyna (unaffiliated)N 
282.Eaton, Curtis (University of Calgary)T
283.Echevin, Damien (Université de Sherbrooke)R 
284.Eckwert, Bernhard (Bielefeld University)N 
285.Edinger, Hannes (Queen's University)S 
286.Edwards, Betty (Health Canada)R 
287.Ehlers, Lars (Université de Montréal)N
288.Elbadawy, Asmaa (Population Council)R 
289.Eli, Shari (University of Berkeley)S 
290.Emara, Noha (Barnard College, Columbia University)R 
291.Emery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary)R
292.Engineer, Merwan (University of Victoria)R
293.Ershov, Daniel (Industry Canada)N 
294.Erutku, Can (York University)R 
295.Essid, Badye Omar (CIGI)N 
296.Estevan, Fernanda (University of Ottawa)R
297.Evans, Andrew (Competition Bureau/Industry Canada)N 
298.Ewoudou, Jacques (unaffiliated)N 
299.Falvo, Nick (Carleton University)R 
300.Farmer, Janine (Queen's University)S 
301.Farnham, Martin (University of Victoria)R
302.Faroque, Akhter (Laurentian University)R
303.Faruqui, Umar (Bank of Canada)R 
304.Farvaque, Etienne (Université de Lille 1)R 
305.Fehr, Dietmar (WZB)R 
306.Fehr, Ernst (University of Zurich)V
307.Feir, Donna Leanne (University of British Columbia)S 
308.Fellegi, Ivan (unaffiliated)V 
309.Ferede, Ergete (Grant MacEwan University)R 
310.Ferrando, Mery (Universidad de la República)S 
311.Ferrero, Mario (University of Western Ontario)R
312.Ferris, J. Stephen (Carleton University)R
313.Filippiadis, Eleftherios (Concordia University)S 
314.Finnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)R 
315.Fletcher, Erin (University of Colorado Boulder)S 
316.Fontaine, Jean-Sebastien (Banque du Canada)R
317.Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)R 
318.Forget, Evelyn L. (University of Manitoba)V 
319.Fortin, Nicole M. (University of British Columbia)R
320.Fortin, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal)T
321.Fougère, Maxime (Human Resources and Social Development Canada)N 
322.Fournier, Véronique (Queen's University)S 
323.Fox, Jeremy (University of Michigan)N 
324.Francis, Michael (Finance Canada)N 
325.Francis, Neville R. (University of North Carolina)R 
326.Frank, Natalie (HRSDC)N 
327.Freeman, David (University of British Columbia)S 
328.Frenette, Marc (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)N
329.Frey, Rainer (Deutsche Bundesbank)R 
330.Friesen, Jane (Simon Fraser University)R
331.Fung, Ben (Bank of Canada)R 
332.Fung, Teresa (Ryerson University)R 
333.Gagne, Robert (Université de Montréal)R 
334.Galarneau, Diane (Statistics Canada)N 
335.Galbraith, John W (McGill University)R
336.Galdo, Jose (Carleton University)R 
337.Galiana, Isabel Marie (McGill University)S 
338.Gallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)R
339.Galvao, Antonio (University of Iowa)N 
340.Gamtessa, Samuel (University of Alberta)R 
341.Gao, Rui (Queen's University)S 
342.Garratt, Rod (University of California)R 
343.Gaudet, Gérard (Université de Montréal)T
344.Gaudette, Étienne (Université du Québec à Montréal)S 
345.Gauthier, Celine (Bank of Canada)N 
346.Gavin, Sebnem (Competition Bureau)N 
347.Ge, Houtian (University of Saskatchewan)S 
348.Georges, Patrick (University of Ottawa)R 
349.Gervais, Oliver (Bank of Canada)R 
350.Ghosh, Atish (International Monetary Fund)R 
351.Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada)R 
352.Ginn, Marissa (Analysis Group Inc)R 
353.Glenn, Gordon (unaffiliated)N 
354.Glover, Barbara (HRSDC)V 
355.Goertz, Johanna (University of Guelph)R 
356.Goforth, David (Laurentian University)R 
357.Gomez, Santiago (unaffiliated)R 
358.Gondim Teixeira, Clarissa (International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth/UNDP)R 
359.Gorbet, Fred (unaffiliated)V 
360.Gordon, Stephen (Université Laval)R
361.Gordon, Ted (Task Force on Financial Literacy)R 
362.Goyette, Jonathan (Université de Sherbrooke)R 
363.Gradojevic, Nikola (Lakehead University)R
364.Grady, Patrick (Global Economics Ltd)R
365.Graff, Michael (ETH Zurich and Jacobs University Bremen)N 
366.Grainger, Michael (unaffiliated)N 
367.Granziera, Eleonora (Bank of Canada)R 
368.Grave, Barbara (Rwi)S 
369.Gray, David (University of Ottawa)R
370.Green, Andrew (University of Toronto)N 
371.Green, David (University of British Columbia)R
372.Greenberger, Michael (University of Maryland School of Law)V 
373.Grenier, Gilles (University of Ottawa)R
374.Greselin, Francesca (Università di Milano Bicocca)R 
375.Grey, Alex (Government of Canada)N 
376.Grimard, Franque (McGill University)R
377.Grinvalds, Holly (Gouvernment of Canada)N 
378.Groeschl, Jasmin (Ifo Institut for Economic Research at LMU Munich)N 
379.Gruber, Jonathan (MIT)V 
380.Gu, Jiajia (Kings University College at the University of Western Ontario)S 
381.Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada)N 
382.Guidara, Alaa (Laval University)S 
383.Guinnane, Timothy (Yale University)R 
384.Guliani, Harminder (University of Manitoba)S 
385.Gungor, Sermin (Bank of Canada)R 
386.Gunn, Christopher (McMaster University)S 
387.Guyer, Melvin (Univ. of Michigan)N 
388.Haeck, Catherine (University of Leuven)S 
389.Haghiri, Morteza (Memorial University of Newfoundland)R
390.Hahm, Sang-moon (KDI School of Public Policy)R 
391.Haider, Azad (Saint Mary's University)S 
392.Hakobyan, Shushanik (University of Virginia)S
393.Halberstam, Yosh (University of Toronto)R 
394.Hale, Alison (unaffiliated)N 
395.Hall, Peter (Export Development Canada)V 
396.Hamburger, Henry (George Mason University)N 
397.Hamilton, Gillian C. (University of Toronto)R
398.Hamit-Haggar, Mahamat (unaffiliated)S 
399.Hammond Ketilson, Lou (University of Saskatchewan)N
400.Han, Seungjin (McMaster University)R
401.Hansen, Kirk (Kirk Hansen Consulting Inc.)R 
402.Harris, Benjamin Cerf (Simon Fraser University)S 
403.Hartwick, John M (Queen's University)N
404.Hazell, Elspeth (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)R 
405.Hazledine, Tim (University of Auckland)R 
406.Heger, Dörte (Queen's University)S 
407.Heinicke, Katrin (University of Magdeburg)S 
408.Heisz, Andrew J. (unaffiliated)N 
409.Helliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia)R
410.Henson, Harold E (HRSDC)N 
411.Herbst, Edward (University of Pennsylvania)S 
412.Hericourt, Jerome (University of Lille 1)R 
413.Herrington, Christopher (Arizona State University)S
414.Hickey, Ross (University of British Columbia - Okanagan)R 
415.Hicks, Justin (University of California Merced)R 
416.Hicks, Peter (unaffiliated)N 
417.Higashida, Keisaku (Kwansei Gakuin University)N 
418.Hiller, Sanne (Aarhus University)S 
419.Ho, Wai-Ming (York University)R
420.Hong, Ding (University of Ottawa)S 
421.Hopkins, Brian (Saint Peter's College)R 
422.Hopkins, Mark (HRSDC)N 
423.Horan, Sean (Boston University)S 
424.Horner, Keith (unaffiliated)T 
425.Horsewood, Nicholas (University of Birmingham)R 
426.Hotte, Louis (University of Ottawa)R
427.Hounyo, Koomla Ulrich (Université de Montréal)S 
428.Howe, Ian (HRSDC)N 
429.Huang, Haifang (University of Alberta)R
430.Huang, Helen (University of Waterloo)R
431.Huang, Wanling (McGill University)S 
432.Huang, Zongye (McGill University)S 
433.Hughes, Patrick (Competition Bureau/Industry Canada)N 
434.Hui, Shek-wai (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)R 
435.Hunt, Jennifer (McGill University)R
436.Hurley, Jerry (McMaster University)R
437.Hussain, Ghulam (University of Dhaka)R 
438.Huynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)R
439.Ibbott, Peter (King's University College at U.of Western Ontario)R 
440.Ignaczak, Luke (unaffiliated)N 
441.Imbeau, Edouard (unaffiliated)N 
442.Insley, Margaret (University of Waterloo)R
443.Inwood, Kris (University of Guelph)R
444.Irrcher, Tobias Simon (Bank of Canada)R 
445.Irvine, Ian (Concordia University)R 
446.Islam, Kazi (Carleton University)R 
447.Ismael Yacoub, Mourifie (Université de Montréal)S 
448.Iturralde, Chona (Government of Canada Research and Evaluation Branch)R 
449.Ivanov, Maxim (McMaster University)N 
450.Ivanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)R 
451.Jacks, David (Simon Fraser University)R
452.Jackson, Andrew (Queen's University)R 
453.Jackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University)R
454.Jain, Monica (Queen's University)R 
455.Jamal, Taha (McMaster University)S 
456.Jamali, Ibrahim (American University of Beirut)N 
457.Jamil, Khalid (Member Pakistan Economics Association Punjab University)R 
458.Janke, John (unaffiliated)T
459.Janko, Zuzana (San Francisco State University)R 
460.Javdani Haji, Mohsen (Simon Fraser University)S 
461.Jayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology)R 
462.Jayarathna, Kamal (Federal Government)N 
463.Jenkins, Paul (CIGI)R 
464.Jeong, Yujin (HEC Montréal)R 
465.Jesmin, Shammima (University of Western Ontario)R 
466.Jia, Zhibo (University of Western Ontario)S 
467.Jiang, Janet Hua (University of Manitoba)R
468.Jing, Wang (RM4050 SOCIAL SCIENCE CTR)R 
469.Joanis, Marcelin (Université de Sherbrooke)R 
470.Johnson, Erik (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)R 
471.Johnson, Gregory (Southern Methodist University)S 
472.Johri, Alok (McMaster University)R
473.Jones, Nicole (unaffiliated)N 
474.Joseph, Astrid (Cmhc)N 
475.Joseph, Troy (Environment Canada)N 
476.Joulfaian, David (US Department of Treasury)N 
477.Jung, Owen (Industry Canada)N 
478.Kalamov, Zarko Yordanov (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg)S 
479.Kalmi, Panu (Aalto University School of Economics)R 
480.Kalnina, Ilze (Université de Montréal)N
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