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Preliminary Conference Program

16:30-18:30Thursday, June 2, 2011DMS 3105
CEA Executive Council Meeting 1 / Réunion du conseil exécutif de l'ACE 1
ChairZinde-Walsh, Victoria (McGill University)

08:00-08:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX ATR
Coffee, Tea, Juices, Fruit, Pastries / Café, thé, jus, fruits, pâtisseries

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 133
PEF 1: Debt Wall? Trends in Canadian Household Debt -- Co-Sponsored with the Canadian Association for Business Economics (CABE) / PEF 1: Les limites de l'endettement? Tendances de l'endettement des ménages canadiens
OrganizerYalnizyan, Armine (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
ChairBarnett, Russell (Parliamentary Budget Office)
PapersBurleton, Derek (TD Bank Group):
Assessing Financial Vulnerability Across Canadian Regions
Desnoyers, Yanick (National Bank):
Will record households indebtedness derail the business cycle?
Faruqui, Umar (Bank of Canada):
Micro and macro data on household debt in Canada: two sides of the story
Yalnizyan, Armine (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives):
The Distribution of Household Debt

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 135
CNEH 1: Importing and Exporting Human Capital / RCHE 1: Importation et exportation de capital humain
OrganizerKeay, Ian (Queen's University)
ChairJacks, David (Simon Fraser University)
PapersMassey, Catherine (University of Colorado at Boulder):
The Effect of Immigration Quotas on Immigrant Skill Composition
Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish (University of Tasmania):
Morbidity and Mortality on Convict Voyages to 19th Century Australia
Lewis, Joshua (University of Toronto):
Electrification and the household: Evidence from the U.S.
DiscussantsBean, Jessica (Denison); Cranfield, John (University of Guelph); Lewis, Frank D. (Queen's University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 136
Short Presentations in International Macroeconomics / Présentations courtes en macroéconomie internationale
ChairTsangarides, Charalambos (International Monetary Fund)
PapersKarimi, Mohammad (University of Ottawa):
Currency Crises: Fundamentals or Contagion? A Duration Analysis Approach
Ng, Eric (Industry Canada):
Investment and Exchange Rate Movements: the Role of Investment-Price Channel
Watuwa, Richard (Cape Breton University):
Housing Consumption and the Forward Premium in Emerging Currency Markets: An Empirical Analysis
Abdel Razek, Noha (University of Alberta):
The Role of Oil Prices and Government Debt as Determinants of Movements in the US Dollar in a Dynamic Framework
Razanamparany, Mirana (Université de Paris Est Créteil):
Determinants of business cycle synchronisation in the Euro Zone

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 137
Educational Attainment / Niveau d'instruction
ChairDeri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa)
PapersDeri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa):
Virginity and Educational Attainment: Evidence from the NLSCY
Dooley, Martin D (McMaster University):
Understanding the Determinants of Persistence and Academic Success in University: An Exploration of Data from Four Ontario Universities
Warburton, Bill (University of British Columbia):
The Impact of Full Day Kindergarten
DiscussantsLiu, Xingfei (Concordia University); Grenier, Gilles (University of Ottawa); Smith, Jeffrey A (University of Michigan)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 147
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence - État des connaissances
OrganizersAllen, Jason (Bank of Canada)
Chapman, James (Bank of Canada)
ChairAllen, Jason (Bank of Canada)
SpeakerKlemperer, Paul (Oxford University)
TopicNew Developments in Practical Auction Design

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 147B
CDESG Panel: Is there a Post-Washington Consensus? / Panel CDESG: Y a-t-il un consensus post-Washington ?
SponsorInternational Development Research Centre/Le Centre de recherches pour le developpement international
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PanelistsBourguignon, François (Paris School of Economics)
Rowlands, Dane (Carleton University)
Singh, Naresh (CIDA)
Szabo, Sue (IDRC)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 227
Labour: Aging and Retirement / Travail: Vieillissement et retraite
ChairSpencer, Byron G (McMaster University)
PapersZhang, Qi (University of Ottawa):
A Population Aging Analysis for Canada Using the National Transfer Accounts Approach
LaRochelle-Côté, Sébastien (Statistics Canada):
Income Replacement Rates Among Canadian Seniors: The Effects of Widowhood and Divorce
Rainville, Bruno (Human Resources and Skills Development):
Older workers labour market transitions: a micro-econometric model
DiscussantsFougère, Maxime (Human Resources and Social Development Canada); Vincent, Carole (Social research and Demonstration Corporation); Finnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 235
Bank of Canada Session on Fiscal Policy / Séance de la Banque du Canada sur la politique budgétaire
OrganizerZubairy, Sarah (Bank of Canada)
ChairZubairy, Sarah (Bank of Canada)
PapersBi, Huixin (Bank of Canada):
Stabilization versus Sustainability: Macroeconomic Tradeoffs
Kormilitsina, Anna (Southern Methodist University):
In Search of a Realistic Model of the Government Spending Shock
Lynch, Emily (Duke University):
Heterogeneous Consumers and Fiscal Policy Shocks

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 316
Fiscal Issues / Questions Fiscales
ChairDanforth, Jeff (Parliamentary Budget Office)
PapersDarku, Alexander Bilson (University of Lethbridge):
Fiscal equalization transfers and provincial income disparities in Canada: an econometric reassessment
Tapp, Stephen (Parliamentary Budget Office):
Canadian Experiences with Fiscal Consolidations and Fiscal Rules
Zhang, Ivy (The City of Calgary):
A Case of Fiscal Imbalance: the Calgary Experience
DiscussantsKessler, Anke (Simon Fraser University); Ragan, Christopher (McGill University); Luitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University College)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 359
IRPP Panel 1: The Canadian Productivity Conundrum / Panel IRPP 1: L'énigme de la productivité canadienne
OrganizerLeonard, Jeremy (Institute for Research on Public Policy)
ChairLeonard, Jeremy (Institute for Research on Public Policy)
PanelistsRao, Someshwar (Industry Canada)
Ryan, Annette (Industry Canada)
Gagné, Robert (HEC Montréal)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 361
Industrial Organization 1: Industry Studies I / Organisation industrielle 1: Études industrielles I
ChairThiele, Veikko (Queen's University)
PapersSuzuki, Junichi (University of Toronto):
Outsourcing and Market Thickness: Case of the U.S. Credit Unions
Dubrovinsky, Mati (University of Winnipeg):
The Organization of Insurance Market: Mutuals vs. Stock Insurers
Perez Saiz, Hector (Bank of Canada):
Building New Plants or Entering by Acquisition? Estimation of an Entry Model for the U.S. Cement Industry
DiscussantsFox, Jeremy (University of Michigan); Dionne, Georges (HEC Montréal); Peter, Jeffrey (University of Ottawa)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 401
Topics in Macroeconomic Theory / Sujets en théorie macroéconomique
ChairDalkir, Mehmet (University of New Brunswick)
PapersArbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor):
Optimal Taxation and Social Networks
Miyake, Atsushi (Simon Fraser University):
Education System, Education Investment and Endogenous Fertility
Eckwert, Bernhard (Bielefeld University):
Cheap Money and Risk Taking: Opacity versus Underlying Risk
DiscussantsKumar, Alok (University of Victoria); Arbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor); Dalkir, Mehmet (University of New Brunswick)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 402
Economic Growth and Regional Convergence / Croissance économique et convergence régionale
ChairShute, Larry (Industry Canada)
PapersHamit-Haggar, Mahamat (unaffiliated):
Growth convergence dynamics in Canada
Voyvoda, Ebru (Middle East Technical University):
Public Policy and Growth in Canada: An Applied Endogenous Growth Model with Human and Knowledge Capital Accumulation
Yang, Yibai (University of Sydney):
Cooperative R&D, Distance to Frontier, and Growth Convergence
Tang, Jianmin (Industry Canada):
Are Small Producers Driving the Canada-U.S. Productivity Gap? Recent Evidence from Manufacturing
DiscussantsWang, Weimin (Statistics Canada); Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada); Dixon, Jay (Industrie Canada); Leung, D (Statistics Canada)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 121
Labour: Unemployment Dynamics / Travail: Dynamique du chômage
ChairChan, Ping Ching Winnie (Statistics Canada)
PapersHahm, Sang-moon (KDI School of Public Policy):
Unemployment Insurance and Severance Payments with Time Dependency
Kind, Michael (Ruhr Graduate School in Economics):
Short and Long Term Second-Degree Scarring
DiscussantsMayer, Katarina (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies); Henson, Harold E (HRSDC); Stark, Alan (Statistics Canada)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 124
Health Economics 1: Policy and Impacts / Économie de la santé 1: Politique et impacts
ChairSweetman, Arthur (McMaster University)
PapersGuliani, Harminder (University of Manitoba):
Determinants of Prenatal Care Use: Evidence From Thirty-Two Low-Income Countries Across Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America
Jamal, Taha (McMaster University):
The Effect of Vioxx on Labor Supply and Disability
Nguyen, Van Hai (University of Toronto):
Have tobacco reduction policies been exhausted?
Sedigh, Golnaz (University of Ottawa):
Is the impact of economic factors on sleep underestimated in sleep models by including insomniacs?
DiscussantsRosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University); Irvine, Ian (Concordia University); Ward, Courtney (Dalhousie University); Yuksel, Mutlu (Dalhousie University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 215
Exports, Productivity, and Spillovers / Exportations, productivité et retombées économiques
ChairViju, Crina (Carleton University)
PapersRodrigue, Joel (Vanderbilt University):
Credit Constraints, Trade Liberalization and Productivity Growth
Blit, Joel (George Washington University):
International development Through Multinationals: Foreign R&D Units, Knowledge Diffusion, and Indigenous Innovation
Hericourt, Jerome (University of Lille 1):
Sales at home and export dynamics
DiscussantsPeluffo Geronazzo, Silvia Adriana (Universidad de la Republica); Rodrigue, Joel (Vanderbilt University); Hiller, Sanne (Aarhus University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 360
Empirical Studies of Firm Behaviour / Études empiriques du comportement des entreprises
ChairAcharya, Ram (Industry Canada)
PapersCourty, Pascal (University of Victoria):
Sales, Quantity Surcharge, and Consumer Inattention
Mathieu, Claude (Université Paris Est Créteil):
Do Sunk Costs Matter in Exiting? An Empirical Investigation based on French Firms
Stoyanov, Andrey (York University):
Productivity Spillovers Across Firms through Worker Mobility
DiscussantsErshov, Daniel (Industry Canada); Acharya, Ram (Industry Canada); Dostie, Benoit (HEC Montréal)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 219
CMSG 1: Technology and Innovation / GCEM 1: Technologie et innovation
ChairJohri, Alok (McMaster University)
PapersBento, Pedro (University of Toronto):
Competition as a Discovery Procedure: Schumpeter Meets Hayek in a Model of Innovation
Poschke, Markus (McGill University):
Growth through Experimentation
Johri, Alok (McMaster University):
News, intermediation efficiency and expectations driven boom-bust cycles

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 250
CEBERG 1: Individual Judgement, Identity and Physiology / CEBERG 1: Jugement individuel, identité et physiologie
OrganizersBuckley, Neil J. (York University)
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
ChairBuckley, Neil J. (York University)
PapersAnglin, Paul M (University of Guelph):
A Question of Individual Judgment
Powell, Owen (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid):
Eye-tracking the market: Subject Focus in Experimental Bubble Markets
Webb, Ryan (New York University):
Does Neuroeconomics Have A Role In Explaining Choice?
Cadsby, Bram (University of Guelph):
How Competitive are Professional Women? A Tale of Identity Conflict
DiscussantsAlger, Ingela (Carleton University); Buckley, Neil J. (York University); Chen, Zhuoqiong (Peking University); Khoroshilov, Yuri (University of Ottawa)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 251
CESG 1: Financial Econometrics I / CESG 1: Économétrie financière I
ChairLuger, Richard (Georgia State University)
PapersLiu, Pujun (University of Western Ontario):
GARCH-Jump Models with Regime-Switching Conditional Volatility and Jump Intensity
Luger, Richard (Georgia State University):
Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for GARCH-based Risk Measure Forecasts
Ntantamis, Christos (Aarhus University, CREATES):
The BDS Test as a Goodness-of-fit Measure in Regime Switching Models
DiscussantsDiez de los Rios, Antonio (Bank of Canada); Gungor, Sermin (Bank of Canada); Nguyen, Chi M. (Indiana University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 252
CPEG 1: Optimal Taxation and Redistribution / CPEG 1: Taxation optimale et redistribution
ChairDodds, Stefan A. (Carleton University)
PapersBrett, Craig (Mount Allison University):
The Effects of Population Aging on Optimal Redistributive Taxes in an Overlapping Generations Model
Perrault, Louis (Queen's University):
Optimal Redistributive Age-Dependent Taxation and Human Capital
Barnett, Richard (Drexel University):
Redistributive Policy and the Joneses
DiscussantsPerrault, Louis (Queen's University); Rosborough, Jonathan (Saint Francis Xavier University); Dodds, Stefan A. (Carleton University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 256
CREE Session 1: Energy Economics / Session CREE 1: Économie de l'énergie
ChairSahi, Ram K. (Carleton University)
PapersSahi, Ram K. (Carleton University):
Investment in Electrical Infrastructures for India: Challenges and Opportunities
Brennan, Timothy (University of Maryland Baltimore County):
Energy Efficiency Policy: Surveying the Puzzles
Matsueda, Norimichi (Kwansei Gakuin University):
An Economic Analysis of the Packaging Waste Recovery Notes System in the UK
DiscussantsDachis, Benjamin (C.D. Howe Institute); Collins, Ayoo (Carleton University); Gamtessa, Samuel (University of Alberta)

10:00-10:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX ATR
Coffee Break / Pause café

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 133
PEF 2: Financial Literacy: Where are We and Where Should We be Going / PEF 2: Littératie financière: Où en sommes-nous et où devrions-nous aller ?
OrganizerPigeon, Marc Andre J (Credit Union Central of Canada)
ChairStanford, James (Canadian Auto Workers)
PapersNey, Kimberley (Alterna Savings Credit Union):
Woolley, Frances (Carleton University):
Gender differences in financial literacy
Robson, Jennifer (Carleton University):
How financially literate are we?: Initial results from the Canadian Survey of Financial Capability
Gordon, Ted (Task Force on Financial Literacy):

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 135
CNEH 2: Globalization / RCHE 2: Mondialisation
OrganizerKeay, Ian (Queen's University)
ChairDupré, Ruth (HEC Montréal)
PapersKeay, Ian (Queen's University):
Transport Costs, Trade Policy and Canadian Industrial Development
Betran, Concha (University of Valencia):
Comparing Past and Present Wage Inequality in Two Globalisation Periods
Jacks, David (Simon Fraser University):
Defying Gravity: The Re-Orientation of Canadian Trade in the Interwar Period
DiscussantsCherniwchan, Jevan (University of Calgary); McCalla, Douglas (University of Guelph); Dippel, Christian (University of Toronto)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 136
Economics of Frictions I / Économie de frictions I
ChairPollak, Andreas (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersJiang, Janet Hua (University of Manitoba):
Information, Prices and Ex-ante Investment
Chiu, Jonathan (Bank of Canada):
Innovation and Growth with Financial (and other) Frictions
Zhang, Yahong (Bank of Canada):
Credit frictions, labour market search and optimal interest rate rules

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 137
School Quality / Qualité des écoles
ChairDooley, Martin D (McMaster University)
PapersAkbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University):
The Long-Term Direct and External Effects of Reducing School Quality: Jewish Expulsions in Nazi Germany
Dhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto):
How Important Are School Principals in the Production of Student Achievement?
Kiss, David (Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg):
The Impact of Peer Ability and Heterogeneity on Student Achievement: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
DiscussantsWarburton, Bill (University of British Columbia); Dooley, Martin D (McMaster University); Milla, Joniada (University of Guelph)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 147
CEA/CDESG Invited Lecture / ACE/CDESG Conférence invitée
SponsorInternational Development Research Centre/Le Centre de recherches pour le developpement international
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
SpeakerBourguignon, François (Paris School of Economics)
TopicInequality, Development and Development Aid

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 227
HRSDC Session on Retirement Saving / Séance de RHDCC sur l'épargne-retraite
OrganizerPoole, Christopher (HRSDC)
ChairDhawan Biswal, Urvashi (Human Resources and Social Development Canada)
PapersGrey, Alex (Government of Canada):
Savings versus Pensions: A Discussion of Risks
Vincent, Carole (Social research and Demonstration Corporation):
Understanding Gender Differences in Retirement Saving Decisions: Evidence from the Canadian Financial Capability Survey
Palameta, Boris (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
Using Experimentation to Assess Simplified Enrolment Models for Retirement Savings Plans Through Experimentation
DiscussantsBarham, Victoria (University of Ottawa); Schellenberg, Grant (Statistics Canada); Ambachtsheer, Keith (Rotman International Centre for Pension Management)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 235
Bank of Canada Session on Financial Stability Issues / Séance de la Banque du Canada sur les questions touchant la stabilité financière
OrganizerCôté, Denise (Bank of Canada)
ChairCôté, Denise (Bank of Canada)
PapersBordeleau, Etienne (University of Toronto):
The Impact of Liquidity on Bank Profitability
Gauthier, Celine (Bank of Canada):
Understanding Systemic Risk: The Trade-Offs between Capital, Short-Term Funding and Liquid Asset Holdings
Li, Fuchun (Bank of Canada):
Measuring Systemic Importance of Financial Institutions: An Extreme Value Theory Approach
DiscussantsTkacz, Greg (Saint Francis Xavier University); Garratt, Rod (University of California); Guidara, Alaa (Laval University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 359
IRPP Panel 2: Improving Labour Market Outcomes for Older Displaced Workers / Panel IRPP 2: Améliorer le sort des travailleurs âgés licenciés
OrganizerLeonard, Jeremy (Institute for Research on Public Policy)
ChairLeonard, Jeremy (Institute for Research on Public Policy)
PanelistsGray, David (University of Ottawa)
Voyer, Jean-Pierre (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)
Jackson, Andrew (Canadian Labour Congress)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 361
Industrial Organization 2: Economics of Innovation / Organisation industrielle 2: Économie de l'innovation
ChairLanginier, Corinne (University of Alberta)
PapersGallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia):
Private Agreements for Coordinating Patent Rights: The Case of Patent Pools
Thiele, Veikko (Queen's University):
Slave to Your Employer or to Your Financier? Wage Structures When Employees Have Entrepreneurship Options
Peter, Jeffrey (University of Ottawa):
Imperfect Competition and Entry Deterrence in Venture Capital Markets
DiscussantsLanginier, Corinne (University of Alberta); Stacey, Derek (Queen's University); Petrunia, Robert (Lakehead University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 402
International Finance Puzzles / Anomalies en finance internationale
ChairWada, Tatsuma (Wayne State University)
PapersRouillard, Jean-François (Queen's University):
The Quantity Anomaly in the Presence of Financial Shocks
Tsangarides, Charalambos (International Monetary Fund):
Demand for International Reserves: Revisiting the Evidence
Wada, Tatsuma (Wayne State University):
Trend and Cycles in a Two-Country Model
DiscussantsWada, Tatsuma (Wayne State University); Rouillard, Jean-François (Queen's University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 121
Health Economics 2 - Cycles and Behaviour / Économie de la santé 2 - Cycles et comportements
ChairStewart, Jennifer (Carleton University)
PapersPierard, Emmanuelle (University of Waterloo):
Business cycles and mortality
Maclean, Catherine (Cornell University):
The impact of graduating in a recession on physical health: Evidence from panel data
Montanera, Daniel (University of Western Ontario):
The Hidden Evidence of Defensive Medicine
DiscussantsBrochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa); McLeod, Logan (University of Alberta); Wing, Coady (Northwestern University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 122
CEA/CIFAR Session: Social Interactions, Identity and Well-Being: Macroeconomic Applications / Séance ACE/ICRA: Interactions sociales, identité et bien-être: Applications macroéconomiques
OrganizerHelliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia)
ChairFortin, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersAkerlof, George (University of California, Berkeley):
All That Glitters
Helliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia):
New measures of the costs of unemployment: Evidence from the subjective well-being of 2.3 million Americans

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 124
CD Howe and Health Economics 3 - Costs and Financing / CD Howe et Économie de la santé 3: Coûts et financement
OrganizerBusby, Colin (C.D. Howe Institute)
ChairBlomqvist, Ake (Carleton University)
PapersDi Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University):
The Sustainability of Canadian Provincial Government Health Spending: An Expenditure Category Approach
Echevin, Damien (Université de Sherbrooke):
Physician Payment Mechanisms, Hospital Length of Stay and Risk of Readmission: a Natural Experiment
Irvine, Ian (Concordia University):
Tobacco Taxation and the Illegal Sector
DiscussantsBergevin, Philippe (C.D. Howe Institute); Sweetman, Arthur (McMaster University); DeCicca, Philip (McMaster University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 215
Trade Liberalization and Trade Blocs / Libre-échange et communautés économiques
ChairWolf, Bernard M (York University)
PapersBoileau, David (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada):
Air Services Liberlization and Canadian Trade
Melatos, Mark (University of Sydney):
Flexibility in Trade Bloc Design
Disdier, Anne-Celia (INRA):
North-South Standards Harmonization and International Trade
DiscussantsHazledine, Tim (University of Auckland); Ker, Alan (University of Guelph); Li, Na (University of Guelph)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 219
Labour: Family and Childhood Development / Travail: Familles et développement de l'enfance
ChairNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersFletcher, Erin (University of Colorado Boulder):
Subjective Match Quality and Maternal Investments
Chen, Kelly (Dalhousie University):
School Entry Age, Identity Formation and Subjective Well-Being of Canadian Children
Dan, Ioana (University of Toronto):
A Model of Occupational Choice with Displacement Risk
DiscussantsWelling, Linda A. (University of Victoria); Deri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa); Hahm, Sang-moon (KDI School of Public Policy)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 360
Labour: Job Losses and Layoffs / Travail: Pertes d'emploi et licenciement
ChairRybczynski, Kathleen (University of Waterloo)
PapersQiu, Hanqing (Statistics Canada):
How did the risk and cost of job loss evolve since the late 1970s in Canada?
Chan, Ping Ching Winnie (Statistics Canada):
Workers laid-off during the last three employment downturns
Bonikowska, Aneta (Statistics Canada):
Did high-seniority workers experience sustained earnings losses and loss of pension coverage in recent years? Evidence from Canada
DiscussantsDostie, Benoit (HEC Montréal); Feir, Donna Leanne (University of British Columbia); Rainville, Bruno (Human Resources and Skills Development)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 390
Canada's Productivity and Innovation gap - Management Matters / Productivité et écart technologique au Canada - Questions de gestion
OrganizerMilway, James (Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity)
ChairDrummond, Don (TD Bank Financial Group/Queen's University)
PapersMilway, James (Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity):
The Importance of Strong Management
Ryan, Annette (Industry Canada):
Results from the Survey of Innovation and Business Strategy
Alexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto):
Managerial Knowledge and Canadian Productivity

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 219
CMSG 2: Macroeconomics of Education Policy / GCEM 2: Macroéconomie des politiques de l'éducation
ChairCastro, Rui (Université de Montréal)
PapersYou, Hye Mi (University at Buffalo / SUNY):
Wage Volatility and Changing Patterns of Labor Supply
Herrington, Christopher (Arizona State University):
Cross-Country Differences in Public Education and Income Distributions
Castro, Rui (Université de Montréal):
Public Policy and College Attainment

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 250
CEBERG 2: Environmental and Resource Market Regulation / CEBERG 2: Réglementation du marché des ressources et de l'environnement
OrganizersBuckley, Neil J. (York University)
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
ChairMentzakis, Emmanouil (University of East Anglia)
PapersBuckley, Neil J. (York University):
Production Capacity and Abatement Technology Strategies in Alternative Emissions Markets
Schott, Stephan (Carleton University):
How Does Communication and Output Sharing Affect Intergroup Competition, Intragroup Conflict and Social Efficiency?
DiscussantsFehr, Dietmar (WZB); Mentzakis, Emmanouil (University of East Anglia)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 251
CESG 2: Forecasting / CESG 2: Prévision
ChairStengos, Thanasis (University of Guelph)
PapersChaker, Selma (Université De Montréal):
Toward Zero Noise : On volatility estimation and forecasting
Saunders, Charles (Carleton University):
Forecast Evaluation with Persistent Data: Simulation-Based Inference
DiscussantsChaker, Selma (Université De Montréal); Saunders, Charles (Carleton University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 252
CPEG 2: Topics in Corporate Taxation / CPEG 2: Sujets en Taxation des entreprises
ChairBrett, Craig (Mount Allison University)
PapersSarkar, Sudipto (McMaster University):
Sales Tax, Corporate Tax, Capital Structure Decisions and Consumer Welfare
Ruiz, Fernando (Royal Military Academy):
Corporate taxation and the impact of governance, political and economic factors
Goyette, Jonathan (Université de Sherbrooke):
Optimal Tax Threshold in the Presence of Evasion and Corruption
DiscussantsSecrieru, Oana (Bank of Canada); Hickey, Ross (University of British Columbia - Okanagan); Ferede, Ergete (Grant MacEwan University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 256
CREE Session 2: Energy Economics / Session CREE 2: Économie de l'énergie
ChairAntweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)
PapersDachis, Benjamin (C.D. Howe Institute):
The Capitalization of Alberta's Oil and Gas Royalty Change in Bonus Bid Auction Values
Gamtessa, Samuel (University of Alberta):
Price-Induced Energy Efficiency Improvements in Canadian Manufacturing
Winter, Jennifer (University of Calgary):
Buying Anonymity: An Investigation of Petroleum and Natural Gas Lease Auctions
DiscussantsWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary); Sahi, Ram K. (Carleton University); Mallory, Julie (University of Toronto)

12:00-13:30Friday, June 3, 2011TBT 112
CWEN Luncheon / Lunch RFÉ
ChairHunt, Jennifer (McGill University)
SpeakerBlank, Rebecca M. (United States Department of Commerce)
TopicThe Well-Being of Women in America

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 133
PEF 3 : Philosophy of Money and Finance / PEF 3: Philosophie de la monnaie et de la finance
OrganizerSmithin, John (York University)
ChairFalvo, Nick (Carleton University)
PapersSmithin, John (York University):
Requirements for a Philosophy of Money and Finance
Tcherneva, Pavlina (Franklin and Marshall College):
Ontological Commitments of Chartalist, Metallist, Austrian and Sociological Theories of Money
Mendoza España, Alberto D'Ansi (York University):
Money and Collective Intentionality: The Application of Searle's Social Ontology to Money
Kim, Jongchul (York University):
Ontology of Early-Modern Money

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 135
CNEH 3: Invited Lecture in Memory of Mary MacKinnon / RCHE 3: Conférence invitée à la mémoire de Mary MacKinnon
OrganizerKeay, Ian (Queen's University)
ChairMinns, Chris (London School of Economics)
PapersBoyer, George (Cornell University):
Work for their Prime, and Workhouse for their Age: A Regional Analysis of Elderly Pauperism in Victorian Britain

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 136
World Financial Markets / Marchés financiers mondiaux
ChairSarker, Subrata (Bank of Canada)
PapersFrey, Rainer (Deutsche Bundesbank):
The Discontinuous Integration of Western Europe's Heterogeneous Market for Corporate Control from 1995 to 2007
Garratt, Rod (University of California):
Mapping Systemic Risk in the International Banking Network
Wan, Chi (Carleton University):
Corporate Globalization and Bank Lending
DiscussantsMorck, Randall K. (University of Alberta); Rumler, Fabio (Austrian Central Bank (OeNB)); Chahrour, Ryan (Columbia University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 137
The Impact of Education on Earnings / Impact de l'éducation sur les gains salariaux
ChairLivernois, John R (University of Guelph)
PapersGrave, Barbara (Rwi):
Earnings differentials by field of study - The case of German University graduates
Grenier, Gilles (University of Ottawa):
Earnings Differentials by Field of Study and Occupational Relatedness for Post-Secondary Education in Canada, 2006
Sharaf, Mesbah (Concordia University):
The incidence of over-education and its impact on earnings of recent immigrants to Canada: Evidence from the longitudinal survey of immigrants to Canada.
DiscussantsSharaf, Mesbah (Concordia University); Mueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge); Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 147
CEA/CWEN Session: Obtaining a SSHRC Grant in Economics / Séance ACE/RFÉ: Obtenir une subvention CRSH en économie
OrganizerKhalaf, Lynda (Carleton University)
ChairKhalaf, Lynda (Carleton University)
PanelistsSimard, François (SSHRC)
Alexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
Brett, Craig (Mount Allison University)
Gordon, Stephen (Université Laval)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 147B
PBO Fiscal Challenges Panel / Panel DPB sur les défis budgétaires
OrganizerTapp, Stephen (Parliamentary Budget Office)
ChairRagan, Christopher (McGill University)
PanelistsPage, Kevin (Parliamentary Budget Office)
Drummond, Don (TD Bank Financial Group/Queen's University)
Stanford, James (Canadian Auto Workers)
Robidoux, Benoit (Finance Canada)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 227
Labour: Businesses and the Labour Market I / Travail: Les entreprises et le marché du travail I
ChairMorissette, Rene (Statistics Canada)
PapersJoulfaian, David (US Department of Treasury):
The Transition to Self Employment: The Role of Taxes and Trade Shocks
Brencic, Vera (University of Alberta):
Employers' hiring practices and exporting
Webber, Douglas (Cornell University):
The Impact of Firm Market Power on the Wage Distribution
DiscussantsLeung, D (Statistics Canada); Chan, Ping Ching Winnie (Statistics Canada)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 235
Labour: Labour Markets in Developing Countries / Travail: Marché du travail dans les pays en développement
ChairAragon-Sanchez, Fernando (Simon Fraser University)
PapersGaldo, Jose (Carleton University):
Wiring Public Labor-Market Intermediation: Evidence from a Randomized Social Experiment in Peru
Galvao, Antonio (University of Iowa):
Heterogeneity in the Returns to Education and Informal Activities
Peluffo Geronazzo, Silvia Adriana (Universidad de la Republica):
The Effects of International Linkages on Productivity and the Demand for Skilled Labour: A Firm Level Analysis for Uruguay
DiscussantsValdivia, Martin (GRADE); Gondim Teixeira, Clarissa (International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth/UNDP); Blit, Joel (George Washington University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 316
Inefficient Contracts and Markets / Contrats et marchés inefficaces
ChairCule, Monika (University of Regina)
PapersWelling, Linda A. (University of Victoria):
Efficiency of Bargaining Models with Renegotiation: The Role of Transferable Utility across Periods
Bose, Pinaki (University of Manitoba):
Coercion, Obnoxious Tasks, and Economic Efficiency
Lavoie, Louise (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Longevity Risk, Lifestyle and Adverse Selection
DiscussantsPitchik, Carolyn (University of Toronto); Cule, Monika (University of Regina); Dubrovinsky, Mati (University of Winnipeg)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 351
CEA/CIFAR Session: Boys' Crisis / Séance ACE/ICRA : La crise chez les garçons
ChairEaton, Curtis (University of Calgary)
PapersOreopoulos, Philip (University of Toronto):
Gender Interactions in the Classroom and Their Effects on School Performance
Phipps, Shelley A (Dalhousie University):
Why Can't You Sit Still? Hyperactivity and Schooling Outcomes for Young Canadian Boys and Girls?
Fortin, Nicole M. (University of British Columbia):
Gender Disparities in Educational Achievement

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 359
CDESG: Public Economics / CDESG: Économie publique
ChairTombe, Trevor (University of Toronto)
PapersDissou, Yazid (University of Ottawa):
Public Infrastructure and Economic Growth: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis with Heterogeneous Agents
Ary Tanimoune, Nasser (University of Ottawa):
Cohérence des policy-mix et efficacité des politiques budgétaires dans la Communauté Économique des États de l'Afrique l'Ouest
Wong, Sara (Polytechnic University (ESPOL)):
Short-term Macroeconomic and Distributional Impacts of the Global Economic Crisis on the Ecuadorian Economy
DiscussantsYilmaz, Fatih (University of Calgary); Gaudette, Étienne (Université du Québec à Montréal); Tombe, Trevor (University of Toronto)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 361
Industrial Organization 3: Empirical Methods in Industrial Organization / Organisation industrielle 3: Méthodes empiriques en organisation industrielle
ChairSuzuki, Junichi (University of Toronto)
PapersXu, Pai (University of Hong Kong):
Reputation Status and Selling Strategy: A Regression Discontinuity Design Approach
Fox, Jeremy (University of Michigan):
Credit Cards and Identification of Selection Models in Industrial Organization
Sbai, Erwann (Toulouse School of Economics):
Estimation and Comparison Procedure for Electricity Spot Market Auctions
DiscussantsPerez Saiz, Hector (Bank of Canada); Byrne, David (The University of Melbourne); Magesan, Arvind (University of Calgary)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 402
Topics in Development Economics / Sujets en économie du développement
ChairElbadawy, Asmaa (Population Council)
PapersChowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of Manitoba):
Revisiting Aid Effectiveness in South Asia
Elbadawy, Asmaa (Population Council):
Migration Aspirations among Young People in Egypt: Who Desires to Migrate and Why?
Zhao, Jun (University of Manitoba):
Globalization and Convergence in Latin America
DiscussantsAkbar, Mohammad (Kwantlen Polytechnic University); Chowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of Manitoba); Elbadawy, Asmaa (Population Council)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 121
CIRANO-PHELPS 1: Competition Policy / CIRANO-PHELPS 1: Politique de concurrence
ChairDuhamel, Marc (Institut canadien de recherche en politiques et administration publiques)
PapersChurch, Jeff (University of Calgary):
Asymmetries, Simulation and the Assessment of Input Foreclosure in Vertical Mergers
Chen, Zhiqi (Carleton University):
Buyer Power and Downstream Competition
Winter, Ralph (University of British Columbia):
Collusion on Exclusion
DiscussantsHazledine, Tim (University of Auckland); Ware, Roger (Queen's University); Corts, Kenneth (University of Toronto)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 122
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence - État des connaissances
ChairSweetman, Arthur (McMaster University)
SpeakerGruber, Jonathan (MIT)
TopicHealth Care Reform in the United States: What Happened and What Happens Next

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 124
Asset Pricing / Prix des actifs
ChairDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
PapersCoen, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM)):
Asset Pricing with Skewed Returns: Another Look at Idiosyncratic Coskewness
Dionne, Georges (HEC Montréal):
A Theoretical Extension of the Consumption-based CAPM Model
Okou, Cedric (HEC Montréal):
Horizon Effect In The Term Structure Of Long-Run Risk Return Trade-Offs
DiscussantsOkou, Cedric (HEC Montréal); Coen, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM)); Kalnina, Ilze (Université de Montréal)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 215
Labour: Wages and Income Distribution / Travail: Distribution du salaire et du revenu
ChairLaRochelle-Côté, Sébastien (Statistics Canada)
PapersAnnabi, Nabil (HRSDC):
Foreign Competition and Income Distribution in Canada: A Dynamic Microsimulation CGE Model Analysis
Michaelsen, Maren M. (Ruhr University Bochum):
The Hidden Increase in Wage Inequality: Skill-biased and Ability-biased Technological Change
Shang, Ying (Queen's University):
Modeling Income Processes across the Income Distribution - An Indirect Inference Approach
DiscussantsGeorges, Patrick (University of Ottawa); Dinlersoz, Emin (US Census Bureau); Paterson, Nelson (Finance Canada)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 219
Postsecondary Education / Éducation postsecondaire
OrganizerDooley, Martin D (McMaster University)
ChairDooley, Martin D (McMaster University)
PapersMilla, Joniada (University of Guelph):
The implication of peer and parental influences on University attendance: A gender comparison
Benjamin, Dwayne (University of Toronto):
Do RESPs increase Household Saving?
Kucera, Miroslav (Concordia University):
Explaining Ethnic and Cohort Differences in Schooling and Wages: Evidence From Two Cohorts of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth
DiscussantsDooley, Martin D (McMaster University); Frenette, Marc (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation); Green, David (University of British Columbia)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 360
OrganizerPeters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairPeters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
PapersDamiano, Ettore (University of Toronto):
Sincere Voting in Large Elections
Li, Wei (University of British Columbia):
Ehlers, Lars (Université de Montréal):
Allocation via Deferred-Acceptance under Responsive Priorities

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 390
SEDAP 1 - Population Aging: Is Later Retirement Part of the Solution? / SEDAP 1 - Vieillissement de la population: La retraite tardive fait-elle partie de la solution ?
OrganizerSpencer, Byron G (McMaster University)
ChairHorner, Keith (unaffiliated)
PapersFougère, Maxime (Human Resources and Social Development Canada):
Taxes, Pension and the Retirement Decision of Older Canadians
Hicks, Peter (unaffiliated):
The surprisingly large, and surprisingly unrecognized, policy implications of changing retirement durations
Spencer, Byron G (McMaster University):
Age of Pension Eligibility, Gains in Life Expectancy, and Social Policy

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 205
Bank of Canada Lecture / Conférence Banque du Canada
SponsorBank of Canada/Banque du Canada
ChairSchembri, Larry (Bank of Canada)
SpeakerShi, Shouyong (University of Toronto)
TopicAssets, liquidity and business cycles

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 212
CEA/Statistics Canada Session: Measuring Progress in Poverty Reduction: The Role of National Low-income Lines / Séance de Statistique Canada - Mesure des avancées dans la réduction de la pauvreté : Le rôle des seuils nationaux de faible revenu
OrganizerMurphy, Brian (Statistics Canada)
ChairOsberg, Lars (Dalhousie University)
PanelistsBlank, Rebecca M. (United States Department of Commerce)
Corak, Miles (University of Ottawa)
Zhang, Xuelin (Statistics Canada)
Murphy, Brian (Statistics Canada)
Wolfson, Michael (University of Ottawa)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 219
CMSG 3: Risk and Inequality / GCEM 3: Risque et inégalité
ChairKaymak, Baris (Université de Montréal)
PapersDonovan, Kevin (Arizona State University):
Risk, Farm Ownership, and International Productivity Differences
Cozzi, Marco (Queen's University):
Risk Aversion Heterogeneity and Wealth Inequality
Kaymak, Baris (Université de Montréal):
On the Optimality of Income Redistribution

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 221
Industry Canada and Statistics Canada Session I: Firm Dynamics and Productivity / Séance d'Industrie Canada et Statistique Canada I - Dynamiques de l'entreprise et productivité
ChairAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
PapersYan, Beiling (Statistics Canada):
Accounting for Slower Productivity Growth in the Canadian Manufacturing Sector after 2000: Evidence from Micro Data
Chan, Kelvin Ka Yin (Industry Canada):
Industry Mix, Plant Turnover and Productivity Growth: A Case Study of the Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Industry
Acharya, Ram (Industry Canada):
Product Churning: Its Role in Output and Productivity Changes in Canada
DiscussantsRosell, Carlos (Finance Canada); Tomlin, Ben (Bank of Canada); Ueberfeldt, Alexander (Bank of Canada)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 250
CEBERG 3: Communication and Coordination / CEBERG 3: Communication et coordination
OrganizersBuckley, Neil J. (York University)
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
ChairSchott, Stephan (Carleton University)
PapersFehr, Dietmar (WZB):
Why should we communicate? Evidence from a Coordination Experiment
Kneeland, Terri (University of British Columbia):
Global Games under Limited Depth of Reasoning
Moir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John):
Spinning Works: Strategy Framing in the One-Shot Prisoner's Dilemma Game
DiscussantsDanese, Giuseppe (Simon Fraser University); Lin, Hong (Hannah) (Peking University); Schott, Stephan (Carleton University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 251
CESG 3: Quantile and Nonparametric Regression / CESG 3: Régressions non paramétriques et quantiles de régression
ChairTabri, Rami (McGill University)
PapersPonomareva, Maria (University of Western Ontario):
Quantile Regression for Panel Data Models with Fixed Effects and Small T: Identification and Estimation
Wang, Yun (University of California, Riverside):
Nonparametric Regression Estimation with General Parametric Error Covariance: A More Efficient Two-step Estimator
Wang, Yini (Queen's University):
Inference in quantile cointegrating regressions with structural changes
DiscussantsPonomareva, Maria (University of Western Ontario); Richard, Patrick (Universite de Sherbrooke); Wang, Yini (Queen's University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 252
CPEG 3: Government Organization / CPEG 3: Organisation des gouvernements
ChairSarkar, Sudipto (McMaster University)
PapersHartwick, John M (Queen's University):
Government Goods and Services as Largely Intermediate
Farvaque, Etienne (Université de Lille 1):
The Grand Experiment of Communism: Discovering the Trade-off between Equality and Efficiency
Cairns, Robert D (McGill University):
The Fundamental Problem of Economic Accounting
DiscussantsBaldwin, Andy (Statistics Canada); Hartwick, John M (Queen's University); Farvaque, Etienne (Université de Lille 1)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 256
CREE Session 3: Empirical Environmental Economics / Session CREE 3 : Économie de l'environnement empirique
ChairAntweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)
PapersAntweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia):
An Analysis of British Columbia's SCRAP-IT Program: Participation, Transportation Choice and Emissions Savings
Mallory, Julie (University of Toronto):
Estimating the Impact of Recession on the Credibility of Green Legislative Threat
Mesbah, Morteza (Carleton University):
Estimation of nitrogen oxides marginal abatement cost curves for coal-fired power plants in the United States
DiscussantsSonntag, Axel (Vienna University of Economics and Business); Brennan, Timothy (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

15:30-16:00Friday, June 3, 2011FTX ATR
Coffee Break / Pause café

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 133
PEF 4: The European Debt and Currency Crisis: Causes, Consequences, and Implications for North America. / PEF 4: PEF 4: La crise de la devise et de l'endettement européens: Causes, conséquences et implications pour l'Amérique du Nord
OrganizerStanford, James (Canadian Auto Workers)
ChairStanford, James (Canadian Auto Workers)
PanelistsSchmidt, Ingo (Athabasca University)
Hall, Peter (Export Development Canada)
Seccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 135
CNEH 4: Invited Lecture in Memory of Alan G. Green / CNEH 4: Conférence invitée à la mémoire d'Alan G. Green
OrganizerKeay, Ian (Queen's University)
ChairLewis, Frank D. (Queen's University)
PapersGuinnane, Timothy (Yale University):
The Historical Fertility Transition: A Guide for Economists

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 136
Economic Statistics and Measurement / Statistiques et comptabilité économiques
ChairDiewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia)
PapersTebrake, James (Statistics Canada):
Preview of the comprehensive (historical) revision of the Canadian System of National Accounts
Baldwin, Andy (Statistics Canada):
A Better Inflation Indicator: A CPI with a Net Purchase Approach to Owned Accommodation, 2005-2010
Kayembe, Lidia (University of Ottawa):
Comparative assessment of performance and progress (1990-2008) of health systems using Millennium Development Goals
DiscussantsNakamura, Alice (University of Alberta)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 137
Empirical Topics in Research and Development / Sujets empiriques en recherche et développement
ChairLuintel, Kul (Cardiff University)
PapersSchmidt, Tobias (Deutsche Bundesbank Central Office):
An Information Economics Perspective on Main Bank Relationships and Firm R&D
Jung, Owen (Industry Canada):
Evidence of Heterogeneous Financing Conditions among Canadian Small and Medium-Sized Firms Investing in R&D
Luintel, Kul (Cardiff University):
Basic, Applied and Experimental Knowledge and Productivity: Further Evidence

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 147
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence - État des connaissances
ChairGlover, Barbara (HRSDC)
SpeakerSmith, Jeffrey A (University of Michigan)
TopicPutting the Evidence in Evidence-Based Policy

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 147B
Labour: Gender Issues / Travail: Questions de genre
ChairWannell, Ted (Statistics Canada)
PapersHarris, Benjamin Cerf (Simon Fraser University):
Does the gender gap explain the sexual orientation wage gap?
Connolly Pray, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The Gender Wage Gap among Recent Postsecondary Graduates
DiscussantsMueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge); Finnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 227
Labour: Businesses and the Labour Market II / Travail: Les entreprises et le marché du travail II
ChairBrencic, Vera (University of Alberta)
PapersLaporte, Christine (Statistics Canada):
Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Earnings Premium to Apprenticeship Completion in Canada
Dostie, Benoit (HEC Montréal):
Labour reallocation, turnover and productivity
Dinlersoz, Emin (US Census Bureau):
Wage Dynamics along the Life-Cycle of Manufacturing Plants
DiscussantsMilla, Joniada (University of Guelph); Stoyanov, Andrey (York University); Shang, Ying (Queen's University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 235
Empirical Studies of Housing / Études empiriques du logement
ChairWatuwa, Richard (Cape Breton University)
PapersFarnham, Martin (University of Victoria):
Housing Wealth and Marital Stability
Tomlin, Ben (Bank of Canada):
House Prices, Consumption and the Role of Household Debt
Roy, Saktinil (Athabasca University):
How Well do Real Estate Bubbles Predict Banking Crises?
DiscussantsWebber, Douglas (Cornell University); Huang, Haifang (University of Alberta); Kartashova, Katya (University of Minnesota)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 316
CDESG: Consequences of Foreign Investment / CDESG: Les conséquences des investissements étrangers
ChairGaldo, Jose (Carleton University)
PapersManga, Pranlal (University of Ottawa):
The Innovation Gap betwen countries and technolgy diffusion from foreign affilites.
Haider, Azad (Saint Mary's University):
Factors Responsible for Jobless Growth in a Developing Country: Empirical Evidence From Pakistan
Aragon-Sanchez, Fernando (Simon Fraser University):
Natural Resources and Local Economic Development: Evidence from a Peruvian Gold Mine
DiscussantsMohamed, Ghada (ECO-ENA); Akbar, Mohammad (Kwantlen Polytechnic University); Galdo, Jose (Carleton University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 359
CDESG: Experiments / CDESG: Expériences
ChairEstevan, Fernanda (University of Ottawa)
PapersChemin, Matthieu (McGill University):
Do peer effects mitigate social dilemmas? Evidence from a field experiment
Ksoll, Christopher (University of Oxford):
Can Technology Improve Learning? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Niger
Valdivia, Martin (GRADE):
General training or technical assistance? A field experiment to learn what works on business training in Peru
DiscussantsMarcoul, Philippe (University of Alberta); Bobonis, Gustavo (University of Toronto); Laszlo, Sonia (McGill University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 361
Industrial Organization 4: Regulation / Organisation industrielle 4: Réglementation
ChairCyrenne, Philippe (University of Winnipeg)
PapersArya, Pyare (Saint Mary's University):
Gasoline Price Regulation Issues and Decisions of the Nova Scotia Utilities and Review Board
Bloemhof, Barb (McMaster University):
Assessing the Degree of Competitiveness in the Ontario Residential Retail Natural Gas Market: Post-Deregulation Price Evidence
Cloutier, Mike (Queen's University):
Leniency Programs and Quality of Information
DiscussantsMann, Janelle (Queen's University); Winter, Jennifer (University of Calgary); Da Graça, Tarcisio (University of Ottawa)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 401
Bank of Canada Session on Commodity Prices / Séance de la Banque du Canada sur le prix des matières premières
OrganizerVasishtha, Garima (Bank of Canada)
ChairVasishtha, Garima (Bank of Canada)
PapersLombardi, Marco (European Central Bank):
Destabilizing speculation in the oil market
Baumeister, Christiane (Bank of Canada):
Sources of the Volatility Puzzle in the Crude Oil Market
Gervais, Oliver (Bank of Canada):
The Role of Financial Speculation in Driving the Price of Crude Oil
DiscussantsStevens, Jason (Cape Breton University); Jacks, David (Simon Fraser University); Cairns, Robert D (McGill University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011FTX 402
Bank of Canada Session: Term Structure Models / Séance de la Banque du Canada: Modèles de structure des taux d'intérêts
OrganizerRivadeneyra, Francisco (Bank of Canada)
ChairRivadeneyra, Francisco (Bank of Canada)
PapersFontaine, Jean-Sebastien (Banque du Canada):
Discrete Choice Term Structure Models: Theory And Applications
Diez de los Rios, Antonio (Bank of Canada):
A Multi-Country Term Structure Model with Unspanned Risks
Rivadeneyra, Francisco (Bank of Canada):
The Macroeconomic Determinants of the Term Structure of Supranational Yields
DiscussantsLuger, Richard (Georgia State University); Cenesizoglu, Tolga (HEC Montréal); Malkhozov, Aytek (McGill University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 121
CIRANO-PHELPS 2: Competition Policy Panel / CIRANO-PHELPS 2: Panel sur les politiques de concurrence
ChairChurch, Jeff (University of Calgary)
PanelistsSanderson, Margaret (Charles River Associates)
McFetridge, Donald G. (Carleton University)
Ware, Roger (Queen's University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 124
Health Economics 4 - Costs and Financing / Économie de la santé 4 - Coûts et financement
ChairHurley, Jerry (McMaster University)
PapersGaudette, Étienne (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Public Policies, Health Care Demand and Budgetary Equilibrium in a Public-Financed System: A Dynamic Stochastic Analysis
Ariste, Ruolz (Canadian Institute for Health Information):
Assessing the Impact of Some Health Care Cost Drivers in Canada During the Last Decade
Blomqvist, Ake (Carleton University):
Health Insurance and Distributional Equity: Government and Markets in China
DiscussantsBlomqvist, Ake (Carleton University); Di Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University); Hurley, Jerry (McMaster University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 215
Trade Agreements / Ententes commerciales
ChairBoileau, David (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada)
PapersViju, Crina (Carleton University):
How integrated are EU agricultural markets?
Yotov, Yoto (Drexel University):
Terms of Trade and Global Efficiency Effects of Free Trade Agreements, 1990-2002
Li, Na (University of Guelph):
Political Economy of Endogenously Incomplete Contracting Trade Agreements
DiscussantsGraff, Michael (ETH Zurich and Jacobs University Bremen); Hakobyan, Shushanik (University of Virginia); Melatos, Mark (University of Sydney)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 219
SRDC Session: Financing and Supporting PSE Access - Lessons from Existing Evidence and New Field Experiments / Séance SRSA: Financement et soutien de l'accès à l'éducation postsecondaire - Leçons à tirer des preuves existantes et de nouvelles expériences de terrain
OrganizerFord, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)
ChairVoyer, Jean-Pierre (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)
PapersOreopoulos, Philip (University of Toronto):
Nudging Grade 12 Students to Higher Education: A Field Experiment
Hui, Shek-wai (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
The Relationship between Funding, Learning Objectives and Choice of Instructional Programs and Courses for Adult Learning
Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
The Impact of an Early Promise of Non-Refundable Aid on Post-secondary Attendance Among Low-income Youth: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 360
CETC Young Researchers Session / Séance jeunes chercheurs du CETC
ChairHan, Seungjin (McMaster University)
PapersBoucher, Vincent (Université de Montréal):
Structural Homophily
Wang, Tao (Queen's University):
Dynamic Equilibrium Bunching
Agbo, Maxime (Université de Montréal):
Young Researchers and Senior Researchers: Who should be Granted?
Sen Choudhury, Eesha (McGill University):
Optimal Patent Length For Pharmaceutical Products: A North-South Model

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011LMX 390
SEDAP 2: Panel: Towards Pension Reform in Canada: What Are the Options? / SEDAP 2: Panel: Vers une réforme des pensions au Canada: Quelles sont les options?
OrganizerSpencer, Byron G (McMaster University)
ChairWolfson, Michael (University of Ottawa)
PapersMoore, Kevin (Statistics Canada):
Using Statistics Canada's LifePaths Microsimulation Model to Explore the Impact of Increased Future Saving on the Consumption Replacement Rates of Future Retirees
Horner, Keith (unaffiliated):
Assessment of Pension Reform Options
Ambachtsheer, Keith (Rotman International Centre for Pension Management):
A Post-Election Pension Reform Prognosis

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 212
Canadian Economics Association Invited Lecture / Conférence invitée de l'Association canadienne d'économique
ChairFortin, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal)
SpeakerRudin, Jeremy (Department of Finance)
TopicThe Global Financial Crisis: A Canadian Perspective

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 219
CMSG 4: Labour Search 1 / CMSG 4: Recherche de main-d'oeuvre 1
ChairLkhagvasuren, Damba (Concordia University)
PapersWolthoff, Ronald (University of Toronto):
It's About Time: Implications of Discreteness in an Equilibrium Job Search Model
Lkhagvasuren, Damba (Concordia University):
The Cyclicality of Search Intensity in a Competitive Search Model

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 221
Industry Canada and Statistics Canada Session II: Firm Survival and Growth Evidence from Canadian Microdata / Séance d'Industrie Canada et Statistique Canada II: Preuves sur la survie et la croissance des enterprises provenant de micro-données canadiennes
ChairRyan, Annette (Industry Canada)
PapersDixon, Jay (Industrie Canada):
Who Creates Canadian Jobs? Employment Dynamics of Small, Large, Young and Mature Firms in Canada
Leung, D (Statistics Canada):
Firm Level Investment and Financial Constraints: Does One Size Fit All?
Petrunia, Robert (Lakehead University):
Post-Entry Struggle for Life and Pre-Exit Shadow of Death from a Financial Perspective
DiscussantsZheng, Isabel (Bank of Canada); Chen, Zhiqi (Carleton University); Story, Rod (Carleton University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 250
CEBERG 4: Trust and Reciprocity / CEBERG 4: Confiance et réciprocité
OrganizersBuckley, Neil J. (York University)
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
ChairSong, Fei (Ryerson University)
PapersChilds, Jason (University of Regina):
Lying in a simple sender-receiver game: Gains vs. losses
Lin, Hong (Hannah) (Peking University):
Separating Gratitude from Guilt in the Laboratory
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University):
The Impact of Empowerment on Trust and Reciprocity
Song, Fei (Ryerson University):
Promise-Keeping, Social Relationship and Anonymity: An Experimental Investigation
DiscussantsMatthews, Peter (Middlebury College); Ong, David (Peking University HSBC Business School); Smith, Alexander (University of Calgary); Song, Fei (Ryerson University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 251
CESG 4: The Bootstrap / CESG 4: Le Bootstrap
ChairMacKinnon, James G (Queen's University)
PapersDavidson, Russell (McGill University):
A Parametric Bootstrap for Heavy Tailed Distributions
Richard, Patrick (Universite de Sherbrooke):
Kernel smoothing P values of simulation-based tests
Tabri, Rami (McGill University):
Asymptotic and Bootstrap Tests for Stochastic Dominance via the Method of Maximum Likelihood
DiscussantsDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University); MacKinnon, James G (Queen's University); Zitikis, Ricardas (University of Western Ontario)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 252
CPEG 4: Taxation and Growth / CPEG 4: Taxation et croissance
ChairFerris, J. Stephen (Carleton University)
PapersFerede, Ergete (Grant MacEwan University):
The Long-run Effects of Federal Grants in a Growing State Economy
Alamgir-Arif, Rizwana (University of Ottawa):
Childcare, Taxes and Endogenous Growth
Kryvoruchko, Iryna (McMaster University):
The Effects of the Russian Flat Tax Reform on Unofficial Employment
DiscussantsKryvoruchko, Iryna (McMaster University); Ferede, Ergete (Grant MacEwan University); Alamgir-Arif, Rizwana (University of Ottawa)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2011MRT 256
CREE Session 4: Short Presentation Session on Resource Economics / Session CREE 4: Présentations courtes en économie des ressources naturelles
ChairsSchott, Stephan (Carleton University)
Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)
PapersLin, James (University of Alberta):
An Electricity Market Model with Sustainable Fossil Fuels
Oloufade, Djoulassi (University of Ottawa):
State Capacity and the Enforcement of Property Rights in the Natural Resource Sector
Atewamba, Calvin (Université de Montréal):
Pricing of Durable Exhaustible Resources Under Stochastic Investment Opportunities
Almansoour, Abdullah (University of Waterloo):
The Impact of Stochastic Convenience Yield and Stochastic Extraction Cost on the Value of an Exhaustible Resource: The case of the Alberta Oil Sands
Taherkhani, Farnaz (McGill University):
Sustaining Asymmetric International Environmental Agreements

17:45-19:00Friday, June 3, 2011UCU AUD
Innis Lecture / Conférence Innis
ChairZinde-Walsh, Victoria (McGill University)
SpeakerBaker, Michael (University of Toronto)
TopicUniversal Early Childhood Interventions: What is the Evidence Base?

19:00-21:00Friday, June 3, 2011TBT 112
Reception / Réception
SponsorTD Economics

08:00-08:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX ATR
Coffee, Tea, Juices, Fruit, Pastries / Café, thé, jus, fruits, pâtisseries

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 133
PEF 5: Dissecting the Fiscal Issues Facing Canada / PEF 5: Analyse des problèmes fiscaux auxquels fait face le Canada
OrganizerMacLean, Brian K. (Laurentian University)
ChairKearns, Ashley (Carleton University)
PanelistsBrooks, Neil (York University)
Jackson, Andrew (Queen's University)
Newman, Keith (Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 135
CNEH 5: The Development of Institutions / RCHE 5: Le développement des institutions
OrganizerKeay, Ian (Queen's University)
ChairEmery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary)
PapersDippel, Christian (University of Toronto):
Elite Persistence Under De Jure Institutional Change
Moore, Lyndon (Université de Montréal):
The Economic Benefit of Political Connections in Late Victorian Britain
Coe, Patrick J. (Carleton University):
The Argumentation of Economic Historians
DiscussantsDrelichman, Mauricio (University of British Columbia); Carlos, Ann (University of Colorado at Boulder); Di Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 136
CLEA I: Tax Law and Economics / CLEA I: Droit fiscal et économie
OrganizerAlarie, Benjamin (University of Toronto)
ChairSmart, Michael G (University of Toronto)
PapersSatterthwaite, Emily (University of Toronto):
Elective Provisions in Tax Law
Alarie, Benjamin (University of Toronto):
Adapting to Tax Complexity
Curry, Philip (University of Waterloo):
Optimal Government Responses to Tax Planning
DiscussantsCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo); Green, Andrew (University of Toronto); Caines, Ian (University of Toronto)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 137
Bank of Canada Session: Theory of Money and Payments / Séance Banque du Canada: Théorie de la monnaie et des paiements
OrganizerShao, Enchuan (Bank of Canada)
ChairDong, Mei (Simon Fraser University)
PapersSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University):
Equilibrium Counterfeiting and Monetary Policy
Dong, Mei (Simon Fraser University):
On the Societal Benefit of Credit Card as a Means of Payment

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 227
Spatial Economics / Économie spatiale
ChairFarnham, Martin (University of Victoria)
PapersLloyd-Ellis, Huw (Queen's University):
Search and the Dynamics of House Prices and Construction
Lindsey, Charles Robin (University of British Columbia):
Cost Recovery From Congestion Tolls With Long-Run Uncertainty
Yu, Chia-Ming (Washington University):
Locational Signaling and Agglomeration
Stacey, Derek (Queen's University):
Housing Prices, Time on the Market, and the Role of Real Estate Agents

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 232
CD Howe Panel: Where's Prudence? How to Design a Resilient Macroprudential Supervisory Framework / Où est la prudence ? Comment concevoir un cadre réglementaire macroprudentiel résilient
OrganizerBergevin, Philippe (C.D. Howe Institute)
ChairBergevin, Philippe (C.D. Howe Institute)
PanelistsLe Pan, Nicholas (Chairman, Canadian Public Accountability Board and former Superintendent of Financial Institutions)
Longworth, David (Carleton University)
Ragan, Christopher (McGill University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 235
Teaching of Economics 1: Session in memory of Peter Kennedy / Enseignements économiques 1: Séance à la mémoire de Peter Kennedy
ChairScarth, William (McMaster University)
PapersSelf, James (Indiana University):
Who does Collaborative Learning Help? The Pedagogical Efficacy of Student Learning
Cottrell, Marilyn (Brock University):
Perfect in an Imperfect World: The Efficient Market
O'Shaughnessy, Bridget (McMaster University):
Fostering Creativity in Undergraduate Economics
DiscussantsNorrie, Ken (McMaster University); Gray, David (University of Ottawa); Brett, Craig (Mount Allison University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 316
CDESG: Entrepreneurship / CDESG: Entreprenariat
ChairMarcoul, Philippe (University of Alberta)
PapersNguimkeu, Pierre Evariste (Simon Fraser University):
An Estimated Model of Informal Entrepreneurship Under Financial Constraints
Marcoul, Philippe (University of Alberta):
The Emergence of Collective Action in Contract Farming
Couppey-Soubeyran, Jézabel (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne):
The relationship between trade credit, bank credit and financial structure: from firm-level non-linearities to financial development heterogeneity. A study on MENA firm-level data
DiscussantsCouppey-Soubeyran, Jézabel (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne); Nguimkeu, Pierre Evariste (Simon Fraser University); Marcoul, Philippe (University of Alberta)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 351
Monetary and Fiscal Policy / Politiques monétaires et budgétaires
ChairLiu, Xuan (East Carolina University)
PapersDalkir, Mehmet (University of New Brunswick):
Inflation versus Price Control from the Stochastic Control Perspective
Liu, Xuan (East Carolina University):
Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy with Svensson Timing
Talukdar, Bidyut Kumar (Saint Mary's University):
Organizational Learning and Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy
DiscussantsEckwert, Bernhard (Bielefeld University); Talukdar, Bidyut Kumar (Saint Mary's University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 359
CDESG: South Asia / CDESG: Asie du sud
ChairOsberg, Lars (Dalhousie University)
PapersRosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University):
Economic Incentives for Sex-Selective Abortion in India
Dauphin, Anyck (Université du Québec en Outaousais):
Child Poverty and Intra-Household Allocation in Bangladesh
Jayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology):
The Impact of School Lunches on Primary School Enrollment: Evidence from India's Midday Meal Scheme
Pivovarova, Margarita (University of Toronto):
Caste, Gender and School Enrollment: Evidence from the Nepalese Living Standard Survey
DiscussantsMaitra, Sudeshna (York University); Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University); Rosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University); Jayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 361
Industrial Organization 5: Implications of Imperfect Competition / Organisation industrielle 5: Implications de la compétition imparfaite
ChairAtallah, Gamal (University of Ottawa)
PapersBasso, Leonardo (Universidad de Chile):
Passenger Versus Movement Based Charges on Transport Infrastructure
Ray Chaudhuri, Amrita (University of Winnipeg):
Monopolization through acquisitions in multimarket oligopolies
Roland, Michel (Université Laval):
Mixed Enterprises and International Competition
DiscussantsHigashida, Keisaku (Kwansei Gakuin University); Roland, Michel (Université Laval); Barham, Victoria (University of Ottawa)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 401
2x2 Working Group Session 1 / Groupe de travail 2x2 Session 1
OrganizersRobinson, David (Laurentian University)
Goforth, David (Laurentian University)
ChairGoforth, David (Laurentian University)
PapersRobinson, David (Laurentian University):
Teaching Economics by Teaching 2x2 Game Theory
Berg, Kimmo (Aalto University School of Science):
Computing equilibria in discounted 2x2 supergames
Kilgour, Marc (Wilfrid Laurier University):
How Democracy Resolves Conflict in Difficult Games
Hamburger, Henry (George Mason University):
2x2 Graph Games

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 402
Topics in Immigration / Sujets en immigration
ChairCoulombe, Serge (University of Ottawa)
PapersZhou, Nan (Concordia University):
Training New Immigrants: Evidence from Canada
Zibrowius, Michael (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg):
Convergence or divergence? Immigrant wage assimilation patterns in Germany
Teng, Jiayuan (University of Guelph):
Social networks and Migration Decision: Evidence from CHIPS and Repeated Cross-sectional Data
DiscussantsTeng, Jiayuan (University of Guelph); Zhou, Nan (Concordia University); Zibrowius, Michael (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 121
CIRANO-PHELPS 3: Intellectual Property / CIRANO-PHELPS 3: Propriété intellectuelle
ChairMcDougall, Gilles (Copyright Board of Canada)
PapersChipty, Tasneem (Analysis Group, Inc.):
Economics of Music Copyright Valuation: Theory and Practice
Langinier, Corinne (University of Alberta):
Monetary and Implicit Incentives of Patent Examiners
Boyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal):
The Economics of Copyright Valuation: The Case of Music for Commercial Radio Stations
DiscussantsSolomon, Raphael (Copyright Board of Canada); Agrawal, Ajay (University of Toronto); Katz, Ariel (University of Toronto)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 124
Health Economics 5 - Primary Care / Économie de la santé 5 - Soins de santé primaires
ChairSarma, Sisira K (The University of Western Ontario)
PapersBuhr, Karen (University of Maine):
The Relationship between Job Satisfaction, Workplace Stress, and Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices among Canadian Nurses
McDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick):
Immigration Policy and Working as a Physician: Evidence for Canada and the United States
Wang, Chao (Sara) (McMaster University):
Physician Labour Supply in Canada: a Household Perspective
DiscussantsGuliani, Harminder (University of Manitoba); Jesmin, Shammima (University of Western Ontario); Belley, Philippe (Kansas State University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 215
Bilateral Trade Relationships / Relations commerciales bilatérales
ChairKer, Alan (University of Guelph)
PapersNitsch, Volker (Technische Universität Darmstadt):
Wearing Corset, Losing Shape: The Euro's Effect on Trade Imbalances
Cyrus, Teresa (Dalhousie University):
Cultural Proximity and Bilateral Trade
DiscussantsDisdier, Anne-Celia (INRA); Lassmann, Andrea (ETH zurich)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 219
CSLS 1 : New Insights into Productivity Growth in Canada / CSLS 1: Nouvel aperçu de la croissance de la productivité au Canada
ChairNakamura, Alice (University of Alberta)
PapersAlmon, Michael-John (Industry Canada):
Industry Structure Change and Economic Growth: A Canada-U.S. Comparison
De Avillez, Ricardo (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
The Paradoxical Nature of Productivity Growth in the Canadian Agriculture Sector
Ross, Christopher (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
A Detailed Analysis of the Productivity Performance of the Canadian Food Processing Sector
DiscussantsDiewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia); Harris, Richard (Simon Fraser University); Nadeau, Serge (University of Ottawa)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 221
CIGI 1: Panel on Managing Complexities: Global Economic Interdependencies and Policy Cooperation / CIGI 1: Panel sur la gestion des complexités: Les interdépendances économiques mondiales et la coopération politique
ChairJenkins, Paul (CIGI)
PanelistsKruger, Mark (Canadian Embassy in China)
Perrault, Jean-François (Finance Canada)
Curtis, John (CIGI)
Siklos, Pierre L (Wilfrid Laurier University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 223
Factor Analysis 1 / Analyse factorielle 1
OrganizerStevanovic, Dalibor (Université de Montréal)
ChairStevanovic, Dalibor (Université de Montréal)
PapersDouch, Mohamed (Royal Military College):
Equity Premium Puzzle in a Data-Rich Environment
Doko Tchatoka, Firmin Sabro (University of Tasmania):
Subset hypotheses testing and instrument exclusion in the linear IV regression
Stevanovic, Dalibor (Université de Montréal):
Common Sources of Parameter Instability in Macroeconomic Models: A Factor-TVP Approach

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 360
ChairKirkegaard, Rene (University of Guelph)
PapersHoran, Sean (Boston University):
Sequential Search and Choice from Lists
Han, Seungjin (McMaster University):
Non-Committed Procurement under Intricate Uncertainty
Kirkegaard, Rene (University of Guelph):
Ranking Asymmetric Auctions using the Dispersive Order

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 390
International Macroeconomics: Exchange Rate Regimes / Macroéconomie internationale: Régimes de taux de change
ChairArghyrou, Michael Georgiou (Cardiff University)
PapersGhosh, Atish (International Monetary Fund):
Words vs Deeds: What Really Matters?
Pang, Ke (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Vertical Trade and North American Monetary Union: From Trade to Currency Integration
Schembri, Larry (Bank of Canada):
A Brave New International Monetary System
DiscussantsSantor, Eric Benjamin (Bank of Canada); Cao, Shutao (Bank of Canada); Beltran, Daniel (Federal Reserve Board)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 219
CMSG 5A: Monetary Policy / GCEM 5A: Politiques monétaires
ChairShukayev, Malik (Bank of Canada)
PapersDai, Tiantian (Queen's University):
Input Inventories, Business Cycle and Optimal Monetary Policy
Kryvtsov, Oleksiy (Bank of Canada):
The Dynamics of Consumer Price Distribution and Monetary Non-neutrality
Shukayev, Malik (Bank of Canada):
Financial Intermediation, Risk Taking and Monetary Policy

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 221
CMSG 5B: Development Economics / GCEM 5B: Économie du développement
ChairPallage, Stéphane (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersAlessandrini, Diana (University of Guelph):
The Business Cycle Human Capital Accumulation Nexus and its Effect on Growth
Qian, Zhenjie (Tsinghua University):
Why Labor Income Share Is So Low in China?
Pallage, Stéphane (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Famines, food aid, and aggregate trouble

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 250
CEBERG 5: All Pay Auctions, Trading Strategies and Money Illusion / CEBERG 5: Enchères à offres payantes ("All-Pay"), stratégies de négociation et illusion de l'argent
OrganizersBuckley, Neil J. (York University)
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
ChairMestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
PapersChen, Zhuoqiong (Peking University):
Pre-empting Inefficient Contests with Gender Signaling
Khoroshilov, Yuri (University of Ottawa):
Momentum Trading Strategy and Investment Horizon: An Experimental Study
Matthews, Peter (Middlebury College):
An Introduction To "Bucket Auctions" For Charity
Petersen, Luba (University of California Santa Cruz):
The Role of Money Illusion, Focal Points and Heuristics in Nominal Price Adjustment
DiscussantsMestelman, Stuart (McMaster University); Morrison, William (Wilfrid Laurier University); Powell, Owen (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 251
CESG 5: Short Presentation Session / CESG 5: Présentations courtes
ChairAlexeev, Vitali (University of Tasmania)
PapersGao, Rui (Queen's University):
Quasi-Realized Volatility: MCMC Estimation of Integrated Volatility with Daily Fluctuation Limits
Hounyo, Koomla Ulrich (Université de Montréal):
Bootstapping pre-averaging realized volatility under market microstructure noise
Ismael Yacoub, Mourifie (Université de Montréal):
revealed euclidean preferences
Shang, Hua (Concordia University):
Finite-Sample Properties of Alternative Tests on Beta-Pricing Models in the Cases of Large, Small and Zero Betas

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 252
CPEG 5: Political Economy I / CPEG 5: Économie politique I
ChairWiner, Stanley (Carleton University)
PapersPandey, Manish (University of Winnipeg):
Examining the Efficiency Hypothesis: Does increase in openness cause government revenues to decline?
Voia, Marcel-Cristian (Carleton University):
Do Canadian business cycle peaks predict Federal election calls?
Koka, Katerina (Brock University):
Voting for Health: the Effect of Changing Demographics on the Choice of Capital and Labour Taxes
DiscussantsKoka, Katerina (Brock University); Pandey, Manish (University of Winnipeg); Voia, Marcel-Cristian (Carleton University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 256
CREE Session 5: Short Presentation Session on Environmental Economics / Session CREE 5: Présentations courtes en économie environnementale
ChairsBarrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University)
Livernois, John R (University of Guelph)
PapersMorgan, Dylan (University of Ottawa):
When Environmental Subsidies Backfire: The Case of Black Liquor and the Alternative Fuel Mixture Tax Credit
Filippiadis, Eleftherios (Concordia University):
Using the allocation of emission permits for Strategic Trade purposes
Xiang, Di (University of Manitoba):
Eco-labeling with Knowledgeable and Naive Consumers
Khalaf, Lynda (Carleton University):
The Environmental Kuznets Curve: Tipping Points and Uncertainty
Boskovic, Branko (University of Toronto):
Environmental Regulation, Air Quality and Free-Riding: Evidence from the U.S. Clean Air Act

10:00-10:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX ATR
Coffee Break / Pause café

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 133
PEF 6: Canadian Provincial Budgeting Priorities and Risks / PEF 6: Priorités budgétaires des provinces canadiennes et les risques
OrganizerMacLean, Brian K. (Laurentian University)
ChairStanford, James (Canadian Auto Workers)
PanelistsBaragar, Fletcher (University of Manitoba)
Ivanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
McCracken, Michael C (Informetricia Limited)
Myatt, Anthony (University of New Brunswick)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 135
CNEH 6: War, Prohibition and Keynes / RCHE 6: Guerres, interdictions et Keynes
OrganizerKeay, Ian (Queen's University)
ChairTassonyi, Almos T. (Ryerson University)
PapersCranfield, John (University of Guelph):
Stayers and Leavers, Diggers and Canucks: The 1914-1918 War in Comparative Perspective
Dighe, Ranjit (State University of New York at Oswego):
Business Week, the Great Depression and the Coming of Keynesianism to America
Dupré, Ruth (HEC Montréal):
The People's Will: Referendums and Alcohol Prohibition in International Perspective
DiscussantsMassey, Catherine (University of Colorado at Boulder); Wilson, Stuart J. (University of Regina); Eli, Shari (University of Berkeley)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 136
CLEA II: Law and Economics / CLEA II: Droit et économie
OrganizerAlarie, Benjamin (University of Toronto)
ChairAlarie, Benjamin (University of Toronto)
PapersGreen, Andrew (University of Toronto):
The Power of the Chief Justice: Choosing Panels on the Supreme Court of Canada
Caines, Ian (University of Toronto):
Circular Priorities Revisited
Summerfield, Fraser (University of Guelph):
The Opportunity Cost of Violent Crime in Canada: Understanding Supply Trends After Capital Punishment
DiscussantsPayne, Abigail (McMaster University); Horan, Sean (Boston University); Cloutier, Mike (Queen's University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 137
Stock Market Returns / Rendements des marchés boursiers
ChairLo, Ingrid (Ka Man) (Bank of Canada)
PapersSayili, Koray (Queen's University):
Gold Related Investments' Hedging: Are They More Like Gold or Stock Indices?
Boucher, Christophe (QCG):
Expected Returns Across Time Scales
Zaman, Ashraf (St Mary'S University):
Political Information the Cross-Section of Returns
DiscussantsZaman, Ashraf (St Mary'S University); Gungor, Sermin (Bank of Canada); Sayili, Koray (Queen's University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 147
Canadian Public Policy Lecture / Conférence Analyse de Politiques
SponsorCanadian Public Policy/Analyse de Politiques
ChairCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)
SpeakerForget, Evelyn L. (University of Manitoba)
TopicTown With No Poverty: the health effects of the MINCOME guaranteed annual income experiment

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 227
Labour: Immigrants and Labour Market Decisions / Travail: Immigrants et décisions de travail
ChairBeach, Charles M. (Queen's University)
PapersCoulombe, Serge (University of Ottawa):
Quality of Human Capital and Economic Development: an analysis of immigrants' earnings in Canada
Nadeau, Serge (University of Ottawa):
English as the Lingua Franca and the Economic Value of Other Languages: the Case of the Language of Work of Immigrants and Non-immigrants in the Montreal Labour Market
Lu, Yuqian (Statistics Canada):
Self-choice or out of necessity: Do immigrants and their children choose self-employment for the same reasons?
DiscussantsBeach, Charles M. (Queen's University); Minns, Chris (London School of Economics); Teng, Jiayuan (University of Guelph)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 232
Atlantic Canada : Investment and Immigration / Les provinces de l'Atlantique: Investissement et immigration
ChairMoir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
PapersChaundy, David (Atlantic Provinces Economic Council):
Atlantic Canada's Changing Competitiveness for International Investment
Akbari, Syed Ather H (Saint Mary's University):
Labour Market Performance of Immigrants in Atlantic Canada Compared with the Rest of Canada
Rankaduwa, Wimal (University of Prince Edward Island):
Immigration Inflow and Economic Growth in Atlantic Canada: An Empirical Investigation
DiscussantsWalsh, Keith (McMaster University); Grady, Patrick (Global Economics Ltd)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 235
Teaching of Economics 2: Session in memory of Peter Kennedy / Enseignements économiques 2: Séance à la mémoire de Peter Kennedy
ChairWoolley, Frances (Carleton University)
PapersColonescu, Constantin (Grant MacEwan University):
Is the undergraduate Curriculum Relevant? The Case of Exchange Rate Determination
O'Gorman, Melanie (University of Winnipeg):
Experiential Learning and Microfinance Mechanisms
Raynauld, Jacques (HEC Montréal):
Students Misconceptions in Economics: autopsy of a tax incidence question
DiscussantsO'Shaughnessy, Bridget (McMaster University); Self, James (Indiana University); Livernois, John R (University of Guelph)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 316
CDESG: Evaluation of Social Policies in Latin America / CDESG: Évaluation des politiques sociales en amérique latine
ChairLaszlo, Sonia (McGill University)
PapersGondim Teixeira, Clarissa (International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth/UNDP):
Externality and Behavioural Change Effects of a non-randomized CCT programme - Heterogeneous impact on the Demand for Health and Education
Ferrando, Mery (Universidad de la República):
School Attendance, Child Labor and Cash Transfers. An Impact Evaluation of PANES
Alzua, Maria Laura (CEDLAS -Universidad Nacional de La Plata):
Educational Reform and Labor Market Outcomes: The Case of Argentina's Ley Federal de Educación
DiscussantsChemin, Matthieu (McGill University); Dammert, Ana (Carleton University); Estevan, Fernanda (University of Ottawa)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 351
The Great Recession / La grande récession
OrganizerNakamura, Alice (University of Alberta)
ChairZieschang, Kimberly (International Monetary Fund)
PapersDiewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia):
The Measurement of Banking Services in the System of National Accounts
Nakamura, Emi (Columbia Business School):
Crises and Recoveries in an Empirical Model of Consumption Disasters
Nakamura, Alice (University of Alberta):
Regulatory versus Information Failure Perspectives on the Great Recession
Morck, Randall K. (University of Alberta):
Monetary and Fiscal Stimuli, Ownership Structure, and China's Housing Market
DiscussantsGreenberger, Michael (University of Maryland School of Law)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 359
CDESG: Household / CDESG: Les ménages
ChairRosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University)
PapersOsberg, Lars (Dalhousie University):
Intra-Household Inequality, Poverty Measurement and the Hunger of Old Women
Bobonis, Gustavo (University of Toronto):
Public Transfers and Domestic Violence: The Role of Private Information and Spousal Control
Diallo, Saikou Amadou (University of Ottawa):
The Threat of Domestic Violence and Women Empowerment: The Case of West Africa
DiscussantsDauphin, Anyck (Université du Québec en Outaousais); Diallo, Saikou Amadou (University of Ottawa); Djebbari, Habiba (Université Laval)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 401
2x2 Working Group Session 2 / Groupe de travail 2x2 Session 2
OrganizersRobinson, David (Laurentian University)
Goforth, David (Laurentian University)
ChairRobinson, David (Laurentian University)
PapersHopkins, Brian (Saint Peter's College):
Between Neighboring Strict Ordinal Games
Simpson, John (University of Alberta):
Overcoming the (near) Fetishization of a Small Group of 2x2 Games
Bruns, Bryan (Independent Scholar):
Switching Games: Visualizing the Adjacent Possible in the Topology of Two-person Two-strategy Games

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 121
Health Economics 6 - Primary Care / Économie de la santé 6 - Soins de santé primaires
ChairPowell, Lisa (University of Illinois at Chicago)
PapersWorswick, Christopher (Carleton University):
The determinants of the migration decisions of immigrant and non-immigrant physicians in Canada
Wing, Coady (Northwestern University):
Occupational Deregulation and The Price of Health Services in the United States
Jesmin, Shammima (University of Western Ontario):
Team-based Primary Health Care (PHC) Practice and Patient Perceptions of Health Care Outcomes: A Propensity Score Matching (PSM) Analysis using data from the 2007-2008 Canadian Survey of Experiences with Primary Health Care (CSCPHC)
DiscussantsSarma, Sisira K (The University of Western Ontario); Stewart, Jennifer (Carleton University); Wang, Chao (Sara) (McMaster University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 124
Health Economics 7 - Methodology / Économie de la santé 7 - Méthodologie
ChairWolfson, Michael (University of Ottawa)
PapersMakdissi, Paul (University of Ottawa):
A Fuzzy Approach to the Measurement of Leakages in Health Systems in North America
Li, Xianghong (York University):
Assessing the Ability Of Matching To Address Attrition Bias In Health Data Using The Rand Health Experiment
Hurley, Jerry (McMaster University):
Existence and Magnitued of Health Care Externalities: Evidence from a Choice Experiment
DiscussantsPackalen, Mikko (University of Waterloo); Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph); Smith, Alexander (University of Calgary)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 215
Immigration, Language, and Natural Disasters / Immigration, langage et désastres naturels
ChairYotov, Yoto (Drexel University)
PapersHiller, Sanne (Aarhus University):
Immigration and the Product Margins of International Trade
Lassmann, Andrea (ETH zurich):
The Causal Impact of Common Language on International Trade: Evidence from a Spatial Regression Discontinuity Design.
Groeschl, Jasmin (Ifo Institut for Economic Research at LMU Munich):
Natural Disasters and the Effect of Trade on Income: An IV Approach
DiscussantsQirjo, Dhimitri (The University of British Columbia); Klasing, Mariko J (Carleton University); Cyrus, Teresa (Dalhousie University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 219
CEA/CSLS 2 : What Explains the Growing Canada-US Productivity Gap ? / ACE/CSLS 2: Qu'est-ce qui explique la croissance de l'écart de productivité entre le Canada et les États-Unis ?
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
ChairStewart, Ian (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
PanelistsSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
Tomlin, Ben (Bank of Canada)
Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada)
Milway, James (Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity)
Shute, Larry (Industry Canada)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 221
CIGI 2: Imbalances and Monetary Volatility / CIGI 2: Déséquilibres et volatilité monétaire
ChairCurtis, John (CIGI)
PapersEssid, Badye Omar (CIGI):
Do Short Selling Restrictions Destabilize Stock Markets? Lessons from Taiwan
Measures of External Sector Instability Before and After the 2008 Financial Crisis
Agarwal, Manmohan (CIGI):
Impact of US Monetary Policy on Emerging Economies

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 223
Factor Analysis 2 / Analyse factorielle 2
OrganizerStevanovic, Dalibor (Université de Montréal)
ChairStevanovic, Dalibor (Université de Montréal)
PapersLuciani, Matteo (Université libre de Bruxelles):
Modeling Vast Panels of Volatilities with Long-Memory Dynamic Factor Models
Bouaddi, Mohammed (HEC-Montreal):
Portfolio Selection in a Data-Rich Environment
Bruneau, Gabriel (Université de Montréal):
Interest rate expectations and economic fluctuations

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 360
ChairShneyerov, Artyom (Concordia University)
PapersIvanov, Maxim (McMaster University):
Dynamic Informational Control
Shneyerov, Artyom (Concordia University):
Search brokers

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 390
International Macroeconomics: Capital Flows and Controls / Macroéconomie internationale: Flux de capitaux et contrôles
ChairSantor, Eric Benjamin (Bank of Canada)
PapersQureshi, Mahvash (International Monetary Fund):
Sea, Swell, or Killer Waves? An Empirical Analysis of Capital Flows
Riera-Crichton, Daniel (Bates College):
International Gross Capital Flows: A New Measure and Application to a Global Panel of External Financial Crises
Stanley, Leonardo (Cedes):
Capital controls, development and institutions: Latin America and Asia compared
DiscussantsPasricha, Gurnain (Bank of Canada); Kano, Takashi (University of Tokyo); Razo-Garcia, Raul (Carleton University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 212
The Industry Canada Lecture / Conférence Industrie Canada
SponsorIndustry Canada/Industrie Canada
OrganizersRoss, Thomas W. (University of British Columbia)
Boyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
ChairBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
SpeakerRey, Patrick (Université Toulouse I)
TopicAccess Pricing and Competition in Telecommunications

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 219
CMSG 6A: Money and Banking / GCEM 6A: Monnaie et banques
ChairPancrazi, Roberto (Toulouse School of Economics)
PapersHo, Wai-Ming (York University):
Liquidity Constraints and the Friedman Rule in a Small Open Economy with Overlapping Generations
Pancrazi, Roberto (Toulouse School of Economics):
Overlooking the Great Moderation: Consequences for the Monetary Policy

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 221
CMSG 6B: Wages over the Business Cycle / GCEM 6B: Salaires et cycles économiques
ChairTavares, Brian (University of Toronto)
PapersBellou, Andriana (Université de Montréal):
Wages, Implicit Contracts and the Business Cycle: Evidence from a European Panel
Snell, Andy (Edinburgh):
Minu, Startu and all that:- Pitfalls in estimating the sensitivity of a worker's wage to aggregate unemployment
Tavares, Brian (University of Toronto):
Involuntary Part-Time Employment and Wages in the Business Cycle

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 250
CEBERG 6: Risk Preferences and Choice over Time / CEBERG 6: Aversion au risque et choix intertemporels
OrganizersBuckley, Neil J. (York University)
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
ChairAnglin, Paul M (University of Guelph)
PapersMentzakis, Emmanouil (University of East Anglia):
An investigation of individual preferences: consistency across incentives and stability over time
Morrison, William (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Loss aversion, default bias and intertemporal choice
Terry, Eric (Ryerson University):
Risk preferences and the presentation of uncertainty
DiscussantsAnglin, Paul M (University of Guelph); Freeman, David (University of British Columbia); Zitikis, Ricardas (University of Western Ontario)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 251
CESG 6: Econometric Theory / CESG 6: Théorie économétrique
ChairDavidson, Russell (McGill University)
PapersDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University):
Long Run Canonical Correlations: Estimation and Inference
MacKinnon, James G (Queen's University):
Confidence Sets Based on Inverting Anderson-Rubin Tests
Stewart, Kenneth G (University of Victoria):
The optimal construction of instruments in nonlinear regression: Implications for GMM inference
DiscussantsAlexeev, Vitali (University of Tasmania); Davidson, Russell (McGill University); Khalaf, Lynda (Carleton University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 252
CPEG 6: Political Economy II / CPEG 6: Économie Politique II
ChairHickey, Ross (University of British Columbia - Okanagan)
PapersWiner, Stanley (Carleton University):
Explaining Variation in the Competitiveness of U.S. Senate Elections, 1922-2004
Joanis, Marcelin (Université de Sherbrooke):
Campaign spending limits and electoral competition in a floating two-party system
Rekkas, Marie (Simon Fraser University):
Disentangling Party and Individual Incumbency Effects
DiscussantsHickey, Ross (University of British Columbia - Okanagan); Aragon-Sanchez, Fernando (Simon Fraser University); Joanis, Marcelin (Université de Sherbrooke)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 256
CREE Session 6: Resource and Environmental Economics Theory / Session CREE 6: Théorie de l'économie des ressources et de l'environnement
ChairBaksi, Soham (University of Winnipeg)
PapersBazhanov, Andrei (Queen's University):
Genuine investment and resource policy in imperfect economy
Moreno-Cruz, Juan B. (University of Calgary):
Long-term environmental problems and strategic inter-generational transfers
Baksi, Soham (University of Winnipeg):
Multiple Pollutants and the Benefits of Cleaner Technology Adoption
DiscussantsTatoutchoup, Francis Didier (York University); Insley, Margaret (University of Waterloo); Matsueda, Norimichi (Kwansei Gakuin University)

12:00-13:30Saturday, June 4, 2011TBT 112
Purvis Luncheon / Déjeuner-conférence Purvis
ChairZinde-Walsh, Victoria (McGill University)
SpeakerFehr, Ernst (University of Zurich)
TopicThe Lure of Authority - Motivation and Incentive Effects of Power

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 133
PEF Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle de la PEF

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 135
CNEH 7: Managing Money During the Early Twentieth Century / RCHE 7: La gestion de l'argent au début du 20e siècle
ChairMoore, Lyndon (Université de Montréal)
PapersHorsewood, Nicholas (University of Birmingham):
UK Demand for money in the Great Depression: Did cheap money result in inflation?
Davies, Ryan (Babson College):
Pink Pills for Pale People: A Snapshot of Entrepreneurship, Patent Medicine, and Finance in 1905
Beaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary):
The Magnitude and Cost of Canadian Protectionsim: 1870-1910
DiscussantsRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia); Fletcher, Erin (University of Colorado Boulder); Lew, Byron J (Trent University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 136
Macroeconomics and Finance / Macroéconomie et finance
ChairSchaller, Huntley (Carleton University)
PapersLi, Kai (Duke University):
Toward a Quantitative General Equilibrium Asset Pricing Model with Intangible Capital
Schaller, Huntley (Carleton University):
The Economic Effect of Sentiment
Vafa, Shervan (York University):
Financial Intermediation and Capital Mobility
DiscussantsPriyo, Asad Karim Khan (University of Toronto); Li, Kai (Duke University); Yepez, Carlos (Brandeis University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 137
Microstructure and Liquidity / Microstructure et liquidité
ChairCoen, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM))
PapersLo, Ingrid Ka Man (Bank of Canada / Chinese University of Hong Kong):
Belief Dispersion and Order Submission Strategies in the Foreign Exchange Market
Gungor, Sermin (Bank of Canada):
Time-Variation in Liquidity and Portfolio Returns
Morin, Lealand (Queen's University):
Liquidity Effects on Return and Volume Co-movement when Traders Behave Strategically
Malinova, Katya (University of Toronto):
Subsidizing Liquidity: The Impact of Make/Take Fees on Market Quality
DiscussantsPark, Andreas (University of Toronto); Li, Bo (Queen's University); Coen, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM)); Lo, Ingrid (Ka Man) (Bank of Canada)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 147
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence - État des connaissances
ChairAntweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerOlewiler, Nancy (Simon Fraser University)
TopicWhat has Environmental Economics ever done for the World: From Theory into Practice

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 147B
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence - État des connaissances
ChairKhalaf, Lynda (Carleton University)
SpeakerLewbel, Arthur (Boston College)
TopicBinary Choice Models With Endogenous Regressors

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 227
Labour: Job Polarization / Travail: Polarisation des emplois
ChairPacheco, Gail (Auckland University of Technology)
PapersCarr, Jeff (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada):
What is the incidence of occupation-education mismatch in Canada and what are its consequences?
Cortes, Guido Matias (University of British Columbia):
Where Have the Middle-Skill Workers Gone? A Study of Polarization Using Panel Data
Mercenier, Jean (U. Pantheon-Assas (Paris2)):
Routinization-Biased Technical Change, Globalization and Labor Market Polarization: Does Theory Fit the Facts?
DiscussantsKiss, David (Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg); Michaelsen, Maren M. (Ruhr University Bochum); Miyake, Atsushi (Simon Fraser University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 232
CEA/CWEN- Inside and Outside of the Ivory Tower: Building Blocks for Success in All Stages of Your Career / ACE/RFE - À l'intérieur et à l'extérieur de la tour d'ivoire: Construire le succès à toutes les étapes de votre carrière
OrganizerPayne, Abigail (McMaster University)
ChairCuff, Katherine L (McMaster University)
PapersKozicki, Sharon (Bank of Canada):
Outside of Academia -- A Fulfilling Career Outside of the Ivory Tower
Devlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa):
Getting that First Job -- Beyond the C.V. and the Thesis
Deri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa):
Getting Over that Tenure Hurdle -- What I Wish I knew Early On
Gallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia):
Beyond Tenure -- Success as a Senior Academic

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 235
HEQCO - Higher Education Session / COQES - Séance sur l'enseignement supérieur
OrganizerNorrie, Ken (McMaster University)
ChairNorrie, Ken (McMaster University)
PapersNorrie, Ken (McMaster University):
Using NSSE Data to Examine Instructional Quality in Economics
Livernois, John R (University of Guelph):
Making Large Classes Small(er): Assessing the Effectiveness of a Hybrid Teaching Technology
Park, Sean (Simon Fraser University):
Towards an Integrated Undergraduate Economics Curriculum: Education for Competence and Capability
DiscussantsRaynauld, Jacques (HEC Montréal)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 316
CDESG: Child Labour / CDESG: Travail des enfants
ChairJayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology)
PapersKoissy-Kpein, Sandrine Aïda (CEPS/INSTEAD):
Child Labor, Schooling and Household Wealth in African Rural Area: Luxury axiom vs. Wealth paradox
Dessy, Sylvain (Université Laval):
Are there Gains from International Cooperation against Child Trafficking?
Dammert, Ana (Carleton University):
Misclassification Error in Child Labor: The Role of Survey Design and Type of Respondent
DiscussantsDoko Tchatoka, Firmin (Université de Montréal); Ferrando, Mery (Universidad de la República); Koissy-Kpein, Sandrine Aïda (CEPS/INSTEAD)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 351
Immigration in Canada? A Panel Discussion on Future Directions / Panel sur les directions futures de l'immigration au Canada
SponsorResearch Group on the Economics of Immigration(RGEI), University of Ottawa
OrganizerNadeau, Serge (University of Ottawa)
ChairGrenier, Gilles (University of Ottawa)
PanelistsBeach, Charles M. (Queen's University)
Mackay, Diana (The Conference Board of Canada)
Paquet, Gilles (University of Ottawa)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 359
CDESG: Conflict/Crisis / CDESG: Crises et conflits
ChairSamy, Yiagadeesen (Carleton University)
PapersLaszlo, Sonia (McGill University):
Civil Conflict and the political economy of delivering health services in Peru
Tiberti, Luca (Université Laval):
The impact of the food and financial crises on U5MR in Sub-Saharan Africa
Nunn, Nathan (Harvard University):
Aiding Conflict: The Unintended Consequences of US Food Aid on Civil War
DiscussantsGaldo, Jose (Carleton University); Ary Tanimoune, Nasser (University of Ottawa); Jackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 361
Industrial Organization 6: Market Power: Empirical Explorations / Organisation industrielle 6 - Le pouvoir de marché: Explorations empiriques
ChairAtallah, Gamal (University of Ottawa)
PapersByrne, David (The University of Melbourne):
Consolidation and Price Discrimination in the Cable Television Industry
Hazledine, Tim (University of Auckland):
Merger policy and the merger paradox in price discriminating oligopoly: the case of Canadian airline competition
Nimubona, Alain-Désiré (University of Waterloo):
Evaluating the Effects of Market Power on Gasoline Prices: Panel Data Evidence from Canadian Cities
DiscussantsSuzuki, Junichi (University of Toronto); Nimubona, Alain-Désiré (University of Waterloo); Arya, Pyare (Saint Mary's University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 401
Labour: Empirical Studies of Fertility and Child Welfare / Travail: Études empiriques sur la fertilité et le bien-être des enfants
ChairMcIntosh, James (Concordia University)
PapersMcIntosh, James (Concordia University):
Reproductive Behaviour in Canada: Corrections and New Procedures
Azimi, Ebrahim (Simon Fraser University):
Female Labor Force Participation in Iran; Evidence from Exogenous Variation in the Number of Children
Bessey, Donata (Seoul National University):
Love Actually? Dissecting the Marriage-Happiness Relationship
DiscussantsBessey, Donata (Seoul National University); McIntosh, James (Concordia University); Dan, Ioana (University of Toronto)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 402
Human Capital, Social Capital, Intangible Capital and Economic Growth / Capital humain, capital social, capital intangible et croissance économique
ChairGu, Wulong (Statistics Canada)
PapersKumar, Alok (University of Victoria):
Education, Health, and Cross-Country Productivity Differences
Klasing, Mariko J (Carleton University):
Cultural Traits, Collective Values and the Roots of Political Institution
Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada):
Intangible Capital and Productivity Growth in Canada
DiscussantsGu, Wulong (Statistics Canada); Saavedra, Luz (University of St. Thomas); Tang, Jianmin (Industry Canada)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 121
Determinants of the Productivity and Direction of Scientific Research / La direction de la recherche scientifique et les déterminants de sa productivité
OrganizerMacgarvie, Megan Jill (Boston University)
ChairMacgarvie, Megan Jill (Boston University)
PapersHicks, Justin (University of California Merced):
Spending Wisely? How Resources Affect Knowledge Production in Universities
Macgarvie, Megan Jill (Boston University):
How Important is U.S. Location for Research in Science?
Packalen, Mikko (University of Waterloo):
Opportunities and Benefits as Determinants of the Direction of Scientific Research
DiscussantsLacetera, Nico (University of Toronto); Caponi, Vincenzo (Ryerson University); Agrawal, Ajay (University of Toronto)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 124
Health Economics 8 - Pharmaceuticals / Économie de la santé 8 - Pharmaceutiques
ChairCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)
PapersMagesan, Arvind (University of Calgary):
Peer Effects in Policymaking: Evidence From Canadian Provincial Formulary Listings
Ward, Courtney (Dalhousie University):
The long-term economic effects of school immunization mandates: does prenatal exposure to state school immunization policy impact health and well-being in later life?
Ren, Zhe (Dalhousie University):
A two-dimension oligopolistic product differentiation model for Canadian prescription drug market
DiscussantsCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo); Jamal, Taha (McMaster University); McLeod, Logan (University of Alberta)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 215
International Trade: China / Commerce international: La Chine
ChairRodrigue, Joel (Vanderbilt University)
PapersGu, Jiajia (Kings University College at the University of Western Ontario):
Vertical Intra-Industry Trade: An Empirical Study of China's Motor Vehicle Industry
Adekunle, Bamidele (University of Guelph):
Illusion or Reality: Understanding the Trade Flow between China and Sub-Saharan Africa
Xu, Kai (University of Western Ontario):
Barriers to Labor Mobility and International Trade: The Case of China
DiscussantsSu, Li (University of Oklahoma); Barattieri, Alessandro (Université du Québec à Montréal); Stoyanov, Andrey (York University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 219
IDRM, RMC: Spending on Defence and Security / Dépenses de défense et de sécurité
OrganizerBerkok, Ugurhan (Royal Military College)
ChairStone, James (Canadian Forces College)
PapersBerkok, Ugurhan (Royal Military College):
Interagency coordination or agency expansion
Zubairy, Sarah (Bank of Canada):
Who Benefits from Increased Government Spending? A State-Level Analysis
Solomon, Binyam (Department of National Defence):
Forecasting Future Defence Budgets
DiscussantsRowlands, Dane (Carleton University); Tapp, Stephen (Parliamentary Budget Office); Deschenes, Andre (Department of National Defence)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 220
Bayesian Methods for Forecasting and Applied Macroeconomics / Méthodes baysiennes pour la prévision en macroéconomie appliquée
OrganizerSekhposyan, Tatevik (Bank of Canada)
ChairSekhposyan, Tatevik (Bank of Canada)
PapersHerbst, Edward (University of Pennsylvania):
Evaluating Predictions of Comovements of DSGE Models
Maih, Junior (Norges Bank):
Estimating DSGE Models with Observed Real-Time Expectation Data
Matthes, Christian (Universitat Pompeu Fabra):
Time Variation in the Dynamics and Comovement of Latin American Economies
DiscussantsGranziera, Eleonora (Bank of Canada); Baumeister, Christiane (Bank of Canada); Pancrazi, Roberto (Toulouse School of Economics)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 221
Labour: Determinants of Labour Market Outcomes / Travail: Les déterminants des résultats sur le marché du travail
ChairCrucini, Mario (Vanderbilt University)
PapersBelley, Philippe (Kansas State University):
Understanding Wage Growth: Estimating and Testing Learning-by-Doing
Heinicke, Katrin (University of Magdeburg):
Who You Are Is What You Get - The Role of Personality for Occupational Choice and Wages
Crucini, Mario (Vanderbilt University):
Incentives and Effects of Publication Lags on Life Cycle Research Productivity in Economics
DiscussantsZibrowius, Michael (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg); Grave, Barbara (Rwi)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 223
Economics of Frictions II / L'économie des frictions II
ChairChiu, Jonathan (Bank of Canada)
PapersPollak, Andreas (University of Saskatchewan):
Optimal Unemployment Insurance and the Business Cycle
Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas (Carnegie Mellon University):
Propagation in a Model of Good, Labor and Financial Market Frictions
Li, Li (University of Toronto):
Welfare effects of Increasing Borrowing Limit in the Presence of Self Control Problem

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 360
ChairPeters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
PapersGoertz, Johanna (University of Guelph):
A Condorcet Jury Theorem with More Than Two Choices
Halberstam, Yosh (University of Toronto):
Trial and Error in the Courts: Information Aggregation and Free Riding in Hierarchical Institutions

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 390
International Macroeconomics: International Financial Crises / Macroéconomie internationale: Crises financières internationales
ChairQureshi, Mahvash (International Monetary Fund)
PapersArghyrou, Michael Georgiou (Cardiff University):
The EMU Sovereign-Debt Crisis: Fundamentals, Expectations and Contagion
Pasricha, Gurnain (Bank of Canada):
Determinants of Financial Stress and Recovery during the Great Recession
Razo-Garcia, Raul (Carleton University):
Speculative Attacks Under Strategic Uncertainty
DiscussantsMaier, Philipp (Bank of Canada); Smith, Gregor (Queen's University); Schembri, Larry (Bank of Canada)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 205
Reconsidering Keynes in a Time of Crisis: Keynes' General Theory After 75 Years- In Memory of Gilles Dostaler / Keynes en temps de crise: La théorie générale de Keynes après 75 ans - À la mémoire de Gilles Dostaler
OrganizerDimand, Robert W. (Brock University)
ChairDimand, Robert W. (Brock University)
PapersLipsey, Richard G. (Simon Fraser University):
macro economics and the unique equilibrium fixation: how the expectations-augmented phillips curve derailed keynesian economics
Dimand, Robert W. (Brock University):
The Keynesian Revolution After Seventy-Five Years
Spotton Visano, Brenda (York University):
Reconsidering Keynes in a Time of Financial Crisis
Chorney, Harold (Concordia University Montreal):
Rediscovering Keynes: After the Crash

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 212
CSLS 3 : Selected Papers from the Ian Stewart Festschrift New Directions for Intelligent Government in Canada / CSLS 3: Articles sélectionnés du Ian Stewart Festschrift New Directions for Intelligent Government in Canada
ChairGorbet, Fred (unaffiliated)
PapersSheikh, Munir (Carleton/Queen's):
Good Data and Intelligent Government
Helliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia):
How Can Subjective Well-being be Improved?
Fortin, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Income Support in the Canadian Federation

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 219
CMSG 7A: Multi-sector Macroeconomics / GCEM 7A: Macroéconomie multisectorielle
ChairMacGee, Jim (University of Western Ontario)
PapersSevcik, Pavel (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Size and Productivity of Single-segment and Diversified Firms: Evidence from Canadian Manufacturing
Khan, Hashmat (Carleton University):
Investment Shocks in a Multi-Sector Model
MacGee, Jim (University of Western Ontario):
Re-Examining the Role of Sticky Wages in the U.S. Great Depression: A Multi-sector Approach

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 221
CMSG 7B: Economics of Growth / GCEM 7B: Économie de la croissance
ChairRanasinghe, Ashantha (University of Toronto)
PapersDusha, Elton (University of Toronto):
Intermediated Corruption with Reputation
Gunn, Christopher (McMaster University):
From growth to cycles through beliefs
Ranasinghe, Ashantha (University of Toronto):
Extortion, Protection and Entrepreneurship

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 250
CEBERG 7: Behavioural Economics / CEBERG 7: Économie comportementale
OrganizersBuckley, Neil J. (York University)
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
ChairChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
PapersAlger, Ingela (Carleton University):
Evolutionary Stability, Cooperation and Hamilton's Rule
Freeman, David (University of British Columbia):
A recursive non-expected utility model of the isolation effect
Sonntag, Axel (Vienna University of Economics and Business):
Choosing the choice rule - An economic metaheuristic to account for strategy selection behavior
Zitikis, Ricardas (University of Western Ontario):
Subjective probability in economics and insurance
DiscussantsChilds, Jason (University of Regina); Kneeland, Terri (University of British Columbia); Terry, Eric (Ryerson University); Webb, Ryan (New York University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 251
Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis Session / Séance de la Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis
ChairStengos, Thanasis (University of Guelph)
PapersEngineer, Merwan (University of Victoria):
Maximizing Human Development
Melino, Angelo (University of Toronto):
Estimating sibling interaction effects in long run wages
Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph):
Women's Higher Returns to Post-Secondary Education: Increased Productivity or Longer Hours Worked?
Pinar, Mehmet (University of Guelph):
Construction of World Governance Indicators: Revisiting the Institutions Hypothesis

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 252
CPEG 7: Political Economy III / CPEG 7: Économie politique III
Chairde Lamirande, Patrick (Cape Breton University)
PapersHickey, Ross (University of British Columbia - Okanagan):
The effects of lobbying regulations on the market for lobbying services
Yilmaz, Fatih (University of Calgary):
Contract Stability and Private Infrastructure Investments
Duran-Vigneron, Pascale (University of Exeter Business School):
Assemble to resemble? A study of fiscal disparities among French municipalities
DiscussantsDuran-Vigneron, Pascale (University of Exeter Business School); de Lamirande, Patrick (Cape Breton University); Brett, Craig (Mount Allison University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 256
HRSDC Session: Literacy and Essential Skills Gaps in the Canadian Workforce / Séance RHDCC - Lacunes de la main-d'oeuvre canadienne en alphabétisation et compétences essentielles
OrganizerFrank, Natalie (HRSDC)
ChairTocchi, Silvano (Office of Literacy and Essential Skills)
PapersMurray, T. Scott (DataAngel Policy Research):
Understanding literacy markets in Canada: A Segmentation Analysis
Frank, Natalie (HRSDC):
Understanding Aboriginal Literacy Markets in Canada: A Segmentation Analysis
David, Gyarmati (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC)):
Literacy and Essential Skills in the Workplace: A Pan-Canadian Demonstration project

15:30-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 235
CWEN Corner Cafe / RFE Petit café du coin

15:30-16:00Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX ATR
Coffee Break / Pause café

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 133
PEF Keynote Address / Discours d'ouverture de la PEF
SpeakerFerguson, Tom (University of Massachusetts)
TopicProgressive Economics in an Age of Austerity

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 135
CEA/EPRI/MESA Invited Panel on Post-Secondary Education / ACE/EPRI/MESA - Panel invité sur l'éducation postsecondaire
OrganizerFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
ChairBaldwin, Noel (Council of Ministers of Education)
PanelistsBradshaw, James (Globe and Mail)
Norrie, Ken (McMaster University)
Hopkins, Mark (HRSDC)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 136
Topics in Auctions and Voting / Sujets d'enchères et de vote
ChairWelling, Linda A. (University of Victoria)
PapersBrown, Natalya (Nipissing University):
The Impact of Voter Uncertainty and Alienation on Turnout and Candidate Policy Choice
Dalkir, Elif (University of New Brunswick):
Reaction of responsive equilibrium to changes in preferences
Wang, Xiaoting (Acadia University):
Asymmetric Job Auctions
DiscussantsWelling, Linda A. (University of Victoria); Brown, Natalya (Nipissing University); Kirkegaard, Rene (University of Guelph)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 137
Risk in the Banking Industry / Les risques de l'industrie bancaire
ChairBordeleau, Etienne (University of Toronto)
PapersMirza, Afrasiab (Queen's University):
Dynamic Prudential Regulation
Li, Bo (Queen's University):
Assets Liquidation and Refinancing under the Interbank Market versus the Shadow Banking System
Guidara, Alaa (Laval University):
Impact of Nontraditional Activities on Capital and Risk of Canadian Banks under Regulatory Changes
DiscussantsTchana Tchana, Fulbert (Ministere des Finances du Québec); Huang, Helen (University of Waterloo); Bordeleau, Etienne (University of Toronto)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 227
Labour: Experiments / Travail: Expériences
ChairHui, Shek-wai (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)
Papersde Raaf, Shawn (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
Preliminary Results from a Social Experiment that Provided Online Labour Market Information to Post-Secondary Education Graduates in British Columbia
Webb, Matt (Queen's University):
How Targeted is Targeted Tax Relief? Evidence from the Employment Insurance Youth Hires Program
Thomsen, Stephan (University of Magdeburg):
Should Welfare Administration be Centralized or Decentralized? Evidence from a Policy Experiment
DiscussantsNaqvi, Zareen (British Columbia Institute of Technology); de Raaf, Shawn (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation); Hui, Shek-wai (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 232
Labour: Low Incomes and Minimum Wage / Travail: Faibles revenus et salaire minimum
ChairTu, Jiong (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada - Labour Program)
PapersLuong, May (Statistics Canada):
The financial situation of employed low-income families
Pacheco, Gail (Auckland University of Technology):
Making the minimum wage binding: What is the impact on employment effects?
Rybczynski, Kathleen (University of Waterloo):
Employment Effects of Minimum Wage on Women and Immigrants
DiscussantsTu, Jiong (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada - Labour Program); Summerfield, Fraser (University of Guelph); Lu, Yuqian (Statistics Canada)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 316
CDESG: Caste/Gender / CDESG: Caste/Genre
ChairTiberti, Luca (Université Laval)
PapersWang, Shun (University of British Columbia):
The Long-Term Consequences of Family Class Origins in Urban China
Solati, Fariba (University of Manitoba):
Women and Work
Bazillier, Remi (Université d'Orléans):
Gender Discrimination and Emigration : Push Factor versus Screening Process Hypothesis
DiscussantsBazillier, Remi (Université d'Orléans); Alzua, Maria Laura (CEDLAS -Universidad Nacional de La Plata); Xue, Dong (University of Western Ontario)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 359
CDESG: Microfinance / CDESG: Microfinance
ChairAry Tanimoune, Nasser (University of Ottawa)
PapersAgier, Isabelle (Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne):
Microfinance and Gender: Is There a Glass Ceiling in Loan Size?
Acclassato, Denis (Université d'Abomey-Calavi):
Efficacité des institutions de microfinance dans l'UEMOA : analyse des expériences au Bénin
Messomo Elle, Serge (University of Buea):
Quel modèle de financement durable des microentrepreneurs au Cameroun par les EMF ?
DiscussantsAcclassato, Denis (Université d'Abomey-Calavi); Messomo Elle, Serge (University of Buea); Agier, Isabelle (Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 361
Industrial Organization 7: Theoretical Industrial Organization / Organisation industrielle7 : Théorie de l'organisation industrielle
ChairRoland, Michel (Université Laval)
PapersDaGraça, Tarcisio Barroso (Competition Bureau / Industry Canada):
Resale Price Maintenance (RPM) Can Reduce Economic Efficiency Even Absent Collusion And Foreclosure
Higashida, Keisaku (Kwansei Gakuin University):
Misleading Advertising of the Horizontally Differentiated Products
Xu, Heng (Carleton University):
Discount or Distance? Duopoly and Spatial Competition
DiscussantsAtallah, Gamal (University of Ottawa); Xu, Heng (Carleton University); Ray Chaudhuri, Amrita (University of Winnipeg)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 401
Central Bank Policy / Politique de banque centrale
ChairTurdaliev, Nurlan (University of Windsor)
PapersChahrour, Ryan (Columbia University):
Transparency and Limited Attention
Turdaliev, Nurlan (University of Windsor):
Central Bank Transparency: Does It Matter?
Mahmoudi, Babak (Queen's University):
Liquidity Effects of Quantitative Easing
DiscussantsTurdaliev, Nurlan (University of Windsor); Chahrour, Ryan (Columbia University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011FTX 402
New Trends in Measuring Inequality / Mesure des inégalité - Nouvelles tendances
OrganizersZitikis, Ricardas (University of Western Ontario)
Greselin, Francesca (Università di Milano Bicocca)
ChairZitikis, Ricardas (University of Western Ontario)
PapersPasquazzi, Leo (University of Milano-Bicocca):
The new inequality measure: statistical inference and Canadian cross-regional income survey data
Zenga, Michele (University of Milano-Bicocca):
Decompositions of the new inequality and uniformity measures by income sources
Greselin, Francesca (Università di Milano Bicocca):
Geographical differences in income inequality: a comparison between Canada and Italy
Porro, Francesco (Università di Milano Bicocca):
A new inequality measure: its definition, properties and applications to income data

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 124
Health Economics 9 - Obesity / Économie de la santé 9 - Obésité
ChairMcDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)
PapersStewart, Jennifer (Carleton University):
Understanding the Relationship between Parental Work Schedules and Obesity in Children
Sarma, Sisira K (The University of Western Ontario):
Does it Matter the Way Obesity is Measured in Social Science Literature? Some New Findings from Canada
Powell, Lisa (University of Illinois at Chicago):
Soda Taxes and Adolescent Weight Outcomes
DiscussantsAriste, Ruolz (Canadian Institute for Health Information); McDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick); Maclean, Catherine (Cornell University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 215
International Trade: The Current Account / Commerce international: La balance courante
ChairBrown, Laura (University of Manitoba)
PapersBarattieri, Alessandro (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Comparative Advantage, Service Trade, and Global Imbalances
Graff, Michael (ETH Zurich and Jacobs University Bremen):
Does Demographic Change Affect the Current Account? A Reconsideration
Yu, Xiaoyu (University of Western Ontario):
Do Fast Growing Countries Run Current Account Surplus?
DiscussantsNitsch, Volker (Technische Universität Darmstadt); Jacks, David (Simon Fraser University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 221
Housing and the Financial Crisis / Industrie du logement et crises financières
ChairChristensen, Ian (Bank of Canada)
PapersHuang, Haifang (University of Alberta):
From Housing Bust to Credit Crunch: Evidence from Small Businesses Loans
Yepez, Carlos (Brandeis University):
Financial Intermediation and Collateral Constraints in Business Cycles
Christensen, Ian (Bank of Canada):
Countercyclical loan-to-value ratios and monetary policy
DiscussantsPaligorova, Teodora (Bank of Canada); Vafa, Shervan (York University); Roy, Saktinil (Athabasca University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011LMX 223
Bangladesh Young Economists (BYE): Development Issues in Bangladesh / Problèmes de développement au Bangladesh
OrganizerDas, Anupam (Mount Royal University)
ChairDas, Anupam (Mount Royal University)
PapersHussain, Ghulam (University of Dhaka):
Employment effects of Microcredit Revisited: Evidence Using Household Panel Data from Bangladesh
Shonchoy, Abu (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO):
Seasonal Migration and Micro-credit in the Lean Period: Evidence from Northwest Bangladesh
Nargis, Nigar (University of Dhaka):
The Impact of Taxation on Cigarette and Bidi Consumption in Bangladesh: Evidence from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Bangladesh Survey
Das, Anupam (Mount Royal University):
Short Run Relationships between Remittances and GDP in Bangladesh
DiscussantsDas, Anupam (Mount Royal University); Nargis, Nigar (University of Dhaka); Shonchoy, Abu (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO); Hussain, Ghulam (University of Dhaka)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 205
Canadian Economics Association Invited Lecture / Conférence invitée de l'Association canadienne d'économique
SponsorCanadian Public Policy/Analyse de Politiques
ChairSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
SpeakerDrummond, Don (TD Bank Financial Group/Queen's University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 221
Economics of Religion and Culture / Économie de la religion et de la culture
ChairGeorges, Patrick (University of Ottawa)
PapersDilmaghani, Maryam (Saint Mary's University):
Religious Displays and the Cohesion of Religious Groups
Ferrero, Mario (University of Western Ontario):
From Jesus to Christianity: The Economics
Georges, Patrick (University of Ottawa):
An Econometric Analysis of Classical Music Manuscripts
DiscussantsFerrero, Mario (University of Western Ontario); Dilmaghani, Maryam (Saint Mary's University); Chipty, Tasneem (Analysis Group, Inc.)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 250
CEBERG 8: Social Comparison and Contributions to the Public Good / CEBERG 8: Altruisme et comparaison sociale
OrganizersBuckley, Neil J. (York University)
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
ChairCadsby, Bram (University of Guelph)
PapersDanese, Giuseppe (Simon Fraser University):
Idiosyncratic heterogeneity in network-formation games
Fehr, Ernst (University of Zurich):
Social Comparison in the Workplace: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
Ong, David (Peking University HSBC Business School):
Pro Bono Work and Honor in Expert Fields
Smith, Alexander (University of Calgary):
Estimating the Causal Effect of Beliefs on Contributions in Repeated Public Good Games
DiscussantsCadsby, Bram (University of Guelph); Moir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John); Sonntag, Axel (Vienna University of Economics and Business); Petersen, Luba (University of California Santa Cruz)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 251
CESG 7: Copulas / CESG 7: Copules
ChairNing, Cathy (Qiao) (Ryerson University)
PapersHuang, Wanling (McGill University):
A new, exact, distribution-function-based goodness-of-fit test for copulas
Medovikov, Ivan (University of Western Ontario):
Non-Parametric Copula-Based Test For Independence
Ning, Cathy (Qiao) (Ryerson University):
Modeling Asymmetric Volatility Clusters Using Copulas and High Frequency Data
DiscussantsHuang, Wanling (McGill University); Medovikov, Ivan (University of Western Ontario); Ning, Cathy (Qiao) (Ryerson University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 252
CPEG 8: Impacts of Tax Policy / CPEG 8: Les impacts des politiques de taxation
ChairJoanis, Marcelin (Université de Sherbrooke)
Papersde Lamirande, Patrick (Cape Breton University):
The impact of the Nova Scotia Capped Assessment Program on Equity and Fairness
Liu, Hu Ju (Statistics Canada):
Life-cycle Optimal Saving and Adequacy of Household Savings in Canada
Yang, Wei (McMaster University):
Are contributions of time and money substitutes or complements?
DiscussantsYang, Wei (McMaster University); Liu, Huju (University of Western Ontario)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011MRT 256
CREE Session 7: Resource and Environmental Economics Theory / Session CREE 7: Théorie de l'économie des ressources et de l'environnement
ChairInsley, Margaret (University of Waterloo)
PapersTatoutchoup, Francis Didier (York University):
Optimal Forestry Contracts with Interdependent Values
Mayer, Katarina (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies):
An Equilibrium Conflict Model of Land Use without Ownership Rights
Insley, Margaret (University of Waterloo):
On the timing of non-renewable resource extraction with environmental consequences
DiscussantsMoreno-Cruz, Juan B. (University of Calgary); Baksi, Soham (University of Winnipeg)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2011UCU AUD
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence - État des connaissances
ChairCorak, Miles (University of Ottawa)
SpeakerAcemoglu, Daron (MIT)
TopicBeliefs and Institutions

17:45-19:00Saturday, June 4, 2011UCU AUD
Presidential Address / Discours du président
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
SpeakerZinde-Walsh, Victoria (McGill University)
TopicMathematics in Economics and Econometrics

19:00-22:00Saturday, June 4, 2011Royal Oak
PEF Social (Basement, Royal Oak Pub, 161 Laurier Ave E) / Soirée PEF

19:00-21:00Saturday, June 4, 2011TBT 112
Reception / Réception
SponsorAnalysis Group and Pearson Canada

07:30-08:20Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 215
Lois Stevenson Book Discussion: Private Sector and Enterprise Development: Fostering growth in the Middle East and North Africa / Discussion du nouveau livre de Lois Stevenson
SponsorInternational Development Research Centre/Le Centre de recherches pour le developpement international
ChairRodriguez, Edgard R (International Development Research Centre - IDRC)

08:00-08:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX ATR
Coffee, Tea, Juices, Fruit, Pastries / Café, thé, jus, fruits, pâtisseries

08:30-08:50Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 147
The Stand-up Economist / L'humoriste économiste
SpeakerBauman, Yoram (University of Washington)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 133
European Monetary Policy and Banking / Politique monétaire européenne
ChairLombardi, Marco (European Central Bank)
PapersSekhposyan, Tatevik (Bank of Canada):
Taylor Rule and the Country Specific Stabilization Effects of the Euro Area Monetary Policy
Kouassi, Tchudjane (Université de Limoges):
Deposit Insurance, Moral hazard and Market discipline: Evidence from Central and Eastern European Banks
Rumler, Fabio (Austrian Central Bank (OeNB)):
The Impact of Macroeconomic and Economic Policy Developments on Bank Profitability
DiscussantsWan, Chi (Carleton University)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 135
MESA-EPRI 1: Barriers to Post-secondary Education and Interventions / Obstacles à l'éducation postsecondaire et interventions
ChairMichaud, Sylvie (Statistics Canada)
PapersFrenette, Marc (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
Does Advanced Academic Study Help Middle-Achieving High School Students? Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
Childs, Stephen (University of Ottawa):
It's Not Who You Are, but How You're Doing: a New Approach to Identifying Students at Risk of Dropping Out of PSE
Mueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge):
High School Student Characteristics, Barriers and Access to Post-Secondary Education in Canada: Evidence from the YITS
DiscussantsDooley, Martin D (McMaster University); Neill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University); Tremblay, Jennifer (HRSDC)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 136
Explaining International Differences in Economic Growth / Comprendre les différences internationales en croissance économique
ChairMohamed, Ghada (ECO-ENA)
PapersPriyo, Asad Karim Khan (University of Toronto):
Sector-Specific Capital, Labor Market Distortions and Cross-Country Income Differences: A Two-Sector General Equilibrium Approach
Mohamed, Ghada (ECO-ENA):
Population growth and transitional dynamics of Egypt Basic growth theories with perfect capital mobility
Huang, Zongye (McGill University):
Industrialization, Structural Transformation in an Open Economy
DiscussantsWong, Sara (Polytechnic University (ESPOL)); Huang, Zongye (McGill University); Mohamed, Ghada (ECO-ENA)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 137
Financial Economics / Économie financière
ChairHuang, Helen (University of Waterloo)
PapersShen, Yue (Queen's University):
Contagion of Fire Sale on Security-Trader Network
Muriu, Peter (University of Birmingham):
Microfinance Profitability: Does the financing structure matter?
Zhu, Hui (University of Calgary):
The New Game on Competitive Earnings News and Post-earnings-announcement Drift
DiscussantsO'Gorman, Melanie (University of Winnipeg); Gradojevic, Nikola (Lakehead University)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 232
HRSDC Session: Employment Equity / Séance RHDCC: Équité en emploi
OrganizerTu, Jiong (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada - Labour Program)
ChairBibi, Sami (Université Laval)
PapersBibi, Sami (Université Laval):
Estimating the Underutilization Cost of Aboriginal Peoples and Visible Minorities' Skills in Canada: Evidence from Census Data
Chatti, Rim (HRSDC):
A General equilibrium assessment of the economic costs of underutilization of Aboriginal Peoples and Visible Minorities' Skills in Canada
Javdani Haji, Mohsen (Simon Fraser University):
Glass Ceilings or Glass Doors? The Role of Firms in Male-Female Wage Disparity in Canada
DiscussantsYuksel, Mutlu (Dalhousie University); Bibi, Sami (Université Laval)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 316
CDESG: Economic Growth / CDESG: Croissance économique
ChairJackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersTombe, Trevor (University of Toronto):
The Missing Food Problem: How Low Agricultural Imports Contributes to International Income Differences
Aurangzeb, Zeb (University of Guelph):
Assessing the Impact of Natural Disasters on Economic Growth with an Application of Threshold Regression Approach
Samy, Yiagadeesen (Carleton University):
The Kuznets Hypothesis Revisited: De-Industrialization, Growth and Inequality in Brazil
DiscussantsRowlands, Dane (Carleton University); Samy, Yiagadeesen (Carleton University); Gondim Teixeira, Clarissa (International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth/UNDP)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 351
Bank of Canada Session: Empirics of Money and Payments / Séance Banque du Canada - Empiriques de la monnaie et des paiements
OrganizerShao, Enchuan (Bank of Canada)
ChairIrrcher, Tobias Simon (Bank of Canada)
PapersIrrcher, Tobias Simon (Bank of Canada):
Retail Payment Innovations and Cash Demand
Tkacz, Greg (Saint Francis Xavier University):
Cheques and Balances: Nowcasting Spending and Inflation Using Payments System Data
Sabetti, Leonard (Bank of Canada):
Will that be Cash, Debit, or Credit? How Canadians Pay
DiscussantsVoia, Marcel-Cristian (Carleton University); Jain, Monica (Queen's University); Xu, Pai (University of Hong Kong)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 359
CDESG: Health / CDESG: Santé
ChairLehrer, Kim (University of Oxford)
PapersMcKitrick, Ross (University of Guelph):
Household size threshold effects on malaria prevalence and probability of eradication
Agurto, Marcos (University of British Columbia):
Improved Stove Adoption, Firewood Consumption and Housewives' Health: Evidence from the Peruvian Andes
DiscussantsPaul, Sohini (National Council of Applied Economic Research); Blomqvist, Ake (Carleton University)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 361
Topics in International Economics / Sujets en économie internationale
ChairEngineer, Merwan (University of Victoria)
PapersQirjo, Dhimitri (The University of British Columbia):
Love of Variety and Immigration
Syropoulos, Constantinos (Drexel University):
Trade and Insecure Resources
Saavedra, Luz (University of St. Thomas):
Cross Country Spillovers in the Creation of Social Trust
DiscussantsSyropoulos, Constantinos (Drexel University); Engineer, Merwan (University of Victoria); Skogstad, Karl (Queen's University)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 401
Topics in Macroeconomics and Finance / Sujets en macroéconomie et finance
ChairMohsin, Mohammed (The University of Tennessee)
PapersKöberl, Eva (ETH Zurich):
Capacity Utilisation, Constraints and Price Adjustments under the Microscope
Some, Modeste (Université de Montréal):
A General Equilibrium Analysis of the Term Structure of Interest Rates
Zhao, Yan (Concordia University):
The volatility of consumption and output with increasing industralization

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 402
CIPO Session on the Administration of Intellectual Property Rights / CIPO: Gestion des droits de propriété intellectuelle
OrganizerNikzad, Rashid (Canadian Intellectual Property Office)
ChairNikzad, Rashid (Canadian Intellectual Property Office)
PapersNikzad, Rashid (Canadian Intellectual Property Office):
The Economic Impact of Joining the Madrid Protocol
Collette, Elias (Carleton University):
An empirical investigation into the use of extensions of time in the trade-mark opposition process
Neville, Marc (Canadian Intellectual Property Office):
SME Report: Findings from the Identification of SMEs in Patent Administrative Data

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 124
Health Economics 10 - Smoking / Économie de la santé 10 - Consommation de tabac
OrganizerDeCicca, Philip (McMaster University)
ChairDeCicca, Philip (McMaster University)
PapersLi, Cong (McMaster University):
Do higher cigarette taxes lead smokers to lose (self) control?
Warman, Casey (Queen's University):
Effects of Minimum Legal Drinking and Smoking Ages in Canada
Liu, Feng (Canadian Institute for Health Information):
Excise tax avoidance
DiscussantsWarman, Casey (Queen's University); Pierard, Emmanuelle (University of Waterloo); Lewis, Joshua (University of Toronto)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 215
International Trade and Investment / Commerce international et investissement
ChairWang, Shengzu (International Monetary Fund)
PapersHakobyan, Shushanik (University of Virginia):
Export Competitiveness of Developing Countries and US Trade Policy
Rutzer, Christian (University of Basel):
Country Risk, Productivity Dynamics and International Commerce
Su, Li (University of Oklahoma):
Total Factor Productivity, Foreign Direct Investment, and Entry Barriers in Chinese Automobile Industry
DiscussantsAdekunle, Bamidele (University of Guelph); Wang, Shengzu (International Monetary Fund); Xie, Yiqing (University of Colorado at Boulder)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 219
CSLS 4 : New Measures of Well-being for Canada / CSLS 4 : Nouvelles mesures de bien-être pour le Canada
ChairOsberg, Lars (Dalhousie University)
PapersHazell, Elspeth (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
Estimates of the Human Development Index for the Canadian Provinces, 2000-2010
Messinger, Hans (Statistics Canada):
An Overview of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing
Johnson, Erik (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
An Analysis of the Inequality of Happiness in Canada
DiscussantsMcCracken, Michael C (Informetricia Limited); Barrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University); Wolfson, Michael (University of Ottawa)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 223
Topics in Applied Microeconomics and Microeconometrics / Sujets en microéconomie et microéconométrie appliquées
ChairStengos, Thanasis (University of Guelph)
PapersDong, Yingying (California State Universtiy, Fullerton):
Jumpy or kinky? Regression discontinuity without the Discontinuity
Yuan, Jia (University of Macau):
Examining the Substitution Effect between Canadian Lottery Tickets: A Multidimensional Regression Discontinuity Approach
Ge, Houtian (University of Saskatchewan):
Grain Handling on the Prairies - Optimal Strategies for Preventing Wheat Handling Risks
DiscussantsYuan, Jia (University of Macau); Dong, Yingying (California State Universtiy, Fullerton)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 360
Topics in the Economics of Education and Labour / Sujets en économie de l'éducation et du travail
ChairLuong, May (Statistics Canada)
PapersHaeck, Catherine (University of Leuven):
Increased paid maternity leave and children's development measured at age five. An empirical analysis.
Chen, Ding (Xi'an Jiao Tong University):
Why We Should Keep One Eye on Neighbors --An Empirical Study of Chinese Regional Unemployment Rate
Cano Urbina, Javier (University of Western Ontario):
Understanding the role of the informal sector in the early career of low-educated workers
DiscussantsZhang, Xuelin (Statistics Canada); Bernard, Andre (Statistics Canada); Bonikowska, Aneta (Statistics Canada)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 390
International Macroeconomics: International Capital Markets / Macroéconomie internationale: Marchés des capitaux internationaux
ChairSchembri, Larry (Bank of Canada)
PapersAlexeev, Vitali (University of Tasmania):
A Mean-Variance Global Approach to Investing and Home Country Bias: 1988-2010.
Beltran, Daniel (Federal Reserve Board):
Foreign Official Holdings of U.S. Treasuries and U.S. Interest Rates: A Lens on the `Savings Glut'
Mukherjee, Sanchita (University of California, Santa Cruz):
The effects of capital market openness on exchange rate pass-through and welfare in an inflation targeting small open economy
DiscussantsArghyrou, Michael Georgiou (Cardiff University); Vasishtha, Garima (Bank of Canada); Dong, Wei (Bank of Canada)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011MRT 219
CMSG 8: Monetary Policy Shocks / GCEM 8: Chocs de politiques monétaires
ChairPeneva, Ekaterina (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)
PapersRuge-Murcia, Francisco J. (Université de Montréal):
Francis, Neville R. (University of North Carolina):
The Low-Frequency Impact of Daily Monetary Policy Shocks
Peneva, Ekaterina (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System):
Timing and Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks across Sectors

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011MRT 221
Inflation and Monetary Policy I / Inflation et politique monétaire I
ChairJamali, Ibrahim (American University of Beirut)
PapersKia, Amir (Utah Valley University):
Developing a Market-Based Monetary Policy Transparency Index: Evidence from United States
Taheri, Javid (Saint Mary's University):
Why Deflation is So Rare in Post-WWII Era? The Real Debt resistance Hypothesis
Kichian, Maral (Bank of Canada):
Real-Time and Forward-Looking Estimates of the Canadian Equilibrium Real Rate
DiscussantsJamali, Ibrahim (American University of Beirut)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011MRT 251
CESG 8: Portfolio Selection / CESG 8: Sélection de portefeuilles
ChairChu, Ba Manh (Carleton University)
PapersChu, Ba Manh (Carleton University):
Large Deviations Estimation of the Windfall and Shortfall Probabilities for Optimal Diversified Portfolios
Jia, Zhibo (University of Western Ontario):
A Numerical Analysis of the Properties of Optimal Portfolio under Inequality Constraints
Noumon, Neree (Université de Montréal):
Optimal Portfolio Selection using Regularization
DiscussantsChu, Ba Manh (Carleton University); Jia, Zhibo (University of Western Ontario); Nguyen, Chi M. (Indiana University)

09:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2011MRT 256
CREE Session 8: Issues in Applied Environmental and Resource Economics / Session CREE 8: Questions en économie appliquée de l'environnement et des ressources
ChairGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada)
PapersMoghadam, Arian (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania):
Impact analysis of the most common water disinfection practices in the Canadian drinking water systems
Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada):
Why Does the Cost of GHG Emission Abatements Differ Across Countries? An Illustration for Canada and the US
Mirza, Bilal (United Nations University-MERIT):
Energy Poverty or Energy Prosperity: Vice-Versa Effect Measurement of Household Income and Energy Poverty
DiscussantsZhu, Yunfa (University of Manitoba); Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia); Chan, Kelvin Ka Yin (Industry Canada)

10:30-11:00Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX ATR
Coffee Break / Pause café

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 133
PEF 7: Measuring the Credit Union Difference: The Economic Consequences of Credit Unions / PEF 7: Les conséquences économiques des coopératives de crédit
OrganizerPigeon, Marc Andre J (Credit Union Central of Canada)
ChairKearns, Ashley (Carleton University)
PapersHammond Ketilson, Lou (University of Saskatchewan):
Measuring the Impact of Credit Unions on Wealth Building in Communities
Kalmi, Panu (Aalto University School of Economics):
Organizational Structure and Performance in European Banks: A Reassessment
Smith, David (Pepperdine University):
The Resiliency of Credit Unions During Economic Crises
Pigeon, Marc Andre J (Credit Union Central of Canada):
Weathering the Storm: Canadian Credit Union Performance Before, During and After the GFC

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 135
MESA-EPRI Session: Issues in Access to Post-Secondary Education / MESA-EPRI: Questions sur l'accès aux études postsecondaires
ChairVermaeten, Frank (HRSDC)
PapersSweetman, Arthur (McMaster University):
STEM Students: Access to and Persistence through Post-Secondary Education
Finnie, Ross (University of Ottawa):
Participation in Post-Secondary Education: Towards a New Behaviouralist Model
Liu, Xingfei (Concordia University):
Educational Attainment of Second-generation Immigrants: A Comparison between U.S. and Canada
DiscussantsMurray, T. Scott (DataAngel Policy Research); Busby, Colin (C.D. Howe Institute); Sweetman, Arthur (McMaster University)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 136
Innovation and Economic Growth / Innovation et croissance économique
ChairYan, Beiling (Statistics Canada)
PapersCai, Jie (University of New South Wales):
Knowledge Linkages and Multi-sector Firm Innovations
Milionis, Petros (University of Groningen):
Innovation-Based Growth & Long-Run Economic Development
Li, Xiaofeng (University of Guelph):
Productivity Analysis Using Statistics Canada's KLEMS data to Estimate Dynamic Factor Demand Equations
DiscussantsSen Choudhury, Eesha (McGill University); Rosell, Carlos (Finance Canada); Yan, Beiling (Statistics Canada)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 137
Information in Financial Markets / L'information dans les marchés financiers
ChairGradojevic, Nikola (Lakehead University)
PapersHuang, Helen (University of Waterloo):
Private Inside Information and Two-Stage Market Making: A Simple Model
Tchana Tchana, Fulbert (Ministere des Finances du Québec):
The Implications of VaR and Short-Sell Restrictions on the Portfolio Manager Performance
Gradojevic, Nikola (Lakehead University):
Reducing uncertainty in technical trading with fuzzy logic: 'Fuzzy technical indicators'
DiscussantsMirza, Afrasiab (Queen's University); Shen, Yue (Queen's University); Morin, Lealand (Queen's University)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 147
Canadian Economics Association Invited Lecture / Conférence invitée de l'Association canadienne d'économique
SponsorCanadian Public Policy/Analyse de Politiques
ChairEmery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary)
SpeakerMintz, Jack (University of Calgary)
TopicThe GST After Twenty Years

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 227
Labour: Immigration and Labour Market Decisions II / Économie du travail: Immigration et marché du travail II
ChairHunt, Jennifer (McGill University)
PapersGrady, Patrick (Global Economics Ltd):
The Poor Performance of Recent Immigrants in the Labour Market and Immigration Policy
Yuksel, Mutlu (Dalhousie University):
Age at Migration, Adult Height and Socioeconomic Outcomes
Aydede, Yigit (Saint Mary's University):
Effects of Immigration on Inter-Regional Population Flows in Canada: An Economic Approach
DiscussantsCoulombe, Serge (University of Ottawa); Nadeau, Serge (University of Ottawa); Beach, Charles M. (Queen's University)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 232
HRSDC Session: Employment and Labour Productivity in Canada / RHDCC - Emplois et productivité de la main-d'oeuvre au Canada
OrganizerTu, Jiong (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada - Labour Program)
ChairTu, Jiong (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada - Labour Program)
PapersTu, Jiong (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada - Labour Program):
The Impact of Business Climate on Employment Equity Outcomes
Reza, Sadat (HRSDC):
Labour Management Relations Practices and Labour Productivity in Canada
Lai, Tat-kei (University of Toronto):
The Impact of Competition on Training Provision: Evidence from Canada
DiscussantsLai, Tat-kei (University of Toronto); Yang, Wei (McMaster University); Javdani Haji, Mohsen (Simon Fraser University)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 316
CDESG: Human Capital / CDESG: Capital humain
ChairLehrer, Kim (University of Oxford)
PapersLehrer, Kim (University of Oxford):
Learning by Doing: Skills and Jobs in Urban Ghana
Estevan, Fernanda (University of Ottawa):
Conditional cash transfers and education quality
Xue, Dong (University of Western Ontario):
Education and Off-farm Activities in Rural China
DiscussantsSolati, Fariba (University of Manitoba); Ksoll, Christopher (University of Oxford); Wang, Shun (University of British Columbia)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 351
International Business Cycles / Cycles économiques internationaux
ChairWan, Chi (Carleton University)
PapersMohsin, Mohammed (The University of Tennessee):
Durable Goods, Interest Rates and Small Open Economy Business Cycles
Rhee, Jay Hyuk Jae (University of Windsor):
Optimal Monetary policy in a Small Open Economy with Staggered Wage and Price Contracts
Jamali, Ibrahim (American University of Beirut):
The Response of Stock Market Volatility to Monetary Policy Shocks
DiscussantsLiu, Xuan (East Carolina University); Rhee, Jay Hyuk Jae (University of Windsor)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 359
CDESG: Political Economy III / CDESG: Économie Politique III
ChairAmegashie, J. Atsu (University of Guelph)
PapersAmegashie, J. Atsu (University of Guelph):
Cultures of Silence: Customers' Reports and Corruption
Jackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Ethnic Diversity and Assessed Government Effectiveness
Paul, Sohini (National Council of Applied Economic Research):
Impact of political reservation on women empowerment: Evidence from fertility choice by women from Indian villages
DiscussantsJackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University); Amegashie, J. Atsu (University of Guelph); Goertz, Johanna (University of Guelph)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 361
Industrial Organization 8: Industry Studies 2 / Organisation industrielle 8: Études industrielles 2
ChairDubrovinsky, Mati (University of Winnipeg)
PapersShangari, Varun (University of Ottawa):
Broadband Growth and its Determinants in OECD Countries
Sidthidet, Taweewan (McGill University):
Competition and Mergers in Banking under Credit Risk
Mann, Janelle (Queen's University):
Do Wholesale and Retail Gasoline Prices Respond Asymmetrically to the Price of Crude Oil? - The North American Experience
DiscussantsMann, Janelle (Queen's University); Dubrovinsky, Mati (University of Winnipeg); Almon, Michael-John (Industry Canada)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011FTX 401
Topics in Applied Macroeconometrics / Sujets en macroéconomie appliquée
ChairFrancis, Neville R. (University of North Carolina)
PapersEmara, Noha (Barnard College, Columbia University):
Bayesian Estimation of the Welfare Effects of Inflation Volatility And Institutions in a Monetary Small Open Economy
Luitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University College):
Temporal Aggregation and Unit Root Property: An Examination of US State Tax Revenue Data
Owyang, Michael (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis):
An Endogenous Clustered Factor Approach to International Business Cycles
DiscussantsDanforth, Jeff (Parliamentary Budget Office)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 124
Health Economics 11 - Equity / Économie de la santé 11 - Questions d'équité
ChairWorswick, Christopher (Carleton University)
PapersWolfson, Michael (University of Ottawa):
A Two Dimensional Income-Mortality Gradient, Is Health Made or Bought?
Apouey, Benedicte (University of South Florida):
The Age-Profile in the Relationship Between Family Income and Child Health: Evidence From the UK
Barrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University):
Economic inequality and subjective well-being
DiscussantsStewart, Jennifer (Carleton University); Woolley, Frances (Carleton University); Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 215
International Trade: Foreign Direct Investment / Commerce international: Investissement étranger direct
ChairWang, Shengzu (International Monetary Fund)
PapersJeong, Yujin (HEC Montréal):
Does Foreign Investment Carry Baggage from Home?
Xie, Yiqing (University of Colorado at Boulder):
Exporting, Licensing, FDI and Productivity Choice: Evidence from Chilean Data
Wang, Shengzu (International Monetary Fund):
Strategic FDI Policies and Cross-border Mergers
DiscussantsHericourt, Jerome (University of Lille 1); Basso, Leonardo (Universidad de Chile); Su, Li (University of Oklahoma)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 219
Topics in Public Economics / Sujets en économie publique
ChairKoka, Katerina (Brock University)
PapersNeymotin, Florence (Kansas State University):
Community Matters: How the Volunteering of Others Affects One's Likelihood of Engaging in Volunteer Work
Kalamov, Zarko Yordanov (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg):
Tax Competition, Risk Sharing and Financing Decisions of Firms
Klimina, Anna (University of Saskatchewan):
Institutionalist alternative to the growth of a neoliberal state in authoritarian transition: the case of Russia

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 360
Economic Growth and the Environment / La croissance économique et l'environment
ChairCherniwchan, Jevan (University of Calgary)
PapersSadeghzadeh, Javad (York University):
Environmental Policy, Industry Productivity, and Competition
Doda, Lider Baran (University of Toronto):
Macroeconomics of Climate Change with Endogenous Energy Efficiency
Cherniwchan, Jevan (University of Calgary):
Economic Growth, Industrialization and the Environment
DiscussantsDoda, Lider Baran (University of Toronto); Sadeghzadeh, Javad (York University); Morgan, Dylan (University of Ottawa)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011LMX 390
International Macroeconomics: Pricing Behaviour: Distance and Pass Through Effects / Macroéconomie internationale: Effets de distance et de répercussion sur la détermination des prix
ChairSchembri, Larry (Bank of Canada)
PapersCao, Shutao (Bank of Canada):
Price Adjustment and Exchange Rate Pass-through: Insights from Producer Price micro data
Kano, Takashi (University of Tokyo):
Exaggerated Death of Distance: Revisiting Distance Effects on Regional Price Dispersions
Smith, Gregor (Queen's University):
How Wide Was the Ocean? U.S. and Swedish Commodity Price Dispersion from 1732 to 1860
DiscussantsRiera-Crichton, Daniel (Bates College); Pang, Ke (Wilfrid Laurier University); Nitsch, Volker (Technische Universität Darmstadt)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011MRT 219
CMSG 9: Technology Shocks / GCEM 9: Chocs technologiques
ChairBocola, Luigi (University of Pennsylvania)
PapersVukotic, Marija (Banque de France):
A Sectoral Approach to News Shocks
Bocola, Luigi (University of Pennsylvania):
Identifying Technology Shocks in Models with Heterogeneous Inputs

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011MRT 221
Inflation and Monetary Policy II / Inflation et politique monétaire II
ChairKia, Amir (Utah Valley University)
PapersCateau, Gino (Bank of Canada):
Financial imbalances, learning, and credibility of the inflation target
Jain, Monica (Queen's University):
Conservatism in Inflation Forecasts
Sarker, Subrata (Bank of Canada):
Limited Asset Market Participation and Optimal Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy
DiscussantsKia, Amir (Utah Valley University); Mahmoudi, Babak (Queen's University)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011MRT 251
CESG 9: Financial Econometrics II / CESG 9: Économétrie financière II
ChairKalnina, Ilze (Université de Montréal)
PapersKalnina, Ilze (Université de Montréal):
High Frequency Data and Time Variation in Betas
Nguyen, Chi M. (Indiana University):
Time-changed residual based specification tests for asset pricing models in continous time
Stevens, Jason (Cape Breton University):
Testing futures market efficiency with a time-varying price of uncertainty: an application to crude oil
DiscussantsKalnina, Ilze (Université de Montréal); Okou, Cedric (HEC Montréal); Shang, Hua (Concordia University)

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011MRT 252
Macroeconomics and Health / Macroéconomie et santé
ChairDunbar, Geoff (Simon Fraser University)
PapersZhao, Kai (University of Western Ontario):
Social Security and the Rise in Health Spending: A Macroeconomic Analysis
Phelan, Gregory (Yale University):
Labor Allocation and Productivity: Consequences of the 2010 Health Insurance Reform
Dunbar, Geoff (Simon Fraser University):
Parents, The Pill and Property or, The Rise of the Two-Working-Parent Family

11:00-12:30Sunday, June 5, 2011MRT 256
CREE Session 9: Trade and the Environment / Session CREE 9: Commerce et environnement
ChairSiddiqui, Muhammad Shahid (Environment Canada)
PapersMessinger, Hans (Statistics Canada):
The Impact of Imports on the Carbon Footprint of Canadian Consumers
Siddiqui, Muhammad Shahid (Environment Canada):
Embedded Emission in International Trade: Regional Dimensions
Song, Yang (University of Calgary):
To share or not to share information: an economic comparison of oil exploration policies between Canada and US
DiscussantsSong, Yang (University of Calgary); Goyette, Jonathan (Université de Sherbrooke)

12:30-13:30Sunday, June 5, 2011DMS 3105
CEA Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ACE
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)

13:30-15:30Sunday, June 5, 2011DMS 3105
CEA Executive Council Meeting 2 / Réunion du conseil exécutif de l'ACE 2
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)


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