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Conference Highlights

Presidential Address: Mike Veall (McMaster University), Top Income Shares in Canada: Recent Trends and Why They Might Matter

Purvis Luncheon Speaker: John Y. Campbell (Harvard University), Mortgage Market Design

CWEN Luncheon Speaker: Siwan Anderson (University of British Columbia), Legal Origins and HIV/AIDS

Innis Lecture: Christian Gouriéroux (University of Toronto and INSEE), Systemic Risk

Canadian Public Policy Lecture: Wayne Simpson (University of Manitoba) 

State of the Art Lectures:

  • Janet Currie (Princeton University)
  • Jean-Marie Dufour (McGill University)
  • Daniel P. Kessler (Stanford Law School)
  • David Martimort (Paris School of Economics)
  • Philip J. Reny (University of Chicago)

Bank of Canada Lecture: Michael Devereux (University of British Columbia), Real Exchange Rate Adjustment in Europe: the Role of the Eurozone

Industry Canada Lecture: Chad Syverson (University of Chicago), What Determines Productivity?

CEBERG Invited Lecture: Yan Chen (University of Michigan)


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