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Travel Grants

This page contains information about financial assistance for travel to the 46th annual meeting of the CEA, to be held at the University of Calgary, June 8-10, 2012.
The Canadian Economics Association, with the financial support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, provides travel assistance to a limited number of participants in the annual meetings of the Canadian Economics Association. Please note that CEA travel grants only cover part of the cost of travel to the meetings, and successful applicants should still expect to incur some additional travel costs. Grant recipients are expected to attend the 3 days of the conference.
The number of travel grants given will depend upon the level of funding that the CEA receives from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. SSHRC funds, and hence the number of travel grants available, will not be confirmed until April, 2012.
The following criteria are used to determine who will receive travel grants:

  • Grants will only be given to individuals who are current (2012) members of the Canadian Economics Association.
  • Grants will only be given to individuals who are presenting a paper or participating in a poster session at the CEA meetings. (Please submit your grant application before you the deadline, March 15, which may be before you find out if your paper has been accepted.)
  • Priority is given to Canadian applicants.  Canadians studying or affiliated with a university outside of Canada may apply. The CEA will not consider applications from non-Canadians affiliated with a university outside of Canada.
  • Priority is given first to graduate students and second to faculty at institutions outside Canada's large urban centres (e.g. UNBC, MUN, U Winnipeg).
  • Priority is given to those who have no other source of funds to finance travel to the CEA meetings.
  • Previous travel grant award recipients receive lower funding priority.

To apply for funds, please complete the application form that can be downloaded below. If you are sending the application electronically, ask your supervisor to fill out the section "To be completed by supervisor" and have him/her e-mail the completed application directly to office@economics.ca. Alternatively, fax a hard copy of the form with your supervisor's signature to 514-987-8494 (attention Steve Ambler. The application deadline is March 15, 2012.

Successful applicants will be notified mid-April by e-mail. Be sure to provide complete, accurate and legible e-mail addresses!
If you have any questions, contact Anne Motte at office@economics.ca.


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