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Participant Directory

Shown below are only paid-up registered conference participants. Participant types are R for regular CEA member; S for student CEA member; N for non-members, and V for V.I.P. guests. This page is updated daily.

#Name (Affiliation) Web
1.ab Iorwerth, Aled (Council of Canadian Academies) 
2.Abbritti, Mirko (Universidad de Navarra) 
3.Abdel Razek, Noha (University of Alberta)
4.Abdelfattah, Noha (University of Victoria) 
5.Abdullah, Shahnaz (Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts) 
6.Abraham, Cally (unaffiliated) 
7.Acharya, Ram (Industry Canada) 
8.Adea, Donald (Finance Canada) 
9.Afshar, Kaveh (University of Ottawa) 
10.Aghakazemjourabbaf, Sara (University of Waterloo) 
11.Agopsowicz, Andrew (University of Western Ontario) 
12.Ahking, Francis (University of Connecticut) 
13.Ahmadi, Pooyan Amir (Goethe University) 
14.Aizcorbe, Ana (Bureau of Economics Analysis) 
15.Akbari, Syed Ather H (Saint Mary's University)
16.Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University)
17.Akram, Tanweer (ING Investment Management) 
18.Alam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University) 
19.Albouy, David (University of Michigan)
20.Aleem, Abdul (Dalhousie University) 
21.Alessandrini, Diana (University of Guelph) 
22.Alexander, Patrick (Queen's University) 
23.Alexeev, Vitali (University of Tasmania)
24.Alexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
25.Ali, Md Kamar (University of Lethbridge) 
26.Allaire, Laurence (CIRANO) 
27.Alpanda, Sami (Bank of Canada) 
28.Alvarez-Cuadrado, Francisco (McGill University)
29.Ambler, Steven (Université du Québec à Montréal)
30.Amegashie, J. Atsu (University of Guelph) 
31.Amery, Behnoush (University of Waterloo) 
32.Anagnostopoulos, Alexis (Stony Brook University) 
33.Anand, Kartik (Bank of Canada) 
34.Anderson, Barry (Solte Consulting) 
35.Andrew, Kevin (Queen's University) 
36.Ang, Joshua Ping (University of Connecticut) 
37.Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)
38.Appau, Adriana B (University of Lethbridge) 
39.Aragon-Sanchez, Fernando (Simon Fraser University)
40.Arbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor) 
41.Arestoff, Florence (Paris Dauphine) 
42.Arif, Faisal (Industry Canada) 
43.Arifovic, Jasmina (Simon Fraser University)
44.Armstrong, Alex (Queen's University) 
45.Arvin, Mak (Trent University)
46.Arzaghi, Mohammad (National Bureau of Economic Research) 
47.Atallah, Gamal (University of Ottawa)
48.Atallah, Samer (McGill University) 
49.Au, Mei Sze (University of Toronto) 
50.Au Yong, Ke Xian (University of Western Ontario) 
51.Aubry, Jean-Pierre (CIRANO) 
52.Avillez, Ricardo (CSLS) 
53.Ayadi, Mohamed (University Of Tunis) 
54.Ayas, Charles (Concordia) 
55.Aydede, Yigit (Saint Mary's University) 
56.Aysun, Uluc (University of Central Florida) 
57.Bahadir, Berrak (University of Georgia) 
58.Baker, Michael (University of Toronto)
59.Baldwin, Andy (Andrew Baldwin Consultants) 
60.Baldwin, Noel (Council of Ministers of Education) 
61.Banerjee, Anindya (University of Birmingham) 
62.Baragar, Fletcher (University of Manitoba) 
63.Baran, Michael (GEPSD Economic Consulting Inc.) 
64.Baranskyy, Andriy (Simon Fraser University) 
65.Barattieri, Alessandro (Université du Québec à Montréal)
66.Barbiero, Thomas P. (Ryerson University)
67.Barnett, Richard (Drexel University) 
68.Barrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University)
69.Barry, Scholnick (University of Alberta)
70.Barthold, Douglas (McGill University) 
71.Bas, Maria (CEPII -PSE) 
72.Basak, Rishi (Federal Government) 
73.Basiri, Kiana (HEC Montréal) 
74.Bastani, Parisa (University of Cambridge) 
75.Basu, Bharati (Central Michigan University) 
76.Bataille, Christopher (Navius Research Inc.)
77.Batool, Syeda (University of Paris-1) 
78.Batu, Michael (University of Guelph)
79.Baumeister, Christiane (Bank of Canada)
80.Bayard, Justin (Government of Canada) 
81.Bazarkulova, Dana (University of Manitoba) 
82.Beaudry, Catherine (École Polytechique de Montréal) 
83.Beaudry, Paul (University of British Columbia)
84.Beaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
85.Bechara, Peggy (Rwi) 
86.Beland, Louis-Philippe (Université de Montréal) 
87.Bell, Andrew (Gouvernment of Canada) 
88.Belley, Philippe (Kansas State University) 
89.Bellou, Andriana (Université de Montréal)
90.Ben Yahmed, Sarra (Sciences Po and Aix-Marseille University) 
91.Bento, Pedro (University of Toronto) 
92.Berg, Claudia (The George Washington University) 
93.Bergevin, Philippe (C.D. Howe Institute) 
94.Berkok, Ugurhan (Royal Military College)
95.Bessey, Donata (Yonsei University) 
96.Beyene, Lulit Mitik (Institute for Economic and Social Development Research) 
97.Bezu, Sosina (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) 
98.Bhattacharjee, Shampa (University of British Columbia) 
99.Bibow, Joerg (Skidmore College) 
100.Bidisha, Sayema Haque (University of Dhaka) 
101.Black, Sandra (University of Texas at Austin) 
102.Block, Juan (Washington University in St. Louis) 
103.Bloom, Nicholas A (Stanford University) 
104.Blouin, Arthur (University of Warwick) 
105.Blouin, Max (Université du Québec à Montréal)
106.Boadway, Robin W. (Queen's University)
107.Boisvert, David (Metis National Council) 
108.Boodoo, Muhammad Umar (University of Toronto) 
109.Boothe, Paul (Western University) 
110.Bouaddi, Mohammed (The American University in Cairo) 
111.Bouakez, Hafedh (HEC Montréal)
112.Bouchard St-Amant, Pier-André (Queen's University)
113.Boudarbat, Brahim (Université de Montréal)
114.Boudribila, Youssef (Hrsdc) 
115.Boulatoff, Catherine (Dalhousie University)
116.Bourgain, Arnaud (University of Luxembourg) 
117.Bowlus, Audra J (University of Western Ontario)
118.Boyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
119.Brazill, Alexander (unaffiliated) 
120.Brencic, Vera (University of Alberta)
121.Bright, Robert (University of Guelph) 
122.Brochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa)
123.Brodeur, Abel (Paris School of Economics)
124.Brolley, Michael (University of Toronto)
125.Brou, Daniel (The University of Western Ontario) 
126.Brouillette, Dany (Industry Canada) 
127.Brown, Laura (University of Manitoba)
128.Brown, Mark (Statistics Canada) 
129.Bruneau, Gabriel (Banque du Canada) 
130.Buckley, Neil J. (York University)
131.Burbidge, John (University of Waterloo)
132.Burda, Martin (University of Toronto) 
133.Burton, Peter S (Dalhousie University)
134.Button, Patrick (University of California, Irvine) 
135.Bérubé, Charles (Industry Canada) 
136.Cacciatore, Matteo (HEC Montréal) 
137.Cadsby, Bram (University of Guelph) 
138.Cai, Wenbiao (University of Winnipeg) 
139.Cairns, Robert D (McGill University)
140.Cajner, Tomaz (Federal Reserve Board) 
141.Caldwell, Laura (unaffiliated) 
142.Cameron, Trudy Ann (University of Oregon) 
143.Cao, Shutao (Bank of Canada) 
144.Capeluck, Evan (Centre for the Study of Living Standards) 
145.Carmody, Chi (University of Western Ontario) 
146.Carrasco, Marine (Université de Montréal)
147.Castro, Rui (Université de Montréal)
148.Cato, Susumu (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
149.Cette, Gilbert (Banque de France) 
150.Chaigneau, Pierre (HEC Montreal) 
151.Champagne, Julien (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
152.Chan, Alan (Crandall University) 
153.Chan, Jeff (University of Toronto) 
154.Chan, Ping Ching Winnie (Statistics Canada) 
155.Chandidas, Karan (unaffiliated) 
156.Chandler, Vincent Robert Gaudet (Queen's University) 
157.Chapman, James (Bank of Canada) 
158.Charbonneau, Karyne B (Princeton University) 
159.Chateau, John peter (University of Macau) 
160.Chatterjee, Debipriya (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) 
161.Chausse, Pierre (University of Waterloo)
162.Chen, Haiyun (Simon Fraser University)
163.Chen, Heng (Bank of Canada) 
164.Chen, Kelly (Digonex Technologies, Inc.) 
165.Chen, Liang (University of Calgary) 
166.Chen, Uniko (Yi-Jian) (University of Michigan) 
167.Chen, Yu (University of Waterloo) 
168.Chernoff, Alex (Queen's University) 
169.Childs, Jason (University of Regina) 
170.Childs, Stephen (University of Ottawa)
171.Cho, Jaehan (Arizona State University) 
172.Choub Faha, Christophe Péguy (Université Laval) 
173.Chowdhury, Adib (Industry Canada) 
174.Chowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of Manitoba) 
175.Chung, Jennifer (unaffiliated) 
176.Ci, Wen (Carleton University) 
177.Cirera, Xavier (Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex) 
178.Civettini, Sofia (unaffiliated) 
179.Cleveland, Gordon (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
180.Cociuba, Simona (University of Western Ontario)
181.Cockburn, John (Université Laval) 
182.Coleman, Simeon (Nottingham Trent University) 
183.Collette, Elias (Canadian Intellectual Property Office) 
184.Colonescu, Constantin (Grant MacEwan University) 
185.Conley, Timothy G. (University of Western Ontario)
186.Connolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
187.Cortes, Guido Matias (University of Manchester)
188.Cosac, Teodora (Industry Canada) 
189.Costa, Samia (University of St. Gallen) 
190.Costantini, Orsola (Università di Pavia/ University of Ottawa) 
191.Courty, Pascal (University of Victoria) 
192.Couture, Lydia (Statistics Canada) 
193.Couturier, Eve-Lyne (Iris) 
194.Craig, Andrea (Queen's University) 
195.Cremieux, Pierre (Analysis Group) 
196.Crisan, Daria (The School of Public Policy) 
197.Croutzet, Alexandre (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
198.Crémieux, Pierre-Yves (UQAM, Groupe d'analyse) 
199.Cuff, Katherine L (McMaster University)
200.Curry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
201.Curtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)
202.Cyrus, Teresa (Dalhousie University)
203.Côté, Denise (Bank of Canada) 
204.Dabbous, Amal (Concordia University) 
205.Dahlby, Bev (University of Calgary) 
206.Dai, Tiantian (Renmin University of China) 
207.Daley, Angela (Dalhousie University) 
208.Damas de Matos, Ana (HEC Montréal) 
209.Dammert, Ana (Carleton University)
210.Danese, Giuseppe (Simon Fraser University) 
211.Dang, Vinh Quoc Trieu (University of Macau) 
212.Dao, Minh (Eastern Illinois University) 
213.Darku, Alexander Bilson (University of Lethbridge)
214.Das, Anupam (Mount Royal University)
215.Das, Pranay Kumar (University of Manitoba) 
216.Das, Sonali (International Monetary Fund) 
217.Das Gupta, Amlan (University of British Columbia) 
218.Dastranj Tabrizi, Rogayeh (Simon Fraser University) 
219.Dauphin, Anyck (Université du Québec en Outaousais) 
220.Davaa, Tseveenbolor (unaffiliated) 
221.Davidoff, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
222.Davidson, Russell (McGill University) Bettignies, Jean-Etienne (Queen's University) Lamirande, Patrick (Cape Breton University) Neeve, Eileen (Institut Thomas More Institute) 
226.Dean, Jeff (BC NDP Official Opposition) 
227.DeCicca, Philip (McMaster University)
228.DeClou, Lindsay (McMaster University) 
229.Degan, Arianna (Université du Québec à Montréal)
230.del Castillo, Alvaro (Ontario Ministry of Finance) 
231.Delacroix, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal)
232.Dell'Erba, Salvatore (International Monetary Fund) 
233.Demers Guérard, Julien (Université de Montréal) 
234.Deng, Hugh (Carleton University) 
235.Deri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa)
236.Deslauriers, Pierre-Luc (Ministere des finances) 
237.Dessy, Sylvain (Université Laval)
238.Devlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa)
239.Dhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto) 
240.Dibadj, Reza (University of San Francisco and University of California Berkeley) 
241.Diewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia)
242.Diez de los Rios, Antonio (Bank of Canada) 
243.Dimand, Robert W. (Brock University) 
244.Ding, Hong (University of Ottawa) 
245.Ding, Weili (Queen's University)
246.Dionne, Georges (HEC Montréal) 
247.Dixon, Jay (Industrie Canada) 
248.Djigbenou, Marie-Louise (Banque de France / University Montesquieu of Bordeaux) 
249.Dmitriev, Mikhail (Boston College) 
250.Doda, Lider Baran (London School of Economics) 
251.Doko Tchatoka, Firmin Sabro (University of Tasmania) 
252.Domfe, George (University of Ghana) 
253.Dong, Xiao Yuan (University of Winnipeg)
254.Dong, Xue (University of Western Ontario) 
255.Dong, Yingying (University of California Irvine) 
256.Dorval, Bill (Queen's University) 
257.Dostie, Benoit (HEC Montréal)
258.Douch, Mohamed (Royal Military College)
259.Dovonon, Prosper (Concordia University) 
260.Duclos, Jean-Yves (Université Laval)
261.Dudley, Leonard (Université de Montréal)
262.Dufour, Mathieu (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
263.Duhaime-Ross, Alix (University of British Columbia) 
264.Dunbar, Geoff (Simon Fraser University) 
265.Dusha, Elton (University of Toronto) 
266.Dörr, Annabelle (Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg) 
267.Echevin, Damien (Université de Sherbrooke) 
268.Eid, Jean (Wilfrid Laurier University)
269.Emery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary)
270.Entezarkheir, Mahdiyeh (Huron University College)
271.Epstein, Brendan (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System) 
272.Erutku, Can (York University) 
273.Essaji, Azim (Wilfrid Laurier University)
274.Essid, Badye Omar (AMF) 
275.Estevan, Fernanda (University of Ottawa)
276.Eswaran, Mukesh (University of British Columbia)
277.Fallis, George (York University) 
278.Falvo, Nick (Carleton University) 
279.Fang, Tony (University of Manitoba) 
280.Farvaque, Etienne (Université du Havre) 
281.Feir, Donna Leanne (University of British Columbia)
282.Fellows, Garret Kent (University of Calgary) 
283.Felt, Marie-Hélène (Carleton University) 
284.Feng, Felix Zhiyu (Duke University) 
285.Ferede, Ergete (Grant MacEwan University) 
286.Fieldhouse, David (University of Western Ontario) 
287.Filimonova, Mariya (Queen's University) 
288.Finnie, Ross (University of Ottawa) 
289.Fissuh, Eyob (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) 
290.Fleury, Dominique (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada) 
291.Flueckiger, Matthias (University of Basel) 
292.Flynn, Robert (University of Ottawa) 
293.Fofana, Mory Fodé (Industry Canada, Government of Canada) 
294.Fong, Francis (TD Bank) 
295.Fonseca, Raquel (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
296.Fontaine, Jean-Sebastien (Banque du Canada)
297.Forand, Jean Guillaume (University of Waterloo)
298.Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation) 
299.Foroni, Claudia Sabina (Norges Bank) 
300.Forsdyke, Ruth (Dalhousie University)
301.Fortin, Bernard (Université Laval)
302.Fortin, Myriam (Government of Canada) 
303.Fortin, Nicole M. (University of British Columbia)
304.Fortin, Sarah (Canadian Research Data Centre Network / Réseau canadien des Centres de données de recherche) 
305.Foster, Barbara (Industry Canada) 
306.Franceschi, Francesco (University of Waterloo) 
307.Francetich, Alejandro (Stanford) 
308.Frenette, Marc (Statistics Canada) 
309.Fryer, Roland (Harvard University) 
310.Fu, Chunling (Simon Fraser University) 
311.Fuchs, Andreas (Princeton University) 
312.Fujita, Shigeru (unaffiliated) 
313.Fuller, David (Concordia University)
314.Fuller, Sylvia (University of British Columbia) 
315.Fung, Loretta (National Tsing Hua University) 
316.Furukawa, Yuichi (Chukyo University)
317.Gaetz, Stephen (York University) 
318.Gagnon, Jean-Marie (Université Laval) 
319.Galbraith, John W (McGill University)
320.Galiana, Isabel Marie (McGill University) 
321.Galindo Silva, Hector (Université de Montréal) 
322.Galletta, Sergio (University of Lugano) 
323.Galvani, Valentina (University of Alberta)
324.Garon, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
325.Garriott, Corey (Bank of Canada) 
326.Gaudet, Céo (Environment Canada) 
327.Gauthier, James (Library of Parliament) 
328.Gauvin-Coulombe, Raphaelle (University of Ottawa) 
329.Ge, Zhizhuang (Arizona State University) 
330.Georgiev, Cvet (unaffiliated) 
331.Gertz, Aaron (University of Western Ontario) 
332.Ghazalian, Pascal (University of Lethbridge) 
333.Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada) 
334.Gibbs, Christopher (University of Oregon) 
335.Gillezeau, Robert (University of Michigan / Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition)
336.Giovannetti, Emanuele (Anglia Ruskin University) 
337.Goensch, Iris (University of Giessen) 
338.Goetz, Daniel (Princeton University) 
339.Gonzalez, Patrick (Université Laval) 
340.Gonzalez-Navarro, Marco (University of Toronto) 
341.Gonçalves, Silvia (Université de Montréal)
342.Gordon, Stephen (Université Laval)
343.Gottschalk, Peter (Boston College) 
344.Goyette, Jonathan (Université de Sherbrooke) 
345.Graham, Leigh-Anne (Pearson Canada) 
346.Grand-Maison, Etienne (Centre for the Study of Living Standards) 
347.Grasselli, Matheus (McMaster University) 
348.Gravelines, Laurie (Government of the Northwest Territories) 
349.Gray, David M. (University of Ottawa)
350.Green, Christopher (McGill University)
351.Green, David (University of British Columbia)
352.Gregoire, Philippe (Université Laval) 
353.Grekou, Douwere (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation) 
354.Grimard, Franque (McGill University)
355.Grogan, Louise (University of Guelph) 
356.Gross, Dominique (Simon Fraser University) 
357.Gross, Till (Carleton University) 
358.Grover, David (London School of Economics) 
359.Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada) 
360.Guerin, Adrian (Environment Canada) 
361.Guertin, Michelle (Government of Canada) 
362.Gugl, Elisabeth (University of Victoria)
363.Guidara, Alaa (Laval University) 
364.Guigou, Jean-Daniel (Université du Luxembourg) 
365.Guliani, Harminder (University of Regina) 
366.Gunderson, Morley K. (University of Toronto)
367.Gungor, Sermin (Bank of Canada) 
368.Guo, Jang-Ting (University of California, Riverside) 
369.Gurzo, Krisztina (University of Regina) 
370.Guy, Faucher (Emploi Québec) 
371.Guérin, Pierre (Bank of Canada) 
372.Habib, Ahsan (Adrian College) 
373.Haeck, Catherine (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
374.Haghiri, Morteza (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
375.Hajizadeh, Mohammad (McGill University) 
376.Hakobyan, Shushanik (Middlebury College)
377.Halaburda, Hanna (Bank of Canada) 
378.Hallward-Driemeier, Mary (World Bank) 
379.Harrington, Joseph (University of Pennsylvania) 
380.Hartwick, John M (Queen's University)
381.Harvey, Pierre-Antoine (Centrale des syndicats du Québec) 
382.Hayat, Zafar (Massey University) 
383.Head, C. Keith (University of British Columbia)
384.Heffernan, Ian (University of Calgary) 
385.Heger, Dörte (Queen's University) 
386.Held, Brian (University of Western Ontario) 
387.Helliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia)
388.Hendricks, Lutz (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
389.Hermanutz, Derek (Environment Canada) 
390.Herreno, Juan (Inter-American Development Bank) 
391.Hicks, Chantal (Statistics Canada) 
392.Hinton, Michael (Minerva's Owl Consulting Economists) 
393.Ho, Anson (Kansas State University)
394.Hoddenbagh, Jonathan (Boston College) 
395.Hodgson, Douglas (Université du Québec à Montréal)
396.Holmes, Gordon (McMaster University)
397.Holmes, Hannah (McMaster University)
398.Hong, Bei (National university of Singapore) 
399.Horan, Sean (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
400.Hou, Lei (Capital University of Economics and Business, P.R.China) 
401.Hounyo, Koomla Ulrich (Université de Montréal) 
402.Housseini, Bouba (Université Laval) 
403.Hovhannisyan, Nune (University of Colorado Denver) 
404.Hu, Chen (Department of National Defence) 
405.Huang, Ce (William) (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics) 
406.Huang, Haifang (University of Alberta)
407.Huang, Wanling (University of Texas - Pan American)
408.Huang, YuFan (University of Washington) 
409.Hughes, James (Graham Boeckh Foundation) 
410.Hughes, Patrick (Competition Bureau/Industry Canada) 
411.Hui, Shek-wai (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation) 
412.Huynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
413.Ihori, Toshihiro (University of Tokyo) 
414.Imbeau, Edouard (unaffiliated) 
415.Imbert-Boyd, Gabriel (Bank of Canada) 
416.Imura, Yuko (Bank of Canada) 
417.Irvine, Ian (Concordia University) 
418.Islam, Khan (University of Manitoba) 
419.Islam, Shahidul (Grant Macewan University) 
420.Istiak, Khandokar (University of Calgary) 
421.Ivanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) 
422.Ivus, Olena (Queen's Univ) 
423.Jackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University)
424.Jain, Monica (Bank of Canada) 
425.Jales, Hugo (University of British Columbia) 
426.Jamali, Ibrahim (American University of Beirut) 
427.Janmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus) 
428.Jarry, Marjolaine (Copyright Board of Canada) 
429.Jayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology) 
430.Ji, Yutong (Industry Canada) 
431.Jia, Nan (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics) 
432.Jia (George), Ye (University of Prince Edward Island)
433.Jiang, Janet Hua (Bank of Canada)
434.Jin, Jianjian (Bank of Canada) 
435.Jo, Soojin (Bank of Canada) 
436.Joe, St. Lawrence (Government of Canada) 
437.Jones, Stephen R. G. (McMaster University)
438.Jorge, Jose (Fundação Universidade Porto) 
439.Joulfaian, David (US Department of Treasury) 
440.Ju, Heng (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) 
441.Kabaca, Serdar (University of British Columbia) 
442.Kabukcuoglu, Zeynep (University of Pittsburgh) 
443.Kadilli, Anjeza (University of Geneva) 
444.Kadiyala, Krishna (Algoma University) 
445.Kakeu, Johnson (Georgia Institute of Technology) 
446.Kamata, Isao (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 
447.Kang, Byunguk (McGill University) 
448.Kanji, Madhu (unaffiliated) 
449.Kapoor, Sacha (University of Toronto) 
450.Karakacili, Eona (Western University) 
451.Karasik, Leonid (University of Toronto) 
452.Karnizova, Lilia (University of Ottawa)
453.Karstanje, Dennis (Erasmus University Rotterdam) 
454.Kashefi, Mohammad Ali (Bielefeld)
455.Kayahan, Cevat Burc (Acadia University) 
456.Kaymak, Baris (Université de Montréal) 
457.Keay, Ian (Queen's University)
458.Keller, Cameron (Mental Health Commission of Canada) 
459.Kelly, Declan (Centre for International Governance Innovation) 
460.Kelly, Ryan (Industry Canada) 
461.Kesselman, Jonathan (Simon Fraser University Vancouver) 
462.Keutiben Njopmouo, Octave (Glendon College, York University) 
463.Khalaf, Lynda (Carleton University)
464.Khalil, Umair (University of Rochester) 
465.Khan, Md. Syeed-Uz-Zaman (University of Manitoba) 
466.Khazri, Afifa (Royal Military College) 
467.Khoury, Nabil (Université Laval) 
468.Kia, Amir (Utah Valley University) 
469.Kijek, Rick (National Research Council) 
470.Kilolo, Jean-marc Malambwe (École Polytechnique) 
471.Kim, Duk Gyoo (Cornell University) 
472.Kim, Jin Woong (University of Ottawa) 
473.Kim, Jun Sung (Cornell University) 
474.Kim, Sang-Hyun (Michigan State University) 
475.Kim, Soobin (Michigan State University) 
476.Kimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University)
477.Kimou, Assi Jose Carlos (University of Cocody-Abidjan, Fulbright visiting scholar University of South Florida) 
478.Kirkegaard, Rene (University of Guelph)
479.Kishor, N. Kundan (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) 
480.Kivinen, Steven (Queen's University) 
481.Klein, Kurt (University of Lethbridge)
482.Kneeland, Terri (University of British Columbia) 
483.Koka, Katerina (Brock University) 
484.Kong, Weiyang (Dalhousie University) 
485.Kontonikas, Alexandros (University of Glasgow) 
486.Kooi, Donna (unaffiliated) 
487.Kopoin, Alexandre (Université Laval) 
488.Koreshkova, Tatyana (Concordia University) 
489.Kormilitsina, Anna (Southern Methodist University)
490.Kortava, Ekaterina (University of Glasgow) 
491.Kostyshyna, Olena (Bank of Canada) 
492.Kottelenberg, Michael (Queen's University) 
493.Kredler, Matthias (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) 
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