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Preliminary Conference Program

CLSRN Registration / Inscription du RCCMTC

CLSRN 1: Returns to Education and Skills / Rendements en éducation et compétences
ChairDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
PapersKyui, Natalia (Bank of Canada):
Expansion of Higher Education, Employment and Wages: Evidence from the Russian Transition
Summerfield, Fraser (University of Guelph):
Education, Skill and Human Capital Mismatch in the Labour Market
Seki, Mai (Bank of Canada):
Heterogeneous Returns to College Selectivity and the Value of Graduate Degree Attainment

CDESG Sessions at McGill University, Leacock 927 (9th floor) / Séances du GCEDE à l'Université McGill
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PapersDammert, Ana (Carleton University):
Preventing Dengue through Mobile Phones: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Peru
Ksoll, Christopher (University of Ottawa):
Guns and Roses: Flower Exports and Electoral Violence in Kenya

CLSRN 2: Personnel Economics / Économie du personnel
ChairLange, Fabian (McGill University)
PapersLehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University):
The Impact of Social Networks on Labour Market Outcomes: New Evidence from Cape Breton
Pohl, Vincent (Queen's University):
Efficiency Wages and Their Mechanisms: Empirical Evidence
Siow, Aloysius (University of Toronto):
Becker Meets Ricardo: Multisector Matching with Social and Cognitive Skills

CDESG Sessions at McGill University, Leacock 927 (9th floor) / Séances du GCEDE à l'Université McGill, Leacock 927 (9th floor)
ChairJackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersGonzalez-Navarro, Marco (University of Toronto):
Certified to migrate: Property rights and migration in rural Mexico
Aragon-Sanchez, Fernando (Simon Fraser University):
Modern Industries, Pollution, and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from Mining in Ghana
Rosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University):
Unintended Consequences of Women's Inheritance Rights on Female Mortality in India

CLSRN 3: Child Development/Benefits / Développement des enfants
ChairPhipps, Shelley A (Dalhousie University)
PapersDing, Weili (Queen's University):
Did parenting practices respond to the introduction of universal childcare?
Gottschalk, Peter (Boston College):
The Impact of a Mother's Decision to Work on the Development of a Child's Human Capital
Schirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Income Effects of a Demogrant: the Universal Child Care Benefit and the Labour Supply of Canadians

CLSRN 4: Special Topics / Sujets spéciaux
ChairMorissette, Rene (Statistics Canada)
PapersBeland, Louis-Philippe (Université de Montréal):
The Effect of High School Shootings on Schools and Student Performance
Fuller, Sylvia (University of British Columbia):
Career pathways for temporary workers: Exploring heterogeneous mobility dynamics with sequence analysis
Gray, David M. (University of Ottawa):
The Receipt of Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) Status Among Canadian Seniors - Incidence and Dynamics

CEA Executive Council Meeting 1 / Réunion du conseil exécutif de l'ACE 1
ChairDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)

CDESG Research Exchange Panel at McGill University, Leacock 927 (9th floor) / GCEDE: Panel d'échange sur la recherche à l'Université McGill, Leacock 927 (9th floor)
PanelistsEscobal, Javier (GRADE)
Gasparini, Leornardo (CEDLAS and University of La Plata)
Grimard, Franque (McGill University)

CWEN Cocktail Hour: Welcome to All! / L'apéro du RFÉ: Benelux, 245 rue Sherbrooke ouest
OrganizersCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)
Deri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa)

CLSRN Keynote Address / Conférence invitée du RCCMTC
ChairPhipps, Shelley A (Dalhousie University)
SpeakerLundberg, Shelly (University of California, Santa Barbara)
TopicEducational Inequality

Coffee and muffins / Café et muffins

State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairLange, Fabian (McGill University)
SpeakerMas, Alexandre (Princeton University)
TopicLabor Markets in the Aftermath of the Great Recession

Empirical Analysis of Auctions / Analyse empirique des enchères
ChairXu, Pai (University of Hong Kong)
PapersCoviello, Decio (HEC Montréal):
The Role of Publicity Requirements on Entry and Auctions Outcomes
Conley, Timothy G. (University of Western Ontario):
Detecting Bidders Groups in Collusive Auctions
Xu, Pai (University of Hong Kong):
On the Asymptotic Distribution of the Transaction Price in a Clock Model of a Multi-Unit, Oral, Ascending-Price Auction within the Common-Value Paradigm

Firm-Level Productivity Network 1: Management and Skill / Réseau sur la productivité des entreprises 1: Gouvernance et compétence
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
Chairab Iorwerth, Aled (Council of Canadian Academies)
PapersDixon, Jay (Industrie Canada):
High Growth Firms in Canada
Brouillette, Dany (Industry Canada):
Management Practices, Competition and the Performance of Enterprises in Canada
Veall, Michael (McMaster University):
Is there Evidence of ICT Skill Shortages in Canadian Taxfiler Data?
DiscussantsVeall, Michael (McMaster University); Sabetti, Leonard (George Mason University); Sharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)

CDESG: Poverty / Pauvreté
ChairSamy, Yiagadeesen (Carleton University)
PapersDuclos, Jean-Yves (Université Laval):
Multidimensional poverty targeting
Domfe, George (University of Ghana):
Determinants of Working Poverty among Informal Sector Workers in the MiDA Intervention Zone in Ghana
Motiram, Sripad (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research):
Unemployment Spells, Poverty and Growth: Evidence from India

CDESG: Health / Santé
ChairChemin, Matthieu (McGill University)
PapersMilazzo, Annamaria (Bocconi University):
Why Are Adult Women Missing? Son Preference and Maternal Survival in India
Bhattacharjee, Shampa (University of British Columbia):
Political Cycles and Child Mortality: Evidence from State Assembly Elections in India
Brodeur, Abel (Paris School of Economics):
The Remnants of War: Sex Industry in Thailand

Business Cycle Shocks / Chocs et cycles économiques
ChairZubairy, Sarah (Bank of Canada)
PapersDorval, Bill (Queen's University):
Measuring the contribution of anticipated shocks to the business cycles using the three-equation New Keynesian model
Sola, Sergio (International Monetary Fund):
Macroeconomic uncertainty and the effectiveness of monetary policy
Zubairy, Sarah (Bank of Canada):
Propagation Mechanisms for Government Spending Shocks: A Bayesian Comparison
Baumeister, Christiane (Bank of Canada):
What Central Bankers Need to Know About Forecasting Oil Prices

CEBERG 1: Environmental Policy and Regulation / Politiques environnementales et réglementation
ChairBuckley, Neil J. (York University)
PapersBuckley, Neil J. (York University):
Intensity Targets Versus Cap-and-trade: Emissions Trading Markets with Volatile Output Demand
Mozumder, Pallab (Florida International University):
Pollution Tax, Health Insurance and Information: A Policy Experiment for Promoting Energy Efficiency
Childs, Jason (University of Regina):
The Costs of Second Generation Rent Control : An Experimental Investigation
DiscussantsChatterjee, Chiradip (Florida International University); Childs, Jason (University of Regina); Buckley, Neil J. (York University)

Risk in Capital Markets / Risques dans les marchés de capitaux
ChairDas, Sonali (International Monetary Fund)
PapersSufana, Razvan (York University):
An extension to the generalized forecast error variance decomposition with application to volatility transmission among US sector indexes
Das, Sonali (International Monetary Fund):
The Effect of Leverage on Asset Sales between Financial Institutions: Deal Level Evidence
Kadilli, Anjeza (University of Geneva):
A Regime Switching Approach for the Predictability of Financial Market Returns and the 2007-2009 Global Financial Crisis
Zhou, Xiaozhou (HEC Montreal):
Liquidity-adjusted intraday Value at Risk modeling and risk management: an application to data from Deutsche Börse

Oil Shocks / Chocs pétroliers
ChairMoran, Kevin (Université Laval)
PapersKarnizova, Lilia (University of Ottawa):
The transmission of oil price shocks in a multi-sector economy
Jo, Soojin (Bank of Canada):
The effects of oil price uncertainty on global real economic activity
Metoiole Some, Dommèbèiwin Juste (Université de Montréal):
Oil Shocks in a Small-Open Oil-Exporting Economy
Moran, Kevin (Université Laval):
Learning About Future Oil Prices

CPEG I: Political Economy and Accountability / Économie politique et responsabilité
ChairBurbidge, John (University of Waterloo)
PapersRaiha, Davin (Stanford University):
Durable Policy, Electoral Accountability, and Active Waste
Marina, Dodlova (University Paris Ouest Nanterre):
Political Accountability and Real Authority of Government Bureaucracy
Kim, Jin Woong (University of Ottawa):
The Political Economy of Equalization Payments in a Fiscal Federalism
Sengupta, Bodhisattva (Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati):
Endogenous leadership in a federal country
DiscussantsBarnett, Richard (Drexel University); Arbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor); Garon, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal); Burbidge, John (University of Waterloo)

Health Behaviors / Comportements en santé
ChairPierard, Emmanuelle (University of Waterloo)
PapersWarman, Casey (Dalhousie University):
Unintended Consequences of Government Health Regulation: Evidence from Canada's Bicycle Helmet Laws
Sarma, Sisira K (The University of Western Ontario):
The Effect of Leisure-time Physical Activity on Obesity, Diabetes, High BP and Heart Disease among Canadians: Evidence from 2000/01 to 2005/06
DiscussantsRybczynski, Kathleen (University of Waterloo); Pierard, Emmanuelle (University of Waterloo)

CMSG Session: Allocation of Talent and Productivity / Allocation du talent et productivité
ChairCastro, Rui (Université de Montréal)
PapersKaymak, Baris (Université de Montréal):
Allocation of Schooling and US Economic Growth
Ranasinghe, Ashantha (University of Manitoba):
Property Rights, Extortion and the Misallocation of Talent
Castro, Rui (Université de Montréal):
Occupational Choice, Human Capital, and Financing Constraints

Credit Markets / Marchés du crédit
ChairReza, Abeer (Carleton University)
PapersYepez, Carlos (University of Manitoba):
Financial Cycles and Labor Productivity over the Business Cycle
Reza, Abeer (Carleton University):
Search Frictions, Bank Leverage, and Gross Loan Flows

Gravity in International Trade / Modèles gravitationnels en commerce international
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersVezina, Pierre-Louis (University of Oxford):
There goes gravity: How eBay reduces trade costs
Yotov, Yoto (Drexel University):
Gravity, Scale and Exchange Rates
Cyrus, Teresa (Dalhousie University):
How Does Culture Affect Trade?
DiscussantsYotov, Yoto (Drexel University); Vezina, Pierre-Louis (University of Oxford); Brown, Mark (Statistics Canada)

Trade networks and Multinationals / Réseaux commerciaux et multinationales
ChairLiu, Michelle (University of Toronto)
PapersMatschke, Xenia (Universität Trier):
U.S. multinationals and preferential market access
Liu, Michelle (University of Toronto):
Scope and Quality in International Networks
Naghavi, Alireza (University of Bologna):
Intellectual Property Rights, Product Complexity, and the Organization of Multinational Firms
DiscussantsLiu, Michelle (University of Toronto); Naghavi, Alireza (University of Bologna); Matschke, Xenia (Universität Trier)

Cooperation, conformity, networks / Coopération, conformisme et réseaux
ChairAu Yong, Ke Xian (University of Western Ontario)
PapersChen, Haiyun (Simon Fraser University):
Cooperation, Competition, and Linguistic Diversity
Dastranj Tabrizi, Rogayeh (Simon Fraser University):
Economics of Crime Networks
Lee, Jonathan (Queen's University):
Social Contagion as an Incentive to Share
Nica, Melania (London School of Economics):
Conformity and Separation of Careerist Experts
DiscussantsNica, Melania (London School of Economics); Lee, Jonathan (Queen's University); Dastranj Tabrizi, Rogayeh (Simon Fraser University); Chen, Haiyun (Simon Fraser University)

Advances in Corporate Finance / Percées en finance des corporations
ChairEntezarkheir, Mahdiyeh (Huron University College)
PapersFeng, Felix Zhiyu (Duke University):
Paying Executive Bonuses During Financial Crises: Optimal Dynamic Contracts under Limited Commitment
Sarkar, Sudipto (McMaster University):
Optimal Price Cap under Price-Cap Regulation
Entezarkheir, Mahdiyeh (Huron University College):
Market Value, Mergers, and Market Share: Evidence from a Panel of US Firms

CESG Session: Regularization / Séance CESG: Régularisation
ChairCarrasco, Marine (Université de Montréal)
PapersChausse, Pierre (University of Waterloo):
Assessing the inter-generation mobility - a functional data regression approach
Shin, Youngki (University of Western Ontario):
The Lasso for High-Dimensional Regression with a Possible Change-Point
Tchuente Nguembu, Guy (Université de Montréal):
Inference with many weak instruments using regularization techniques
DiscussantsTchuente Nguembu, Guy (Université de Montréal); Carrasco, Marine (Université de Montréal); Chausse, Pierre (University of Waterloo)

CWEN Executive Breakfast (By invitation only) / Déjeuner du conseil exécutif du RFÉ (sur invitation)
ChairFortin, Nicole M. (University of British Columbia)

PEF 1: Will the Eurozone Remain Locked in a Permanent Crisis or Are There Viable Long-Term Solutions? / Le destin de la zone Euro: crise permanente ou solutions à l'horizon?
OrganizerSeccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa)
ChairLavoie, Marc (University of Ottawa)
PapersBibow, Joerg (Skidmore College):
Resolving the euro crisis
Costantini, Orsola (Università di Pavia/ University of Ottawa):
When the Crisis becomes the Norm: a Comparison between Canada and Three Countries of the Eurozone
Sawyer, Malcolm (University of Leeds):
Developing alternative economic policies for the Economic and Monetary Union
Seccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa):
Reuniting Money and the State: Why the ECB has evolved from a Lender of Last Resort to a Fiscal Authority of Last Resort and why this Institutional Evolution is not enough

Amenities and Housing Prices / Prix et caractéristiques des logements
ChairReynaud, Julien (Imf)
PapersAlbouy, David (University of Michigan):
Urban Quantities and Amenities
Ntantamis, Christos (Mount Allison University, and CREATES):
Bull and Bear Markets in Canadian Housing Prices
Reynaud, Julien (Imf):
Gauging Excess Supply of Housing in Canada

Promotion and Status / Promotion et statut
ChairAmery, Behnoush (University of Waterloo)
PapersAmery, Behnoush (University of Waterloo):
The Relationship between Education and Job Allocations in the Workplace
Fissuh, Eyob (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada):
Gender Differences in Promotion: An Empirical Analysis Based Linked Workplace and Employee Data
DiscussantsFissuh, Eyob (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada); Belley, Philippe (Kansas State University)

Labour: Firm Behaviour / Économie du travail: Comportement des entreprises
ChairVilhuber, Lars (Cornell University)
PapersCette, Gilbert (Banque de France):
Labour Relations Quality and Productivity: An Empirical Analysis on French Firms
Batool, Syeda (University of Paris-1):
Non Random Sorting and Size-Wage gap in French Establishments
Ghazalian, Pascal (University of Lethbridge):
Female Labour Force Participation in MENA's Manufacturing Sector: The Implications of Firm-related and National Factors
DiscussantsVilhuber, Lars (Cornell University); Cette, Gilbert (Banque de France); Ural-Marchand, Beyza (University of Alberta)

CREE Session: Environment Economics - Theory / Séance CREE: Économie de l'environnement (théorie)
ChairNimubona, Alain-Désiré (University of Waterloo)
PapersNimubona, Alain-Désiré (University of Waterloo):
Search for Abatement Technologies
Séguin, Charles (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Non-linear differential games with Skiba points
DiscussantsGoyette, Jonathan (Université de Sherbrooke); Kakeu, Johnson (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Determinants of success in post-secondary education / Facteurs de succès en éducation postsecondaire
ChairMcGee, Andrew (Simon Fraser University)
PapersChandler, Vincent Robert Gaudet (Queen's University):
Funding to Graduate Students: Its Impact and Allocation. Evidence from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council.
Smith, Jeffrey A (University of Michigan):
Gender and the STEM Trajectory
Milla, Joniada (University of Guelph):
Tertiary Education Choices as Response to New Unexpected Information
DiscussantsMcGee, Andrew (Simon Fraser University); Smith, Justin (Wilfrid Laurier University); Lehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University)

Labour: Children / Économie du travail : enfants
ChairAlvarez-Cuadrado, Francisco (McGill University)
PapersLefebvre, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The impact of a universal low-fee childcare program on the distribution of income and expenditures within the family: A natural experiment from Canada
Dunbar, Geoff (Simon Fraser University):
Collective Households, Children and Teachers' Strikes
Milligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia):
Sex Differences in the Production of Human Capital in Young Children
DiscussantsDunbar, Geoff (Simon Fraser University); Turner, Laura (University of Toronto); Zahedi, Razieh (University of Calgary)

Coffee Break / Pause-café

IRPP Session: Canada's Labour Market in the Upcoming Decade: Prospects and Policy Issues / Séance IRPP : Le marché du travail canadien dans la prochaine décennie : perspectives et défis politiques
ChairGreen, David (University of British Columbia)
PanelistsHalliwell, Cliff (formerly HRSDC)
Sweetman, Arthur (McMaster University)
Antunes, Pedro (Conference Board of Canada)

CDESG: Political Economy 1 / Économie politique 1
ChairDao, Minh (Eastern Illinois University)
PapersKumar, Alok (University of Victoria):
Foreign Aid, Incentives and Efficiency: Can Foreign Aid Lead to the Efficient Level of Investment?
Morgan, Horatio (Ryerson University):
The Political Economy of Trade-Financial Liberalization and Financial Underdevelopment: A perspective from China
Jackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Trust and Vulnerability

CDESG: Conflict / Conflits
ChairLaszlo, Sonia (McGill University)
PapersLehrer, Kim (University of Oxford):
Returning Home: Post-Conflict Livelihoods in Northern Uganda
Heffernan, Ian (University of Calgary):
Conflict, Redistribution and Repression
Majumdar, Sumon (Queen's University):
Walk the Line: Conflict, State Capacity and the Political Dynamics of Reform

CWEN Session I - Health and Welfare of Children / Séance du RFÉ I: Santé et bien-être des enfants
ChairDeri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa)
PapersGuliani, Harminder (University of Regina):
Area variations in the utilization of prenatal diagnostic imaging by the type of provider: Evidence from Canada
Chen, Kelly (Digonex Technologies, Inc.):
Child Health and Parental Paid Work

CEBERG 2: Common Pool and Renewable Resources / CEBERG 2: Ressources renouvelables communes
ChairSchott, Stephan (Carleton University)
PapersTasneem, Dina (McGill University):
An Experimental Study of Exploitation of a Renewable Resource in Continuous Time
Weninger, Quinn (Iowa State University):
Overconfidence and economic performance: Evidence from the last true hunters
Schott, Stephan (Carleton University):
Coalition formation with endowment constraints in limited access CPR environments
DiscussantsSchott, Stephan (Carleton University); Tasneem, Dina (McGill University); Weninger, Quinn (Iowa State University)

Experiments and Behaviour / Comportements et expérimentations
ChairCourty, Pascal (University of Victoria)
PapersMichaud, Pierre-Carl (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Health Club Attendance, Expectations and Self-Control
Lopera Baena, Maria Adelaida (Université Laval):
Causal effects of fatigue and rest on workers' productivity: Evidence from the field
McGee, Andrew (Simon Fraser University):
Whoever you want me to be: Personality and Incentives

CIFAR Session: Happiness / Séance de l'ICRA: Le bonheur
OrganizerHelliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia)
ChairFortin, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersBarrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University):
Quiet Happiness Revolution Continues
Wang, Shun (KDI School of Public Policy and Management):
World Happiness: Trends, Differences and Explanations
Huang, Haifang (University of Alberta):
Comparing the Happiness Effects of Real and On-line Friends

CPEG II: Empirical Effects of Taxation / Effets empiriques de la fiscalité
ChairIrvine, Ian (Concordia University)
PapersWitte, Stefan (Saarland University):
Effects of the 2009 Scrappage Premium on German Households' Consumption Patterns
Echevin, Damien (Université de Sherbrooke):
Wealth Tax Experiments in France
Joulfaian, David (US Department of Treasury):
Household Debt and Capital Gains Taxation
Munroe, David (Columbia University):
Mansion Tax: The Effect of Transfer Taxes on the Residential Real Estate Market
DiscussantsMarr, Christa (Clark University); Raiha, Davin (Stanford University); Bérubé, Charles (Industry Canada); Sen, Anindya (University of Waterloo)

Bank of Canada Session: Topics in Business Cycles / Séance de la Banque du Canada sur les cycles économiques
ChairZubairy, Sarah (Bank of Canada)
PapersBahadir, Berrak (University of Georgia):
Housing Market Dynamics with Delays in the Construction Sector
Alpanda, Sami (Bank of Canada):
Housing and Fiscal Policy
Aysun, Uluc (University of Central Florida):
Bank size and macroeconomic shock transmission
Oh, Jiyoon (Korea Development Institute):
The Cyclicality of Firm Size Distribution and Its Effect on Aggregate Fluctuations
DiscussantsTakamura, Tamon (Bank of Canada); Kumar, Gitanjali (Bank of Canada); Terajima, Yaz (Bank of Canada); Zubairy, Sarah (Bank of Canada)

Chinese Economist Society / Société des économistes chinois
OrganizerFang, Tony (University of Manitoba)
PapersShen, Kailing (Xiamen University):
Paperless Tigers: Do Urban Chinese Employers Prefer Temporary Migrants?
Zhang, Jipeng B. (Nanyang Technological University):
A Field Experiment on Prosocial Behavior with Hierarchy Leadership
Fang, Tony (University of Manitoba):
Globalization, Unions and Labor Demand Elasticity in China

Healthcare Provision / L'offre des soins de santé
ChairStrumpf, Erin (McGill University)
PapersTrandafir, Mircea (Universite de Sherbrooke):
Returns to childbirth technologies: Evidence from preterm births
Wang, Chao (Sara) (McMaster University):
Mandatory Universal Drug Plan, Access to Health Care and Health: Evidence from Quebec
Strumpf, Erin (McGill University):
The Impact of Integrated Primary Care on Health Care Services Utilization and Costs: Quebec's Family Medicine Groups

CMSG Session: International Trade / Commerce international
ChairRamanarayanan, Ananth (University of Western Ontario)
PapersImura, Yuko (Bank of Canada):
Endogenous Trade Participation with Incomplete Exchange Rate Pass-Through
Ramanarayanan, Ananth (University of Western Ontario):
Imported Inputs and the Gains from Trade

Empirical Analysis of Monetary Policy / Analyse empirique de la politique monétaire
ChairKia, Amir (Utah Valley University)
PapersWeber, Sebastian (International Monetary Fund):
Assessing the Determinants of Interest Rate Transmission Through Conditional Impulse Response Functions
Hayat, Zafar (Massey University):
The Pros and Cons of a Discretionary Monetary Policy Strategy: An empirical Assessment
Huang, YuFan (University of Washington):
Aiming Low or Reacting Strong? Time-varying Policy Targets and Regime-Switching Coefficients in U.S. Monetary Policy Reaction Function
Kia, Amir (Utah Valley University):
The Impact of Monetary policy Transparency on Risk and Volatility of Interest Rates: Evidence from the United States

Schooling and Wage Inequality / Éducation et écarts de salaires
ChairChampagne, Julien (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersHendricks, Lutz (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill):
Accounting for the Evolution of U.S. Wage Inequality
Alessandrini, Diana (University of Guelph):
On the cyclicality of schooling decisions: the role of education policies
Champagne, Julien (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Reconciling the divergence in aggregate U.S. wage series

CETC Session: Contract Theory / Théorie des contrats
ChairPongou, Roland (University of Ottawa)
PapersKirkegaard, Rene (University of Guelph):
Local Incentive Compatibility in Moral Hazard Problems: A Unifying Approach
Blouin, Max (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Socially Optimal Law Enforcement
DiscussantsMartinez-Gorricho, Silvia (University of Alicante); Chatterjee, Debipriya (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Capital Markets Development / Développement des marchés des capitaux
ChairNgakosso, Antoine (Université Marien Ngouabi)
PapersNgakosso, Antoine (Université Marien Ngouabi):
Communication et rendement fiscal
Ndo Ndong, Jean-Sylvain (Universit� Omar Bongo):
Risque de crédit et réglementation prudentielle, cas du Gabon

CESG Session: Short Presentations / Séance CESG: Présentations courtes
ChairThompson, Brennan (Ryerson University)
PapersKang, Byunguk (McGill University):
Reverse regressions and distribution of test statistics in univariate and multivariate models
Liang, Xin (McGill University):
Necessary and sufficient conditions for identification in a simultaneous equation system
Lin, Zhenjiang (Carleton University):
Statistical Test Inversion and Numerical Projections with Particle Swarm Optimization
Saunders, Charles (Carleton University):
Dynamic Panel with MIDAS Covariates: Estimation and Fit
Haghani, Sherry (York University):
Modeling Hedge Fund Lifetimes: A Dependent competing Risks Framework with Latent Exit Types

PEF 2: The Political Economy of Financial Markets in the Wake of Global Financial Crisis / L'économie politique des marchés financiers au lendemain de la crise financière mondiale
OrganizerYoung, Kevin L (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
ChairDufour, Mathieu (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
PapersMcKeen-Edwards, Heather (Bishop's University):
Reducing systemic risk? : Assessing efforts to identify and regulate systemically important financial institutions
Young, Kevin L (University of Massachusetts Amherst):
Is Financial Sector Lobbying Unique? Evidence from an Evolving Interest Ecology?
Pigeon, Marc Andre J (Carleton University):
Basel and Me: Members and the Coop Perspective On Regulatory Reform of Financial Services
Leblond, Patrick (University of Ottawa):
The Discipline of Bond Markets in the Euro Area: Too Much, Too Late?

Urban Economics 1 / Économie urbaine 1
ChairDavidoff, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
PapersIslam, Shahidul (Grant Macewan University):
Impact of LRT and Social Crime on House Prices in Edmonton
Simpson, Wayne Douglas (University of Manitoba):
Banking Relocation and the Inner City
Magesan, Arvind (University of Calgary):
Paging Inspector Sands: The Costs of Public Information

CSLS-CD Howe: Aboriginal Labour Market and Education Issues / Enjeux sur le marché du travail et en éducation chez les Autochtones
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
Richards, John (Simon Fraser University)
ChairRainer, Chris (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada)
PapersCapeluck, Evan (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
Labour Market Prospects for the Metis in the Canadian Mining Sector
Richards, John (Simon Fraser University):
Assessing the Role of Provincial Education Systems and Reserve `Non-Systems' in Interprovincial Variation in Aboriginal Student Performance
Anderson, Barry (Solte Consulting):
First Nations Education in British Columbia Are There Lessons for the Rest of Canada?
DiscussantsBoisvert, David (Metis National Council); Wall, John (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada); Drummond, Don (Queen's University); Thompson, Karihwakeron Tim (Assembly of First Nations)

CREE Session: Energy Issues / Séance CREE: Enjeux dans le domaine de l'énergie
ChairMoshiri, Saeed (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersImbert-Boyd, Gabriel (Bank of Canada):
An Analysis of the Determinants of North American Natural Gas Prices
Lombardi, Marco (Bank for International Settlements):
Monetary policy and the oil futures market
Parsons, Mark D (Alberta Treasury Board and Finance):
Pipeline constraints, oil price differentials, and the Canadian economy
DiscussantsZhu, Yunfa (Environment Canada); Gertz, Aaron (University of Western Ontario); Stevens, Jason (University of Prince Edward Island)

Primary school enrolment: determinants and outcomes / Inscription au primaire: déterminants et résultats
ChairBelley, Philippe (Kansas State University)
PapersDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto):
The Long-Run Effects of Early Childhood Maturity on Fertility and Marital Outcomes
Eid, Jean (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Full day versus half day kindergarten: longer run effects on test scores
Ouili, Idrissa (Université de Montréal):
Censored Probit with Sample Selection:Application to the impact of number of siblings on child schooling
DiscussantsMilligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia); Brodeur, Abel (Paris School of Economics); Belley, Philippe (Kansas State University)

Inequality / Inégalité
ChairCortes, Guido Matias (University of Manchester)
PapersNorris, Sam (Harvard University):
Consumption Inequality in Canada, 1997-2011
Robinson, Chris (University of Western Ontario):
Different Paths? Human Capital prices, Wages and Inequality in Canada and the US
Alvarez-Cuadrado, Francisco (McGill University):
Income Inequality and Saving

CWEN Luncheon Lecture and AGM / Diner-Conférence du RFÉ et Assemblée générale
SponsorCanadian Research Data Centre Network/Réseau canadien des Centres de données de recherche
OrganizerFortin, Nicole M. (University of British Columbia)
ChairCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)
SpeakerBlack, Sandra (University of Texas at Austin)
TopicThe Other Side of the Glass Ceiling: The Effect of Women at the Top

State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairPerron, Benoit (Université de Montréal)
SpeakerNg, Serena (Columbia University)
TopicPredicting Recessions

CNEH 1: Accounting and Trade / Comptabilité et commerce
ChairKarakacili, Eona (Western University)
PapersMcWatters, Cheryl Susan (University of Ottawa):
Refreshing and reframing accounting's double-entry `controversy': accounting as cognitive artefact
Lewis, Frank D. (Queen's University):
The National Policy and Canadian Manufacturing Productivity, 1870 - 1913
Minns, Chris (London School of Economics):
Poverty and Progress among Canadian Immigrants, 1911-1931
DiscussantsMinns, Chris (London School of Economics); Lew, Byron J (Trent University); Torres, Javier (University of British Columbia)

Firm-Level Productivity Network 2: Overview panel / Réseau sur la productivité des entreprises 2: vue d'ensemble (panel)
OrganizersRyan, Annette (Industry Canada)
Shute, Larry (Industry Canada)
ChairDrummond, Don (Queen's University)
PanelistsRahman, Mohammad Saifur (University of Calgary)
Lileeva, Alla (York University)
Dostie, Benoit (HEC Montréal)

Topics in Industrial Economics / Sujets spéciaux en économie industrielle
OrganizerBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
ChairCrémieux, Pierre-Yves (UQAM, Groupe d'analyse)
PapersHarrington, Joseph (University of Pennsylvania):
Exploring the Boundaries of Unlawful Collusion: Price Coordination when Firms Lack Full Mutual Understanding
Riordan, Michael (Columbia University):
Vertical Integration, Outsourcing, and Cost Reduction
Boyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal):
The Determination of Optimal Fines in Cartel Cases
DiscussantsSahuguet, Nicolas (HEC Montréal); de Bettignies, Jean-Etienne (Queen's University); Gonzalez, Patrick (Université Laval)

CWEN Panel Session on the Gender Pay Gap in Professorial Salaries / Écart de rémunération entre les hommes et les femmes chez les professeurs
ChairDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
PanelistsSmith, Jeffrey A (University of Michigan)
Bowlus, Audra J (University of Western Ontario)
Fortin, Nicole M. (University of British Columbia)

CEBERG 3: Field Experiments / CEBERG 3: Expériences sur le terrain
ChairCadsby, Bram (University of Guelph)
PapersBezu, Sosina (Norwegian University of Life Sciences):
Generosity and social distance in dictator game field experiments with and without a face
Kapoor, Sacha (University of Toronto):
Beauty at Work
Cadsby, Bram (University of Guelph):
Psychological Incentives, Financial Incentives, and Risk Attitudes in Tournaments: An Artefactual Field Experiment
DiscussantsKapoor, Sacha (University of Toronto); Cadsby, Bram (University of Guelph); Bezu, Sosina (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

Careers in Science / Carrières en sciences
ChairHeld, Brian (University of Western Ontario)
PapersBeaudry, Catherine (École Polytechique de Montréal):
The permanent effect of extraordinary events on scientists' performance
Courty, Pascal (University of Victoria):
Retaining and attracting top academic talent: Evidence from the Canadian Research Chair Program

CPEG III: Tax Compliance and Tax Amnesties / CEPG III: Observation fiscale et amnisties
ChairGaron, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersLuitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University):
Sensitivity of Assumptions in Duration Analysis
Mahar, Gerry J. (Algoma University):
Wiping the Slate Clean: Is Tax Amnesty a Good Tax Policy?
Yilmaz, Fatih (University of Calgary):
Can E-Filing Reduce Tax Compliance Costs in Developing Countries?
DiscussantsTsoungui Belinga, Vincent de Paul (Université de Montréal); Witte, Stefan (Saarland University); Echevin, Damien (Université de Sherbrooke)

Bank of Canada Session: Financial Stability Issues / Séance de la Banque du Canada: Questions de stabilité financière
OrganizerCôté, Denise (Bank of Canada)
ChairCôté, Denise (Bank of Canada)
PapersChapman, James (Bank of Canada):
Securitization, Risk Retention, and Charter Values
Perez Saiz, Hector (Bank of Canada):
Liquidity Emergency Facilities in the Recent Crisis: Flexibility vs Signalling in the Discount Window and TAF
Anand, Kartik (Bank of Canada):
The `Celtic Case': Guarantees, transparency and dual debt crises
DiscussantsDas, Sonali (International Monetary Fund); Anand, Kartik (Bank of Canada); Milne, Frank (Queen's University)

TNCR Session: Canadian Engagement in Emerging Economies (China) / L'implication du Canada dans les économies émergentes (Chine)
SponsorTransnational Corporations Review (TNCR)
OrganizersDeng, Hugh (Carleton University)
Wang, Lance (Transnational Corporations Review)
ChairSamonis, Val (Royal Roads University)
PapersZhang, Eugenia (Transnational Corporations Review):
A Preliminary Analysis of Mutual Dependence for Agri-Food Trade between Canada and China
Lu, Jinyong (University of International Business and Economics, Beijing):
The Development Status, Potential, and Main Features of China's Multinational Corporations
Liu, Jianping (Hubei University):
The R&D Production Efficiency and the Influencing Factors on Chinese Industrial Sector
Yu, Chunjiao (Hubei University):
The Technological Sophistication of China's Manufactured Export and Its Determinants
DiscussantsGu, Wulong (Statistics Canada); Tang, Jianmin (Industry Canada); van Assche, Ari (HEC Montréal); Wang, Yanling (Carelton University)

International Perspectives on Health / Perspectives internationales en santé
ChairHajizadeh, Mohammad (McGill University)
PapersZhao, Junying (McMaster University):
Forecasting Health Expenditures: Methods and Applications to International Databases
Hajizadeh, Mohammad (McGill University):
Socioeconomic Inequalities in HIV/AIDS Prevalence in Sub-Saharan African Countries: Evidence from the Demographic Health Surveys
Fonseca, Raquel (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The Effect of Education on Health: Cross-Country Evidence

CMSG: Technology / CMSG: Technologie
ChairSchmidt, Julia (Graduate Institute Geneva)
PapersAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto):
The Media is the Measure
Packalen, Mikko (University of Waterloo):
Words in Patents: Research Inputs and the Value of Innovativeness in Invention
Schmidt, Julia (Graduate Institute Geneva):
Technological Standardization, Endogenous Productivity and Transitory Dynamics

Economic Growth / Croissance économique
ChairDao, Minh (Eastern Illinois University)
PapersCai, Wenbiao (University of Winnipeg):
The Role of Openness in Urbanization and Growth
Acharya, Ram (Industry Canada):
Model for Measuring the Social Returns to R&D in Multi-sectors Endogenous Growth Framework
Sen, Anindya (University of Waterloo):
Estimating the Effects of Democracy on Economic Growth: Evidence from an Unbalanced Panel
Wu, Tommy (Hong Kong Monetary Authority):
Intellectual property rights and growth in a North-South model of firm heterogeneity, innovation, and imitation

Money, Credit and the Real Economy / La monnaie, le crédit et l'économie réelle
ChairKopoin, Alexandre (Université Laval)
PapersBarattieri, Alessandro (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The Connection between the Financial Sector and the Real Economy: Measurement and Implications for Monetary Policy
Djigbenou, Marie-Louise (Banque de France / University Montesquieu of Bordeaux):
Determinants of Global Liquidity Dynamics: a FAVAR approach
Kopoin, Alexandre (Université Laval):
Bank Capital, Credit Market Frictions and International Shocks Transmission

International trading: Understanding Firms 1 / Le rôle des entreprises dans le commerce international 1
ChairKamata, Isao (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
PapersNguyen, Ha (University of Luxembourg):
Competition, Product Quality, and Heterogeneous Firms
Kamata, Isao (University of Wisconsin-Madison):
Revealed Comparative Advantage and Extensive Margins of Heterogeneous Firms
Lopez, Ricardo (Brandeis University):
Real Exchange Rate Volatility and Imports of Intermediate Inputs: A Microeconometric Analysis of Chilean Manufacturing Plants

Trade Policy 1 / Politiques commerciales 1
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersAppau, Adriana B (University of Lethbridge):
Analyzing Sub-Saharan Africa Trade Patterns in the Presence of RTAs The Case of COMESA, SADC,ECCAS and ECOWAS
Fofana, Mory Fodé (Industry Canada, Government of Canada):
The effect of the regulatory framework of economic freedom on the dynamics of foreign direct investment: An empirical comparison between Western Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Sydor, Aaron (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada):
The Declining Use of NAFTA in Canadian Exports
Stoyanov, Andrey (York University):
Do Preferential Trade Agreements Affect Tariffs of Non-Members?
DiscussantsSydor, Aaron (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada); Fofana, Mory Fodé (Industry Canada, Government of Canada); Appau, Adriana B (University of Lethbridge)

The Great Recession and the Teaching of Macroeconomics / La grande récession et l'enseignement de la macroéconomie
SponsorRimini Centre for Economic Analysis in Canada
OrganizerKonieczny, Jerzy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
ChairFortin, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PanelistsAmbler, Steven (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Konieczny, Jerzy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Ragan, Christopher (McGill University)
Scarth, William (McMaster University)

CETC Session: Information 1 / Information 1
ChairSemenov, Aggey (University of Ottawa)
PapersWang, Yun (University of Pittsburgh):
Bayesian Persuasion with Multiple Receivers
Degan, Arianna (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Persuasive signaling
Sadanand, Asha (University of Guelph):
Signalling Games with Multiple Senders
DiscussantsSemenov, Aggey (University of Ottawa); Lai, Ernest (Lehigh University); Xie, Jia (Bank of Canada)

The Political Economy of Capital Markets / L'économie politique des marchés des capitaux
ChairVymyatnina, Yulia (European University at St.Petersburg)
PapersDang, Vinh Quoc Trieu (University of Macau):
Estimating the Value of Political Connection via the 2011 Egyptian Revolution
Kim, Sang-Hyun (Michigan State University):
Internalizing Political Externality: Evidence from Japanese Corporations

Contracts and legal system / Contrats et système légal
ChairHartwick, John M (Queen's University)
PapersBoodoo, Muhammad Umar (University of Toronto):
Governance structures, unions, and their relation to CEO pay
Jayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology):
Productivity responses to a contract change
Hartwick, John M (Queen's University):
Benefit Charges for Firms and Households for Maintenance of the Legal System
DiscussantsHartwick, John M (Queen's University); Boodoo, Muhammad Umar (University of Toronto); Jayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology)

PEF 3: Childcare in Canada - What and how are families doing? / Les familles et le système de garde d'enfants au Canada
OrganizerRobson, Jennifer (Carleton University)
ChairRobson, Jennifer (Carleton University)
PanelistsConnolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Stewart, Jennifer (Carleton University)
Stalker, Glenn (York University)

CRDCN Session 1: Immigrants and the labour market / Séance RCCDR 1: Les immigrants et le marché du travail
OrganizerMcDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)
ChairMcDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)
PapersFu, Chunling (Simon Fraser University):
Immigrant labour Market Participation and Earnings: The Effect Regulation
Worswick, Christopher (Carleton University):
Immigrant Married Women's Labour Supply and Human Capital Investment Behaviour: Evidence form Longitudinal data for Canada
Akbari, Syed Ather H (Saint Mary's University):
An investigation of the causes of immigrant and non-immigrant earning differentials across Canadian regions
DiscussantsAgopsowicz, Andrew (University of Western Ontario); Skuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo); Sharaf, Mesbah (Concordia University)

Transportation / Transports
ChairMagesan, Arvind (University of Calgary)
PapersRandrianarisoa, Laingo Manitra (Université Laval):
Effects of corruption on Efficiency of the European Airports
Choub Faha, Christophe Péguy (Université Laval):
Airport Traffic, Regional Employment and Economic Growth: A Causality Analysis

CSLS-Canada-2020: Income Inequality Issues / Enjeux sur les inégalités de revenu
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
Carney, Diana (Canada 2020)
ChairLang, Eugene (Canada 2020)
PapersMishel, Lawrence (Economic Policy Institute):
The Pay of Corporate Executives and Financial Professionals as Evidence of Rents in Top 1 Percent Incomes
Mohsenzadeh, Shabnam (McMaster University):
Top shares and the Ontario Public Sector
Milligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia):
Income inequality in Canada: Trends in the Census 1980-2005
Murphy, Brian (Statistics Canada):
Income Trajectories of High Income Canadians 1982-2010
DiscussantsFallis, George (York University); Duclos, Jean-Yves (Université Laval)

Housing I / Marché immobilier I
ChairKishor, N. Kundan (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
PapersXu, Shaofeng (Bank of Canada):
An Equilibrium Analysis of the Rise in House Prices and Mortgage Debt
Kishor, N. Kundan (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee):
What Moves the Price-Rent Ratio? A Latent Variable Approach
Mankart, Jochen (University of St. Gallen):
Uninsurable Risks, Bank Defaults and Loan Supply

CREE Session: Short Presentations in Resource Economics / Séance CREE: Présentations courtes en économie des ressources naturelles
ChairMartin, Patrick (University of Guelph)
PapersNiu, Shilei (University of Waterloo):
An Options Pricing Approach to Ramping Rate Restrictions at Hydro Power Plants
Maher, Anabelle (Université de Montréal):
Effect of storage on the evolution of an open access renewable resource: the case of rice-fish culture.
Williams, Olayinka (University of Ottawa):
The integration of wind power generation with hydroelectricity in an electric grid
Mihashi, Rina (The University of Tokyo):
Human capital, institutional quality, natural capital, and trade openness for human development

Skill development among youth and young adults / Développements des compétences chez les jeunes
ChairLeonard, Phil (McMaster University)
PapersChan, Ping Ching Winnie (Statistics Canada):
Does adult learning pay? Evidence from Canadian administrative data
Heger, Dörte (Queen's University):
The Impact of Post-Secondary Education on Language Ability
McIntosh, James (Concordia University):
Problems With PISA: The Case of Canada.
DiscussantsLeonard, Phil (McMaster University); Webb, Matt (Queen's University)

Labour Market Polarization / La polarisation du marché du travail
ChairUral-Marchand, Beyza (University of Alberta)
PapersBechara, Peggy (Rwi):
Employment Polarization and Occupational Dynamics
Cortes, Guido Matias (University of Manchester):
The Micro and Macro of Job Polarization
Ural-Marchand, Beyza (University of Alberta):
Gender Wage-Productivity Di fferentials and Global Integration in China
DiscussantsUral-Marchand, Beyza (University of Alberta); Cortes, Guido Matias (University of Manchester)

Coffee Break / Pause-café

Bank of Canada Lecture / Conférence de la Banque du Canada
SponsorBank of Canada/Banque du Canada
ChairSchembri, Lawrence (Bank of Canada)
SpeakerBeaudry, Paul (University of British Columbia)
TopicThe Great Reversal In the Demand for Skill and Cognitive Tasks since 2000

CNEH 2: Invention and Labour Markets / Inventions et marché du travail
ChairMcWatters, Cheryl Susan (University of Ottawa)
PapersDudley, Leonard (Université de Montréal):
Necessity's Children? The Inventions of the Industrial Revolution
Lew, Byron J (Trent University):
Real Wages, Immigration, and the Diffusion of Tractors on the Canadian Prairies, 1920-1960
Gillezeau, Robert (University of Michigan / Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition):
The Knights of Labor, War Contracts, and Break Points: The Economic Geography of American Trade Unions
DiscussantsKeay, Ian (Queen's University); Armstrong, Alex (Queen's University); Chernoff, Alex (Queen's University)

Firm-Level Productivity Network 3: Trade / Réseau sur la productivité des entreprises 3: Commerce
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairCouture, Lydia (Statistics Canada)
PapersFung, Loretta (National Tsing Hua University):
Exposure of Canadian Retailers to Cross-Border Shopping
Winter, Jennifer (School of Public Policy, University of Calgary):
Internal Trade and Aggregate Productivity: Evidence from Canada
Brown, Mark (Statistics Canada):
How thick is the Border? The cost of Shipping Goods across the Canada-U.S. Frontier, 1994 to 2009
DiscussantsVezina, Pierre-Louis (University of Oxford); Sydor, Aaron (Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada); Petrunia, Robert (Lakehead University)

CDESG Panel 1: Growth in Africa: A Policy Perspective / Panel du CDESG 1: Point de vue sur les politiques de croissance en Afrique
PanelistsChemin, Matthieu (McGill University)
Kimou, Assi Jose Carlos (University of Cocody-Abidjan, Fulbright visiting scholar University of South Florida)
Kieyah, Joseph (KIPPRA)

Pricing with Market Power / Détermination des prix et pouvoir de marché
PapersTappata, Mariano (University of British Columbia):
Opaque Pricing. Evidence from the Hotel Industry.
Brencic, Vera (University of Alberta):
How do Online Job Boards and Resume Banks Respond to Changes in the Labor Market Conditions? Evidence from Price-Setting
DiscussantsBrencic, Vera (University of Alberta); Tappata, Mariano (University of British Columbia)

PEP Session in Development Economics / Séance PEP en économie du développement
ChairMoran, Kevin (Université Laval)
PapersLemelin, André (Université du Québec):
Household savings under intertemporal optimization with truncated rational expectations in a recursive dynamic CGE
Cockburn, John (Université Laval):
Global extreme poverty rates for children, adults and the elderly
Beyene, Lulit Mitik (Institute for Economic and Social Development Research):
Public investment in irrigation and training for an agriculture-led development: a CGE approach for Ethiopia
DiscussantsMoran, Kevin (Université Laval); Beyene, Lulit Mitik (Institute for Economic and Social Development Research); Lemelin, André (Université du Québec)

CEBERG 4: Social Preferences / CEBERG 4: Préférences sociales
ChairMestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
PapersMestelman, Stuart (McMaster University):
Transparency, Empowerment, Disempowerment and Trust in an Investment Environment
McGee, Peter (National University of Singapore):
After the Tournament: Outcomes and Effort Provision
Zilinsky, Jan (University of Chicago):
Information and Demand for Redistribution: Evidence from an On-line Experiment
DiscussantsMcGee, Peter (National University of Singapore); Zilinsky, Jan (University of Chicago); Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)

Urban Economics II / Économie urbaine II
ChairSimpson, Wayne Douglas (University of Manitoba)
PapersDavidoff, Thomas (University of British Columbia):
Do Reverse Mortgage Borrowers Use Credit Ruthlessly?
Zhou, Li (University of Alberta):
Do Urban Casinos Affect Nearby Neighborhoods? Evidence from Canada
Gurzo, Krisztina (University of Regina):
Hedonic Pricing in Regina's Housing Market
DiscussantsSimpson, Wayne Douglas (University of Manitoba)

Integration of Immigrants 1 / Intégration des immigrants 1
ChairSkuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo)
PapersTorres, Javier (University of British Columbia):
Repeat after Me, My Name is Javier: Immigrants English Proficiency Improvement Four Years After Arrival
Skuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo):
Is the Heightened Emphasis on Language in Recent Changes to Canada's Immigrant Selection Policy Shortsighted?
Sharaf, Mesbah (Concordia University):
Quality adjustment of immigrant human capital

Development Economics / Économie du développement
ChairPelli, Martino (University of Alberta)
PapersDong, Xue (University of Western Ontario):
Economic Shock and Household Labor Response in Indonesia
Manzano, Osmel (Inter American Development Bank):
Productivity Spillover of Resource Exploitation: Evidence from Venezuelan Industrial Surveys
Pelli, Martino (University of Alberta):
Intensive Margin of Electrification: Evidence from Rural India

Productivity Measurement / Mesurer la productivité
ChairNakamura, Alice (University of Alberta)
PapersDiewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia):
US TFP Growth and the Contribution of Changes in Export and Import Prices to Real Income Growth
Yu, Kam (Lakehead University):
Measuring the Efficiency of the Canadian Health Care System
Sadeghzadeh, Javad (York University):
Innovation Subsidies and Productivity Growth: A Quantitative Analysis of Indian Industry
DiscussantsNakamura, Alice (University of Alberta); Sadeghzadeh, Javad (York University); Yu, Kam (Lakehead University)

CMSG Session: International Macroeconomics / Macroéconomie internationale
ChairRavenna, Federico (HEC Montréal)
PapersSosa Padilla, Cesar (McMaster University):
Sovereign Defaults and Banking Crises
Letendre, Marc-Andre (McMaster University):
Agency Costs and International Cycles
Ravenna, Federico (HEC Montréal):
The Cost of Commitment

Growth / Croissance
ChairOkoye, Chidozie (University of Western Ontario)
PapersHong, Bei (National university of Singapore):
Education or Innovation? A growth and welfare comparisions of different policies scenarios
Okoye, Chidozie (University of Western Ontario):
Productivity Differences in a Model of Appropriate Technology and Skill Choice

Trade and Multinationals / Commerce et multinationales
ChairRay Chaudhuri, Amrita (University of Winnipeg)
PapersRay Chaudhuri, Amrita (University of Winnipeg):
International allocation of productive assets and trade liberalization
Hovhannisyan, Nune (University of Colorado Denver):
Technology Gap and International Knowledge Transfer: New Evidence from the Operations of Multinational Corporations

Trade Policy 2 / Politiques commerciales 2
ChairHakobyan, Shushanik (Middlebury College)
PapersLi, Xiaofeng (Capital University of Economics and Business):
The Impact of Free Trade on Wage Inequality: an Analysis for the US
Pham, Ngoc Q. (University of Maastricht):
Household Welfare and Pricing of Rice in Vietnam: Does Being the World's Biggest Rice Exporter Matter?
Hakobyan, Shushanik (Middlebury College):
Trade Patterns after the Expiration of the Generalized System of Preferences
DiscussantsHakobyan, Shushanik (Middlebury College); Li, Xiaofeng (Capital University of Economics and Business); Pham, Ngoc Q. (University of Maastricht)

IRPP Session: The Future of Federal-Provincial Relations and Fiscal Arrangements / Séance IRPP : L'avenir des relations fédérales-provinciales et des accords fiscaux
ChairSt-Hilaire, France (IRPP)
PanelistsCourchene, Thomas J. (Queen's University)
Matier, Chris (Parliamentary Budget Office)
Boadway, Robin W. (Queen's University)

CETC-GEEP Session: Political Economy 1 / CETC-GEEP: Économie politique 1
ChairForand, Jean Guillaume (University of Waterloo)
PapersOrset, Caroline (Université Laval):
The Political Economy of Scientific Uncertainty: how communication campaigns are affected by scientific uncertainty?
Li, Ming (Concordia University):
Strategic communication and group formation
Wu, Jiabin (University of Wisconsin-Madison):
The Evolution of Preferences in Political Institutions
DiscussantsDegan, Arianna (Université du Québec à Montréal); Orset, Caroline (Université Laval); Gonzalez, Patrick (Université Laval)

Defense and Security Economics / Économie de la défense et de la sécurité
OrganizerBerkok, Ugurhan (Royal Military College)
ChairBerkok, Ugurhan (Royal Military College)
PapersBerkok, Ugurhan (Royal Military College):
Lowballing in Procurement
Luo, Zijun (Colgate University):
Social Conflict and the Political Economy of Third-Party Intervention

CESG Session: Bootstrap Methods I / Séance CESG : Les méthodes bootstrap I
ChairTabri, Rami (McGill University)
PapersDavidson, Russell (McGill University):
Bootstrap tests for overidentification in linear regression models
Doko Tchatoka, Firmin Sabro (University of Tasmania):
On bootstrap validity for exogeneity tests with possibly weak instruments
Wang, Wenjie (Kyoto University):
Bootstrap Inference for Instrumental Variable Model with Many Weak Instruments
DiscussantsDoko Tchatoka, Firmin Sabro (University of Tasmania); MacKinnon, James G (Queen's University); Dovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)

PEF 4: The Costs of Homelessness / Le coût de l'itinérance
OrganizerKeller, Cameron (Mental Health Commission of Canada)
ChairFalvo, Nick (Carleton University)
PapersGaetz, Stephen (York University):
The Real Cost of Homelessess: Can we do the right thing and save money?
Latimer, Eric (McGill University):
Cost offsets of Housing First programs in 5 Canadian cities
Hughes, James (Graham Boeckh Foundation):
Closing the Gap between Performance and Ability: A New Canadian Policy Framework in Homelessness
Keller, Cameron (Mental Health Commission of Canada):
Implementation of Housing First in Five Canadian Cities: How do you make the shoe fit, when one size does not fit all?

CRDCN Session 2: Longitudinal analysis of health / Séance RCCDR 2: Analyse longitudinale en santé
OrganizerMcDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)
ChairWorswick, Christopher (Carleton University)
PapersMcLeod, Logan (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Longitudinal Relationship between Participation in Physical Activity and Health
McDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick):
Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Cancer Incidence and Mortality Canada: new evidence from a linked Census-administrative dataset
Pierard, Emmanuelle (University of Waterloo):
Child Health and Parental Smoking: Panel Data Evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth
DiscussantsSpin, Paul (Dalhousie University); Warman, Casey (Dalhousie University); Sarma, Sisira K (The University of Western Ontario)

Law, Economics, and Religion / Droit, économie et religion
ChairSmith, Justin (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersChan, Alan (Crandall University):
Church Revenue and Worship Attendance: An empirical study of Canadian Baptists
Carmody, Chi (University of Western Ontario):
Fairness in International Economic Law & Relations

Agricultural Economics / Économie de l'agriculture
ChairKlein, Kurt (University of Lethbridge)
PapersAli, Md Kamar (University of Lethbridge):
Water Allocation Policies in Alberta: A Comparative Analysis
Yu, Weiqiu (University of New Brunswick):
Changes in the Distributional Structure of China's Agricultural Products: Process and Impact Factors

Housing II / Immobilier II
ChairHo, Anson (Kansas State University)
PapersRouillard, Jean-François (Université de Sherbrooke):
Business Cycle, Land Dynamics and Financial Shocks
Tu, Yuanyuan (Queen's University):
The Dynamics of Canadian City-level Housing Markets
Ho, Anson (Kansas State University):
Tax-deferred Saving Accounts in the Presence of Housing

Labour: Learning / Apprentissage dans le marché du travail
ChairAgopsowicz, Andrew (University of Western Ontario)
PapersBelley, Philippe (Kansas State University):
Wage Growth and Job Mobility in the Early Career: Testing a Statistical Discrimination Model of the Gender Wage Gap
Held, Brian (University of Western Ontario):
Evidence of an Ability Learning Process Among University Graduates
Zahedi, Razieh (University of Calgary):
Divorce and Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills of Children

Institutional Design of Capital Markets / Conception institutionnelle des marchés des capitaux
ChairBrolley, Michael (University of Toronto)
PapersThiele, Veikko (Queen's University):
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A Theory of Angel Markets
Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia):
Long-Term Prediction Markets
Brolley, Michael (University of Toronto):
Do Off-Exchange Trading Venues Improve Welfare and Visible Market Quality?
Chateau, John peter (University of Macau):
Gram-Charlier processes and equity-indexed annuities

CREE Session: Empirical Issues in Resource Economics / Séance CREE: Enjeux empiriques en économie des ressources naturelles
ChairMoghadam, Arian (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania)
PapersMartin, Patrick (University of Guelph):
The sensitivity of the resource curse to alternative measures of resource abundance.
Moshiri, Saeed (University of Saskatchewan):
Asymmetric Effects of Oil Price Shocks in Oil-Exporting Countries; Developing versus Developed Countries
Withey, Patrick (Saint Francis Xavier University):
Direct and Indirect Granger Causality between Energy, CO2 emissions and Income in Canada
DiscussantsAtallah, Samer (McGill University); Alexeev, Vitali (University of Tasmania); Samano, Mario (HEC Montréal)

Topics in the Economics of Education / Sujets en économie de l'éducation
ChairKyui, Natalia (Bank of Canada)
PapersAydede, Yigit (Saint Mary's University):
Economic Benefits of Studying Economics in Canada: A Comparison of Wages of Economics Majors with those in Other Disciplines Circa 2005
Bouchard St-Amant, Pier-André (Queen's University):
University Funding Policies: Buildings or Citizens?
Goensch, Iris (University of Giessen):
Does the availability of secondary schools increase primary schooling? Empirical evidence from northern Senegal.
Lee, Hakki (University of Pittsburgh):
Biased Preference, Fertility and Gender Inequality in Education
Pandey, Manish (University of Winnipeg):
Explaining low high school attainment in Northern Communities: An analysis of the Aboriginal Peoples Surveys

Labour: Human Capital / Capital humain
ChairBrown, Laura (University of Manitoba)
PapersTurner, Laura (University of Toronto):
It's Not Me, It's You: Social Skills and Human Capital in the Labor and Marriage Markets
Bowlus, Audra J (University of Western Ontario):
Technological Change in the Production of Human Capital Over the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s
Chen, Uniko (Yi-Jian) (University of Michigan):
The Impact of the Expansion in Post-Secondary Education on the University Wage Premium in Taiwan---Supply-Demand Framework

Innis Lecture / Conférence Innis
ChairLemieux, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerHead, C. Keith (University of British Columbia)
TopicWhat Separates Us? Sources of Resistance to Globalization

Reception / Réception

Coffee and Muffins / Café et muffins

Statistics Canada: Canadian Centre for Data Development and Economic Research
OrganizerLeung, Dany (Statistics Canada)
PapersLeung, Dany (Statistics Canada):
The Canadian Centre for Data Development and Economic Research: The Centre, the Application Process and the Data Sets
Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada):
Productivity Growth in the Canadian Broadcasting and Telecommunications Industry: Evidence from Micro Data
Lafrance, Amelie (Statistics Canada):
Inter-firm Profitability Differences

CDESG: Finance and Remittances / Finance et envoi de fonds
ChairJackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersArestoff, Florence (Paris Dauphine):
Financial Behavior and mobile banking in Madagascar: Promises are only binding to those who believe them.
Mughal, Mazhar (Université de Pau):
Do Migrant Remittances React to Bouts of Terrorism?
Salardi, Paola (University of Sussex):
Wage Disparities and Occupational Intensity by Gender and Race in Brazil: An Empirical Analysis Using Quantile Decomposition Techniques

Firm-Level Productivity Network 4: Finance and Growth / Réseau sur la productivité des entreprises 4: Finance et croissance
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairSadeghzadeh, Javad (York University)
PapersPandes, Ari (University of Calgary):
Effective Junior Equity Market Regulation
Wang, Yanling (Carelton University):
Foreign Acquisition, Domestic Acquisition and Plant Survival
Law, Stephen M. (Mount Allison University):
Estimating Productivity Growth in Canadian Cable Television
DiscussantsSarkar, Sudipto (McMaster University); Secrieru, Oana (Royal Military College); Pillai, Unni (SUNY Albany)

CDESG: Household / Ménages
ChairGrogan, Louise (University of Guelph)
PapersGrogan, Louise (University of Guelph):
Household Formation Rules and the Demand for Sons
Housseini, Bouba (Université Laval):
Health, Demography and Economic Growth: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa using a Simultaneous Equations Model
Dauphin, Anyck (Université du Québec en Outaousais):
On the Efficiency of Polygynous Households of West Africa

CEBERG 5: Strategic Games / CEBERG 5: Jeux stratégiques
ChairSong, Fei (Ryerson University)
PapersTergiman, Chloe (University of British Columbia):
Naive Play and the Process of Choice in Guessing Games
Kimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University):
Sustaining Group Reputation with Information and Impartial Justice
Song, Fei (Ryerson University):
Deception: An Unintended Consequence of Delegation
DiscussantsKimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University); Song, Fei (Ryerson University); Tergiman, Chloe (University of British Columbia)

Teaching of Economics / L'enseignement de la science économique
ChairMcGregor, Maureen (Mount Royal University)
PapersHolmes, Hannah (McMaster University):
Since When is Economics Fun? Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes Assessment in Economics Field Courses
O'Shaughnessy, Bridget (McMaster University):
Multiple Choice Question Analysis on Economics Tests
Wong, Andrew (University of Alberta):
The Use of e-Campus in Teaching Undergraduate Principles of Economics

CPEG IV: Tax Evasion / Évasion fiscale
ChairKryvoruchko, Iryna (University of Regina)
PapersArbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor):
Tax evasion: Is this a government fight, or can anyone join?
Bourgain, Arnaud (University of Luxembourg):
From tax evasion to tax planning
Cuff, Katherine L (McMaster University):
Dual Corporate Tax Evasion
DiscussantsKesselman, Jonathan (Simon Fraser University Vancouver); Sengupta, Bodhisattva (Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati); Kim, Jin Woong (University of Ottawa)

Health and the Labor Force / Santé et la population active
ChairPohl, Vincent (Queen's University)
PapersDas, Pranay Kumar (University of Manitoba):
Effects of Health on Labor Force Participation in Canada: New Evidence from A Longitudinal Analysis
Pohl, Vincent (Queen's University):
The Effect of Health Shocks on Earnings. Evidence from Chile
Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University):
War during Childhood: The Long Run Effects of Warfare on Children's Health

Structural Estimation of IO Models / Estimation structurelle en organisation industrielle
ChairRivers, David A. (University of Western Ontario)
PapersSuzuki, Junichi (University of Toronto):
Identification and Counterfactuals in Dynamic Models of Market Entry and Exit
Rivers, David A. (University of Western Ontario):
On the Identification of Production Functions: How Heterogeneous is Productivity?
DiscussantsRivers, David A. (University of Western Ontario); Suzuki, Junichi (University of Toronto)

Strategic Commitments and Market Power / Pouvoir de marché et engagement stratégique
ChairJu, Heng (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
PapersSong, Yang (University of Calgary):
"Puppier Puppy-Dog" and "Fatter Fat-Cat" under Price-Matching Strategy
Kashefi, Mohammad Ali (Bielefeld):
Supply Chain Configuration under Information Sharing
Ju, Heng (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics):
Territorial Requirement and Exclusive Dealing in China's Automobile Franchises

CMSG Session: The Technology of Production / Technologie de production
ChairVincent, Nicolas (HEC Montréal)
PapersPoschke, Markus (McGill University):
Capital-Labor Substitution, Structural Change and Growth
Vincent, Nicolas (HEC Montréal):
Investment and Productivity Dynamics at the Plant and the Firm Level
Michaels, Ryan (University of Rochester):
Coordinated labor Supply within the Firm: Evidence and Implications

Unemployment over the Business Cycle I / Chômage et cycles économiques I
ChairChen, Yu (University of Waterloo)
PapersLkhagvasuren, Damba (Concordia University):
Sectoral Mismatch, Wages and Mobility
Herreno, Juan (Inter-American Development Bank):
Equilibrium Unemployment During Financial Crises
Chen, Yu (University of Waterloo):
Unemployment in recession and recovery

The State of the Canadian Financial System / L'état du système financier canadien
ChairPang, Ke (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersGuidara, Alaa (Laval University):
Capital adjustment and insolvency risk under underwriting cycles : A study of Canadian property-liability insurance firms
Li, Fuchun (Bank of Canada):
A Macro Stress Test Model of the Default Risk of Canadian banking System
Gagnon, Jean-Marie (Université Laval):
Savings in Canada, a Balance Sheet Approach
Pang, Ke (Wilfrid Laurier University):
The effects of exchange rates on employment in Canadian manufacturing industries

IO and Auctions / Organisation industrielle et enchères
ChairKirkegaard, Rene (University of Guelph)
PapersAu Yong, Ke Xian (University of Western Ontario):
Simultaneous ascending auctions with resale
Francetich, Alejandro (Stanford):
Becoming a Neighbor: Endogenous Winner's Curse in Dynamic Mechanisms
Halaburda, Hanna (Bank of Canada):
The Role of Coordination Bias in Platform Competition
DiscussantsKirkegaard, Rene (University of Guelph); Au Yong, Ke Xian (University of Western Ontario)

Offshoring / Délocalisation
ChairCouture, Lydia (Statistics Canada)
PapersAlexander, Patrick (Queen's University):
Offshoring, wages and profits
Couture, Lydia (Statistics Canada):
Offshoring ans Business Organization: Evidence from Canadian Manufacturing Firms
Steingress, Walter (Université de Montréal):
Specialization Patterns in International Trade
DiscussantsCouture, Lydia (Statistics Canada); Alexander, Patrick (Queen's University)

CETC Session: Economics of Organizations / Séance CETC: l'économie des organisations
ChairZhao, Jingang (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersChatterjee, Debipriya (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee):
Endogenous Hierarchies Under Representational Concerns
Martinez-Gorricho, Silvia (University of Alicante):
Harmful Information in a Two-Sided Asymmetric Information Setting
Pongou, Roland (University of Ottawa):
On-the-Job Trial Tournament: Productivity Rank and Earnings
DiscussantsWu, Jiabin (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Forand, Jean Guillaume (University of Waterloo); Horan, Sean (Université du Québec à Montréal)

News / Nouvelles
ChairWagner, Joel (McMaster University)
PapersGuo, Jang-Ting (University of California, Riverside):
News about Aggregate Demand and the Business Cycle
Khan, Hashmat (Carleton University):
Investment-Specific News Shocks and U.S. Business Cycles
Wagner, Joel (McMaster University):
Recycling Yesterday's News

Monetary Policy / Politique monétaire
ChairBruneau, Gabriel (Banque du Canada)
PapersDai, Tiantian (Renmin University of China):
The Role of Multi-stage Production for the Monetary Transmission Mechanism
Istiak, Khandokar (University of Calgary):
Interest Rate, Leverage, and Money Shocks
Bruneau, Gabriel (Banque du Canada):
Countercyclical loan-to-value ratios and monetary policy

CESG Session: Nonparametric Methods / Séance CESG: Méthodes non paramétriques
ChairPerron, Benoit (Université de Montréal)
PapersTripathi, Gautam (University of Luxembourg):
Nonparametric estimation of returns to scale
Zinde-Walsh, Victoria (McGill University):
Density, conditional distribution and density, conditional moments and their kernel estimators as generalized functions
Chen, Heng (Bank of Canada):
Wavelet Estimators for the Discontinuous Quantile Model
DiscussantsShin, Youngki (University of Western Ontario); Li, Fuchun (Bank of Canada); Perron, Benoit (Université de Montréal)

Kari Polanyi Levitt and her Contributions to Canadian Economics / Les contributions de Kari Polanyi Levitt à la science économique au Canada
OrganizersDimand, Robert W. (Brock University)
Seccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa)
ChairDimand, Robert W. (Brock University)
PanelistsLal, Kishori (Retired from Statistics Canada)
Mendell, Marguerite (Concordia University)
Sanchez, Julia (Canadian Council for International Co-operation)
Seccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa)

Food markets / Marchés des aliments
ChairYu, Weiqiu (University of New Brunswick)
PapersKlein, Kurt (University of Lethbridge):
Ten Years After BSE Discovered in Canada: An Assessment of its Impact on Canada's Beef Industry
Chernoff, Alex (Queen's University):
Modeling the Price of Dairy Quotas under Price Ceiling Legislation
Lopez, Rigoberto (University of Connecticut):
Spillover and Competitive Effects of TV Advertising in the Carbonated Soft Drink Market

CSLS-Banque de France: Productivity Research from the UK, France, the United States and Canada / Recherche sur la productivité au Royaume-Uni, en France, aux EU et au Canada
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
Cette, Gilbert (Banque de France)
ChairFortin, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersAizcorbe, Ana (Bureau of Economics Analysis):
Measuring Productivity for the US Health Sector
Oulton, Nicholas (LSE):
Long and short term effects of the financial crisis on labour productivity, capital and output
Cette, Gilbert (Banque de France):
Upstream Product Market Regulations, ICT, R&D and Productivity
Sharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards):
Can Measurement Issues Explain the Canada-U.S. ICT Investment per Worker Gap?
DiscussantsDiewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia); Sichel, Dan (Wellesley College)

Status and Well Being / Statut et bien-être
ChairCarmody, Chi (University of Western Ontario)
PapersDaley, Angela (Dalhousie University):
The Well-Being of Children in Northern Canada
Arvin, Mak (Trent University):
Happiness and Corruption: An Empirical Analysis
Darku, Alexander Bilson (University of Lethbridge):
Income Inequality, Status Seeking, and Savings Rates in Canada
DiscussantsArvin, Mak (Trent University); Carmody, Chi (University of Western Ontario); Daley, Angela (Dalhousie University)

Environment Canada Session 1: Environmental Policy / Politiques environnementales
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada)
ChairGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada)
PapersBataille, Christopher (Navius Research Inc.):
The Canadian climate policy laboratory: From checkerboard to equimarginal and broad based?
Joe, St. Lawrence (Government of Canada):
Linking the Environment and the Economy: a brief update on international guidelines
Rivers, Nicholas (University of Ottawa):
An evaluation of the Ontario vehicle feebate
DiscussantsBrown, Mark (Statistics Canada); Cairns, Robert D (McGill University); ab Iorwerth, Aled (Council of Canadian Academies)

Immigration Impact / Impacts de l'immigration
ChairDamas de Matos, Ana (HEC Montréal)
PapersOlney, William W. (Williams College):
Remittances and the Wage Impact of Immigration
Zhang, Haimin (University of British Columbia):
Immigrants and Crime: Evidence from Canada
Gross, Dominique (Simon Fraser University):
The impact of cross-border worker policy on wages in Switzerland
DiscussantsSharaf, Mesbah (Concordia University); Mahboubi, Parisa (University of Guelph); Damas de Matos, Ana (HEC Montréal)

Education and Training / Éducation et formation
ChairHui, Shek-wai (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)
PapersHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada):
Efficacy of Voluntary Training and Heterogeneous Performance
Webb, Matt (Queen's University):
On the Effectiveness of Graduate Retention Programs

Short Papers in International Finance / Présentations courtes en finance internationale
ChairCastro, Rui (Université de Montréal)
PapersAbdel Razek, Noha (University of Alberta):
Competing Hypotheses of the Causes of the US Current Account Deficit
Dmitriev, Mikhail (Boston College):
Price Stability in Small Open Economies
MacDonald, Margaux (Queen's University):
Patterns of International Capital Flows and Productivity Growth: New Evidence
Kortava, Ekaterina (University of Glasgow):
Reassessing the Stylized Facts about Exchange Rate Pass-through

University Funding / Financement des universités
ChairPivovarova, Margarita (University of Toronto)
PapersCi, Wen (Carleton University):
Who Entered and Who Left? School Program Streaming and Attrition: Evidence from French Immersion Programs
Murrell, David (University of New Brunswick):
Comparing University Finances in Canada: Private Universities with Charity Status versus Very Small Public Universities
Ragued, Safa (Université Laval):
Access or Quality: Can A Publicly Funded Higher Education System Have Both?
DiscussantsPivovarova, Margarita (University of Toronto); Bouchard St-Amant, Pier-André (Queen's University); Burbidge, John (University of Waterloo)

Income Support Programs / Programmes de soutien du revenu
ChairBrochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa)
Papersvom Berge, Philipp (Institute for Employment Research):
Minimum wages and employment: A spatial identification strategy for Germany
Jales, Hugo (University of British Columbia):
Estimating the Effects of Minimum Wage in Brazil: A Density Discontinuity Design Approach

Coffee Break / Pause-café

State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairPoitevin, Michel (Université de Montréal)
SpeakerPeters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
TopicCompetition in Mechanisms

Industry Canada and Statistics Canada: Productivity and Determinants / Séance d'Industrie Canada et Statistique Canada: Productivité et déterminants
OrganizersTang, Jianmin (Industry Canada)
Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada)
ChairShute, Larry (Industry Canada)
PapersRao, Someshwar (SRAO Consulting INC):
Trend Labour Productivity Growth: Role of Demand Conditions
Wang, Weimin (Statistics Canada):
Correction for Variations in Capacity Utilization in the Measurement of Productivity Growth: A Non-Parametric Approach
Tang, Jianmin (Industry Canada):
Industry Productivity: The Role of Offshoring
DiscussantsGu, Wulong (Statistics Canada); Willox, Michael (Finance Canada); Cao, Shutao (Bank of Canada)

CDESG Keynote Address / Conférence invitée du GCEDE
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
SpeakerRavallion, Martin (Georgetown University)
TopicThe Idea of Antipoverty Policy

CLEA Session: Crime / Criminalité
ChairCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
PapersNavarro, Salvador (University of Western Ontario):
Capital Punishment and Deterrence: Understanding Disparate Results
McCannon, Bryan (Saint Bonaventure University):
Prosecutor Elections, Mistakes, and Appeals
Curry, Philip (University of Waterloo):
Estimating the effects of clearance rates on crime
DiscussantsKhalil, Umair (University of Rochester); Summerfield, Fraser (University of Guelph); Coviello, Decio (HEC Montréal)

CWEN Session II - New Evaluations of the Gender Earnings Gap / Séance du RFÉ II: Nouvelles évaluations de l'écart des revenus entre les femmes et les hommes
ChairSchirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo):
Exiting Poverty: Does Sex Matter?
Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph):
Women's Higher Returns to Post-Secondary Education: Increased Productivity or Longer Hours Worked?
Teng, Jiayuan (University of Guelph):
Explaining the Canadian Gender Wage Gap of Highly Educated Workers

CEBERG 6: Public Goods and Public Finance / CEBERG 6: Bien publics et finance publique
ChairCuff, Katherine L (McMaster University)
PapersJiang, Janet Hua (Bank of Canada):
Experimental Evidence of Bank Runs as Pure Coordination Failures: Do Sunspots matter?
Petersen, Luba (University of California Santa Cruz):
Expectations and Monetary Policy: Experimental Evidence
Sanchez, Miguel Alejandro (University of Alicante):
Public Goods: Voluntary Contributions and Risk
Thomas, Stephanie (McMaster University):
An Experimental Investigation of the Political Economy of Mixed Systems of Finance
DiscussantsPetersen, Luba (University of California Santa Cruz); Jiang, Janet Hua (Bank of Canada); Thomas, Stephanie (McMaster University); Sanchez, Miguel Alejandro (University of Alicante)

Teaching Economics at Undergraduate Level / L'enseignent de la science économique au premier cycle
OrganizerIslam, Shahidul (Grant Macewan University)
ChairIslam, Shahidul (Grant Macewan University)
PapersLeung, Ambrose (Mount Royal University):
VARK Learning Styles and Student Performance in Principles of Microeconomics vs. Macroeconomics
Habib, Ahsan (Adrian College):
Integrating Circular Flow Chart in Economics Courses
Alam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University):
Student preference of attributes of economics teaching: analysis of evidences from ''
Colonescu, Constantin (Grant MacEwan University):
Integrating Themes in Teaching an Undergraduate Course: The Case of Intermediate Microeconomics and Principles of Macroeconomics
DiscussantsColonescu, Constantin (Grant MacEwan University); Alam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University); Habib, Ahsan (Adrian College); McGregor, Maureen (Mount Royal University)

Poverty Measurement / Mesurer la pauvreté
ChairSteele, Marion (University of Guelph)
PapersRoberge, Helene (Ressources Humaines et Développement des Compétences Canada):
La consommation : une mesure alternative pour évaluer le niveau de bien-être économique des familles à faible revenu
Steele, Marion (University of Guelph):
The Very Poor and the Tax and Benefit Return: Who think they have filed and who have actually filed?
DiscussantsSteele, Marion (University of Guelph); Zhang, Xuelin (Statistics Canada)

CPEG V: Political Competition and Fiscal Determinants / Compétition politique et déterminants fiscaux
ChairDegan, Arianna (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersWiner, Stanley (Carleton University):
A Time Series Perspective on Political Competition and Fiscal Structure: Testing Principal-Agent Analysis on Canada, 1870 -2011
Galindo Silva, Hector (Université de Montréal):
New Parties and Policy Outcomes: Theory and Evidence from Colombian Local Governments
Ferede, Ergete (Grant MacEwan University):
The Timing and Direction of Statutory Tax Rate Changes by the Canadian Provinces
DiscussantsGalletta, Sergio (University of Lugano); Marina, Dodlova (University Paris Ouest Nanterre); Galindo Silva, Hector (Université de Montréal)

IO and Environmental Economics / Organisation industrielle et économie de l'environnement
ChairPillai, Unni (SUNY Albany)
PapersGrover, David (London School of Economics):
Technology composition in a long-run pollution transition: evidence from the virtual elimination of ozone depleting substances in developing countries
Furukawa, Yuichi (Chukyo University):
Technological Change and International Interaction in Environmental Policies
Pillai, Unni (SUNY Albany):
Source of Technological Progress in the Solar Panel Industry

Taxation / Fiscalité
ChairEpstein, Brendan (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)
PapersAnagnostopoulos, Alexis (Stony Brook University):
Value Preserving Welfare Weights for Social Optimization Problems
Smith, Constance (University of Alberta):
The Welfare and Stabilization Benefits of Fiscal Rules: Evidence from Canadian Provinces
Epstein, Brendan (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System):
Beyond Taxes: Understanding the Labor Wedge

CMSG Session: Productivity / Productivité
ChairKurmann, Andre (Federal Reserve Board)
PapersMukoyama, Toshihiko (Federal Reserve Board):
The Cyclicality of Job-to-Job Transitions and Its Implications for Aggregate Productivity
Kurmann, Andre (Federal Reserve Board):
News about the Identification of TFP News

Unemployment over the Business Cycle II / Chômage et cycles économiques II
ChairPollak, Andreas (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersFuller, David (Concordia University):
Unemployment Insurance Take-up Rates in an Equilibrium Search Model
Pollak, Andreas (University of Saskatchewan):
Employment Insurance and the Business Cycle

Asset Pricing Anomalies / Anomalies dans l'évaluation des actifs financiers
ChairTong, Guoshi (University of British Columbia)
PapersGalvani, Valentina (University of Alberta):
Core Anomalies
Tong, Guoshi (University of British Columbia):
Structural Tests of Bond Return Predictability
Kontonikas, Alexandros (University of Glasgow):
Stock market reaction to Fed funds rate surprises: State dependence and the financial crisis

Trade and Exports / Commerce et exportations
ChairTientao, Aligui (Université de Bourgogne)
PapersOberoi, Bindu (Delhi University, Indraprastha College for Women):
Trends in and Determinants of India's Textile Exports after Liberalisation
Tientao, Aligui (Université de Bourgogne):
Trade and African Regional Agreements: a spatial econometric approach

Trade Theory / Théorie en commerce international
ChairMondria, Jordi (University of Toronto)
PapersSchmitt, Nicolas (Simon Fraser University):
Inventories and Market Clearing in International Trade: The Role of Export and Import Wholesalers
Ivus, Olena (Queen's Univ):
Intellectual property rights and foreign market entry mode
Mondria, Jordi (University of Toronto):
International Trade with Inattentive Importers
DiscussantsIvus, Olena (Queen's Univ); Mondria, Jordi (University of Toronto); Schmitt, Nicolas (Simon Fraser University)

Assessing Monetary and Financial Policies (Under Chatham House Rule) / Évaluation des politiques monétaires et financières (séance sous la règle de Chatham)
ChairSiklos, Pierre L (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersSantos, Joseph (South Dakota State University):
Did IT work? Measuring the performance of Canadian monetary policy
Schembri, Lawrence (Bank of Canada):
A Tale of Two Countries and Two Booms, Canada and the United States in the 1920s and the 2000s: The Roles of Monetary and Financial Stability Policies
Siklos, Pierre L (Wilfrid Laurier University):
The Monetary Policy Council and The Governing Council: Two Peas In a Pod?

Monetary Policy Design / Élaboration de politiques monétaires
ChairRhee, Jay Hyuk Jae (University of Windsor)
PapersFarvaque, Etienne (Université du Havre):
Optimal Term Length for an Overconfident Central Banker
Moore, Bartholomew (Fordham University):
Monetary Policy Regimes and Inflation in the New-Keynesian Model.
Rhee, Jay Hyuk Jae (University of Windsor):
Unemployment fluctuations, and Optimal Monetary policy in a Small Open Economy
Douch, Mohamed (Royal Military College):
Inflation-Price-Level Targeting in a Small Open Economy with Imperfect Pass-Through

Integration of Immigrants 2 / L'intégration des immigrants 2
PapersDamas de Matos, Ana (HEC Montréal):
The Careers of Immigrants
Mahboubi, Parisa (University of Guelph):
Labour Market Outcomes across Generations of Immigrants in Canada
Zhou, Jin (University of Western Ontario):
Does Network Matter? Job Search with Return Migration Option in China
DiscussantsTorres, Javier (University of British Columbia); Gross, Dominique (Simon Fraser University); Bechara, Peggy (Rwi)

Foreign Exchange Markets / Les marchés des changes
ChairAleem, Abdul (Dalhousie University)
PapersQureshi, Mahvash (International Monetary Fund):
Is the Exchange Rate Regime Really Irrelevant for External Adjustment?
Aleem, Abdul (Dalhousie University):
Exchange Rate Pass-Through in emerging countries: Does monetary policy credibility matter?

Theories of Money and Payment Systems / Théories de la monnaie et des systèmes de paiements
ChairBright, Robert (University of Guelph)
PapersWong, Tsz-Nga (Bank of Canada):
Monetary Policies, Unemployment and Inflation
Ang, Joshua Ping (University of Connecticut):
Endogenous Emergence of Money as a Store of Value
Bright, Robert (University of Guelph):
Transaction Demand for Money and the Market Structure and Symmetry of Alternative Forms of Payment

CESG Session: Bootstrap Methods II / Séance CESG : Les méthodes bootstrap II
ChairMacKinnon, James G (Queen's University)
PapersDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University):
Bootstrapping GMM tests under first order underidentification
Hounyo, Koomla Ulrich (Université de Montréal):
Bootstrapping Realized Volatility Using Contiguity Methods
Tabri, Rami (McGill University):
Asymptotic and Bootstrap Empirical Likelihood Ratio Tests for Strong Stochastic Dominance Between Two Income Distributions
DiscussantsDavidson, Russell (McGill University); Webb, Matt (Queen's University); Thompson, Brennan (Ryerson University)

PEF 5: The Financing of Long Term Residential Care in Canada and the United States / Séance FEP 5 : Le financement des soins de longue durée au Canada et aux États-Unis
OrganizerMacDonald, Martha (Saint Mary's University)
ChairFalvo, Nick (Carleton University)
PapersRosenau, Pauline (Univ. of Texas Health Science Center at Houston):
Exploring Policy Options to Improve the Financial Accountability of US Nursing Homes
Panos, Justin (York University):
A Hostage to Fortune: Financialization, Regulation and Long-term Care in North America
MacDonald, Martha (Saint Mary's University):
Individual Charges for Long Term Residential Care in Canada

Advances in the Estimation of Gravity Equations / Percées dans l'estimation des modèles gravitationnels
OrganizerHead, C. Keith (University of British Columbia)
ChairHead, C. Keith (University of British Columbia)
PapersHead, C. Keith (University of British Columbia):
Gravity Equations: Workhorse, Tookit, Cookbook
Morales, Eduardo (Columbia University):
Gravity and Extended Gravity: Estimating a Structural Model of Export Entry
Charbonneau, Karyne B (Princeton University):
Multiple Fixed Effects in Nonlinear Panel Data Models - Theory and Evidence
DiscussantsMorales, Eduardo (Columbia University); Charbonneau, Karyne B (Princeton University); Ries, John (University of British Columbia)

Canadian Public Policy Lecture / Conférence de la revue Analyse de politiques
OrganizerEmery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary)
ChairEmery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary)
PanelistsBoothe, Paul (Western University)
SpeakerBoothe, Paul (Western University)
TopicMaking Good Regulations

Bank of Canada Session: Recent Developments in Inflation Forecasting / Développements récents sur la prévision de l'inflation
OrganizerSekhposyan, Tatevik (Bank of Canada)
ChairJain, Monica (Bank of Canada)
PapersManzan, Sebastiano (Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College):
Forecasting the distribution of economic variables in a data-rich environment
Gibbs, Christopher (University of Oregon):
Systematic Inflation Forecast Errors, Forecast Combination, and the Forecast Combination Puzzle
Jain, Monica (Bank of Canada):
Conservatism in Inflation Forecasts

Finance Foundations of Macroeconomics: Sentiment / Le rôle des sentiments dans les bases financières de la macroéconomie
ChairNabin, Munirul Haque (Deakin University)
PapersJorge, Jose (Fundação Universidade Porto):
Ratings and Sentiments
Liu, Xuan (East Carolina University):
Is Relative Risk Aversion Time-varying? Evidence from Households' Portfolio Choice Data
Nabin, Munirul Haque (Deakin University):
Herd Behaviour in the Stock Market and the Dynamics of Wealth Distribution: Developed vs Emerging Economies.

CREE Session: Resource Economics - Theory / Séance CREE : L'économie des ressources naturelles (théorie)
ChairJanmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus)
PapersCairns, Robert D (McGill University):
Faustmann's Formulae for Forest Capital
Kakeu, Johnson (Georgia Institute of Technology):
Capital-Resource Economies and Resource Exhaustion
Stevens, Jason (University of Prince Edward Island):
Optimal extraction of a non-renewable resource under uncertainty: the implications of a capacity constraint
DiscussantsMartin, Patrick (University of Guelph); Wan, Rui (University of Calgary); Leach, Andrew (University of Alberta)

Removing Financial Barriers to Post-Secondary Education: Latest Contributions to Knowledge / Éliminer les obstacles financiers aux études postsecondaires: contributions récentes
OrganizerFord, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)
ChairRahman, Atiq (HRSDC)
PapersGrekou, Douwere (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
Manageable Student Debt Thresholds
Voyer, Jean-Pierre (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
Predicting student loan delinquency and default
Hui, Shek-wai (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
Results from a Randomized Field Test Making Post-secondary and Student Aid Applications the Default for BC High School Students
DiscussantsBaldwin, Noel (Council of Ministers of Education)

Social interaction and Peer Effects / Interactions sociales et influence des pairs
ChairSkuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo)
PapersFortin, Bernard (Université Laval):
Social Network, Peer Pressure, and Labor Supply
Kivinen, Steven (Queen's University):
A Coevolutionary Model of Unemployment and Social Networks
Pivovarova, Margarita (University of Toronto):
Peer effects in the classroom: evidence from new peers

Purvis Luncheon / Diner-conférence Purvis
ChairOreopoulos, Philip (University of Toronto)
SpeakerFryer, Roland (Harvard University)
TopicInequality in the 21st Century: The Declining Significance of Discrimination

State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairClark, Robert (HEC Montréal)
SpeakerGowrisankaran, Gautam (University of Arizona)
TopicBargaining Models With Application to Hospital Mergers

CNEH 3: Institutions, Expectations and Development / Institutions, attentes et développement
ChairMukherjee, Anirban (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur)
PapersSmith, Gregor (Queen's University):
Forecasting Interwar Deflations
Velk, Tom (McGill University):
Economic activity following the Civil War indexed by Postal Money Order Data
Stein, Guilherme (Fundação Getúlio Vargas - SP):
The Cuban Experiment: Measuring the Role of the 1959 Revolution on Economic Performance using the Synthetic Control Method
DiscussantsHinton, Michael (Minerva's Owl Consulting Economists); Roy Chaudhuri, Arka (University of British Columbia)

CDESG Panel 2: Labour and Development: Options for Better Jobs / Marché du travail et développement: options pour de meilleurs emplois
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PanelistsBetcherman, Gordon (University of Ottawa)
Hallward-Driemeier, Mary (World Bank)
Gasparini, Leornardo (CEDLAS and University of La Plata)
Dong, Xiao Yuan (University of Winnipeg)

CLEA Session: Law and Economics / Séance CLEA : Analyse économique du droit
ChairCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
PapersDibadj, Reza (University of San Francisco and University of California Berkeley):
Networks of Judicial Review in Corporate Law
Danese, Giuseppe (Simon Fraser University):
The case for a trusteeship approach to corporate governance
DiscussantsCarmody, Chi (University of Western Ontario)

CWEN-CHWEN Invited Session - Health Issues in Canada and China / Séance invitée RFE-CHWEN : Question de santé au Canada et en Chine
ChairCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)
PapersQi, Liangshu (Tsinghua University):
Health Care Utilization and Patients' Well-being under China's New Health Insurance Programs
Jia, Nan (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics):
The wage effect of childbirth on urban Chinese women: estimation with a new identification strategy
Rybczynski, Kathleen (University of Waterloo):
Alternative Therapies, Worker Health, and Absenteeism in the United States
Ward, Courtney (Dalhousie University):
Fetal health, sex ratios and cigarette smoking

CEBERG 7: Learning / CEBERG 7 : L'apprentissage
ChairMoir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
PapersArifovic, Jasmina (Simon Fraser University):
Repeated Battle of Sexes: Experimental Evidence and Individual Evolutionary Learning
Baranskyy, Andriy (Simon Fraser University):
Double-sided learning in a principal-agent environment with moral hazard.
Moir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John):
Do People Use Iterative Elimination?
Kostyshyna, Olena (Bank of Canada):
Are sunspots Learnable? An Experimental Investigation in a Simple General Equilibrium Model
DiscussantsMoir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John); Kostyshyna, Olena (Bank of Canada); Arifovic, Jasmina (Simon Fraser University); Baranskyy, Andriy (Simon Fraser University)

Factor Analysis 1 / Analyse factorielle 1
OrganizerStevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairStevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersCarrasco, Marine (Université de Montréal):
In-sample inference and forecasting in misspecified factor models
Perron, Benoit (Université de Montréal):
Bootstrap prediction Intervals for Factor Models
Stevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Factor Augmented Autoregressive Distributed Lag (FADL) Models

CIGI Session: Overburdened Central Banks? Balance Sheets and Beyond / Séance CIGI : Les banques centrales à bout de souffle? Bilans et autres enjeux
OrganizerJenkins, Paul (CIGI)
ChairLombardi, Domenico (CIGI)
PanelistsAmbler, Steven (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Siklos, Pierre L (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Ragan, Christopher (McGill University)
Duguay, Pierre (Consultant)

CPEG VI: Optimal Taxation, Tax Reform and Stabilization / Taxation optimale, réformes fiscales et stabilisation
ChairCuff, Katherine L (McMaster University)
PapersKesselman, Jonathan (Simon Fraser University Vancouver):
Challenges in Shifting Canadian Taxation toward Consumption
Burbidge, John (University of Waterloo):
Using Distance Functions to Understand Interest Taxation
DiscussantsWiner, Stanley (Carleton University); Munroe, David (Columbia University)

Regulation and Government Businesses / Réglementation et entreprises publiques
ChairDing, Hong (University of Ottawa)
PapersSahuguet, Nicolas (HEC Montréal):
Selling to a cartel of retailers: a model of hub and spoke collusion
Fellows, Garret Kent (University of Calgary):
Strategic Input Decisions Under Rate of Return Regulation
Ding, Hong (University of Ottawa):
Subsidy and Product Diversity in the case of Complementary Products
DiscussantsDing, Hong (University of Ottawa); Sahuguet, Nicolas (HEC Montréal); Fellows, Garret Kent (University of Calgary)

Sovereign Debt and Fiscal Policy / Dette souveraine et politique budgétaire
ChairLandon, Stuart (University of Alberta)
PapersShiamptanis, Christos (Ryerson University):
Austerity measures: Do they avert solvency crisis?
Tsoungui Belinga, Vincent de Paul (Université de Montréal):
Effects of fiscal policy in a small open economy: Evidence from Canada
Landon, Stuart (University of Alberta):
Rule-Based Resource Revenue Stabilization Funds: A Welfare Comparison
DiscussantsLuitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University); Bourgain, Arnaud (University of Luxembourg); Shiamptanis, Christos (Ryerson University)

Innovation Empirical / Innovation (empirique)
ChairKelly, Ryan (Industry Canada)
PapersSabetti, Leonard (George Mason University):
Spending on R&D and University Cooperation among U.S. Startup Firms
Kelly, Ryan (Industry Canada):
Venture Capital and Firm Performance in Canada
Giovannetti, Emanuele (Anglia Ruskin University):
Internet Access: the Role of Asymmetry and Trust in Explaining Connectivity Cycles
DiscussantsKelly, Ryan (Industry Canada); Dachs, Bernhard (AIT-Austrian Institute of Technology); Sabetti, Leonard (George Mason University)

CMSG - Credit and Bankruptcy over the Business Cycle / Crédit et faillites au fil du cycle économique
ChairFieldhouse, David (University of Western Ontario)
PapersMacGee, Jim (University of Western Ontario):
Aggregate Fluctuations, Consumer Credit and Bankruptcy
Zhang, Yahong (Bank of Canada):
Household Leverage, Slow Recovery and Monetary Policy
Fieldhouse, David (University of Western Ontario):
Income Loss and Bankruptcies over the Business Cycle

Topics in Growth and Development / Enjeux en croissance et en développement
ChairBatu, Michael (University of Guelph)
PapersLiu, Zheng (Concordia University):
Do Redistributive Policies Affect Economic Growth? --An Empirical Study based on Canadian data
Ge, Zhizhuang (Arizona State University):
Specialization and Unbalanced Sector Growth
Batu, Michael (University of Guelph):
An Overlapping Generations Economy with Religiosity

Advances in Asset Pricing / Percées dans l'évaluation des actifs financiers
ChairOkou, Cedric (ESG UQAM)
PapersJin, Jianjian (Bank of Canada):
Jump-Diffusion Long-Run Risks Models, Variance Risk Premium, and Volatility Dynamics
Okou, Cedric (ESG UQAM):
Risk-Return Trade-Off and Long-Run Asset Allocation
Alexeev, Vitali (University of Tasmania):
Portfolio diversification with high frequency data.

International Trade: China 1 / La Chine et le commerce international 1
ChairBas, Maria (CEPII -PSE)
PapersFlueckiger, Matthias (University of Basel):
Chinese Export Competition and Structural Changes in Europe
Liu, Runjuan (University of Alberta):
Tariff Pass-through and Household Welfare in China: How Important is the Private Sector?
Bas, Maria (CEPII -PSE):
Trade Liberalization and Export Prices: The case of China.

Trade and investment / Commerce et investissement
ChairCho, Jaehan (Arizona State University)
PapersCho, Jaehan (Arizona State University):
Intangible Capital Transfer Within Multinationals: Evidence from Korean MNCs
Peluffo Geronazzo, Silvia Adriana (Universidad de la Republica):
The Role of Investments in Export Growth: Evidence from a middle-income country
Leblebicioglu, Asli (University of Texas at Dallas):
The Impact of Banking Deregulations on Inbound Foreign Direct Investment: Transaction-level Evidence from the United States
DiscussantsPeluffo Geronazzo, Silvia Adriana (Universidad de la Republica); Leblebicioglu, Asli (University of Texas at Dallas); Cho, Jaehan (Arizona State University)

CETC-GEEP Session: Political Economy 2 / CETC-GEEP: Économie politique 2
ChairDegan, Arianna (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersHoran, Sean (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Implementation of Majority Voting Rules
Forand, Jean Guillaume (University of Waterloo):
Markovian Elections
Gonzalez, Patrick (Université Laval):
Does Transparency Reduce Corruption?
DiscussantsPapai, Szilvia (Concordia University); Block, Juan (Washington University in St. Louis); Huang, Ce (William) (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)

Labour Market Dynamics 1 / Dynamique du marché du travail 1
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersAgopsowicz, Andrew (University of Western Ontario):
Post-schooling wage growth of women: quantifying the respective roles of job search and human capital accumulation
Cajner, Tomaz (Federal Reserve Board):
The Fading Dynamism of the US Labor Market: The Role of Demographics
Ben Yahmed, Sarra (Sciences Po and Aix-Marseille University):
Gender Wage Gaps across Skills and Trade Openness

CESG Session: Econometric Theory / Séance CESG : Théorie économétrique
ChairDavidson, Russell (McGill University)
PapersMacKinnon, James G (Queen's University):
Nonnested Hypothesis Tests for Binary Response Models
Ma, Jun (University of British Columbia):
Adjusted Empirical Likelihood Estimation and Specification Test for Conditional Moment Restriction Model
DiscussantsTabri, Rami (McGill University); Zinde-Walsh, Victoria (McGill University)

Consequences of Health Policy / Conséquences des politiques de santé
ChairWatson, Barry (Dalhousie University)
PapersShajarizadeh, Ali (University of Calgary):
The Evolution of New Pharmaceutical Prices in Canada
Lim, Mook (Dalhousie University):
Aggregate Savings and Public Provision of Health Care Services: The case of South Korea
Haeck, Catherine (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Prenatal nutritional program and child health at birth: empirical evaluation of the impact of the OLO program in Canada.
DiscussantsLim, Mook (Dalhousie University); Shajarizadeh, Ali (University of Calgary); Watson, Barry (Dalhousie University)

AEDSB Session: Bangladesh Development Issues: Micro Credit / Séance AEDSB: Enjeux de développement au Bangladesh: le micro-crédit
OrganizersAlam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University)
Sarker, Subrata (Bank of Canada)
ChairAlam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University)
PapersBerg, Claudia (The George Washington University):
Moneylenders and Microfinance: The Effects of Microfinance on the Informal Credit Market in Bangladesh
Mozumder, Pallab (Florida International University):
Natural Disaster, Credit Availability and School Attendance: Evidence from Bangladesh
Bidisha, Sayema Haque (University of Dhaka):
The Role of Credit in Food Security and Dietary Diversity: An Empirical Assessment in the Context of Bangladesh
Mahmoud, Chowdhury (Concordia University):
Did consumption pattern become different in Bangladesh: across time and strata
DiscussantsMozumder, Pallab (Florida International University); Bidisha, Sayema Haque (University of Dhaka); Berg, Claudia (The George Washington University)

CSLS - PEF Panel: What Has Happened to Living Standards in Canada? / Qu'arrive-t-il aux niveaux de vie au Canada?
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
ChairRichards, John (Simon Fraser University)
PanelistsFong, Francis (TD Bank)
Fortin, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Russell, Ellen (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Sharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)

Environment Canada Special Lecture / Conférence spéciale d'Environnement Canada
ChairHermanutz, Derek (Environment Canada)
SpeakerCameron, Trudy Ann (University of Oregon)
TopicDemand for Health Risk Reductions in Environmental Policy

Bank of Canada Session: Are forecasts optimal? Evaluation methods and evidence from the surveys / Séance de la Banque du Canada: Est-ce que les prévisions sont optimales? Méthodes d'évaluation et résultats d'enquêtes
OrganizerSekhposyan, Tatevik (Bank of Canada)
ChairOwyang, Michael (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)
PapersSekhposyan, Tatevik (Bank of Canada):
Forecast Optimality Tests in the Presence of Instabilities
Molodtsova, Tanya (Emory University):
How Well Do Professionals Forecast Exchange Rates? Evidence from Survey Data
Owyang, Michael (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis):
The Federal Reserve's Forecast Asymmetries Over the Business Cycle

Advances in International Finance Theory / Percées en théorie de la finance internationale
ChairRazo-Garcia, Raul (Carleton University)
PapersRazo-Garcia, Raul (Carleton University):
A two-country model of speculative attacks
Hoddenbagh, Jonathan (Boston College):
Financial Integration, Fiscal Unions and Currency Unions
Suzuki, Tomoya (Kansai University):
Transmission Mechanism of a Terrorist Shock in a Small Open Economy

Incomes and Welfare / Revenus et bien-être
ChairRoberge, Helene (Ressources Humaines et Développement des Compétences Canada)
PapersSmith, Justin (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Diversity and Donations: The Effect of Religious and Ethnic Diversity on Charitable Giving
Zhang, Xuelin (Statistics Canada):
Low income dynamics in Canada: recent evidence from the Longitudinal Administrative Databank

EPRI Session 1: Policy and Program Effects on Education / Effets des politiques et des programmes en éducation
OrganizerMueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
ChairFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
PapersFord, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
Early High School Interventions to Increase Students' Access to Post-secondary Education: Experimental Impacts from the BC AVID Pilot Project
Wismer, Andrew (University of Ottawa):
The Reality of Parental Contributions Received by Low-Income Student Borrowers
Leonard, Phil (McMaster University):
What if High School were a Year Longer? Evidence from Newfoundland
Oreopoulos, Philip (University of Toronto):
The Effectiveness of the Pathways to Education Program
DiscussantsSweetman, Arthur (McMaster University); Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation); Morin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa)

Retirement and Aging / Retraites et vieillissement de la population
ChairSchirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersDong, Yingying (University of California Irvine):
Mandatory Retirement and Its Impacts on Consumption in China
Nikpoor, Somaieh (University of Ottawa):
Aging Population and Public Pensions in Canada

Coffee Break / Pause-café

State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairRuge-Murcia, Francisco J. (Université de Montréal)
SpeakerShimer, Robert (University of Chicago)
TopicCompetitive Search and Competitive Equilibrium

CNEH 4: Trade and Migration / Commerce et migration
ChairVelk, Tom (McGill University)
PapersBlouin, Arthur (University of Warwick):
Migration and the Cultural Transmission of Knowledge
Hinton, Michael (Minerva's Owl Consulting Economists):
Canadian Economic Growth and the Reciprocity Treaty of 1854
Holmes, Gordon (McMaster University):
Canadian Trade Statistics by Country and Product, 1832 to 1960
DiscussantsLewis, Joshua (University of Toronto); Lewis, Frank D. (Queen's University)

Innovation Theory / Théorie de l'innovation
Chairde Bettignies, Jean-Etienne (Queen's University)
Papersde Bettignies, Jean-Etienne (Queen's University):
Competition, Licensing, and Incentives to Innovate
Versaevel, Bruno (EMLYON Business School):
Patent Pools and Dynamic R&D Incentives
de Lamirande, Patrick (Cape Breton University):
Managerial collusive behavior under asymmetric incentive schemes
Discussantsde Lamirande, Patrick (Cape Breton University); Versaevel, Bruno (EMLYON Business School)

IRPP Session: Foreign Direct Investment Rules in Canada: What Happens After CNOOC-Nexen? / Séance IRPP: Les règles de l'investissement direct étranger au Canada: l'après CNOOC-Nexen
ChairRagan, Christopher (McGill University)
PanelistsBoothe, Paul (Western University)
Stanford, James (Canadian Auto Workers)
Assaf, Dany (Torys LLP)

CDESG: India / Inde
ChairRosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University)
PapersDas Gupta, Amlan (University of British Columbia):
Electoral Democracy as a Disciplining Device for Politicians: Evidence from India
Mukherjee, Anirban (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur):
Community identity and skill mismatch: A study of the Indian labour market
Roy Chaudhuri, Arka (University of British Columbia):
The Economic Lives of Muslims in India, 1983-2005

Law and Economics / Analyse économique du droit
ChairCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
PapersKimou, Assi Jose Carlos (University of Cocody-Abidjan, Fulbright visiting scholar University of South Florida):
Legal system Effectiveness and Business Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Does the Legal Origin Matter?
Khalil, Umair (University of Rochester):
Juvenile Crime: The Effect of Alcohol, Drugs and Peers.
Mai, Joseph (York University):
Jurisdictional justice and economic incentives: empirical evidence on foreign firms versus domestic firms in intellectual property litigation in Canada
DiscussantsSen, Anindya (University of Waterloo)

CEBERG 8: Risk and Expectations / CEBERG 8: Risques et attentes
ChairMorrison, William (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute):
Optimism in a Taking Game
Yuan, Jia (University of Macau):
How Much Is the Cost Associated with the Behavioral Fallacy? Evidence from China Individual Lottery Betting Data
Morrison, William (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Risk Taking, Intertemporal Choice and Found Money in the Laboratory
DiscussantsYuan, Jia (University of Macau); Morrison, William (Wilfrid Laurier University); Smith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Factor Analysis 2 / Analyse factorielle 2
OrganizerStevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairStevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersForoni, Claudia Sabina (Norges Bank):
U-MIDAS: MIDAS regressions with unrestricted lag polynomials
Kumar, Gitanjali (Bank of Canada):
High-frequency real economic activity indicator for Canada
Bouaddi, Mohammed (The American University in Cairo):
Nonlinear Factor Model using the Marginal Distributions of a Large Data Set

Inequality Measures / Mesures d'inégalité
PapersMakdissi, Paul (University of Ottawa):
On the measurement of over-opulence
Ayadi, Mohamed (University Of Tunis):
Multidimensional generalized Sen-Shorrocks-Thon poverty measures with an application to Tunisia
Thompson, Brennan (Ryerson University):
Statistical Inference for a Class of Affluence Measures
DiscussantsAyadi, Mohamed (University Of Tunis); Thompson, Brennan (Ryerson University); Makdissi, Paul (University of Ottawa)

CPEG VII: Determinants of Public Expenditure / Déterminants des dépenses publiques
ChairDevlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa)
PapersMehta, Nirav A. (University of Western Ontario):
Supply, Demand, and Social Learning: An application to competition in public education
Leroux, Marie-Louise (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Behavioral Biases and Long Term Care Insurance: A Political Economy Approach
Galletta, Sergio (University of Lugano):
How to Tame two Leviathans? Revisiting the Effect of Direct Democracy on Local Public Expenditure
DiscussantsDevlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa); Forand, Jean Guillaume (University of Waterloo); Ferede, Ergete (Grant MacEwan University)

Topics in Economic Theory / Questions en économie théorique
ChairMak, Eric (University of Toronto)
PapersCato, Susumu (Tokyo Metropolitan University):
Impossibilities of Stationary Ordinal Equity
Mak, Eric (University of Toronto):
The Road to Maturation
Spiegelman, Eli (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Rational self-deception
DiscussantsMak, Eric (University of Toronto); Spiegelman, Eli (Université du Québec à Montréal); Cato, Susumu (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Regulation and IO Model Estimation / Réglementation et estimation de modèles en organisation industrielle
ChairErutku, Can (York University)
PapersErutku, Can (York University):
Econometrics Lessons from the Kingston Retail Gasoline Price-Fixing Cartel
Yuan, Zhe (University of Toronto):
Entry and Incumbent Response in the Airline Industry

CMSG Session: Taxation and Regulation of Capital / Séance CMSG: Imposition et réglementation du capital
ChairCociuba, Simona (University of Western Ontario)
PapersKuruscu, Burhanettin (University of Toronto):
Efficiency Gains from Wealth Taxation
Cociuba, Simona (University of Western Ontario):
Interest Rate Policy and Financial Regulation: How to Control Excessive Risk Taking?
Gross, Till (Carleton University):
Capital Taxation, Intermediate Goods, and Production Efficiency

Financial Markets / Marchés financiers
ChairPartridge, James (University of Western Ontario)
PapersRempel, Mark (Bank of Canada):
The Furfine Algorithm: A Wrong Turn or a Stepping Stone in the Analysis of Overnight Markets?
Rabinovich, Stanislav (Amherst College):
A Theory of Dynamic Overinvestment
Oikonomou, Rigas (HEC Montréal):
Multiple Maturities Incomplete Financial Markets and Government Debt Management
Partridge, James (University of Western Ontario):
Inertia in Household Asset Holdings

Natural Resources Firms and Commodities Markets / Ressources naturelles et marché des produits de base
ChairMnasri, Mohamed (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersJamali, Ibrahim (American University of Beirut):
Does Expansionary Monetary Policy Drive Commodity Prices Up? Evidence from Futures Markets
Mnasri, Mohamed (Université du Québec à Montréal):
How Do Firms Hedge Risks? Empirical Evidences From U.S. Oil and Gas Producers
Ouederni, Karima (HEC Montréal):
Determinants of dividend policy of north american gold mining firms

International Trade: China 2 / La Chine et le commerce international 2
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersMorrow, Peter (University of Toronto):
Tariffs and the Organization of Trade in China
van Assche, Ari (HEC Montréal):
Spatial Linkages and Export Processing Location in China: A Province-Level Analysis
Rodrigue, Joel (Vanderbilt University):
Firm Selection Across International Markets: Evidence from Chinese Exporters
Discussantsvan Assche, Ari (HEC Montréal); Rodrigue, Joel (Vanderbilt University); Morrow, Peter (University of Toronto)

Technology and Production / Technologies et production
ChairHaghiri, Morteza (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
PapersHaghiri, Morteza (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
Using generalized additive mixed models to examine input relationships in the Canadian cable television industry
Nikzad, Rashid (Industry Canada):
Canadian Worldwide Patent Activity: An Industrial Level Analysis
Tolhurst, Tor (University of Guelph):
Are Technological Advancements in Crop Production Equivalent in Good and Bad Years?
DiscussantsNikzad, Rashid (Industry Canada); Tolhurst, Tor (University of Guelph); Haghiri, Morteza (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Bank of Canada Session: New Developments in the Pricing of Liquidity / Séance de la Banque du Canada : Percées récentes dans l'établissement des prix de la liquidité
OrganizersRivadeneyra, Francisco (Bank of Canada)
Gungor, Sermin (Bank of Canada)
ChairRivadeneyra, Francisco (Bank of Canada)
PapersGarriott, Corey (Bank of Canada):
High frequency trading and market quality: Causal evidence from HFT entry
Fontaine, Jean-Sebastien (Banque du Canada):
Funding Liquidity and Equity Risk Premium
Rivadeneyra, Francisco (Bank of Canada):
Liquidity Risk in Safe and Near-Safe Assets
DiscussantsBrolley, Michael (University of Toronto); Guidara, Alaa (Laval University); Tabova, Alexandra (Federal Reserve Board)

CETC Session: Information 2 / Information 2
ChairLi, Ming (Concordia University)
PapersSemenov, Aggey (University of Ottawa):
Delegation to a potentially uninformed agent
Xie, Jia (Bank of Canada):
The Economics of Advice with Endogenous Information
Lai, Ernest (Lehigh University):
Eliciting Private Information with Noise: The Case of Randomized Response
DiscussantsSadanand, Asha (University of Guelph); Li, Ming (Concordia University); Wang, Yun (University of Pittsburgh)

CESG Session: Microeconometrics / Microéconométrie
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersHodgson, Douglas (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Changes in Age-Valuation Profiles for Eighteenth-Century Rococo and Neoclassical Painters
Bastani, Parisa (University of Cambridge):
Nonparametric Estimation of Mixing Distributions in Discrete Choice Models: Heterogeneity and WTP Distribution
Kim, Jun Sung (Cornell University):
Structural Estimation of Pairwise Stable Networks: An Application to Social Networks in Rural India
DiscussantsSekhposyan, Tatevik (Bank of Canada); Dong, Yingying (University of California Irvine); Conley, Timothy G. (University of Western Ontario)

Capital Markets Integration / L'intégration des marchés des capitaux
ChairBarry, Scholnick (University of Alberta)
PapersWang, Steven Shuye (Renmin University of China):
Institutional Trading Performance in a Retail Investor Dominated Emerging Market
Fuchs, Andreas (Princeton University):
Does Ownership Matter? Sovereign Debt Ratings and Home-country Bias
Pasricha, Gurnain (Bank of Canada):
Why do emerging markets liberalize capital outflow controls? Fiscal versus net capital flows concerns
Barry, Scholnick (University of Alberta):
Distance as a Bankruptcy Filing Cost

Health Insurance / Assurance santé
ChairZhao, Kai (University of Western Ontario)
PapersKredler, Matthias (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid):
Macroeconomic Implications of Long-Term Care Policy
Zhao, Kai (University of Western Ontario):
Does the Social Safety Net Improve Welfare? A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis

CESG Session: Copulas / Séance CESG: Copules
ChairLuger, Richard (Georgia State University)
PapersHuang, Wanling (University of Texas - Pan American):
Modeling international financial returns with regime-switching regular vine copulas
Medovikov, Ivan (Brock University):
Generalized Copula-Based Measure of Serial Dependence in Vector Time Series
Burda, Martin (University of Toronto):
Copula Based Factorization in Bayesian Multivariate Infi nite Mixture Models
DiscussantsLuger, Richard (Georgia State University); Prokhorov, Artem (Concordia University); McCausland, William (Université de Montréal)

PEF Keynote address / Conférence invitée du PEF
ChairFalvo, Nick (Carleton University)
SpeakerHébert, Guillaume (IRIS)
TopicA History of Neoliberalism in Quebec

Global Macroeconomics and International Financial Stability / Macroéconomie globale et stabilité financière internationale
OrganizerAkram, Tanweer (ING Investment Management)
ChairDas, Anupam (Mount Royal University)
PapersAkram, Tanweer (ING Investment Management):
"The Economics of Japan's Lost Decades and Alternative Policies for Renewed Prosperity"
Mukerji, Purba (Connecticut College):
Measuring Vulnerability to Spillovers
Parenteau, Robert (MacroStrategy Edge):
Sector Financial Balance Approach to Financial Stability
DiscussantsParenteau, Robert (MacroStrategy Edge); Akram, Tanweer (ING Investment Management); Mukerji, Purba (Connecticut College)

CSLS Panel: Multifactor Productivity Growth in Canada: Trends, Measurement Issues and Interpretation / Croissance de la productivité au Canada: tendances, enjeux de mesure et interprétation
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
ChairSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
PanelistsDiewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia)
Shute, Larry (Industry Canada)
Sichel, Dan (Wellesley College)
St Amant, Pierre (Bank of Canada)
Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada)

CD Howe Session: Long-Term Investment Returns: Expectations and Policy Implications / Rendements à long-terme sur les investissements: attentes et politiques
OrganizerLaurin, Alexandre (C.D. Howe Institute)
ChairBergevin, Philippe (C.D. Howe Institute)
PapersAubry, Jean-Pierre (CIRANO):
What Investment Returns Can We Expect the Economy to Support in the Long-Term?
Allaire, Laurence (CIRANO):
Expected Long-Term Returns and Their Implications for Defined-Benefits Pension Funds and Retirement Savings
Switzer, Lorne N (Concordia University):
The Equity Risk Premium in the U.S., Canada and International Markets: An Update

Environment Canada Session 2: Environmental Policy Modeling / Modélisation des politiques environnementales
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada)
ChairLeach, Andrew (University of Alberta)
PapersWigle, Randall (Wilfrid Laurier University):
The "Other" Benefits of Renewable Energy Promotio
Zhu, Yunfa (Environment Canada):
Impacts of Technology uncertainty on Energy Use, Emission and Abatement Cost in USA: Simulation results from an Integrated Assessment Model
Yonezawa, Hidemichi (University of Ottawa):
Intranational carbon leakage: The case of Canada
Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada):
Border Tax Adjustments in the Climate Policy Context: CO2 versus Broad-based GHG Emission Targeting
DiscussantsCockburn, John (Université Laval); Arif, Faisal (Industry Canada); Wen, Yuan (University of Calgary); Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)

Labour Market Dynamics 2 / Dynamique du marché du travail 2
ChairKivinen, Steven (Queen's University)
PapersShang, Ying (Capital University of Economics and Business):
Nonparametric Estimation of Income Mobility in the U.S.
Lepage-Saucier, Nicolas (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The consumption response to job displacements, layoffs and hours losses.
Kim, Soobin (Michigan State University):
Intergenerational Earnings Mobility in Korea

CREE Session: Policy Issues in Environmental Economics / Enjeux de politiques en économie de l'environnement
ChairWinter, Jennifer (School of Public Policy, University of Calgary)
PapersSilva, Emilson (University of Alberta):
Perfectly Coalition-Proof Overlapping Environmental Agreements
Moghadam, Arian (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania):
Pollution shifting and community demographics
Garon, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Double dividend of non-renewable resource taxation in a federation with equalization payments
DiscussantsLiu, Mengxiao (University of Toronto); Silva, Emilson (University of Alberta); Winter, Jennifer (School of Public Policy, University of Calgary)

EPRI Session 2: Labour Market Outcomes / Répercussions de l'éducation sur le marché du travail
ChairSweetman, Arthur (McMaster University)
PapersFrenette, Marc (Statistics Canada):
An Investment of a Lifetime? The Long-term Labour Market Returns to a Terminal High School Diploma
Li, Qing (McMaster University):
Immigrant Source Country Educational Quality and Receiving Country Labour Market Outcomes
Childs, Stephen (University of Ottawa):
Early Labour Market Outcomes and the Returns to Education: Evidence from the YITS-A
Connolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Intergenerational Transmission of Education and Income in Canadian Youth
DiscussantsHaeck, Catherine (Université du Québec à Montréal); Frenette, Marc (Statistics Canada); Leonard, Phil (McMaster University)

Long Term Consequences / Conséquences à long terme
ChairLefebvre, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersYuksel, Mutlu (Dalhousie University):
For Better For Worse: The Long-Term Effects of Postwar Reconstruction on Family Formation
Feir, Donna Leanne (University of British Columbia):
The Intergenerational Consequences of Residential Schooling
DiscussantsFeir, Donna Leanne (University of British Columbia); Lefebvre, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal)

CEA Presidential Address / Discours du président de l'ACE
ChairLemieux, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
TopicCredit Risk

Reception / Réception
SponsorAnalysis Group/Groupe d'analyse

Coffee and muffins / Café et muffins

CDESG: Political Economy 2 / Économie politique 2
ChairGoyette, Jonathan (Université de Sherbrooke)
PapersEstevan, Fernanda (University of Ottawa):
The political economy of public spending between compulsory and higher education
Amegashie, J. Atsu (University of Guelph):
Asymmetric Information, Fiscal Capacity, and Fiscal Accountability
Goyette, Jonathan (Université de Sherbrooke):
Corruption, credit constraints and the allocation of talent

CDESG: Education / Éducation
ChairLehrer, Kim (University of Oxford)
PapersShonchoy, Abu (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO):
Ramadan School Holidays as a Natural Experiment: Impacts of Seasonality on School Dropout in Bangladesh
Sokhna, Ousmane (CRES / University of Dakar):
The impact evaluation of school feeding programs on the internal effectiveness of rural public primary schools: Evidence from a randomized trial in Senegal
Atallah, Samer (McGill University):
Like Parent Like Child: the Misfortunes of Educational Attainment within Egyptian Households

CEBERG 9: Financial Markets and Labour Economics / CEBERG 9: Marchés financiers et économie du travail
ChairGregoire, Philippe (Université Laval)
PapersMatthews, Peter (Middlebury College):
Compensating Differentials: The View From The Lab
Xie, Huan (Concordia University):
Bubbles and Traders' Expectations in Asset Markets with An Inflow of New Traders
Gregoire, Philippe (Université Laval):
The impact of brokers on the dynamics of a Walrasian auction
DiscussantsXie, Huan (Concordia University); Gregoire, Philippe (Université Laval); Matthews, Peter (Middlebury College)

CPEG VIII: Public Policy Analysis / Analyse de politiques publiques
ChairHicks, Chantal (Statistics Canada)
PapersBérubé, Charles (Industry Canada):
The Effectiveness of Direct and Indirect Support to Business R&D Revisited
Kryvoruchko, Iryna (University of Regina):
The Role of Government Policy in Shaping Canadian Foundations
Hicks, Chantal (Statistics Canada):
LifePaths microsimulation model and the analysis of public policy: New perspectives
DiscussantsYilmaz, Fatih (University of Calgary); Joulfaian, David (US Department of Treasury); Mahar, Gerry J. (Algoma University)

CMSG Session: Macroeconomic Aspects of Environmental Economics / Séance CMSG: Aspects macroéconomiques en économie de l'environnement
ChairTombe, Trevor (University of Calgary)
PapersDoda, Lider Baran (London School of Economics):
Green growth in the shadow of a climate change backstop technology
Stefanski, Radoslaw (Université Laval):
Structural Transformation and Pollution
Tombe, Trevor (University of Calgary):
Taxes versus Standards (Again): Misallocation and Productivity Effects of Intensity Targets

CMSG Session: Macro Policy / Séance CMSG: Politiques macroéconomiques
ChairRuge-Murcia, Francisco J. (Université de Montréal)
PapersBouakez, Hafedh (HEC Montréal):
Government Spending and the Zero Bound on Interest Rates in a Small Open Economy
Schroth, Josef (Bank of Canada):
Fiscal policy coordination in monetary unions
Ruge-Murcia, Francisco J. (Université de Montréal):
Skewness Risk and Bond Prices

Banking / Le secteur banquaire
ChairTewfik, Christine (University of Toronto)
PapersTakamura, Tamon (Bank of Canada):
A General Equilibrium Model with Banks and Default on Loans
Martin, Julien (Université Catholique de Louvain):
The Few Leading the Many: Foreign Affiliates and Business Cycle Comovement
Tewfik, Christine (University of Toronto):
Financial frictions and investment delay in the business cycle

Trade and FDI / Commerce et investissements directs étrangers
ChairSecrieru, Oana (Royal Military College)
PapersHou, Lei (Capital University of Economics and Business, P.R.China):
Financial Structure,Productivity and Risk of Foreign Direct Investment
Qirjo, Dhimitri (SUNY Plattsburgh):
FDI and Temporary or Permanent Immigration
Secrieru, Oana (Royal Military College):
Exporting and FDI with Endogenous Productivity
DiscussantsQirjo, Dhimitri (SUNY Plattsburgh); Secrieru, Oana (Royal Military College); Hou, Lei (Capital University of Economics and Business, P.R.China)

Trade and Environment / Commerce et environnement
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersViju, Crina (Carleton University):
Taking an Option on the Future: Subsidizing Biofuels for Energy Security or Reducing Global Warming
Wan, Rui (University of Calgary):
The Dirty Secrets of Clean Technologies-Environment-for-Trade Policy with Vertical Market Structure
Wen, Yuan (University of Calgary):
Carbon Emissions and the Effectiveness of the Kyoto Protocol
DiscussantsWan, Rui (University of Calgary); Wen, Yuan (University of Calgary); Viju, Crina (Carleton University)

CETC Session: Applications of Game Theory / Théorie des jeux appliqués
ChairHoran, Sean (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersXue, Licun (McGill University):
Externalities, Renegotiable Agreements and Efficiency
Zhao, Jingang (University of Saskatchewan):
Two Mathematical Versions of the Coase Theorem
Huang, Ce (William) (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics):
Mixed-strategy Equilibria in Directed Search with Uninformed Buyers
DiscussantsZhao, Jingang (University of Saskatchewan); Xue, Licun (McGill University); Blouin, Max (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Fixed Income Issues / Enjeux sur les titres à revenu fixe
ChairTabova, Alexandra (Federal Reserve Board)
PapersAbbritti, Mirko (Universidad de Navarra):
Global Factors in the Term Structure of Interest Rates
Coleman, Simeon (Nottingham Trent University):
How tight is the knot? International yield curve dynamics and interactions.
Tabova, Alexandra (Federal Reserve Board):
The replacement of safe assets in the U.S. bond portfolio and implications for the U.S. bond home bias
DiscussantsTabova, Alexandra (Federal Reserve Board); Abbritti, Mirko (Universidad de Navarra); Coleman, Simeon (Nottingham Trent University)

CESG Session: Macroeconometrics / Séance CESG: Macroéconométrie
ChairGordon, Stephen (Université Laval)
PapersGuérin, Pierre (Bank of Canada):
Markov Switching Mixed Frequency VAR Models
Kormilitsina, Anna (Southern Methodist University):
Consistent Estimation of the Variance of the Laplace Type Estimators
Sekkel, Rodrigo (Bank of Canada):
Forecasting with Many Models: Model Confi dence Sets and Forecast Combination

PEF 7: Inflation Targeting After the Crisis: Cracks in the / PEF 7: Cible d'inflation au lendemain de la crise : fissures dans le consensus?
OrganizerStanford, James (Canadian Auto Workers)
ChairStanford, James (Canadian Auto Workers)
PapersAquanno, Scott (University of Toronto):
The New Politics of Macroeconomic Stability: The Evolution of Canadian Monetary Policy
Das, Anupam (Mount Royal University):
Inflation targeting in developing countries: how much should we care?
Grasselli, Matheus (McMaster University):
Debt Dynamics in the Great Moderation and Beyond: Accumulation, Deleverage and Implications for Monetary and Fiscal Policy
DiscussantsLavoie, Marc (University of Ottawa)

Short Papers in Financial Economics / Présentations courtes en économie financière
ChairDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
PapersSingh, Vikkram (Sheridan College):
Integration of Financial Markets in Emerging Markets post 2008 - an oxymoron?
Dabbous, Amal (Concordia University):
A Staggered Pricing Approach to Modeling Speculative Storage: Implications For Commodity Price Dynamics
Mikhed, Vyacheslav (University of Alberta):
Inequality, debt and bankruptcy: evidence from insolvent's balance sheets
Zhang, Peixin (University of Paris West Nanterre La Défense):
Incentive approach to regulatory reforms in banking industry
Mirza, Afrasiab (Queen's University):
Capital Rules and Leverage Ratio Restrictions

Economics of Remittances in Developing Countries / Envois de fonds dans les pays en voie de développement
OrganizerDas, Anupam (Mount Royal University)
ChairAkram, Tanweer (ING Investment Management)
PapersChowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of Manitoba):
Does Financial Development Influence the Remittance-Growth Nexus? Evidence from Dynamic Panel Estimations
Serieux, John (University of Manitoba):
Does the Origin of Remittance Flows Matter for Saving Behaviour? Results from a Bangladeshi Household Survey
Khan, Md. Syeed-Uz-Zaman (University of Manitoba):
Comparative effectiveness of non-market financial flows towards Sub-Saharan African and Asian countries.
DiscussantsLeung, Ambrose (Mount Royal University); Rowlands, Dane (Carleton University); Sarker, Subrata (Bank of Canada)

Immigration Issues / Enjeux en immigration
PapersOloufade, Djoulassi (University of Ottawa):
Dual Citizenship Institution: A Pareto Improvement?
Basu, Bharati (Central Michigan University):
The Role of Insurance in Determining the Level of Remittances:New Evidence from Latin American Immigrants to the US
DiscussantsBasu, Bharati (Central Michigan University); Oloufade, Djoulassi (University of Ottawa)

Labour Economics 1 / Économie du travail 1
ChairBrown, Laura (University of Manitoba)
PapersOchsen, Carsten (University of Applied Labour Studies):
Relative Cohort Size and Unemployment in the United States
Dörr, Annabelle (Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg):
Assignment Mechanisms, Selection Criteria, and the Effectiveness of Training Programs
Tanaka, Atsuko (University of Calgary):
Employee Loyalty, Training and Female Labor Supply
Bazarkulova, Dana (University of Manitoba):
Time Allocation Gender Gap in Native-born and Foreign-born Families in Canada

CREE Session: Empirical Issues in Environment Economics / Séance CREE : Enjeux empiriques en économie de l'environnement
ChairOestreich, (Andreas) Marcel (University of Guelph)
PapersSouza-Rodrigues, Eduardo (University of Toronto):
Demand for Deforestation in the Amazon
Ordas Criado, Carlos (Université Laval):
Parametric vs nonparametric dichotomous choice contingent valuation models: testing the kernel estimator and its revealed performance
Janmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Water Conservation: What is it? How can it be encouraged? Evidence from Kelowna, British Columbia
DiscussantsOrdas Criado, Carlos (Université Laval); Janmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus); Souza-Rodrigues, Eduardo (University of Toronto); Martínez Espiñeira, Roberto (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

EPRI Session 3: Schooling Transitions / Transitions scolaires
ChairMorin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa)
PapersFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa):
The Determinants and Early Labour Market Consequences of Dropping Out of School in Canada: A Longitudinal Analysis
DeClou, Lindsay (McMaster University):
Graduate Attrition by Discipline: Analyzing Administrative Data from an Ontario Research University
Mueller, Mercedes (University of Ottawa):
Second time's a charm: Evidence on Canadian graduates who pursue further post-secondary education
Pavlic, Dejan (University of Ottawa):
Student Persistence: Examining Transfer Student Patterns at the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College.
DiscussantsLi, Qing (McMaster University); Wismer, Andrew (University of Ottawa); Chan, Ping Ching Winnie (Statistics Canada); Mueller, Mercedes (University of Ottawa)

Local Labour Markets and Migration / Marchés du travail locaux et migration
ChairMarchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
PapersArzaghi, Mohammad (National Bureau of Economic Research):
Migration as a Way to Diversify: Evidence from Rural to Urban Migration in the US
Laporte, Christine (Statistics Canada):
Inter-provincial workers in Alberta
Marchand, Joseph (University of Alberta):
Skills, Tasks, and Energy Booms

Coffee Break / Pause-café

CDESG: Gender and Social Structures / Structures sociales et genre
ChairEstevan, Fernanda (University of Ottawa)
PapersZhou, Weina (University of British Columbia):
How Does A Traumatic Experience During Youth Affect Later Life? Evidence from the Send-down Program during the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Abdelfattah, Noha (University of Victoria):
The effect of domestic work on human capital investment: the Egyptian case.

CEBERG 10: Risk, Ambiguity and Preferences / CEBERG 10: Risque, ambiguïté et préférences
ChairWebb, Ryan (New York University)
PapersBessey, Donata (Yonsei University):
Religious attendance and preferences
Kneeland, Terri (University of British Columbia):
Rationality and consistent beliefs: theory and experimental evidence
Webb, Ryan (New York University):
Neural foundations for context-dependent choice
DiscussantsKneeland, Terri (University of British Columbia); Webb, Ryan (New York University); Bessey, Donata (Yonsei University)

Factor Analysis 3 / Analyse factorielle 3
OrganizerStevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairStevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersMésonnier, Jean-Stéphane (Banque de France):
Bank leverage shocks and the macroeconomy: a new look in a data-rich environment
Ahmadi, Pooyan Amir (Goethe University):
Credit Shocks, Monetary Policy, and Business Cycles: Evidence from a Structural Time Varying Bayesian FAVAR
Karstanje, Dennis (Erasmus University Rotterdam):
Common Factors in Commodity Futures Curves

CPEG IX: Giving, Redistribution and Social Preferences / Dons, redistribution et préférences sociales
ChairLeroux, Marie-Louise (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersMarr, Christa (Clark University):
Perception of Deception: The Fall in Redistribution Preferences and Rise in Government Mistrust after the Great Recession
Devlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa):
The Impact of Visible Minorities on Majority Giving
Barnett, Richard (Drexel University):
Voting for income-immiserizing redistribution in the Meltzer-Richard model
DiscussantsLkhagvasuren, Damba (Concordia University); Kryvoruchko, Iryna (University of Regina); Leroux, Marie-Louise (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Issues in Finance / Enjeux en finance
ChairChaigneau, Pierre (HEC Montreal)
PapersChen, Liang (University of Calgary):
Moral Hazard and Risk on the CEOs Market
Chaigneau, Pierre (HEC Montreal):
Incentives for risk-taking: bonuses and dismissals
Basiri, Kiana (HEC Montréal):
Household Insolvency Options and Competition

Intellectual Property: Patents / Propriété intellectuelle et brevets
OrganizerCosac, Teodora (Industry Canada)
PapersArif, Faisal (Industry Canada):
Assessing the Effectiveness of the Patent System: A Literature Review
Collette, Elias (Canadian Intellectual Property Office):
Patent families as proxy for innovation that leads to productivity growth
Lazarus, Gary (Industry Canada):
Patents in Canada: A Statistical Update
DiscussantsGallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia); Beaudry, Catherine (École Polytechique de Montréal)

CMSG Session: Monetary Policy / Séance CMSG: Politique monétaire
ChairLubik, Thomas (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond)
PapersCacciatore, Matteo (HEC Montréal):
Market Deregulation and Optimal Monetary Policy in a Monetary Union
Nakajima, Makoto (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia):
Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents
Lubik, Thomas (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond):
Indeterminacy and Learning: An Analysis of Monetary Policy in the Great Inflation

CMSG Session: Search, Housing, Mobility / Séance CMSG: Recherche de logements et mobilité
ChairStacey, Derek (Ryerson University)
PapersAndrew, Kevin (Queen's University):
Wages, Unemployment and Migration
Stacey, Derek (Ryerson University):
The Distribution of House Prices and Income Inequality Within Cities
Delacroix, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Pricing and Signaling with Frictions.

Business Cycle Econometrics / Économétrie des cycles économiques
ChairAhking, Francis (University of Connecticut)
PapersGordon, Stephen (Université Laval):
Identifying business cycle turning points in real time
Luo, Sui (University of Washington):
Is It One Break or Ongoing Permanent Shocks That Explains U.S. Real GDP? A Bayesian Analysis Using an Unobserved Component
Ahking, Francis (University of Connecticut):
Measuring U.S. Business Cycles: A Comparison of Two Methods and Two Indicators of Economic Activities

Trade, Technology and Productivity / Commerce, technologie et productivité
ChairTomlin, Ben (Bank of Canada)
PapersPaz, Lourenco (Syracuse University):
Inter-industry Productivity Spillovers: An Analysis Using the 1989-1998 Brazilian Trade Liberalization.
Sposi, Michael (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas):
Capital Goods Trade and Economic Development
Tomlin, Ben (Bank of Canada):
Import Prices and Currency Invoicing
DiscussantsSposi, Michael (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas); Tomlin, Ben (Bank of Canada); Paz, Lourenco (Syracuse University)

CETC Session: Cooperative Game Theory / Théorie des jeux coopératifs
ChairXue, Licun (McGill University)
PapersPapai, Szilvia (Concordia University):
Matching With Minimal Priority Rights
Gugl, Elisabeth (University of Victoria):
The Rotten Kid Theorem and Almost Transferable Utility
DiscussantsGugl, Elisabeth (University of Victoria); Pongou, Roland (University of Ottawa)

CESG Session: Financial Econometrics / Économétrie de la finance
ChairMorin, Lealand (Queen's University)
PapersLuger, Richard (Georgia State University):
Unfolding GARCH models
Morin, Lealand (Queen's University):
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Diffusion Processes using Extreme Values or Bounds
Gungor, Sermin (Bank of Canada):
Multivariate tests of mean-variance efficiency and spanning with a large number of assets and time-varying covariances
Diez de los Rios, Antonio (Bank of Canada):
A New Linear Estimator for Gaussian Dynamic Term Structure Models

CESG Session: Bayesian Methods / Méthodes bayésiennes
ChairBurda, Martin (University of Toronto)
PapersLiu, Xiaochun (Emory University):
Markov Switching Quantile Autoregression
McCausland, William (Université de Montréal):
Bayesian inference and model comparison for random choice structures
Samano, Mario (HEC Montréal):
Bayesian Inference for Conditional Average Treatment Effects from a Job Training Program
DiscussantsMcCausland, William (Université de Montréal); Samano, Mario (HEC Montréal); Burda, Martin (University of Toronto)

PEF 8: Economics of the Possible: Opportunities and Constraints in Québec a Year After the Printemps Érable / Opportunités et contraintes au Québec un an après le printemps érable
OrganizerDufour, Mathieu (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
ChairFalvo, Nick (Carleton University)
PapersPineault, Eric (University of Québec at Montréal):
Directionless Interventionism: the scourge of contemporary social democracy, elements for a renewed economics of the possible
Couturier, Eve-Lyne (Iris):
From Social-democracy to Neoliberalism: Politics of Continuity in Québec
Harvey, Pierre-Antoine (Centrale des syndicats du Québec):
Is there a progressive exceptionalism in Quebec? If so, could it be strengthened?
Dufour, Mathieu (John Jay College of Criminal Justice):
Fiscality as a Tool of Economic Transformation and Development: Prospects for Québec

CSLS Session: Productivity Developments at the Provincial Level in Canada / Développements sur la productivité au niveau provincial au Canada
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
ChairRagan, Christopher (McGill University)
PapersSpiro, Peter (University of Toronto):
A Sectoral Analysis of Ontario's Weak Productivity Growth
Grand-Maison, Etienne (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
A Detailed Analysis of Productivity Performance in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1997-2010: the Role of the Oil and Gas Sector
M-Muntean, Tatiana (Ontario Ministry of Finance):
Intangible assets and their contribution to productivity growth in Ontario
DiscussantsTapp, Stephen (Institute for Research on Public Policy); Tang, Jianmin (Industry Canada); Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada)

Labour Economics 2 / Économie du travail 2
ChairJia (George), Ye (University of Prince Edward Island)
PapersLin, Maoqiong (Carleton University):
Family Strategies and the Labor Supply of Married Immigrant Women
Kong, Weiyang (Dalhousie University):
Do immigrants share the same happiness profile as native born Canadians?
Islam, Khan (University of Manitoba):
Heterogeneous Impact of Micro-credit on Household Labor Supply:A Dynamic Approach
Jia (George), Ye (University of Prince Edward Island):
Health Insurance Coverage and Self Employment

CREE Session: Short Presentations in Environment Economics / Présentations courtes en économie de l'environnement
ChairCairns, Robert D (McGill University)
PapersGertz, Aaron (University of Western Ontario):
Structural change and climate policy in developing countries
Galiana, Isabel Marie (McGill University):
Generating low-carbon investment in electricity markets
Oestreich, (Andreas) Marcel (University of Guelph):
Carbon Emissions and Stock Returns

EPRI Session 4: Preparing for PSE and the Labour Market / Préparation aux EPS et au marché du travail
ChairLehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University)
PapersLehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University):
Understanding College Major Choice Decisions in Canada
Tessier, Nicholas (University of Ottawa):
Personal and Contextual Factors in the Educational Transition of Canadian Adolescents in Foster Care: Evidence from the Youth in Transition Survey
Kottelenberg, Michael (Queen's University):
Characterizing Dynamic Skill Formation in Canada: Tracking the Effects of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skill Development from Early Childhood to College-University
Afshar, Kaveh (University of Ottawa):
Mismatches of education aspirations and attainment: a behavioural economics approach
DiscussantsKottelenberg, Michael (Queen's University); Veall, Michael (McMaster University); Lehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University)

Labour: Gender and Ethnic Gaps / Écarts selon le genre et le groupes ethnique
ChairZibrowius, Michael (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)
PapersYip, Chi Man (McGill University):
Gender-Oriented Statistical Discrimination Theory: Empirical Evidence from the Hong Kong Labor Market
Zibrowius, Michael (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg):
Ethnic background and youth unemployment
DiscussantsYip, Chi Man (McGill University); Zibrowius, Michael (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg); Mahajan, Kanika (Indian Statistical Institute)

CEA Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ACE

CEA Executive Council Meeting 2 / Réunion du conseil exécutif de l'ACE 2
ChairLemieux, Thomas (University of British Columbia)


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