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Participant Directory

Shown below are only paid-up registered conference participants. Participant types are R for regular CEA member; S for student CEA member; N for non-members, and V for V.I.P. guests. This page is updated daily.

#Name (Affiliation) Web
1.ab Iorwerth, Aled (Council of Canadian Academies) 
2.Abbott, Brant (Yale University) 
3.Afshar, Kaveh (Queen's University) 
4.Agnosteva, Delina (Drexel University) 
5.Agopsowicz, Andrew (University of Western Ontario) 
6.Ahmad, Waseem (University of Agriculture) 
7.Ahmadi, Younes (University of Calgary) 
8.Ahnert, Toni (Bank of Canada) 
9.Airaudo, Marco (Drexel University) 
10.Ait-Sahalia, Yacine (Princeton University) 
11.Akbari, Syed Ather H (Saint Mary's University)
12.Akhand, Hafiz (University of Regina) 
13.Aknin, Lara B. (Simon Fraser University) 
14.Akram, Tanweer (Voya Investment Management) 
15.Alessandrini, Diana (University of Guelph) 
16.Ali, Md Kamar (University of Lethbridge) 
17.Aliakbari, Elmira (University of Guelph) 
18.Alichi, Ali (International Monetary Fund) 
19.Alpanda, Sami (Bank of Canada) 
20.Alquist, Ron (Bank of Canada) 
21.An, Henry (University of Alberta) 
22.Anand, Kartik (Bank of Canada) 
23.Anderson, Barry (Solte Consulting) 
24.Andrews, Brendon (Centre for the Study of Living Standards) 
25.Androkovich, Robert (Thompson Rivers University)
26.Antoine, Bertille (Simon Fraser University)
27.Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)
28.Aragon-Sanchez, Fernando (Simon Fraser University)
29.Arifovic, Jasmina (Simon Fraser University)
30.Arzaghi, Mohammad (National Bureau of Economic Research) 
31.Arzandeh, Mehdi (University of Manitoba) 
32.Ata, Michael (University of Calgary) 
33.Au, Mei Sze (University of Toronto) 
34.Auld, M. Christopher (University of Victoria)
35.Aversano, Amanda (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy) 
36.Aydede, Yigit (Saint Mary's University) 
37.Azimi, Ebrahim (Simon Fraser University) 
38.Backus, Peter (University of Manchester) 
39.Bailliu, Jeannine (Bank of Canada) 
40.Baker, Michael (University of Toronto)
41.Bakinson, Tolulope (University of Alberta) 
42.Baksi, Soham (University of Winnipeg)
43.Balestra, Simone (University of Zurich) 
44.Baragar, Fletcher (University of Manitoba) 
45.Baranskyy, Andriy (Simon Fraser University) 
46.Barichello, Richard (University of British Columbia)
47.Barkusky, Michael (Pacific Institute for Ecological Economics) 
48.Barrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University)
49.Barthold, Douglas (McGill University) 
50.Bataille, Christopher (Navius Research Inc.)
51.Batu, Michael (University of Guelph)
52.Bauer, Michael (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
53.Baumeister, Christiane (Bank of Canada)
54.Beach, Charles M. (Queen's University)
55.Beaudry, Paul (University of British Columbia)
56.Beaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
57.Beesley, Scott (University of Alberta)
58.Belley, Philippe (Kansas State University) 
59.Bento, Pedro (University of Toronto)
60.Beyhaghi, Mehdi (York University)
61.Bibi, Sami (Université Laval) 
62.Bidner, Chris (Simon Fraser University)
63.Binette, Andre (Bank of Canada) 
64.Bishop, Erin C. (University of Guelph) 
65.Blackorby, Charles (University of British Columbia)
66.Blit, Joel (University of Waterloo)
67.Blomeley, Joe (CCCE) 
68.Boaitey, Albert (University of Alberta) 
69.Boileau, Martin (University of Colorado) 
70.Boitnott, Joshua (Simon Fraser University) 
71.Borjas, Georges (Harvard University) 
72.Bose, Pinaki (University of Manitoba) 
73.Boskovic, Branko (University of Alberta) 
74.Boucher, Vincent (Université Laval)
75.Boychuk, Gerard (University of Waterloo)
76.Boye, Gnande Romeo (Universite Felix Houphouet Boigny de Cocody-Abidjan) 
77.Boyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
78.Brander, James A. (University of British Columbia)
79.Brennan, Jordan (Unifor) 
80.Brewin, Derek (University of Manitoba) 
81.Bright, Robert (University of Guelph)
82.Brochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa)
83.Brown, Ashton (University of Ottawa) 
84.Bruneau, Joel (University of Saskatchewan)
85.Brzozowski, Matthew (York University)
86.Burbidge, John (University of Waterloo)
87.Burley, Jessica (University of Toronto) 
88.Burtini, Giuseppe (University of British Columbia) 
89.Bush, Oliver (Bank of England) 
90.Button, Patrick (University of California, Irvine)
91.Buyuksahin, Bahattin (Bank of Canada) 
92.Byrne, David (The University of Melbourne) 
93.Caballero O., Gustavo A. (University of Calgary) 
94.Cacciatore, Matteo (HEC Montréal) 
95.Cai, Wenbiao (University of Winnipeg) 
96.Caines, Colin (University of British Columbia) 
97.Cajner, Tomaz (Federal Reserve Board) 
98.Campbell, Brett (University of Alberta) 
99.Campbell, Douglas (University of California, Davis) 
100.Campbell, James (University of Toronto) 
101.Campoli, Leila (Palgrave Macmillan) 
102.Cao, Jie (University of Toronto) 
103.Cao, Shutao (Bank of Canada) 
104.Capra, C. Monica (Claremont Graduate University & Emory University) 
105.Carbone, Jared (University of Calgary) 
106.Carmichael, Ted (Ted Carmichael Global Macro) 
107.Carrera, Andrea (Università della Svizzera italiana) 
108.Carvajal, Andres (University of Western Ontario)
109.Casey, Anthony (The Univeristy of Chicago) 
110.Cassidy, Hugh A. (Kansas State University) 
111.Castellanos, Valeria (University of British Columbia) 
112.Cawsey, Jennifer (Worth Publishers) 
113.Cen, Shihao (University of Waterloo) 
114.Cette, Gilbert (Banque de France) 
115.Chaker, Selma (Bank of Canada) 
116.Champagne, Julien (Banque du Canada)
117.Chan, Jeff (University of Toronto) 
118.Chandidas, Karan (Ryerson University) 
119.Chapman, James (Bank of Canada) 
120.Chatterjee, Rand (Pacific Institute for Ecological Economics) 
121.Chatti, Rim (HRSDC) 
122.Chen, Chaoran (University of Toronto) 
123.Chen, Haiyun (Simon Fraser University)
124.Chen, Han (the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System) 
125.Chen, Jianqing (University of Guelph) 
126.Chen, Qiaojie (Dalhousie University) 
127.Chen, Yu (University of Waterloo) 
128.Chen, Zhe (University of British Columbia) 
129.Cherniwchan, Jevan (University of Alberta)
130.Chernoff, Alex (Queen's University) 
131.Chernomas, Robert (University of Manitoba) 
132.Chesterley, Nicholas (University of Oxford) 
133.Chiasson, Émile (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
134.Chien, Yili (Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis) 
135.Childs, Jason (University of Regina) 
136.Childs, Stephen (University of Ottawa)
137.Chiu, Jonathan (Bank of Canada) 
138.Chorney, Harold (Concordia University Montreal) 
139.Chowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of Manitoba) 
140.Chowdhury, Subhanil (Institute of Development Studies Kolkata) 
141.Christian, Cornelius (University of Oxford) 
142.Chun, Young Jun (Hanyang University) 
143.Church, Jeff (University of Calgary)
144.Cimon, David (University of Toronto) 
145.Cleveland, Gordon (University of Toronto Scarborough) 
146.Cohn-Sfetcu, Sorin (BD Cohnsulting Inc.) 
147.Collard, Mark (Simon Fraser University) 
148.Compton, Ryan (University of Manitoba)
149.Connolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
150.Copeland, Brian (University of British Columbia)
151.Corrigan, Paul (Bank of Canada) 
152.Cortes, Guido Matias (University of Manchester)
153.Cosac, Teodora (Industry Canada) 
154.Cosman, Jacob (University of British Columbia) 
155.Courty, Pascal (University of Victoria) 
156.Cranfield, John (University of Guelph) 
157.Creft, Asha (Federal Government) 
158.Croutzet, Alexandre (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
159.Cruz Lopez, Jorge (Bank of Canada) 
160.Cuecuecha, Alfredo (El Colegio de Tlaxcala) 
161.Curry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
162.Curtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)
163.Côté, Denise (Bank of Canada) 
164.D'Erasmo, Pablo (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia) 
165.D'Souza, Chris (Bank of Canada) 
166.Dachis, Benjamin (C.D. Howe Institute) 
167.Dachs, Bernhard (AIT-Austrian Institute of Technology) 
168.Dakubo, Crescentia (Industry Canada) 
169.Daley, Angela (Dalhousie University) 
170.Dalkir, Elif (University of New Brunswick) 
171.Dalkir, Mehmet (University of New Brunswick) 
172.Dammert, Ana (Carleton University)
173.Danese, Giuseppe (Simon Fraser University) 
174.Das, Anupam (Mount Royal University)
175.Das, Pranay Kumar (University of Manitoba) 
176.Dastranj Tabrizi, Rogayeh (Simon Fraser University) 
177.Datta, Souvik (ETH Zürich) 
178.Davidoff, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
179.Davidson, Russell (McGill University)
180.Davison, Matt (Western University) 
181.Dayanandan, Ajit (University of Northern British Columbia) Bettignies, Jean-Etienne (Queen's University)
183.Dean, Jeff (unaffiliated) 
184.Deaton, Brady (University of Guelph)
185.Deri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa)
186.Desrosiers, Marc-André (Intact Financial Corporation) 
187.Dessy, Sylvain (Université Laval)
188.Devereux, Kevin (University of Toronto) 
189.Devereux, Michael (University of British Columbia)
190.Devlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa)
191.Di Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University)
192.Diallo, Boubacar (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
193.Diarra, Setou (Université Laval) 
194.Diener, Alan (Public Health Agency of Canada) 
195.Dieye, Rokhaya (Université Laval) 
196.Dimand, Robert W. (Brock University) 
197.Ding, Weili (Queen's University)
198.Dionne, Georges (HEC Montréal) 
199.Dixon, Jay (Industrie Canada) 
200.Djabir, Kambi (Health Canada) 
201.Djegnéné, Gbowan Barnabé (Université de Montréal) 
202.Djeutem, Edouard (Simon Fraser University) 
203.Djité, Manu Lellie May-Astrid (Ecobank Côte d'Ivoire) 
204.Djogbenou, Antoine Alex (Université de Montréal) 
205.Djoudad, Ramdane (Banque du Canada) 
206.Dmitriev, Mikhail (Boston College) 
207.Dolter, Brett (York University) 
208.Dong, Yingying (University of California Irvine) 
209.Dorich, Jose (Bank of Canada) 
210.Dostie, Benoit (HEC Montréal)
211.Douch, Mohamed (Royal Military College and AUC)
212.Doudnikov, Andrew (Wilfrid Laurier University) 
213.Dow, Gregory (Simon Fraser University)
214.Doyon, Maurice A (Université Laval) 
215.Du, Songzi (Simon Fraser University) 
216.Duah, Nana Kwaku (University of Saskatchewan) 
217.Duckworth, Roger (Sait) 
218.Duclos, Jean-Yves (Université Laval)
219.Duhaime-Ross, Alix (University of British Columbia) 
220.Duplantis, Renée (Competition Bureau) 
221.Dupont, Brandon (Western Washington University) 
222.Easton, Stephen (Simon Fraser University)
223.Ebrahimi, Shora (Simon Fraser University) 
224.Eckel, Catherine (Texas A&M University) 
225.Edwards, Betty (Health Canada) 
226.Egan, Edward (National Bureau of Economic Research) 
227.Ehrmann, Michael (Bank of Canada) 
228.Elskamp, Rebecca (University of Guelph) 
229.Emery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary)
230.Emery, Paula (Canadian Economic Association) 
231.Emran, Md. Masum (Okanagan College) 
232.Engineer, Merwan (University of Victoria)
233.English, Kevin (Centre for International Governance Innovation) 
234.Esqueda, Arden (University of Guelph) 
235.Estevan, Fernanda (University of Ottawa)
236.Eswaran, Mukesh (University of British Columbia)
237.Eusufzai, Zaki (Loyola Marymount University) 
238.Falvo, Nick (Carleton University) 
239.Fang, Tony (Monash University) 
240.Farnham, Martin (University of Victoria)
241.Feir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria)
242.Fellows, Garret Kent (University of Calgary) 
243.Felt, Marie-Hélène (Carleton University) 
244.Feng, Wing (Queen's University) 
245.Fenig, Guidon (University of British Columbia) 
246.Ferede, Ergete (Grant MacEwan University) 
247.Ferguson, Shon Martin (Research Institute of Industrial Economics) 
248.Ferrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
249.Filer, Larry (Old Dominion University) 
250.Finnie, Ross (University of Ottawa) 
251.Fiori, Giuseppe (North Carolina State University) 
252.Fissuh, Eyob (Employment and Social Development Canada) 
253.Foley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan) 
254.Fong, Joseph (Grant MacEwan University) 
255.Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation) 
256.Forget, Evelyn L. (University of Manitoba) 
257.Forsdyke, Ruth (Dalhousie University)
258.Fort, Patrick (University of Alaska Anchorage) 
259.Fortin, Nicole M. (University of British Columbia)
260.Fox, Glenn (University of Guelph) 
261.Francis, Neville R. (University of North Carolina) 
262.Fraser, Alastair (University of British Columbia) 
263.Freeman, David (University of British Columbia) 
264.Freshwater, David (University of Kentucky) 
265.Freylejer, Leandro (University of Toronto) 
266.Friedrich, Christian (Bank of Canada) 
267.Friesen, Jane (Simon Fraser University)
268.Friyia, Daniel (Algoma University) 
269.Fu, Chunling (Simon Fraser University) 
270.Fulton, Murray E. (University of Saskatchewan)
271.Fung, Loretta (National Tsing Hua University) 
272.Furukawa, Yuichi (Chukyo University)
273.Gagne, Lynda (University of Victoria) 
274.Galizia, Dana (University of British Columbia) 
275.Gallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)
276.Galushko, Viktoriya (University of Regina) 
277.Gamtessa, Samuel (University of Regina) 
278.Garcia-Medina, B. Cecilia (Banco de Mexico) 
279.Garneau, Julien (Université Laval) 
280.Garred, Jason (London School of Economics) 
281.Ge, Zhizhuang (Arizona State University) 
282.Gee, S. Kar-Fai (Department of Finance Canada) 
283.Gerdes, Geoffrey (United States Federal Reserve Board) 
284.Gertz, Aaron (University of Western Ontario) 
285.Gervais, Jean-Philippe (Farm Credit Canada) 
286.Gervais, Olivier (Bank of Canada) 
287.Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada) 
288.Gill, Ravinderpal (Agriculture and Agri-Food canada) 
289.Gillezeau, Robert (University of Michigan / Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition)
290.Gilraine, Michael (University of Toronto) 
291.Ginn, Marissa (Analysis Group) 
292.Gnagne, Jean Armand (Université Laval) 
293.Gnocchi, Stefano (Bank of Canada) 
294.Godefroy, Raphael (Université de Montréal) 
295.Godwin, Ryan (University of Manitoba) 
296.Goetz, Daniel (Princeton University) 
297.Gonzalez-Navarro, Marco (University of Toronto) 
298.Gosselin, Marc-Andre (Bank of Canada) 
299.Graff, Michael (Jacobs University Bremen) 
300.Gravelines, Laurie (Government of the Northwest Territories) 
301.Gray, David M. (University of Ottawa)
302.Gray, Richard S. (University of Saskatchewan)
303.Green, David (University of British Columbia)
304.Green, Gareth (Seattle University) 
305.Grekou, Douwere (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation) 
306.Grimard, Franque (McGill University)
307.Gross, Dominique (Simon Fraser University) 
308.Gross, Till (Carleton University) 
309.Gugl, Elisabeth (University of Victoria)
310.Gulati, Sumeet (University of British Columbia)
311.Guliani, Harminder (University of Regina) 
312.Gungor, Sermin (Bank of Canada) 
313.Gunn, Christopher (Carleton University) 
314.Guo, Changhao (University of Victoria) 
315.Gupta, Abhay (Empirical Foresights Inc.) 
316.Gupta, Poonam (Worldbank) 
317.Guy, Kester (Central Bank of Barbados) 
318.Guérin, Pierre (Bank of Canada) 
319.Gyarmati, David (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC)) 
320.Hackinen, Brad (University of British Columbia) 
321.Hahm, Sang-moon (KDI School of Public Policy) 
322.Hajizadeh, Mohammad (McGill University) 
323.Hajzler, Chris (University of Otago)
324.Hakobyan, Shushanik (Fordham University)
325.Halaburda, Hanna (Bank of Canada) 
326.Halmrast, Nathan (University of Toronto) 
327.Haltmaier, Jane (Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve System) 
328.Han, Jing (University of Manitoba) 
329.Harmegnie, Dominique (Analysis Group) 
330.Harris, Jeffrey H. (American University) 
331.Hatipoglu, Ozan (Bogazici University) 
332.Haug, Alfred A. (University of Otago) 
333.Hauser, Daniela (Bank of Canada) 
334.Hawkins, James (University of Guelph) 
335.He, Chuan (University of Arizona) 
336.Head, C. Keith (University of British Columbia)
337.Hedley, Douglas (Retired, AAFC) 
338.Heffernan, Ian (University of Calgary) 
339.Heger, Dörte (Queen's University) 
340.Heisz, Andrew (Statistics Canada) 
341.Helliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia)
342.Hendry, Scott C (Bank of Canada) 
343.Herath, Deepananda (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) 
344.Hermanutz, Derek (Environment Canada) 
345.Heyes, Anthony (University of Ottawa) 
346.Hickey, Ross (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus)
347.Hill, Andrew (University of British Columbia) 
348.Hink, Matthew (Canadian Grain Commission) 
349.Ho, Anson (Kansas State University)
350.Ho, Rebecca (Simon Fraser University) 
351.Hobbs, Jill E. (University of Saskatchewan)
352.Hoeschler, Peter (University of Zurich) 
353.Hong, Woo-Hyung (University of Washington) 
354.Horne, Matt (Pembina Institute) 
355.Horowitz, Joel L. (Northwestern University) 
356.Hoskins, Philip (Memorial University) 
357.Hovhannisyan, Nune (Loyola University Maryland) 
358.Hsu, Lin-Chi (U of Washington) 
359.Huang, Haifang (University of Alberta)
360.Huang, Helen (University of Regina)
361.Hudson, Ian (University of Manitoba)
362.Hui, Shek-wai (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation) 
363.Hunt, Ben (International Monetary Fund) 
364.Hussain, Syed (Lahore University of Management Sciences) 
365.Huynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
366.Ihori, Toshihiro (University of Tokyo) 
367.Imura, Yuko (Bank of Canada) 
368.Ireland, Derek (Carleton University) 
369.Isakin, Maksim (University of Calgary) 
370.Islam, Abu Hayat Md. Saiful (Center for Development Research (ZEF); Univeersity of Bonn) 
371.Islam, Khan (University of Manitoba) 
372.Islam, Shahidul (Grant Macewan University) 
373.Iturralde, Chona (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) 
374.Ivanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) 
375.Jackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University)
376.Jacques, Jason (Parliamentary Budget Office) 
377.Jafri, Sajjad (Cpa) 
378.Jales, Hugo (University of British Columbia) 
379.James, Jeffrey (University of Guelph) 
380.Janko, Zuzana (San Francisco State University) 
381.Janmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus) 
382.Javdani Haji, Mohsen (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus) 
383.Jayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology) 
384.Jeffrey, Scott (University of Alberta)
385.Jenkins, Paul (CIGI) 
386.Jevtovic, Nemanja (University of Ottawa) 
387.Ji, Yaoyao (Macquarie University) 
388.Ji, Yutong (Industry Canada) 
389.Jin, Hyeongsuk (University of Western Ontario) 
390.Jin, Jianjian (Bank of Canada) 
391.Jo, Soojin (Bank of Canada) 
392.Joanis, Marcelin (Université de Sherbrooke) 
393.Johnson, David (Wilfrid Laurier University)
394.Johnson, Valerie (CAES) 
395.Johnston, Craig (University of Victoria) 
396.Johny, Judit (University of Alberta) 
397.Jolly, Michael (Ryerson University)
398.Jones, Maggie (Queen's University)
399.Jones, Tracy (SaskCanola) 
400.Jung, Owen (Alberta Treasury Board and Finance) 
401.Kabaca, Serdar (Bank of Canada)
402.Kadilli, Anjeza (University of Geneva) 
403.Kadiyala, Krishna (Algoma University) 
404.Kalhor, Sadjad (University of Manitoba) 
405.Kamata, Isao (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 
406.Kano, Takashi (Hitotsubashi University)
407.Karacaovali, Baybars (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
408.Karaivanov, Alexander (Simon Fraser University)
409.Karibzhanov, Iskander (Bank of Canada) 
410.Kaymak, Baris (Université de Montréal)
411.Kei, Wendy Wai Yee (University of British Columbia) 
412.Kelly, Brian (Seattle University) 
413.Kelly, Jessica (University of Guelph) 
414.Kelly, Liam Daniel (University of Guelph) 
415.Ker, Alan (University of Guelph) 
416.Kerr, William A. (University of Saskatchewan)
417.Kesselman, Jonathan (Simon Fraser University Vancouver) 
418.Kessler, Anke (Simon Fraser University)
419.Khalil, Fahad (Univ of Washington) 
420.Khan, Hashmat (Carleton University)
421.Khanderia, Keenara (International Development Research Centre - IDRC) 
422.Kia, Amir (Utah Valley University) 
423.Kim, Duk Gyoo (Cornell University) 
424.Kim, Hankook (University of Toronto) 
425.Kim, Kyoung Eun (University of Southern California) 
426.Kimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University)
427.Kimou, Assi Jose Carlos (University of Cocody-Abidjan, Fulbright visiting scholar University of South Florida) 
428.Kivinen, Steven (Queen's University) 
429.Klimina, Anna (University of Saskatchewan) 
430.Klumpp, Tilman (University of Alberta) 
431.Kneebone, Ron D (University of Calgary)
432.Knetsch, Jack (Simon Fraser University) 
433.Kodritsch, Sebastian (WZB Berlin Social Science Center) 
434.Kondoh, Haruo (Seinan Gakuin University) 
435.Kong, Weiyang (Dalhousie University) 
436.Koshok, Meaad (Concordia University) 
437.Kotchoni, Rachidi (Université de Montréal) 
438.Kotowski, Maciej (Harvard University) 
439.Kottelenberg, Michael (Queen's University) 
440.Koumou, Nettey Boevi Gilles (Université Laval) 
441.Kpelitse, Koffi Ahoto (University of Western Ontario) 
442.Krashinsky, Michael (University of Toronto) 
443.Krauth, Brian (Simon Fraser University)
444.Krueger, Anne O. (Johns Hopkins University) 
445.Kryvtsov, Oleksiy (Bank of Canada)
446.Ksoll, Christopher (University of Ottawa) 
447.Kuhn, Kai-Uwe (University of Michigan) 
448.Kulasekera, Kumuduni (University of Guelph) 
449.Kumar, Alok (University of Victoria)
450.Kuratani, Tetsuya (Shikoku University Junior College) 
451.Kuzmics, Christoph (Bielefeld University) 
452.Kwak, Boreum (Indiana University) 
453.Kyui, Natalia (Bank of Canada) 
454.Lai, Tat-kei (University of Toronto)
455.Lai, Van Son (Université Laval) 
456.Lam, Jean-Paul (University of Waterloo)
457.Landon, Stuart (University of Alberta)
458.Landry, Karine Michele (Industry Canada) 
459.Langinier, Corinne (University of Alberta)
460.Lastrapes, William (University of Georgia) 
461.Latif, Ehsan (Thompson Rivers University)
462.Lavecchia, Adam M. (University of Toronto)
463.Lavoie, Marc (University of Ottawa)
464.Law, Stephen M. (Mount Allison University)
465.Lawless, David Christopher (British Columbia Investment Management Corporation) 
466.Lawley, Chad (University of Manitoba) 
467.Le Roy, Danny (University of Lethbridge) 
468.Lee, Daeyong (Peking University HSBC Business School) 
469.Lee, Hyun-Hoon (University of British Columbia) 
470.Lee, Jamie Donghoon (University of Guelph) 
471.Lee, Jonathan (Queen's University) 
472.Lee, Marc (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) 
473.Legree, Scott (University of Waterloo) 
474.Lehrer, Kim (Université de Sherbrooke) 
475.Lehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University)
476.Leibovici, Fernando (York University)
477.Leiva-Leon, Danilo (Bank of Canada) 
478.Lemay, David (Government of Canada) 
479.Lemieux, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
480.Leo, Teng Wah (Saint Francis Xavier University)
481.Lester, John (unaffiliated) 
482.Leung, Danny (Statistics Canada) 
483.Lewis, David (HDR Corporation) 
484.Ley, David (University of British Columbia) 
485.Li, Fuchun (Bank of Canada) 
486.Li, Haoyu (University of Saskatchewan) 
487.Li, Jiang (University of Victoria) 
488.Li, Kui-Wai (City University of Hong Kong) 
489.Li, Na (University of Guelph) 
490.Li, Qing (Sherbrooke) 
491.Liang, Xin (McGill University) 
492.Liang, Yawen (University of British Columbia) 
493.Lilavanichakul, Apichaya (University of Guelph) 
494.Lim, Jamus (The World Bank) 
495.Lin, Ming Hsin (Osaka University of Economics) 
496.Lin, Tsu-ting Tim (Gettysburg College) 
497.Liston-Heyes, Catherine (University of Ottawa) 
498.Liu, Dan (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics) 
499.Liu, Hu Ju (Statistics Canada) 
500.Liu, Huafang (Hanna) (Queen's University) 
501.Liu, Qing McGill (McGill University) 
502.Liu, Tung (Ball State University) 
503.Liu, Xiangbo (Renmin University of China) 
504.Liu, Xiaoyun (China Agricultural University) 
505.Livernois, John R (University of Guelph) 
506.Lluis, Stephanie (University of Waterloo)
507.Lo, Ingrid (Ka Man) (Bank of Canada) 
508.Long, Ngo Van (McGill University)
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