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Preliminary Conference Program

08:30-08:50Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Registration and coffee / Inscription et café

08:50-09:00Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Welcome and Opening Remarks - Craig Riddell / Mot de bienvenue et allocution inaugurale du CLSRN par Craig Riddell
SpeakerRiddell, W. Craig (University of British Columbia)
TopicWelcome and Opening Remarks

09:00-12:00Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Special Session 1 / Séance spéciale 1
OrganizersGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
Jackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersMccaig, Brian (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Export markets and labor allocation in a low-income country
Rowlands, Dane (Carleton University):
The IMF and poor countries: Program Participation and Effects on Growth

09:00-10:30Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Session 1 - Competition, Technology and Institutions / Concurrence, technologie et institutions
ChairFoley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersAbbott, Brant (Yale University):
Technology and Intergenerational Mobility: Theory and Evidence
Jales, Hugo (University of British Columbia):
Estimating the effects of minimum wage in a developing country: A density discontinuity design approach
McGee, Andrew (Simon Fraser University):
Competitiveness and the Gender Wage Gap

10:30-11:00Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Coffee Break / Pause-café du CLSRN

11:00-12:00Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Session 2 - Incentives and Private Decision Making / Incitatifs et processus décisionnel dans le secteur privé
ChairRyan, Annette (Employment and Social Development)
PapersLehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University):
Reinvestigating how welfare reform influences labour supply
Messacar, Derek (University of Toronto):
How Do Workplace Pensions Affect Private Saving? Evidence from Canadian Tax Records

12:00-12:10Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Session 2 Remarks / Observations
ChairFortin, Nicole M. (University of British Columbia)

13:00-16:00Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Special Session 2 / Séance spéciale 2
OrganizersGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
Jackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersBidner, Chris (Simon Fraser University):
A Gender-Based Theory of the Origin of the Caste System of India
Lehrer, Kim (Université de Sherbrooke):
Charitable Dictators? Elite Attitudes to Charitable Giving in Kampala
Raeburn, Kaywana (McGill University):
Technology Adoption as a Public Good? Experimental Evidence from Guyana

13:30-15:00Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Session 3 - Education and Training / Éducation et formation
ChairSchirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersGyarmati, David (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC)):
Establishing the Business Case for workplace Essential Skills Training: UPSKILL a Pan-Canadian Demonstration Project
Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph):
Occupational Mobility and the Returns to Training
Kyui, Natalia (Bank of Canada):
Education, Professional Choice and Labour Market Outcomes: Influence of Preferences, Parental Background and Labour Market Tightness

15:00-15:15Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Coffee Break / Pause-café du CLSRN

15:15-16:45Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Session 4 - Immigration / Immigration
ChairKiziltan, Ümit (Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
PapersSkuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo):
Immigrant Skill Selection and Utilization: A Comparative Analysis of Australia, Canada, and the United States
Zhang, Haimin (University of British Columbia):
Immigration and Crime: Evidence from Canada
Ferrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo):
The Effect of Linguistic Proximity on the Occupational Assimilation of Immigrants

15:30-17:30Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Executive Council Meeting 1 / Réunion du conseil exécutif de l'ACE 1
ChairLemieux, Thomas (University of British Columbia)

16:00-18:00Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES Executive Meeting / Réunion du comité exécutif de la SCAE

16:45-17:00Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Coffee Break / Pause-café du CLSRN

17:00-17:10Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Remarks - Craig Riddell / Allocution de Craig Riddell
SpeakerRiddell, W. Craig (University of British Columbia)
TopicCLSRN Remarks

17:10-18:30Thursday, May 29, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLSRN Keynote Lecture / Conférence principale du CLSRN
ChairSkuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo)
SpeakerBorjas, Georges (Harvard University)
TopicHigh-Skill Immigration: Costs and Benefits

08:00-08:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee and muffins / Café et muffins

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Trade, Firms and Labour Markets / Commerce: Commerce, entreprises et marché du travail
ChairFreylejer, Leandro (University of Toronto)
PapersLiu, Dan (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics):
Exports, Firm Training and Wages
Liang, Yawen (University of British Columbia):
Impact of Trade and Offshoring on Workers in Developing Country - Estimation using Indonesia Individual Data
Freylejer, Leandro (University of Toronto):
Labour Mobility Frictions and the Welfare Gains from Trade
DiscussantsFreylejer, Leandro (University of Toronto); Garred, Jason (London School of Economics); Liu, Dan (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Trade Theory on FTAs / Commerce: Théorie en commerce international et accords de libre-échange
ChairMukunoki, Hiroshi (Gakushuin University)
PapersTabakis, Chrysostomo (KDI School of Public Policy and Management):
Free-Trade Areas and Special Protection
Karacaovali, Baybars (University of Hawaii at Manoa):
Trade-Diverting Free Trade Agreements, External Tariffs, and Feasibility
Mukunoki, Hiroshi (Gakushuin University):
Market Access and Technology Adoption in the Presence of FDI

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
PEF-CSLS Panel: What is Happening to Well-being in Canada? / Ce qui advient du mieux-être au Canada
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
ChairSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
PanelistsGreen, David (University of British Columbia)
Helliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia)
Osberg, Lars (Dalhousie University)
Yalnizyan, Armine (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Health Economics - Bad Behaviour / Économie de la santé - Comportement néfaste
ChairNuscheler, Robert (University of Augsburg)
PapersDas, Pranay Kumar (University of Manitoba):
Income Insecurity, Financial Decision-Making And Problem Gambling
Mak, Eric (University of Toronto):
Explaining Gender-Specific Development of Risky Behaviors: A Maturation-Environment Decomposition
Popiel, Michal (Queen's University):
Addiction and Network Influence
DiscussantsMak, Eric (University of Toronto); Popiel, Michal (Queen's University); Das, Pranay Kumar (University of Manitoba)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Assessing Potential Output: An International Perspective / Banque du Canada - Évaluation de la production potentielle: une perspective internationale
OrganizerBailliu, Jeannine (Bank of Canada)
ChairBailliu, Jeannine (Bank of Canada)
PapersBailliu, Jeannine (Bank of Canada):
What's Driving Potential Output Growth in China? Accounting for Overinvestment, Housing and Human Capital
Haltmaier, Jane (Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve System):
Do Recessions Affect Potential Output?
Mertens, Elmar (Federal Reserve Board):
The Reliability of Output-Gap Estimates in Realtime
DiscussantsTomlin, Ben (Bank of Canada); van Norden, Simon (HEC Montréal); Lim, Jamus (The World Bank)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: New Evidence and Methods to Evaluate the Returns to Education / Travail et éducation: Nouvelles données et méthodes pour évaluer le rendement de l'éducation
ChairBelley, Philippe (Kansas State University)
PapersUlrick, Shawn W (Federal Trade Commission):
An Income Decomposition on University Course Grades: Are Poor Students Even Worse off than Expected When Attending University?
Liu, Tung (Ball State University):
The Returns to College Education - An Analysis with College Level Data
Nakamura, Alice (University of Alberta):
Facts versus the Fiction on University Education Effects
DiscussantsNakamura, Alice (University of Alberta); Ulrick, Shawn W (Federal Trade Commission); Liu, Tung (Ball State University)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: Topics in Empirical Microeconomics / Travail et éducation: Sujets en microéconomie empirique
ChairDong, Yingying (University of California Irvine)
PapersBalestra, Simone (University of Zurich):
Heterogeneous Returns to Education over Wage Distribution: Who Profits the Most?
Ouili, Idrissa (Université de Montréal):
A Tale of cities : Settlement disparities in school achievement in Burkina Faso.
Gulati, Sumeet (University of British Columbia):
The Gender Gap in Price Negotiations: Evidence from New Car Sales

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG - Compensation, Taxation, and Redistribution / Salaires, imposition et redistribution
ChairCaballero O., Gustavo A. (University of Calgary)
PapersCaballero O., Gustavo A. (University of Calgary):
Inequality of Opportunities and Redistribution: an Experiment
Gross, Till (Carleton University):
Merit Pay and Wage Compression with Productivity Differences and Uncertainty
Matthews, Peter (Middlebury College):
Progressive Taxation In A Tournament Economy

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CESG - Bootstrap Methods / Méthodes bootstrap
ChairTabri, Rami (University of Sydney)
PapersDavidson, Russell (McGill University):
Heteroskedasticity-and-Autocorrelation-Consistent Bootstrapping
Djogbenou, Antoine Alex (Université de Montréal):
Bootstrap inference in regressions with estimated factors and serial correlation
Parker, Thomas (University of Waterloo):
Bootstrap Testing for Quantile Regressions
DiscussantsHaug, Alfred A. (University of Otago); Huynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada Forecasting Session / Séance de prévisions de la Banque du Canada
ChairSekkel, Rodrigo (Bank of Canada)
PapersGuérin, Pierre (Bank of Canada):
Do High-Frequency Financial Data Help Forecast Oil Prices? The MIDAS Touch at Work
Stevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Probability and Severity of Recessions
Sties, Max (University of Alberta):
Forecasting Recessions in Canada: Dynamic Factors and Forecast Combinations

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Agribusiness and Human Resource Management / Agriculture industrielle et gestion des ressources humaines
ChairCranfield, John (University of Guelph)
PapersFulton, Murray E. (University of Saskatchewan):
Motivation, Compensation and Product Quality
Islam, Abu Hayat Md. Saiful (Center for Development Research (ZEF); Univeersity of Bonn):
Participation with Integrated Agriculture with Aquaculture Value Chain: Dynamics and its Determinants
Lilavanichakul, Apichaya (University of Guelph):
The Experience economy in product differentiation model: An application to food supply chains
Xue, Li (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada):
Changing characteristics of Canadian hired farm workers and socio-economic factors influencing their career choices

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES Symposium: Economics of Renewable Energy Systems / Symposium de la SCAE: Aspects économiques des systèmes d'énergies renouvelables
ChairFox, Glenn (University of Guelph)
PapersWeersink, Alfons J (University of Guelph):
Cost-Effectiveness Means of Heating Poultry Barns: Is Biomass an Efficient Alternative?
Yiridoe, Emmanuel (Dalhousie University):
Consumers' Preference for Electricity Generated Using Wind Technology in Atlantic Canada
Weersink, Alfons J (University of Guelph):
The Supply of Biomass in Ontario

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Entrepreneurship / Entreprenariat
ChairMccaig, Brian (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersMukherjee, Anirban (University of Calcutta):
Court-ship, Kinship and Business: A study on the interaction between the formal and the informal institutions and its effect on entrepreneurship
Kimou, Assi Jose Carlos (University of Cocody-Abidjan, Fulbright visiting scholar University of South Florida):
Crime, Self-Protection and Business Growth in Cote d'Ivoire
Yindok, Tenzin (Simon Fraser University):
An Analysis of Entrepreneurship During Economic Crises

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG - Competition, Technology, and Productivity / Concurrence, technologie et productivité
ChairFurukawa, Yuichi (Chukyo University)
PapersGamtessa, Samuel (University of Regina):
Productivity, Efficiency and Technical Change in Canadian Manufacturing Industries
Li, Jiang (University of Victoria):
Cross-Border Technology Diffusion: Evidence from Total Factor Productivity in Canada-U.S. Manufacturing
Furukawa, Yuichi (Chukyo University):
Leapfrogging Cycles in International Competition

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Issues in International Finance / Enjeux dans le domaine des finances internationales
ChairRazo-Garcia, Raul (Carleton University)
PapersWatuwa, Richard (Cape Breton University):
Comovement of African and International Equity Markets
Ozkok, Zeynep (Saint Francis Xavier University):
Financial Harmonization and Industrial Growth: Evidence from Europe
Razo-Garcia, Raul (Carleton University):
International Reserves in Emerging Markets: Is There Any Neighbor Effect?

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: International Aid and Remittances / Aide internationale et envois de fonds
ChairHatipoglu, Ozan (Bogazici University)
PapersBatu, Michael (University of Guelph):
Worker Remittances and Economic Growth in a DSGE Framework
Ge, Zhizhuang (Arizona State University):
Temporary Loss For The Long-run Growth
Hatipoglu, Ozan (Bogazici University):
Trade, Foreign Aid and Growth

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-PHELPS: Applied Work in Competition Policy / Recherche appliquée en politique de la concurrence
ChairLu, Dennis (Competition Bureau)
PapersTan, Guofu (University of Southern California):
All-Units Discounts, Quantity Forcing, and Capacity Constraints
Zhao, Jingang (University of Saskatchewan):
A New Argument against Merger Efficiency
Winter, Ralph (University of British Columbia):
Competition Policy and Credit Card Networks: The Two-sided Market Approach versus the One-sided Market Approach
DiscussantsKotchoni, Rachidi (Université de Montréal); Long, Ngo Van (McGill University)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CREE - Environment Economics - Theory / Économie de l'environnement: théorie
ChairHeyes, Anthony (University of Ottawa)
PapersHeyes, Anthony (University of Ottawa):
A Note on Environmental Tax when Revenue is Earmarked for Environmental Spending
Nimubona, Alain-Désiré (University of Waterloo):
Adaptation, Mitigation, and Trade: Addressing the Economic Effects of Climate Change
Forsdyke, Ruth (Dalhousie University):
Monetization of Carbon Footprints using Carbon Price Trajectories and Social Discount Factors from Integrated Assessment Models
DiscussantsDolter, Brett (York University); Ahmadi, Younes (University of Calgary); Heyes, Anthony (University of Ottawa)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
AEDSB (Association for Economic and Development Studies in Bangladesh): Empirical Studies on Development Economics in Asia / Études empiriques sur l'économie des pays en développement d'Asie
OrganizerDas, Anupam (Mount Royal University)
ChairKhalil, Fahad (Univ of Washington)
PapersMamun, Khawaja (Sacred Heart University):
National Culture and Income Inequality: A Cross-Country Analysis
Eusufzai, Zaki (Loyola Marymount University):
Evaluating Asia's Economic Growth - A Living Standards Perspective
Khalil, Fahad (Univ of Washington):
Setting the Tone" and "Drawing the Line" in Chittagong Tea Auctions
DiscussantsShimon, Shuhash Ranjan Das (University of British Columbia); Shonchoy, Abu (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO); Reza, Abeer (Bank of Canada)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Agriculture / Agriculture
PapersJanmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Water Storage Systems and Preference Heterogeneity in Water-Scarce Environments: A Choice Experiment in Nepal's Koshi River Basin
Kelly, Liam Daniel (University of Guelph):
Land Use and De-Facto Rights: An Assessment of the Consequences of Land Tenure Structure on Farm Level Investments in Rural Haiti

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
IO - Explorations in Empirical Industrial Organization / Exploration: l'organisation industrielle empirique
ChairTappata, Mariano (University of British Columbia)
PapersVancauteren, Mark (Hasselt University):
Productivity, Innovation and Competition
Xu, Pai (University of Hong Kong):
The Evolution of the Market for HIV Drugs
Hong, Woo-Hyung (University of Washington):
Asymmetric Pricing Dynamics with Market Power: Investigating Island Data of the Retail Gasoline Market
DiscussantsDachs, Bernhard (AIT-Austrian Institute of Technology); Tappata, Mariano (University of British Columbia); Xu, Pai (University of Hong Kong)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Labor Market Search / Recherches au sujet du marché du travail
ChairLiu, Xiangbo (Renmin University of China)
PapersChen, Yu (University of Waterloo):
Skill Mismatch in Competitive Search Equilibrium
Devereux, Kevin (University of Toronto):
Risk Sharing and On-the-Marriage Search
Liu, Xiangbo (Renmin University of China):
Labor Market Search and the Dynamic Effects of Immigration

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CETC - Applications of Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection / Applications du risque moral et de l'antisélection
ChairSlade, Peter (University of Guelph)
PapersLiu, Huafang (Hanna) (Queen's University):
Product Market Competition, Board Monitoring and Advising, and Managerial Efficiency
Lun, Esmond (Tin Ching) (University of Guelph):
Incentives for Effort with Endogenous Team Success Probabilities
Slade, Peter (University of Guelph):
Crazy Like a Fox: Countersignalling with Multiple Audiences

08:30-10:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Level Productivity Network 1: Finance, Firm Size and Measurement / Réseau sur la productivité des entreprises 1: Finances, taille de l'entreprise et évaluation
ChairShute, Larry (Industry Canada)
PapersSabetti, Leonard (George Mason University):
Financial State Versus Productivity on Firm Survival using the Kauffman Firm Survey
Cao, Shutao (Bank of Canada):
Identifying Financial Constraint and Productivity
Tang, Jianmin (Industry Canada):
Sources of the Canada-U.S. Business Sector Labour Productivity Gap
DiscussantsKim, Hankook (University of Toronto); Law, Stephen M. (Mount Allison University); Veall, Michael (McMaster University)

10:00-10:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada - Systemic Risk Assessment / Banque du Canada: Évaluation du risque systémique
OrganizerPasricha, Gurnain (Bank of Canada)
ChairPasricha, Gurnain (Bank of Canada)
PapersBush, Oliver (Bank of England):
Beyond the credit gap
Anand, Kartik (Bank of Canada):
Heterogenous beliefs and systemic risk
Cruz Lopez, Jorge (Bank of Canada):
Risk Accumulation in Central Counterparties

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: FDI and Exports / Commerce: IDE et exportations
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersDixon, Jay (Industrie Canada):
Does the Quality of Investment Protection Affect FDI Flows to Developing Countries? Evidence from the Americas.
Ferguson, Shon Martin (Research Institute of Industrial Economics):
Sizing Up the Impact of Embassies on Exports
Lee, Hyun-Hoon (University of British Columbia):
Assessing External and Internal Factors Influencing Foreign Direct Investment in Emerging Countries: A Comparison between Mergers and Acquisitions and Greenfield Investment

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
PEF 2: Liquified Natural Gas: Economic Reality Check / Gaz naturel liquéfié: Confrontation avec la réalité économique
OrganizerLee, Marc (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
ChairHudson, Ian (University of Manitoba)
PanelistsLee, Marc (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
Horne, Matt (Pembina Institute)
Moorhouse, Jeremy (Clean Energy Canada)
Harrison, Kathryn (Ubc)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Health Economics - Demography and Immigration / Économie de la santé - Démographie et immigration
ChairCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)
PapersConnolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Health Care Expenditures and their Effect on Health and Mortality in the United States: Using Widening Income Inequality for Identification
Pierard, Emmanuelle (University of Waterloo):
Business cycles, births, marriages and deaths
Sopchokchai, Duangsuda (University of Ottawa):
New Evidence Regarding the Healthy Immigrant Effect: Investigating the Impact of 2002 Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Empirical Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policy / Banque du Canada: Effets empiriques d'une politique monétaire non traditionnelle
OrganizerReza, Abeer (Bank of Canada)
ChairReza, Abeer (Bank of Canada)
PapersLim, Jamus (The World Bank):
Tinker, Taper, QE, Bye? The Effect of Quantitative Easing on Financial Flows to Developing Countries
Reza, Abeer (Bank of Canada):
Spillovers of US Quantitative Easing: Evidence from Canada
Xia, Fan (University of California, San Diego):
Measuring the Macroeconomic Impact of Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: Field Experiments / Travail et éducation: Expériences sur le terrain
ChairPohl, Vincent (Queen's University)
PapersSadanand, Asha (University of Guelph):
Are Online `Algortihmic' Assignments Key to Better Student Performance? Evidence from an Introductory Mathematical Economics Course
Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
A Randomized Trial to Test Embedding Motivational Interviewing in Employment Services for Income Assistance Recipients
Gray, David M. (University of Ottawa):
"An analysis of a foundational learning program in BC: the Foundations Workplace Skills Program (FWSP) at Douglas College"
DiscussantsO'Shaughnessy, Bridget (McMaster University); Falvo, Nick (Carleton University); Gyarmati, David (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC))

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: New Evidence on Wage Dynamics, Job Matching and Occupational Choice / Travail et éducation: Nouvelles données sur la dynamique des salaires, l'adéquation de l'offre et de la demande d'emploi, et le choix professionnel
ChairLluis, Stephanie (University of Waterloo)
PapersSim, Seung-Gyu (University of Tokyo):
Wage Dynamics with Private Learning-by-doing and On-the-job Search
Cassidy, Hugh A. (Kansas State University):
Skills, Tasks, and Occupational Choice
Ferrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo):
Skill progression of Canadian Immigrant Women
DiscussantsYamaguchi, Shintaro (McMaster University); Chen, Yu (University of Waterloo); Schuetze, Herbert J. (University of Victoria)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG - Prosociality / Prosocialité
ChairThomsen, Stephan (NIW Hannover)
PapersThomsen, Stephan (NIW Hannover):
School-Track Environment or Endowment: What Determines Different Other-Regarding Behavior Across Peer Groups?
Childs, Jason (University of Regina):
Trust and Personal Characteristics: An Experimental Investigation
Mishagina, Natalia (CIRANO):
Insensitivity to Prices in a Dictator Game
DiscussantsMishagina, Natalia (CIRANO); Thomsen, Stephan (NIW Hannover); Childs, Jason (University of Regina)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG I: Tax Competition / Concurrence fiscale
ChairLuelfesmann, Christoph (Simon Fraser University)
PapersGugl, Elisabeth (University of Victoria):
Tax competition, local infrastructure, and business taxation -- a comparison of different tax instruments
Luelfesmann, Christoph (Simon Fraser University):
Reforming an Asymmetric Union: On the Virtues of Dual Tier Capital Competition
Silva, Emilson (University of Alberta):
Selective Decentralized Leadership
DiscussantsGonzalez-Navarro, Marco (University of Toronto); Burbidge, John (University of Waterloo); Legree, Scott (University of Waterloo)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CESG - Empirical Likelihood / Vraisemblance empirique
ChairParker, Thomas (University of Waterloo)
PapersMa, Jun (University of British Columbia):
Pseudo-Observation Adjustment and Higher-Order Properties of Blockwise Empirical Likelihood with Moment Restrictions
Tabri, Rami (University of Sydney):
Empirical Likelihood Estimation For Infinitely Many Poverty Comparisons
Graff, Michael (Jacobs University Bremen):
Causal links between financial activity and economic performance: theory versus evidence reconsidered
DiscussantsTabri, Rami (University of Sydney); Parker, Thomas (University of Waterloo)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Economics of GHG Emissions and Mitigation / Aspects économiques des émissions de gaz à effet de serre et mesures d'atténuation
ChairYiridoe, Emmanuel (Dalhousie University)
PapersMohapatra, Sandeep (University of Alberta):
Emissions and Economic Growth in Canada: An Analysis of Dynamics and Distributional Implications
Withey, Patrick (Saint Francis Xavier University):
The economic and environmental impact of renewable electricity generation in Nova Scotia
Wong, Linda (University of Victoria):
Regional electricity market integration: Implications for climate policies
Hawkins, James (University of Guelph):
Cost-Effective Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in the Ontario Dairy Sector

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Business Risk Management Programs / Programmes de gestion du risque d'entreprise
ChairSmith, Elwin (University of Lethbridge)
PapersGuo, Changhao (University of Victoria):
Modeling Farmland Allocation under Crop Insurance: Comparing Crop-Specific Insurance and the Growing Forward and Growing Forward 2 Programs
Poon, Kenneth (University of Guelph):
Do Farm Support Programs Award Inefficient Producers? The Case of Ontario Beef Cattle Industry.
Sarker, Rakhal (University of Guelph):
Distribution of Business Risk Management Program Benefits among Farms under Different Size Categories in Ontario
James, Jeffrey (University of Guelph):
Managing Farm Income Variability in Ontario Agriculture: Spreading Out Your Eggs

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES Organized Symposium: Competitiveness and Innovation in Canada's Food Manufacturing Industry / Symposium organisé par la SCAE: Compétitivité et innovation dans l'industrie canadienne de fabrication de produits alimentaires
ChairSparling, David (University of Western Ontario)
PapersSparling, David (University of Western Ontario):
The Changing Structure of Canada's Food Manufacturing Industry: An Event Study of Plant Closings, Openings and Investments
Brewin, Derek (University of Manitoba):
The Processing Plant Location Problem: The Case of Canola Crushing in Western Canada
Uzea, Florentina Nicoleta (Ivey Business School):
Innovation Drivers and Barriers in Food Manufacturing: Implications for Managers and Policy Makers
Herath, Deepananda (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada):
Vertical linkages between primary agriculture and the health food and supplement manufacturing in Canada: What are the causes of frictions?

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Gender 1 / Genre 1
ChairLehrer, Kim (Université de Sherbrooke)
PapersDammert, Ana (Carleton University):
Privatization in China: Technology and Gender in the Manufacturing Sector
Dessy, Sylvain (Université Laval):
Why Are Underage Girls Married off in the Developing World?
Kumar, Alok (University of Victoria):
Reverse Transfers, Gender Bias and Gender Differentials in Human Capital Investment

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-PHELPS - State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
SpeakerKuhn, Kai-Uwe (University of Michigan)
TopicCompetition Policy and the Internet: New Challenges for Economic Analysis

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Asset pricing I / Évaluation des actifs financiers I
ChairPomorski, Lukasz (Bank of Canada)
PapersPomorski, Lukasz (Bank of Canada):
Investing in Disappearing Anomalies
Sorkin, Igor (CUNY Graduate Center):
"Understanding the Exchange Rate Effects on Prices of Cross-Listed Shares in times of Financial Crisis: Evidence from the US and the Canadian Stock Markets"
Tabova, Alexandra (Federal Reserve Board):
Reach for yield" versus "search for safety" in the post-crisis period: evidence from the U.S. bond portfolio

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Financial markets / Marchés financiers
ChairDayanandan, Ajit (University of Northern British Columbia)
PapersDayanandan, Ajit (University of Northern British Columbia):
Asymmetric Impact of Bad News during Business Cycles
Kia, Amir (Utah Valley University):
Islamic Economics Rules and the Stock Market: Evidence from the United States
Medovikov, Ivan (Brock University):
Modeling Asymmetric Dependence Between Analyst Recommendations and Security Returns

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Unemployment / Chômage
ChairTang, Xin (Stony Brook University)
PapersChampagne, Julien (Banque du Canada):
The Carrot and the stick: Business cycle implications of incentive pay in the labor search model
MacGee, Jim (University of Western Ontario):
Demographics, Sectoral Reallocation and Firing Costs
Tang, Xin (Stony Brook University):
Job training, financial friction and unemployment outflows

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CREE - Econometrics / Économétrie
ChairRyan, David L (University of Alberta)
PapersGreen, Gareth (Seattle University):
Discounting Environmental Goods
Ryan, David L (University of Alberta):
Are Findings of Price Asymmetry in Energy Demand Models Due to Model Misspecification?
Wichmann, Bruno (University of Alberta):
Using Discrete Choice Models to Estimate Non-market Values: Effects of Choice Set Formation and Social Networks
DiscussantsWichmann, Bruno (University of Alberta); Livernois, John R (University of Guelph); Green, Gareth (Seattle University)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLEA: Crime - Empirical / Criminalité - méthodes empiriques
ChairCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
PapersKelly, Brian (Seattle University):
Asset Forfeiture: Lessons from the American Experience
Rehavi, Marit (University of British Columbia):
Tipping the Scales? Testing for Political Influence on Public Corruption Prosecutions
DiscussantsSummerfield, Fraser (University of Guelph); Zhou, Jin (University of Western Ontario)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS Session: Aboriginal Education Issues (Joint session with CD Howe Institute) / Séance conjointe CSLS et CD Howe Institute: Questions entourant l'éducation autochtone
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
Richards, John (Simon Fraser University)
ChairSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
PapersRichards, John (Simon Fraser University):
School Governance On-Reserve: an Unsatisfactory State of Affairs
Anderson, Barry (Solte Consulting):
Recognizing and Mitigating the Risks of Bill C-33, First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act
Feir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria):
The Intergenerational Effect of Forcible Assimilation Policy on School Performance
O'Gorman, Melanie (University of Winnipeg):
Cultivating the Arctic's Most Valuable Resource: An Analysis of Barriers to High School Completion Among Inuit Youth in Nunavut
DiscussantsYellowhorn, Eldon (Simon Fraser University); Kessler, Anke (Simon Fraser University)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Economics of Payments / Économie des systèmes de paiement
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersChapman, James (Bank of Canada):
Efficiency and Bargaining Power in the Interbank Loan Market
Gerdes, Geoffrey (United States Federal Reserve Board):
Network Economies and Innovation: Lessons from the Transition to Check 21
Huynh, Kim (Bank of Canada):
Consumer Cash Usage: A Cross-Country Comparison with Payment Diary Survey Data

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Microfinance / Microfinance
ChairShonchoy, Abu (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO)
PapersKaraivanov, Alexander (Simon Fraser University):
Bogus Groups in Microfinance
Shonchoy, Abu (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO):
Impact of Seasonality Adjusted Flexible Microcredit on Repayment and Food Consumption: Experimental Evidence from Rural Bangladesh
Islam, Khan (University of Manitoba):
Does Microcredit Reduce Household Vulnerability to Poverty? Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CIFAR - Global Happiness / Le bonheur à l'échelle mondiale
OrganizerHelliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia)
ChairOsberg, Lars (Dalhousie University)
PapersBarrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University):
Relative income and happiness: a global study
Wang, Shun (KDI School of Public Policy and Management):
The Subjective Well-Being Consequences of Mao's Mass Send-Down Movement
Latif, Ehsan (Thompson Rivers University):
The Impact of Income Inequality on Happiness in Canada
DiscussantsOsberg, Lars (Dalhousie University); Helliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Banking / Secteur bancaire
ChairRanasinghe, Ashantha (University of Manitoba)
PapersUeberfeldt, Alexander (Bank of Canada):
Does short-term bank funding enhance the possibility of firesales?
Filer, Larry (Old Dominion University):
Government Interventions, Program Participation and Stigma: An Analysis of Bank Participation in the Capital Purchase Program
Ranasinghe, Ashantha (University of Manitoba):
Financial Frictions and the Rule of Law

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CETC - Games of Asymmetric Information / Jeux d'information asymétrique
ChairLu, Shih En (Simon Fraser University)
PapersChen, Haiyun (Simon Fraser University):
Public Protection of Privacy: An Economic Perspective
Lu, Shih En (Simon Fraser University):
Coordination-Free Equilibria in Cheap Talk Games
Siegel, Ron (Northwestern University):
Large Contests

10:30-12:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Level Productivity Network 2: Joint Session with the Canadian Centre for Data Development and Economic Research / Réseau sur la productivité des entreprises 2: séance conjointe avec le CEDR
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
PapersLiu, Hu Ju (Statistics Canada):
An Update on Depreciation Rates for the Canadian Productivity Accounts
Leung, Danny (Statistics Canada):
Canada-United States Labour Productivity Gap Across Firm Size Classes
Dachis, Benjamin (C.D. Howe Institute):
Assessing the Tax Barriers to Small Firm Growth in Canada
DiscussantsTang, Jianmin (Industry Canada); Vancauteren, Mark (Hasselt University); Rennison, Lori (Bank of Canada)

12:00-14:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN Luncheon and AGM / Diner et assemblée générale du RFÉ
OrganizerDeri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa)
ChairFortin, Nicole M. (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerEckel, Catherine (Texas A&M University)
TopicGender in Experimental Games

12:00-14:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES Department Chairs Luncheon (by Invitation) / Dîner des directeurs de département de Ia SCAE (sur invitation)

12:00-13:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Brown Bag Lunch Bangladesh Panel: Dirty Garments and Value Chains / Table ronde sur le Bangladesh et l'industrie de confection des vêtements
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PanelistsShonchoy, Abu (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO)
Richards, John (Simon Fraser University)
Hoogendoorn, Ben (FH Canada-Food for the Hungry)

12:00-14:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle du PEF

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Trade in Intermediate Inputs / Commerce: Échanges d'intrants intermédiaires
ChairTombe, Trevor (University of Calgary)
PapersChernoff, Alex (Queen's University):
Trade and Heterogeneous Intermediate Goods Producers
Goetz, Daniel (Princeton University):
Sourcing heterogeneous inputs
Campbell, Douglas (University of California, Davis):
Relative Prices, Hysteresis, and the Decline of American Manufacturing
DiscussantsTombe, Trevor (University of Calgary); Chernoff, Alex (Queen's University); Weder, Rolf (University of Basel)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Education, Poverty and Inequality / Éducation, pauvreté et inégalité
ChairZhang, Xuelin (Statistics Canada)
PapersMorissette, René (Statistics Canada):
Wages, Youth Employment, and School Enrollment: Recent Evidence from Increases in World Oil Prices
Daley, Angela (Dalhousie University):
Measuring Poverty and Inequality in Northern Canada
Chowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of Manitoba):
Does Higher Education Lead to Better Health for Immigrants? Canadian Evidence
DiscussantsWebb, Matt (University of Calgary); Notten, Geranda (University of Ottawa); Mori, Hiroaki (University of Western Ontario)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG - PEF Panel: Impact of Behavioural and Experimental Economics on the Discipline / Impact de l'économie comportementale et expérimentale sur la discipline
OrganizerPringle, David J (Carleton University)
ChairPringle, David J (Carleton University)
PanelistsMoir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
Lavoie, Marc (University of Ottawa)
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
Knetsch, Jack (Simon Fraser University)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Health Economics - Physicians / Économie de la santé - Médecins
ChairSarma, Sisira K (The University of Western Ontario)
PapersCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo):
Differences in Demographics, Practice Intentions, Debt and Debt Influences between CMG, IMG and CSA Medical Residents in Canada
McLeod, Logan (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Changing the Schedule of Medical Benefits and the Effect on Primary Care Physician Billing: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Alberta
Some, Nibene Habib (Université Laval):
Measuring the Response of Physicians to Incentives
DiscussantsMcLeod, Logan (Wilfrid Laurier University); Kpelitse, Koffi Ahoto (University of Western Ontario); Belley, Philippe (Kansas State University)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN Panel Session: Publish or....parent? / Publier... ou avoir un enfant?
ChairAdshade, Marina (University of British Columbia)
PanelistsAdshade, Marina (University of British Columbia)
Compton, Ryan (University of Manitoba)
Friesen, Jane (Simon Fraser University)
Gallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: The Economics of Immigration I / Travail et éducation: Aspects économiques de l'immigration I
ChairBeach, Charles M. (Queen's University)
PapersSchuetze, Herbert J. (University of Victoria):
Immigrant Networks, Occupational Choice, and Match Quality
Townsend, James (University of Winnipeg):
Do Immigrants with Prior Canadian Exposure Perform Better than Those Without? An Analysis Using the Longitudinal Immigrant Database (IMDB)
Worswick, Christopher (Carleton University):
Immigrant Earnings Assimilation and Changing Cohort Quality: The Role of Cognitive Ability
DiscussantsWorswick, Christopher (Carleton University); Schuetze, Herbert J. (University of Victoria); Townsend, James (University of Winnipeg)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: The Effects of Population Aging on Retirement Savings, Elder Care and Migration Spillovers / Travail et éducation: Les effets du vieillissement de la population sur l'épargne-retraite, les services aux aînés et les retombées de l'immigration
ChairSchirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersLavecchia, Adam M. (University of Toronto):
Does Raising Contribution Limits Lead to More Saving? Evidence from the 'Catch-up Limit' Reform
Heger, Dörte (Queen's University):
Informal care, work, and well-being
Rhee, Serena (University of Pennsylvania):
Population Aging, Migration Spillovers,and the Decline in Interstate Migration
DiscussantsOguzoglu, Umut (University of Manitoba); Woolley, Frances (Carleton University); Arzaghi, Mohammad (National Bureau of Economic Research)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Forecasting / Prévisions
ChairYu, Eric Jinsan (Queen's University)
PapersLeiva-Leon, Danilo (Bank of Canada):
Real-Time Nowcasting Nominal GDP Under Structural Break
Smith, Gregor (Queen's University):
Measuring the Slowly Evolving Trend in US Inflation with Professional Forecasts
Yu, Eric Jinsan (Queen's University):
Predictive Power of Aggregate Short Interest

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG II: Education / Éducation
ChairMehta, Nirav A. (University of Western Ontario)
PapersMehta, Nirav A. (University of Western Ontario):
Targeting the Wrong Teachers: Problems with Empirical Bayes Estimators of Teacher Quality in Accountability Regimes
Su, Xuejuan (University of Alberta):
College Expansion and Curriculum Choice
Park, Youngmin (University of Western Ontario):
Optimal Education Subsidies with Heterogeneous Parental Altruism and Borrowing Constraints
DiscussantsBackus, Peter (University of Manchester); Payne, Abigail (McMaster University); Gugl, Elisabeth (University of Victoria)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Financial Stability Issues / Séance de la Banque du Canada: Questions de stabilité financiére
OrganizerCôté, Denise (Bank of Canada)
ChairCôté, Denise (Bank of Canada)
PapersXiao, Hongyu (Bank of Canada):
Being Local or Going Global? Competition and Entry Barriers in the Canadian Banking Industry
Rivadeneyra, Francisco (Bank of Canada):
Foreign Reserves and Tail Risks
Djoudad, Ramdane (Banque du Canada):
Probabilities of default for the corporate sector in Canada: A panel error-correction model approach
DiscussantsZhu, Ting (University of British Columbia); Paquet, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Economics of Crop Production 1 / Aspects économiques des cultures agricoles 1
ChairWeersink, Alfons J (University of Guelph)
PapersAn, Henry (University of Alberta):
Climate Change and Agricultural Efficiency: A Conditional Quantile Approach
Seo, Hong Seok (Texas A&M University):
Can Canada meet the increasing Canola oil demand?
Wu, TingTing (McGill University):
An economic and environmental impact assessment for using wood pellets for greenhouse vegetable production in Canada
Paul, Sharon (University of Alberta):
Role of Home Gardens in Reducing the Risks in Household Decision Making and Improving Livelihoods

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Consumer Economics / Économie de la consommation
ChairSarker, Rakhal (University of Guelph)
PapersCranfield, John (University of Guelph):
Consumer preference for locally produced organic foods in Canada: A stated choice analysis
Ugochukwu, Albert Ifeanyi (University of Saskatchewan):
Authenticity, Collective Reputation and Quality Signals: An Empirical Analysis of VQA Wines
Wang, Weiguang (University of Guelph):
The Role of Consumers' Trust in Shaping Willingness to Pay for Enhanced Animal Welfare
Hobbs, Jill E. (University of Saskatchewan):
Consumer confidence in credence attributes: The role of trust in the food system and brand trust

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES Organized Symposium: Focus on Fellows: Nearly a Half Century of Supply Management in Canadian Agriculture - What has been accomplished and where are we going? / Symposium organisé par la SCAE: Pleins feux sur les membres: Près d'un demi-siècle de gestion de l'offre en agriculture canadienne - passé et avenir
ChairFulton, Murray E. (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersVeeman, Michele (University of Alberta):
Canadian Supply Management: Challenges of the Past, Present and Future
Barichello, Richard (University of British Columbia):
Options for Exit from Supply Management in World of Growing Milk Product Demand
Hedley, Douglas (Retired, AAFC):
Supply Management as a Risk Management Tool: Has it been Successful?
Fox, Glenn (University of Guelph):
Discussion: Market and non-Market Failures?
Schmitz, Andrew (University of Florida):
Discussion: Has it Been Worth It?

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Environment Canada Special Lecture / Conférence spéciale d'Environnement Canada
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada)
ChairHermanutz, Derek (Environment Canada)
SpeakerMcAusland, Carol (University of British Columbia)
TopicMaking Carbon Policy WTO-Consistent without Sacrificing Canadian Competitiveness

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairMacKinnon, James G (Queen's University)
SpeakerHorowitz, Joel L. (Northwestern University)
TopicVariable Selection and Estimation in High-Dimensional Models

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Student Paper Prize Session I: Housing / Banque du Canada: Prix de présentation des étudiants (1re séance): Logement
ChairChapman, James (Bank of Canada)
PapersMnasri, Ayman (Queen's University):
Renting Vs Buying a Home: A Matter Of Wealth Accumulation or of Geographic Stability?
Yang, Zhe (Queen's University):
Search, Asset Liquidity and Business Cycles
Partridge, James (University of Western Ontario):
Entrepreneurs' Use of Home Equity Loans During Credit Crises

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Capital Markets / Marchés financiers
ChairPasricha, Gurnain (Bank of Canada)
PapersLastrapes, William (University of Georgia):
An Empirical Analysis of Capital Market Integration in Developed and Emerging Market Economies
Karibzhanov, Iskander (Bank of Canada):
International Capital Controls
Pasricha, Gurnain (Bank of Canada):
Are comprehensive capital controls more effective? Evidence from Indian controls on external borrowing

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG - Macro Implications of Policy / Implications macroéconomiques des politiques
ChairFiori, Giuseppe (North Carolina State University)
PapersKaymak, Baris (Université de Montréal):
Macroeconomic Implications of Tax Cuts for the Top Income Groups: 1960 - 2010
Lin, Tsu-ting Tim (Gettysburg College):
Working Capital Requirement and the Unemployment Volatility Puzzle
Fiori, Giuseppe (North Carolina State University):
The Macroeconomic Effects of Goods and Labor Markets Deregulation

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Trust and Preferences / Confiance et préférences
PapersKsoll, Christopher (University of Ottawa):
The impact of participation in a literacy and numeracy program on preference consistency: evidence from India
Okoye, Chidozie (Dalhousie University):
Things Fall Apart: Missions, Institutions, and Trust in Nigeria
Marcoul, Philippe (University of Alberta):
Gift Giving in Family Networks: Theory and Empirical Evidence From Rural Tanzanian Households

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Mobility, Labour Market and Health / Banque du Canada: Mobilité, marché du travail et santé
ChairsKyui, Natalia (Bank of Canada)
Seki, Mai (Bank of Canada)
PapersSanders, Carl (Washington University in St. Louis,):
Decomposing the Native-Immigrant Wage Gap in the United States
Pohl, Vincent (Queen's University):
Health Shocks, Education, and Labor Market Outcomes
Yamaguchi, Shintaro (McMaster University):
Life-Cycle Effect of Parental Leave Policy on Female Labor Market Outcomes
Seki, Mai (Bank of Canada):
Macroeconomic Shocks and Evolving Sectoral Composition: Effects on Educational Choices, Mobility and Labour Market Outcomes

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CREE - Energy and Growth / Énergie et croissance
ChairMoshiri, Saeed (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersAliakbari, Elmira (University of Guelph):
Energy consumption and economic growth in Canada: A panel cointegration analysis
Moshiri, Saeed (University of Saskatchewan):
Changes in Energy Intensity in Canada
Dolter, Brett (York University):
Casting a Long Shadow: Demand-Based Accounting of Canada's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLEA: Corporate Law / Droit des sociétés
ChairCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
PapersLai, Tat-kei (University of Toronto):
Does Dividend Tax Impede Competition for Corporate Charters?
Casey, Anthony (The Univeristy of Chicago):
The New Corporate Web
DiscussantsCao, Shutao (Bank of Canada); Ireland, Derek (Carleton University)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-PHELPS - Industrial Organization and Competition Policy / Organisation industrielle et politique de la concurrence
ChairBrander, James A. (University of British Columbia)
PapersLong, Ngo Van (McGill University):
Network Effects, Aftermarkets and the Coase Conjecture: a Dynamic Markovian Approach
Tappata, Mariano (University of British Columbia):
Competition in Retail Gasoline Markets
Parra, Alvaro (University of British Columbia):
Sequential Innovation and Patent Policy
DiscussantsSadanand, Asha (University of Guelph); Metaxoglou, Konstantinos (Carleton University); Boyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CIFAR - Explaining Happiness: governance, inequality and generosity / Le bonheur expliqué: gouvernance, inégalité et générosité
OrganizerHelliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia)
ChairHuang, Haifang (University of Alberta)
PapersHelliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia):
Good Governance and National Well-being: What are the Linkages?
Aknin, Lara B. (Simon Fraser University):
The Emotional Consequences of Generosity
Aknin, Lara B. (Simon Fraser University):
The Emotional Consequences of Inequality
DiscussantsSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards); Boese, Gregory (Simon Fraser University)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Business Cycles / Cycles économiques
ChairFort, Patrick (University of Alaska Anchorage)
PapersJanko, Zuzana (San Francisco State University):
How important are energy price shocks along the business cycle? A case for Canada
Weise, Charles (Gettysburg College):
A New Keynesian Model with Robots: Implications for Business Cycles and Monetary Policy
Fort, Patrick (University of Alaska Anchorage):
Business Cycles and Complexity of Firms

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CETC - Risk and Uncertainty / Risque et incertitude
ChairFreeman, David (University of British Columbia)
PapersFreeman, David (University of British Columbia):
Revealed Preference Foundations of Expectations-Based Reference-Dependence
Polisson, Matthew (University of Leicester):
Revealed preferences over risk and uncertainty

14:00-15:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Level Productivity Network 3: Labour / Réseau sur la productivité des entreprises 3: Main-d'oeuvre
ChairRyan, Annette (Employment and Social Development)
PapersPetrunia, Robert (Lakehead University):
Industry Shutdown Rates and Permanent Layoffs: Evidence from Firm-Worker Matched Data
Fang, Tony (Monash University):
Profit Sharing and Workplace Productivity: Evidence from the Workplace and Employee Survey
Dostie, Benoit (HEC Montréal):
Innovation, Productivity, and Training
DiscussantsJavdani Haji, Mohsen (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus); Messacar, Derek (University of Toronto); Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph)

15:30-16:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break

15:30-16:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN Coffee Break - Everyone is Welcome! / Pause-café du RFÉ - Bienvenue à tous!

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Regional Trade Agreements / Commerce: Accords commerciaux régionaux
ChairKaracaovali, Baybars (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
PapersKamata, Isao (University of Wisconsin-Madison):
Regional Trade Agreements with Labor Clauses: Their Effects on Labor Standards and Trade
Schwartz, Saul (Carleton University):
Does Canada Need Trade Adjustment Assistance?
Hauser, Daniela (Bank of Canada):
Technology Shocks, Labor Mobility and Aggregate Fluctuations

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Economics, Archaeology and Anthropology / Économie, archéologie et anthropologie
ChairDow, Gregory (Simon Fraser University)
PapersDow, Gregory (Simon Fraser University):
The Origins of Sedentism: Climate, Population, and Technology
Mitchell, Leanna (Simon Fraser University):
The Origins and Incidence of Early Warfare
Collard, Mark (Simon Fraser University):
On the Drivers of Technological Evolution in Small-Scale Societies
DiscussantsKaraivanov, Alexander (Simon Fraser University); Stahl, Peter (University of Victoria); Eswaran, Mukesh (University of British Columbia)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
PEF 4: Social Assistance in Canada / Aide sociale au Canada
OrganizerFalvo, Nick (Carleton University)
ChairDaley, Angela (Dalhousie University)
PapersKneebone, Ron D (University of Calgary):
The Business Cycle Strikes Back: The Rise and Fall of Social Assistance Use Since 1969
Falvo, Nick (Carleton University):
Determinants of welfare caseloads for singles in Canada
Boychuk, Gerard (University of Waterloo):
What Room for 'Politics'? Provincial Social Assistance in Historical Perspective, 1989-2013
Stapleton, John (Open Policy):
The Welfareization of Disability Incomes in Ontario

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Health Economics - Obesity I / Économie de la santé - obésité I
ChairAuld, M. Christopher (University of Victoria)
PapersLehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University):
Genotype-Phenotype Association of FTO with Body Mass Index Depends on Birth Era
Nuscheler, Robert (University of Augsburg):
Is Family Contagious? Transmission of Weight Status (Mis-)Perceptions
Ornek, Mustafa (McMaster University):
Cost of Obesity to Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
DiscussantsAuld, M. Christopher (University of Victoria); Matheson, Jesse (University of Leicester); Emery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CESG - Forecasting / Prévisions
ChairMedovikov, Ivan (Brock University)
PapersChaker, Selma (Bank of Canada):
Volatility Forecasting when the Noise Variance Is Time-Varying
Monticini, Andrea (Catholic University):
Forecasting the intraday market price of money
Xiao, Linlan (Central Michigan University):
Volatility forecasting: combinations of realized volatility measures and forecasting models
DiscussantsKotchoni, Rachidi (Université de Montréal); Chaker, Selma (Bank of Canada); Medovikov, Ivan (Brock University)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: The Effects of High School Courses and Employment on College Performance / Travail et éducation: Les effets des cours d'enseignement secondaire et de l'emploi sur les performances au collège
ChairWebb, Matt (University of Calgary)
PapersPayne, Abigail (McMaster University):
The Impact of Student Progression in High School on Post‐Secondary Participation in STEM Programs (Tentative Title)
Tchuente Nguembu, Guy (Université de Montréal):
High School Human Capital Portfolio and College Outcomes
Yedan, Ali (Université Laval):
How employment during the academic year influencing on academic performance on College?
DiscussantsYedan, Ali (Université Laval); Payne, Abigail (McMaster University); Tchuente Nguembu, Guy (Université de Montréal)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education Short: Presentations on Education, Immigration and Housing in the Labour Market / Travail et éducation: Présentations au sujet de l'immigration et du logement sur le marché du travail
ChairTownsend, James (University of Winnipeg)
PapersAkbari, Syed Ather H (Saint Mary's University):
Are occupations of immigrants and non-immigrants perfect substitutes in Canadian labour markets?
Kei, Wendy Wai Yee (University of British Columbia):
Housing Supply Elasticity and the Elderly
Zahedi, Razieh (University of Calgary):
Children Left Behind: A Study of Drawbacks of No Child Left Behind Act
Aydede, Yigit (Saint Mary's University):
Effects of Immigration on the Incidence of Native-Born Migration in Canada

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG - Cheap Talk/Communication / Le verbiage et la communication
ChairCapra, C. Monica (Claremont Graduate University & Emory University)
PapersCapra, C. Monica (Claremont Graduate University & Emory University):
Not all talk is cheap, can we learn why?
Zhang, Jingjing (University of Zurich):
Market Talk
Danese, Giuseppe (Simon Fraser University):
Trustees and agents in corporate governance

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG III: Fairness and Taxation / Équité et fiscalité
ChairBurbidge, John (University of Waterloo)
PapersBurbidge, John (University of Waterloo):
The role of commodity taxation in Pareto efficient tax structures for redistribution
Woolley, Frances (Carleton University):
Tax Fairness for Families: Evolution of an Idea
Wen, Jean-François (University of Calgary):
Income Instability and Fiscal Progression
DiscussantsLuelfesmann, Christoph (Simon Fraser University); Devlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa); Smith, Constance (University of Alberta)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG - Monetary Policy and Consumer Behaviour / Politiques monétaires et comportement du consommateur
ChairKryvtsov, Oleksiy (Bank of Canada)
PapersChiu, Jonathan (Bank of Canada):
E-Money: Efficiency, Stability and Optimal Policy
Feng, Wing (Queen's University):
Demand shocks, Consumer Search and Firm Heterogeneity
Kryvtsov, Oleksiy (Bank of Canada):
on the importance of sales for aggregate price flexibility

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Environment Canada Session 1: Climate Policies: The International Context / 1re séance d'Environnement Canada: Politiques environnementales dans le contexte international
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada)
ChairNorup, Jessica (Environment Canada)
PapersBaksi, Soham (University of Winnipeg):
Trade, Border Tax Adjustments, and the Stability of International Environmental Agreements
Zhu, Yunfa (Environment Canada):
Climate Finance: A multi-sector, multi-regional CGE analysis
Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada):
The drivers of GHG emissions intensity improvements in major economies: Analysis of trends 1995-2009
DiscussantsMcAusland, Carol (University of British Columbia); MacGee, Jim (University of Western Ontario); Janmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: Early Childhood Education and Care / Travail et éducation: Protection et éducation de la petite enfance
ChairTappata, Mariano (University of British Columbia)
PapersDing, Weili (Queen's University):
Changed parenting practices: between increased input into childcare and worsened outcomes for children
Krashinsky, Michael (University of Toronto):
Measuring the Affordability of Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Institutions and Property Rights / Institutions et droit de propriété
ChairBidner, Chris (Simon Fraser University)
PapersAragon-Sanchez, Fernando (Simon Fraser University):
Property Rights and Local Economic Development: Evidence from First Nations' Treaties
Gonzalez-Navarro, Marco (University of Toronto):
Local Public Goods and Property Tax Compliance Evidence from Residential Street Pavement
Bose, Pinaki (University of Manitoba):
Bureaucratic Competition and Corruption

16:00-16:45Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES Plenary Session - Presidential Address / Séance plénière de la SCAE: Discours du président de la SCAE
ChairGervais, Jean-Philippe (Farm Credit Canada)
SpeakerDoyon, Maurice (Université Laval)
TopicAgricultural Economic Research in Canadian Universities: Is it pertinent?

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairOsberg, Lars (Dalhousie University)
SpeakerDuclos, Jean-Yves (Université Laval)
TopicQuality, Quantity and Duration of Lives

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Credit Markets / Marchés du crédit
ChairImura, Yuko (Bank of Canada)
PapersBeyhaghi, Mehdi (York University):
Credit Rationing and Heterogeneity in Corporate Loan Contracts
Isakin, Maksim (University of Calgary):
Structured Debt and Bayesian Persuasion in Credit Ratings
Imura, Yuko (Bank of Canada):
Credit Market Frictions and Sudden Stops

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Financial Stability / Stabilité Financière
ChairVoll, Jane T (Bank of Canada)
PapersVoll, Jane T (Bank of Canada):
Are Counterparty Arrangements in Insurance a Threat to Financial Stability?
Ahnert, Toni (Bank of Canada):
A wake-up call: information contagion and strategic uncertainty
Sheng, Jinfei (University of British Columbia):
The Effects of Government Intervention in Financial Market on the Real Economy

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Defense and Security Economics / Économie de la défense et de la sécurité
OrganizerBerkok, Ugurhan (Royal Military College)
ChairPaterson, Bryan (Royal Military College of Canada)
PapersPaterson, Bryan (Royal Military College of Canada):
Productivity vs Security: The Implications of Greater Integration Between Military and Commercial R&D
Skogstad, Karl (Queen's University):
The Effectiveness of Canada's Navy on Escort Duty
Solomon, Binyam (Department of National Defence):
Non Governmental Organizations and Peace Support Operations

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Teaching Economics at Undergraduate Level / Enseignement des sciences économiques au premier cycle
OrganizersAlam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University)
Islam, Shahidul (Grant Macewan University)
ChairIslam, Shahidul (Grant Macewan University)
PapersWong, Andrew (University of Alberta):
eCampus: Benefits of learning introductory macroeconomics in a flexible way
Islam, Shahidul (Grant Macewan University):
Best teacher: What do students think?
O'Shaughnessy, Bridget (McMaster University):
Online Homework and Student Performance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
DiscussantsButton, Patrick (University of California, Irvine); Akhand, Hafiz (University of Regina); Islam, Shahidul (Grant Macewan University)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Student Paper Prize Session II: Macroeconomics and Information Frictions / Banque du Canada: Prix de présentation des étudiants (2e séance): Macroéconomie et frictions relatives à l'information
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersWagner, Joel (McMaster University):
Recycling Yesterday's News
Hoddenbagh, Jonathan (Boston College):
The Financial Accelerator and the Optimal Lending Contract
Djeutem, Edouard (Simon Fraser University):
Model Uncertainty and the Forward Premium Puzzle

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CREE - Short Presentations in Environmental Economics / Présentations courtes en économie de l'environnement
ChairBruneau, Joel (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersAhmadi, Younes (University of Calgary):
Carbon Border Tax Another Name for Protectionism
Gagne, Lynda (University of Victoria):
GDP and the social discount rate: A global policy error
Lee, Jamie Donghoon (University of Guelph):
Strategic voting processes and majority coalition-formation for the state-contingent externality pricing mechanism
Tang, Ruotao (University of Alberta):
Spillovers from Cost-reducing Innovation to Ecological Quality Improvement: the Porter Hypothesis and Beyond

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
ESDC - Labour Market Premiums / Primes sur le marché du travail
ChairFissuh, Eyob (Employment and Social Development Canada)
PapersFissuh, Eyob (Employment and Social Development Canada):
The Union Wage Premium in Canada from 1997 to 2013: Is there Variation across the Wage Distribution?
Chatti, Rim (HRSDC):
Changes in Gender Segregation in Canada from 1991 to 2011
Chatti, Rim (HRSDC):
The economic cost of workdays lost in Canada
DiscussantsFang, Tony (Monash University); Boucher, Vincent (Université Laval)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-PHELPS - Panel Session on Current Challenges in Canadian Competition Policy / Table ronde sur les défis actuels en matière de politique de la concurrence canadienne
ChairRoss, Thomas W. (University of British Columbia)
PanelistsBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
Ware, Roger (Queen's University)
Winter, Ralph (University of British Columbia)
Duplantis, Renée (Competition Bureau)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Empirical IO: Fights, Durables, and Nightclubs / Organisation industrielle empirique: bagarres, biens durables et boîtes de nuit
ChairRennison, Lori (Bank of Canada)
PapersSentance, Jim (University of Prince Edward Island):
Violence in the NHL - Do Hockey Fans Really Like it: Evidence From the Market for Memorabilia
Cosman, Jacob (University of British Columbia):
Agglomeration, regulation, and industry dynamics in the nightlife industry: evidence from Chicago
He, Chuan (University of Arizona):
Income and Inequality from Technological Innovation in Consumer Goods
DiscussantsRennison, Lori (Bank of Canada); He, Chuan (University of Arizona); Cosman, Jacob (University of British Columbia)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Monetary Economics / Économie monétaire
ChairBright, Robert (University of Guelph)
PapersReed, Michael (University of Kentucky):
Spillover Effects of U.S. Federal Reserve's Recent Quantitative Easing on Canadian Commodity Prices
Talukdar, Bidyut Kumar (Saint Mary's University):
Lerning-by-doing and The Optimal Rate of Interest
Bright, Robert (University of Guelph):
The Rate-of-Return Dominance Puzzle and the Functions of Money

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CETC - Conspicuous Consumption and Inequality / Consommation ostentatoire et inégalité
ChairEngineer, Merwan (University of Victoria)
PapersEngineer, Merwan (University of Victoria):
Conspicuous Utility: Status, the Rat Race, and Welfare
Kuzmics, Christoph (Bielefeld University):
Efficiency based measures of inequality
Martin, Richard (University of Victoria):
Rent seeking conspicuous consumption in the labour market.

16:00-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Level Productivity Network 4: Innovation and Trade / Réseau sur la productivité des entreprises 4: Innovation et commerce
ChairTherrien, Pierre (Industry Canada)
PapersCohn-Sfetcu, Sorin (BD Cohnsulting Inc.):
The Canadian Economy and the Apparent Innovation Paradox (There is no paradox; it's mostly a matter of innovation management!)
Chan, Jeff (University of Toronto):
Exporting and the innovation life-cycle: evidence from Germany
Fung, Loretta (National Tsing Hua University):
A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation in the Exposure of Canadian Retailers to Cross-Border shopping
DiscussantsVeall, Michael (McMaster University); Ab Lorwerth, Aled (Federal Government); Di Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University)

16:45-17:30Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES Plenary Session - Fellows Address / Séance plénière - discours du Fellow
ChairGervais, Jean-Philippe (Farm Credit Canada)
SpeakerFulton, Murray E. (University of Saskatchewan)
TopicAgricultural Policy in the 21st Century: The Role of Politics and Economics

17:30-18:00Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES Plenary Session - Annual Business Meeting / Séance plénière - Séance administrative annuelle
ChairGervais, Jean-Philippe (Farm Credit Canada)

17:45-19:15Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Innis Lecture / Conférence Innis
ChairDavidson, Russell (McGill University)
SpeakerNielsen, Morten (Queen's University)
TopicA Fractionally Cointegrated VAR Analysis of Economic Voting and Canadian Political Support

19:15-21:45Friday, May 30, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Reception / Réception

07:30-08:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES New Exec Breakfast Meeting / Réunion du nouvel exécutif de la SCAE

08:00-08:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee and muffins / Café et muffins

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Firms, Productivity and Exchange Rates / Commerce : Entreprises, productivité et taux de change
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersNedoncelle, Clément (Université Lille 1):
Real Exchange-Rate Volatility, Third-Market Effect and Trade: Empirical Evidence from French Firm-Level Data
Tomlin, Ben (Bank of Canada):
Exchange Rate Passs-Through, Currency Invoicing and Trade Partners
Weder, Rolf (University of Basel):
When Firms and Industries Matter: Trade and Productivity Growth
DiscussantsWeder, Rolf (University of Basel); Campbell, Douglas (University of California, Davis); Tomlin, Ben (Bank of Canada)

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN Session: Labour Market Transitions / Transitions sur le marché du travail
OrganizerMcDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)
ChairMcDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)
PapersJavdani Haji, Mohsen (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Gender differences in the wage returns to promotions: evidence from linked employer-employee data
Amedah, Sid Ali (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Role of inheritance receipt on Retirement decision
Han, Jing (University of Manitoba):
The causal effect of job loss on Canada's immigrant general and mental health: dynamic comparison study based on the National Population Health Survey (2000-2011)
DiscussantsFang, Tony (Monash University); McDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick); Guliani, Harminder (University of Regina)

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Health Economics - Cost Sharing / Économie de la santé - Partage des coûts
ChairFeir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria)
PapersBarthold, Douglas (McGill University):
The Health Effects of Cost Sharing: Evidence from the Medicare Modernization Act
Tombak, Mihkel (University of Toronto):
Optimal Co-payment policy in healthcare: Competition, Ownership Structure and Quality Provision
Zhang, Haozhen (Health Canada):
Endogenous Interactions of Drug Pricing, Drug Volume and Cost Sharing in Canadian Public Drug Plans: a 2SLS and Panel-VAR Examination
Shajarizadeh, Ali (University of Calgary):
The economics of clinical trial design
DiscussantsTombak, Mihkel (University of Toronto); Barthold, Douglas (McGill University); Shajarizadeh, Ali (University of Calgary); Zhang, Haozhen (Health Canada)

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CESG - Macroeconometrics / Macroéconométrie
ChairXiao, Linlan (Central Michigan University)
PapersFelt, Marie-Hélène (Carleton University):
Retail Payment Innovations and Cash Usage: Accounting for Attrition Using Refreshment Samples
Haug, Alfred A. (University of Otago):
Combining Monetary and Fiscal Policy in an SVAR for a Small Open Economy
Li, Fuchun (Bank of Canada):
Predicting Financial Stress Events: A Signal Extraction Approach
DiscussantsGerdes, Geoffrey (United States Federal Reserve Board); Stevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal); Xiao, Linlan (Central Michigan University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: New Evidence on China's Labour Market / Travail et éducation : Nouvelles données sur le marché du travail en Chine
ChairDing, Weili (Queen's University)
PapersDong, Yingying (University of California Irvine):
How Consumption responds to Increased Leisure Time - Analysis Based on a Natural Experiment
Xu, Jinwen (University of British Columbia):
Returns to Education and Occupation Choices
Shen, Kailing (Xiamen University):
Age and Gender-Based Screening in Employee Recruitment: Evidence from Four Job Boards
DiscussantsZhou, Jin (University of Western Ontario); Song, Jin (Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences); Dammert, Ana (Carleton University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: Economics of Higher Education / Travail et éducation : Aspects économiques de l'éducation supérieure
ChairPayne, Abigail (McMaster University)
PapersMorin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa):
Affirmative Action Without Quotas and University Applications
Gilraine, Michael (University of Toronto):
Centralized or Decentralized Funding? The Case of Title I
Hoeschler, Peter (University of Zurich):
College Dropout, Self-Esteem and Earnings

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG - Field Experiments and Applied Behavioural Economics / Expériences sur le terrain et économie comportementale appliquée
ChairJayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology)
PapersJayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology):
Defaults and Donations: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment
Byrne, David (The University of Melbourne):
Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know: Informedness and External Validity in Information Programs
Eswaran, Mukesh (University of British Columbia):
Identity as an Instigator of Terrorism
Shigeoka, Hitoshi (Simon Fraser University):
Risk Preference and Risky Behavior: A Panel Data Approach

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG IV: Policy and Incentives / Politiques et mesures incitatives
ChairFarnham, Martin (University of Victoria)
PapersButton, Patrick (University of California, Irvine):
Can Motion Picture Production Incentives Create a Local Film Industry?
Messacar, Derek (University of Toronto):
How Do Workplace Pensions Affect Private Saving? Evidence from Canadian Tax Records
Farnham, Martin (University of Victoria):
The Road to Ruin: Parasitic Suburbs and Traffic Congestion
DiscussantsWoolley, Frances (Carleton University); Hussain, Syed (Lahore University of Management Sciences); Silva, Emilson (University of Alberta)

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Central Bank Communication and the New Face of Central Banking / Banque du Canada : Communication et transformation des banques centrales
OrganizersEhrmann, Michael (Bank of Canada)
Siklos, Pierre L (Wilfrid Laurier University)
ChairEhrmann, Michael (Bank of Canada)
PapersSiklos, Pierre L (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Has Monetary Policy Changed? How the Crisis Shifted the Ground under Central Banks
Bauer, Michael (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco):
Monetary Policy Expectations at the Zero Lower Bound
Ehrmann, Michael (Bank of Canada):
Spillovers among euro area government bond yields - through the calm and through the storm
DiscussantsHendry, Scott C (Bank of Canada); Kasa, Kenneth (Simon Fraser University); Scotti, Chiara (Board of Governors)

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Land Economics and Land Use / Économie foncière et utilisation des terres
ChairBrewin, Derek (University of Manitoba)
PapersFerguson, Shon Martin (Research Institute of Industrial Economics):
Competitive Pressure and Technology Adoption: Evidence from a Policy Reform in Western Canada
Fox, Glenn (University of Guelph):
Calculating Compensation for Land Claims: Compounding Errors or Correcting Injustice?
van Kooten, G. Cornelis (University of Victoria):
Does Income Insurance Distort Agricultural Production? An Analysis of EU Programs using Mathematical Programming Applied to the Netherlands
Campbell, Brett (University of Alberta):
Aggregate Resource Extraction: Examining environmental impacts on optimal extraction and reclamation strategies

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Economics of Food Issues / Aspects économiques des enjeux alimentaires
ChairDeaton, Brady (University of Guelph)
PapersHobbs, Jill E. (University of Saskatchewan):
Functional Foods: Trends, Regulations and Potential Health Benefits
Muringai, Violet (University of Alberta):
Consumer Human Health Concerns about Genetically Modified Foods
Streletskaya, Nadia (Cornell University):
Impact of Menu Disclosures of Nutritional Information on Changing Dietary Choices: An Experimental Study
Vercammen, James (University of British Columbia):
A Decomposition of Reduced Sodium Levels in North American Breakfast Cereals

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Risk and Volatility in Agriculture / Risque et volatilité dans le domaine de l'agriculture
ChairGulati, Sumeet (University of British Columbia)
PapersFreshwater, David (University of Kentucky):
Is This Time Different? The Potential for Another Farm Financial Crisis
Li, Haoyu (University of Saskatchewan):
Removing the CWB as a Single Desk Grain Marketer: Assessing the Initial Effects on the Canada-US Feed Barley Market
Qiu, Feng (University of Alberta):
Analysis of Price Volatility and Volatility Spillovers in Western Canadian Feed Barley, U.S. Corn, and Alberta Cattle Markets
Wang, Jinrui (University of Guelph):
Modelling Commodity Price Volatility with Mixtures of GARCH Processes

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Gender 2 / Genre 2
ChairRosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University)
PapersRosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University):
Credit Constraints and Excess Female Mortality in India
Jones, Maggie (Queen's University):
Cocaine Production and the Provision of Household Services: Evidence from Colombian Coca Farmers
Sattari, Reza (Simon Fraser University):
Financial Incentives and Fertility in Iran

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Financial Institutions and Regulation / Institutions et régulation financière
ChairVo, Dan (University of Victoria)
PapersVo, Dan (University of Victoria):
The Geography of Angel Investment

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG - Labour Markets and Development / Marchés financiers et développement
ChairOh, Seungjoon (University of Michigan)
PapersTombe, Trevor (University of Calgary):
Trade Liberalization, Internal Migration and Regional Income Differences: Evidence from China
Cai, Wenbiao (University of Winnipeg):
Wage Wedges, Labor Productivity, and Structural Change in India
Oh, Seungjoon (University of Michigan):
Economic Growth and Labor Market Institutions in East Asian Structural Transformation

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Welfare and Poverty 1: Income Mobility / Aide sociale et pauvreté 1 : Mobilité du revenu
ChairHeisz, Andrew (Statistics Canada)
PapersSpotton Visano, Brenda (York University):
Assessing microcredit program success for community economic development in Canada
Zhang, Xuelin (Statistics Canada):
The evolution of income mobility in Canada: evidence from the Longitudinal Administrative Databank, 1982 to 2010
Heisz, Andrew (Statistics Canada):
The role of taxes and transfers in reducing income inequality

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CREE - Resource Economics - Empirical Issues / Économie des ressources - Questions empiriques
ChairBoskovic, Branko (University of Alberta)
PapersBoskovic, Branko (University of Alberta):
The Costs of Protecting the Wild: Evidence from Auctions for Natural Resource Development
Slade, Margaret E. (University of British Columbia):
Investment and Uncertainty When it Takes Time to Build: Evidence from US Copper Mining
Datta, Souvik (ETH Zürich):
Decoupling, Deregulation and Demand-Side Management
DiscussantsSlade, Margaret E. (University of British Columbia); Boskovic, Branko (University of Alberta); Papineau, Maya (Carleton University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLEA: Regulatory Law / Loi à caractère réglementaire
ChairCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
PapersIreland, Derek (Carleton University):
The Regulatory Compliance Paradox
Zhao, Jingang (University of Saskatchewan):
A New Argument against Merger Efficiency
Klumpp, Tilman (University of Alberta):
The Business of American Democracy: Citizens United, Independent Spending, and Elections
DiscussantsCasey, Anthony (The Univeristy of Chicago); Courty, Pascal (University of Victoria); Rehavi, Marit (University of British Columbia)

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Labour Market Dynamics / Banque du Canada : Dynamique du marché du travail
OrganizersChampagne, Julien (Banque du Canada)
Hauser, Daniela (Bank of Canada)
ChairChampagne, Julien (Banque du Canada)
PapersCortes, Guido Matias (University of Manchester):
The Micro and Macro of Disappearing Routine Jobs: A Flows Approach
Cajner, Tomaz (Federal Reserve Board):
Worker Flows over the Life Cycle
Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas (Carnegie Mellon University):
Unemployment Crises

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Corporate Governance / Gouvernance d'entreprises
ChairWang, Tianyi (Queen's University)
PapersWang, Liquan (St. Ambrose University):
Risk Taking and Reputation Concerns of Mutual Fund Managers
Wang, Tianyi (Queen's University):
On the Moral Hazard of Asset Purchase Program
Zhang, Shiny (University of Toronto):
The Allocation of Managerial Human Capital, Corporate Financing, and Firm Performance

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
IO - Exports and Intellectual Property Rights / Organisation industrielle - Exportations et droits de propriété intellectuelle
ChairSentance, Jim (University of Prince Edward Island)
PapersZelaya, Mauricio (University of Waterloo):
Intellectual Property Rights and Firm R&D in a Globalised World
Dachs, Bernhard (AIT-Austrian Institute of Technology):
The Effects of Production Offshoring on R&D and Innovation in the Home Country
Rennison, Lori (Bank of Canada):
A Canadian Survey of Firm Strategy for Competitive Advantage
DiscussantsHong, Woo-Hyung (University of Washington); Vancauteren, Mark (Hasselt University); Sentance, Jim (University of Prince Edward Island)

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH - Merchant and State Networks / Réseaux commerciaux et nationaux
ChairPaterson, Donald G. (University of British Columbia)
PapersVelasco, Gustavo (London School of Economics):
State organization and economic development in Western Canada, 1860-1900. New evidences from Post Office records
Velk, Tom (McGill University):
Measuring U.S. 19th Century Economic Activity Through Unexploited Micro-Level Data
DiscussantsEmery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary); Dupont, Brandon (Western Washington University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CETC - Decision Theory / Théorie de la décision
ChairMiles, Stanley (Thompson Rivers University)
PapersMiles, Stanley (Thompson Rivers University):
Optimal Consumption When the Consumer Takes the Utility of Involuntary Memories of Consumption into Account
Nishimura, Hiroki (University of California, Riverside):
The Transitive Core: Inference of Welfare from Nontransitive Preference Relations

08:30-10:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Monetary Policy and Financial Market Imperfections / Politiques monétaires et imperfections des marchés financiers
ChairKwak, Boreum (Indiana University)
PapersDmitriev, Mikhail (Boston College):
The Financial Accelerator and the Optimal Lending Contract
Douch, Mohamed (Royal Military College and AUC):
Financial Frictions and Monetary Policy Regimes in A Small Open Economy Under imperfect pass-through and Sticky Prices
Kwak, Boreum (Indiana University):
Policy Interactions in a Regime Switching Model: Determinacy and Identification

10:00-10:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Trade, Corruption and Social Trust / Commerce, corruption et confiance sociale
ChairSaavedra, Luz (University of St. Thomas)
PapersChandidas, Karan (Ryerson University):
Vanishing Markets and Competitive Equilibria
Saavedra, Luz (University of St. Thomas):
International trade as a Determinant of social trust: The role of Geographic Proximity
Ma, Xiangjun (University of International Business and Economics):
Corruption, Financial Resources and Exports

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Asset pricing II / Évaluation des actifs financiers II
ChairPaquet, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersMetaxoglou, Konstantinos (Carleton University):
State Prices of Conditional Quantiles: New Evidence on Time Variation in the Pricing Kernel
Paquet, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Apparent Patterns in the Stock Market: Are They Misleading or Profitable? An Empirical Assessment of Technical Analysis.
Sultan, Syed Galib (University Of Washington Seattle):
Price Discovery Beta - An Order Invariant Measure of Price Discovery with Application to Exchange-Traded Funds

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
PEF 5: The Historical Impacts of Unionization in North America / Les impacts historiques de la syndicalisation en Amérique du Nord
OrganizerBrennan, Jordan (Unifor)
ChairFalvo, Nick (Carleton University)
PapersGillezeau, Robert (University of Michigan / Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition):
Economies of Scale and the Economic Geography of American Labour
Sran, Garry (York University):
Unionisation and its impact to the Canadian Macro-Economy
Brennan, Jordan (Unifor):
The Creation of a Shared Prosperity in Canada: The Historical Impacts of Unionization

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Health Economics - Obesity II / Économie de la santé - obésité II
ChairMcLeod, Logan (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersKottelenberg, Michael (Queen's University):
Universal Childcare, Child Obesity, and the BMI Distribution
Feir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria):
The effects of forcible childhood assimilation on adult and next generation health
Sarma, Sisira K (The University of Western Ontario):
The Effect of Leisure-Time and Transportation Physical Activity (LTTPA) on Health: Evidence from Canada
DiscussantsNuscheler, Robert (University of Augsburg); Ornek, Mustafa (McMaster University); Heger, Dörte (Queen's University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN/CHWEN Session - Wage Inequalities: Evidence from Canada and China / Inégalité des salaires: données canadiennes et chinoises
ChairDeri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa)
PapersYang, Sui (School of Economics and Management, Beijing Normal University):
The 2008 Global Financial Crisis and Wage Inequality in Urban China
Song, Jin (Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences):
Impact of Education Quality on Wage Inequalities among Chinese immigrant workers
Legree, Scott (University of Waterloo):
Can Labour Relations Reform Reduce Wage Inequality? Evidence from the Canadian Provinces
Foley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan):
Human Capital and Inequality in Canada

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG - Capital and Crisis / Capital et crise
ChairLiu, Qing McGill (McGill University)
PapersSchroth, Josef (Bank of Canada):
Cost and benefit of regulation during credit crunches
Boileau, Martin (University of Colorado):
Capital Substitution and Consumption Fluctuations in Emerging Economies
Liu, Qing McGill (McGill University):
Financial Cycles in Asian Countries

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Environment Canada Session 2: Climate Policies, Trade and Competitiveness / 2e séance d'Environnement Canada: Politiques environnementales, commerce et compétitivité
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada)
ChairGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada)
PapersCarbone, Jared (University of Calgary):
Climate policy and competitiveness: A review of the evidence from applied general equilibrium models
Bataille, Christopher (Navius Research Inc.):
A CGE analysis of GHG regulations for transport and buildings combined with a tradable emissions intensity standard for large emitters based on "best-in-class" technology intensity targets
Bruneau, Joel (University of Saskatchewan):
Energy Price-Differentials and Canada-US trade
Discussantsab Iorwerth, Aled (Council of Canadian Academies); Rivers, Nicholas (University of Ottawa); Leung, Danny (Statistics Canada)

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG - Markets and Institutions I / Marchés et institutions I
ChairThomas, Stephanie (McMaster University)
PapersThomas, Stephanie (McMaster University):
Cap-and-trade versus Intensity Targets: Emissions Trading Markets with Stochastic Demand
Heffernan, Ian (University of Calgary):
From Institutions to Culture: Experimental Evidence
Arifovic, Jasmina (Simon Fraser University):
Individual Evolutionary Learning as a policy maker and human sujbects as private agents
Boitnott, Joshua (Simon Fraser University):
Learning Correlated Equilibria: An Evolutionary Approach

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG V: Private and Public Redistribution / Redistribution privée et publique
ChairDevlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa)
PapersBackus, Peter (University of Manchester):
What drives demand for redistribution?: An empirical analysis of other-regarding and self-insurance motives
Devlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa):
Canadian Giving to Natural Disasters
Quattrociocchi, Jeff (York University):
Group status and individual preferences for redistribution
DiscussantsMehta, Nirav A. (University of Western Ontario); Ferede, Ergete (Grant MacEwan University); Godefroy, Raphael (Université de Montréal)

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Global Spillovers and Monetary Policy / Banque du Canada: Répercussions mondiales et politiques monétaires
OrganizerKabaca, Serdar (Bank of Canada)
ChairSarker, Subrata (Bank of Canada)
PapersCacciatore, Matteo (HEC Montréal):
Trade, Unemployment, and Monetary Policy
Devereux, Michael (University of British Columbia):
Exchange Rate Flexibility under the Zero Lower Bound: the Need for Forward Guidance"
Kabaca, Serdar (Bank of Canada):
International Spillovers of Large-Scale Asset Purchases
DiscussantsGnocchi, Stefano (Bank of Canada); Dorich, Jose (Bank of Canada); Pang, Ke (Wilfrid Laurier University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Livestock Economics and Genomics / Économie cheptelière et génomique
ChairQiu, Feng (University of Alberta)
PapersBoaitey, Albert (University of Alberta):
Genomic Applications and Cow-Calf Producer Decision Making
Chen, Jianqing (University of Guelph):
Ex-Ante Evaluation of the Economic Impact of Adopting Genomic-based Screening: The case of beef cattle in Canada
Cranfield, John (University of Guelph):
An economic assessment of interventions to improve swine herd health: Market level effects of PRRS and PCVAD control in Canada
Yu, Xi (University of Guelph):
Risk Attitudes, Social Interactions and the Adoption of Genomic Technology in Dairy Production

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Plant Breeding / Sélection des espèces végétales
ChairFulton, Murray E. (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersRajsic, Predrag (University of Guelph):
Economics of Genotypic Selection: The Role of Prediction Accuracy and Relative Genotyping Costs
Weersink, Alfons J (University of Guelph):
The Effect of Risk on the Adoption of New Plant Breeding Technologies
Langinier, Corinne (University of Alberta):
Plant Breeders' Rights, Patents and Incentives to Innovation

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - TED-Style Talks on Resource and Environmental Economics / Discussion de type TED sur l'économie des ressources et de l'environnement
ChairGervais, Jean-Philippe (Farm Credit Canada)
PapersCopeland, Brian (University of British Columbia):
Trade and Natural Capital
Lawley, Chad (University of Manitoba):
Economic Incentives and Moral Suasion in Habitat Conservation
Gulati, Sumeet (University of British Columbia):
Politics in International Trade and Environmental Policies

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Canadian Public Policy Special Lecture 1 / Politique publique canadienne - Conférence spéciale 1
ChairLehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University)
SpeakerGreen, David (University of British Columbia)
TopicWhat are Minimum Wages For? Empirical Results and Rawls' Notion of Political Economy

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairWinter, Ralph (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerAit-Sahalia, Yacine (Princeton University)
TopicHigh Frequency Traders Taking Advantage of Speed

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Macroeconomics and Banking / Banque du Canada: Macroéconomie et secteur bancaire
ChairTakamura, Tamon (Bank of Canada)
PapersTakamura, Tamon (Bank of Canada):
Financial Institution Dynamics and Capital Regulations
D'Erasmo, Pablo (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia):
Capital Requirements in a Quantitative Model of Banking Industry Dynamics
Nishiyama, Shin-Ichi (Tohoku University):
Sources of Great Recession: A Bayesian Approach of a Data Rich DSGE model with Time-Varying-Volatility Shocks

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Issues in International Economics / Enjeux en économie internationale
ChairChien, Yili (Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis)
PapersNaknoi, Kanda (University of Connecticut):
Exchange rate disconnect and external finance: firm-level evidence
Singh, Rajesh (Iowa State University):
Optimal Monetary Policy in an Open Economy under Asset market Segmentation
Chien, Yili (Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis):
The Risk Premium and Long-Run Global Imbalances

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Human Capital / Capital humain
ChairDammert, Ana (Carleton University)
PapersEstevan, Fernanda (University of Ottawa):
Affirmative Action Without Quotas and Student Effort
Nakabayashi, Masaki (The University of Tokyo):
Honesty, Diligence, and Skill: Risk Sharing and Specialization in the Kiryu Silk Weaving Cluster, Japan
Mohapatra, Sandeep (University of Alberta):
Intra-household bargaining over household technology adoption

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CLEA: Crime - Theoretical / Criminalité - méthodes théoriques
ChairCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
PapersPyne, Derek (Thompson Rivers University):
Can increased deterrence lead to increased victimization?: The case of scams
Mayer, Katarina (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies):
Optimal Legal System in a Semi-Underground Economy
Mongrain, Steeve (Simon Fraser University):
Crime, wealth, and protection: a theory and Canadian evidence
DiscussantsMayer, Katarina (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies); Mongrain, Steeve (Simon Fraser University); Klumpp, Tilman (University of Alberta)

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CESG - Microeconometrics I / Microéconométrie I
ChairWebb, Matt (University of Calgary)
PapersDieye, Rokhaya (Université Laval):
Identification of Peer Effects' Heterogeneity: Theory and Application to the Weight of Adolescents
Godwin, Ryan (University of Manitoba):
One Inflated Count Data
Li, Qing (Sherbrooke):
Isolating Latent Endogeneity from Measurement Error - a Bounding Approach
DiscussantsWebb, Matt (University of Calgary); Li, Qing (Sherbrooke); Yamaguchi, Shintaro (McMaster University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH - God and His Acts / Religion et catastrophes naturelles
ChairDrelichman, Mauricio (University of British Columbia)
PapersDi Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University):
All Equal in the Sight of God: Religion and Economic Inequality in the Early Twentieth Century
Wray, Anthony (Northwestern University):
Long-run consequences of exposure to natural disasters
Pringle, David J (Carleton University):
The case for an evolutionary-institutional framework for financial systems history
DiscussantsAdshade, Marina (University of British Columbia); Hackinen, Brad (University of British Columbia); Redish, Angela (University of British Columbia)

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Inflation Dynamics / Dynamique de l'inflation
ChairLam, Jean-Paul (University of Waterloo)
PapersSabourin, Patrick (Bank of Canada):
Assessing Canadian Inflation Expectations through the lenses of Unobservable Component Models with Stochastic Volatility
Lam, Jean-Paul (University of Waterloo):
The Interdependence Between the Stock Market and Monetary Policy in Canada
Wan, Jing (National University of Singapore):
social optimality, inflation, subsidization, and taxation in a model of growing through cycles with innovation, investment and a cash-in-advance constraint

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS Session: Developments in Well-being Research / Avancées de la recherche portant sur le mieux-être
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
ChairSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
PapersAndrews, Brendon (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
New Estimates of the Index of Economic Well-being for Canada
May, Douglas (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
The OECD's Better Life Indexes for Canadian Provinces from 2000-2013: And the Winner Is?
Lewis, David (HDR Corporation):
Cost-Benefit Analysis for Promoting Well-being in a Democratic Society
DiscussantsMacLean, Brian K. (Laurentian University); Helliwell, John F. (CIFAR/University of British Columbia); Osberg, Lars (Dalhousie University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CIGI - Critical Issues Facing Central Banks: Independence, Remit, and Communications / Enjeux critiques pour les banques centrales: Indépendance, mandat et communications
OrganizersJenkins, Paul (CIGI)
English, Kevin (Centre for International Governance Innovation)
ChairJenkins, Paul (CIGI)
PanelistsBeaudry, Paul (University of British Columbia)
Carmichael, Ted (Ted Carmichael Global Macro)
Laxton, Douglas (International Monetary Fund)
Siklos, Pierre L (Wilfrid Laurier University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
History of Economic Thought / Histoire de la pensée économique
ChairDimand, Robert W. (Brock University)
PapersKlimina, Anna (University of Saskatchewan):
Contending perspectives on state capitalism in post-1917 Western economic thought
Chorney, Harold (Concordia University Montreal):
Keynes, Friedman and Lerner in an uncertain age
Carrera, Andrea (Università della Svizzera italiana):
Keynes's legacy: from the two Cambridges debate to Bernard Schmitt

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CETC - Finance / Finance
ChairDu, Songzi (Simon Fraser University)
PapersCarvajal, Andres (University of Western Ontario):
On Information Releases and Asset Prices
Shen, Yue (Queen's University):
Bubbles and Taxes
Du, Songzi (Simon Fraser University):
Are CDS Auctions Biased and Inefficient?

10:30-12:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Monetary Policy and Financial Markets / Politiques monétaires et marchés financiers
ChairZhang, Na (Fudan University)
PapersRamsay, Bruce A. (RiskLab (Finland)):
Ending Over-Lending: Assessing systemic risk with debt to cash flow
Normandin, Michel (HEC Montréal):
Conventional Monetary Policy and the Term Structure of Interest Rates during the Financial Crisis
Zhang, Na (Fudan University):
On the Interest Elasticity of Corporate Cash: Theory and Evidence

12:00-14:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Purvis Luncheon / Dîner Purvis
ChairDavidson, Russell (McGill University)
SpeakerRomer, Paul (New York University)
TopicCIFAR and the Dynamics of Social Change

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS Session: Productivity Issues / Enjeux liés à la productivité
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
Cette, Gilbert (Banque de France)
ChairNakamura, Alice (University of Alberta)
PapersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards):
The Impact of the Oil and Gas Sector on Canada's Productivity Performance
Reinsdorf, Marshall (Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)):
Understanding Industry Contributions to Aggregate Productivity Growth
Cette, Gilbert (Banque de France):
Productivity Trends from 1890 to 2012 in Advanced Countries
DiscussantsLawless, David Christopher (British Columbia Investment Management Corporation); May, Douglas (Memorial University of Newfoundland); Harris, Richard (Simon Fraser University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Trade and Finance Theory / Commerce: Commerce et théorie financière
ChairHovhannisyan, Nune (Loyola University Maryland)
PapersLeibovici, Fernando (York University):
Financial Development and International Trade
Kotchoni, Rachidi (Université de Montréal):
Aggregate Productivity Shocks, Zeros and Gravity
Hovhannisyan, Nune (Loyola University Maryland):
Technology Sourcing through International Business Travel

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
PEF 6: Panel on Understanding Canada's Housing Market: How Should Policy-Makers Respond to Rising Prices/Falling Affordability? / Table ronde sur le marché du logement au Canada: Comment les décideurs doivent-ils répondre à la hausse des prix et au recul de l'accessibilité?
OrganizerIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
ChairIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
PapersMiller, Eric (Consulting Economist):
Modelling the booms, busts, and futures of housing in Canada
PanelistsMacdonald, David (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
Ley, David (University of British Columbia)

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Urban Economics - Social Interactions and Migration / Économie urbaine - Interactions sociales et migration
ChairArzaghi, Mohammad (National Bureau of Economic Research)
PapersBurley, Jessica (University of Toronto):
Urban Form and Social Interactions: Evidence from Panel Data
Schiff, Nathan (University of British Columbia):
The Dynamics of Ethnic Enclaves
Arzaghi, Mohammad (National Bureau of Economic Research):
Industrial Similarity, Education and Migration

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN Session - Economic and Social Effects of Early Childhood Policies / Effets économiques et sociaux des politiques en matière de petite enfance
ChairSopchokchai, Duangsuda (University of Ottawa)
PapersNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Kindergarten hours and parental labour market outcomes
Krauth, Brian (Simon Fraser University):
Full day Kindergarten and the development of non-cognitive skills
Deri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa):
Child-Care Policy and Income Inequality in Canada

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: Examining The Role of Women in Labour Markets / Travail et éducation: Rôle de la femme sur le marché du travail
ChairCassidy, Hugh A. (Kansas State University)
PapersTappata, Mariano (University of British Columbia):
Unplanned Fertility. The Case of Cash Transfers to the Poor in Argentina
Belley, Philippe (Kansas State University):
Investment in Human Capital and the Wages of Mothers
Agopsowicz, Andrew (University of Western Ontario):
The effects of maternity leave on human capital accumulation and labour market attachment of women
DiscussantsAgopsowicz, Andrew (University of Western Ontario); Tappata, Mariano (University of British Columbia); Belley, Philippe (Kansas State University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Environment Canada Session 3: Environmental and Fiscal Interactions / 3e séance d'Environnement Canada: Interactions environnementales et fiscales
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada)
ChairBruneau, Joel (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersRivers, Nicholas (University of Ottawa):
Vertical fiscal externalities and the environment
Gertz, Aaron (University of Western Ontario):
A CGE framework for modeling the economics of coastal flooding and recovery
Yonezawa, Hidemichi (University of Ottawa):
Carbon Tax and Revenue Recycling: Impacts on Households in British Columbia
DiscussantsDachis, Benjamin (C.D. Howe Institute); Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment Canada); Turcotte, Julie (Finance Canada)

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG - Social Dilemmas / Défis sociaux
ChairKim, Duk Gyoo (Cornell University)
PapersKim, Duk Gyoo (Cornell University):
Population Uncertainty in Voluntary Contributions of Public Goods
Lopera Baena, Maria Adelaida (Université Laval):
Evidence of Conditional and Unconditional Cooperation in a Public Good Game: Experimental Evidence from Mali.
Zhang, Jipeng B. (Nanyang Technological University):
Endogenous Authority and Enforcement in Public Good Games

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG VI: Equalization and Taxation / Péréquation et imposition
ChairWen, Jean-François (University of Calgary)
PapersFerede, Ergete (Grant MacEwan University):
The Incentive Effects of Equalization Grants on Tax Policy: Evidence from Canadian Provinces
Joanis, Marcelin (Université de Sherbrooke):
The Political Economy of Equalization: A Second-Generation Take on the Recent Canadian Experience
Legree, Scott (University of Waterloo):
Estimating Elasticities of Taxable Income: Evidence from the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics
DiscussantsWen, Jean-François (University of Calgary); Ferede, Ergete (Grant MacEwan University); Farnham, Martin (University of Victoria)

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada Lecture - Financialization of Commodities / Conférence de la Banque du Canada: Financialisation des produits de base
SponsorBank of Canada
OrganizerBuyuksahin, Bahattin (Bank of Canada)
ChairBuyuksahin, Bahattin (Bank of Canada)
PapersHarris, Jeffrey H. (American University):
Speculators, Prices and Market Volatility
Baumeister, Christiane (Bank of Canada):
Do Oil Price Increases Cause Higher Food Prices?
Robe, Michel (American University):
Fundamentals, Derivatives Market Information, and Crude Oil Price Swings
DiscussantsAlquist, Ron (Bank of Canada); Harris, Jeffrey H. (American University); Buyuksahin, Bahattin (Bank of Canada)

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Agricultural Policy Issues / Enjeux de politiques agricoles
ChairVyn, Richard (University of Guelph)
PapersElskamp, Rebecca (University of Guelph):
Explaining Bidding Behaviour of Repeat Bidders by Past Auction Outcomes
Garneau, Julien (Université Laval):
How do economists perceive Canadian dairy supply management?
Li, Na (University of Guelph):
The Impacts of Ontario's Greenbelt on Farm Income and the Rural Economy
Uzea, Florentina Nicoleta (Ivey Business School):
Substitutes versus Complements among Canadian Business Risk Management Programs
Johny, Judit (University of Alberta):
Role of Social Networks in Diversification of Income Sources in Rural India

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Economics of Crop Production 2 / Aspects économiques des cultures agricoles 2
ChairAn, Henry (University of Alberta)
PapersSmith, Elwin (University of Lethbridge):
The value of soil quality indices in crop production for western Canada
Yiridoe, Emmanuel (Dalhousie University):
Predictors of Perceived Risk Attitude Among Saskatchewan Organic Farmers: A Multinomial Logit Analysis
Zhang, Fan (University of Victoria):
Analyzing the risk of winter wheat planting and the effects of weather variables on crop yields in Saskatchewan
Smith, Elwin (University of Lethbridge):
An Economic Analysis of Weed Control in Canola Grown in Western Canada

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Forestry Issues / Enjeux de foresterie
Chairvan Kooten, G. Cornelis (University of Victoria)
PapersJi, Yaoyao (Macquarie University):
Factors Affecting Illegal Logging in Indonesia
Johnston, Craig (University of Victoria):
Economics of Forest Bioenergy Product Exports: Unintended Trade Repercussions
Xu, Zhen (University of Victoria):
Living with Wildfire: The Impact on Property Values in Kelowna, British Columbia
Yang, Jing (University of Guelph):
Optimization of Economic Values of Forest Regeneration Under Climate Change In Ontario

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Canadian Public Policy Special Lecture 2 / Politique publique canadienne - Conférence spéciale 2
ChairEmery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary)
SpeakerGallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)
TopicThe Global Patent Wars: Implications and Strategies for Canada

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
SponsorVancouver School of Economics
ChairDevereux, Michael (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerRuge-Murcia, Francisco J. (Université de Montréal)
TopicDissent in Monetary Policy Decisions

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - International Finance / Finance internationale
ChairYepez, Carlos (University of Manitoba)
PapersChen, Zhe (University of British Columbia):
Financial Development and Exchange Rate Pass-through in Processing Trade
Friedrich, Christian (Bank of Canada):
Does Financial Integration Increase Welfare? Evidence From International Household-Level Data
Yepez, Carlos (University of Manitoba):
Wealth Effects and Labor Market Dynamics in International Business Cycles

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CESG - Microeconometrics II / Microéconométrie II
ChairDieye, Rokhaya (Université Laval)
PapersMarcoux, Mathieu (University of Toronto):
Two-step semiparametric estimation of dynamic discrete choice models: comparison of bias reduction techniques
Marmer, Vadim (University of British Columbia):
Identifying Collusion in English Auctions
Yu, Zhengfei (University of British Columbia):
Testing Multiplicity of Equilibrium for Continuous Dependent Variables
DiscussantsMarmer, Vadim (University of British Columbia); Marcoux, Mathieu (University of Toronto); Dieye, Rokhaya (Université Laval)

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Understanding India: Prospects After the Elections / Comprendre l'Inde: Perspectives d'avenir après les élections
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PanelistsKrueger, Anne O. (Johns Hopkins University)
Kotwal, Ashok (University of British Columbia)
Rowlands, Dane (Carleton University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CREE - Resource Economics - Theory / Économie des ressources: théorie
ChairStevens, Jason (University of Prince Edward Island)
PapersCroutzet, Alexandre (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Overlapping generations, natural resources and the optimal quality of property rights
Stevens, Jason (University of Prince Edward Island):
The debt-resource hypothesis re-examined with separate markets for unharvested resources

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH - Slaves, Cotton, and early US Trade / Esclaves, coton et début du commerce aux États-Unis
ChairDi Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University)
PapersCherniwchan, Jevan (University of Alberta):
Feeding the Beast: New World Crops and the African Slave Trade
Christian, Cornelius (University of Oxford):
Labour, Lynchings and Cotton in the U.S. South
Kuratani, Tetsuya (Shikoku University Junior College):
U.S. Tariff Act of 1789
DiscussantsMukherjee, Anirban (University of Calcutta); Saldarriaga, Victor (University of British Columbia); Troost, William (Vancouver Island University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG - Monetary Policy / Politiques monétaires
ChairRondina, Francesca (University of Ottawa)
PapersAiraudo, Marco (Drexel University):
Trickle-down consumption, monetary policy, and inequality
Baranskyy, Andriy (Simon Fraser University):
Liquidity Trap and Learning
Rondina, Francesca (University of Ottawa):
Two-sided Learning in New Keynesian Models: Dynamics, (Lack of) Convergence and the Value of Information

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: History of Macroeconomics / Histoire de la macroéconomie
ChairTang, Sam Hak Kan (University of Western Australia)
PapersSantos, Joseph (South Dakota State University):
Going for IT: The origins of contemporary Canadian monetary policy
Dimand, Robert W. (Brock University):
James Tobin and Modern Monetary Theory
Tang, Sam Hak Kan (University of Western Australia):
The Deep Historical Roots of Macroeconomic Volatility

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
IO - Stategic Competition: Network Effects, Advertising and Product Differentiation / Concurrence stratégique: effets de réseau, publicité et différentiation du produit
ChairCampbell, James (University of Toronto)
PapersSpencer, Barbara (University of British Columbia):
Strategic Product Differentiation: Bertrand vs. Cournot
Halaburda, Hanna (Bank of Canada):
Dynamic Competition with Network Externalities: Why History Matters
Song, Yang (University of Calgary):
Price Matching and Strategic Investment in Advertising
DiscussantsCampbell, James (University of Toronto); Church, Jeff (University of Calgary); Ray Chaudhuri, Amrita (University of Winnipeg)

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI 1: Before and After Post-secondary Education / Avant et après l'éducation postsecondaire
OrganizersFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
Mueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
ChairMueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
PapersJohnson, David (Wilfrid Laurier University):
A Tale of Two Cities: Comparing Provincial Assessment Test Results in Calgary and Edmonton
Webb, Matt (University of Calgary):
Planting the Seeds of STEM Majors - Requiring Courses, Encouraging Options
Finnie, Ross (University of Ottawa):
Post-Schooling Outcomes of Canadian University Graduates: A Tax Data Linkage Approach
Green, David (University of British Columbia):
The Great Reversal in the Demand for Skill and Cognitive Tasks
DiscussantsFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo); Martinello, Felice (Brock University); Lehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University); Meredith, Tyler (Institute for Research on Public Policy)

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CETC - IO / Organisation industrielle
ChairAkhand, Hafiz (University of Regina)
PapersAkhand, Hafiz (University of Regina):
Imperfect Information and the Free-Rider Problem in Tariff Lobbying
Zhang, Anming (University of British Columbia):
Monopoly Price Discrimination when Markets are Interdependent
Raykov, Radoslav (Bank of Canada):
Uncertain Costs and Vertical Differentiation in an Insurance Duopoly

14:00-15:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Prices and Inflation / Prix et inflation
ChairTcahkondo, Yorou (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersHajzler, Chris (University of Otago):
Price Level Dispersion versus Inflation Rate Dispersion: Evidence from Three Countries
Potter, Tristan (Boston College):
Searching for Prices: An Empirical Investigation
Tcahkondo, Yorou (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The New Keynesian Phillips Curve: Intermediate Goods Meet Positive Trend Inflation

15:30-16:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG - Monetary Policy and Expectations / Politiques monétaires et attentes
ChairKhan, Hashmat (Carleton University)
PapersGunn, Christopher (Carleton University):
Monetary policy under an expectations-driven demand for capital
Khan, Hashmat (Carleton University):
Monetary News and Surprises

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Trade and the Chinese Economy / Commerce: Le commerce et l'économie chinoise
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersHead, C. Keith (University of British Columbia):
Import Sourcing of Chinese Cities: Order versus Randomness
Garred, Jason (London School of Economics):
Export Taxes, Industrial Policy and the Value Chain in China After WTO
Oh, Soo Hyun (Kiep):
Trade Preferences and Political Conflicts Associated with Trade Liberalization

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CD Howe Institute Session: Energy and Natural Resource Policy / Politique en matière d'énergie et de ressources naturelles
ChairDachis, Benjamin (C.D. Howe Institute)
PapersChurch, Jeff (University of Calgary):
Market Power in the Alberta Electricity Industry
Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia):
Cross-Border Trade in Electricity
Winter, Jennifer (School of Public Policy, University of Calgary):
Alberta Oil and Gas Leases: Testing Competing Institutions
DiscussantsAntweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia); Church, Jeff (University of Calgary); Boskovic, Branko (University of Alberta)

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Health Economics - Global Health / Économie de la santé - Santé à l'échelle mondiale
ChairPohl, Vincent (Queen's University)
PapersGuliani, Harminder (University of Regina):
Socioeconomic status and children's health: Evidence from a low-income country
Hajizadeh, Mohammad (McGill University):
Social inequalities in the utilization of maternal care in Bangladesh: Have they widened or narrowed in recent years?
DiscussantsBarthold, Douglas (McGill University); Jones, Maggie (Queen's University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CESG - Econometric Theory I / Théorie économétrique I
ChairMonticini, Andrea (Catholic University)
PapersMcKitrick, Ross (University of Guelph):
HAC-Robust Trend Comparisons Among Climate Series With Possible Level Shifts
Morin, Lealand (Queen's University):
Keeping Diffusion Processes within Bounds: Using Information between Observations
Trokic, Mirza (Bilkent University):
Functional Coefficient Models for Nearly (Possibly Weakly) I(1) Processe
DiscussantsMonticini, Andrea (Catholic University); Trokic, Mirza (Bilkent University); Morin, Lealand (Queen's University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: Economics of Immigration II / Travail et éducation: Aspects économiques de l'immigration II
ChairSchuetze, Herbert J. (University of Victoria)
PapersPandey, Manish (University of Winnipeg):
A model of immigration, endogenous technology adoption and wages
Gross, Dominique (Simon Fraser University):
Can a temporary foreign worker program be effective? Learning from a Canadian natural experiment.
Duhaime-Ross, Alix (University of British Columbia):
The Long-Term Effects of Mandatory Schooling in the Majority Language on Immigrant Children: Evidence from the Introduction of Bill 101 in Quebec

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education Short: International Evidence on Topics in Empirical Microeconomics / Travail et éducation: Données internationales sur des sujets spéciaux en microéconomie empirique
ChairBrander, James A. (University of British Columbia)
PapersZhou, Jin (University of Western Ontario):
Internal Migration with Social Networks in China
Azimi, Ebrahim (Simon Fraser University):
Intrahousehold Resource Allocation and Gender Bias in Iran
Yip, Chi Man (McGill University):
Discrimination and Segregation: The Aboveground Victims of the Underground Bombings
Mori, Hiroaki (University of Western Ontario):
Youth Health, Career Decisions, and Earnings Dynamics
Oguzoglu, Umut (University of Manitoba):
Retirement Benefits and Labour Supply: Exploiting a Natural Experiment from the Down Under

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG VII: Political Economy / Économie politique
ChairKlumpp, Tilman (University of Alberta)
PapersGodefroy, Raphael (Université de Montréal):
Voter Turnout and Fiscal Policy
Burtini, Giuseppe (University of British Columbia):
Determinants of Relationship Longevity: A Canadian Lobbying Perspective
DiscussantsQuattrociocchi, Jeff (York University); Chun, Young Jun (Hanyang University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Recent Progress on Economic Modelling at the Bank of Canada / Banque du Canada : Progrès récent dans la modélisation économique à la Banque du Canada
OrganizerGosselin, Marc-Andre (Bank of Canada)
ChairGosselin, Marc-Andre (Bank of Canada)
PapersBinette, Andre (Bank of Canada):
CSI: A Model for Tracking Short-Term Growth in Canadian Real GDP
Gervais, Olivier (Bank of Canada):
Analysing and Forecasting the Canadian Economy Through the LENS Model
Dorich, Jose (Bank of Canada):
ToTEM II: An Updated Version of the Bank of Canada's Quarterly Projection Model
Alpanda, Sami (Bank of Canada):
A Policy Model to Analyze Macroprudential Regulations and Monetary Policy
DiscussantsLeung, Danny (Bank of Canada); Hunt, Ben (International Monetary Fund); Lundvall, Henrik (Sveriges Riksbank); Moran, Kevin (Université Laval)

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Agricultural Research and Development / Recherche et développement en agriculture
ChairHobbs, Jill E. (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersArzandeh, Mehdi (University of Manitoba):
On the Dynamics of Firm R&D Investments in Plant Breeding under IPR's
Brewin, Derek (University of Manitoba):
The Rise of Canola: An Assessment of Private Incentives to Innovate
Galushko, Viktoriya (University of Regina):
Privatizing wheat breeding in Canada: challenges and prospects
Xiao, Zhihua (University of Saskatchewan):
The Returns of Canadian Producer-Funded R&D

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Demand Analysis / Analyse de la demande
ChairVercammen, James (University of British Columbia)
PapersCranfield, John (University of Guelph):
Does Canadian beef demand respond to food safety recalls and food quality improvements?
Sarker, Rakhal (University of Guelph):
Specification Choice and Demand for Major Dairy Products in British Columbia
Vyn, Richard (University of Guelph):
Coupon Redemption and Price Discrimination for Pork Products in Canada

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES - Economics of Water Quality and Conservation / Aspects économiques de la qualité et de la conservation de l'eau
ChairFox, Glenn (University of Guelph)
PapersBishop, Erin C. (University of Guelph):
Incentivizing Beneficial Management Practice Adoption to Improve Groundwater Quality in Prince Edward Island
Ali, Md Kamar (University of Lethbridge):
Allocative Efficiency under Potential Water Scarcity in Southern Alberta
Ruan, Xiaofeng (University of Alberta):
Effects of climate change and expanding irrigation networks on agricultural land use: a case study of Alberta, Canada

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada Lecture / Conférence de la Banque du Canada
SponsorBank of Canada
ChairSchembri, Lawrence (Bank of Canada)
SpeakerMorck, Randall K. (University of Alberta)
TopicA New Monetary Policy Transmission Channel?

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Keynote Speaker / Conférencier principal du CDESG
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
SpeakerKrueger, Anne O. (Johns Hopkins University)
TopicDeveloping Countries' Stake in the Open Mutilateral Trading System

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Issues in Corporate Finance / Enjeux en finance d'entreprise
ChairMitchell, Chris (Bank of Canada)
PapersSarkar, Sudipto (McMaster University):
Investment Policy with Time-to-build
Mitchell, Chris (Bank of Canada):
The Lock-In Effect and the Corporate Payout Puzzle
Schure, Paul H. (University of Victoria):
Angels and Venture Capitalists: Complements or Substitutes?

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Advances in Corporate Finance / Percées en finance d'entreprise
ChairLai, Van Son (Université Laval)
PapersDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal):
Value and Risk Effects of Corporate Hedging: Some Evidence from the U.S. Oil and Gas Industry
Lai, Van Son (Université Laval):
Hedging Flood Losses in Quebec using Cat Bonds
Dalkir, Elif (University of New Brunswick):
Freeze-out Mergers

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: J.K. Galbraith Lecture / Conférence de J.K. Galbraith
ChairPringle, David J (Carleton University)
SpeakerOsberg, Lars (Dalhousie University)
TopicCanadian Inequality Then and Now: Can Increasing Inequality be a Steady State?

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Urban Economics / Économie urbaine
ChairVermeulen, Wessel Nicolaas (University of Oxford)
PapersDeaton, Brady (University of Guelph):
Water Services in First Nations' Communities: Do Infrastructure Partnerships with Municipalities Reduce Drinking Water Risk on Reserves?
Vermeulen, Wessel Nicolaas (University of Oxford):
Resource Income and the Effect on Domestic Neighbours: A Case Study on Canadian Provinces

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CREE - Environmental Economics - Empirical Issues / Économie de l'environnement - Questions empiriques
ChairPapineau, Maya (Carleton University)
PapersMoghadam, Arian (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania):
The impact of pollutant releases on housing prices
Martínez Espiñeira, Roberto (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
Modeling scale heterogeneity in the estimation of the benefits of road traffic risk reductions: the case of moose-vehicle collisions in Newfoundland
Papineau, Maya (Carleton University):
Setting the Standard: Commercial Electricity Consumption Responses to Energy Codes
DiscussantsWong, Linda (University of Victoria); Wichmann, Bruno (University of Alberta); Nimubona, Alain-Désiré (University of Waterloo)

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN Session: Returns to Education / Rendement de l'éducation
OrganizerMcDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)
ChairMcDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)
PapersSummerfield, Fraser (University of Guelph):
Labor Market Conditions, Skill Requirements and Education Mismatch
Teng, Jiayuan (University of Guelph):
The evolution of returns to education in the high-end Canadian labor market
Garcia-Medina, B. Cecilia (Banco de Mexico):
Earnings Instability and Long-term Inequality by Education in Canada, 1993-2009: evidence from the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics
DiscussantsYedan, Ali (Université Laval); Kyui, Natalia (Bank of Canada); Gray, David M. (University of Ottawa)

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Short papers in Macro-Finance and Financial Crises / Présentations courtes en macro-finance et crises financières
ChairTarazi, Amine (Université de Limoges, LAPE)
PapersGnagne, Jean Armand (Université Laval):
The Impact of a Securities Transaction Tax on the Probability of Financial Crises
Halmrast, Nathan (University of Toronto):
Central Bank Mandates
Gungor, Sermin (Bank of Canada):
Search-for-yield in Canadian fixed-income mutual funds and monetary policy
Tarazi, Amine (Université de Limoges, LAPE):
Excess control rights, financial crisis and bank profitability and risk

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Housing / Logement
ChairXu, Shaofeng (Bank of Canada)
PapersHo, Anson (Kansas State University):
Housing and Tax-deferred Accounts
Jin, Hyeongsuk (University of Western Ontario):
Why do couples cohabit: On the trend of cohabitation in the U.S.
Xu, Shaofeng (Bank of Canada):
on the impact of rare housing disasters

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
IO - Theoretical Industrial Organization / Organisation industrielle théorique : Institutions
ChairWinter, Ralph (University of British Columbia)
PapersCourty, Pascal (University of Victoria):
Loss Aversion and the Uniform Pricing Puzzle
Ray Chaudhuri, Amrita (University of Winnipeg):
Merger policy and signaling by non-participating firms
Virag, Gabor (University of Toronto):
Market Outcomes and Dynamic Patent Buyouts
DiscussantsThiele, Veikko (Queen's University); Zhao, Jingang (University of Saskatchewan); Winter, Ralph (University of British Columbia)

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI 2: Getting into and Staying in PSE / Entreprendre et terminer des études postsecondaires
OrganizersFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
Mueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
ChairMichaud, Eric (Human Resources and Skills Development)
PapersMartinello, Felice (Brock University):
College and University Transfers to One Ontario University: A four-year Outcome Study
Childs, Stephen (University of Ottawa):
Modelling Student Retention with the Inclusion of Pre-Entry Survey Data: What More Do We Learn?
Mueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge):
The Cultural Determinants of Access to Post-secondary Education Among First Generation Households: An Analysis Using the Youth in Transition Survey
Murray, T. Scott (DataAngel Policy Research):
Skill Loss: The Missing Skill Flow
DiscussantsMueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge); Neill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University); Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation); Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph)

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CETC - Networks / Réseaux
ChairPongou, Roland (University of Ottawa)
PapersBoucher, Vincent (Université Laval):
Conformism and Self-Selection in Social Networks
Dastranj Tabrizi, Rogayeh (Simon Fraser University):
Beat The Retweet
Pongou, Roland (University of Ottawa):
Networked Voting

16:00-17:30Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Productivity / Productivité
ChairBento, Pedro (University of Toronto)
PapersChen, Chaoran (University of Toronto):
Land Tenure, Occupational Choice and Agricultural Productivity
Sadeghzadeh, Javad (York University):
Labor Market Regulation and Productivity Growth: A Quantitative Analysis of Indian States
Bento, Pedro (University of Toronto):
Misallocation, Establishment Size, and Productivity

17:45-19:15Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Presidential Address / Discours du président de l'ACE
SponsorAnalysis Group
ChairDavidson, Russell (McGill University)
SpeakerLemieux, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
TopicOccupations, Fields of Study, and Returns to Education

18:30-21:00Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CAES Awards Banquet (ticket required) / Banquet de remise des prix de la SCAE (billet requis)

19:15-21:45Saturday, May 31, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Reception / Réception
SponsorAnalysis Group

08:00-08:30Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee and muffins / Café et muffins

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CESG - Econometric Theory II / Théorie économétrique III
ChairDjogbenou, Antoine Alex (Université de Montréal)
PapersDjegnéné, Gbowan Barnabé (Université de Montréal):
Generalized HESSIAN for nonlinear and non-Gaussian State Space Models
Richard, Patrick (Universite de Sherbrooke):
Bootstrap tests in linear regressions with many regressors
Saunders, Charles (Carleton University):
Indirect Confidence Set Inference for Higher Order Dynamic Panels
DiscussantsSaunders, Charles (Carleton University); Zinde-Walsh, Victoria (McGill University); Djogbenou, Antoine Alex (Université de Montréal)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Urban Economics - Housing Prices / Économie urbaine - Prix des logements
ChairDavidoff, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
PapersKalhor, Sadjad (University of Manitoba):
Housing Supply Elasticity across Canadian Metropolitan Areas
Mahmoudi, Babak (Queen's University):
The Dynamics of Foreclosures in the Housing Market
Davidoff, Thomas (University of British Columbia):
Supply Constraints Are Not Valid Instrumental Variables for Home Prices Because They Are Correlated with Many Demand Factors

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: The Impact of Business Cycles / Travail et éducation: Impact des cycles économiques
ChairMatheson, Jesse (University of Leicester)
PapersAlessandrini, Diana (University of Guelph):
On the cyclicality of schooling decisions: evidence from Canadian data
Schirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University):
The quality of marriages formed over the business cycle
Wang, Yang (Simon Fraser University):
House Lock-in and Occupational Mobility

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Distance Matching and Bank Finance in Trade / Commerce: Appariement à distance et financement bancaire dans le commerce
ChairVasishtha, Garima (Bank of Canada)
PapersTakechi, Kazutaka (Hosei University):
The Price of Distance: Pricing to Market, Producer Heterogeneity, and Geographic Barriers
Teshima, Kensuke (Itam):
Assortative Matching Between Exporters and Importers
Vasishtha, Garima (Bank of Canada):
What drives bank-intermediated trade finance? Evidence from new data

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: Economics of Marriage and Household / Travail et éducation : Aspects économiques du mariage et du ménage
ChairMorin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa)
PapersLeo, Teng Wah (Saint Francis Xavier University):
Matching in an Unbalanced Markets
Hsu, Lin-Chi (U of Washington):
The Timing of Welfare Payments and Domestic VIolence
Kim, Kyoung Eun (University of Southern California):
Women's behavior before divorce: the role of learning about husbands
DiscussantsBrochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa); Kim, Kyoung Eun (University of Southern California); Hsu, Lin-Chi (U of Washington)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Multinational Firms, Cartels and Anti-Dumping / Commerce : Multinationales, cartels et droits antidumping
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersAgnosteva, Delina (Drexel University):
International Cartels and Bilateral Trade: An Empirical Investigation
Hakobyan, Shushanik (Fordham University):
The effects of EU anti-dumping ruling on trade in aluminum foil
Beaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary):
The Impact of Foreign Investment Policy on the Value of Firms

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG - Preferences / Préférences
ChairChesterley, Nicholas (University of Oxford)
PapersChesterley, Nicholas (University of Oxford):
Endogenous Preferences: Self-Control by Habit
Kimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University):
Norm-Dependent Utility in Games
Webb, Ryan (University of Toronto):
Dynamic Constraints on the Distribution of Stochastic Choice: Drift Diffusion Implies Random Utility

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG VIII: Fiscal Policies and Macroeconomics / Politiques budgétaires et macroéconomie
ChairSmith, Constance (University of Alberta)
PapersChun, Young Jun (Hanyang University):
Revenue Structure of Public Health Insurance and Health Expenditure
Hussain, Syed (Lahore University of Management Sciences):
Asymmetric Effects of Tax Changes
Smith, Constance (University of Alberta):
The Welfare and Stabilization Benefits of Fiscal Rules: Evidence Using Data for European Countries
DiscussantsButton, Patrick (University of California, Irvine); Messacar, Derek (University of Toronto); Joanis, Marcelin (Université de Sherbrooke)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Spillovers from Unconventional Monetary Policies to Emerging Market Economies / Banque du Canada: Répercussions des politiques monétaires non traditionnelles sur les économies émergentes
OrganizerKabaca, Serdar (Bank of Canada)
ChairKabaca, Serdar (Bank of Canada)
PapersRai, Vikram (Bank of Canada):
Federal Reserve Tapering and its Implications for Emerging Markets
Gupta, Poonam (Worldbank):
Tapering Talk: The Impact of Expectations of Reduced Federal Reserve Security Purchases on Emerging Markets
Pang, Ke (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Spillovers of Large Advanced Economies' Monetary Policy to Emerging Market Economies and Advanced Small Open Economies
DiscussantsOgruk, Gokcen (Texas Wesleyan University); Friedrich, Christian (Bank of Canada); Imura, Yuko (Bank of Canada)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Issues in International Macroeconomics / Enjeux en macroéconomie internationale
OrganizerDas, Anupam (Mount Royal University)
ChairAkram, Tanweer (Voya Investment Management)
PapersChowdhury, Subhanil (Institute of Development Studies Kolkata):
Is Imperialism a Relevant Concept in Today's World?
Zhong, Tingyong (Northeast Normal University):
Administrative Regulation and Productivity: Evidence from Quantile Regression of China's Cultural Industries
Diallo, Boubacar (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Bank Concentration and Schumpeterian Growth: Theory and International Evidence
DiscussantsZhong, Tingyong (Northeast Normal University); Chowdhury, Subhanil (Institute of Development Studies Kolkata)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Inequality / Inégalité des salaires : données canadiennes et chinoises
PapersPendakur, Krishna (Simon Fraser University):
Necessary Luxuries
Taptue, Andre-Marie (Université Laval):
Comparing income distributions using polarization components

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Empirical Asset Pricing / Évaluation des actifs financiers I
ChairZhang, Lu (University of Alberta)
PapersKadilli, Anjeza (University of Geneva):
Commonality in Liquidity and Real Estate Securities
Ren, Dongmeng (University of Guelph):
Assessing the Power of Long Horizon Predictive Tests in Models of Bull and Bear Markets
Zhang, Lu (University of Alberta):
Stock Return Comovement and the Business Cycle

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Uncertainty / Incertitude
ChairZhang, Yahong (Bank of Canada)
PapersJo, Soojin (Bank of Canada):
Heterogeneity in the Dynamic Effects of Uncertainty on Investment
Sekkel, Rodrigo (Bank of Canada):
Measuring Uncertainty Through the Lens of Professional Forecasters

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
IO - Theoretical Industrial Organization: Institutions / Organisation industrielle théorique: Institutions
ChairSpencer, Barbara (University of British Columbia)
PapersRobinson, David (Laurentian University):
An Economic Theory of Community Forestry
Thiele, Veikko (Queen's University):
A Theory of Entrepreneurial Firms: Property Rights and Partner Uncertainty
Campbell, James (University of Toronto):
Ownership and pricing of information: a model and application to open access
DiscussantsCourty, Pascal (University of Victoria); Spencer, Barbara (University of British Columbia); Ware, Roger (Queen's University)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI 3: Money, Soft Skills and Hard Skills in PSE / Argent, compétences générales et spécialisées en éducation postsecondaire
OrganizersFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
Mueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
ChairNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersGrekou, Douwere (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
Providing Enhanced Career Education and Financial Aid Earlier in High School: Impacts on Access, Persistence and Completion of Postsecondary Education
Afshar, Kaveh (Queen's University):
Too Cool for School: Mismatches in aspirations and performance among high school students
Foley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan):
Self-selection and the timing of human capital: Evidence from the Danish Population Registers
Mueller, Mercedes (University of Ottawa):
Evidence on Canadian students who pursue further post-secondary education
DiscussantsWarburton, Bill (University of British Columbia); Johnson, David (Wilfrid Laurier University); Kyui, Natalia (Bank of Canada); Heisz, Andrew (Statistics Canada)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Heath Economics - Income, Health and Health Care / Économie de la santé - Revenu, santé et soins de santé
ChairHajizadeh, Mohammad (McGill University)
PapersKpelitse, Koffi Ahoto (University of Western Ontario):
The Effect of Income on Obesity among Canadian Adults
Walli-Attaei, Marjan (McMaster University):
How Much Equality Would You Like? An empirical analysis on how value judgments affect estimates of inequity
Djabir, Kambi (Health Canada):
Explaining variations in hospital expenditures in Canada: An econometric analysis
DiscussantsSagynbekov, Kanybek (University of Regina); Hajizadeh, Mohammad (McGill University); Timmins, Lori (University of British Columbia)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Short papers in Financial Economics / Présentations courtes en économie financière
ChairSingh, Vikkram (Griffith University, Australia)
PapersD'Souza, Christopher (Bank of Canada):
Cash Holdings and the Structure of Value Chains
Egan, Edward (National Bureau of Economic Research):
The Winner's Curse in Acquisitions of Privately-held Firms
Fellows, Garret Kent (University of Calgary):
The Yield Curve as a Determinant of Investment in Durable Capital
Koumou, Nettey Boevi Gilles (Université Laval):
Rao's Quadratic Entropy Formulation of the Maximum Diversi cation Indexing
Singh, Vikkram (Griffith University, Australia):
The impact of cultural distances on stock market integration: A regional analysis

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: DSGE / Modèles stochastiques dynamiques d'équilibre général
ChairChen, Han (the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)
PapersCorrigan, Paul (Bank of Canada):
The role of household debt in the macro-economy: a cross-country structural VAR study
Gnocchi, Stefano (Bank of Canada):
Housework and fiscal expansions
Chen, Han (the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System):
Terms of Trade and Monetary Policy with Markov-Switching regimes

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Welfare and Poverty 2: Child Poverty / Aide sociale et pauvreté 2: Pauvreté chez les enfants
ChairNotten, Geranda (University of Ottawa)
PapersBrzozowski, Matthew (York University):
Work, Child Care and Leisure in Canada 1992-2010, Evidence from Time Use Data.
McEwen, Annie (Carleton University):
How are the kids doing? Evaluating Canadian child poverty, inequality and well-being during a period of policy expansion
Notten, Geranda (University of Ottawa):
Child poverty in Canada: What's the value added of child focused material outcomes?
DiscussantsZhang, Xuelin (Statistics Canada); Curtis, Lori (University of Waterloo); Richards, John (Simon Fraser University)

10:00-10:30Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CESG - Econometric Theory III / Théorie économétrique III
ChairRichard, Patrick (Universite de Sherbrooke)
PapersAntoine, Bertille (Simon Fraser University):
Identification-robust inference in a linear IV model
Liang, Xin (McGill University):
Parameter separability, estimability and global identification of linear parameters
Zinde-Walsh, Victoria (McGill University):
Wald tests when restrictions are locally singular
DiscussantsRichard, Patrick (Universite de Sherbrooke); Yu, Zhengfei (University of British Columbia); Antoine, Bertille (Simon Fraser University)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CESG - Special Session - Critical Essays on Use of Cointegration Analysis in Economics Part I / Séance spéciale - Essais critiques sur l'utilisation de l'analyse de cointégration (1re partie)
OrganizerLuitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University)
ChairLuitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University)
PapersLuitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University):
Critical Commentary on Co-integration and Error Correction: Representation, Estimation, and Testing
Mahar, Gerry J. (Algoma University):
Is there a Structural Break in the 1997 US GDP? A Short Note on the Application of a Chow Test
Mackinnon, Brandon (Algoma University):
Are the Economies of Canada and the United States Integrated? Evidence from Co-integration Analysis

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: Labour market and personnel policy / Travail et éducation : Marché du travail et politique de personnel
ChairWah, Leo Tang (Saint Francis Xavier University)
Papersde Bettignies, Jean-Etienne (Queen's University):
When is Social Responsibility Socially Desirable?
Menard, Sébastien (University of Le Mans):
Optimal sickness benefits and workers' absenteeism

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Propensity to Trade / Commerce: Propension au commerce
ChairNagaraj, Priya (William Paterson University)
PapersWang, Yanling (Carleton University):
Eat, Drink and Sell: A Causal Linkage
Lopez, Ricardo (Brandeis University):
Foreign Trade Facilitation and Export Activity of Chilean Manufacturing Plants
Nagaraj, Priya (William Paterson University):
Foreign Equity and Propensity to Trade: Evidence from India

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Labour/Education: Economics of Sport and Patent Examiners / Travail et éducation: Aspects économiques du sport et des examinateurs de brevets
ChairKottelenberg, Michael (Queen's University)
PapersBrander, James A. (University of British Columbia):
The Extent and Consequences of Seniority Wages in the National Hockey League
Tolhurst, Tor (University of Guelph):
Agency, Experience, and Risk-Aversion: Evidence from the National Football League
Lluis, Stephanie (University of Waterloo):
Mobility and Career Concerns of U.S. Patent Examiners

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
IO - Doctoral Students in Industrial Organization / Organisation industrielle - Étudiants de 3e cycle en organisation industrielle
ChairChurch, Jeff (University of Calgary)
PapersLee, Jonathan (Queen's University):
Innovation Bundles and Intellectual Property Protection
Kivinen, Steven (Queen's University):
Imitation and Price Dynamics
Meade, Richard (Toulouse School of Economics):
Incentives, Efficiency and Quality in Regulated Monopolies under Customer Ownership
Ata, Michael (University of Calgary):
Competition Policy, Interdependency, and Bayesian Analysis: a Two-Stage Game of Antitrust Liability
Tan, Hongru (University of Calgary):
Interchange Regulation

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG - Markets and Institutions II / Marchés et institutions II
ChairFenig, Guidon (University of British Columbia)
PapersFenig, Guidon (University of British Columbia):
The Effects of Rationing Rules on Macroeconomic Stability
Xie, Huan (Concordia University):
Experimental Asset Market with An Indefinite Horizon
Petersen, Luba (Simon Fraser University):
Asset Trading and Monetary Policy in Production Economies

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CETC - Search and Bargaining / Recherche et négociation
ChairShao, Enchuan (Bank of Canada)
PapersKodritsch, Sebastian (WZB Berlin Social Science Center):
On Time Preferences and Bargaining
Kotowski, Maciej (Harvard University):
If Many Seek, Ye Shall Find: Search Externalities and New Goods
Shao, Enchuan (Bank of Canada):
The Threat of Counterfeiting in Competitive Search Equilibrium

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada - Commodities: Cross-Market Linkages / Banque du Canada - Marchandises: Liens entre les marches
OrganizerBuyuksahin, Bahattin (Bank of Canada)
ChairBuyuksahin, Bahattin (Bank of Canada)
PapersLi, Kui-Wai (City University of Hong Kong):
Is There a Sub-market Interest Rate Trap?: Evidence from G7 Countries
Alquist, Ron (Bank of Canada):
The Comovement in Commodity Prices: Sources and Implications
Buyuksahin, Bahattin (Bank of Canada):
The Financialization of Food?
DiscussantsChaker, Selma (Bank of Canada); Robe, Michel (American University); Baumeister, Christiane (Bank of Canada)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Economics of Life Cycle / Aspects économiques de la vie utile
ChairMoran, Kevin (Université Laval)
PapersCao, Jie (University of Toronto):
Explaining Life-Cycle Female Labor Supply in Japan
Mahboubi, Parisa (University of Guelph):
Life Cycle Wage Growth with Heterogeneity in Cognitive skills and Age
Moran, Kevin (Université Laval):
Macroeconomic Impact of Demographic Shocks: An OLG Framework

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI 4: Panel Discussion / Table ronde sur l'Inde
OrganizersFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
Mueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
ChairFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
PanelistsKendal, Gerry (University of Alberta)
Lehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University)
Meredith, Tyler (Institute for Research on Public Policy)
Blomeley, Joe (CCCE)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Political Economy / Économie politique
ChairJackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersRose, Sara (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Evaluating the Success of the Soviet Attempt to Politicize Smallpox Eradication
Tan, Chee Meng (ESSEC Business School and the University of Cergy Pontoise):
Identity in Insurgencies: Nationalism and Social Class Identification in Revolutions, Coups and Repression
Doudnikov, Andrew (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Does Aid-for-Trade Work? Investigating Trade Promotion and Trade Diversion

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Market Finance / Finance de marché
ChairLo, Ingrid (Ka Man) (Bank of Canada)
PapersCimon, David (University of Toronto):
Exchange Traded Funds and Their Impact on Volatility
Huang, Helen (University of Regina):
Business Commitments, Personal Commitments, and Credit Risk: Evidence from China
Lo, Ingrid (Ka Man) (Bank of Canada):
High Frequency Trading and Treasury Bond Returns

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Trade: Trade, Investment, Politics and Corruption / Commerce: Commerce, investissements, politiques et corruption
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersRosborough, Jonathan (Saint Francis Xavier University):
Government Corruption and Foreign Direct Investment under the Threat of Expropriation
Rizzetto, Patrick (Bank of Canada):
Why do Canadian Firms Invest and Operate Abroad? Implications for Canadian Exports

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Urban Economics: Urban and Regional Development / Économie urbaine: Développement urbain et régional
ChairBlit, Joel (University of Waterloo)
PapersHuang, Haifang (University of Alberta):
Urban Casinos and Local Housing Markets: Evidence from the US
Lin, Ming Hsin (Osaka University of Economics):
Airport privatization in international inter-hub and spoke networks
Blit, Joel (University of Waterloo):
A Theory of Regional Scope and Change

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG - Business Cycles / Cycles économiques
ChairGalizia, Dana (University of British Columbia)
PapersFrancis, Neville R. (University of North Carolina):
Countercyclical Policy and the Speed of Recovery After Recessions
Swiecki, Tomasz (University of British Columbia):
Determinants of Structural Change
Galizia, Dana (University of British Columbia):
Reconciling Hayek's and Keynes' views of recessions

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Global Macro Issues / Enjeux macroéconomiques mondiaux
OrganizerAkram, Tanweer (Voya Investment Management)
ChairMamun, Khawaja (Sacred Heart University)
PapersAkram, Tanweer (Voya Investment Management):
The Determinants of Long-Term Japanese Government Bonds' Low Nominal Yields
Das, Anupam (Mount Royal University):
Financial Development and Economic Growth: A Time Series Study for Malawi
Parenteau, Robert (MacroStrategy Edge):
Exiting Austerity Without Exiting the Euro
DiscussantsSarker, Subrata (Bank of Canada); Akram, Tanweer (Voya Investment Management); Mamun, Khawaja (Sacred Heart University)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Finance - Foreign Exchange Markets / Marché des changes
ChairOgruk, Gokcen (Texas Wesleyan University)
PapersShang, Ying (Capital University of Economics and Business):
Semiparametric Estimation of Default Probability in Credit Markets
Kano, Takashi (Hitotsubashi University):
Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Closing a Two-country Model
Ogruk, Gokcen (Texas Wesleyan University):
Common Risk Factors and Exchange Rate Forecasting

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Historical Determinants of Economic Growth / Facteurs historiques de la croissance économique
ChairPaik, Christopher (New York University Abu Dhabi)
PapersPaik, Christopher (New York University Abu Dhabi):
Regime Duration and Ruler Changes: A Historical Study of Europe, 0-2000AD
Yang, Po-Chieh (State University of New York at Buffalo):
The Health of Children and Economin Development

12:00-13:30Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.

12:00-13:00Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ACE

13:00-15:30Sunday, June 1, 2014Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Executive Council Meeting 2 / Réunion du conseil exécutif de l'ACE 2


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