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Points saillants du congrès

Discours du président: Thomas Lemieux (University of British Columbia), "Occupations, Fields of Study, and Returns to Education"

Conférence Purvis: Paul Romer (New York University), "CIFAR and the Dynamics of Social Change"

Conférence du RFÉ-CWEN: Catherine Eckel (Texas A&M University), "Gender in Experimental Games"

Conférence Innis: Morten Nielsen (Queen's University), "A Fractionally Cointegrated VAR Analysis of Economic Voting and Canadian Political Support"

Conférences État des connaissances:

  • Joel Horowitz (Northwestern University),  "Variable Selection and Estimation in High-Dimensional Models"

  • Jean-Yves Duclos (Laval University), "Quality, Quantity and Duration of Lives"

  • Yacine Ait-Sahalia (Princeton University), "High Frequency Traders Taking Advantage of Speed"

  • Francisco Ruge-Murcia (Université de Montréal), "Dissent in Monetary Policy Decisions"

  • Kai-Uwe Kuhn (University of Michigan), "Competition Policy and the Internet: New Challenges for Economic Analysis"

Conférence de la Banque du Canada: Randall K. Morck (University of Alberta), "A New Monetary Policy Transmission Channel?"

CAES Presidential Address:  Maurice Doyon (Université Laval), "Agricultural Economic Research in Canadian Universities: Is it Pertinent?"

CAES Fellows Address:  Murray E. Fulton (University of Saskatchewan), "Agricultural Policy in the 21st Century: The Role of Politics and Economics"

Conférence Analyse de politiques (I): David Green (University of British Columbia), "What are Minimum Wages For? Empirical Results and Rawls' Notion of Political Economy"

Conférence Analyse de politiques (II): Nancy Gallini (University of British Columbia), "The Global Patent Wars: Implications and Strategies for Canada"

CDESG Invited Lecture: Anne O. Krueger (Johns Hopkins University) "Developing Countries' Stake in the Open Mutilateral Trading System"

Conférence d'Environnement Canada: Carol McAusland (University of British Columbia), "Making Carbon Policy WTO-Consistent without Sacrificing Canadian Competitiveness"

PEF: J.K. Galbraith Lecture: Lars Osberg (Dalhousie University), Canadian Inequality Then and Now: Can Increasing Inequality be a Steady State?



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