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Conference Participants with Children

The Royal Ontario Museum             


Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada           



Child Care Options at the CEAs (thank you for suggestions through CWEN/RFE)


The Chelsea Eaton has a teen zone called Club 33.  Teenagers are able to spend time there, but it is likely more appropriate for children who are older and fairly self-sufficient.

Children aged 3-12 (and toilet trained):

The Chelsea Eaton offers some child care at their Kid Centre.  Usual slots are 2.5 hours and cost $10 per session.  Babysitting does not operate during lunch and dinner times (1-2pm and 6-6:45pm).  There may be full-day options, but this is not confirmed.  The Kid Centre appears to be more appropriate for younger children than for older children.  If you are planning to use this service, call ahead – a minimum 24 hours notice is required.

Children under 3 or not toilet trained:

Imagine That Family Care offers in-hotel babysitting services for younger children at a number of Toronto hotels.  Please cont

act them directly for further information or bookings.  They are relatively expensive ($30 per hour, with a minimum number of hours).  Their website suggests that they could organize a more interesting agenda for children than simply hanging out in a hotel room.

Nannies on Call is another service available in Toronto that offers short-term or in-hotel child care. 


CWEN/RFE may be able to help out with matching attendees to jointly arrange for child care.  Please email them at (with some information on your likely child care needs) if you would be interested or if you have any questions they might be able to help with (note that CWEN/RFE isn’t promising anything).



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