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Conference Highlights

Presidential Address: Charles Beach (Queen’s University), "Changing Income Inequality: A Distributional Paradigm for Canada"

Purvis Lecture: Stephen S. Poloz, Governor, Bank of Canada, “The Optimal Policy Mix is Conjunctural, but the Medium-term is Still the Message”

Innis Lecture: Kristian Behrens (Université du Québec à Montréal), “Agglomeration and Clusters: Tools and Insights from Coagglomeration Patterns

State of the Art Lectures:

  • Esther Duflo (MIT), "Randomized Controlled Trials and Policy Making in Developing Countries"

  • Krishna Pendakur (Simon Fraser University), "Welfare Analysis When People Are Different: Incorporating Unobserved Heterogeneity into Inequality and Poverty Analysis

  • Philip Oreopoulos (University of Toronto), “Applying Behavioural Economics to Public Policy”

  • Nicole Fortin (Vancouver School of Economics at UBC), "Earnings Inequality and the Gender Pay Gap"

  • Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich), "Degustibus Est Disputandum - The Emerging Science of Preference Formation"

  • Marc Fleurbaey (Princeton University), “Welfare Economics, Risk and Uncertainty

CWEN Luncheon Speaker: Lena Edlund (Columbia University), "Location, Location, Location"

Bank of Canada Governor's Award Lecture: Matilde Bombardini (UBC) “Trade, Pollution and Mortality in China”

Canadian Public Policy Lecture: Randall Morck (University of Alberta), "Shareholder Democracy in Canada"

Innovative Data in Economics: CERC Panel with Erik Snowberg

CIGI Special Lecture: Jeffrey Rubin, "From Energy Superpower to World Breadbasket: The Transition of the Canadian Economy in the Age of Climate Change"

CDESG Keynote Speaker: Dean Karlan (Yale University), "Building Sustainable Income for the Ultra-Poor: Behavioral and Economic Constraints"

Environment and Climate Change Canada Special Lecture: Carolyn Fischer (Resources for the Future), “Overlapping Policies for Reducing GHGs: How do they interact, when are they useful, and when are they counterproductive?”

CEBERG Special Lecture: Timothy N. Carson (Purdue University), "Individual versus Group Choices of Repeated Game Strategies in the Noisy Prisoner’s Dilemma"



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