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Participant Directory

Shown below are only paid-up registered conference participants. Participant types are R for regular CEA member; S for student CEA member; N for non-members, and V for V.I.P. guests. This page is updated daily.

#Name (Affiliation) Web
1.ab Iorwerth, Aled (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) 
2.Abbes, Chahreddine (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) 
3.Abbott, Brant (Queen's University)
4.Abdullah, Md (University of Manitoba) 
5.Abraham Dhaliwal, Cally (unaffiliated) 
6.Acharya, Ram (Industry Canada) 
7.Adachi, Takanori (Nagoya University) 
8.Afee, Randall (University of California, Los Angeles) 
9.Afshar, Kaveh (University of Ottawa - EPRI) 
10.Aghakazemjourabbaf, Sara (University of Waterloo) 
11.Agopsowicz, Andrew (Bank of Canada) 
12.Aguessy, Michael Nelson (Concordia University) 
13.Ahmad, Sazlin (University of Ottawa) 
14.Ahmadi, Younes (University of Calgary) 
15.Ahmed, Nina (Government of Canada) 
16.Ahmed, Tanveer (Nordicity Group Limited) 
17.Ahmed Ezzat, Riham (Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne) 
18.Ahsan, Syed (Concordia University)
19.Akbari, Mahsa (Simon Fraser University) 
20.Akbari, Syed Ather H (Saint Mary's University)
21.Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University)
22.Akram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial) 
23.Alam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University) 
24.Alessi, Lucia (European Commission) 
25.Alexander, Patrick (Bank of Canada) 
26.Alexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
27.Allen, Jason (Bank of Canada) 
28.Alpanda, Sami (University of Central Florida) 
29.Alquist, Ron Gatheral (Kings Peak Asset Management) 
30.Ambler, Steven (Université du Québec à Montréal)
31.Amedah, Sid Ali (Employment and Social Development Canada) 
32.Amirapu, Amrit (University of Kent) 
33.Amiraslany, Afshin (Algoma University) 
34.AmirKhalkhali, Saleh (Saint Mary's University)
35.Ammar, Nasreddine (Université Laval) 
36.Ammi, Mehdi (Carleton University) 
37.Amundsen, Alexander (McGill University) 
38.Andersen, Dana C. (University of Alberta)
39.Anderson, Barry (Solte Consulting) 
40.Anderson, Gordon (University of Toronto)
41.Andrew, Kevin (Queen's University) 
42.Andrews, Brendon (Charles River Associates) 
43.Angyridis, Constantine (Ryerson University)
44.Annabi, Nabil (HRSDC)
45.Annen, Kurt (University of Guelph) 
46.Anthonisen, Niels (Mount Allison University) 
47.Antoine, Bertille (Simon Fraser University)
48.Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)
49.Anunciacao, Celso (unaffiliated) 
50.Araújo, Eliane (State University of Maringá, Brazil) 
51.Arbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor) 
52.Arcila-Vasquez, Andres Mauricio (University of Waterloo) 
53.Ariste, Ruolz (Université Laval and UQO) 
54.Armstrong, Alex (Finance Canada) 
55.Ary Tanimoune, Nasser (University of Ottawa) 
56.Asare, Nyamekye (University of Ottawa) 
57.Ata, Michael (University of Calgary) 
58.Atallah, Gamal (University of Ottawa)
59.Atkinson, Benjamin (Mount Royal University) 
60.Audet, Mathieu (Government of Canada) 
61.Awad, Georges (Esdc) 
62.Aydede, Yigit (Saint Mary's University) 
63.Ayerst, Stephen (University of Toronto) 
64.Azarafshar, Roshanak (University of Ottawa) 
65.Aziz, Md Nusrate (University of Nottingham (Malaysia Campus)) 
66.Baar, David (unaffiliated) 
67.Baas, Timo (University of Duisburg-Essen) 
68.Bacon, Lisa (Esdc) 
69.Bagnoli, Philip (unaffiliated) 
70.Bak, Céline (CIGI) 
71.Baksi, Soham (University of Winnipeg)
72.Baldwin, Andy (Andrew Baldwin Consultants) 
73.Baldwin, John (unaffiliated) 
74.Balla, Andi (Centre for International Governance Innovation) 
75.Banerjee, Anindya (University of Birmingham) 
76.Baragar, Fletcher (University of Manitoba) 
77.Barham, Victoria (University of Ottawa)
78.Barkat, Karim (Qatar University) 
79.Barrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University)
80.Bartlett, Randall (PSP Investments) 
81.Basu, Kisalaya (Health Canada) 
82.Batu, Michael (University of Windsor)
83.Beach, Charles M. (Queen's University)
84.Beaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
85.Becerra, Oscar (University of British Columbia) 
86.Bedard, Marcel (Employment and Social Development Canada) 
87.Beesley, Scott (University of Alberta)
88.Behrens, Kristian (Université du Québec à Montréal)
89.Behzadan, Nazanin (Ryerson University) 
90.Belhadji, Bachir (Health Canada) 
91.Bell, Mbea (Université Laval) 
92.Benatia, David (Université de Montréal) 
93.Benjamin, Dwayne (University of Toronto)
94.Bennet, Susan (Employment and Social Development Canada) 
95.Bernard, André (Statistics Canada) 
96.Bernard, Sophie (Polytechnique Montréal)
97.Bernier, Maria (Bank of Canada) 
98.Bertoia, Carl (Health Canada) 
99.Beugin, Dale (Canada's Ecofiscal Commission) 
100.Bhattacharjee, Shampa (Shiv Nadar University) 
101.Bhorat, Haroon (University of Cape Town) 
102.Bibi, Sami (Université Laval) 
103.Bidner, Chris (Simon Fraser University)
104.Birrell, Chris (University of Ottawa) 
105.Blanchenay, Patrick (University of Toronto Mississauga) 
106.Boadway, Robin W. (Queen's University)
107.Boichev, Georgi (University of Regina) 
108.Boik, Andre (University of California, Davis)
109.Boly, Amadou (African Development Bank) 
110.Bonen, Anthony (New School for Social Research) 
111.Bonikowska, Aneta (Statistics Canada) 
112.Bonkoungou, Somouaoga (Université de Montréal) 
113.Bonnar, Steve (McMaster University) 
114.Bordeleau, Mylene (International Development Research Centre - IDRC) 
115.Boskovic, Branko (University of Alberta) 
116.Boskovic, Milica (Environment and Climate Change Canada) 
117.Bouchard St-Amant, Pier-André (Emploi et Développement social Canada)
118.Boucher, Vincent (Université Laval)
119.Bourassa, Mikhael (unaffiliated) 
120.Bourgeois, Alain (Dalhousie University) 
121.Brander, James A. (University of British Columbia)
122.Brault, Joshua (Carleton University) 
123.Brennan, Jordan (Unifor) 
124.Brennan, Timothy (University of Maryland Baltimore County) 
125.Brisley, Neil (University of Waterloo) 
126.Brisson, Mike (unaffiliated) 
127.Brochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa)
128.Brodeur, Abel (University of Ottawa)
129.Brouillette, Joseph Clément Dany (Bank of Canada) 
130.Brown, Laura (University of Manitoba)
131.Brown, Mark (Statistics Canada) 
132.Bruneau, Gabriel (Banque du Canada) 
133.Brüggemann, Bettina (Goethe University Frankfurt) 
134.Buckland, Jerry (Menno Simons College) 
135.Buckley, Neil J. (York University)
136.Bull, Charles (University of Victoria) 
137.Burbidge, John (University of Waterloo)
138.Burley, Jessica (University of Toronto) 
139.Busby, Colin (C.D. Howe Institute) 
140.Caballero O., Gustavo A. (University of Calgary) 
141.Cabau, Noémie (Concordia University) 
142.Cahill, Elizabeth (Government of Canada) 
143.Calver, Matthew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards) 
144.Cameron, Elizabeth (Central Michigan University) 
145.Cameron, Scott (Library of Parliament) 
146.Campbell, Ailish (Department of Finance Canada) 
147.Cao, Ning (University of Alberta) 
148.Cao, Shutao (Bank of Canada) 
149.Capeluck, Evan (Centre for the Study of Living Standards) 
150.Cardoso, Miguel (University of Western Ontario) 
151.Carrera, Andrea (Università della Svizzera italiana) 
152.Carvajalino, Juan (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
153.Castro, Rui (University of Western Ontario)
154.Cette, Gilbert (Banque de France) 
155.Chakraborty, Tanika (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur) 
156.Chami, Nadine (McMaster University) 
157.Chan, Mons (University of Minnesota) 
158.Chan, Ying Tung (McGill University) 
159.Chandler, Vincent (Saint Mary's University) 
160.Chang, Andrew (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System) 
161.Charbonneau, Karyne B (Bank of Canada) 
162.Charles Olivier, Mao Takongmo (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
163.Charlot, Sylvie (Inra) 
164.Charron, Martin (Employment and Social Development Canada) 
165.Chateau, John Peter (University of Macau) 
166.Chausse, Pierre (University of Waterloo)
167.Chen, Chaoran (University of Toronto) 
168.Chen, Heng (Bank of Canada) 
169.Chen, Kelly (Boise State University) 
170.Chen, Wen-Hao (Statistics Canada) 
171.Chen, Xianjuan (Simon Fraser University) 
172.Chen, Yu (University of Waterloo) 
173.Chen, Zong Jia (University of Waterloo) 
174.Cheng, Ho Cheung (National Central University) 
175.Chernis, Tony (Bank of Canada) 
176.Chernoff, Alex (Queen's University) 
177.Chernomas, Robert (University of Manitoba) 
178.Chien, Yili (Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis) 
179.Childs, Jason (University of Regina) 
180.Chiu, Jonathan (Bank of Canada) 
181.Choiniere Crevecoeur, Ismael (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
182.Chowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (Algoma University) 
183.Chowdhury, Salehin (Government of Canada) 
184.Christian, Cornelius (St. Francis Xavier University) 
185.Chu, Ba (Carleton University) 
186.Chung, Jackson (Statistics Canada) 
187.Chung, Lucia (Bank of Canada) 
188.Ci, Wen (Statistics Canada) 
189.Ciuriak, Dan (Ciuriak Consulting Inc.) 
190.Clair, Luc (McMaster University) 
191.Clancy, Alisha (Centre for International Governance Innovation) 
192.Clark, Jeremy (University of Canterbury) 
193.Clarke, Noah (University of Ottawa) 
194.Claus, Edda (Wilfrid Laurier University) 
195.Cociuba, Simona (University of Western Ontario)
196.Coen, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
197.Cohen, Avi (York University)
198.Cohen, Marjorie Griffin (Simon Fraser University) 
199.Coleman, Simeon (Loughborough University)
200.Collins, Ayoo (Carleton University) 
201.Collis, Reed (York University) 
202.Colonescu, Constantin (MacEwan University) 
203.Compton, Janice (University of Manitoba)
204.Compton, Ryan (University of Manitoba)
205.Connolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
206.Cook, Elizabeth (unaffiliated) 
207.Cornelson, Kirsten (University of Toronto) 
208.Corrigan, Paul (Bank of Canada) 
209.Corts, Kenneth (University of Toronto)
210.Cosac, Teodora (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) 
211.Cosman, Jacob (Johns Hopkins University) 
212.Costello, Mark (unaffiliated) 
213.Cotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
214.Coulibaly, Louphou (Université de Montréal) 
215.Coulombe, Serge (University of Ottawa)
216.Couture, Lydia (Statistics Canada) 
217.Craig, Andrea (Queen's University) 
218.Critoph, Elise (University of Ottawa) 
219.Cross, Melvin (Dalhousie University)
220.Créchet, Jonathan (Université de Montréal) 
221.Cuecuecha, Alfredo (El Colegio de Tlaxcala) 
222.Cuff, Katherine L (McMaster University)
223.Culpeper, Roy (Carleton University) 
224.Curry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
225.Curtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)
226.Cyrus, Teresa (Dalhousie University)
227.Dachis, Benjamin (C.D. Howe Institute) 
228.Dadson, James Nicholas (Analysis Group) 
229.Dagenais, Martine (Competition Bureau) 
230.DaGraça, Tarcisio Barroso (Université du Québec en Outaouais) 
231.Dai, Jennifer (McGill University) 
232.Dalkir, Elif (University of New Brunswick) 
233.Dalkir, Mehmet (University of New Brunswick) 
234.Dallaire-Fortier, Clara (McGill University) 
235.Dalton, Michael (Bureau of Labor Statistics) 
236.Danese, Giuseppe (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) 
237.Daouda, Belem (Université Laval) 
238.Dar-Brodeur, Afshan (Statistics Canada) 
239.Darku, Alexander Bilson (University of Lethbridge)
240.Das, Malay Kumar (University of Manitoba) 
241.Das, Pranay Kumar (University of Manitoba) 
242.Das, Sonali (International Monetary Fund) 
243.Das Gupta, Amlan (University of British Columbia) 
244.Dathan, Michele (University of Toronto) 
245.Dauphin, Anyck (Université du Québec en Outaouais) 
246.Daviau, Charles (Laurentian University) 
247.Davidson, Russell (McGill University)
248.Davies, James B. (University of Western Ontario)
249.Davis, Andrew (Acadia University) 
250.Davoodalhosseini, Mohammad (Bank of Canada) 
251.De Geest, Lawrence (UMass-Amherst) 
252.De Leverano, Adriano (HEC Montréal) 
253.Dean, Jason (Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning) 
254.Dechenaux, Emmanuel (Kent State University) 
255.DeCicca, Philip (McMaster University)
256.Dee, Victor (University of Toronto) 
257.Delacroix, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal)
258.Delisle, Marc (unaffiliated) 
259.Denier, Nicole (McGill University) 
260.Deri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa)
261.Derksen, Laura (University of Toronto) 
262.Deschamps-Laporte, Jean-Philippe (Örebro University) 
263.Desgagnés, Hélène (University of Toronto) 
264.Desjardins, Denise (HEC Montréal) 
265.Desrosiers, Marc-A (unaffiliated) 
266.Dessy, Sylvain (Université Laval)
267.Detmers, Gunda-Alexandra (Freie Universität Berlin) 
268.Deussing, Marie-Anne (Government of Canada) 
269.Deutscher, Pat (Queen's University) 
270.Devereux, Kevin (University of Toronto) 
271.Devlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa)
272.Dhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto) 
273.Di Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University)
274.Dialahy, Isaora Zefania (Université Laval) 
275.Diarra, Setou (Université Laval) 
276.Dickens, Andrew (York University) 
277.DiDomenico, Jennifer (University of Toronto Press) 
278.Diewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia)
279.Dimand, Robert W. (Brock University) 
280.Ding, Weili (Queen's University)
281.Dionne, Georges (HEC Montréal) 
282.Dissou, Yazid (University of Ottawa)
283.Djogbenou, Antoine Alex (Université de Montréal) 
284.Djuikom Tamtchouong, Marie Albertine (Université Laval) 
285.Doan, Molly (unaffiliated) 
286.Dolatabadi, Sepideh (Queen's University) 
287.Donegan, Ian (University of Ottawa) 
288.Dooley, John M. (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) 
289.Dorich, Jose (Bank of Canada) 
290.Dorval, Anne-Sophie (University of Ottawa) 
291.Douch, Mohamed (Royal Military College)
292.Dow, Gregory (Simon Fraser University)
293.Dowbiggin, Anna (Edinburgh Business School, Heriot Watt University) 
294.Drysdale, Erik (unaffiliated) 
295.Drzymala, Alexander (unaffiliated) 
296.Duckworth, Roger (Sait) 
297.Duclos, Jean-Yves (Government of Canada)
298.Duflo, Esther (MIT) 
299.Dufournaud-Labelle, Maxime (University of Ottawa) 
300.Dunbar, Geoff (Bank of Canada) 
301.Duplantier, Anne (Université de Sherbrooke) 
302.Duplantis, Renée (The Brattle Group Canada ULC) 
303.Duprey, Thibaut (Bank of Canada) 
304.Durdu, Bora (Federal Reserve Board) 
305.Ebrahimi, Pouya (HEC Montreal) 
306.Eckert, Andrew (University of Alberta)
307.Edlund, Lena (Columbia University) 
308.Ehrmann, Michael (Bank of Canada) 
309.Eklou, Kodjovi Mawulikplimi (Université de Sherbrooke) 
310.Elle Lei, Xiaowen (Simon Fraser University) 
311.Elliott, Tammy (Caledon's Leadership Forum for Women) 
312.Ellwanger, Reinhard (Bank of Canada) 
313.Elskamp, Rebecca (University of Guelph) 
314.Emenogu, Ugochi (Ryerson University) 
315.Emery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary)
316.Emery, Paula (Canadian Economic Association) 
317.Entezarkheir, Mahdiyeh (Huron University College)
318.Epp, Alexandra (unaffiliated) 
319.Erhardt, Tobias (University of Basel) 
320.Ershov, Daniel (University of Toronto) 
321.Eskander, Shaikh Muhammed (Carleton University)
322.Essaji, Azim (Wilfrid Laurier University)
323.Ewane, William Théophile (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
324.Fall, Mamour (Université de Sherbrooke) 
325.Falvo, Nick (Calgary Homeless Foundation) 
326.Fang, Tony (Memorial University) 
327.Fardoust, Shahrokh (College of William and Mary) 
328.Farmer, Janine (Queen's University) 
329.Faudot, Adrien (Université Grenoble-Alpes) 
330.Fehr, Ernst (University of Zurich)
331.Feir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria)
332.Felt, Marie-Hélène (Carleton University) 
333.Ferguson, Brian (University of Guelph) 
334.Ferguson, Shon Martin (Research Institute of Industrial Economics) 
335.Ferrando, Annalisa (European Central Bank) 
336.Ferrara, Ida (York University)
337.Ferris, J. Stephen (Carleton University)
338.Ferry, Marin (Université Paris Dauphine)
339.Finnie, Ross (University of Ottawa) 
340.Fique, Jose (Bank of Canada) 
341.Fleurbaey, Marc (Princeton University) 
342.Flueckiger, Matthias (University of Basel) 
343.Fofana, Mory Fode (Université du Québec-ENAP) 
344.Foley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan) 
345.Foltin, Peter (University of Western Ontario) 
346.Fong, Kellie (unaffiliated) 
347.Fonseca, Raquel (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
348.Fontaine, Marie Mélanie (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
349.Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation) 
350.Forget, Evelyn L. (University of Manitoba) 
351.Fors, Heather (University of Gothenburg) 
352.Forsdyke, Ruth (Dalhousie University)
353.Fortin, Myriam (Government of Canada) 
354.Fortin, Nicole M. (University of British Columbia)
355.Francetich, Alejandro (University of Washington Bothell) 
356.Freeman, David (Simon Fraser University) 
357.Frenette, Marc (Statistics Canada) 
358.Friedrich, Christian (Bank of Canada) 
359.Friesen, Jane (Simon Fraser University)
360.Fu, Sisi (University of Calgary) 
361.Fung, Loretta (National Tsing Hua University) 
362.Gagné, Lynda (University of Victoria) 
363.Galay, Gregory (University of Guelph) 
364.Galindo-Silva, Hector (Barcelona Institute of Political Economy and Governance (IPEG))
365.Gallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)
366.Gamtessa, Samuel (University of Regina) 
367.Gao, Hang (University of Waterloo) 
368.Gao, Jing (Capital University of Economics and Business) 
369.Garrab, Samar (Royal Military College) 
370.Garred, Jason (University of Ottawa)
371.Gascon, Stephane (Government of Canada) 
372.Gaudette, Étienne (University of Southern California)
373.Gauvin-Coulombe, Raphaelle (Queen's University) 
374.Gbohoui, William Dieudonné Yélian (Université de Montréal) 
375.Geleta, Solomon (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus) 
376.Geloso, Vincent (HEC Montréal) 
377.Gendron, Marc (Human Ressources and Skills Development Canada) 
378.Gendron-Carrier, Nicolas (University of Toronto) 
379.Ghaziaskar, Mohamad (University of Waterloo) 
380.Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada) 
381.Ghosh, Pallab (University of Oklahoma) 
382.Ghossoub, Edgar (University of Texas at San Antonio) 
383.Gibbons, Will (Employment and Social Development Canada) 
384.Gibson, Grant (McMaster University) 
385.Gillezeau, Robert (University of Victoria) 
386.Gilraine, Michael (University of Toronto) 
387.Ginn, Marissa (Analysis Group) 
388.Gnagne, Jean Armand (Université Laval) 
389.Gninanfon, Medesse Armande (University of Ottawa) 
390.Godwin, Ryan (University of Manitoba) 
391.Goetz, Daniel (Princeton University) 
392.Goh, Chuan (The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
393.Golo, Kossi Thomas (Université Laval) 
394.Goncalves, Silvia (University of Western Ontario) 
395.Gong, Xiangyu (Emory University) 
396.Goodlet, Warren (Environment and Climate Change Canada) 
397.Gordon, Stephen (Université Laval)
398.Gortz, Christoph (University of Birmingham) 
399.Goyette, Jonathan (Université de Sherbrooke) 
400.Gradojevic, Nikola (University of Guelph)
401.Graham, John (Patterson Creek Consulting) 
402.Gravelines, Laurie (Government of the Northwest Territories) 
403.Graves, Jonathan (University of British Columbia) 
404.Gray, David M. (University of Ottawa)
405.Green, David (University of British Columbia)
406.Greenspon, Jacob (unaffiliated) 
407.Gregoire, Philippe (Université Laval) 
408.Grekou, Douwere (Statistics Canada) 
409.Grenier, Gilles (University of Ottawa)
410.Gribbin, Katerina (Bank of Canada) 
411.Grimard, Franque (McGill University)
412.Grootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
413.Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada) 
414.Guerin, Adrian (unaffiliated) 
415.Guliani, Harminder (University of Regina) 
416.Gunderson, Alan (competition Bureau) 
417.Gunderson, Morley K. (University of Toronto)
418.Gungor, Sermin (Bank of Canada) 
419.Guénette, Louise (International Development Research Centre - IDRC) 
420.Guérin, Pierre (Bank of Canada) 
421.Gyarmati, David (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC)) 
422.Habib, Ashique (University of Toronto) 
423.Haeck, Catherine (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
424.Hajizadeh, Mohammad (Dalhousie University) 
425.Hajzler, Chris (Bank of Canada)
426.Hamalainen, Nell (Statistics Canada) 
427.Hamilton, Gillian C. (University of Toronto)
428.Hamit-Haggar, Mahamat (Université d'Auvergne) 
429.Han, Seungjin (McMaster University)
430.Hannusch, Anne (Emory University) 
431.Hao, Tongtong (University of Toronto) 
432.Hasan, Sazid (Simon Fraser University) 
433.Hasanzadeh, Samira (Carleton University) 
434.Hassan, Syed (University of Ottawa) 
435.Hauser, Daniela (Bank of Canada) 
436.Hazrati, Shahin (York University) 
437.Hejazi, Walid (University of Toronto) 
438.Helliwell, John F. (University of British Columbia)
439.Hencic, Andrew (York University) 
440.Henry, Chida (International Development Research Centre - IDRC) 
441.Hermanutz, Derek (Environment Canada) 
442.Hess, Kristina (Bank of Canada) 
443.Hessou, Hélyoth Théodore Sedekon (Université Laval) 
444.Hildebrand, Vincent (Glendon College York University)
445.Hili, Amal (ISG Sousse) 
446.Hill, Jordan (University of Waterloo) 
447.Ho, Anson (Kansas State University)
448.Hodgson, Douglas (Université du Québec à Montréal)
449.Hollander, Abraham (Université de Montréal)
450.Holmes, Hannah (McMaster University)
451.Holmes, Jonathan (Queen's University) 
452.Hong, Qing (Finance Canada) 
453.Hongdilokkul, Natt (Simon Fraser University) 
454.Hossain, Belayet (Thompson Rivers University) 
455.Hosseini Jebeli, Seyed Hossein (University of Calgary) 
456.Hosseini Pozveh, Seyed Hamzeh (University of Saskatchewan) 
457.Houle, Stephanie (McMaster University) 
458.Hovhannisyan, Nune (Loyola University Maryland) 
459.Howell, David (The New School) 
460.Huang, Lingbo (University of Nottingham) 
461.Huang, Po-Chun (Michigan State University) 
462.Huang, Yichun (University of Waterloo) 
463.Hughes, Patrick (Competition Bureau/Industry Canada) 
464.Huguet, Mélissa (Université Laval) 
465.Hui, Shek-wai (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation) 
466.Hussain, Md. Jakir (University of Ottawa) 
467.Hussain, Syed (Lahore University of Management Sciences) 
468.Huynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
469.Hébert, Sophie (Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation) 
470.Ibrahim, Bousmah (University of Ottawa) 
471.Ignaczak, Luke (unaffiliated) 
472.Ihori, Toshihiro (National Graduate Institute for Public Studies) 
473.Imura, Yuko (Bank of Canada) 
474.Insley, Margaret (University of Waterloo)
475.Intungane, Doriane (Ryerson University) 
476.Iqbal, Md Zabid (Iowa State University) 
477.Islam, Khan (University of Manitoba) 
478.Ivanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives) 
479.Jackson, Andrew Nussey (unaffiliated) 
480.Jacobson, Paul (Jacobson Consulting Inc) 
481.Jain, Monica (Bank of Canada) 
482.Jakubowski, Ryan (Canadian Competition Bureau) 
483.Jalil, Ferdous (York University) 
484.Jamil, Gazi Mohammad (Concordia University) 
485.Janmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus) 
486.Javdani Haji, Mohsen (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus) 
487.Jayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology) 
488.Jeon, Sung Hee (Statistics Canada)
489.Jian, Bixi (McGill University) 
490.Jiang, Feng (Concordia University) 
491.Jiang, Janet Hua (Bank of Canada)
492.Johnson, David (Wilfrid Laurier University)
493.Johri, Alok (McMaster University)
494.Jolly, Michael (Ryerson University)
495.Jones, Maggie (Queen's University)
496.Jones, Nicole (unaffiliated) 
497.Jones, Stephen R. G. (McMaster University)
498.Kabaca, Serdar (Bank of Canada)
499.Kadiyala, Krishna (Algoma University) 
500.Kakeu, Johnson (Morehouse College) 
501.Kalhor, Sadjad (University of Manitoba) 
502.Kam, Eric (Ryerson University)
503.Kambourov, Gueorgui (University of Toronto)
504.Kame Babilla, Thierry (University of Yaoundé II) 
505.Kang, Minku (University of Western Ontario) 
506.Kano, Takashi (Hitotsubashi University)
507.Karim, Ridwan (University of Toronto) 
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