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Preliminary Conference Program

Room Locations will be available in the printed program, which is available at the onsite registration. To view your personal session(s), login at and look under "Conference Schedule". Registered participants can see their room assignment on that page.

08:15-08:30Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Coffee Break / Pause-café du CLEF

08:30-08:45Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF - Registration / Inscription

08:45-09:00Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Welcome and Opening Remarks - Thomas Lemieux / Mot de bienvenue et allocution inaugurale du CLEF par Thomas Lemieux

09:00-17:30Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Summer School / École d'été du PEF
OrganizerPringle, David J (Carleton University)

09:00-10:30Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Session I / Séance I
ChairFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
PapersLehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University):
How do NYPD Officers Respond to General and Specific Terror Threats
Messacar, Derek (Statistics Canada):
Intra-Household Labour Income Responses to Changes in Tax Rates among Older Workers
Green, David (University of British Columbia):
The Entry of Immigrants into Entrepreneurship

09:00-12:00Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Morning Presentations / Conférences de l'avant-midi
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PapersKsoll, Christopher (Mathematica Policy Research):
The Impact of Years of Schooling on Achievement: Challenges and Causal Inference in a Natural Experiment.
Garred, Jason (University of Ottawa):
On Target? The Incidence of Sanctions Across Listed Firms in Iran
Jayaraman, Rajshri (European School of Management and Technology):
School Feeding and Cognitive Skills: Evidence from India's Midday Meal Program

11:00-12:00Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Session II / Séance II
ChairSkuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo)
PapersWarman, Casey (Dalhousie University):
Field of Study, Earnings and Occupational Task Requirements: Cross-Cohort Evidence for Immigrants to Canada
Foley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan):
Field of study and the decision to delay university

13:15-13:30Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Coffee Break / Pause-café du CLEF

13:30-15:00Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Session III / Séance III
ChairWorswick, Christopher (Carleton University)
PapersHuang, Po-Chun (Michigan State University):
Evaluation of Optimal Unemployment Insurance with Reemployment Bonuses Using Regression Discontinuity (Kink) Design
McKerrow, Mark (Social Research and Development (SRDC)):
Manitoba Works: evaluating the effectiveness of a new workforce development program for social assistance clients with multiple barriers
Morin, Lucie (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Extension of Employment Insurance Benefits for Long-Tenured Workers (EEILTW) and Post Claim Earnings

13:30-16:30Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Afternoon Presentations / Conférences de l'après-midi
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PapersMcCaig, Brian (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Out with the old and unproductive, in with the new and similarly unproductive: Microenterprise dynamics in a growing low-income economy
Okoye, Chidozie (Dalhousie University):
Path Dependence in Technology Adoption: Evidence From the Colonial Railway in Nigeria
Morales, Juan (University of Toronto):
Legislating During War: Conflict and Politics in Colombia

15:30-17:30Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Executive Council Meeting 1 / Réunion du conseil exécutif de l'ACE 1
ChairBeach, Charles M. (Queen's University)

15:30-16:30Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Session IV / Séance IV
ChairFrenette, Marc (Statistics Canada)
PapersChen, Yu (University of Waterloo):
Adverse selection in the labour market and the demand for vocational education
Smith, Jeffrey A (University of Michigan):
The Consequences of Academic Match between Students and Colleges

17:00-18:30Thursday, June 2, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Keynote Lecture / Conférence principale du CLEF
ChairGreen, David (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerTaber, Christopher (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
TopicSelection on Observed and Unobserved Variables

08:00-08:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Credit / Le crédit
ChairLopera Baena, Maria Adelaida (Université Laval)
PapersIslam, Khan (University of Manitoba):
Microcredit, the Timing of Strategic Default, and the Role of Third Party Lending
Wong, Po Yin (Norwegian School of Economics):
Household Responses to Natural Disasters: Evidence on Labor and Credit Market Outcomes in Indonesia
Cuecuecha, Alfredo (El Colegio de Tlaxcala):
Remittances and the use of formal and informal financial services
Lopera Baena, Maria Adelaida (Université Laval):
Peer Effects on Potential Demand for Credit: Evidence from a randomized control trial among young entrepreneurs in Uganda.
DiscussantsCuecuecha, Alfredo (El Colegio de Tlaxcala); McCaig, Brian (Wilfrid Laurier University); Ehrmann, Michael (Bank of Canada)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN Professional Panel: Why Don't We Care About Teaching? Or Do We? / Table ronde professionnelle du RFÉ : Pourquoi ne nous intéressons-nous pas à l'enseignement ? Ou nous y intéressons-nous ?
ChairNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PanelistsGreen, David (University of British Columbia)
Murdock, Jennifer (University of Toronto)
Jackson, Ken (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Insley, Margaret (University of Waterloo)
Wang, Yanling (Carleton University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Fifty Years of Canadian Economics / 50 ans d'économique au Canada
OrganizerDimand, Robert W. (Brock University)
ChairGallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)
PanelistsDimand, Robert W. (Brock University)
Forget, Evelyn L. (University of Manitoba)
Fortin, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Helliwell, John F. (University of British Columbia)
Veall, Michael (McMaster University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Agriculture / L'agriculture
ChairStephens, Emma (Pitzer College)
PapersPonce, Carmen (Group for the Analysis of Development - GRADE):
Effects of climate change on crops diversification in the Peruvian Andes
Mohan, Sarah (Carleton University):
Private Sector Quality Standards and Producer Risk in Agricultural Trade: A Framework for Analysis of Development Implications
Stephens, Emma (Pitzer College):
Sharecropping, shadow values and market participation in the Ethiopian Highlands
DiscussantsMohan, Sarah (Carleton University); Stephens, Emma (Pitzer College); Ponce, Carmen (Group for the Analysis of Development - GRADE)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Conflict / Les conflits
ChairBatu, Michael (University of Windsor)
PapersLamontagne, Jessie (University of Toronto):
An empirical analysis of crime and inequality in Mexico
Ary Tanimoune, Nasser (University of Ottawa):
Échanges intra-zones et externalités spatiales pour un meilleur développement économique ? Le cas de l'UEMOA
Batu, Michael (University of Windsor):
Can Remittances Buy Peace?

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: High Frequency Trading / Économie financière : Le courtage à haute fréquence
ChairLee, Soomin (University of Toronto)
PapersAguessy, Michael Nelson (Concordia University):
Measuring the Price Discovery through the Independent Component Analysis
Xu, Ke (Queen's University):
Who makes the market during stressed periods? HFTs vs. Dealers
Lee, Soomin (University of Toronto):
A Theory of High Frequency Market Making in Fragmented Markets
DiscussantsLee, Soomin (University of Toronto); Xu, Ke (Queen's University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Venture Capital, Investment, and Dividend / Économie financière : Capital de risque, investissements et dividendes
ChairKhokhar, Abdul Rahman (Saint Mary's University)
PapersKelly, Ryan (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada):
The Performance of Angel-Backed Firms: Evidence from the Small Business Venture Capital Program in British Columbia
Sarkar, Sudipto (McMaster University):
The Investment Decision with Technological Uncertainty
Khokhar, Abdul Rahman (Saint Mary's University):
Market Response to Dividend Change Announcements: Unregulated versus Regulated Firms

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade Policy I / La dynamique des entreprises I
ChairKuratani, Tetsuya (Shikoku University Junior College)
PapersTehou Tekeng, Yves Mathurin (Concordia University):
Canadian foreign aid policy and the promotion of fiscal transparency in the recipient countries
Nguyen, Trien T. (University of Waterloo):
Economic Impacts of Border Management on Bilateral Trade Between Canada and the United States
Qirjo, Dhimitri (SUNY Plattsburgh):
The Role of TAFTA on Environment
DiscussantsNguyen, Trien T. (University of Waterloo); Qirjo, Dhimitri (SUNY Plattsburgh); Tehou Tekeng, Yves Mathurin (Concordia University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Firm Dynamics / La dynamique des entreprises
ChairToksoy, Hakan (Ryerson University)
PapersTuuli, Maxwell (McGill University):
Outsourcing, Productivity and Exports: Evidence from Firm Level Data for Emerging Economies
Cardoso, Miguel (University of Western Ontario):
Linking Migrant Networks to a Firm's Decision to Export in a Model of Trade
Toksoy, Hakan (Ryerson University):
Vertical Specialization in Trade under Segmented-Labor Market: an Informal Sector and a Formal Sector
DiscussantsCardoso, Miguel (University of Western Ontario); Toksoy, Hakan (Ryerson University); Tuuli, Maxwell (McGill University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Demography - Marriage and Domestic Violence / Démographie - Mariage et violence familiale
ChairSalisbury, Laura (York University)
PapersTura, Giulia (University of Bologna):
Marriage Formation and Dissolution of Interethnic Marriages - Evidence from Italian data
Yang, Wei (University of North Dakota):
How Do Marriage Market Sex Ratios Affect Formation and Dissolution of Marriages? Evidence from the Second Generation of Mao's Mass Send-down Movement
Matheson, Jesse (University of Leicester):
The Effects of Information and Engagement of Repeat Victims of Domestic Violence: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial
DiscussantsSalisbury, Laura (York University); Cornelson, Kirsten (University of Toronto); Bidner, Chris (Simon Fraser University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Markets - Youth / Marchés du travail - La jeunesse
ChairFang, Tony (Memorial University)
PapersDeussing, Marie-Anne (Government of Canada):
Attitudes and perceptions of Canadian youth towards careers in the trades
Mang, Colin (Government of Canada):
Great Expectations: Millennial expectations of labour earnings and the gender wage gap
Akbari, Mahsa (Simon Fraser University):
Does Age of Leaving Parental Home Affect Future Incomes?

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Education - Teachers and Curriculum / Éducation - Enseignants et programmes
ChairSummerfield, Fraser (University of Aberdeen)
PapersGilraine, Michael (University of Toronto):
Teacher Targeting under Accountability: Evidence from No Child Left Behind
Appiagyei, Ebenezer (University of Saskatchewan):
The cost efficiency in the public K-12 education systems of Canada.
Su, Xuejuan (University of Alberta):
Education Curriculum and Student Achievement: Theory and Evidence
DiscussantsSu, Xuejuan (University of Alberta); Gilraine, Michael (University of Toronto); Appiagyei, Ebenezer (University of Saskatchewan)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Central Bank Policy Decisions / GCEM : Les décisions des banques centrales en matière de politique monétaire
ChairRuge-Murcia, Francisco J. (McGill University)
PapersDetmers, Gunda-Alexandra (Freie Universität Berlin):
Forward Guidance under Disagreement Evidence from the Fed's dot projections
McNeil, James (Queen's University):
An analysis of country influence over European Central Bank policy decisions
Ruge-Murcia, Francisco J. (McGill University):
Collective versus Individual Decision-Making: A Case Study of the Bank of Israel Law

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Environmental Policy & Innovation / Politiques environnementales et innovation
ChairSchott, Stephan (Carleton University)
PapersBernard, Sophie (Polytechnique Montréal):
Green design, contracts, and technological progress
Smith, Robert (Midsummer Analytics):
Natural Capital Measurement at Statistics Canada: Current Status and Untapped Potential
Schott, Stephan (Carleton University):
Food Security and Wildlife Management in Nunavut

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Intermediation and Monetary Policy / Intermédiaires financiers et politique monétaire
ChairGhossoub, Edgar (University of Texas at San Antonio)
PapersChiu, Jonathan (Bank of Canada):
Relationships In the Interbank Market
Desgagnés, Hélène (University of Toronto):
Monetary policy with non-regulated financial intermediaries
Ghossoub, Edgar (University of Texas at San Antonio):
Endogenous Financial Structure and Monetary Policy

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Business Cycles I / Cycles économiques I
ChairSchroth, Josef (Bank of Canada)
PapersDas, Sonali (International Monetary Fund):
Firm Leverage and Investment Composition
Schott, Immo (Université de Montréal):
Equity and Long-term Debt over the Business Cycle
Schroth, Josef (Bank of Canada):
Optimal Capital Regulation

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada (Graduate Student Paper Award): Macroeconomics / banque du Canada (Prix de présentation des étudiants) :
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersGbohoui, William Dieudonné Yélian (Université de Montréal):
Reforming Corporate Taxation: Effects of A Comprehensive Business Income Tax
Chan, Ying Tung (McGill University):
On the Generalized Consumption Externality with Heterogeneous Agents
Snudden, Stephen (Queen's University):
Targeted Filtration with a Difference for Inference and Long-Horizon Forecasts: Application to the Real Price of Crude Oil

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Learning and Macro / Apprentissage et macro
ChairMarchand, Steeve (Université Laval)
PapersSalle, Isabelle (University of Amsterdam):
Learning to Believe in Simple Equilibria in a Complex OLG Economy - evidence from the lab
Petersen, Luba (Simon Fraser University):
Coordinating Expectations through Central Bank Projections
Marchand, Steeve (Université Laval):
Peer effects, homophily and risk-taking among entrepreneurs: evidence from behaviours before and after social interactions

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Applied Econometrics I / Économétrie appliquée I
ChairXie, Erhao (University of Toronto)
PapersXie, Erhao (University of Toronto):
Testing for Unbiased Beliefs in Games of Incomplete Information Using Experimental Data
Brault, Joshua (Carleton University):
A Group-Specific Heterogeneous Panel Approach to the Impact of Exchange-rate Regime on Economic Growth
Sties, Max (University of Alberta):
Forecasting Canadian Recessions: Making Use of Supervised Machine Learning
Wang, Sha (University of Western Ontario):
A Cost Effective Approach to Hedge Fund Replication

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Mobile and Wireless Communications Markets / OI : Les marchés des communication mobiles et sans fil
ChairKim, Hankook (University of Toronto)
PapersAhmed Ezzat, Riham (Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne):
Fixed-mobile substitution in MENA countries: What is the future of fixed-lines market?
Ershov, Daniel (University of Toronto):
Search, Consumer Information, and Competition in the Mobile App Market
Kim, Hankook (University of Toronto):
Drivers of Wireless Diffusion and Price

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Ph.D. Student Presentations - Industrial Organization I / OI : Présentations de doctorants - Organisation industrielle I
ChairOrr, Scott (University of Toronto)
PapersLiu, Zhuang (University of Western Ontario):
Estimating the Effect of File-sharing on Movie Boxoffice
Benatia, David (Université de Montréal):
Residual Demand Manipulations and Market Power in Electricity Markets
Orr, Scott (University of Toronto):
Are marijuana and cocaine complements or substitutes? Evidence from the Silk Road
DiscussantsOrr, Scott (University of Toronto); Liu, Zhuang (University of Western Ontario); Benatia, David (Université de Montréal)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Charitable Giving / Les dons de bienfaisance
ChairBurbidge, John (University of Waterloo)
PapersBarham, Victoria (University of Ottawa):
Strategic Philanthropy
Minaker, Bradley (McMaster University):
How Effective are Charity Managers? Evidence from a Panel of Charities
Hossain, Belayet (Thompson Rivers University):
Does the Accumulation of Associational Capital Make People More Generous?

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Emerging Issues in Alternative Consumer Finance / FEP : Les approches nouvelles en finances des consommateurs - Des questions de plus en plus présentes
OrganizerSpotton Visano, Brenda (York University)
PanelistsBuckland, Jerry (Menno Simons College)
Pigeon, Marc Andre J (Carleton University)
Robson, Jennifer (Carleton University)
Spotton Visano, Brenda (York University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Illicit Drugs and Disease Self-reports / GECES : Stupéfiants et autodéclarations de maladies
ChairHajizadeh, Mohammad (Dalhousie University)
PapersRosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University):
An Instrumental Variables Approach to Estimating the Effects of Heroin Price and Purity on Overdose in the US
McIntosh, James (Concordia University):
Quality of Life and Cannabis Use: Results From Canadian Sample Survey Data
Gaudette, Étienne (University of Southern California):
Can self-reports be trusted? A comparison of disease prevalence in insurance claims and survey data
DiscussantsZaresani, Arezou (University of Calgary); Tuncel, Tuba (Toulouse School of Economics); Song, Yan (McGill University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Inequality, Mobility, and Labour / RCHE : Inégalités, mobilité et travail
ChairLew, Byron J (Trent University)
PapersVelk, Tom (McGill University):
Using Postal Data to Measure US Interstate Business Cycle Sensitivity and to Observe Social and Political Mobility in the 19th Century
Di Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University):
The Evolution of Wealth Inequality, 1750 to 2012: Canada and The North Atlantic Anglo-Sphere
Lewis, Frank D. (Queen's University):
Revisiting the `Williams Thesis': An Analysis of the Dutch Slave Trade
DiscussantsLewis, Frank D. (Queen's University); Velk, Tom (McGill University); Di Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
AEDSB Session I: Trade, Exchange Rate and Economic Growth / Séance de l'AEEDB I : Commerce, taux de change et croissance économique
OrganizersChowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (Algoma University)
Reza, Abeer (Bank of Canada)
ChairAkram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial)
PapersKarim, Ridwan (University of Toronto):
Sectoral Volatility, Trade Partners and Development
Alam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University):
Does FDI cause economic growth in Bangladesh?
Mozumder, Pallab (Florida International University):
Economic development and energy-usage: a household level analysis from Bangladesh
DiscussantsReza, Abeer (Bank of Canada); Saunders, Charles (Carleton University); Ahsan, Syed (Concordia University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Networks / Les réseaux
ChairPongou, Roland (University of Ottawa)
PapersOrazbayev, Sultan (University College London):
Diversity and collaboration in Economics
Caballero O., Gustavo A. (University of Calgary):
Luck and Effort: Learning about Income from Friends and Neighbours
Pongou, Roland (University of Ottawa):
Networked Politics: Political Change and Instability under Social Influences

10:00-10:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-CD Howe Session I: Research on Aboriginal Governance and Economic Development Issues / CENV - Institut C. D. Howe, séance I : La recherche liée au développement économique autochtone
OrganizersRichards, John (Simon Fraser University)
Sharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
ChairSemenov, Aggey (University of Ottawa)
PapersThomas, Jasmin (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
Nunavik's Labour Market and Educational Attainment Paradox
Feir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria):
Understanding the Registered Indian Gender Gap: Missing Aboriginal Men?
Graham, John (Patterson Creek Consulting):
Closing the First Nation Wellbeing Gap through Natural Resource Projects: A Proposed Federal Strategy
DiscussantsFortin, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal); O'Sullivan, Erin (Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada); Rainer, Chris (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPP Panel: The Gap Between Academic Research and Economic Policy-Making in Canada / Table ronde d'Analyse de politiques : L'écart entre la recherche universitaire et l'élaboration de politiques économiques au Canada
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairEmery, J C Herbert (University of Calgary)
PanelistsDuclos, Jean-Yves (Government of Canada)
Gordon, Stephen (Université Laval)
Schirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Kozicki, Sharon (Bank of Canada)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CIGI Special Lecture / Conférencier principal du CIGI
OrganizerClancy, Alisha (Centre for International Governance Innovation)
SpeakerRubin, Jeffrey (Centre for International Governance Innovation)
TopicFrom Energy Superpower to World Breadbasket: The Transition of the Canadian Economy in the Age of Climate Change

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairLemieux, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerDuflo, Esther (MIT)
TopicRandomized Controlled Trials and Policy Making in Developing Countries

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEA: Law and Economics I / Droit et économique I
ChairScoones, David (University of Victoria)
PapersCheng, Ho Cheung (National Central University):
Legal Environment and Contractual Choice
Papillon, Benoit-Mario (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières):
Should the business reorganization procedure of the Canadian Law be more regulated?
Dathan, Michele (University of Toronto):
An Empirical Analysis of Advance Notice Provisions in Corporate Bylaws: Evidence from Canada

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Executive Compensation and Consumption / Économie financière : Rémunération des dirigeants et consommation
ChairBrisley, Neil (University of Waterloo)
PapersZhang, Haofei (University of Toronto):
Stock Market Reaction to CEO Turnover Announcements and Information Asymmetry
Kichian, Maral (University of Ottawa):
Quantifying Housing and Financial Wealth Effects on Consumption: The Case of Canada
Brisley, Neil (University of Waterloo):
Market-specific human capital: compensation, shareholder value, and the cross-border market for talent.
DiscussantsSchroth, Josef (Bank of Canada)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Jump Risks and Financial Vulnerability / Économie financière : Risques de saut et vulnérabilité financière
ChairLi, Fuchun (Bank of Canada)
PapersGradojevic, Nikola (University of Guelph):
Heterogeneous investment horizons, jump risk and market fear
Medovikov, Ivan (Brock University):
Can Security Analysts Predict Volatility?
Li, Fuchun (Bank of Canada):
Nonparametric Specification Testing for the Drift of the Short Rate Diffusion Process Using a Panel of Yields

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Firms and International Trade / Entreprises et commerce international
ChairStoyanov, Andrey (York University)
PapersWan, Shan (University of Calgary):
International Technology Diffusion via Goods Trade: Theory and Evidence from China
Wang, Yanling (Carleton University):
Firms' Export Growth: Product Mix and Destination Portfolio
Stoyanov, Andrey (York University):
Do free trade agreements affect tariffs of non-member countries? A theoretical and empirical investigation
DiscussantsStoyanov, Andrey (York University); Wan, Shan (University of Calgary); Li, Bingjing (University of British Columbia)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Demography - Demography, Policy and the Labour Market / Démographie - Démographie, politiques et marché du travail
ChairTurner, Laura (University of Toronto)
PapersYip, Terry (McMaster University):
Baby Bonus, Anyone? Examining Quebec's Pro-Natal Policies
Grekou, Douwere (Statistics Canada):
Evolution of the Canadian business owners' age distribution over the 2001-2011 period
Olivo Villabrille, Miguel (University of Calgary):
The Marriage Premium: A LATE Approach
DiscussantsMelnyk, Matthew (University of Toronto); Turner, Laura (University of Toronto)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Market - Time Use, Volunterism and Crime / Marchés du travail - Emploi du temps, volontariat et criminalité
ChairBrown, Laura (University of Manitoba)
PapersMascella, Allison (University of Waterloo):
New evidence on Canadian immigrants' time investment on children
Seifi, Forough (University of Ottawa):
The Effect of Working for Free on Earnings
Mancino, Maria Antonella (University of Western Ontario):
Understanding Transitions Between the Criminal and Legal Labor Sectors
DiscussantsRobson, Jennifer (Carleton University); Mueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge); Lavecchia, Adam M. (University of Toronto)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Market - Wages and Employment / Marchés du travail - Salaires et emploi
ChairLiu, HuJu (Statistics Canada)
PapersBrouillette, Joseph Clément Dany (Bank of Canada):
Downward nominal wage rigidity in Canada: Evidence from micro-level data
Lawson, Nicholas (Aix-Marseille School of Economics):
Optimal Unemployment Policy
Lepage-Saucier, Nicolas (ENSAI):
Stepping stone effect of atypical jobs: Could the least employable reap the most benefits?
DiscussantsCompton, Janice (University of Manitoba); Sim, Seung-Gyu (University of Tokyo); Agopsowicz, Andrew (Bank of Canada)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Technology / GCEM : Des questions de technologie
ChairAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
PapersAcharya, Ram (Industry Canada):
World Technology Frontier: Its Determinants and Speed of Change
Ayerst, Stephen (University of Toronto):
Policy Distortions and Technology Adoption
Alexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto):
Off the Books

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Energy Use, Climate Policy & Welfare Implications / La consommation d'énergie, les politiques climatiques et leurs conséquences en matière de bien-être
ChairShiell, Leslie (University of Ottawa)
PapersSéguin, Charles (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Exchange rate uncertainty in linked cap and trade systems with price bounds: the case of California and Québec
Hussain, Md. Jakir (University of Ottawa):
Realized Energy Use Impacts of Energy Standards in Commercial Buildings
Shiell, Leslie (University of Ottawa):
Scarcity and Pollution in Public Policy toward Fossil Fuels and Climate Change

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Strategic Environmental Policy / Stratégies environnementales
ChairSilva, Emilson (University of Alberta)
PapersInsley, Margaret (University of Waterloo):
On the timing of regional climate change policies: a differential game under uncertainty
Marrouch, Walid (Lebanese American University):
Global climate agreements: Doomed to fail or destined to succeed? A review of the literature
Silva, Emilson (University of Alberta):
Self-Enforcing Agreements under Unequal Nationally Determined Contributions

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Business Cycles II / Cycles économiques II
ChairPollak, Andreas (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersGortz, Christoph (University of Birmingham):
News Shocks and Business Cycles: Bridging the Gap from Different Methodologies
Oyekola, Olayinka (Cardiff University):
Oil Prices and the Dynamics of Output and Real Exchange Rate
Pollak, Andreas (University of Saskatchewan):
Business Cycles Without TFP Shocks
DiscussantsKarnizova, Lilia (University of Ottawa); Snudden, Stephen (Queen's University); Schott, Immo (Université de Montréal)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Government Spending and Fiscal Policy / Les dépenses publiques et la politique fiscale
ChairSola, Sergio (International Monetary Fund)
PapersGauvin-Coulombe, Raphaelle (Queen's University):
Testing the hypothesis of fiscal independence for Eurozone member countries: a dynamic factor approach
Khan, Nazmus Sadat (University of Muenster):
The spillover effects of debt and growth in Eurozone countries: A GVAR approach
Sola, Sergio (International Monetary Fund):
Sub-Nationals' Risk Premia in Fiscal Federations: Fiscal Performance and Institutional Design

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada (Graduate Student Paper Award): Industrial Organization / Banque du Canada (Prix du travail de recherche étudiant) : L'organisation industrielle
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersYuan, Zhe (University of Toronto):
Network Competition in the Airline Industry: A Framework for Empirical Policy Analysis
Tang, Ruotao (University of Alberta):
Environmental Regulation and Firm Innovation: Evidence from China
Tweedle, Jesse (University of Calgary):
Granularity and Network Asymmetry and Aggregate Volatility

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
RCEA: Should The Bank Of Canada Raise The Inflation Target? / La Banque du Canada devrait-elle hausser la cible d'inflation ?
SponsorRimini Centre for Economic Analysis (RCEA)
ChairKonieczny, Jerzy (Wilfrid Laurier University/RCEA)
PanelistsAmbler, Steven (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Coulombe, Serge (University of Ottawa)
Santor, Eric Benjamin (Bank of Canada)
Siklos, Pierre L (CIGI/Wilfrid Laurier University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Preferences / Les préférences
ChairDanese, Giuseppe (Universidade Católica Portuguesa)
PapersChilds, Jason (University of Regina):
Microeconomic Behavioural Parameters Across Canada
Moir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John):
Behaviour in a One-Shot Prisoner's Dilemma: Relations to Other Behavioural Parameters
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University):
Are notions of fairness path-dependent?
Danese, Giuseppe (Universidade Católica Portuguesa):
Endocrine correlates of ambiguity attitudes

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Bootstrap / La méthode d'auto-amorçage (bootstrap)
ChairPerron, Benoit (Université de Montréal)
PapersPerron, Benoit (Université de Montréal):
Bootstrapping factor models with cross sectional dependence
Tabri, Rami (University of Sydney):
An Improved Bootstrap Test for Restricted Stochastic Dominance
Davidson, Russell (McGill University):
A Discrete Model for Bootstrap Iteration

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Empirical Pricing I / OI : L'établissement de prix d'un point de vue empirique I
ChairSchmiedel, Noémie (Department of Finance Canada)
PapersSalci, Sener (Queen's University):
Real-Time Pricing in the Cypriot Electricity Market
Schmiedel, Noémie (Department of Finance Canada):
Extracting Information on Housing Prices with a Dynamic Hierarchical Factor Model

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financing, Reallocation, and Productivity / Finance, réaffectation et productivité
OrganizerCao, Shutao (Bank of Canada)
ChairAndersen, Dana C. (University of Alberta)
PapersCao, Shutao (Bank of Canada):
Financial Constraints and Productivity Estimation: Evidence from Canadian SMEs.
Zhao, Jake (Stony Brook University):
Capital Structure Misallocation
Ferrando, Annalisa (European Central Bank):
Financial Constraints and Productivity: Evidence from Euro Area Companies
Andersen, Dana C. (University of Alberta):
Default Risk, Productivity, and the Environment: Theory and Plant-Level Evidence

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Tax Policy / Les politiques fiscales
ChairBarham, Victoria (University of Ottawa)
PapersZaresani, Arezou (University of Calgary):
Financial Incentives and Labor supply of Disability Benefits Recipients
Yilmaz, Fatih (Central Bank of Republic of Turkey):
VAT Treatment of Financial Institutions: Implications for the Real Economy
Owusu, Rebekah (University of Ottawa):
Mandatory Volunteering Versus Voluntary Volunteering and Income

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Evolution of the Economics Profession and Its Blind Spots / FEP : L'évolution de la profession d'économiste et ses zones d'ombre
OrganizerYoung, Kevin L (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
PapersChernomas, Robert (University of Manitoba):
Economics in the Twenty-First Century: Examining the John Bates Clarke Award Winners
Young, Kevin L (University of Massachusetts Amherst):
What are the mechanisms of Neoliberal Ascendance? Evidence from Citation Networks
Brennan, Jordan (Unifor):
Top Heavy: How Concentrated Market Structures Slow Growth and Exacerbate Inequality

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Physicians and Nurses / GECES : Médecins et infirmières
ChairMcLeod, Logan (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersShaikh, Shaun (McMaster University):
What Happens After Cardiac Arrest? Patterns of Care with Patient Enrollment
Sexton, Sean (McMaster University):
Examining physician service utilization in Ontario, Canada
Ariste, Ruolz (Université Laval and UQO):
Impact of individual and institutional factors on nurses' wage rate in Canada: Is there a monopsony market?
DiscussantsAmmi, Mehdi (Carleton University); Sarma, Sisira K (The University of Western Ontario); Curtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Commodities and Prices / RCHE : Marchandises et prix
ChairDi Matteo, Livio (Lakehead University)
PapersSmith, Gregor (Queen's University):
Distance and Time Effects in Swedish Commodity Prices, 1732-1914
Skogstad, Karl (Lakehead University):
An Analysis of the Efficiency of Ontario's Gold Mining Industry in the 1930s and 1940s
Lew, Byron J (Trent University):
The Impact of Climate on the Law of One Price: A Test Using Food Prices in the U.S. and Canada from the 1920s
DiscussantsLew, Byron J (Trent University); Smith, Gregor (Queen's University); Skogstad, Karl (Lakehead University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Algoma University/NOEA: Innovation, Food Security, and Health Care: Opportunities and Challenges / Innovation, sécurité alimentaire et soins de santé - Occasions à saisir et défis à relever
OrganizersChowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (Algoma University)
Mahar, Gerry (Algoma University)
ChairRobinson, David (Laurentian University)
PapersWright, Kirsten (University of Waterloo):
Innovation and community networks in a local product space
Das, Pranay Kumar (University of Manitoba):
Impact of Household's Food Insecurity on Stress in Canada: A Gendered Outlook
Chowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (Algoma University):
Health Status and Labor Market Outcomes: A Canadian Study With a Lens on Country of Birth
Liu, Min (Lakehead University):
The Determinants of Canadian Provincial Government Hospital Spending: 1981-2012
DiscussantsRice, Derek (University of Ottawa); Liu, Min (Lakehead University); Alam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University); Amiraslany, Afshin (Algoma University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Resource Economics / L'économie des ressources
ChairMalla, Stavroula (University of Lethbridge)
PapersHosseini Pozveh, Seyed Hamzeh (University of Saskatchewan):
Separation of management and oversight: the case of producer controlled organizations in agricultural R&D
Gamtessa, Samuel (University of Regina):
Raw Materials Input Bias of Technical Changes in Canadian Food Industry
Malla, Stavroula (University of Lethbridge):
Private Incentives & Regulatory Policies for Health Foods Innovation

12:00-14:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN Luncheon and AGM / Diner et assemblée générale du RFÉ
OrganizerNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
ChairKessler, Anke (Simon Fraser University)
SpeakerEdlund, Lena (Columbia University)
TopicLocation, Location, Location

12:00-14:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle du PEF
ChairYoung, Kevin L (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Education I / L'éducation I
ChairOzkok, Zeynep (Saint Francis Xavier University)
PapersShonchoy, Abu (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO):
Can Solar Lanterns Improve Youth Academic Performance? Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh
Choudhury, Pradeep Kumar (Jawaharlal Nehru University):
Household Spending on Engineering Education in India: An Empirical Study
Ozkok, Zeynep (Saint Francis Xavier University):
Girls' Education in Turkey: A Regional Analysis of Private Campaigns for Education
DiscussantsChoudhury, Pradeep Kumar (Jawaharlal Nehru University); Shonchoy, Abu (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CABE: The Future is Nigh: Approaches to Forecasting the Canadian Economy / L'avenir est proche : Approches de la prévision de l'économie canadienne
OrganizerBartlett, Randall (PSP Investments)
ChairBartlett, Randall (PSP Investments)
PanelistsSekkel, Rodrigo (Bank of Canada)
Matier, Chris (Parliamentary Budget Office)
Lawson, Tyler (Department of Finance Canada)
Sonnen, Carl A. (Informetrica)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Innovative Data in Economics: CERC Panel with Erik Snowberg / Données novatrices en économique: Table ronde de la CERC, avec Erik Snowberg
OrganizerLemieux, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
ChairSnowberg, Erik (University of British Columbia)
PanelistsBérubé, Dominique (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC))
Lemieux, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
Bombardini, Matilde (University of British Columbia)
Benjamin, Dwayne (University of Toronto)
Veall, Michael (McMaster University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Michael Denny Memorial Session on Productivity Measurement / Séance à la mémoire de Michael Denny : Mesurer la productivité
OrganizerDiewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia)
ChairWilson, Thomas A. (University of Toronto)
PapersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards):
Decomposing Multifactor Productivity Growth in Canada by Industry and Province, 1997-2014
Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada):
Explaining Productivity Trends in Canada
Diewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia):
A Decomposition of US Business Sector TFP Growth into Technical Progress and Inefficiency Components
DiscussantsCao, Shutao (Bank of Canada); May, Douglas (Memorial University of Newfoundland); Nakamura, Alice (University of Alberta)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairGreen, David (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerPendakur, Krishna (Simon Fraser University)
TopicWelfare Analysis When People Are Different: Incorporating Unobserved Heterogeneity into Inequality and Poverty Analysis

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Poverty / La pauvreté
ChairLe Barbenchon, Claire (International Development Research Centre (IDRC))
PapersDiarra, Setou (Université Laval):
Household's Monetary Poverty and Child's Multidimensional Deprivation: Why Do they Differ?
Kimou, Assi Jose Carlos (University FHB of Cocody-Abidjan):
Impacts des Transferts sur la Réduction de la Pauvreté et des Inégalités en Cote D'ivoire
Le Barbenchon, Claire (International Development Research Centre (IDRC)):
The Effects of Structural Change on Ethnic Minority Livelihoods: Evidence from Vietnam
DiscussantsDauphin, Anyck (Université du Québec en Outaouais); Makdissi, Paul (University of Ottawa); McCaig, Brian (Wilfrid Laurier University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Institutions and Firms' Behaviour / Le comportement des institutions et des entreprises
ChairAmirapu, Amrit (University of Kent)
PapersAmirapu, Amrit (University of Kent):
Judicial Institutions, Relationship-Specificity and Growth: Evidence from India
Mukherjee, Anirban (University of Calcutta):
Formal Contract Enforcement and Entrepreneurial Success of the Marginalized
Kouamé, Wilfried Anicet (Université de Sherbrooke):
Social Infrastructures, Tax Evasion and Productivity
DiscussantsMukherjee, Anirban (University of Calcutta); Kouamé, Wilfried Anicet (Université de Sherbrooke); Amirapu, Amrit (University of Kent)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Banking Sector / Économie financière : Le secteur bancaire
ChairCoen, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersEhrmann, Michael (Bank of Canada):
Financial Inclusion-What's it Worth?
Coen, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Real Estate as a Common Risk Factor in Bank Stocks: New Insights

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Economics of Food Security, Diet and Agricultural Production / L'économie de la sécurité alimentaire, du régime alimentaire et de la production agricole
ChairIqbal, Md Zabid (Iowa State University)
PapersCharlot, Sylvie (Inra):
Spatial Management of Pesticide Resistance
Iqbal, Md Zabid (Iowa State University):
Estimating Short- and Long-run Aggregate Acreage Elasticity of the U.S. Agricultural Crops from Dynamic Heterogeneous Panels
DiscussantsIqbal, Md Zabid (Iowa State University); Charlot, Sylvie (Inra)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade Theory / La théorie du commerce
ChairRohany-Tabatabai, Sara (Ryerson University)
PapersMacKenzie, William Gaelan (University of Toronto):
Intellectual Property Rights, Asymmetric Information, and the Make-or-Buy Decision
Imura, Yuko (Bank of Canada):
The Extensive Margin of Trade and Monetary Policy
Rohany-Tabatabai, Sara (Ryerson University):
Trade Agreements and the Endogenous Structure of Multinational Firms
DiscussantsImura, Yuko (Bank of Canada); Rohany-Tabatabai, Sara (Ryerson University); MacKenzie, William Gaelan (University of Toronto)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade Policy II / Les politiques commerciales II
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersTito, Maria D. (Federal Reserve):
Input Variety, Continuous Relationship, and the Performance of Canadian Manufacturers
Fung, Loretta (National Tsing Hua University):
Multinational R&D, Employment and Imported Inputs
Ciuriak, Dan (Ciuriak Consulting Inc.):
The Effect of Binding Commitments on Services Trade
Kempa Nangue, Carolle E (Université Laval):
Patterns in the European Union Anti-dumping Injury Investigations

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Post Secondary Education Attainment / Niveau de scolarité et études postsecondaires
ChairMorin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa)
PapersCi, Wen (Statistics Canada):
Do Layoffs Increase Transitions into Post-secondary Education among Adults?
Cornelson, Kirsten (University of Toronto):
Media Role Models and Black Educational Attainment: Evidence from The Cosby Show
Zhou, Jin (University of Western Ontario):
Quantifying Credit Constraints, Preferences and Uncertainty in a Lifecycle Model of Schooling Choice
DiscussantsVoia, Marcel-Cristian (Carleton University); Morin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa); Brochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Markets - Issues in Canadian Labour Markets I / Marchés du travail - Les marchés de l'emploi au Canada I
ChairCharron, Martin (Employment and Social Development Canada)
PapersHasan, Sazid (Simon Fraser University):
Climbing the Income Ladder: Returns to Education in Canada Measured in Earnings Percentiles, 1980-2010
Peyrow, Kamin (Queen's University):
Obesity and the Canadian labour force
Charron, Martin (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Changes in the Age Composition of Labour Force Participation and Employment in Canada
DiscussantsMiyairi, Masashi (University of Ottawa - EPRI); Watson, Barry (University of New Brunswick); Schirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Education - Secondary Outcomes / Éducation - La réussite scolaire : études secondaires
ChairSmith, Justin (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersGao, Jing (Capital University of Economics and Business):
Does Early Teen Drinking Onset Affect High School Dropout Rate? Evidence from NLSY97
Quis, Johanna Sophie (University of Bamberg):
Does the transition into daylight saving time affect students' performance?
Xie, Xiaodi (Government of Canada):
Education Premium: Evidence from the 2006 Census and the 2011 National Household Survey
DiscussantsJavdani Haji, Mohsen (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus); Gao, Hang (University of Waterloo); Chen, Kelly (Boise State University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Firms, Entrepreneurs and Economic Policy / GCEM : Entreprises, entrepreneurs et politiques économiques
ChairWang, Wenya (University of Western Ontario)
PapersCastro, Rui (University of Western Ontario):
Stimulative Effects of Temporary Corporate Tax Cuts
Delacroix, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The Cyclical Dynamics of Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment
Kambourov, Gueorgui (University of Toronto):
Firm Entry and Regional Growth Disparities: the Effect of SOEs in China
Wang, Wenya (University of Western Ontario):
Ceiling Interest Rate and Low Allocation Efficiency in China

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Trade & GHGs / Commerce et gaz à effet de serre
ChairMunzur, Alaz Safak (University of Calgary)
PapersEbrahimi, Pouya (HEC Montreal):
Environmental Regulation and Global Value Chains - The Role of Transfer Prices
Kakeu, Johnson (Morehouse College):
Global Inequality and Transboundary Pollution
Munzur, Alaz Safak (University of Calgary):
Intra-Industry Trade and Pollution

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Carbon Taxes & Demand for Transportation / Taxes sur le carbone et demande en matière de transport
ChairSchaufele, Brandon N. (University of Western Ontario)
PapersAzarafshar, Roshanak (University of Ottawa):
The Effect of Carbon Taxes on New Vehicle Purchase Decisions
Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia):
Greener Cars or Greener Drivers? How carbon and fuel taxes influence the choice and use of cars
Schaufele, Brandon N. (University of Western Ontario):
Public Transit and Air Pollution
DiscussantsMann, Janelle (University of Manitoba); Andersen, Dana C. (University of Alberta); Rivers, Nicholas (University of Ottawa)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Business Cycles III / Cycles économiques III
ChairZhou, Chenggang (University of Waterloo)
PapersEmenogu, Ugochi (Ryerson University):
Agency Costs in New Keynesian Model with Credit Friction and Durable Consumption
Willox, K. Michael (Statistics Canada):
Household Taxable Income
Zhou, Chenggang (University of Waterloo):
Population Structure and Asset Values

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Government Spending and Investment / Les dépenses publiques et l'investissement
ChairYou, Hye Mi (University at Buffalo / SUNY)
PapersKuenzel, David (Wesleyan University):
Constitutional Rules as Determinants of Social Infrastructure
Smetanin, Paul (Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis):
An Agent-based Approach to Measuring Systemic Impacts of Public Infrastructure Investment
You, Hye Mi (University at Buffalo / SUNY):
Explaining Rising School Spending in the U.S.

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
SRDC-FCAC: The Role of Confidence and Competency in Financial Decision-Making of Canadians / SRCA-ACFC : Le rôle de la confiance et des compétences dans la prise de décisions des Canadiens en matière de finances
OrganizerVoyer, Jean-Pierre (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)
ChairVoyer, Jean-Pierre (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)
PapersNguyen, Cam (Carleton University):
The role of confidence and financial literacy in the retirement preparedness of Canadian seniors and older adults
Simhon, Yoni (Government of Canada):
The Relationship between Financial Literacy and Retirement in Canada: An Analysis of the 2014 Canadian Financial Capability Survey
Gyarmati, David (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC)):
The link between self-confidence and financial outcomes among working-aged Canadians with different levels of financial knowledge

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Teaching Economics at Undergraduate Level / L'enseignement de l'économique au premier cycle
ChairAlam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University)
PapersLeung, Ambrose (Mount Royal University):
Students' Perceptions of a Multi-scheme Assessment Method
Wong, Andrew (University of Alberta):
Incorporating blended learning to raise students' motivation in introductory macroeconomics modules
Sabiston, David (Mount Royal University):
gender, learning styles, and performance in principles of economics: does the gender gap exist?
DiscussantsWong, Andrew (University of Alberta); Leung, Ambrose (Mount Royal University); Alam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada (Graduate Student Paper Award): International Economic Studies / Banque du Canada (Prix du travail de recherche étudiant) : Études économiques internationales
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersLi, Bingjing (University of British Columbia):
Export Expansion, Skill Acquisition and Industry Specialization: Evidence from China
MacDonald, Margaux (Queen's University):
Unconventional monetary policy spillovers in a small open economy
Zhu, Wenbo (Queen's University):
Innovations, labour demand, and skill premium: Empirical evidence from European countries
Becerra, Oscar (University of British Columbia):
Pension Incentives and Formal-Sector Labor Supply: Evidence from Colombia

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Session I: Challenges in Climate Projection and Climate Policy Modeling / Séance d'Environnement et Changement climatique Canada I : Projections climatiques et modélisation des politiques climatiques - Des défis
ChairGoodlet, Warren (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PapersMcKitrick, Ross (University of Guelph):
Empirically-Constrained Climate Parameters and the Social Cost of Carbon
Zhu, Yunfa (Environment and Climate Change Canada):
Regional emissions pathways for global climate constraints of 2 and 1.5 degree Celsius with different burden sharing rules: An Exploration using EC-MSMR and EC-IAM
Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada):
Marginal abatement cost of GHG emissions from different Models: Why they differ across models?
DiscussantsShiell, Leslie (University of Ottawa); Lemelin, André (Université du Québec); Schmiedel, Noémie (Department of Finance Canada)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Good Behaviour and Bad Habits / Bon comportement et mauvaises habitudes
ChairFreeman, David (Simon Fraser University)
PapersBoly, Amadou (African Development Bank):
Corruption, Monitoring and Legitimacy: An Experimental Analysis
Ruffle, Bradley (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Clever enough to tell the truth
Freeman, David (Simon Fraser University):
Revealing sophistication and naïveté from procrastination

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Time Series / Les séries chronologiques
ChairRodriguez, Gabriel (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú)
PapersRodriguez, Gabriel (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú):
Asymptotic and Finite Sample Behavior of ECR Tests for Cointegration using GLS Detrended Data
Jian, Bixi (McGill University):
High Dimensional Market Network Connectedness Measures: Multiple Horizons Granger Causality Structures
Dalkir, Mehmet (University of New Brunswick):
Causality Tests with Fractionally Integrated Data

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Empirical Pricing II / OI : L'établissement de prix d'un point de vue empirique II
ChairArmstrong, Alex (Finance Canada)
PapersBoskovic, Branko (University of Alberta):
The Cyclicality of Add-on Pricing
Lasio, Laura (McGill University):
Delisting of pharmaceuticals from insurance coverage: effects on consumption, pricing and expenditures in France
Armstrong, Alex (Finance Canada):
Competition Intensity in the Canadian Business Sector 1999 - 2012

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Ph.D. Student Presentations - Industrial Organization II / OI : Présentations de doctorants - Organisation industrielle II
ChairSaberianranjbar, Fatemeh (University of Ottawa)
PapersMarcoux, Mathieu (University of Toronto):
Games with ordered actions, unobservable heterogeneity and multiple equilibria: an application to mobile telecommunications
Nguyen, Bao Anh (University of Ottawa):
Base Metal Industry in the Capital Markets
Saberianranjbar, Fatemeh (University of Ottawa):
The Effect of Campaign Contributions on Competition in the U.S. Banking Sector

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Public Debt / La dette publique
ChairDavies, James B. (University of Western Ontario)
PapersShiamptanis, Christos (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Predicting Sovereign Fiscal Crises: High-Debt Developed Countries
Ferris, J. Stephen (Carleton University):
Is the aggregate size of government too large in Canada?
AmirKhalkhali, Saleh (Saint Mary's University):
On the Impact of Public Debt on Capital Mobility: A Time Series Cross-Country Study

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Some Issues in the Post-Keynesian Theory of Money / FEP : La théorie monétaire post-keynésienne - Quelques questions
OrganizersSeccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa)
Rochon, Louis-Philippe (Laurentian University)
PanelistsPonsot, Jean Francois (Université Grenoble-Alpes)
Monvoisin, Virginie (Laurentian University)
Vallet, Guillaume (Université Grenoble-Alpes)
Faudot, Adrien (Université Grenoble-Alpes)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Children's and Maternal Health / GECES : La santé des enfants et des mères
ChairMcIntosh, James (Concordia University)
PapersMalak, Natalie (McMaster University):
Rethinking Torts: The Effect of Medical Malpractice Reform on Maternal & Infant Health
Grootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto):
Does The Children's Fitness Tax Credit Make Children More Fit?

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Trade and Development / RCHE : Commerce et développement
ChairLewis, Frank D. (Queen's University)
PapersGeloso, Vincent (HEC Montréal):
Monopsony and Industrial Development in 19th Century Quebec: The Impact of Seigneurial Tenure
Keay, Ian (Queen's University):
The Causes and Consequences of Trade Protection in Canada, 1870-1913
Sugden, Roger (University of British Columbia):
Economic Development of the BC Interior: A Case Study of Occupations in the Okanagan, Late 19th to Early 20th Century
DiscussantsSugden, Roger (University of British Columbia); Geloso, Vincent (HEC Montréal); Keay, Ian (Queen's University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Information Economics / Économie de l'information
ChairLu, Shih En (Simon Fraser University)
PapersMcLeod, Alexander (Queen's University):
Confidence Signaling Games
Foltin, Peter (University of Western Ontario):
Indicative Bidding in Contests
Lu, Shih En (Simon Fraser University):
Monotonic Cheap Talk
DiscussantsLu, Shih En (Simon Fraser University); McLeod, Alexander (Queen's University); Foltin, Peter (University of Western Ontario)

15:30-16:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Aid / L'aide internationale
ChairAnnen, Kurt (University of Guelph)
PapersFerry, Marin (Université Paris Dauphine):
Low Income Countries and External Financing: Does Debt Relief Change Anything?
Barkat, Karim (Qatar University):
A dynamic Panel Data Analysis of the Fungibility of Foreign Aid in the health sector: the case of Sub-Saharan countries
Venet, Baptiste (Université Paris Dauphine):
Micro Finance Institutions and International Donors
Annen, Kurt (University of Guelph):
Global Samaritans? Donor Election Cycles and the Allocation of Humanitarian Aid
DiscussantsSummerfield, Fraser (University of Aberdeen); Okoye, Chidozie (Dalhousie University); Annen, Kurt (University of Guelph); Compton, Ryan (University of Manitoba)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CABE-CSLS-PEF Session: Full Employment in the 21st Century: Relevant Policy? Attainable Goal? A Mike McCracken Memorial Panel / / Le plein emploi au 21e siècle : des politiques pertinentes ? un objectif accessible ? Une table ronde en mémoire de Mike McCracken
OrganizerYalnizyan, Armine (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
ChairYalnizyan, Armine (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
PanelistsDrummond, Don (Queen's University)
Seccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa)
Hodgson, Glen (Conference Board of Canada)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IRPP: Redesigning Canadian Trade Policy for New Global Realities / IRPP : Réaménager les politiques commerciales canadiennes pour les adapter aux nouvelles réalités mondiales
OrganizerTapp, Stephen (Institute for Research on Public Policy)
ChairTapp, Stephen (Institute for Research on Public Policy)
PanelistsTapp, Stephen (Institute for Research on Public Policy)
van Assche, Ari (HEC Montréal)
Yan, Beiling (Statistics Canada)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / conférence État des connaissances
ChairDuclos, Jean-Yves (Government of Canada)
SpeakerOreopoulos, Philip (University of Toronto)
TopicApplying Behavioural Economics to Public Policy

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Labour / Le travail
ChairYamada, Gustavo (Universidad del Pacifico)
PapersMontenegro, Maria (University of Alberta):
Land Rights and Women's Empowerment in Rural Peru: Insights from Structural Equation Modeling
Wong, Sara (Polytechnic University (ESPOL)):
Labor Market Effects of Social Security Enrollment for Maids in Ecuador
Yamada, Gustavo (Universidad del Pacifico):
Fear of Labor Rigidities: The Role of Expectations on Employment Growth in Peru
DiscussantsYamada, Gustavo (Universidad del Pacifico); Montenegro, Maria (University of Alberta); Wong, Sara (Polytechnic University (ESPOL))

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: International Macro / Macroéconomie internationale
ChairDarku, Alexander Bilson (University of Lethbridge)
PapersSerieux, John (University of Manitoba):
Growth and Employment in Africa: A Firm-Level Analysis
Abdullah, Md (University of Manitoba):
Does Foreign Investment Increase Total Factor Productivity?
Darku, Alexander Bilson (University of Lethbridge):
Economic openness and income growth: A reassessment of the relationship for developing countries
DiscussantsDarku, Alexander Bilson (University of Lethbridge); Serieux, John (University of Manitoba); Abdullah, Md (University of Manitoba)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEA: Law and Economics II / Droit et économique I
ChairCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
PapersMorin, Lealand (Queen's University):
Traffic Court: Where the Fast and Furious become the Slow and Litigious
Ng, Travis Ka Ho (Chinese University of Hong Kong):
Resale Price Maintenance Without Services
Sadanand, Asha (University of Guelph):
Advantages of Value Assurance Programs: A Comparison of Damage Regimes in Contaminated Property Disputes

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Portfolio / Économie financière : Le portefeuille
ChairShen, Sally (University of Toronto)
PapersDavis, Andrew (Acadia University):
Household Portfolio Allocation in the European Union
Raes, Louis (Tilburg University):
Exposure to bankers: networks and stock market participation
Shen, Sally (University of Toronto):
Analyzing the Quality of Financial Advice: Do Conflicted Advisers Tell Half-Truths?
DiscussantsShen, Sally (University of Toronto); Davis, Andrew (Acadia University); Raes, Louis (Tilburg University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Foreign Investment / L'investissement étranger
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersRosborough, Jonathan (Saint Francis Xavier University):
The Effects of Expropriation Risk on Foreign Investment and Exploration in Natural Resources
Rai, Naveen (Bank of Canada):
Does Investing Abroad Lead to Productivity Improvements at Home? Evidence from Canadian Greenfield Investments
Beaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary):
Do Foreign Investment Treaties Affect Greenfield Investment?
DiscussantsRai, Naveen (Bank of Canada); Beaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary); Rosborough, Jonathan (Saint Francis Xavier University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical International Finance / Finance internationale - Aspects empiriques
ChairLee, KangSoek (Novancia Business School)
PapersAziz, Md Nusrate (University of Nottingham (Malaysia Campus)):
Does Immigration Affect the Exchange Rate?
Kemoe, Laurent (Université de Montréal):
Financial Markets Convergence and Determinants of Risk Premium Differentials
Lee, KangSoek (Novancia Business School):
Uncovered equity parity in developed countries: Evidence from dynamic conditional correlations
DiscussantsKemoe, Laurent (Université de Montréal); Lee, KangSoek (Novancia Business School); Aziz, Md Nusrate (University of Nottingham (Malaysia Campus))

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Post Secondary Education and the Labour Market / Études postsecondaires et marché du travail
ChairSu, Xuejuan (University of Alberta)
PapersSim, Seung-Gyu (University of Tokyo):
Degree Inflation and Hierarchical Labor Demand
Agopsowicz, Andrew (Bank of Canada):
Search Frictions and the College Premium
Xu, Ming (University of Minnesota):
Student Loans and Early Employment Outcomes
DiscussantsSu, Xuejuan (University of Alberta); Liu, HuJu (Statistics Canada); Liu, Qian (University of Western Ontario)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Gender Gap / Disparités hommes/femmes
ChairFoley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersAdachi, Takanori (Nagoya University):
Gender Gap in Start-up Activities
Ding, Weili (Queen's University):
Closing the Gender Gap in Science: New Evidence from urban China
Bidner, Chris (Simon Fraser University):
Pay Gaps in Frictional Labour Markets: Theory and Evidence on the Gender Gap from U.S. Cities
DiscussantsRybczynski, Kathleen (University of Waterloo); Connolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal); Foley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Seniors and Pensions / Les aînés et les pensions
ChairLaurin, Alexandre (C.D. Howe Institute)
PapersAmedah, Sid Ali (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Impact of financial and housing wealth on retirement decision
Lu, Chaohui (Carleton University):
Employment and life satisfaction of Canadian young seniors
Nikpoor, Somaieh (University of Ottawa):
Aging Population and Public Pension in UK: Age-specific Discount Rate
DiscussantsLaurin, Alexandre (C.D. Howe Institute); Charron, Martin (Employment and Social Development Canada); Kei, Wendy Wai Yee (University of British Columbia)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Labour Market Dynamics / GCEM : La dynamique du marché du travail
ChairTengelsen, Benjamin (Carnegie Mellon University)
PapersSeok, Byoung Hoon (The Ohio State University):
Migration Restrictions: Implications on Human Capital, Output, and Welfare
Stacey, Derek (Ryerson University):
Posted Prices, Search and Bargaining
Shao, Enchuan (University of Saskatchewan):
Endogenous Dual Labor Markets
Tengelsen, Benjamin (Carnegie Mellon University):
Credit and Labor Market Frictions Over the Business Cycle
DiscussantsDavoodalhosseini, Mohammad (Bank of Canada)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Determinants of Environmental Preferences / Les déterminants des préférences environnementales
ChairHarminder, Guliani (University of Manitoba)
PapersTalukdar, Bidyut Kumar (Saint Mary's University):
Optimal Environmental Policy with Learning-by-doing
Guliani, Harminder (University of Regina):
Household pro-environmental behavior: correlations and determinants

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Global Macroeconomic Issues / Des questions de macroéconomie à l'échelle mondiale
ChairZhang, Ren (Southern Methodist University)
PapersKabaca, Serdar (Bank of Canada):
Asset Purchases in a Small Open Economy: An International Portfolio Balancing Approach
Zhao, Hong (McGill University):
Would Yuan Become an International Currency?
Zhang, Ren (Southern Methodist University):
Measuring the Natural Rate of Interest in Open Economy

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Firm-Level Innovation and Growth / Innovation au niveau des entreprises et croissance
ChairRosell, Carlos (Finance Canada)
PapersAndrew, Kevin (Queen's University):
Innovation and Firm Growth
Mohsin, Mohammed (The University of Tennessee):
Business Fiscal Incentives in a Small Open Economy: A Dynamic Cost-Benefit Analysis
Rosell, Carlos (Finance Canada):
The mix between direct and indirect forms of government innovation support and firm performance

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
SRDC: Making Evidence-Based Policy Work Within the Federal Government / SRCS : Élaborer des politiques efficaces fondées sur des données probantes au gouvernement fédéral
OrganizerVoyer, Jean-Pierre (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)
ChairRobidoux, Benoit (Employment and Social Development Canada)
PanelistsGingras, Yves (Employment and Social Development Canada)
Michaud, Sylvie (Statistics Canada)
Voyer, Jean-Pierre (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)
Yalkin, Tolga (unaffiliated)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada (Graduate Student Paper Award): Applied Microeconomics and Finance / Banque du Canada (Prix du travail de recherche étudiant) : Microéconomique et finance appliquées
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersLavecchia, Adam M. (University of Toronto):
Minimum Wage Policy with Optimal Taxes and Involuntary Unemployment
Yip, Chi Man (University of Calgary):
Search Relativity
Kulkarni, Sheisha (University of California Berkeley):
The Effect of Competition on University Tuition
Pypko, Sergii (University of Western Ontario):
Option Valuation Using Realized Volatility and Mixture of Normal Distributions

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Early Warning and Systemic Risks Monitoring / Banque du Canada : Alertes précoces et surveillance des risques systémiques
OrganizerDuprey, Thibaut (Bank of Canada)
ChairDuprey, Thibaut (Bank of Canada)
PapersAlessi, Lucia (European Commission):
Identifying excessive credit growth and leverage
Vermeulen, Robert (De Nederlandsche Bank):
Leading Indicators of Financial Stress: New Evidence
Duprey, Thibaut (Bank of Canada):
Continuous versus binary models for early warning
DiscussantsMohsni, Sana (Carleton University); Gradojevic, Nikola (University of Guelph); Mamon, Rogemar (University of Western Ontario)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Session II: (Renewable) Energy Policies: Incentives and Outcome / Séance d'Environnement Environnement et Changement climatique Canada II : Les politiques en matière d'énergie (renouvelable) - Incitatifs et résultats
ChairRivers, Nicholas (University of Ottawa)
PapersWigle, Randall (Wilfrid Laurier University):
The Optimal Time Path of Renewable Support
Rivers, Nicholas (University of Ottawa):
Impact of real-time information provision on electricity consumption: Evidence from a large-scale eld trial
Mukhopadhyay, Kakali (McGill University):
Renewable Energy Mission in India: A global CGE model
DiscussantsAntweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia); Eckert, Andrew (University of Alberta); Munzur, Alaz Safak (University of Calgary)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Public Goods and CPRs / Biens publics et ressources communes
ChairSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
PapersStoddard, Brock (University of South Dakota):
Endogenous Team Membership in the Presence of Divided Loyalties
Kingsley, David (University of Massachusetts Lowell):
Normative conflict and the choice between informal and formal institutions
Kröger, Sabine (Université Laval):
Public good production in heterogeneous groups: An experimental analysis on the relation between external return and information
Smith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute):
Experiments on Dynamic Common Pool Resources

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Financial Econometrics / L'économétrie financière
ChairLuger, Richard (Laval University)
PapersLuger, Richard (Laval University):
Small-sample tests for stock return predictability with possibly non-stationary regressors and GARCH-type effects
Djogbenou, Antoine Alex (Université de Montréal):
Model Selection in Factor-Augmented Regressions with estimated factors
Goh, Chuan (The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee):
Quantile-Regression Inference With Adaptive Control of Size

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Universal Service Obligations and the Internet / OI : L'obligation de service universel et l'Internet
ChairBoik, Andre (University of California, Davis)
PapersRoland, Michel (Université Laval):
Equity Justifications for Universal Service Obligations
Goetz, Daniel (Princeton University):
Switching Costs in the Market for Internet Service Provision
Boik, Andre (University of California, Davis):
The Economics of Universal Service: an Analysis of Entry Subsidies for Rural Broadband
DiscussantsGoetz, Daniel (Princeton University); Ershov, Daniel (University of Toronto); Roland, Michel (Université Laval)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Industrial Organization Theory II / OI : Théorie de l'organisation industrielle II
ChairKelly, Brian (Seattle University)
PapersWait, Andrew (University of Sydney):
Watercooler chat, organizational structure and corporate culture
Rahimi, Armaghan (University of Ottawa):
R&D Cooperation and Public R&D in the Presence of Environmental Damage and Emissions Taxation
Martin, Steve (University of Ottawa):
Corporate social responsibility and moral management in competitive markets
Kelly, Brian (Seattle University):
When Fixed Costs Matter: Investment Subsidies, Market Structure, and Pass-Through

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Income Inequality / Les inégalités de revenu
ChairWen, Jean-François (University of Calgary)
PapersGninanfon, Medesse Armande (University of Ottawa):
Income inequality by gender: Evidence from Canada
Gordon, Stephen (Université Laval):
The Canadian One Per Cent and the American Dream
Davies, James B. (University of Western Ontario):
The Gini Coefficient and Personal Inequality Measurement

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Happiness / Le bonheur
ChairHelliwell, John F. (University of British Columbia)
PapersHodgson, Douglas (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The relationship between artistic movements and the careers of modern artists : Evidence from individual-level hedonic regressions with auction data
Barrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University):
Korea's rapid growth and rapid rise in happiness: are they related?
Helliwell, John F. (University of British Columbia):
Migration as a Test of the Happiness Set Point Hypothesis: Evidence from Immigration to Canada
DiscussantsPennock, Mike (BC Government)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Prescription Drugs / Les médicaments d'ordonnance
ChairGrootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
PapersPapanastasiou, Anastasios (University of Guelph):
Explaining Expenditure on Pharmaceuticals in Canada
Song, Yan (McGill University):
The Power of Not Asking: How Do the Drug Substitution Laws Affect Patient's Demand for Generic Drugs?
Tuncel, Tuba (Toulouse School of Economics):
Off-Label Drug Prescriptions in France
DiscussantsGrootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto); Papanastasiou, Anastasios (University of Guelph); Song, Yan (McGill University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Institutions, Conflict, and Enforcement / RCHE : Institutions, conflits et poursuites
ChairKeay, Ian (Queen's University)
PapersChristian, Cornelius (St. Francis Xavier University):
Elites, Weather Shocks, and Witchcraft Trials in Scotland
Neary, Hugh (University of British Columbia):
Resolution of conflicts over sacred goods
Gillezeau, Robert (University of Victoria):
Labour Law Enforcement During World War II and the Growth of the US Trade Union Movement
DiscussantsGillezeau, Robert (University of Victoria); Christian, Cornelius (St. Francis Xavier University); Neary, Hugh (University of British Columbia)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
AEDSB Session II: Empirical Evidence on Development Interventions and Migration / Séance de l'AEEDB II : Données empiriques sur les activités de développement et les migrations
OrganizersChowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (Algoma University)
Reza, Abeer (Bank of Canada)
ChairSarker, Subrata (Bank of Canada)
PapersShonchoy, Abu (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO):
DVD-based Distance Learning Program for University Entrance Exams: RCT Experiments in Rural Bangladesh
Buckland, Jerry (Menno Simons College):
Managing Mobile Banking to Address the Needs and Protect the Vulnerability of Poor People in Bangladesh
Ahmad, Sazlin (University of Ottawa):
Dual-Citizenship-Driven Remittances and Impact on Social Welfare Indicators: A Study of Developing Countries
DiscussantsLehrer, Kim (Université de Sherbrooke); Shonchoy, Abu (Institute of Developing Economies, IDE-JETRO); Das Gupta, Amlan (University of British Columbia)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Empirical I / Analyses empiriques I
ChairPolisson, Matthew (University of Leicester)
PapersYang, Jie (University of Alberta):
Consumption Commitments and Simultaneous Insuring and Gambling: Evidence from Canada
Allen, Jason (Bank of Canada):
Macroprudential Housing Policies and Borrowing Constraints
Polisson, Matthew (University of Leicester):
A Little Model for Big Data: Brand Choice in Continuous Demand Systems

17:45-19:15Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Innis Lecture / Conférence Innis
ChairDuclos, Jean-Yves (Government of Canada)
SpeakerBehrens, Kristian (Université du Québec à Montréal)
TopicAgglomeration and Clusters: Tools and Insights from Coagglomeration Patterns

19:15-20:45Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Reception / Réception

20:00-21:00Friday, June 3, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Wine and Cheese Social

08:00-08:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Choices / Des questions de choix
ChairRaeburn, Kaywana (McGill University)
PapersDuplantier, Anne (Université de Sherbrooke):
Opportunités et migration interne des jeunes au Ghana
Raeburn, Kaywana (McGill University):
Learning in a Bandit Game and the Technology Choices of Farmers in a Developing Country
Zhou, Shiqu (Simon Fraser University):
An Occupational Choice Model with Unknown Entrepreneurial Ability
DiscussantsMonteiro, Stein (York University); Zhou, Shiqu (Simon Fraser University); Ma, Jie (Maggie) (McGill University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CABE: Stranded Assets: Institutional Investor Approaches to Climate and Other Risks / Actifs inexploitables - Des approches d'investisseurs institutionnels aux changements climatiques et à d'autres risques
OrganizerLawless, Chris (British Columbia Investment Management Corp)
ChairLawless, Chris (British Columbia Investment Management Corp)
PanelistsSchmitt, Nicolas (Simon Fraser University)
Miazga, Barbara (University of Ottawa)
Payne, Gregory (Greenchip Financial)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Statistics Canada and ISED: Multinationals and Global Value Chains / Statistique Canada et ISDE : Multinationales et chaînes de valeur mondiales
OrganizersTang, Jianmin (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada)
Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada)
ChairShute, Larry (Industry Canada)
PapersHejazi, Walid (University of Toronto):
Outward FDI, Exports, and Firm Performance: Evidence from Canadian Manufacturing
Li, Jiang (University of Victoria):
Productivity Growth in the Canadian Manufacturing Sector in 2000-2010: The Role of Reallocation and Multinationals
van Assche, Ari (HEC Montréal):
Functional Upgrading in China's Export Processing Sector
DiscussantsRao, Someshwar (S RAO Consulting INC.); Wang, Yanling (Carleton University); Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-PHELPS-RIIB: Competition Policy I / Politique de la concurrence I
ChairClark, Robert (HEC Montréal)
PapersWinter, Ralph (University of British Columbia):
Vertical Restraints in Two-sided Markets: Credit Card Merchant Rules
Atallah, Gamal (University of Ottawa):
Subsidizing Innovation and Production
Samano, Mario (HEC Montréal):
Mergers and Cost Efficiency in the Electricity Distribution Industry
DiscussantsHollander, Abraham (Université de Montréal); Ware, Roger (Queen's University); Eckert, Andrew (University of Alberta)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Political Economy / Économie politique
ChairZhang, Yongjing (University of Ottawa)
PapersRoy Chaudhuri, Arka (Indian Statistical Institute):
Mandated Political Representation and Development Outcomes: Evidence from India
Flueckiger, Matthias (University of Basel):
Malaria Suitability, Territorial Political Control and Urban Development in South China: Evidence over more than 2000 Years
Dickens, Andrew (York University):
Ethnolinguistic Favouritism in African Politics
Zhang, Yongjing (University of Ottawa):
Successor's Dilemma: When Does Autocratic Succession Work?
DiscussantsZhang, Yongjing (University of Ottawa); vom Berge, Philipp (Institute for Employment Research); Caballero O., Gustavo A. (University of Calgary); Tondji, Jean-Baptiste (University of Ottawa)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Transfers / Des questions de transferts
ChairDas Gupta, Amlan (University of British Columbia)
PapersMeilman Lomaz Cohn, Ricardo (Simon Fraser University):
The Medium Term Impacts of Food and Cash Transfers on Education
Deschamps-Laporte, Jean-Philippe (Örebro University):
Make it Rain: Labeled Cash Transfers in Agriculture
Das Gupta, Amlan (University of British Columbia):
Cash vs In-kind Transfers: Evidence from the Public Distribution of Food in India.
DiscussantsDas Gupta, Amlan (University of British Columbia); Meilman Lomaz Cohn, Ricardo (Simon Fraser University); Deschamps-Laporte, Jean-Philippe (Örebro University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Banking Activity and Monetary Policy / Économie financière : Activité bancaire et politique monétaire
ChairChateau, John Peter (University of Macau)
PapersGuérin, Pierre (Bank of Canada):
The Effects of Monetary Policy on Industry-level Stock Returns in a Changing World
Hessou, Hélyoth Théodore Sedekon (Université Laval):
Risk-based capital and leverage ratios adjustments by banks: Lessons learned from the Canadian experience
Chateau, John Peter (University of Macau):
Pricing the credit-risk put embedded in borrowers' extendible credit commitment, with its application to Basel-3 micro-prudential regulation

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Crises and Cycles / Économie financière : Crises et cycles
Chairvan Oordt, Maarten R.C. (Bank of Canada)
Papersvan Oordt, Maarten R.C. (Bank of Canada):
Timing of banks' loan loss provisioning during the crisis
Liu, Jinjing (McGill University):
A New Tail-based Correlation
Discussantsvan Oordt, Maarten R.C. (Bank of Canada); Liu, Jinjing (McGill University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Transmission of Monetary Policy / La transmission de la politique monétaire
ChairLombardi, Marco (Bank for International Settlements)
PapersBanerjee, Anindya (University of Birmingham):
A Dynamic Factor Model of Interest Rate Pass Through for Four Large Euro Area Countries
Fofana, Mory Fode (Université du Québec-ENAP):
The issues of economic policies and macroeconomic asymmetries in the Eurozone in light of the Greece case.
Lombardi, Marco (Bank for International Settlements):
Why Did Bank Lending Rates Diverge from Policy Rates After the Financial Crisis?

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Markets - Wages / Marchés du travail - Les salaires
ChairBrochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa)
PapersCompton, Janice (University of Manitoba):
The Tipped Minimum Wage and Employee Characteristics
Boucher, Vincent (Université Laval):
Wage Dynamics and Peer Referrals
Kalhor, Sadjad (University of Manitoba):
Decomposition of Wage Inequality across Canadian Metropolitan Areas (CMAs)
DiscussantsBrochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa); Gninanfon, Medesse Armande (University of Ottawa); Morin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Markets - Issues in Canadian Labour Markets II / Marchés du travail - Les marchés de l'emploi au Canada II
ChairFeir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria)
PapersKessler, Anke (Simon Fraser University):
Acculturation, Education, and Gender Roles: Evidence from Canada
Arcila-Vasquez, Andres Mauricio (University of Waterloo):
Construction and Childcare: Revisiting the Gender Wage Gap in the Context of Occupational Segregation
Gray, David M. (University of Ottawa):
An analysis of a foundational learning program in British Columbia
DiscussantsDing, Weili (Queen's University); Javdani Haji, Mohsen (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus); Roberge, Stéphanie (Employment and Social Development Canada)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Immigration - Skills / Immigration - Les compétences
ChairFang, Tony (Memorial University)
PapersZhang, Jue (University of Waterloo):
The influence of industry skill transferability on the effect of entry conditions on immigrant labour market integration
Aydede, Yigit (Saint Mary's University):
The cost of immigrants' occupational mismatch in Canada
Orlov, George (University of Western Ontario):
Returns to pre-immigration skills and skill transferability of immigrants in Canada

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Understanding Systemic Risks / Les risques systémiques
ChairRamsay, Bruce A. (RiskLab (Finland))
PapersIntungane, Doriane (Ryerson University):
Heterogeneous Financial Regulation Tools: An Analysis of their Interactions and Effectiveness on Financial Vulnerability
Ramsay, Bruce A. (RiskLab (Finland)):
Ending over-lending: assessing systemic risk with debt to cash flow
DiscussantsZhang, Yahong (University of Windsor); Shiamptanis, Christos (Wilfrid Laurier University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Energy Prices: Time Series Empirics / Les prix de l'énergie - Analyse empirique de séries temporelles
ChairMoshiri, Saeed (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersCollins, Ayoo (Carleton University):
Cointegration analysis of gasoline demand in Canada
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba):
Relationships and Dynamics between Ethanol and Gasoline Prices in Brazil
Moshiri, Saeed (University of Saskatchewan):
Heterogeneous Effects of Oil Price Shocks in Canadian Provinces
DiscussantsAliakbari, Elmira (University of Guelph); Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia); Vermeulen, Wessel Nicolaas (University of Oxford)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Short Session I - Environmental Topics / Séance courte I - L'environnement
ChairKollenbach, Gilbert (University of Hagen (& University of Siegen))
PapersAhmadi, Younes (University of Calgary):
Trade Wars and Carbon Border Taxes
Bell, Mbea (Université Laval):
Between Storage Capacity for Renewable Energy and Carbon Sequestration: What Represents an Efficient Decarbonization Path?
Dolter, Brett (York University):
Greening the Saskatchewan Grid
Jiang, Feng (Concordia University):
Trade and Environmental Policy with Transboundary Pollution
Kollenbach, Gilbert (University of Hagen (& University of Siegen)):
On the optimal accumulation of renewable energy generating capacity

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Unconventional Monetary Policies / GCEM : Les politiques monétaires non conventionnelles
ChairTillmann, Peter (Justus Liebig University Giessen)
PapersRumler, Fabio (Austrian Central Bank (OeNB)):
The Effectiveness of Unconventional Monetary Policy in the Euro Zone
St Amand, Samantha (Centre for International Governance Innovation):
Monetary Policy, Medium and Long-Term Yields at the Zero Lower Bound: International Evidence
Tillmann, Peter (Justus Liebig University Giessen):
Quantitative Easing and Tapering Uncertainty: Evidence from Twitter
DiscussantsTillmann, Peter (Justus Liebig University Giessen); Rumler, Fabio (Austrian Central Bank (OeNB)); St Amand, Samantha (Centre for International Governance Innovation)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
News and its Effects on the Macroeconomy / L'information et ses effets au niveau macroéconomique
ChairXu, Libo (University of Calgary)
PapersClaus, Edda (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Selective pessimism
Obaid, Sabreena (McMaster University):
Canadian VS U.S. Interest Rate News: What Matters More for Canadian Business Cycles?
Xu, Libo (University of Calgary):
Communication Frictions, Sentiments, and Nonlinear Business Cycles

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Open-Economy Macro / Macroéconomie de l'économie ouverte
ChairRahman, Md Mahbubur (McMaster University)
PapersCette, Gilbert (Banque de France):
Margin rate and the cycle: the role of trade openness
Olani, Adugna (Queen's University):
The role of frictions capital flows to emerging markets
Yepez, Carlos (University of Manitoba):
Informality and International Business Cycles
Rahman, Md Mahbubur (McMaster University):
Unleashing Growth: Quantifying the Impact of Economic Reforms in India

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHWEN/CWEN: Labour Markets in Asia / RFÉ : Les marchés du travail en Asie
ChairUral-Marchand, Beyza (University of Alberta)
PapersSong, Yueping (Renmin University of China):
The Impact of Child care Cost on Labor Supply of Migrant Mothers: Evidence from China
Essaji, Azim (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Export Opportunities and the Male-Female Wage Gap
Ural-Marchand, Beyza (University of Alberta):
Employment Adjustments to Increased Imports: Evidence from a Developing Country

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Labour Market Dynamics and the Macroeconomy / Banque du Canada : Dynamique du marché du travail et macroéconomie
OrganizerLandry, Anthony (Bank of Canada)
ChairLandry, Anthony (Bank of Canada)
PapersCociuba, Simona (University of Western Ontario):
Structural Change, Demographics and the Labor Market
Taschereau-Dumouchel, Mathieu (The Wharton School):
Coordination and the Dynamics of Unemployment
Kyui, Natalia (Bank of Canada):
Youth Professional Preferences and Career Outcomes: the Role of Parental Involvement and Labour Market Tightness within Professional Categories

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Markets / Les marchés
ChairSpraggon, John (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
PapersThomas, Stephanie (McMaster University):
Cap versus Credit Emissions Trading with Stochastic Demand
Jiang, Janet Hua (Bank of Canada):
Experimental Asset Markets with an Indefinite Horizon
Normann, Hans-Theo (Heinrich-Heine University):
Communication in Vertical Markets: Experimental Evidence
Spraggon, John (University of Massachusetts Amherst):
The applicability of micro-finance to higher risk business ventures: An experimental study.

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Instruments / Les variables instrumentales
ChairKédagni, Désiré (The Pennsylvania State University)
PapersKédagni, Désiré (The Pennsylvania State University):
Sharp Instrumental Inequalities: Testing IV Independence Assumption
Ozabaci, Deniz (University of New Hampshire):
Additive Nonparametric Sample Selection Models with Endogeneity
Tchuente Nguembu, Guy (Université de Montréal):
Regularization Based Anderson Rubin Tests for Many Instruments

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Innovation I / OI : Innovation I
ChairLanginier, Corinne (University of Alberta)
PapersShankar, Kameshwari (City College of New York):
Open Source Licensing and Software Competition
Smrkolj, Grega (Newcastle University):
R&D Cooperatives and Market Collusion: A Global Dynamic Approach
Langinier, Corinne (University of Alberta):
Green Technology and Patents
DiscussantsSmrkolj, Grega (Newcastle University); Langinier, Corinne (University of Alberta); Shankar, Kameshwari (City College of New York)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Optimal Taxation / La fiscalité optimale
ChairSteele, Marion (University of Guelph)
PapersDessy, Sylvain (Université Laval):
Optimal Fiscal and Education Policies when Children's Abilities Are Endogenous
Wen, Jean-François (University of Calgary):
Tax Penalties on Fluctuating Incomes: Estimates from Longitudinal Data
Cuff, Katherine L (McMaster University):
Optimal Unemployment Insurance and Redistribution
DiscussantsMessacar, Derek (Statistics Canada); Burbidge, John (University of Waterloo); Veall, Michael (McMaster University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Econometrics / Économétrie
ChairAnderson, Gordon (University of Toronto)
PapersDesjardins, Denise (HEC Montréal):
Modelling and Estimating Individual and Firm Effects with Count Panel Data
Charles Olivier, Mao Takongmo (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium, Detrending, and Generalized Method of Moments
Anderson, Gordon (University of Toronto):
Polarization and Convergence Measurement in the Absence of Cardinality

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: GP Behaviour / GECES : Le comportement des médecins généralistes
ChairWatson, Barry (University of New Brunswick)
PapersAmmi, Mehdi (Carleton University):
Should I stay or should I go? Explaining general practitioners' decision to quit new primary care team in Canada
Boichev, Georgi (University of Regina):
Lump-Sum Financial Incentives Work in Attracting Primary Care Physicians to Rural Areas
Chami, Nadine (McMaster University):
Primary care physicians' specialist referral rates in Ontario: blended capitation versus enhanced fee-for-service
DiscussantsMilicic, Sandra (McMaster University); Clair, Luc (McMaster University); Gibson, Grant (McMaster University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: History of Economic Thought / RCHE : Histoire de la pensée économique
ChairCulpeper, Roy (Carleton University)
PapersCarrera, Andrea (Università della Svizzera italiana):
Keynes on windfalls: old matters, new policy
Carvajalino, Juan (Université du Québec à Montréal):
E. B. Wilson, more than a catalytic influence for Paul Samuelson's Foundations of Economic Analysis
Culpeper, Roy (Carleton University):
Economics, Development and Ideology in Historical Perspective
DiscussantsCarvajalino, Juan (Université du Québec à Montréal); Culpeper, Roy (Carleton University); Carrera, Andrea (Università della Svizzera italiana)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Algoma University/NOEA: Applied Econometric Analysis / Analyse économétrique appliquée
ChairKadiyala, Krishna (Algoma University)
PapersAmiraslany, Afshin (Algoma University):
Structural Break, Biased Estimation and Forecast Error: A Case Study of US GDP
Luitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University):
Is Unemployment Rate Stationary? Evidence from State Level Unemployment Rate Data
Mahar, Gerry (Algoma University):
Testing for Unit Roots in Autoregressive-Moving Average of Unknown Order: Critical Comments
Mackinnon, Brandon (Algoma University):
Iron Triangle: The Limits of Econometrics Analysis
DiscussantsKadiyala, Krishna (Algoma University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Empirical II / Analyses empiriques II
ChairMookerjee, Sulagna (Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar)
PapersRhinelander, Jason (Queen's University):
Learning and forgetting in agent-based models: a Bayesian econometric approach
Mookerjee, Sulagna (Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar):
Learning and Voting: Evidence from Indian Elections
Sun, Meiping (Columbia University):
Salience and Surcharge: Why Are Riders Lending the Transit Authority $150 Million More?
DiscussantsMookerjee, Sulagna (Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar); Sun, Meiping (Columbia University); Rhinelander, Jason (Queen's University)

10:00-10:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Policy Panel I: Women's Economic Empowerment and GrOW / Table ronde du CDESG I : L'autonomisation économique des femmes et le programme CEDEF
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PanelistsLaszlo, Sonia (McGill University)
Myamba, Flora (REPOA)
Harper, Sam (McGill University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-PEF Session: Is the Canadian Labour Market Generating High-Quality Jobs? / Séance du CSLS-PEF : Le marché canadien du travail génère-t-il des emplois de haute qualité ?
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
ChairSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
PapersHowell, David (The New School):
What Happened to Shared Growth? A Cross-Country Comparison of Job Quality in the Rich World, 1979-2014
Thomas, Jasmin (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
Trends in Low-Wage Employment in Canada: Incidence, Gap and Intensity, 1997-2014
Tiessen, Kaylie (Unifor):
Labour Market Insecurity in Canada: A Look at Provincial Level Trends
DiscussantsRiddell, W. Craig (University of British Columbia); Betcherman, Gordon (University of Ottawa); Osberg, Lars (Dalhousie University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-PHELPS-RIIB: Competition Policy II / Politique de la concurrence II
ChairHorstmann, Ignatius (University of Toronto)
PapersParra, Alvaro (University of British Columbia):
Mergers in Innovative Industries: The Role of Product Market Competition
Eckert, Andrew (University of Alberta):
Analyzing Electricity Market Structure Changes: The Importance of Forward Commitments
Sen, Anindya (University of Waterloo):
Market Value, Market Share, and Mergers: Evidence from a Panel of U.S. Firms
DiscussantsCorts, Kenneth (University of Toronto); Samano, Mario (HEC Montréal); Jakubowski, Ryan (Canadian Competition Bureau)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairAnderson, Gordon (University of Toronto)
SpeakerFortin, Nicole M. (University of British Columbia)
TopicEarnings Inequality and the Gender Pay Gap

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN Session / Séance du RCCDR
ChairSpencer, Byron Grant (McMaster University)
PapersJamil, Gazi Mohammad (Concordia University):
The Effects of Local Market Conditions on Provincial Labor Mobility in Canada: An Evidence from Survey of Labor and Income Dynamics (SLID)
Javdani Haji, Mohsen (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Job Satisfaction and Coworker Pay in Canadian Firms
DiscussantsLi, Qing (Capital University of Economics and Business); Lluis, Stéphanie (University of Waterloo)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Financial Intermediation / Économie financière : Les intermédiaires financiers
ChairKotidis, Antonios (University of Bonn)
PapersZhang, Keyi (Simon Fraser University):
Economic Links and Return Volatility
Kotidis, Antonios (University of Bonn):
Double Liability in a Branch Banking System: Historical Evidence from Canada

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade, Productivity and Supply Shocks / Commerce, productivité et chocs de l'offre
ChairChen, Xianjuan (Simon Fraser University)
PapersFerguson, Shon Martin (Research Institute of Industrial Economics):
Offshoring, Total Factor Productivity and Skill-Biased Technological Change
Hovhannisyan, Nune (Loyola University Maryland):
Using Panel VAR to Analyze International Knowledge Spillovers
Chen, Xianjuan (Simon Fraser University):
Born Like China, Growing Like China
DiscussantsHovhannisyan, Nune (Loyola University Maryland); Chen, Xianjuan (Simon Fraser University); Ferguson, Shon Martin (Research Institute of Industrial Economics)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Exchange Rates, Monetary Unions and the EU / Taux de change, unions monétaires et Union européenne
ChairColonescu, Constantin (MacEwan University)
PapersChien, Yili (Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis):
Why Are Exchange Rates So Smooth? A Segmented Asset Markets Explanation
Viju, Crina (Carleton University):
Ukraine's difficult economic choice: the EU or Russia?
Colonescu, Constantin (MacEwan University):
Macroeconomic Effects of the European Monetary Union: A Counterfactual Analysis
Kano, Takashi (Hitotsubashi University):
The first arrow hitting the currency target: a long-run risk perspective
DiscussantsViju, Crina (Carleton University); Colonescu, Constantin (MacEwan University); Chien, Yili (Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Markets - Health Effects on Labour Outcomes / Marchés du travail - Santé et situation sur le marché du travail
ChairLeonard, Phil (University of New Brunswick)
PapersSopchokchai, Duangsuda (University of Ottawa):
The Shocking Effect of Health on Income Inequality?
Mori, Hiroaki (University of Western Ontario):
Specificity of Health Capital
Choiniere Crevecoeur, Ismael (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Consumption Patterns and Health Shocks Among the Elderly
DiscussantsLeonard, Phil (University of New Brunswick); Michaud, Pierre-Carl (Université du Québec à Montréal); Mori, Hiroaki (University of Western Ontario)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Poverty and Mobility / Pauvreté et mobilité
ChairBrochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa)
PapersFortin, Myriam (Government of Canada):
Income mobility among working-age Canadians: 1983-2010
Robson, Jennifer (Carleton University):
Microdata on household vulnerability in Canada: 2005 to 2014
Dadson, James Nicholas (Analysis Group):
Earnings and Location Decisions of Immigrants in Canada
DiscussantsBrochu, Pierre (University of Ottawa); Brodeur, Abel (University of Ottawa); Rice, Derek (University of Ottawa)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Immigration - Integration / Immigration - L'intégration
ChairSkuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo)
PapersAkbari, Syed Ather H (Saint Mary's University):
Immigrant communities and economic integration of immigrants in Canada: Some evidence from housing market
Pandey, Manish (University of Winnipeg):
Are Entry Earnings Lower for More Recent Cohorts of Immigrants to Canada? An investigation across admission categories
Djuikom Tamtchouong, Marie Albertine (Université Laval):
Heteregenous Effects of Private Training on Immigrants' Dynamic Labor Market Outcomes: A multiple states and multiple spells approach
DiscussantsWorswick, Christopher (Carleton University); Skuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo); Orlov, George (University of Western Ontario)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Business Cycles / Cycles économiques
ChairOlagunju, Waheed (McMaster University)
PapersJohri, Alok (McMaster University):
Financial Reforms, News, and Sudden Stops: An expectations-driven interpretation of surges and stops in international capital flows
Karnizova, Lilia (University of Ottawa):
An empirical characterization of the comovement between the relative price of investment and the business cycle
Olagunju, Waheed (McMaster University):
Intangible Investment and International Business Cycles: The Rise of the Intangibles

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Inflation / GCEM : L'inflation
ChairMoore, Bartholomew (Fordham University)
PapersKiarsi, Mehrab (University of Montreal):
Frictional Labor Markets and the Optimal Inflation Rate and its Variability
Kryvtsov, Oleksiy (Bank of Canada):
Price Selection, Inflation Dynamics, and Sticky-Price Models
Moore, Bartholomew (Fordham University):
Anticipated Disinflation and Recession in the New Keynesian Model under Learning

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Housing and the Macroeconomy / Logement et macroéconomie
ChairCorrigan, Paul (Bank of Canada)
PapersHo, Anson (Kansas State University):
The Impact of Mortgage Regulations
Corrigan, Paul (Bank of Canada):
Terms of trade and house price fluctuations: a cross-country study

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Monetary Policy Transmission in Canada / La transmission de la politique monétaire au Canada
ChairTorres, Javier (Universidad del Pacifico)
PapersSuchanek, Lena (Bank of Canada):
Monetary Policy Transmission in Canada - Evidence from Canadian firms using the Business Outlook Survey
Torres, Javier (Universidad del Pacifico):
Inflation Expectation Formation of Canadian Private Sector Forecasters
Rondina, Francesca (University of Ottawa):
The adoption of Inflation Targeting in Canada: SVAR identification using changes in policy
DiscussantsTorres, Javier (Universidad del Pacifico); Rondina, Francesca (University of Ottawa); Suchanek, Lena (Bank of Canada)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN: Inequalities in Health and the Family / RFÉ : Les inégalités familiales et de santé
ChairHaeck, Catherine (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersTurner, Laura (University of Toronto):
Household Responses to Individual Shocks: Disability and Labor Supply
Strumpf, Erin (McGill University):
Health Inequalities and Disease Incidence across Educational Levels: Behaviours, Healthcare and Macroeconomic environment
Connolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The Family Gap in Canada: Trends, Geographical Patterns, and the Link with Family-Friendly Policies

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Data Science for Public Policy / Banque du Canada : La science des données en matière de politiques publiques
OrganizerHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersWeese, Eric (Yale University):
Inefficiency and Self-Determination: Simulation-based evidence from Meiji Japan
Dunbar, Geoff (Bank of Canada):
The Social Network of Money
Navarro, Salvador (University of Western Ontario):
Separating State Dependence, Experience, and Heterogeneity in a Model of Youth Crime and Education
DiscussantsSuzuki, Junichi (University of Toronto); Boucher, Vincent (Université Laval); Abbott, Brant (Queen's University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Special Lecture / Conférence spéciale d'Environnement et Changement climatique Canada
ChairHermanutz, Derek (Environment Canada)
SpeakerFischer, Carolyn (Resources for the Future)
TopicOverlapping Policies for Reducing GHGs: How do they interact, when are they useful, and when are they counterproductive?

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Mind and Behaviour / L'esprit et le comportement
ChairLandry, Peter (University of Toronto)
PapersPoon, Wai Ching (Monash University):
Provision Problems in Common-Pool Resources: A Neuroeconomics Perspective
Robalino, Nikolaus (Rochester Institute of Technology):
The Evolution of "Theory of Mind": Theory and Experiments
Landry, Peter (University of Toronto):
A Neuroeconomic Theory of Attention- and Task-Switching with Implications for Autism and ADHD

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Treatment Effects and Panel Data / Effets des traitements et données de panel
ChairMacKinnon, James G (Queen's University)
PapersMacKinnon, James G (Queen's University):
Difference-in-differences inference with few treated clusters
Chu, Ba (Carleton University):
Composite Likelihood Estimation of Dynamic Panels with Group-Specific Heterogeneity and Spatially Dependent Errors
Webb, Matt (Carleton University):
A Simple, Graphical Procedure for Comparing Multiple Treatment Effects

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Public Economics I / Économie publique I
ChairGalindo-Silva, Hector (Barcelona Institute of Political Economy and Governance (IPEG))
PapersFeir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria):
Answering the Call: Economists and Reconciliation
Sevinc, Deniz (York University):
Europe 2020 targets: Redefining European linkages and a modified inequality index
Galindo-Silva, Hector (Barcelona Institute of Political Economy and Governance (IPEG)):
Political representation and armed conflict: evidence from local councils in Colombia
DiscussantsGalindo-Silva, Hector (Barcelona Institute of Political Economy and Governance (IPEG)); Feir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria); Morales, Juan (University of Toronto)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Innovation II / OI : Innovation I
ChairPoghos, Tatevik (University of Ottawa)
PapersTang, Jianmin (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada):
Product Innovation, Cost-Cutting and Firm Economic Performance: Canadian Micro Evidence
Lee, Jonathan (Queen's University):
Patents, Secrets, and Competitive Pressure
Poghos, Tatevik (University of Ottawa):
The Impact of Social Capital on Firm's Innovation: Empirical Evidence from Armenia.

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Commodity Prices / Banque du Canada : Les prix des produits de base
OrganizerBuyuksahin, Bahattin (Bank of Canada)
ChairBuyuksahin, Bahattin (Bank of Canada)
PapersAlquist, Ron Gatheral (Kings Peak Asset Management):
Commodity-Price Comovement and Global Economic Activity
Ellwanger, Reinhard (Bank of Canada):
The relationship between commodity currency trader positions and structural oil price shocks
Robe, Michel (American University):
What Drives Uncertainty and Volatility Expectations in Agricultural Markets?
Manera, Matteo (University of Milano-Bicocca):
Understanding dynamic conditional correlations in commodities futures markets

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Policy Analysis / Analyse de politiques
ChairSlivinski, Alan (University of Western Ontario)
PapersMou, Haizhen (University of Saskatchewan):
Do Balanced Budget Laws Matter in a Recession? Evidence from Canadian Provinces
Rodriguez Llorian, Elisabet (University of Manitoba):
Efficiency and Effectiveness: Analysis of the Public Sector in Cuba
Steele, Marion (University of Guelph):
A Housing Benefit for Ontario Delivered through CRA: its Costs and Differences between Eligibles and Others

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Infant Health and Child Human Capital / GECES : La santé infantile et le capital humain des enfants
ChairCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo)
PapersMilicic, Sandra (McMaster University):
Infant health outcomes and economic fluctuations: evidence from Canada
Karimova, Alfia (University of Toronto):
Bug Bites: Dengue Virus During Pregnancy
Simeu, Natalie (Université de Sherbrooke):
Parental disability, child labour and child human capital in Ethiopia
DiscussantsRybczynski, Kathleen (University of Waterloo); Curtis, Lori (University of Waterloo); Karimova, Alfia (University of Toronto)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Unmet Needs, Wait Times and Socio-Economic Status / GECES : Besoins non-satisfaits, temps d'attente et statut socio-économique
ChairRosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University)
PapersGibson, Grant (McMaster University):
Here Comes the SUN: Self-Reported Unmet Need, Worsening Health Outcomes and Healthcare Inequity
Hajizadeh, Mohammad (Dalhousie University):
Does Socioeconomic Status Affect Lengthy Wait Time In Canada? Evidence Form Canadian Community Health Surveys
Watson, Barry (University of New Brunswick):
Economic Insecurity and the Weight Gain of Canadian Adults: A Natural Experiment Approach
DiscussantsHajizadeh, Mohammad (Dalhousie University); Gibson, Grant (McMaster University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Policy Issues in Global Economics / Les politiques publiques dans une économie mondialisée
OrganizerAkram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial)
ChairSarker, Subrata (Bank of Canada)
PapersAkram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial):
Japan's Liquidity Trap
Fardoust, Shahrokh (College of William and Mary):
The Rise and Fall of the Global Imbalances
Sarker, Subrata (Bank of Canada):
Is Slower Growth the New Normal in Advanced Economies?

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Level Productivity Network: Empirical Analysis of Firms and Entrepreneurs / Réseau sur la productivité des entreprises : Entreprises et entrepreneurs - Analyses empiriques
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairBaldwin, John (unaffiliated)
PapersYan, Beiling (Statistics Canada):
Innovation and export market participation in Canadian manufacturing
Voia, Marcel-Cristian (Carleton University):
Mixed Proportional Hazard Models with Continuous Finite Mixture Unobserved Heterogeneity
Brüggemann, Bettina (Goethe University Frankfurt):
Higher Taxes at the Top: The Role of Entrepreneurs
Kealey, John (McMaster University):
Semiparametric estimation of stochastic production frontier models for panel data
DiscussantsFung, Loretta (National Tsing Hua University); Ozabaci, Deniz (University of New Hampshire); Cociuba, Simona (University of Western Ontario)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Labour Economics / L'économie du travail
ChairHan, Seungjin (McMaster University)
PapersMonteiro, Stein (York University):
Extended Family Migration Decisions: Evidence from Nepal
Davoodalhosseini, Mohammad (Bank of Canada):
Directed Search with Complementarity and Adverse Selection
Melnyk, Matthew (University of Toronto):
Two-Factor Matching and Time Use in Labor and Marriage Markets
Han, Seungjin (McMaster University):
Executive Skill Accumulation and Firm-CEO Matching with Pay Limits

12:00-14:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Purvis Luncheon and Lecture / Conférence Purvis
ChairSmith, Gregor (Queen's University)
SpeakerPoloz, Stephen S. (Bank of Canada)
TopicThe Optimal Policy Mix is Conjunctural, but the Medium-term is Still the Message

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Policy Panel II: Research to Policy In the South / Table ronde du CDESG II : De la recherche aux politiques publiques dans les pays du Sud
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PanelistsBhorat, Haroon (University of Cape Town)
Mmari, Donald (REPOA)
Betcherman, Gordon (University of Ottawa)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS Session: Perspectives on Productivity Issues / Séance du CSLS : Des questions de productivité - Quelques perspectives
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
ChairDrummond, Don (Queen's University)
PapersCette, Gilbert (Banque de France):
The role of production factor quality and technology diffusion in 20th century productivity growth
Uguccioni, James (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
Estimating Total Factor Productivity Growth: Canadian Freight Railways, 1986 to 2009
Capeluck, Evan (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
Further Evidence on the Contribution of Services Outsourcing to the Decline in Manufacturing's Employment Share in Canada
DiscussantsAgopsowicz, Andrew (Bank of Canada); Diewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia); ab Iorwerth, Aled (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada Governor's Award Special Lecture / Conférence de la Banque du Canada / Bourse du gouverneur
ChairSchembri, Lawrence (Bank of Canada)
SpeakerBombardini, Matilde (University of British Columbia)
TopicTrade, Pollution and Mortality in China

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-PHELPS-RIIB: Competition Policy III / Politique de la concurrence III
ChairWinter, Ralph (University of British Columbia)
PapersUlrick, Shawn W (Federal Trade Commission):
How big is big? Inferring Anticompetitive Price Effects from Difference-in-Difference Analysis
Entezarkheir, Mahdiyeh (Huron University College):
Is Innovation a Factor in Merger Decisions? Evidence from a Panel of U.S. Firms
Ziss, Steffen (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Horizontal mergers, delegation and product differentiation
DiscussantsKrause, David (Bell Canada); Gunderson, Alan (competition Bureau); Hughes, Patrick (Competition Bureau/Industry Canada)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / conférence État des connaissances
ChairKröger, Sabine (Université Laval)
SpeakerFehr, Ernst (University of Zurich)
TopicThe Emerging Science of Preference Formation

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Local Labour Markets I / Les marchés du travail locaux I
OrganizersSerafinelli, Michel (University of Toronto)
Marchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
ChairSerafinelli, Michel (University of Toronto)
PapersMarchand, Joseph (University of Alberta):
Routine Tasks are Demanded in an Energy Boom
Warman, Casey (Dalhousie University):
Local Labor Markets in Canada and the United States
Gendron-Carrier, Nicolas (University of Toronto):
The Local Impact of Containerization

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPP Special Lecture / Conférence spéciale d'Analyse de politiques
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairFang, Tony (Memorial University)
SpeakerMorck, Randall K. (University of Alberta)
TopicShareholder Democracy in Canada

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Public Economics II / Économie publique II
ChairGhaziaskar, Mohamad (University of Waterloo)
PapersBennet, Susan (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Income Stability in Employment Insurance Exhaustee Sub-Populations
Travis, Jacob (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Incentive Effects of Earnings and "Best Weeks" Provisions in the Employment Insurance Program
Zaman, Ashraf (St Mary's University):
The Distributional Impacts of the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
Ghaziaskar, Mohamad (University of Waterloo):
Do the Rich Save More? Revisiting an old question with new approaches.

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Risk Management / Économie financière : La gestion du risque
ChairShah, Anand (Tata Consultancy Services)
PapersMnasri, Mohamed (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Dynamic Corporate Risk Management: Motivations and Real Implications
Sachdeva, Kunal (Columbia University):
Market Efficiency and the Limits of Arbitrage: Evidence from the Life Settlement Market
Shah, Anand (Tata Consultancy Services):
Pricing and Risk Mitigation Analysis of a Cyber Liability Insurance using Gaussian, t and Gumbel Copulas - A case for Cyber Risk Index

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
TNCR I: Transnational Corporations and Economic Development: Experience from China and Other Emerging Markets / Les sociétés trans nationales et le développement économique - Le cas de la Chine et d'autres pays émergents
OrganizersWang, Lance (Transnational Corporations Review)
Yuan, Gloria (Transnational Corporations Review)
ChairRao, Someshwar (S RAO Consulting INC.)
PapersRao, Someshwar (S RAO Consulting INC.):
estimating the macro-economic impacts of inward foreign direct investment in canada
Liang, Bibo Jonah (Guangdong University of Finance & Ecomonics):
What Determines the Value-Added Ratio of China's Processing Trade? An Empirical Analysis from Global Value Chain Perspective
Araújo, Eliane (State University of Maringá, Brazil):
BRICS Long-Term Economic Performance: A Comparative Analysis

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Exchange Rates and Pass-through / Taux de change et transmission des variations
ChairAmmar, Nasreddine (Université Laval)
PapersLewis, John (Bank of England):
What can Big Data tell us about the passthrough of big exchange rate changes?
Ran, Jimmy (Lingnan University):
How Tenacious is the Equivalence Result of Optimal Pass-through under Price Adjustment Costs?
Ammar, Nasreddine (Université Laval):
Jointness and the Exchange Rate Pass-Through
DiscussantsRan, Jimmy (Lingnan University); Ammar, Nasreddine (Université Laval); Lewis, John (Bank of England)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical Trade / Commerce - Aspects empiriques
ChairBehzadan, Nazanin (Ryerson University)
PapersWang, Ruoying (University of British Columbia):
Import Exposure and Productivity Gaps: Are Privately Owned Enterprises Pulling Away?
Vezina, Pierre-Louis (Kings College London):
The eternal trade sway of long-gone empires
Behzadan, Nazanin (Ryerson University):
Aid, Remittances, and the Dutch Disease.
DiscussantsVezina, Pierre-Louis (Kings College London); Behzadan, Nazanin (Ryerson University); Wang, Ruoying (University of British Columbia)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Market Policies - Employment / Politiques du marché du travail - L'emploi
ChairCompton, Janice (University of Manitoba)
PapersLluis, Stéphanie (University of Waterloo):
Employment Insurance Changes and Labour Market Transitions: Evidence from the Canadian Labour Force Survey 2000-2010
Roberge, Stéphanie (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Labour Market Impacts from Early Participation in Employment Assistance Services during an EI Claim Period
vom Berge, Philipp (Institute for Employment Research):
Evaluating Active Labor Market Policies using a Spatial Regression Discontinuity Design

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Education - Post Secondary Outcomes / Éducation - La réussite scolaire : études postsecondaires
ChairLange, Fabian (McGill University)
PapersSmith, Justin (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Big Fish, Small Pond? Rank at Entry and Post-Secondary Outcomes
Steffler, Mitchell (Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology):
Which College Students Transfer to University? The role of parental education and income
Thomsen, Stephan (NIW Hannover):
Can We Use Young People's Human Capital More Efficiently? The Effect of a Reduced and Intensified High School Duration on Labor Market Entry
Gao, Hang (University of Waterloo):
The Pay, Promotion and Education in Ontario Public Sector

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Immigration - Impact of Immigration / Immigration - L'impact de l'immigration
ChairWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
PapersMa, Jie (Maggie) (McGill University):
How High Skilled Immigrants Affect Natives' Educational and Occupational Choices
Chen, Zong Jia (University of Waterloo):
The Labour Market Outcomes of Former International Students: Evidence from the National Graduates Survey
DiscussantsWebb, Matt (Carleton University); Aydede, Yigit (Saint Mary's University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
New Directions in Monetary Macroeconomics in Canada / De nouvelles orientations en macroéconomie monétaire au Canada
OrganizerSmithin, John (York University)
ChairSpotton Visano, Brenda (York University)
PapersSmithin, John (York University):
The Long-Run Non-Neutrality of Monetary Policy: A General Statement in a DGE Model
Sran, Garry (York University):
Socio-Political Power of Labour, Distribution of Income, and Economic Growth. Determination of Wage-led or Profit-led growth regimes for Canadian Provinces.
Zhou, Fredrick (York University):
An Empirical Examination of the Alternative Monetary Model: Comparative Analysis between Canada and the United States
Collis, Reed (York University):
A realist approach to currency and exchange rate issues.

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Natural Resources - Water / Les ressources naturelles - L'eau
ChairPelli, Martino (Université de Sherbrooke)
PapersHuang, Yichun (University of Waterloo):
The economics of water conservation regulations in mining: An application to Alberta's Lower Athabasca River Region
Janmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
In or Out? Where to Invest in Water Conservation
Pelli, Martino (Université de Sherbrooke):
Roads and Resources: Groundwater Depletion in the North China Plains

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Macro-History / GCEM : Des questions de macrohistoire
ChairSalisbury, Laura (York University)
PapersMacGee, Jim (University of Western Ontario):
Trade, Relative Prices, and the Canadian Great Depression
Salisbury, Laura (York University):
Bankers' Liability and Risk Taking: Evidence from New England, 1867-1874

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Inequality / Inégalités
ChairElle Lei, Xiaowen (Simon Fraser University)
PapersHabib, Ashique (University of Toronto):
Imperfect information, financial frictions, and differences in cross-country TFP
Hamit-Haggar, Mahamat (Université d'Auvergne):
Productivity Growth, Poverty Reduction and Income Inequality: New Empirical Evidence
Elle Lei, Xiaowen (Simon Fraser University):
Information and Inequality

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Measurement in Macro / Les mesures en macroéconomie
ChairRobitaille, Marie-Noëlle (Bank of Canada)
PapersChang, Andrew (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System):
Measurement Error in Macroeconomic Data and Economics Research: Data Revisions, Gross Domestic Product, and Gross Domestic Income
Dufournaud-Labelle, Maxime (University of Ottawa):
Model Uncertainty and Weighted Policy using GMM
Robitaille, Marie-Noëlle (Bank of Canada):
Assessing the Business Outlook Survey Underlying Indicator Using Real-Time Data
DiscussantsRobitaille, Marie-Noëlle (Bank of Canada); Chang, Andrew (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System); Dufournaud-Labelle, Maxime (University of Ottawa)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN: Kids and Their Parents' Time / RFÉ : Le temps pour les enfants et leurs parents
ChairZhang, Tingting (University of Toronto)
PapersWelling, Linda A. (University of Victoria):
Efficient and fair childcare in a dynamic household bargaining model
Zhang, Tingting (University of Toronto):
Impact of Full-day Kindergarten on Maternal Labour Supply
Neill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Parental employment effects of switching from half day to full day kindergarten: evidence from Ontario's French schools
Molnar, Timea Laura (University of British Columbia):
Work, Play, or Both and Buy? - Parents' Differential Time and Resource Investments in their Children

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Session III: Issues of Natural Resource Rent, Environmental Cooperation and Climate Policies / Séance d'Environnement et Changement climatique Canada III : Rentes d'exploitation des ressources naturelles, coopération en matière d'environnement et politiques climatiques
ChairGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PapersBaksi, Soham (University of Winnipeg):
International Trade and Environmental Cooperation among Heterogeneous Countries
Kazi, Nazrul (Statistics Canada):
Canada's Natural Resource Reserve Index: is natural wealth volatility inherent or induced?
Yamazaki, Akio (University of Calgary):
The Effect of Climate Policy on Performance of Manufacturing Plants in British Columbia
DiscussantsInsley, Margaret (University of Waterloo); Acharya, Ram (Industry Canada); Wigle, Randall (Wilfrid Laurier University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Power and Politics / Pouvoir et politique
ChairTergiman, Chloe (University of British Columbia)
PapersKim, Duk Gyoo (California Institute of Technology):
Legislative Bargaining without Replacement
Matthews, Peter (Middlebury College):
The Elasticity of Ignorance: Expressive Voting and Information Acquisition in the Pivotal Voter Model
Pikulina, Elena (University of British Columbia):
The price of power, control, and autonomy
Tergiman, Chloe (University of British Columbia):
Persistence of Power: Dynamic Multilateral Bargaining

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Quantiles and Nonparametrics / L'utilisation de quantiles et d'estimations non paramétriques
ChairChen, Heng (Bank of Canada)
PapersChen, Heng (Bank of Canada):
Set Identification and Estimation of Dynamic Quantile Models from Repeated Cross-Sections
Ghosh, Pallab (University of Oklahoma):
Box-Cox Unconditional Quantile Regressions
Clair, Luc (McMaster University):
Nonparametric Kernel Regression using Complex Survey Data
Felt, Marie-Hélène (Carleton University):
A look inside the box: Combining aggregate and marginal distributions to identify joint distributions.

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Industrial Organization Theory I / OI : Théorie de l'organisation industrielle I
ChairBrander, James A. (University of British Columbia)
PapersDaGraça, Tarcisio Barroso (Université du Québec en Outaouais):
Confusion about product valuation may benefit consumers
Hili, Amal (ISG Sousse):
Differentiation, labor market and globalization
Brander, James A. (University of British Columbia):
Entry with Endogenous Horizontal Product Differentiation under Bertrand and Cournot Competition

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Empirical IO II / OI : Analyse empirique II
ChairRollin, Anne-Marie (Statistics Canada)
PapersKosmopoulou, Georgia (NSF and the University of Oklahoma):
Subcontracting and the Survival of Plants in the Road Construction Industry: A Panel Quantile Regression Analysis
Dee, Victor (University of Toronto):
Identification of Dynamic Models of Market Entry and Exit with a Decision to Buy/Lease Fixed Inputs
Rollin, Anne-Marie (Statistics Canada):
The Road Less Taken: Which Midsized Firms become Large?

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Defence and Security Economics / Économie de la défense et de la sécurité
OrganizersBerkok, Ugurhan (Royal Military College)
Skogstad, Karl (Lakehead University)
ChairSkogstad, Karl (Lakehead University)
PapersDouch, Mohamed (Royal Military College):
Determinants of Military Expenditures for Middle Power Nations
Kiendrebeogo, Youssouf (World Bank):
Who Supports Violent Extremism in the Developing Countries?
Serre, Lynne (Defence Research and Development Canada):
Forecasting the financial impact of a Government policy change
Luo, Zijun (Sam Houston State University):
A Theory of Rivalry with Endogenous Strength
DiscussantsPenney, Christopher (Defence Research and Development Canada); Solomon, Binyam (Department of National Defence); Yazbeck, Tania (DRDC - Defence Research & Development Canada); Garrab, Samar (Royal Military College)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Political Economy I / Économie politique I
ChairCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
PapersLesica, Josip (McMaster University):
Lobbying for Minimum Wages
Slivinski, Alan (University of Western Ontario):
Informational Industrial Blackmail
Raiha, Davin (University of Western Ontario):
Information, Accountability, and the Political Economy of Social Media
DiscussantsSprick Schuster, Steven (Colgate University); McLeod, Alexander (Queen's University); Pongou, Roland (University of Ottawa)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI I: Enhancing Primary and Secondary School Student Outcomes / EPRI I : Améliorer les résultats des élèves du primaire et du secondaire
ChairFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
PapersHaeck, Catherine (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Class size: When the tail matters
Johnson, David (Wilfrid Laurier University):
The impact of non-government fundraising on student performance of Toronto elementary schools
Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
How best to “nudge”? Getting all high school students to apply for postsecondary programs and financial aid: latest findings from randomized trials in Ontario

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Hospitalized Patients Outcomes and Inequality Aversion / GECES : Patients hospitalisés et aversion pour l'inégalité
ChairGagné, Lynda (University of Victoria)
PapersGolo, Kossi Thomas (Université Laval):
Impact of Hospital Financing on Patient Outcomes: Evidence from Surgery in Quebec
Curtis, Lori (University of Waterloo):
Cost of Malnutrition in Canadian Hospitals
Walli-Attaei, Marjan (McMaster University):
An Experimental Test of Inequality Aversion in Income and Health
DiscussantsBasu, Kisalaya (Health Canada); Walli-Attaei, Marjan (McMaster University); Gagné, Lynda (University of Victoria)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Building EI from the Ground Up: Four Proposals / Construire l'AE à partir de la base - Quatre propositions
OrganizerBusby, Colin (C.D. Howe Institute)
PanelistsGray, David M. (University of Ottawa)
Corak, Miles (University of Ottawa)
Schirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Woolley, Frances (Carleton University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Economic Discourse in the Classroom and the Media / PEF : Le discours économique dans les établissements d'enseignement et les médias
OrganizerPerron-Dufour, Mathieu (Université du Québec en Outaouais)
PanelistsZhang, Vicki Jingjing (University of Toronto)
Dallaire-Fortier, Clara (McGill University)
Zini, Sylvain (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Perron-Dufour, Mathieu (Université du Québec en Outaouais)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: IO Theory / La théorie des E/S
ChairDow, Gregory (Simon Fraser University)
PapersFrancetich, Alejandro (University of Washington Bothell):
Choosing a Business Partner
Sekiguchi, Tadashi (Kyoto University):
Multimarket Contact under Imperfect Observability and Impatience
Dow, Gregory (Simon Fraser University):
Free Rider Problems in Employee Buyouts

15:30-16:00Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Labour / Le travail
ChairRoberge, Stéphanie (Employment and Social Development Canada)
PapersSayour, Nagham (McGill University):
The Impact of Maternal Care on Child Development: Evidence from Sibling Spillover Effects of a Parental Leave Expansion
Roberge, Stéphanie (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Evaluation of the Labour Market Development Agreements: Incremental Impacts and Cost-Benefit Results

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-CD Howe Panel Session II: Is Effective Governance Feasible for All First Nations? / Table ronde du CSLS-C. D. Howe II : Une gouvernance efficace est-elle possible pour toutes les Premières nations ?
OrganizersRichards, John (Simon Fraser University)
Sharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
ChairAnderson, Barry (Solte Consulting)
PanelistsRichards, John (Simon Fraser University)
Quesnel, Joseph (Frontier Centre for Public Policy)
Horgan, Michael (Bennett Jones)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Special Lecture / Conférence principale
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
SpeakerKarlan, Dean (Yale University)
TopicBuilding Sustainable Income for the Ultra-Poor: Behavioral and Economic Constraints

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-PHELPS-RIIB: On the Role of Economists in Competition Litigation / Le rôle des économistes dans les litiges commerciaux
ChairDuplantis, Renée (The Brattle Group Canada ULC)
PanelistsWare, Roger (Queen's University)
Brander, James A. (University of British Columbia)
Baziliauskas, Andy (Charles River Associates)
Dagenais, Martine (Competition Bureau)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairBarham, Victoria (University of Ottawa)
SpeakerFleurbaey, Marc (Princeton University)
TopicWelfare Economics, Risk and Uncertainty

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Local Labour Markets II / Les marchés du travail locaux II
OrganizersSerafinelli, Michel (University of Toronto)
Marchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
ChairMarchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
PapersSerafinelli, Michel (University of Toronto):
Creativity over Time and Space
Denier, Nicole (McGill University):
Sexual orientation wage gaps across local labor market contexts: Evidence from Canada
Burley, Jessica (University of Toronto):
Income Driven Neighbourhood Change: Labour Demand and Gentrification in New York City

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
The Economics of Intellectual Property Rights / L'économie des droits de propriété intellectuelle
OrganizersCosac, Teodora (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada)
Nikzad, Rashid (Copyright Board of Canada)
ChairCosac, Teodora (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada)
PapersNikzad, Rashid (Copyright Board of Canada):
The Value of Copyright-Based Industries in Canada
Abbes, Chahreddine (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada):
The Economics of Industrial Design: The Canadian Context
Lazarus, Gary (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada):
A framework for addressing and measuring effectiveness of the patent system
Cosac, Teodora (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada):
Economic Contribution of IP-Intensive Industries to the Canadian Economy

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Economic Perspectives on Primary Health Care Reform. What do we know? Where might we go? / Des perspectives sur la réforme des soins primaires - Que savons-nous ? Que pourrions-nous faire ?
OrganizerSweetman, Arthur (McMaster University)
ChairBelhadji, Bachir (Health Canada)
PanelistsSarma, Sisira K (The University of Western Ontario)
Strumpf, Erin (McGill University)
Sweetman, Arthur (McMaster University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Meeting of those interested in the Firm Level Productivity Network / Réunion des personnes intéressées par le Réseau sur la productivité des entreprises
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
PanelistsDrummond, Don (Queen's University)
Ryan, Annette (Employment and Social Development)
Leung, Danny (Statistics Canada)
Spencer, Byron Grant (McMaster University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Mergers, Acquisitions, Conglomerates / Économie financière : Fusions, acquisitions, conglomérats
ChairDalkir, Elif (University of New Brunswick)
PapersMa, Qing (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology):
A Unified Theory of Forward- and Backward-Looking M&As and Divestitures
Rahaman, Mohammad (Saint Mary's University):
Are Conglomerates More Resilient to Economic Shocks?
Dalkir, Elif (University of New Brunswick):
Free-rider effect in corporate takeovers: a complete elimination may not be easy.

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
TNCR II: Transnational Corporations and Economic Development: Experience from China and Other Emerging Markets / Les sociétés trans nationales et le développement économique - Le cas de la Chine et d'autres pays émergents
OrganizersWang, Lance (Transnational Corporations Review)
Yuan, Gloria (Transnational Corporations Review)
ChairSamonis, Val (Royal Roads University)
PapersZhao, Jingfeng (Northwest University, China):
Understanding Agricultural Growth in China: An International Perspective
Zhang, Yujing (Carleton University):
A Case Study of Agri-Biotech Systems: Policy, Regulations, and Governance in China and India
Lu, Jian (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics):
R&D, Financing Constraints and Export Green-Sophistication: Evidence from China

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Advances in Empirical Trade / Analyse empirique du commerce - Des avancées
ChairOduncu, Arif (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey)
PapersPaz, Lourenco (Baylor University):
The Impacts of International Trade on Services' Labor Productivity in Brazil
Peluffo Geronazzo, Silvia Adriana (Universidad de la Republica):
Income Level of Destination and Source Countries: Do they have a Role on Product Quality?
Oduncu, Arif (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey):
Do countries really benefit from customs unions? A non-parametric approach
DiscussantsPeluffo Geronazzo, Silvia Adriana (Universidad de la Republica); Oduncu, Arif (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey); Paz, Lourenco (Baylor University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Markets - Employment and Skills / Marchés du travail - Emploi et compétences
ChairCi, Wen (Statistics Canada)
PapersCréchet, Jonathan (Université de Montréal):
Labor Market Outcomes over the Life-Cycle in a Dual Labor Market
Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph):
Skill demand, supply and mismatch in the Canadian economy
Pikos, Anna Katharina (Leibniz Universität Hannover):
Tasks, employment and wages: an analysis of the german labor market from 1979 to 2012
DiscussantsSim, Seung-Gyu (University of Tokyo); Ci, Wen (Statistics Canada); Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Education: Labour Market Policies / Éducation : des politiques du marché du travail
ChairAgopsowicz, Andrew (Bank of Canada)
PapersClark, Jeremy (University of Canterbury):
Evaluating the returns to funding different measures of student disadvantage: Evidence from New Zealand
Chen, Kelly (Boise State University):
Unequal Opportunities and Public Policy: The Impact of Parental Disability Benefits on Child Post-Secondary Attendance
Morin, Lucie (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Geography-based RD Analysis on EI Measures

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Immigration - Topics in immigration / Immigration - L'immigration : divers aspects
ChairGray, David M. (University of Ottawa)
PapersFang, Tony (Memorial University):
The Use and Impact of Job Search Procedures by Migrant Workers in China
Skuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo):
Immigrants and Patents: Evidence from Canadian Cities
Worswick, Christopher (Carleton University):
Temporary Foreign Workers and Firms: Theory and Canadian Evidence
DiscussantsGray, David M. (University of Ottawa); Worswick, Christopher (Carleton University); Skuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Renewable Resources - Theory & Empirics / Les ressources renouvelables - Théorie et analyse empirique
ChairSaberian, Soodeh (University of Ottawa)
PapersNkuiya, Bruno (University of Alberta):
Coalition formation in fisheries with potential regime shift
Janmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Incorporating Preference Heterogeneity into a Choice Experiment: Valuing Watershed Protection
Saberian, Soodeh (University of Ottawa):
A Good Climate For Clean Air: Effect of British Columbia Carbon Tax on Local Air Pollution

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Responses to Climate & Environmental Policies / Réactions face aux changements climatiques et politiques environnementales
ChairXiang, Di (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)
PapersErhardt, Tobias (University of Basel):
Garbage In and Garbage Out? On Waste Havens in Switzerland
Ferrara, Ida (York University):
Household Waste Management: Garbage Disposal, Recycling, and Waste Prevention
Xiang, Di (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics):
Assessing the Impact of British Columbia's Carbon Reduction Efforts on Residential Natural Gas Consumption: A Synthetic Control Approach

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Macro Development / GCEM : Macrodéveloppement
ChairRanasinghe, Ashantha (University of Manitoba)
PapersChen, Chaoran (University of Toronto):
Capital Deepening, Technology Diffusion, and Agricultural Productivity
Compton, Ryan (University of Manitoba):
Conflict and the Military Expenditure-Growth Link
Ranasinghe, Ashantha (University of Manitoba):
Crime and Establishment Size: Evidence from South America

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Market Dynamics / La dynamique du marché du travail
ChairSummerfield, Fraser (University of Aberdeen)
PapersArbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor):
Network Search: Climbing the Job Ladder Faster
Li, Meng (Queen's University):
Financial Frictions, Firm Dynamics and Unemployment
Summerfield, Fraser (University of Aberdeen):
Changing Careers, Radically or Incrementally, in Booms and Recessions
DiscussantsSummerfield, Fraser (University of Aberdeen); Arbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor); Li, Meng (Queen's University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Monetary Policy and Financial Stability / Politique monétaire et stabilité financière
ChairZhang, Yahong (University of Windsor)
PapersAlpanda, Sami (University of Central Florida):
Should Monetary Policy Lean Against Housing Market Booms?
Khan, Shahed Kaiser (McMaster University):
Financial Shocks and Monetary Policy in a DSGE Model
Zhang, Yahong (University of Windsor):
Household Debt, Macroprudential Rules, and Monetary Policy

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN: Learning and Labour Supply in the Field / RFÉ : L'apprentissage et l'offre de main-d' uvre - Des aspects pratiques
ChairFoley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersLehrer, Kim (Université de Sherbrooke):
Learning from Peers: Experimental Evidence of Group Learning in Senior High School in Ghana
Stockley, Lisa Marie (University of Toronto):
How Do Expectations Influence Labour Supply? Evidence From A Framed Field Experiment
Tang, Lei (University of Toronto):
Who benefits from frequent marking of class participation?
DiscussantsNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University); Petersen, Luba (Simon Fraser University); Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: China and the Global Economy / Banque du Canada : La Chine et l'économie mondiale
OrganizerHajzler, Chris (Bank of Canada)
ChairHajzler, Chris (Bank of Canada)
PapersZhu, Xiaodong (University of Toronto):
Structural Change and the Dynamics of China-US Real Exchange Rate
Kruger, Mark (Bank of Canada):
What to Expect When China Liberalizes its Capital Account?
Lu, Dan (University of Rochester):
Do Financial Frictions Explain Chinese Firm Saving and Misallocation?
Rodrigue, Joel (Vanderbilt University):
Price and Quality Dynamics in Export Markets

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG Special Lecture / Conférence spéciale du CEBERG
ChairKimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University)
SpeakerCason, Timothy N. (Purdue University)
TopicIndividual versus Group Choices of Repeated Game Strategies in the Noisy Prisoner's Dilemma

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Factor Analysis / L'analyse factorielle
ChairStevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersStevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Forecasting Economic Activity in Data-Rich Environment
Lu, Lina (Columbia University):
Quasi Maximum Likelihood Analysis of High Dimensional Constrained Factor Models
Luciani, Matteo (Federal Reserve Board):
Non-Stationary Dynamic Factor Models for Large Datasets
Chernis, Tony (Bank of Canada):
A Dynamic Factor Model for Nowcasting Canadian GDP Growth

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Urban and Regional Economics / Économie urbaine et régionale
ChairBarrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University)
PapersCraig, Andrea (Queen's University):
Commute Mode Choice and Neighbourhood Sorting: The effect of public transit on income and education level stratification
Sheard, Nicholas (NTNU):
The value of airport infrastructure for the national economy: evidence from the US
DiscussantsSheard, Nicholas (NTNU); Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Empirical IO I / OI : Analyse empirique I
ChairCorts, Kenneth (University of Toronto)
PapersGraves, Jonathan (University of British Columbia):
Large Contributions and Crowdfunding Success
Cosman, Jacob (Johns Hopkins University):
Welcome! We Have a New Menu: Measuring Product Responses to Competition
Corts, Kenneth (University of Toronto):
Long-Term Contracts and Repeated Interaction: Evidence from the Costa Rican Coffee Market
DiscussantsBlanchenay, Patrick (University of Toronto Mississauga); Parra, Alvaro (University of British Columbia); Cosman, Jacob (Johns Hopkins University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
ESDC: Industrial Relations / EDSC : Des questions de relations industrielles
OrganizerBibi, Sami (Université Laval)
ChairBibi, Sami (Université Laval)
PapersBibi, Sami (Université Laval):
The Union Wage Premium in Canada from 1997 to 2014: Is there Variation across the Wage Distribution?
Bouchard St-Amant, Pier-André (Emploi et Développement social Canada):
Optimizing Health & Safety Proactive Inspections in Canada
Zhang, Lihui (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Occupational Gender Segregation in Canada, 1991-2011

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Political Economy II / Économie politique II
ChairWiner, Stanley (Carleton University)
PapersBrennan, Timothy (University of Maryland Baltimore County):
How Much Relevance does Reality Imply? (Re)Considering the Endowment Effect
Cotton, Christopher (Queen's University):
Clueless Politicians
Tondji, Jean-Baptiste (University of Ottawa):
Reciprocity In a Political Economy
Sprick Schuster, Steven (Colgate University):
What We Talk About When We Talk About Campaign Spending

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI II: PSE Retention Skills Development / EPRI II : Le développement et le maintien des compétences
ChairMueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
PapersTruong, Khuong (McMaster University):
Literacy, Numeracy, and Earnings across Post-Secondary Fields of Study
Frenette, Marc (Statistics Canada):
What Skills Do Postsecondary Graduates Require in their Job?
Afshar, Kaveh (University of Ottawa - EPRI):
Experimental Approaches to Improve Student Outcomes: Results from Future Authoring and Academic Advising Interventions

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Smoking and Health Care Demand / GECES : Le tabagisme et la demande de soins de santé
ChairAkbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University)
PapersGagné, Lynda (University of Victoria):
The influence of exposure to second hand smoke in the workplace on smoking status and cessation
Leonard, Phil (University of New Brunswick):
Effects of Canadian Smoking Bans
Kavand, Hossein (Carleton University):
The role of model specification in estimating health care demand

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Why Aren't We Teaching Introductory Economics in a Pareto Efficient Way? / Pourquoi n'enseigne-t-on pas l'économique de façon efficace à la manière de Pareto ?
OrganizerCohen, Avi (York University)
ChairCohen, Avi (York University)
PapersBenjamin, Dwayne (University of Toronto):
LIteracy-Targeted Economics at the University of Toronto
Kam, Eric (Ryerson University):
The 1% solution - teaching introductory economics as an inclusive exercise
Cohen, Avi (York University):
What Should Go in the Only Economics Course Students Will Ever Take?

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
John Kenneth Galbraith Prize Lecture / Conférence John Kenneth Galbraith Prize
ChairPringle, David J (Carleton University)
SpeakerCohen, Marjorie Griffin (Simon Fraser University)
TopicStructural Amnesia: The Appalling Masculinity of Economic Analysis

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Game Theory I / La théorie des jeux I
ChairSemenov, Aggey (University of Ottawa)
PapersXu, Huilan (University of Toronto):
Dismissal and Tenure in Strategic Experimentation
Sharma, Tridib (Itam):
Secret Deliberations.
Semenov, Aggey (University of Ottawa):
A complete characterization of equilibria in two-type common agency screening games

17:45-19:15Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Presidential Address / Discours du président de l'ACE
ChairGallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerBeach, Charles M. (Queen's University)
TopicChanging Income Inequality: A Distributional Paradigm for Canada

19:15-20:45Saturday, June 4, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Reception / Réception

08:00-08:30Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Policy and Labour Market Interaction / L'interaction entre les politiques et les marchés du travail
ChairZhang, Jue (University of Waterloo)
PapersDalton, Michael (Bureau of Labor Statistics):
Information-Driven (not Utility-Driven) Experience-Weighted Learning in the Demand for Labor: Evidence from the NBA
Kei, Wendy Wai Yee (University of British Columbia):
Public pensions and elderly immigrants' labour supply decisions
Alexander, Patrick (Bank of Canada):
The Welfare Effects of Macdonald's National Policy: A Heterogeneous Firms Perspective

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Teaching of Economics
ChairO'Shaughnessy, Bridget (McMaster University)
PapersHolmes, Hannah (McMaster University):
" Multiple Choice, Multiple Versions: Does Where the Correct Answer Appears in the Options List Affect Student Grades on Tests and Exams?"
Power, Simon (Carleton University):
The Undergraduate Research Experience Course: A Good Fit for Economics?
O'Shaughnessy, Bridget (McMaster University):
Teaching Introductory Macroeconomics as a Blended Course

08:30-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN: Mentoring Breakfast for Junior Economists / RFÉ : Déjeuner-mentorat pour les jeunes économistes
SponsorCWEN - Reservations Required with CWEN
OrganizerDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
ChairDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Level Productivity Network: Data School I - Accessing Firm-Level Data in Canada, Overview and Illustrations / Réseau sur la productivité des enterprises : Travailler sur des données I - L'accès à des données au niveau des entreprises au Canada : survol et illustrations
OrganizersVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
Leung, Danny (Statistics Canada)
ChairLeung, Danny (Statistics Canada)
PanelistsCouture, Lydia (Statistics Canada)
Houle, Stephanie (McMaster University)
Chernoff, Alex (Queen's University)
Amundsen, Alexander (McGill University)
Yamazaki, Akio (University of Calgary)
Rostamkalaei, Anoosheh (Lancaster university)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Education II / L'éducation II
ChairFors, Heather (University of Gothenburg)
PapersSanchez, Alan (Grupo de Analisis para el Desarrollo):
Accessing Higher Education in Developing Countries:Panel data analysis from India, Peru and Vietnam
Hao, Tongtong (University of Toronto):
The Educational Mobility of Multiple Generations: Evidence from China
Naito, Hisahiro (University of Tsukuba):
Selection Mechanism and Variation of Years of Schooling across Birth Month: A Case in Malawi
Fors, Heather (University of Gothenburg):
Land Certification and Schooling in Rural Ethiopia
DiscussantsFors, Heather (University of Gothenburg); Sanchez, Alan (Grupo de Analisis para el Desarrollo); Hao, Tongtong (University of Toronto); Naito, Hisahiro (University of Tsukuba)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG/PEP: General Equilibrium / Des questions d'équilibre général
ChairLemelin, André (Université du Québec)
PapersKame Babilla, Thierry (University of Yaoundé II):
Macroeconomics implications of female entrepreneurs facing financial frictions to access to credit: a DSGE Model approach in Cameroon
Huguet, Mélissa (Université Laval):
Investissements publics et effets sur le marché du travail au Chili
Lemelin, André (Université du Québec):
A multiregional CGE model of Quebec

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Macro Aspects of Environment and Resource Economics / Aspects macro de l'économie de l'environnement et des ressources
ChairWang, Weimin (Statistics Canada)
PapersLee, Jamie Donghoon (University of Guelph):
Endogenous Response in Ramsey Discount Rate
Wei, Taoyuan (Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo (CICERO)):
Estimation of resource-specific technological change
Wang, Weimin (Statistics Canada):
Industry Shift and Productivity Performance in the Canadian Oil and Gas Sector

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Economic policy in Life Cycle Models / Politique économique et modèles du cycle de vie
ChairRotberg, Shahar (University of Toronto)
PapersGong, Xiangyu (Emory University):
Housing and Social Welfare: A Life-Cycle Analysis of the Housing Provident Fund in China
Mahboubi, Parisa (University of Guelph):
Social Security Reforms in a Life Cycle Model with Human Capital Accumulation and Heterogeneous Agents
Rotberg, Shahar (University of Toronto):
Is the Israeli Government's Land Release Rate Optimal?

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Contests / Concours
ChairMago, Shakun (University of Richmond)
PapersDechenaux, Emmanuel (Kent State University):
Revise and Resubmit in Contests: An Experiment
Huang, Lingbo (University of Nottingham):
Fighting Alone or For the Team? Strategic Effects in Field and Lab Team Contests
Kimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University):
The Effects of Competition and Peer-to-Peer Teaching on Learning
Mago, Shakun (University of Richmond):
Best-of-Five Contest Experiments: Can women endure?

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Applied Econometrics II / Économétrie appliquée II
ChairAsare, Nyamekye (University of Ottawa)
PapersAsare, Nyamekye (University of Ottawa):
Structural vector autoregressive models with generalized autoregressive score errors
Bruneau, Gabriel (Banque du Canada):
Nonlinear Propagation of Monetary Policy Shocks using Bayesian Threshold Vector Autoregressions
Melin, Olena (University of Ottawa):
Do Catastrophe bond mutual funds constitute zero-beta investments?: identification-robust evidence

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Ph.D. Student Presentations - Industrial Organization III / OI : Présentations de doctorants - Organisation industrielle III
ChairSayili, Koray (Queen's University)
PapersTan, Hongru (University of Calgary):
The Welfare implication of lifting the no surcharge rule in credit cards market
Ata, Michael (University of Calgary):
The Effect of Legal Policy on Strategies in Antitrust
Sayili, Koray (Queen's University):
Firm Creation Rate & Entry Regulation Reforms: What Affects What?

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Capital Flows and Financial Crises / Flux de capitaux et crises financières
ChairFriedrich, Christian (Bank of Canada)
PapersCoulibaly, Louphou (Université de Montréal):
Optimal Monetary Policy, Capital Flow Management and Financial Crises
Gnagne, Jean Armand (Université Laval):
Variables Selection in Financial Crises Forecasting
Friedrich, Christian (Bank of Canada):
The Dynamics of Capital Flow Episodes
DiscussantsGnagne, Jean Armand (Université Laval); Friedrich, Christian (Bank of Canada); Coulibaly, Louphou (Université de Montréal)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Expenditure / Les dépenses
ChairMartineau, Nicolas-Guillaume (York University)
PapersGregoire, Philippe (Université Laval):
Public-private partnerships with competitive bidding
Winer, Stanley (Carleton University):
The privateness of public expenditure: with application to Indian states
Stark, A (Finance Canada):
Retirement Savings Adequacy of Canadians
DiscussantsBouchard St-Amant, Pier-André (Emploi et Développement social Canada); Kouamé, Wilfried Anicet (Université de Sherbrooke); Tassonyi, Almos T. (University of Calgary)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI III: Advances in Linking Administrative Student Data / EPRI III : Lier des données administratives sur les étudiants - Quelques avancées
ChairMueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
PapersFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa):
The Earnings of Canadian University Graduates: A Tax Data Linkage Approach
Pavlic, Dejan (University of Ottawa - EPRI):
Labour Market Outcomes of University of Ottawa Graduates by Department of Study
Miyairi, Masashi (University of Ottawa - EPRI):
Do Better Grades in PSE Lead to Better Labour Outcomes?

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Theory I / GECES : Théorie I
ChairAmmi, Mehdi (Carleton University)
PapersTao, Sihui (McMaster University):
On the interpretation of the asymmetric and symmetric extended concentration indices
Makdissi, Paul (University of Ottawa):
Robust Orderings of Socioeconomic Health Inequality: Measurement and Inference

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Resource Extraction - Theory & Empirics / L'extraction des ressources - Théorie et analyse empirique
ChairVermeulen, Wessel Nicolaas (University of Oxford)
PapersHosseini Jebeli, Seyed Hossein (University of Calgary):
Reconciling Hotelling's Rule with Falling Prices and Rising Output, The Bias of Technological Change
Stevens, Jason (University of Prince Edward Island):
Resource royalties under commodity price volatility: the effect of short and long run uncertainty.
Vermeulen, Wessel Nicolaas (University of Oxford):
The impact of windfalls: Firm selection, trade and welfare

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Short Session II - Energy Topics / Séance courte II - L'énergie
ChairMemartoluie, Ghazal (University of Waterloo)
PapersEklou, Kodjovi Mawulikplimi (Université de Sherbrooke):
A Leadership Curse? Oil Shocks and the Selection of National Leaders
Fu, Sisi (University of Calgary):
Estimating the Effect of Prorationing and Compulsory Unitization on the U.S. Oil Industry
Galay, Gregory (University of Guelph):
The effect of transportation capacity on the value of an oil sands project
Hossain, AKM Nurul (University of Calgary):
A Century of Interfuel Substitution in the United States
Mirzapour, Hossein (HEC Montreal):
Energy Subsidies Reform Constrained By Consumers' Utility
Memartoluie, Ghazal (University of Waterloo):
Determinants of Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Game Theory II / La théorie des jeux II
ChairCabau, Noémie (Concordia University)
PapersPotter, Shannon (University of Western Ontario):
A dynamic model of principles-based policy making: achieving social objectives as an unconstrained equilibrium
Pysarenko, Sergiy (University of Guelph):
Title: A (general) micro-foundation for the Tullock Contest-Success Function
Cabau, Noémie (Concordia University):
Is aid delivery relevant for deterring oppressors? A theoretical investigation
DiscussantsPysarenko, Sergiy (University of Guelph); Cabau, Noémie (Concordia University); Potter, Shannon (University of Western Ontario)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Financial Links / Économie financière : Liens financiers
ChairCao, Ning (University of Alberta)
PapersPannella, Pierluca (Vancouver School of Economics):
Can a bubble on debt securities explain the "boom and bust" in housing prices?
Wang, Xin (University of Toronto):
Cross-predictability of Trade-linked Industry Returns
Hencic, Andrew (York University):
Noncausal Autoregressive Model in Application to Bitcoin/USD Exchange Rates
Cao, Ning (University of Alberta):
Flights from Stocks

10:00-10:30Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Markets - Topics in Labour / Marchés du travail - Le travail : divers aspects
ChairWorswick, Christopher (Carleton University)
PapersDean, Jason (Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning):
Labour Market Attainment of Canadian Jews in the Early 20th Century
Liu, HuJu (Statistics Canada):
Entry and Exit of Self-Employment and Business Ownership in Canada: Evidence from Canadian Employer-Employee Dynamics Database (CEEDD)
Schmidt, Marc-Antoine (University of Toronto):
Identifying Behavioral Responses in Labor Supply: Revisiting the New York Taxi Industry
Brodeur, Abel (University of Ottawa):
Terrorism and Employment: Evidence from Successful and Failed Terror Attacks
DiscussantsLiu, HuJu (Statistics Canada); Schmidt, Marc-Antoine (University of Toronto); Brodeur, Abel (University of Ottawa); Dilmaghani, Maryam (Saint Mary's University)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS: Perspectives on the Measurement of Economic Well-being / Mesurer le bien-être économique - Des perspectives
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for The Study of Living Standards)
ChairThériault, Louis (Conference Board of Canada)
PapersPennock, Mike (BC Government):
Slow Growth and Well-being in the Canadian Context
Osberg, Lars (Dalhousie University):
The Impacts of Commodity Price Volatility and the Terms of Trade on Economic Well-being
Calver, Matthew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
Measuring the Appropriate Outcomes for Better Decision-Making: A Framework to Guide the Analysis of Health Policy Based on an Inclusive Growth Framework
DiscussantsWolfson, Michael (University of Ottawa); Anderson, Gordon (University of Toronto); Fleurbaey, Marc (Princeton University)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Education - PS Funding / Éducation - Le financement de l'école publique
ChairJones, Maggie (Queen's University)
PapersChandler, Vincent (Saint Mary's University):
Short and Long-term Impacts of Graduate Scholarships
Liu, Qian (University of Western Ontario):
Post-College Unemployment and Student Loan Policies
Jones, Maggie (Queen's University):
Incentives, Disincentives, and Academic Achievement

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Level Productivity Network: Data School II - New Statistics Canada Microdatasets / Réseau sur la productivité des entreprises II : Travailler sur des données
OrganizersVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
Leung, Danny (Statistics Canada)
ChairLeung, Danny (Statistics Canada)
PanelistsBrown, Mark (Statistics Canada)
O'Hagan, Patrick (Statistics Canada)
Dar-Brodeur, Afshan (Statistics Canada)
Michaud, Catherine (Statistics Canada)
Willox, K. Michael (Statistics Canada)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Health / La santé
ChairBhattacharjee, Shampa (Shiv Nadar University)
PapersBhattacharjee, Shampa (Shiv Nadar University):
Sibling Rivalry and Child Survival: Evidence from the study of Twins in India
Hongdilokkul, Natt (Simon Fraser University):
The Effect of Universal Health Care on Alcohol Consumption in Thailand
Khalid, Musah (University of Manitoba):
Uptake of voluntary health insurance and its impact on health care utilization in Ghana
Devereux, Kevin (University of Toronto):
Complementarity and free-riding in child investment: application to the polyamorous Bari people
DiscussantsKhalid, Musah (University of Manitoba); Choudhury, Pradeep Kumar (Jawaharlal Nehru University); Hongdilokkul, Natt (Simon Fraser University); Bhattacharjee, Shampa (Shiv Nadar University)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Fiscal Policy and Growth / GCEM : Politiques fiscales et croissance
ChairHasanzadeh, Samira (Carleton University)
PapersAngyridis, Constantine (Ryerson University):
Endogenous Growth, Inequality and the Composition of Government Expenditures
Moran, Kevin (Université Laval):
The Macroeconomic Impacts of the proposed Quebec `Longevity Pension': An OLG Framework
Hasanzadeh, Samira (Carleton University):
Sources of Canadian Economic Growth

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Business Cycles IV / Cycles économiques IV
ChairColeman, Simeon (Loughborough University)
PapersBernier, Maria (Bank of Canada):
Building on the IMF approach for an alternative estimate of Canadian potential output
Shukayev, Malik (University of Alberta):
Are history-dependent monetary policy frameworks worthwhile under imperfect credibility?
Coleman, Simeon (Loughborough University):
Investigating Asymmetries in Disaggregated Inflation Dynamics: Evidence From Canadian Provinces.

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Sovereign Debt / La dette souveraine
OrganizerLandry, Anthony (Bank of Canada)
ChairLandry, Anthony (Bank of Canada)
PapersRamanarayanan, Ananth (University of Western Ontario):
Renegotiation and the Maturity Structure of Sovereign Debt
Durdu, Bora (Federal Reserve Board):
Sovereign Risk and Bank Balance Sheets: The Role of Macroprudential Policies
Traum, Nora (North Carolina State University):
Policy Begets Default? A Look at the U.S. State Defaults of the 1840s

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Institutions / Les institutions
ChairThomas, Stephanie (McMaster University)
PapersDe Geest, Lawrence (UMass-Amherst):
Deterring poaching from a common-pool resource
Kidwai, Abdul (University of Massachusetts Amherst):
Uncertainty and Intentions in Threshold Public Goods: An Experimental Investigation
Ngo, Jacqueline (Worcester Polytechnic Institute):
Investing in Durable Technologies for Producing Public Goods
Buckley, Neil J. (York University):
To Exit or Not to Exit From the Public Provision of Private Goods: Does the Frame Matter?

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Mix and Match / Choisir et combiner
ChairSpiegelman, Eli (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersElskamp, Rebecca (University of Guelph):
Scale Effects in Auctions with Multi-Unit Demand
Sossou, Kouame Marius (Université Laval):
Ambiguity, belief-updating, and measurement of expectations
Bull, Charles (University of Victoria):
How Robust is Cason and Plott's Theory of Game Form Misconception?
Spiegelman, Eli (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Evolution in the lab: testing models of preference change across repeated interactions

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
IO: Ph.D. Student Presentations - Industrial Organization IV / OI : Présentations de doctorants - Organisation industrielle IV
ChairChernoff, Alex (Queen's University)
PapersChan, Mons (University of Minnesota):
Firm Structure and Labour Productivity: Evidence from Danish Matched Employer-Employee Data.
Yu, Jingsong (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada):
Intangible Assets and Production Performance: Canadian Micro Evidence
Chernoff, Alex (Queen's University):
Firm Heterogeneity and the Gains from Technological Adoption: Theory and Measurement
DiscussantsYu, Jingsong (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada); Chernoff, Alex (Queen's University); Chan, Mons (University of Minnesota)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
Economic Policy and the Labor Market / Politique économique et marché du travail
ChairHannusch, Anne (Emory University)
PapersBaas, Timo (University of Duisburg-Essen):
Labor market reforms and current account imbalances - beggar-thy-neighbor policies in a currency union?
Dolatabadi, Sepideh (Queen's University):
The European Employment Fluctuations: Common and Country Specific Factors
Hannusch, Anne (Emory University):
Social Norms, Childcare, and Female Labor Supply
DiscussantsPollak, Andreas (University of Saskatchewan); Brüggemann, Bettina (Goethe University Frankfurt); Serafinelli, Michel (University of Toronto)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Redistribution and Taxation / Redistribution et fiscalité
ChairFerris, J. Stephen (Carleton University)
PapersBurbidge, John (University of Waterloo):
The Role of Commodity Taxation in Pareto Efficient Tax Structures for Redistribution
Martineau, Nicolas-Guillaume (York University):
Societal Consensus and Redistributive Taxation
Hussain, Syed (Lahore University of Management Sciences):
Asymmetric effects of exogenous tax changes
Milevsky, Moshe (York University):
Longevity Risk and Retirement Income Tax Efficiency: A Withdrawal Location Puzzle

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI IV: The Future of Postsecondary Education Savings Incentives Programs in Canada / EPRI IV : L'avenir des programmes d'épargne-études pour l'éducation postsecondaire au Canada
OrganizersParkin, Andrew (unaffiliated)
Finnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
ChairFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
PanelistsFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
Johnson, Gail (Assistant Deputy Minister, Employment and Social Development Canada)
Neill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Parkin, Andrew (unaffiliated)
Robson, Jennifer (Carleton University)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Theory II / GECES : Théorie II
ChairMakdissi, Paul (University of Ottawa)
PapersAndrews, Brendon (Charles River Associates):
On Contagion and the Demand for Health
Dialahy, Isaora Zefania (Université Laval):
Dynamic analysis of antibiotics use by a physician:Altruism, remuneration scheme and the planning horizon
Sakai, Yutaro (University of Calgary):
International Infectious Disease Management: the implication of vaccination leakage and income heterogeneity
DiscussantsSakai, Yutaro (University of Calgary); Andrews, Brendon (Charles River Associates); Dialahy, Isaora Zefania (Université Laval)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Short Session III - Resources / Séance courte III - Les ressources
ChairLloyd-Smith, Patrick (University of Alberta)
PapersAghakazemjourabbaf, Sara (University of Waterloo):
Optimal resource extraction with hazardous waste production and an environmental bond
Daouda, Belem (Université Laval):
Optimal Resources Production : implication of depletion from the firm side
Farah, Naima (University of Calgary):
The Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on Agricultural Productivity and Crop Composition
Lloyd-Smith, Patrick (University of Alberta):
Intertemporal Substitution and the Value of Leisure Time: Evidence from Recreational Anglers in the Gulf of Mexico

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Matching and Allocation / Correspondance et allocation
ChairTrudeau, Christian (University of Windsor)
PapersBonkoungou, Somouaoga (Université de Montréal):
Decentralized many-to-one matching
Manjunath, Vikram (Texas A&M University):
Strategy-proof Pareto-improvement
Trudeau, Christian (University of Windsor):
Minimal core allocations, empty threats and the Fair Division solution for the assignment problem

12:00-13:00Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ACE
ChairBeach, Charles M. (Queen's University)

12:00-13:30Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI AGM / Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ACE

13:00-15:30Sunday, June 5, 2016Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Executive Council Meeting 2 / Réunion du conseil exécutif de l'ACE 2
ChairGallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)


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