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Available Discussants

Click on the subject area to view the list of available discussants for that area. E-mail addresses are provided for contacting prospective discussants. A checkmark ✔ behind a name indicates that this person has already registered for the conference, while a ∅ symbol indicates that this person has not yet registered for the conference.

Agricultural Economics [Q1]

Behavioral Economics [D3]

Business Admin., Marketing, Accounting [M1]

Development Economics [O1]

Econometrics [C0]

Economic Growth [O4]

Economic History [N0]

Economics of Welfare and Poverty [I3]

Economic Systems, Transition Economies [P0]

Education Economics [I2]

Environmental Economics [Q3]

Experimental Economics [C9]

Financial Economics [G0]

Game Theory and Bargaining Theory [C7]

Health Economics [I1]

History of Economic Thought [B2]

Industrial Organization [L0]

Information and Uncertainty [D8]

International Finance, Exchange Rates [F3]

International Trade and Investment [F1]

Labor and Demographic Economics [J0]

Law and Economics [K0]

Macroeconomics, Business Cycles [E0]

Market Structure and Pricing [D4]

Mathematical/Computational Economics [C6]

Microeconomics [D0]

Monetary Economics, Central Banking [E3]

Public Economics, Taxation, Fiscal Policy [H0]

Resource and Energy Economics [Q2]

Teaching of Economics [A1]

Technological Change [O3]

Urban, Regional, and Spatial Economics [R0]


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