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Conference Participants with Children

Childcare will be available on-site at St. Francis Xavier University. More details are forthcoming, however the options will include:

1) For school-age kids in grades K-12 (5-17 years old): A Science Camp will be available at St. Francis Xavier University for the 2 ½ days of the Conference (full day June 2nd and 3rd, and ½ day June 4th). Cost estimate = $125.00 for three-day camp and includes lunch on campus.

2) For preschoolers: 2 ½ day daycare option, cost is $175.00 total for the 2 ½ days (Friday and Saturday full day, Sunday 1/2 day). Cost includes snacks, Friday and Saturday lunch and lunch-time supervision.

3) Daily options include:

$70.00 - Full day Includes snacks, lunch and lunch-time supervision

$50.00 - ½ day Includes snacks, but No lunch or lunch-time supervision

**Please note that the daycare that is being offered is with a service at St. Francis Xavier University. The CEA has no affiliation with the service company and assumes no liability for the daycare services.**

If you are interested in child-care, please send an email to Paula Emery at cea.conference@gmail.com with the number of children, ages and any special dietary restrictions. Please include a list of all allergies.


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