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Information for Session Organizers

Individual Session Organizers

If you would like to organize one or two sessions on a specific topic and have speakers/presenters lined up, contact the CEA Executive Director at by January 31. 

Individual papers must still go through the regular process using the online system to submit a paper. However, the "Comments" section of the form should make reference to the special session (e.g., "this paper is part of a special session on International Trade Disputes organized by Prof. Jane Doe"). The applicable submission and registration deadlines are the same as for regular paper presenters.

Multi-Session Programs by Affiliate Organizations 

Affiliate Organizations may submit blocks of sessions for inclusion in the program. They should contact the CEA Executive Director at by January 31 to state their intentions of doing so. At this point they should indicate (a) how many sessions they would like to sponsor and organize; (b) the type of session ("regular" 3 paper session or a panel); (c) on which days they want these sessions to be scheduled and the preferred time slots; and (d) if these sessions will require particular preparations by the on-site organizer at our conference venue (e.g., catering, presentation tools).  

In the case of a "regular" paper session, the session organizer must ask presenters to submit their papers through the regular process using the online system. The deadline to submit a paper is February 10. In the "Comments" section of the form, the presenter should make reference to the organized session (e.g., "this paper is part of an organized session by the Economist Group). The applicable submission deadlines are the same as for regular paper presenters.

By February 10 at the latest, the conference organizer must receive a word or text document that will specify the session titles, session chairs, paper titles and authors, and possibly discussants ( List of author names must include affiliation and indicate which author is the presenter, as these sessions will have to be entered into the online system.

CEA Sponsorship of Study Groups
The Canadian Economics Association will make available up to $3000 per study group. The level of funding depends on the scope of contributions to the conference program and the level of available financial resources. The funds can be used to organize sessions at the CEA meetings or they can be used for other initiatives. 

In order to receive funding for a given year study groups must organize sessions at the annual CEA conference. The quantity and quality of such sessions will be relevant in assessing whether a grant is made and assessing the amount of the grant. Study groups can hold meetings distinct from the CEA annual conference but not in a manner that would harm participation in the CEA conference (for example, if a study group held a conference at the time of the CEA meeting in a different location, it may disqualify itself from funding).

Study group coordinators must be willing to serve on the program committee or ensure that a representative of the study group will serve if asked by the program chair. A study group must have at least 10 CEA members. Study groups are expected to appropriately acknowledge CEA support and to cooperate on matters relating to marketing and communication including maintaining links to the CEA website on their websites.

Study group awards will be provided on a competitive basis at the judgment of the President-Elect who must base such judgment on the above criteria and who may seek input from others as appropriate. Payment of the grant will be made only to the study group itself (for which the study group would require a bank account) or to a university or other appropriate organization, not to private individuals.


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