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Preliminary Conference Program

Important Notice: The only accommodation available in Antigonish is at St. Francis Xavier University's hotel-style residences, which you can book here. Also, if you have not yet signed up for the CEA conference airport shuttle, book your shuttle here (or use the form to decline shuttle service).

Room Locations will be available in the printed program, which is available at the onsite registration. To view your personal session(s), login at my.economics.ca and look under "Conference Schedule". Registered participants can see their room assignment on that page.

07:00-09:00Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Breakfast / Petit déjeuner

08:30-09:00Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: registration for CLEF Sessions / Inscription aux séances du CLEF

08:45-09:00Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Welcome and Opening Remarks - Ana Ferrer / Mot de bienvenue et allocution inaugurale du CLEF par Ana Ferrer

09:00-10:45Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Session I: Skill Gaps / Séance I : Écarts de compétences
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
PapersOguzoglu, Umut (University of Manitoba):
Like Father, Like Daughter (Unless There Is A Son): Sibling Sex Composition And Women's Stem Major Choice In College
Böhm, Michael (University of British Columbia):
The Polarization of Task Prices in Germany, 1985-2010
Foley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan):
The Gender Gap in University Participation: What Role do Skills and Parents Play?

10:30-11:00Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Coffee Break / Pause-café du CLEF

11:00-12:00Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Session II: South of the Border Comparisons / Séance II : Comparaisons Canada/États-Unis
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairYamaguchi, Shintaro (McMaster University)
PapersConnolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Intergenerational Income Mobility in Canada and the United States
Green, David (University of British Columbia):
Geographic Spillovers of Booms: The Effects of Canada's Resource Boom on Canada-US Differences in Wages

12:00-15:00Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Council Lunch plus CEA Executive Council Meeting 1 / Réunion-midi du conseil de l'ACE et réunion du conseil exécutif de l'ACE 1
ChairGallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)

13:30-15:00Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Session III: Policy Effects / Séance III : Les effets des politiques
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairSkuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo)
PapersYamaguchi, Shintaro (McMaster University):
Effects of Subsidized Childcare on Mother's Employment Under a Rationing Mechanism
Lepage, Louis-Pierre (University of Michigan):
Can Age of Consent Laws Decrease Teen Births and Sexual Exploitation?
Galassi, Gabriela (Université de Montréal):
Labor Demand Response to Labor Supply Incentives: Evidence from German Labor Market Reform

15:00-15:30Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Coffee Break / Pause-café du CLEF

15:30-16:30Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Session IV: Labour Market Outcomes of Recent Graduates / Séance IV : La situation de diplômés récents sur le marché du travail
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFoley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersSkuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo):
The Relative Labour Market Performance of Former International Students
Hinchley, Christine (Statistics Canada):
Labour Market Outcomes of Maritime University Graduates

15:30-17:30Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Executive Council Meeting 2 / Réunion du conseil exécutif de l'ACE 2

17:00-18:30Thursday, June 1, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Keynote Lecture / Conférence principale
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
SpeakerHoynes, Hilary (University of California, Berkeley)
TopicLong Run Effects of the Social Safety Net

07:00-09:00Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Breakfast / Petit déjeuner

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Partnership for Economic Policy / Partenariat pour la politique économique
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairDammert, Ana (Carleton University)
PapersDiarra, Setou (Université Laval):
Does Early Marriage Impact Perinatal Mortality? Theory and Evidence
Wong, Sara (Polytechnic University (ESPOL)):
Minimum Wage Impacts on Wages and Hours Worked of Low-Income Workers in Ecuador
Dammert, Ana (Carleton University):
Randomized Evaluation of the Unconditional Cash Transfer Scheme for the Elderly in Ekiti State, Nigeria
DiscussantsWong, Sara (Polytechnic University (ESPOL)); Dammert, Ana (Carleton University); Diarra, Setou (Université Laval)

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Human Capital / Le capital humain
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairRoss, Phillip (Boston University)
PapersFors, Heather (University of Gothenburg):
Within-Family Inequalities in Human Capital Accumulation in India: Birth Order and Gender Effects
Agurto Adrianzen, Marcos (Universidad de Piura):
The Effects on Academic Performance of Socioeconomic Study Group Composition During the First Term at College: Experimental Evidence from Peru
Ross, Phillip (Boston University):
The Aspirations Gap and Human Capital Investment: Evidence from Indian Adolescents

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Econometric Theory I / Théorie économétrique I
OrganizerJasiak, Joann (York University)
ChairWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
PapersNguyen, Vinh (McGill University):
Missing Variables and Causal Analysis in Linear Regression: Interpretation and Distributional Theory
Sloczynski, Tymon (Brandeis University):
A General Weighted Average Representation of the Ordinary and Two-Stage Least Squares Estimands
Aguessy, Michael Nelson (Concordia University):
Model Selection Under Possibly Weak Identification
DiscussantsAguessy, Michael Nelson (Concordia University); MacKinnon, James G (Queen's University); Nguyen, Vinh (McGill University)

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
International Business Cycles / Les cycles économiques mondiaux
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairRondeau, Fabien (University of Rennes 1)
PapersKarimzada, Muhebullah (McMaster University):
Learning Efficiency Shocks and Euro Area Business Cycles : A Bayesian Evaluation
Povoledo, Laura (University of the West of England):
Can Indeterminacy and Self-Fulfilling Expectations Help Explain International Business Cycles?
Rondeau, Fabien (University of Rennes 1):
Business Cycle Synchronization and the Extensive Margin of Trade

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Urban and Labour / Ville et travail
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairNedoncelle, Clément (Université de Lille)
PapersAboulkacem, El Mehdi (Université ds sciences et technologies de Lille 1):
Impact Of Displacement Costs On A Spatially Scattered Labor Market A Theoretical Approach
Gray, David M. (University of Ottawa):
Labor Market Effects of Urban Riots: an Experimental Assessment
Hortensia Vicentia, Acacha (Acadia University):
Contribution des réseaux marchands sur les finances locales des communes frontalières du Bénin
Nedoncelle, Clément (Université de Lille):
Commuting time and the wage-premium of exporting firms

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Health Inequalities / Les inégalités en santé
ChairSarma, Sisira K (Western University)
PapersHajizadeh, Mohammad (Dalhousie University):
Trends in Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health Among Indigenous Populations of Canada: 2001-2012
Wei, Lan (McMaster University):
The Dynamics of the Gradient between Children's Health and Family Income
DiscussantsSepehri, Ardeshir (University of Manitoba); Hajizadeh, Mohammad (Dalhousie University); Isabelle, Maripier (University of Toronto)

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Immigration I: Immigrants' Human Capital / Le capital humain des immigrants
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
PapersAkbari, Syed Ather H (Saint Mary's University):
Human Capital Evaluation of Immigrants in Atlantic Canada
Ferrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo):
The Effect of Linguistic Proximity on Immigrant Outcomes in a Bilingual Setting
Haider, Murtaza (Ryerson University):
Wrong Jobs for the Right Workers: A Study of Mismatched Canadian Educated Workers and Immigrants in Canada
Rodriguez, Carlos (Statistics Canada):
Evaluating Language Choice Among Allophone Immigrants to Montreal and its Influence on Wages

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Demography / Démographie
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairSiow, Aloysius (University of Toronto)
PapersPan, Yazhuo (University of Waterloo):
Family Structure and Child Cognitive Outcomes: Evidence from Canadian Longitudinal Data of Children
Goussé, Marion (Université Laval):
Marriage and Cohabitation. Evidence from Canada
Shen, Danqing (Purdue University):
Did Unilateral Divorce Laws Raise Divorce Rates? A New Perspective from Marriage Cohorts.

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Student Session: Labour Markets / Séance d'étudiants: Les marchés du travail
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairPlesca, Miana (University of Guelph)
PapersNikpoor, Somaieh (University of Ottawa):
Computing Demographic Change Simulation under Constant and Age-variable Rate of Time Preference
Loree, Jacob (Ryerson University):
Job Polarization and Skill Requirements
Zinabou, Genet (University of Toronto):
Culture and Entrepreneurship: The Role of Obedience

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Firms and Trade / Entreprises et commerce
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairYalcin, Erdal (CESifo-Group)
PapersAcharya, Ram (Industry Canada):
Canadian Exporters: Firm, Country and Product Dynamics
Bao, Ge (University of International Business and Economics):
Entry Decisions of Multinational Firms: The Role of Competition Threats
Doyle, Diana (OECD):
Canada in Global Value Chains (GVCs)
Yalcin, Erdal (CESifo-Group):
Anti-Dumping Duties and their Heterogeneous Effect on Chinese Exporters

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CLEA: Law and Economics / Loi et économique
OrganizerCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
ChairGreen, Andrew (University of Toronto)
PapersDammann, Jens (The University of Texas):
Business Courts and Firm Performance
Kumar, Chandan (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research):
An Examination of Contract Choice for Indian PPP Projects: A Transaction Cost Economics Perspective
Green, Andrew (University of Toronto):
Triaging The Law: Developing The Common Law On The Supreme Court Of India

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Joint CPP/CWEN Panel: Publishing in Economics / Table ronde AdP-RFÉ: Publier en économique
OrganizersWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
Schirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
ChairWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
PanelistsBombardini, Matilde (University of British Columbia)
Hoynes, Hilary (University of California, Berkeley)
Rivers, Nicholas (University of Ottawa)
Lemieux, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
Schirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
HFT and Microstructure I / Transactions à haute fréquence et microstructure I
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairKhan, Saad (Queen's University)
PapersBrolley, Michael (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Order Flow Segmentation, Liquidity and Price Discovery: The Role of Latency Delays
Garriott, Corey (Bank of Canada):
Banking Regulation and Market Making
Khan, Saad (Queen's University):
Which jumps contribute to price discovery? High frequency evidence on traded and quoted price movements

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Empirical Research on Firm Heterogeneity / Banque du Canada : Hétérogénéité des entreprises - Recherche empirique
OrganizerChernoff, Alex (Bank of Canada)
ChairChernoff, Alex (Bank of Canada)
PapersMedina, Pamela (University of Toronto):
Within-Firm Responses to Import Competition: Quality Upgrading and Exporting in the Peruvian Apparel Industry
Cheng, Dong (Vanderbilt University):
Globalization Boom and Bust: A Study of US Automobile Exports from 1913 to 1940
Chernoff, Alex (Bank of Canada):
The Scale and Scope of Online Retail
DiscussantsAlexander, Patrick (Bank of Canada); Chernoff, Alex (Bank of Canada); Schmitt, Nicolas (Simon Fraser University)

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Panel: The Fiscal Situation of Oil Rich Provinces / Table ronde du PEF: La situation budgétaire des provinces riches en pétrole
OrganizerFalvo, Nick (Calgary Homeless Foundation)
ChairFalvo, Nick (Calgary Homeless Foundation)
PanelistsJackson, Nathan (Alberta Union of Provincial Employees)
Sran, Garry (Alberta Union of Provincial Employees)
Childs, Jason (University of Regina)

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Cultural Economics / L'économie de la culture
OrganizerWoolley, Frances (Carleton University)
ChairRosborough, Jonathan (Saint Francis Xavier University)
PapersChan, Alan (Crandall University):
The Culture of Giving: at the Crossroads of Religious and non-Religious Donations
Hodgson, Douglas (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Artistic Movement Membership and the Career Profiles of Canadian Painters
Kayahan, Cevat Burc (Acadia University):
Economics Impact of Cruise Tourism in Atlantic Canada

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Markets / Les marchés
OrganizersKimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University)
Moir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
ChairPetersen, Luba (Simon Fraser University)
PapersFreeman, David (Simon Fraser University):
Opportunity Cost, Inattention and the Bidder's Curse
Kimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University):
Information, Market Power and Price Convergence in Double Auction Markets
Petersen, Luba (Simon Fraser University):
Deflating Asset Price Bubbles with Leverage Constraints and Monetary Policy

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Charitable Giving and Altruism / Dons de bienfaisance et altruisme
OrganizersDellis, Arnaud (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Garon, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairFerrara, Ida (York University)
PapersPlanatscher, Michela (University of Ottawa):
The Effect of Charitable Activity on Aboriginal Communities
Seifi, Forough (University of Ottawa):
Doing Good, Feeling Good: Causal Evidence from Canadian Volunteers
Ferrara, Ida (York University):
The Relative Role of Economic, Psychological, and Sociological Factors in Motivating Charitable Giving Decisions

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Growing Efficiency: Recent Developments in Agricultural Economics / Croissance de l'efficacité - Les développements récents en économie de l'agriculture
ChairAli, Md Kamar (University of Lethbridge)
PapersAwono, Cyprien (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada):
Consumer Demand for Pork in Canada
Brayden, William (University of Maine):
Assessing Consumer Preferences for Seafood Labels: the Role of Production Method, Origin, and Certification on Wild Harvested and Aquacultured Shellfish and Seaweed
Haghiri, Morteza (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
Consumer's choice between willingness-to-accept and willingness-to-pay for purchasing certified farmed Atlantic salmon in Newfoundland and Labrador
Ali, Md Kamar (University of Lethbridge):
Irrigation Water Use Efficiency: Insights from a Stochastic Frontier Model

09:00-10:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Consumer Decisions / Les décisions des consommateurs
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairFraser, Alastair (University of British Columbia)
PapersAntweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia):
What are the Economic Drivers of Free-Floating Car-Sharing Networks?
Tumpane, Sara (York University):
The Contribution of Environmental Attitudes to Household Consumption Decisions: A Cross-Country Analysis
Mistro, Daniel (University of Maine):
Window Inserts and the Communities Adopting Them
Fraser, Alastair (University of British Columbia):
Financial Incentives or Goal Setting? How Households Respond to Rebates for Energy Conservation

10:30-11:00Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

10:30-11:00Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Undergraduate Student Poster Session / Séance de présentation d'affiches d'étudiants

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Poverty / La pauvreté
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairBradford, Scott (Brigham Young University)
PapersEswaran, Mukesh (University of British Columbia):
Can For-Profit Business Alleviate Extreme Poverty in Developing Countries?
Batu, Michael (University of Windsor):
Poverty and Colonial Origins of the Local Political Elite: Evidence from the Philippines
Bradford, Scott (Brigham Young University):
A General Equilibrium Model of Migration and Poverty
DiscussantsBradford, Scott (Brigham Young University); Eswaran, Mukesh (University of British Columbia); Batu, Michael (University of Windsor)

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Gender I / Le genre I
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairMughal, Mazhar (Pau Business School)
PapersRenée, Laëtitia (McGill University):
Cash transfers, fertility and women's empowerment
Bahrami-Rad, Duman (Simon Fraser University):
Marriage Patterns, Gender Norms, and Inheritance systems
Asiedu, Edward (University of Ghana):
Are Female-Headed Households Worth Targeting to Improve Education-Related Investments? Empirical Evidence from Rural Ghana
Mughal, Mazhar (Pau Business School):
Son preference and female participation in household decision making

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Inference/Financial Econometrics / Inférence/Économétrie financière
OrganizerJasiak, Joann (York University)
ChairSloczynski, Tymon (Brandeis University)
PapersParker, Thomas (University of Waterloo):
Inference in Constrained Parametric Quantile Regression
Sufana, Razvan (York University):
Measures of Piecewise Monotone Dependence
Shen, Xiangjin (Bank of Canada):
Analysis of Asymmetric GARCH Volatility Models with Applications to Margin Measurement
Kavand, Hossein (Carleton University):
The Endogenous Treatment Effect of Initial Bank Credit on a Start-up's Performance: A Double-Selection Model
DiscussantsSufana, Razvan (York University); Parker, Thomas (University of Waterloo)

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Firm Dynamics / GCEM: La dynamique des entreprises
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairYurdagul, Emircan (Universidad Carlos III)
PapersAndrew, Kevin (Queen's University):
Knowledge Capital and Firm Dynamics
Jia (George), Ye (University of Prince Edward Island):
Small Business Dynamics in the US and the Financial-Crisis
Yurdagul, Emircan (Universidad Carlos III):
Entrepreneurial Production Function and Firm Dynamics

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: China / GCEM: La Chine
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairTombe, Trevor (University of Calgary)
PapersDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal):
Effects of Insurance Incentives on Road Safety: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in China
Wei, Wei (Central China Normal University):
SMEs and Manufacturing in China
Tombe, Trevor (University of Calgary):
Trade, Migration and Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis of China

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Child Health / La santé des enfants
ChairWard, Courtney (Dalhousie University)
PapersSepehri, Ardeshir (University of Manitoba):
Caesarean Section Rates and Type of Institutional Setting: Evidence from 44 Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Geiger, Nadine (University of Munich):
Birth in Times of War - An Investigation of Health, Mortality and Social Class Using Historical Clinical Records
MacPhail, Fiona (University of Northern British Columbia):
Gender, Work Burden, and Mental Health: Evidence from Prime-age Employed Men and Women in Urban China
DiscussantsSepehri, Ardeshir (University of Manitoba); Geiger, Nadine (University of Munich); MacPhail, Fiona (University of Northern British Columbia)

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Immigration II: Immigrant and Visible Minority Earnings Differentials / Immigrants et membres des minorités visibles - Les écarts de rémunération
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairSkuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo)
PapersManuel, Nick (University of Guelph):
Non-Transferable Skills and the Wage Gap between Immigrants Educated in Canada and Immigrants Educated Abroad
Dar, Atul (Saint Mary's University):
Asymmetric Information and the Discount on Foreign-Acquired Degrees in Canada
Javdani Haji, Mohsen (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Does Color Matter? Estimating Differences in Promotions and Returns to Promotions between White and Visible Minority Canadian-Borns
DiscussantsZhang, Jue (University of Waterloo); Warman, Casey (Dalhousie University); Feir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria)

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Education I: Issues on Educational Achievement / Éducation I: La réussite scolaire
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMatheson, Jesse (University of Leicester)
PapersKassenbohmer, Sonja (Monash University):
Teacher Assessment Biases and Future Academic Achievement
Matheson, Jesse (University of Leicester):
Why does Socio-Economic Status Influence Higher Education Choice? Evidence from UK University Applications.
Liu, Qian (Western University):
College Enrollment, Parental Transfers, and Student Loans
DiscussantsMatheson, Jesse (University of Leicester); Kassenbohmer, Sonja (Monash University); Rockey, James (University of Leicester)

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Social Choice / Choix sociaux
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairTondji, Jean-Baptiste (University of Ottawa)
PapersPotter, Shannon (Western University):
Social Welfare and the Allocation of Opportunity
Tondji, Jean-Baptiste (University of Ottawa):
Valuing Inputs Under Supply Uncertainty: The Bayesian Shapley Value

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade, Immigration and Labour I / Commerce, immigration et travail I
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairLiu, Runjuan (University of Alberta)
PapersCebreros Zurita, Carlos Alfonso (Banco de México):
Labor Heterogeneity and the Pattern of Trade
Liu, HuJu (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada):
Immigrant business ownership and international trade in Canada
Liu, Runjuan (University of Alberta):
Service Liberalization and Manufacturing Productivity: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairMacGee, Jim (Western University)
SpeakerRestuccia, Diego (University of Toronto)
TopicMisallocation and Aggregate Productivity Across Time and Space

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Session 1: Challenges in Climate Change Policy Modeling / Les défis de la modélisation des changements climatiques
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairMacaluso, Nick (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PapersGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada):
On the Issues of Closures in CGE models: An Exploration Using a Small Open-Economy Multi-Sector, Multi-Provincial CGE Model
McKitrick, Ross (University of Guelph):
Carbon Taxes In the Presence of Pre-Existing Emission Regulations
Dolter, Brett (University of Ottawa):
The Cost of Decarbonizing the Canadian Electricity System
DiscussantsFellows, Garret Kent (University of Calgary); ab Iorwerth, Aled (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation); Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Canadian Public Policy Lecture / Conférence Analyse de politiques
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairSchirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
SpeakersBurton, Peter S (Dalhousie University)
Phipps, Shelley (Dalhousie University)
TopicThe Economic Well-being of Canadian Children

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Innovation, Research and Development / Innovation, recherche et développement
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairTombak, Mihkel (University of Toronto)
PapersSen, Debapriya (Ryerson University):
Patent Licensing and Sequential Innovations
Samano, Mario (HEC Montréal):
Long-Run Market Configurations in a Dynamic Quality-Ladder Model with Externalities
Tombak, Mihkel (University of Toronto):
Nonprofit and For-Profit Competition (and Cooperation) in Basic Research

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Immigration and Refugees / Banque du Canada : Immigration et réfugiés
OrganizerSteingress, Walter (Bank of Canada)
ChairSteingress, Walter (Bank of Canada)
PapersSteinmayr, Andreas (University of Munich (LMU)):
Exposure to Refugees and Voting for the Far-Right. (Unexpected) Results from Austria
Spilimbergo, Antonio (International Monetary Fund):
The Refugee Surge in Europe: Economic Challenges
Steingress, Walter (Bank of Canada):
The Causal Impact of Migration on U.S. Trade: Evidence from Political Refugees

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada - Graduate Student Paper Award I / Banque du Canada - Prix de présentation des étudiants I
OrganizerDunbar, Geoff (Bank of Canada)
ChairDunbar, Geoff (Bank of Canada)
PapersGalindo da Fonseca, Joao Alfredo (University of British Columbia):
Previous Labour Status and Firm Performance
Khan, Shahed Kaiser (McMaster University):
Financial Crises and Labor Market Recoveries
Liu, Fulei (Fred) (Western University):
Extreme Risk Management during Financial Crisis

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Panel: Prospects for the Atlantic Regional Economy / L'économie de la région de l'Atlantique - Des perspectives
OrganizerPringle, David J (Carleton University)
ChairPringle, David J (Carleton University)
PanelistsBradfield, Michael (Dalhousie University)
May, Douglas (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Moir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
Sentance, Jim (University of Prince Edward Island)

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS: International Productivity Developments / L'évolution de la productivité dans le monde
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
ChairSt-Amant, Pierre (Bank of Canada)
PapersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
Explanations for the U.S. Productivity Slowdown
Tang, Jianmin (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada):
Is R&D Enough in Improving Firm Productivity?
DiscussantsAlexander, Patrick (Bank of Canada); Harris, Richard (Simon Fraser University)

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Common Pool Resources / Ressources communes
OrganizersKimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University)
Moir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
ChairSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
PapersMestelman, Stuart (McMaster University):
Do the Number of Appropriators from the Commons Matter in Controlled Laboratory Environments?
Sarker, Ashutosh (Monash University Malaysia):
Experimental Common-Pool Resource Management and Neuroeconomics
Smith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute):
A Dynamic Common Pool Resource Experiment

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Fiscal Competition and Welfare in Canada / Concurrence fiscale et bien-être au Canada
OrganizersDellis, Arnaud (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Garon, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairMilligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia)
PapersPoitevin, Michel (Université de Montréal):
Fiscal Competition with Public Goods
Curtis, Lori (University of Waterloo):
Poverty in Canada: Multidimensional Vs Unidimensional Measures
Charest, Julie (Statistics Canada):
Material Well-being in Canada
Milligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia):
An Estimable Model of Income Redistribution in a Federation: Musgrave meets Oates

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Algoma University/Northern Ontario Economics Association Session: Topics in Macroeconomics, Finance, and Entrepreneurship / Macroéconomique, finance et entrepreneurship
OrganizersMunemo, Jonathan (Salisbury University)
Luitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University)
ChairKadiyala, Krishna (Algoma University)
PapersMunemo, Jonathan (Salisbury University):
The Crowding-in Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Business Start-ups: How Relevant is Financial Market Development?
Gajurel, Dinesh (Trent University):
Does Jump Risk Matter? Evidence from the Canadian Stock Market
Rodriguez Llorian, Elisabet (University of Manitoba):
The Relationship between Health Care Expenditure and Income: Evidence from Latin-American and Caribbean Countries
Mahar, Gerry (Algoma University):
Why Economists Disagree: An Illustration of Irreconciability Using the US State Level Unemployment Rate Data
DiscussantsAziz, Nusrate (University of Nottingham); Amiraslany, Afshin (University of Saskatchewan); Luitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University); Rodriguez Llorian, Elisabet (University of Manitoba)

11:00-12:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Strategic Interaction I / CREE: Interaction stratégique I
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairStrantza, Stefania (Concordia University)
PapersMorin Chassé, Rémi (University of Prince Edward Island):
Favorite or Underdog? Environmental Contests with Asymmetric Ability and Reimbursement
Tatoutchoup, Francis Didier (Université de Moncton):
Do we Recycle too much? Evidence from the U.S.
Strantza, Stefania (Concordia University):
International Environmental Agreements - The Impact of Heterogeneity among Countries

12:30-14:15Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Lunch / lunch

12:30-14:15Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN Lunch / Conférence-midi du CWEN/RFÉ
ChairNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
SpeakerHoynes, Hilary (University of California, Berkeley)
TopicIncome Support and Poverty During the Great Recession

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Gender II / Le genre II
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairArchibong, Belinda (Barnard College)
PapersLaszlo, Sonia (McGill University):
The Impact of Affordable and Better Quality Day Care on Women's Work in a Slum Settlement of Nairobi
Lehrer, Kim (Université de Sherbrooke):
The Impact of Laws Against Female Genital Mutilation in Africa
Galdo, José (Carleton University):
Gender Information Gaps in Child Labor Statistics: Evidence from Ethiopia
Archibong, Belinda (Barnard College):
Harmattan Winds, Disease and Gender Gaps in Human Capital Investment

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Agriculture / L'agriculture
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairPonce, Carmen (Group for the Analysis of Development - GRADE)
PapersEsfahani, Sara (University of Notre Dame):
Agricultural Resource Misallocation in Ethiopia
Stephens, Emma (Pitzer College):
Food Shortages: The Role and Limitations of Markets in Resolving Food Crises in Sub-Saharan Africa 2002-2012
Ponce, Carmen (Group for the Analysis of Development - GRADE):
Rural Household Livelihoods in a Context of Transformations in the Peruvian Highlands: Climate Change, Migration Corridors and Income Diversification

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Bootstrap / Amorce (bootstrap)
OrganizerJasiak, Joann (York University)
ChairSufana, Razvan (York University)
PapersMacKinnon, James G (Queen's University):
Bootstrap Inference with Clustered Errors
Davidson, Russell (McGill University):
The Fast Iterated Bootstrap
Webb, Matt (Carleton University):
The Multiway Cluster Wild Bootstrap
DiscussantsGoncalves, Silvia (Western University); Webb, Matt (Carleton University); Davidson, Russell (McGill University)

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Labour / GCEM: Le travail
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairZeida, Teega-wende Herve (Université de Montréal)
PapersKambourov, Gueorgui (University of Toronto):
Hours, Occupations, and the Gender Wage Gap
Ozdemir, Gorkem (HEC Montréal):
Employment Growth, Entry and Firm Dynamics with Financial Frictions
Zeida, Teega-wende Herve (Université de Montréal):
Unequal We Stand: Human Capital and Occupational Choice over the Life-cycle

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Consumption and Investment / Consommation et investissement
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairEmenogu, Ugochi (Ryerson University)
PapersLecznar, Jonathon (Boston University):
Measuring Real Consumption and Welfare Costs Accounting for Changes in Consumer Product Availability
Upadhayaya, Santosh (Carleton University):
Does Business Confidence Matter for Investment Forecasts?
Emenogu, Ugochi (Ryerson University):
Financial Frictions and Durable/Nondurable Consumption

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Physician Incentives / Les incitatifs financiers offerts aux médecins
ChairThomas, Stephanie (McMaster University)
PapersLi, Lihua (Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences):
Pay-for-performance Incentives and Cancer Screening: Evidence from Ontario
Chami, Nadine (McMaster University):
Does Primary Care Affect Medical Laboratory Utilization?
Sarma, Sisira K (Western University):
Primary Care Reform and Avoidable Hospitalization: Results for Ontario's Congestive Heart Failure Patients
DiscussantsCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo); Li, Lihua (Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences); Leonard, Phil (University of New Brunswick)

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Immigration III: Determinants of Immigration / Les déterminants de l'immigration
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairPandey, Manish (University of Winnipeg)
PapersAdebayo, Eric (Simon Fraser University):
(Not So) Sweet Home Alabama: Negative Externalities of America's Toughest Immigration Law
Caponi, Vincenzo (CREST-Ensai):
Assortative Mating and Migration
Pandey, Manish (University of Winnipeg):
Determinants of Migration: Analysis using panel data

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Returns to Education I: Major Field of Study / Rendement de l'éducation I: Le principal domaine d'études
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairPlesca, Miana (University of Guelph)
PapersOnozuka, Yuki (Western University):
Basic Skills or Major-Specific Knowledge? Sources of Wage Penalties for Working Outside the Major Field of Study
Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph):
Career Mobility and Returns to Post-Secondary Education in Canada
Aydede, Yigit (Saint Mary's University):
Intergenerational Transmission of Field of Study in Canada

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade Policy - Empirics / Politiques commerciales - Un point de vue empirique
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairLysenko, Dmitry (Government of Nova Scotia)
PapersCyrus, Teresa (Dalhousie University):
Why Do Countries Form Free Trade Agreements?
Wan, Shan (University of Calgary):
Do Confucius Institutes Increase China's Exports? Probably No
Lysenko, Dmitry (Government of Nova Scotia):
CETA and Sub-federal Government Procurement
DiscussantsWan, Shan (University of Calgary); Cyrus, Teresa (Dalhousie University); Lysenko, Dmitry (Government of Nova Scotia)

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade, Immigration and Labour II / Commerce, immigration et travail II
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairSnudden, Stephen (Queen's University)
PapersShen, Leilei (Kansas State University):
Polarization of American Workers: The Big Squeeze from Occupational Exposure in Value-Added Trade
Ural-Marchand, Beyza (University of Alberta):
Employment Adjustments to Increased Imports: Evidence from a Developing Country
Snudden, Stephen (Queen's University):
International Remittances, Migration, and Primary Commodities

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairPendakur, Krishna (Simon Fraser University)
SpeakerNunn, Nathan (Harvard University)
TopicOn the Importance of Culture and Context for Economic Development

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Session 2: Environmental Policies - Theory and Evidence / Politiques environnementales - Théorie et faits
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairLaferriere, Richard (unaffiliated)
PapersBaksi, Soham (University of Winnipeg):
Multiple Pollutants and Cleaner Technology Adoption
Withey, Patrick (Saint Francis Xavier University):
Managing Forests for Carbon and Timber: A Markov Decision Model of Uneven-Aged Forest Management with Risk
Zhu, Yunfa (Environment and Climate Change Canada):
Revenue Recycling and Cost Effective GHG Abatement: An Exploratory Analysis Using a Global Multi-Sector, Multi-Regional CGE Model
DiscussantsTuuli, Maxwell (McGill University); Bruneau, Joel (University of Saskatchewan); Ahmadi, Younes (University of Calgary)

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Fishing for Complements: How Governments can Identify Low-Cost GHG Policies to Enhance Their Carbon Prices / À la recherche de complémentarités : comment les gouvernements peuvent-ils définir des politiques de gaz à effets de serre à faibles coûts pour améliorer le prix du carbone ?
OrganizersBeugin, Dale (Canada's Ecofiscal Commission)
Ragan, Christopher (McGill University)
ChairRagan, Christopher (McGill University)
PanelistsRagan, Christopher (McGill University)
Olewiler, Nancy (Simon Fraser University)
Dion, Jason (Canada's Ecofiscal Commission)

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
HFT and Microstructure II / Transactions à haute fréquence et microstructure II
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairMartineau, Nicolas-Guillaume (York University)
PapersSinclair, Andrew John (Yale University):
The Allocative Role of Prime Brokers
Watuwa, Richard (Cape Breton University):
Estimating Equity Market Volatility using Asymmetric Models: Evidence from the Toronto Stock Exchange
Martineau, Nicolas-Guillaume (York University):
Sinning By Omission: Insider Trading and Ethical Behavior
DiscussantsBrolley, Michael (Wilfrid Laurier University); Galbraith, John W (McGill University); Robertson, Adriana (Yale School of Management)

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Skills, Tasks, and Labour Mobility / Banque du Canada : Compétences, tâches et mobilité de la main-d'oeuvre
OrganizersKyui, Natalia (Bank of Canada)
Agopsowicz, Andrew (Bank of Canada)
ChairsKyui, Natalia (Bank of Canada)
Agopsowicz, Andrew (Bank of Canada)
PapersCassidy, Hugh (Kansas State University):
The Occupational Attainment of Legal and Undocumented Immigrants
Summerfield, Fraser (Lakehead University):
Changing Careers, Radically or Incrementally, in Booms and Recessions
Agopsowicz, Andrew (Bank of Canada):
Labour Mobility Across Regions, Industries, and Occupations in Canada

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada - Graduate Student Paper Award II / Banque du Canada - Prix de présentation des étudiants
OrganizerDunbar, Geoff (Bank of Canada)
ChairDunbar, Geoff (Bank of Canada)
PapersLesica, Josip (McMaster University):
Income Inequality, Small Business Taxation and Lobbying
Pannella, Pierluca (Vancouver School of Economics):
Credit Bubbles and Misallocation
Yao, Yuxi (Western University):
Accounting for the Decline in Homeownership among the Young

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Panel: Poverty Reduction in Canada / Table ronde du PEF: La réduction de la pauvreté au Canada
OrganizerFalvo, Nick (Calgary Homeless Foundation)
ChairFalvo, Nick (Calgary Homeless Foundation)
PanelistsMacEwen, Angella (Canadian Labour Congress)
Stapleton, John (Open Policy)
Shaban, Robin (Independent)
Daley, Angela (University of Maine)

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS: Productivity Developments in Canada / L'évolution de la productivité au Canada
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
ChairMay, Douglas (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
PapersSt-Amant, Pierre (Bank of Canada):
Firm Dynamics and Total Factor Productivity: An Empirical Exploration
Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada):
Accounting for Slower Productivity Growth in the Canadian Business Sector
Leung, Danny (Statistics Canada):
Financial Constraints and Productivity: Evidence from Canadian SMEs
DiscussantsTang, Jianmin (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada); Sharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards); Murray, Alexander (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Trust and Institutions / La confiance dans les institutions
OrganizersKimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University)
Moir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
ChairWang, Liang (Alicia) (Concordia University)
PapersMatthews, Peter (Middlebury College):
Trust in Government and Redistributive Preferences: An Experimental Approach
Marquardt, Gerdis (University of Edinburgh):
Contract Enforcement as a Reference Point for Feelings of Entitlement - Experimental Evidence
Wang, Liang (Alicia) (Concordia University):
Do not Live up to my trust: Trust Game Strategy Analysis

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Policies and the Long-Run Economy / Politiques et économie à long terme
OrganizersDellis, Arnaud (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Garon, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairAmirKhalkhali, Saleh (Saint Mary's University)
PapersNöh, Lukas (Goethe University Frankfurt):
Development of Public Debt Maturity
AmirKhalkhali, Saleh (Saint Mary's University):
On the Persistence of Slow Economic Growth in Advanced Economies

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Topics in Economic History / Histoire économique
OrganizerWoolley, Frances (Carleton University)
ChairDimand, Robert W. (Brock University)
PapersHolmes, Gordon (McMaster University):
Canadian Production and Trade Flows, 1830 to 1960
Velk, Tom (McGill University):
Female Postmasters: Bottom-Up American Spoils Systems Appointments
Miettinen, Adam (University of Toronto):
State Funding and School Spending in the United States, 1900-1940
DiscussantsCross, Melvin (Dalhousie University); Rankaduwa, Wimal (University of Prince Edward Island)

14:15-15:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Strategic Interaction II / CREE: Interaction stratégique II
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairJanmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus)
PapersOestreich, (Andreas) Marcel (Brock University):
The Optimal NGO Chief: Strategic Delegation in Social Advocacy
Dufresne, Eric (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Subgame Perfect Equilibria and the Efficient Management of Common Resources - An Application to The Lake Game
Janmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Insurance and Options in Drought Management: Unintended Consequences

15:45-16:15Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

15:45-16:15Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Undergraduate Student Poster Session / Séance de présentation d'affiches d'étudiants

15:45-16:15Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN AGM / Assemblée générale annuelle du RFÉ
ChairNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Keynote Address / Conférence principale du CDESG
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairRowlands, Dane (Carleton University)
SpeakerWantchekon, Leonard (Princeton University)
TopicEducation, Social Mobility and Risk Attitudes: Evidence from Benin

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Rent, House Value and Mortgages / Location, valeurs des maisons et hypothèques
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairSand, Benjamin (York University)
PapersDean, Jason (Wilfrid Laurier University/Sheridan College):
Income Decline, Financial Insecurity, Landlord Screening and Renter Mobility
Nicholas, Joseline (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Light Rail Transit and Property Values in Kitchener-Waterloo
Sand, Benjamin (York University):
Local Economic Conditions and Local Equity Preferences: Evidence from Mutual Funds

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Savings and Investment / GCEM: Épargne et investissements
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairMacGee, Jim (Western University)
PapersLeung, Cheuk Shing (McGill University):
Heterogeneous Returns to Saving and Wealth Inequality
Robinson, Baxter (University of Toronto):
Wealth Inequality, Rate of Return Heterogeneity, and Housing
MacGee, Jim (Western University):
Regulation of Consumer Credit with Over-Optimistic Borrowers

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets and the Macroeconomy / Marchés du travail et macroéconomie
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairJin, Hyeongsuk (Western University)
PapersChoi, Youjin (Western University):
Why Don't Married Men Take Parental Leave?
Chowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of New Brunswick):
Risk Sharing of Unemployment in Canadian Provinces
Jin, Hyeongsuk (Western University):
Educational gradients in union and fertility choices

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Health Care Markets / Soins de santé et marchés
ChairChami, Nadine (McMaster University)
PapersMartins, Bruno (Boston University):
Are There Efficiency Gains in Medicare Part D? The Case of CVS Acquisition of Universal
Watt, Jenny (Queen's University):
Scale, Specialization, and Merger Outcomes in Ontario Hospitals
Basu, Kisalaya (Health Canada):
Does The Use Of Electronic Medical Records Improve Management Of Chronic Care? A Family Physicians' Perspective From Canada, France, Sweden, And Switzerland
DiscussantsSpencer, James (McMaster University); Foley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan); Li, Ning (Rutgers University)

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Immigration IV: Issues on Immigration and Policy / Immigration et politiques publiques
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMcDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)
PapersTruong, Khuong (McMaster University):
Information and Communication Technology Skills Shortages in Canada: Is Immigration a Solution?
Warman, Casey (Dalhousie University):
9/11 and Labour Force Outcomes of Muslims in Canada
Khanam, Farhana (McMaster University):
The Effects of Language Proficiency on the Health and Health Behavior of Immigrants
McDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick):
Working Away: The Impact on Earnings of Return Migration

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets I: Childcare Policies and Gender Gap Issues / Marchés du travail I : Politiques de garde des enfants et écarts entre les sexes
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairGoussé, Marion (Université Laval)
PapersCleveland, Gordon (University of Toronto Scarborough):
Modelling Child Care Policy Effects: Results from a Microsimulation Model of Child Care Demand and Employment in the City of Toronto
Rockey, James (University of Leicester):
The Global Gender Pay Gap

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Teaching of Economics / L'enseignement de l'économique
OrganizerWoolley, Frances (Carleton University)
ChairWatson, Barry (University of New Brunswick)
PapersKaragyozova, Tsvetanka (York University):
From Content to Proficiencies: Introducing Community-Based Research in Senior-Level Economics Courses
Mackinnon, Brandon (Algoma University):
Chalk and Talk: The Value of Teaching Economics without Technology
Power, Simon (Carleton University):
Later Start Times for First-Year Economics Classes: A Way to Boost Class Attendance?
DiscussantsPower, Simon (Carleton University); Karagyozova, Tsvetanka (York University); Watson, Barry (University of New Brunswick)

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: International Trade Theory I / Théorie du commerce international I
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairSchmitt, Nicolas (Simon Fraser University)
PapersCherniwchan, Jevan (University of Alberta):
Globalization, the Gains from Variety, and the Environment
Bezmaternykh, Natalia (Ryerson University):
Monopolistic Competition with Credence Goods under Asymmetric Information
Schmitt, Nicolas (Simon Fraser University):
Dual Sourcing, Demand Uncertainty and International Trade

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairTaylor, M. Scott (University of Calgary)
SpeakerBombardini, Matilde (University of British Columbia)
TopicBeyond Campaign Contributions: The Tools of Political Influence

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Panel Discussion: Canada's Mid-century/Long-term GHG Strategy / Table ronde d'Environnement et changement climatique Canada: La stratégie du Canada en matière de GES - D'ici le milieu du siècle et à long terme
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairMacaluso, Nick (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PanelistsAntweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)
McKitrick, Ross (University of Guelph)
Rivers, Nicholas (University of Ottawa)
Tombe, Trevor (University of Calgary)
Monahan, Katherine (Environment and Climate Chanage Canada)

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Competition and Firm Performance / Concurrence et performance des entreprises
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairKelly, Ryan (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada)
PapersGoetz, Daniel (Princeton University):
Competition and Unobserved Product Quality
Ulrick, Shawn (Federal Trade Commission):
Does Merger Enforcement Depend on the Portion of the Merger Associated with the Competitive Concerns?
Orr, Scott (University of Toronto):
Productivity Estimation with Multi-Product Firms
Kelly, Ryan (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada):
Performance of firms served through the Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research program

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics I / Économie financière I
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairLee, Seung Jung (Federal Reserve Board)
PapersKhokhar, Abdul Rahman (Saint Mary's University):
Political Values and SEC Enforcement Actions
Gao, Jeffrey (Bank of Canada / Banque du Canada):
Sovereign Bond Market Liquidity and Systematic Factors: A Canadian Case
Lee, Seung Jung (Federal Reserve Board):
The Anatomy of Financial Vulnerabilities and Crises

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Liquidity Shocks and Bank Lending / Banque du Canada: Chocs de liquidités et prêts bancaires
OrganizerTodorov, Radomir (Bank of Canada)
ChairTodorov, Radomir (Bank of Canada)
PapersTodorov, Radomir (Bank of Canada):
The Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy in Canada: Empirical Evidence
Kuruscu, Burhanettin (University of Toronto):
Housing Crisis, Deterioration of Bank Balance Sheets, and Macroprudential Policies
Ozdagli, Ali (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston):
The Transmission of Monetary Policy through Bank Lending: The Floating Rate Channel

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Social Impact Bonds and Economic Development / Obligations à impact social et développement économique
OrganizerLoxley, John (University of Manitoba)
ChairIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
PapersLoxley, John (University of Manitoba):
Development Impact Bonds
Hajer, Jesse (New School for Social Research):
The Political Economy of Social Impact Bonds
Hudson, Ian (University of Manitoba):
Does Provincial Policy Matter? Community Economic Development in Manitoba and BC

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Defence and Security Economics / Économie de la défense et de la sécurité
OrganizersBerkok, Ugurhan (Royal Military College)
Skogstad, Karl (Lakehead University)
ChairSkogstad, Karl (Lakehead University)
PapersWitte, Caroline (Erasmus School of Economics):
Dodging Bullets: The Heterogeneous Effect of Political Violence on Greenfield FDI
Douch, Mohamed (Royal Military College):
Demand for Military Expenditures in the MENA Region
Secrieru, Oana (Royal Military College):
Terrorism and Deterrence
Kipuka Kabongi, Decky (Carleton University):
The Determinants of Defense Spending in Sub-Saharan Africa

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Risk and Time Preference / Risque et préférence temporelle
OrganizersKimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University)
Moir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
ChairSossou, Kouame Marius (Université Laval)
PapersRuffle, Bradley (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Tat Will Tell: Tattoos and Time Preferences
Sossou, Kouame Marius (Université Laval):
Myopic Loss Aversion in an Ambiguous Environment -An Experimental Investigation
Claus, Edda (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Do Overconfident Consumers Save Less

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Political Economics / Économie politique
OrganizersDellis, Arnaud (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Garon, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairCanen, Nathan (University of British Columbia)
PapersGalindo-Silva, Hector (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana):
Inequality, Immigration and Party Strategies
Kauder, Bjoern (Ifo Institute-Leibniz-Institute at the Univ. of Munich e.V.):
Electoral Cycles in MPs’ Salaries: Evidence from the German States
Krause, Manuela (ifo Institute):
The real estate transfer tax and government ideology: Evidence from the German states
Canen, Nathan (University of British Columbia):
Information Accumulation and the Timing of Voting Decisions (and Scandals)

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN Session / Séance du RCCDR
ChairSpencer, Byron Grant (McMaster University)
PapersZhang, Jue (University of Waterloo):
The Influence of Sectoral Skill Versatility on Immigrant Labour Market Integration
Hickey, Ross (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
The Effect of Tax Price on Donations: Evidence from Canada
Schirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Occupational Segregation, Skills, and the Gender Wage Gap
Craig, Andrea (Queen's University):
Commute Mode Choice and Neighbourhood Sorting
DiscussantsHaan, Michael (Western University); Milligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia); Wah, Leo Tang (Saint Francis Xavier University); Skuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo)

16:15-17:45Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Sectors and Regions / Secteurs et régions
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairGiri, Anil (University of Central Missouri)
PapersMiller, Sarah (Bank of Canada):
Which Firms Participate in the Bank of Canada's Business Outlook Survey?
Sevinc, Deniz (York University):
Measuring Sector Skills Gaps: A Regional Analysis of a Local Labour Market
Giri, Anil (University of Central Missouri):
How Have Retail Sales Pattern Changed Across Rural America? A Case Study of Nebraska

18:00-19:15Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Innis Lecture / Conférence Innis
ChairsWoolley, Frances (Carleton University)
Ragan, Christopher (McGill University)
SpeakerOlewiler, Nancy (Simon Fraser University)
TopicCanada's Dependence on Natural Capital Wealth: Was Innis Wrong?

19:30-22:30Friday, June 2, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Evening Banquet / Banquet
SponsorBank of Canada

07:00-09:00Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Breakfast / Petit déjeuner

08:00-09:00Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Department Chair Meeting. All chairs of economics departments are invited to attend, or send a delegate. / Réunion des chefs de département. Tous les chefs de département d'économique sont invités à y assister ou à y envoyer un délégué.
OrganizerWoolley, Frances (Carleton University)
ChairBenjamin, Dwayne (University of Toronto)

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Panel Session: Institutions, Growth and Development / Table ronde du CDESG: Institutions, croissance et développement
PanelistsNunn, Nathan (Harvard University)
Wantchekon, Leonard (Princeton University)
Osberg, Lars (Dalhousie University)

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Productivity II / GCEM : Productivité II
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairLi, Hongxiu (University of Waterloo)
PapersSinha, Rishabh (The World Bank):
Sectoral Productivity Gaps and Aggregate Productivity
Zhu, Wenbo (Queen's University):
The Hollowing Out Middle Class and the Slowing Down in Labour Productivity Growth: A Theory on Process Innovations
Li, Hongxiu (University of Waterloo):
Innovation as Adaptation to Natural Disasters

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Monetary Policy I / GCEM: Politique monétaire I
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairMcNeil, James (Queen's University)
PapersSt Amand, Samantha (Centre for International Governance Innovation):
Second Guessing Monetary Policy Decisions: The Preferences of Central Bankers And Shadow Monetary Policy Committees
McNeil, James (Queen's University):
A Regional Analysis of the Effect of Monetary Policy Shocks on the Canadian Economy

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Productivity I / GCEM: Productivité I
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairEssaji, Azim (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersSattari, Yaser (Simon Fraser University):
Policy Distortions and Cross-Country Differences In Productivity: The Role of Endogenous Selection
Alam, M Jahangir (HEC Montréal):
Capital Misallocation: Cyclicality and Sources
Essaji, Azim (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Relationship Specificity, Judicial Quality and US Manufacturing Patterns

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Environment, Economics and Health / Environnement, économie et santé
ChairHajizadeh, Mohammad (Dalhousie University)
PapersSun, Meng (University of Calgary):
I Don't Want to Forget: Air Pollution, Environmental Regulation, and Dementia
Marcuccio, Pat (Saint Mary's University):
The Weight That Air Pollution Has on Obesity
Watson, Barry (University of New Brunswick):
Healing and/or Breaking? The Mental Health Implications of Repeated Economic Insecurity
DiscussantsWatson, Barry (University of New Brunswick); Tumpane, Sara (York University); Sun, Meng (University of Calgary)

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: International Trade Theory II / Théorie du commerce international II
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairViroleau, Franck (University of Paris Nanterre)
PapersTuuli, Maxwell (McGill University):
Intra-firm Trade in the Presence of Uncertainty
Nitsch, Volker (Technische Universität Darmstadt):
Cheap Talk? Financial Sanctions and Non-Financial Activity
Viroleau, Franck (University of Paris Nanterre):
A Model of Influence on Trade Policy in a Computable General Equilibrium Model
DiscussantsChan, Jeff (Wilfrid Laurier University); Behzadan, Nazanin (Ryerson University)

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets II: Issues on Wages / Marchés du travail II : Les salaires
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairBelley, Philippe (Kansas State University)
PapersTo, Theodore (Bureau of Labor Statistics):
Job Dispersion and Compensating Wage Differentials
Townsend, James (University of Winnipeg):
The Minimum Wage, Turnover, and the Shape of the Wage Distribution
Jales, Hugo (University of British Columbia):
Estimating the effects of the minimum wage on developing countries: A density discontinuity design approach.

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Education II: Long Term Effects of Education / Éducation II: Les effets à long terme de l'éducation
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairP. Laliberté, Jean-William (University of Toronto)
PapersRankaduwa, Wimal (University of Prince Edward Island):
Public Education Expenditure and Economic Growth in Canada: Direct and Indirect Effects
Chen, Kelly (Boise State University):
Better Students? Better Teachers, or Just Better Grades?
P. Laliberté, Jean-William (University of Toronto):
Long-term Contextual Effects in Education: Schools and Neighborhoods of Montreal

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: International Macroeconomic Policy / Macroéconomie internationale et politiques
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairIntungane, Doriane (Ryerson University)
PapersFriedrich, Christian (Bank of Canada):
The International Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy - Evidence from Canada
Rodriguez, Cesar M (Portland State University):
The Role of Inflation Targeting in Debt Denomination in Developing Countries
Intungane, Doriane (Ryerson University):
A Cross-Country Analysis of the Necessity for Macroprudential Policy Coordination

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Session 3: Energy and Environmental Policies: Incentives and Outcomes / Énergie et politiques environnementales - Incitatifs et résultats
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PapersSchaufele, Brandon N. (Western University):
Politicians, Pollution and Performance in the Workplace: The Effect of PM on MPs
Rivers, Nicholas (University of Ottawa):
Gasoline Price and New Vehicle Fuel Efficiency: Evidence from Canada
Thivierge, Vincent (Canada's Ecofiscal Commission):
Provincial carbon pricing and competitiveness pressures: The case of cement trade
DiscussantsGoetz, Daniel (Princeton University); Leung, Danny (Statistics Canada); Najjar, Nouri (University of British Columbia)

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Games and Information / Jeux et information
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
Chairde Lamirande, Patrick (Cape Breton University)
PapersKim, Soo Jin (Michigan State University):
Privacy, Information Acquisition, and Vertical Integration
Xie, Erhao (University of Toronto):
Identifying Incomplete Information Games without Bayesian Nash Equilibrium
de Lamirande, Patrick (Cape Breton University):
Dynamic Collusion Under Delegation Supergame

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics II / Économie financière II
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairLim, Paul (University of Toronto)
PapersCimon, David (Bank of Canada):
Crowdfunding and Risk
Fazel, Ehsan (Concordia University):
The Concept of Market Efficiency in Commodity Futures Markets
Lim, Paul (University of Toronto):
Mortgage Securitization and Deposits

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Microeconometrics / Banque du Canada : Microéconométrie
OrganizerHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersChen, Heng (Bank of Canada):
The Mode is the Message: Analyzing Mode Effects via Past Survey Experience
Clair, Luc (McMaster University):
Probability-Weighted Nonparametric Conditional PDF Estimation
Messacar, Derek (Statistics Canada):
Intra-Household Labour Income Responses to Changes in Tax Rates among Older Workers
DiscussantsSloczynski, Tymon (Brandeis University); Webb, Matt (Carleton University); Yamaguchi, Shintaro (McMaster University)

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CHWEN/CWEN/CLEF Session: Families in China and Canada / Séance CHWEN-RFÉ-FCET: La famille en Chine et au Canada
OrganizersNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Ferrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersLao, Yehui (South China Normal University):
The Short Term and the Long Term Effects of Sibship Size: Evidence from China
Gu, Hejun (Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology):
Fertility, Female Labor Force Participation and Economic Growth in Transition Periods: An empirical study in urban China
Feng, Jin (Fudan University):
Retirement and Grandchild Care in Urban China

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle du PEF
OrganizerPringle, David J (Carleton University)
ChairPringle, David J (Carleton University)

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Statistics Canada's Education Longitudinal Linkage Platform / La plateforme de couplage longitudinal en éducation de Statistique Canada
OrganizerGauthier, Sylvie (Statistics Canada)
ChairBourbeau, Emmanuelle (Government of Canada)
PapersGauthier, Sylvie (Statistics Canada):
What is the Education Longitudinal Linkage Platform (ELLP)?
Mehta, Janm (Alberta Advanced Education):
Labour Market Premiums Associated with Post-Secondary Education in Alberta Using Linked Institution and Tax Data
Hinchley, Christine (Statistics Canada):
Postsecondary Education Student Pathway Indicator: Examples from a Pilot Project using Maritime University Data

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Welfare and Poverty / Protection sociale et pauvreté
OrganizersDellis, Arnaud (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Garon, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairAnderson, Gordon (University of Toronto)
PapersMascella, Allison (University of Waterloo):
Child Time and Income in Canadian Households
Dalkir, Mehmet (University of New Brunswick):
Distribution of Wealth, Redistribution, and Economic Growth
Anderson, Gordon (University of Toronto):
On Shrinking the Planner's Choice Set in Multiple Wellbeing Comparisons

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Sovereign Debt and Monetary Policy / Dette souveraine et politique monétaire
OrganizerDas, Anupam (Mount Royal University)
ChairAkram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial)
PapersDwyer, Allan (Mount Royal University):
Elections in Frontier Markets: Differential Sovereign Bond and Equity Market Premia During Periods Intense Internal Violence
Talukdar, Bidyut Kumar (Saint Mary's University):
Organization Capital and Optimal Monetary Policy Inertia
Akram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial):
The Economics of Helicopter Money
Das, Anupam (Mount Royal University):
What Drives Long-Term Government Bond Yields in Canada?
DiscussantsAkram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial); Sarker, Subrata (Bank of Canada); Talukdar, Bidyut Kumar (Saint Mary's University); Dwyer, Allan (Mount Royal University)

09:00-10:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
History of Economic Thought / Histoire de la pensée économique
ChairCross, Melvin (Dalhousie University)
PapersSampaio, Elias (Ministry of Planning, Development and Management of Brasil):
Celso Furtado: Tensions and Contradictions about the Manpower Problem in his Classical Book "Economic Formation of Brazil"
Cross, Melvin (Dalhousie University):
Arthur Hadley on Railroad Regulation, Competition, and Industry Policy
DiscussantsDimand, Robert W. (Brock University)

10:30-11:00Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

10:30-11:00Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Undergraduate Student Poster Session / Séance de présentation d'affiches d'étudiants

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Health / La santé
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairHongdilokkul, Natt (Simon Fraser University)
PapersAkude, Philip (University of Alberta):
Price Shocks and Child Health Outcomes: The Case of Cocoa Price Boom in Ghana
Sarkhel, Prasenjit (University of Kalyani/Virginia Tech):
Does In-premise Water reduce Open Defecation? Evidence from India
Christian, Cornelius (St. Francis Xavier University):
Can Cash Transfers Prevent Suicides? Experimental Evidence from Indonesia
Hongdilokkul, Natt (Simon Fraser University):
Welfare Analysis of the Universal Health Care Program in Thailand

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Labour / Le travail
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairKiendrebeogo, Youssouf (World Bank)
PapersDuplantier, Anne (Université de Sherbrooke):
La migration interne, levier de l'emploi des jeunes au Ghana ?
Kiendrebeogo, Youssouf (World Bank):
Why do some oil-rich countries perform better than others? Evidence from long run changes in child mortality and education attainment
DiscussantsNaito, Hisahiro (University of Tsukuba); Kiendrebeogo, Youssouf (World Bank); Duplantier, Anne (Université de Sherbrooke)

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Econometric Theory II / Théorie économétrique II
OrganizerJasiak, Joann (York University)
ChairLeo, Teng Wah (Saint Francis Xavier University)
PapersGodwin, Ryan (University of Manitoba):
Estimating the Size of Hidden Populations in Economics Using Truncated Count Data
Boucher, Vincent (Université Laval):
The Estimation of Network Formation Games with Positive Spillovers
Li, Fuchun (Bank of Canada):
Do Booms Must Result in Busts? Predicting House Price Corrections in Canadian Local Markets
DiscussantsLeo, Teng Wah (Saint Francis Xavier University); Godwin, Ryan (University of Manitoba); Boucher, Vincent (Université Laval)

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Natural Resources and the Macroeconomy / Ressources naturelles et macroéconomie
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairBehzadan, Nazanin (Ryerson University)
PapersBelem, Daouda (Université Laval):
Endogenous Oil Production and Fluctuations in a Closed Economy Framework
Peter, Jeffrey (University of Ottawa):
Provincial Differences in the Effects of Oil Shocks
Behzadan, Nazanin (Ryerson University):
Does Inequality Drive the Dutch Disease? Theory and Evidence

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Exchange Rates / Les taux de change
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
Chairvan Oordt, Maarten R.C. (Bank of Canada)
PapersHess, Kristina (Bank of Canada):
Understanding the Time-Variation in Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Import Prices
Zhao, Hong (McGill University):
International Currency, Trend Inflation, and Indeterminacy
van Oordt, Maarten R.C. (Bank of Canada):
On the Value of Virtual Currencies

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Access to Health Care / L'accès aux soins de santé
ChairSmith, Justin (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersOguzoglu, Umut (University of Manitoba):
How Far is Too Far? The Effect of Physician Relocation on Healthcare Utilisation and Health Outcomes
Gibson, Grant (McMaster University):
Oh Brother How Art Thou? Variation in Propensity to Report Unmet Need
Golo, Kossi Thomas (Université Laval):
Do Waiting Times Affect Health Outcomes? Evidence from Elective Surgeries in Quebec
DiscussantsWei, Lan (McMaster University); Basu, Kisalaya (Health Canada); Watt, Jenny (Queen's University)

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Inequality and Segregation / Inégalités et ségrégation
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairCorak, Miles (University of Ottawa)
PapersAkbari, Mahsa (Simon Fraser University):
Age of Leaving Parental Home, Future Incomes, and Intergenerational Mobility
Cornelson, Kirsten (University of Toronto):
Residential Segregation and Social Segregation by Race
Djabir, Twahibu Kambi (Government of Canada):
Intergenerational Mobility in Canada: New Evidence on Educational Mobility
Corak, Miles (University of Ottawa):
Divided Landscapes of Economic Opportunity: The Canadian Geography of Intergenerational Income Mobility

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets III: Issues on Employment / Marchés du travail III: L'emploi
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairLeonard, Phil (University of New Brunswick)
PapersBourbeau, Emmanuelle (Government of Canada):
La dynamique du marché du travail depuis la dernière récession
Murray, Alexander (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
The Effect of Import Competition on Employment in Canada: Evidence from the 'China Shock'
Leonard, Phil (University of New Brunswick):
Why did the "Great Recession" have no Impact on the Rate of Self Employment?: Evidence from Longitudinal Canadian Tax Data

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Education III: Externalities from Educational Markets / Éducation III: Marchés de l'éducation et effets externes
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairKalinina-Foltin, Zinaida (Western University)
PapersGong, Yifan (Western University):
The Consumption Value of College
Haisken-DeNew, John (University of Melbourne):
Unawareness and Selective Disclosure: The Effect of School Quality Information on Property Prices
Kalinina-Foltin, Zinaida (Western University):
Peer Effects in MBA Program
DiscussantsBennet, Susan (Government of Canada); Kalinina-Foltin, Zinaida (Western University); Gong, Yifan (Western University)

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Intellectual Property Rights / Les droits de propriété intellectuelle
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairSandoval Hernandez, Aldo (Western University)
PapersStoyanov, Andrey (York University):
Home Country Bias in the Legal System: Empirical Evidence from the Intellectual Property Rights Protection in Canada
Santilli, Diego (University of Ottawa):
The Impact of the Madrid Protocol on Canada's Trademark Activity
Sandoval Hernandez, Aldo (Western University):
New Exporter Dynamics: Learning and Self-Selection with Incomplete Information

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairTkacz, Greg (Saint Francis Xavier University)
SpeakerSwanson, Norman (Rutgers University)
TopicBig Data Analytics in Economics: What Have We Learned so Far, and Where Should We Go From Here?

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Special Lecture / Conférence spéciale d'Environnement et Changement climatique Canada
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairMacaluso, Nick (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
SpeakerFowlie, Meredith (University of California, Berkeley)
TopicField Experiments in Environmental Economics

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-PHELPS-RIIB: If I Could Change One Aspect of Canadian Competition Law or Policy / Si je pouvais changer un seul aspect des lois ou des politiques en matière de concurrence
OrganizersBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
Ross, Thomas W. (University of British Columbia)
ChairTombak, Mihkel (University of Toronto)
PanelistsWinter, Ralph (University of British Columbia)
Boyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
Duplantis, Renée (The Brattle Group)
Gunderson, Alan (Competition Bureau)

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Choice / Choix
OrganizersKimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University)
Moir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
ChairSarr, Ibrahima (Université Laval)
PapersVadovic, Radovan (Carleton University):
Free to Choose: Testing the Pure Motivation Effect of Autonomous Choice
Zrill, Lanny (Langara College):
Computational Difficulty and Stochastic Choice: An Experiment
Sarr, Ibrahima (Université Laval):
Correlation Neglect and Decision Making over Time

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Issues Related to Consumer Price Indices / Les indices des prix à la consommation
OrganizerBaldwin, Andy (Andrew Baldwin Consultants)
ChairYu, Kam (Lakehead University)
PapersBaldwin, Andy (Andrew Baldwin Consultants):
Why the Bank of Canada's Target Rate of Inflation Should Be Lowered Rather Than Raised
Astin, John (Royal Statistical Society):
What Should An Inflation Index Be Measuring?
Yu, Kam (Lakehead University):
Price Trends of Digital Consumer Products: The Case of Smartphone
DiscussantsMacEwen, Angella (Canadian Labour Congress)

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN Session: Disabilities and Public Policy / Séance du RFÉ: Les politiques publiques en matière de déficiences
OrganizerWelling, Linda A. (University of Victoria)
PapersTurner, Laura (University of Toronto):
Household Responses to Individual Shocks: Disability and Labor Supply
Welling, Linda A. (University of Victoria):
Choosing Life Together: Modelling Community among Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
Rana, Saeed (McMaster University):
On the Dynamics of the Ontario Disability Support Program
DiscussantsChen, Kelly (Boise State University); Burton, Peter S (Dalhousie University); Turner, Laura (University of Toronto)

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Panel: New Research on Economic Transformation in Canada / Table ronde du PEF: Les recherches récentes sur les transformations économiques au Canada
OrganizerAquanno, Scott (University of Toronto)
ChairMacLean, Brian K. (Laurentian University)
PanelistsAquanno, Scott (University of Toronto)
Prange-Martin, Laurie A. (Aalborg University)
Sepulveda, Edgardo (Sepulveda Consulting Inc)
Southway, Nigel (TBM Advocate)

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS: Trends in Well-Being in Canada / Les tendances en matière de bien-être au Canada
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
ChairRiddell, W. Craig (University of British Columbia)
PapersOsberg, Lars (Dalhousie University):
Canada's Middle Class -- Forever Further Behind?
Beard, Richard (University of Ottawa):
The Inclusion of Natural Resource Wealth in the Index of Economic Well-being: Results for OECD Countries, 1980-2013
Sharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
The Human Development Index in Canada: Ranking the Provinces and Territories Internationally, 2000-2015
DiscussantsCurtis, Lori (University of Waterloo); May, Douglas (Memorial University of Newfoundland); Anderson, Gordon (University of Toronto)

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Mechanism Design / Conception de mécanismes
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairSemenov, Aggey (University of Ottawa)
PapersCheng, Qingqing (Concordia University):
Optimal Majority Rule in Referenda
Maslov, Alexander (Carleton University):
Second-Price Auctions and Finite Posted Prices
Semenov, Aggey (University of Ottawa):
Common Agency Equilibria with Direct Mechanisms and Discrete Types

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Corporate Finance / Le financement des entreprises
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairErdemir, Aytac (Nibio)
PapersAnglin, Paul (University of Guelph):
How do CEO Political Leanings Affect REIT Business Decisions?
Chippin, Daniel (University of Toronto):
Large Shareholders in Corporate Votes: A Strategic Voting Approach
Vamossy, Domonkos (University of Pittsburgh):
An Event Study Approach for Capturing Investor Sentiment
Erdemir, Aytac (Nibio):
Mandatory Inclusion of Female Directors on Corporate Boards

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Local Labour Markets / Les marchés du travail locaux
OrganizersMarchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
Serafinelli, Michel (University of Toronto)
ChairMarchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
PapersChan, Jeff (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Do Labour Market Institutions Exacerbate or Ameliorate Import Shocks?
Boudribila, Youssef (ESDC):
Occupational and Regional Aspects of Job Search and Matching in Canada
Wong, Po Yin (Norwegian School of Economics):
Weather Shocks and Gender Gap in Labor Supply Elasticities
Tyndall, Justin (University of British Columbia):
Going Nowhere Fast: Urban Mobility and Employment Outcomes

11:00-12:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Canadian Development in the Long Run / RCHE: Le développement du Canada à long terme
OrganizerKeay, Ian (Queen's University)
ChairEmery, J C Herbert (University of New Brunswick)
PapersDavies, James B. (Western University):
Filling the Gap: Examining Canadian Wealth Inequality Over the Long Run
Dorval, Bill (Queen's University):
Manufacturing and Credit Ratings in Late Nineteenth Century Canada
Keay, Ian (Queen's University):
Do Infant Industries Mature? Canadian Trade Patterns and Trade Policy, 1870-1913
DiscussantsEmery, J C Herbert (University of New Brunswick); Lewis, Joshua (Université de Montréal); Alexander, Patrick (Bank of Canada)

12:30-14:00Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Lunch / lunch

12:30-14:15Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Purvis Lunch / Dîner Purvis
ChairRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerDi Tella, Rafael (Harvard University)
TopicPopulism and the Charm of Incompetent Politicians

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Conflict / Les conflits
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairKarim, Ridwan (University of Toronto)
PapersAnwar, Amar (Cape Breton University):
Do Natural Disasters Aggravate Terrorist Activity in South Asia?
Torres, Javier (Universidad del Pacifico):
Effects of Runoff Voting Rules on Number of Parties, Fiscal Balance and Candidates' Years of Education: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Peru
Karim, Ridwan (University of Toronto):
Electoral Reform, Clientelism and Health Outcomes in Brazil

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Finance / Finance
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairVoia, Marcel-Cristian (Carleton University)
PapersZhou, Shiqu (Simon Fraser University):
Repeated Loans, Enforcement and Learning
Voia, Marcel-Cristian (Carleton University):
Financial Development and the Duration of Banking Crise

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Macroeconometrics / Macroéconométrie
OrganizerJasiak, Joann (York University)
ChairSaunders, Charles (Western University)
PapersChernis, Tony (Bank of Canada):
A Three-Frequency Dynamic Factor Model for Nowcasting Canadian Provincial GDP growth
Koroglu, Mustafa (University of Guelph):
Growth and debt: An Endogenous smooth coefficient approach
Vigie, Thomas (Simon Fraser University):
What Can We Learn from Combining Euler Equations ?
DiscussantsVigie, Thomas (Simon Fraser University); Chernis, Tony (Bank of Canada); Koroglu, Mustafa (University of Guelph)

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Monetary Policy II / GCEM: Politique monétaire II
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairAlpanda, Sami (University of Central Florida)
PapersRobitaille, Marie-Noëlle (Bank of Canada):
Output Gaps and Inflation
Hasanzadeh, Samira (Carleton University):
Interest rates and Capacity Utilization: An Empircal Assessment
Alpanda, Sami (University of Central Florida):
Household Debt Overhang and Transmission of Monetary Policy

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Productivity III / GCEM: Productivité III
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairYip, Terry (McMaster University)
PapersBento, Pedro (University of Toronto):
Competition, Innovation, and the Number of Firms
Sohail, Faisal (Washington University in St. Louis):
Firm Dynamics and the Small Firm Effect
Yip, Terry (McMaster University):
Productivity, Political Economy, and Intellectual Property Rights

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Empirical Health Economics I / Économie empirique de la santé I
ChairOguzoglu, Umut (University of Manitoba)
PapersWard, Courtney (Dalhousie University):
Health Policy in the Face of Heterogeneous Externalities: The Case of Influenza Vaccination
Li, Ning (Rutgers University):
Health Shocks and Household Labor Supply: Instantaneous and Adaptive Behavior of an Aging Workforce
Isabelle, Maripier (University of Toronto):
Less for More: The Impact of Targeted Financial Incentives on Physicians' Practice Diversification and Labour Supply

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets IV: Skills, Wages and Matching / Marchés du travail IV: Compétences, salaires et concordance
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairYamaguchi, Shintaro (McMaster University)
PapersGuo, Liang (Concordia University):
A Structural Analysis of Wage Effects of Temporary Schooling Interruption
Park, Youngmin (Bank of Canada):
Earnings Dynamics and Returns to Skills
Siow, Aloysius (University of Toronto):
Occupational Choice and Matching in the Labor Market

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Education IV: Paying for Education / Éducation IV: Payer pour s'instruire
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairXie, Xiaodi (Government of Canada)
PapersMang, Colin (Government of Canada):
The Impact of Tuition Fee Increases on the Demand for Liberal and Vocational University Programs
Wang, Linda (University of Toronto):
How Student Financial Aid Affects Retention in the Canadian Post-secondary Education System
Xie, Xiaodi (Government of Canada):
Education, Information-Processing Skills and the Use of Employment Insurance

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Frictional Markets and Liquidity / Banque du Canada : Marchés frictionnels et liquidités
OrganizerDavoodalhosseini, Mohammad (Bank of Canada)
ChairDavoodalhosseini, Mohammad (Bank of Canada)
PapersSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University):
A Macroeconomic Theory of Banking Oligopoly
Choi, Bong Geun (University of Chicago):
Does Financial Innovation Increase Inequality?: A Competitive Search Approach
Davoodalhosseini, Mohammad (Bank of Canada):
Inventory Risk and Market Liquidity
DiscussantsMacGee, Jim (Western University); Davis, Andrew (Acadia University)

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Policy and Trade in Theory / Commerce et politiques - Théorie
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairSmith, Arthur (Boston University)
PapersChisik, Richard (Ryerson University):
International Trade and Labor Market Discrimination
Dluhosch, Barbara (Helmut Schmidt University / University FAF Hamburg):
Clubbing in Trade Policies: How Much a Threat to Multilateral Governance?
Smith, Arthur (Boston University):
Training for the Future: Firm and Worker Responses to Trade Liberalization

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairOsberg, Lars (Dalhousie University)
SpeakerSnowberg, Erik (University of British Columbia)
TopicEconographics: The Foundations of Economic Behaviour

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Commodity Prices / Les prix des produits de base
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairSpiewanowski, Piotr (Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences)
PapersNtantamis, Christos (Dalhousie University):
Synchronization of Cycles in Commodity Prices
Williams, Olayinka (Imperial College):
The Welfare Effects of Strategic Storage Use in Deregulated Electricity Markets
Spiewanowski, Piotr (Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences):
Exogenous Supply Shocks and Commodity Prices: Evidence from Potash Mine Disasters

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Research from the Productivity Partnership / Recherche de la Partenariat productivité
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairBrown, Mark (Statistics Canada)
PapersSkogstad, Karl (Lakehead University):
A Half-Century of Stagnation: Labour Productivity in Ontario's Gold Mining Industry
Spencer, Byron Grant (McMaster University):
What Rates of Productivity Growth Would Be Required to Offset the Effects of Population Aging? A Study of Twenty Industrialised Countries
De Fuentes, Claudia (Saint Mary's University):
Effect Of Policy Incentives And The Geography Of Exports To Foster Innovation In Canadian Firms.
DiscussantsGu, Wulong (Statistics Canada); Petrunia, Robert (Lakehead University); Acharya, Ram (Industry Canada)

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Competitive Strategies / Les stratégies concurrentielles
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairWang, Xiaoting (Acadia University)
PapersMcLeod, Alexander (Queen's University):
Competitive Implicit Contracts with Sticky Regular and Sale Prices
Song, Yang (University of Calgary):
Price Matching and Strategic Investment in Advertising
Wang, Xiaoting (Acadia University):
Flow-Performance Relationship and Risk-Taking Behaviour in Mutual Fund Tournaments

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Risk and Risk Management / Risque et gestion du risque
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairRodriguez Rondon, Gabriel (Bank of Canada)
PapersLee, Minjoon (Carleton University):
Forced Retirement Risk and Portfolio Choice
Duprey, Thibaut (Bank of Canada):
How to Predict Financial Stress? An Assessment of Markov Switching Models
Pysarenko, Sergiy (University of Guelph):
A Blended Portfolio Construction Technique using Fundamentals and the Markowitz Mean-Variance Methodology
Rodriguez Rondon, Gabriel (Bank of Canada):
Operational Disruptions in Payments Systems

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Empirical Models Using Canadian Payments Data / Banque du Canada : Modèles empiriques et données canadiennes sur les paiements
OrganizerChapman, James (Bank of Canada)
ChairChapman, James (Bank of Canada)
PapersChapman, James (Bank of Canada):
The Bank of Canada's Exposure to Default Risk in Canada's Large Value Transfer System
Sabetti, Leonard (Payments Canada):
Assessing Credit Risk in the Automated Clearing Settlement System
Galbraith, John W (McGill University):
Tall Data from the Payments System: Nowcasting and Event Studies with the ACSS and LVTS

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN Session: Financial Flows in Small Open Economies / Séance du RFÉ: Les flux financiers dans les petites économies ouvertes
OrganizerNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
ChairNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersRaghavan, Mala (University of Tasmania):
Macro-Financial Effects of Portfolio Flows: Malaysia's Experience
Pasricha, Gurnain (Bank of Canada):
Policy Rules for Capital Controls
DiscussantsDjeutem, Edouard (Simon Fraser University); Claus, Edda (Wilfrid Laurier University)

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
IRPP Lecture: Towards More Inclusive Canadian Trade Policy - Overview Presentation of an Interdisciplinary, Multi-Year Research Initiative / Séance de l'IRPP: Vers une politique commerciale canadienne plus inclusive
OrganizerTapp, Stephen (Institute for Research on Public Policy)
ChairTapp, Stephen (Institute for Research on Public Policy)
PapersTapp, Stephen (Institute for Research on Public Policy):
Canadian Trade Policy at a Crossroads: Navigating New Global Realities
DiscussantsTombe, Trevor (University of Calgary); Doyle, Diana (OECD)

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-PEF Panel: Investment in Children: Driver of the Future Living Standards of Canadians / Table ronde CSLS-PEF: Les investissements en faveur des enfants, moteur du niveau de vie des Canadiens dans l'avenir
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
ChairFortin, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PanelistsCleveland, Gordon (University of Toronto Scarborough)
Ivanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
Milligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia)
Murphy, Doug (Employment and Social Development Canada)
Phipps, Shelley (Dalhousie University)

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Policy / Politiques publiques
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairFellows, Garret Kent (University of Calgary)
PapersKeutiben Njopmouo, Octave (Université de Moncton):
Dismantling a State Monopoly: Insights from Theory
You, Jong (Algoma University):
The Economics of Nature: Constrained Dynamic Optimization in Nature
Fellows, Garret Kent (University of Calgary):
Making an Impact or Playing with Models? Factor Supply Assumptions in Input-Output and CGE Models

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Public Policies / Les politiques publiques
OrganizersDellis, Arnaud (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Garon, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairLavecchia, Adam M. (University of Toronto)
PapersCao, Zhan (Tongji University):
Extending Retirement Age and Increasing Consumption
Hashmi, Sarmad (Yokohama National University):
Effect of Public Policy on Low-income Housing in Pakistan
Lavecchia, Adam M. (University of Toronto):
Minimum Wage Policy with One- and Two-Person Households
DiscussantsRobinson, Baxter (University of Toronto); Craig, Andrea (Queen's University); Brett, Craig (Mount Allison University)

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMHC Session: Prices, Income and Indebtedness in Housing Markets / Prix, revenus et endettement dans les marchés de l'habitation
OrganizerDeschamps-Laporte, Jean-Philippe (Örebro University - CMHC)
ChairDeschamps-Laporte, Jean-Philippe (Örebro University - CMHC)
PapersBasiri, Kiana (HEC Montréal - CMHC):
Income Falsification on Mortgage Applications: Evidence From Canadian Housing Market
Deschamps-Laporte, Jean-Philippe (Örebro University - CMHC):
Examination of the Housing Wealth Effect in British Columbia
ab Iorwerth, Aled (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
Looking At The Drivers Of Higher Home Prices In Select Canadian Cities
Bonen, Anthony (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
Assessing the Drivers of Housing Prices in Major Urban Centres: A Mixed Effects Approach

14:15-15:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Long Run Evidence and Analysis Based on Historical Documents / RCHE: Démonstrations à long terme et analyses fondées sur des documents historiques
OrganizerKeay, Ian (Queen's University)
ChairKeay, Ian (Queen's University)
PapersFeir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria):
The Destruction of the Bison, Treaty Making, and Reversal of Fortunes on the Great Plains
Dimand, Robert W. (Brock University):
19th Century US Foreign Trade as Seen from Postal Data
DiscussantsDorval, Bill (Queen's University); Sugden, Roger (University of British Columbia)

15:45-16:15Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

15:45-17:15Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
undergraduate Student Poster Session / Séance de présentation d'affiches d'étudiants

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: First Nations / Les Premières Nations
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairFeir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria)
PapersLamb, Laura (Thompson Rivers University):
Does Cultural Attachment Promote Wellbeing for Canada's Indigenous Population?
Rice, Derek (University of Ottawa):
The Impact of Education Decentralization on High School Attendance and Completion: Evidence from First Nation Education Self-Government Agreements in Canada
Jones, Maggie (Queen's University):
Culture and the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital
DiscussantsSchirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University); Matheson, Jesse (University of Leicester); Semenov, Aggey (University of Ottawa)

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Remittances/Development / Envois de fonds/Développement
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairAkhter, Tahsina (University of Ottawa)
PapersChowdhury, Mohammad (Carleton University):
Who Remits and Why? The Case of Bangladesh
Abdullah, Md (University of Manitoba):
Does FDI Promote Domestic Investment? Evidence From Panel Data Methods
Rose Taylor, Sara (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Working out the Kinks: Statistical Constraints and Millennium Development Goal Evaluation
Akhter, Tahsina (University of Ottawa):
The Use of Remittances on Household Non-Food Expenditures: The Case of Bangladesh

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Panel and Space-Time Data / Panel et données espace-temps
OrganizerJasiak, Joann (York University)
ChairGodwin, Ryan (University of Manitoba)
PapersCharles Olivier, Mao Takongmo (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Measuring Granger Causality in Data Rich Environment
Saunders, Charles (Western University):
Space-Time Autoregressive Models
Kolobadia Ada, Nayihouba (Université de Montréal):
Regularization approach to LIML estimator of dynamic panel data model
DiscussantsKolobadia Ada, Nayihouba (Université de Montréal); Charles Olivier, Mao Takongmo (Université du Québec à Montréal); Saunders, Charles (Western University)

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Fiscal Policy / Politique budgétaire
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairIlori, Ayobami (University of Sheffield)
PapersRestout, Romain (Université de Lorraine):
Imperfect Mobility of Labor across Sectors and Fiscal Transmission
Gauvin-Coulombe, Raphaelle (Queen's University):
Fiscal Policy, Government Ideology, and Economic Activity: New Evidence for OECD Countries
Arbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor):
Welfare Implications of AEoI
Ilori, Ayobami (University of Sheffield):
Tales of Two Countries: Cross-Border Fiscal Spillovers and Global Asset Market Participation
DiscussantsIlori, Ayobami (University of Sheffield); Arbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor); Gauvin-Coulombe, Raphaelle (Queen's University)

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Financial Frictions and Business Cycles / GCEM: Frictions financières et cycles économiques
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairSalimibeni, Yasin (HEC Montréal)
PapersEl Ramli, Shadi (Concordia University):
Race of shocks, the role of financial shocks in the Great Recession.
Moran, Kevin (Université Laval):
Financial Frictions in Macroeconomic Modelling: A Bayesian Evaluation
Salimibeni, Yasin (HEC Montréal):
On the Propagation and Amplification of Credit Shocks: The Role of Information Asymmetry

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CHESG: Empirical Health Economics II / Économie empirique de la santé II
ChairWatson, Barry (University of New Brunswick)
PapersEbeid, Mohamed (University of Manitoba):
The Impact of Children Onset Type I Diabetes on Educational Attainment and Labor Market Outcomes in Early Adulthood
Thomas, Stephanie (McMaster University):
A Standardized Method for the Evaluation of Adherence to Practice Guidelines
Alizadehsadrdaneshpour, Mina (University of Manitoba):
A Dynamic Analysis of Diabetes and Employment in Canada

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Education V: Skills and Educational Achievement / Éducation V: Compétences et réussite scolaire
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairO'Gorman, Melanie (University of Winnipeg)
PapersBennet, Susan (Government of Canada):
The Importance of Non-Cognitive Skills and Gender in Determining High School Performance and Post-Secondary Participation
Bouaissa, Mohsen (Human Resources and Social Development Canada):
The Decline in Literacy and Numeracy Skills of Canadians between 2003 and 2012: Illusory or Real?
O'Gorman, Melanie (University of Winnipeg):
Understanding Educational Achievement in Inuit Nunangat: An Analysis of the Aboriginal Peoples Survey

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Effect of Government Programs on Labour Markets / L'effet des programmes gouvernementaux sur le marché du travail
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairBecerra, Oscar (University of British Columbia)
PapersArcila-Vasquez, Andres Mauricio (University of Waterloo):
On the Job Quality in Canada
Morin, Lucie (Employment and Social Development Canada):
EI and Labour Market Displacement
Adams, Jason (Queen's University):
Social Assistance Spells And Training Program Efficacy: Evidence From Ontario Works
Becerra, Oscar (University of British Columbia):
Labor Demand Responses to Payroll Taxes in an Economy with Wage Rigidity: Evidence from Colombia

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets V: Wages and Occupations / Marchés du travail V: Salaires et emplois
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairCote, Louis-David (Government of Canada)
PapersGao, Hang (University of Waterloo):
How the Market Rewards Academic Economists: Panel data evidence from Ontario
Belley, Philippe (Kansas State University):
The Returns to Work Experience and Occupational Tasks of Mothers
Cote, Louis-David (Government of Canada):
Determinants of Wages in Canada: an Analysis by Occupation and Province

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Exchange Rates / Les taux de change
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairIbn Boamah, Mustapha (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
PapersMnasri, Ayman (Queen's University):
Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Monetary Policy: A Competitive Search Approach
Mohsin, Mohammed (The University of Tennessee):
Exchange Rate-Based Inflation Stabilization: A General Approach
Djeutem, Edouard (Simon Fraser University):
Commodity Currencies: Wealth Effects and FX Movements from Commodity Price Changes
Ibn Boamah, Mustapha (University of New Brunswick Saint John):
Real interest parity: A case of three trade blocs

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada Fellowship Special Lecture / Conférence de la Banque du Canada / Programme de bourses de recherche
ChairChapman, James (Bank of Canada)
SpeakerLemieux, Thomas (University of British Columbia)
TopicMiddle-Class Wages in Canada and the United States

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Climate Policy / Politiques climatiques
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairLeach, Andrew (University of Alberta)
PapersKollenbach, Gilbert (University of Hagen):
Climate Policy and the Green Paradox: Extraction Costs matter
Ahmadi, Younes (University of Calgary):
How Effective Are Carbon Taxes in Reducing Emissions? Evidence from the Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax in British Columbia, Canada
Leach, Andrew (University of Alberta):
Optimal finite resource royalties in the presence of priced externalities
DiscussantsLeach, Andrew (University of Alberta); Rivers, Nicholas (University of Ottawa); Kollenbach, Gilbert (University of Hagen)

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
APEC Panel: Measuring the Cost of Barriers to Interprovincial Trade and Labour Mobility / Table ronde du CEPA : Mesurer le coût des obstacles au commerce interprovincial et à la mobilité de la main-d'oeuvre
OrganizerChaundy, David (Atlantic Provinces Economic Council)
ChairPoschmann, Finn (Atlantic Provinces Economic Council)
PanelistsTombe, Trevor (University of Calgary)
Brown, Mark (Statistics Canada)
Amirault, David (Bank of Canada)
Chaundy, David (Atlantic Provinces Economic Council)

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Assorted / Divers
OrganizersKimbrough, Erik (Simon Fraser University)
Moir, Robert (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
ChairLacroix, Guy (Université Laval)
PapersChilds, Jason (University of Regina):
Economic Behaviour of Civil Servants
Pulido, Diego (McGill University):
An Experimental Test of the Role of Human Capital on Portfolio Choice
Lacroix, Guy (Université Laval):
Gender and Peer Effects in Social Networks
McLean-Mckay, Marcie (Financial Consumer Agency of Canada):
Initiating Budgeting Behaviour among Non-Budgeters: A Financial Literacy Pilot Conducted through the Carrot Rewards Mobile Application

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Market Structure and Firm Behaviour / Structure des marchés et comportement des entreprises
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairYimga, Jules (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)
PapersRay Chaudhuri, Amrita (University of Winnipeg):
Mergers in Nonrenewable Resource Oligopolies and Environmental Policies
Ebrahimi, Pouya (HEC Montreal):
Tax-Efficient Strategies for a Multi-Plant Monopoly
Saberianranjbar, Fatemeh (University of Ottawa):
Market Structure and the Electoral Power of Special Interest Groups
Yimga, Jules (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University):
How Much do Consumers Really Value Air travel On-time Performance, and to What Extent are Airlines Motivated to Improve their On-time Performance?

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Keynote Address / Conférence principale du PEF
OrganizerPringle, David J (Carleton University)
ChairPringle, David J (Carleton University)
SpeakerMcAllister, Ian (Dalhousie University)
TopicFrom Disaster Relief to Development?

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Micro Theory / Théorie micro
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairFoltin, Peter (Western University)
PapersZhang, Chi (Boston University):
Social Network Of Indirect Favor Exchange
Barnett, Richard (Drexel University):
The Fight-or-Flight Response to the Joneses
Foltin, Peter (Western University):
Asymmetric War: Why do the Weak Fight the Strong?

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Taxation / L'imposition
OrganizersDellis, Arnaud (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Garon, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairBrett, Craig (Mount Allison University)
PapersGross, Till (Carleton University):
Residence-based Capital Taxation in Open Economies with Infinitely-lived Dynasties
Dodds, Stefan A. (University of Winnipeg):
Differential Tax-transfer Salience and the Timing of Rebates
Brett, Craig (Mount Allison University):
Probabilistic Voting Over Nonlinear Income Taxes with International Migration

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
AEDSB: Empirical Evidence of Development Paradigms / AEEDB: Données empiriques sur les paradigmes de développement
OrganizersChowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of New Brunswick)
Reza, Abeer (Bank of Canada)
ChairAkram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial)
PapersAziz, Md Nusrate (Algoma University):
Armed Conflict, Military expenses and FDI inflow
Mozumder, Pallab (Florida International University):
Vulnerability to Environmental Hazards and Internal Migration in Bangladesh
Alam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University):
Inclusion of Artisans in Global Production Chain: The Case of Entry of Jamdani and Jute Diversified Products (JDP) from Bangladesh to Canadian Market
DiscussantsDouch, Mohamed (Royal Military College); Islam, Shahidul (Grant MacEwan University); Eskander, Shaikh Muhammed (Carleton University)

16:15-17:45Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Urban-Centered Development in the Long Run / RCHE: Le développement axé sur la ville à long terme
OrganizerKeay, Ian (Queen's University)
ChairSkogstad, Karl (Lakehead University)
PapersLewis, Joshua (Université de Montréal):
The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire and the Long-Run Impact on European Cities
Sugden, Roger (University of British Columbia):
Economic Development of Interior British Columbia: A Case Study of Income and Wages in the Okanagan, 1911 - 1921
DiscussantsChristian, Cornelius (St. Francis Xavier University); Skogstad, Karl (Lakehead University)

18:00-19:15Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Presidential Address / Discours de la présidente de l'ACE
ChairWoolley, Frances (Carleton University)
SpeakerGallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)
TopicDo Patents Work? Thickets, Trolls and Antibiotic Resistance

19:30-22:30Saturday, June 3, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Lobster Banquet / Repas de homard
SponsorAnalysis Group

06:30-08:30Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Breakfast / Petit déjeuner

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN: Mentoring Breakfast for Junior Economists / RFÉ : Déjeuner-mentorat pour les jeunes économistes
OrganizersCompton, Janice (University of Manitoba)
Gugl, Elisabeth (University of Victoria)
ChairsNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Compton, Janice (University of Manitoba)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Business Cycles and Labour Markets / GCEM: Cycles économiques et marchés du travail
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairLeyva, Gustavo (Banco de Mexico)
PapersDavis, Andrew (Acadia University):
Business Cycles and Movement Between Labour Markets in a Multi-Sector Economy
Pollak, Andreas (University of Saskatchewan):
Wage Setting and the Business Cycle
Leyva, Gustavo (Banco de Mexico):
Against All Odds: Job Search During the Great Recession

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade Agreements and Comparative Advantage / Accords commerciaux et avantage comparatif
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairPulido, José (University of British Columbia)
PapersNken, Moïse (Ryerson University):
On the Role of Free Trade Agreements under Bound MFN Tariffs
Najjar, Nouri (University of British Columbia):
How do Manufacturers Respond to Environmental Regulation? Plant-Level Evidence from Canada.
Pulido, José (University of British Columbia):
Intra and Inter-Industry Misallocation and Comparative Advantage

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Political Economy / Économie politique
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairAnnen, Kurt (University of Guelph)
PapersKouamé, Wilfried Anicet (Université de Sherbrooke):
Demand or Supply Side of Corruption: What drives firms' tax evasion in developing countries?
Azad, Kalam (University of Ottawa):
Migration and Democracy
Annen, Kurt (University of Guelph):
Why Aid-to-GDP Ratios?

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Productivity Partnership Data School I: Applications of Firm-Level Data in Canada / Travailler sur des données I: Les applications des données au niveau des entreprises au Canada
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairChernoff, Alex (Bank of Canada)
PanelistsHoule, Stephanie (McMaster University)
Amundsen, Alexander (McGill University)
Cardoso, Miguel (Western University)
Ozdemir, Gorkem (HEC Montréal)
Salimibeni, Yasin (HEC Montréal)
De Fuentes, Claudia (Saint Mary's University)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Industry Studies / Études sectorielles
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairChehab Eddine, Nour (Bank of Canada)
PapersMin, Hyeck Ki (University of Alberta):
Market Power and Generating Unit Outage Timing: The Evidence from Alberta's Electricity Market
Lewis, Brian (Ministry of Finance):
Ontario's Housing Market (Partly) Explained
Chehab Eddine, Nour (Bank of Canada):
Competitive Dynamics in the Canadian Retail Sector

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics III / Économie financière III
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairPringle, David J (Carleton University)
PapersEmmanuel, Dieu-Donne Donald (University of Ottawa):
Campaign Contribution and Risk-Taking in the Financial Sector
Roberts, Tom (Bank of Canada):
The Cointegration of Stock Prices and Earnings, and the Early-Warning of Corrections in Equity Markets
Pringle, David J (Carleton University):
Do "Mergers of Equals" between Banks Contribute to Riskier Behavior by the Consolidated Banks?

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Monetary Policy and the Financial Sector / Banque du Canada : Politique monétaire et secteur financier
OrganizerCarter, Tom (Bank of Canada)
ChairCarter, Tom (Bank of Canada)
PapersVan der Ghote, Alejandro (Princeton University):
Coordinating Monetary and Financial Regulatory Policies
Ghossoub, Edgar (University of Texas at San Antonio):
Commercial Banks, Credit Unions, and Monetary Policy
Shukayev, Malik (University of Alberta):
Monetary Policy Trade-Offs between Financial Stability and Price Stability
Nuguer, Victoria (IADB):
Tight Money-Tight Credit: Coordination Failure in the Conduct of Monetary and Financial Policies

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Assorted / Divers
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairQuinton, Justin (Queen's University)
PapersAgbola, Peter (Saint Mary's University):
Analysis of Import Demand for Seaweed and its extract in the Americas: An Application of Heteroscedasticity Corrected Panel Estimation
Geleta, Solomon (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
On Using Deliberative/Citizens' Juries Approach to Measure Preference Heterogeneity within Choice Experiment Surveys: Valuing Watershed Protection
Eskander, Shaikh Muhammed (Carleton University):
Adaptive Capacity of SMEs, and (Mal)adaptation to Climate Change: Evidence from Kenya and Senegal
Galay, Gregory (University of Guelph):
Crude oil spatial pricing dynamics: a cointegration approach
Quinton, Justin (Queen's University):
Correcting for Endogeneity and Assessing Scale Sensitivity in Contingent Valuation Studies

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Growth / La croissance
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairRehme, Guenther (TU Darmstadt)
PapersOlfati, Ronak (University of Bradford):
The Natural Resources Curse and Economic Growth: The Impact of Oil Revenue on Iran's Economic Growth
Wibe, Jacob (Edison Innovation Foundation):
The Impact of Edison: Thomas Edison's Contribution to Economic Growth
Rehme, Guenther (TU Darmstadt):
`Love of Wealth' and Economic Growth

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Economic Theory / Théorie économique
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairPeng, Baochun (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
PapersViianto, Lari Arthur (Universidad de Guanajuato):
Simulating Association Formation by Network Search: Application to Japanese Nonprofit Organizations
Morault, Pauline (Aix-Marseille School of Economics):
Arranged Marriage: When Families Get Involved in the Marriage Market
Peng, Baochun (Hong Kong Polytechnic University):
Is Meritocracy Fair?
DiscussantsAnglin, Paul (University of Guelph)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Regional Policies / Les politiques régionales
OrganizersDellis, Arnaud (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Garon, Jean-Denis (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairMartinez-Espineira, Roberto (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
PapersIslam, Shahidul (Grant MacEwan University):
The Response of Government Spending to Resource Revenue Shocks: The Case of Alberta
Hatcher, Martin (Cape Breton University):
The Economic Effects of the Dissolution of the Former Town of Canso
Martínez Espiñeira, Roberto (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
Public Policies to Reduce the Risk of Mortality for Moose-Vehicle Collisions in Newfoundland: A Distributional Incidence Analysis
DiscussantsHickey, Ross (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus); Tyndall, Justin (University of British Columbia); Witte, Caroline (Erasmus School of Economics)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Returns to Education II / Rendements de l'éducation II
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairVoia, Marcel-Cristian (Carleton University)
PapersGupta, Samarth (Boston University):
What Makes a Good Manager?: Evidence from an Insurance Firm in India
Voia, Marcel-Cristian (Carleton University):
Immigrant Earnings Returns to Post-Migration Education: Evidence for Canada by Admission Category, 1999-2013

10:00-10:30Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CEA/ACEA State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairGunderson, Alan (Competition Bureau)
SpeakerBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
TopicChallenges and Pitfalls in Competition Policy Implementation

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Productivity Partnership Data School II: Improved Access to Economic Microdata in Canada / Travailler sur des données II: Un meilleur accès aux microdonnées au Canada
OrganizersCheng, Franco (Ontario Ministry of Finance)
Veall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairSpencer, Byron Grant (McMaster University)
PanelistsLewis, Brian (Ministry of Finance)
Leung, Danny (Statistics Canada)
Storring, Thomas (Nova Scotia Department of Finance and Treasury Board)
Lacroix, Guy (Université Laval)
McDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Literacy and Individual Investors / Littératie financière et investisseurs individuels
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairMaynard, Alex (University of Guelph)
PapersKalmi, Panu (University of Vaasa):
Gender Gap in Financial Literacy: Evidence from Finland
Robertson, Adriana (Yale School of Management):
From the Horse's Mouth: What Matters to Individual Investors
Maynard, Alex (University of Guelph):
Long-Horizon Stock Valuation and Return Forecasts Conditional on Demographic Projections
DiscussantsMaynard, Alex (University of Guelph); Kalmi, Panu (University of Vaasa); Robertson, Adriana (Yale School of Management)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CWEN Panel: The Tyranny of Distance / Table ronde du RFÉ: La tyrannie de la distance
OrganizerNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
ChairNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PanelistsWelling, Linda A. (University of Victoria)
Cyrus, Teresa (Dalhousie University)
Raghavan, Mala (University of Tasmania)
Nicholas, Joseline (Wilfrid Laurier University)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Oil Price Shocks / Les chocs des prix pétroliers
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairEllwanger, Reinhard (Bank of Canada)
PapersAlexander, Patrick (Bank of Canada):
U.S. Consumer Responses to the 2014-2015 Oil Price Shock: Evidence from the Consumer Expenditure Survey
Kakeu, Johnson (Morehouse College):
Capital-Resource Economies Under Recursive Preferences
Ellwanger, Reinhard (Bank of Canada):
What Caused the 2014-2015 Oil Price Drop? A Tale of Prices and Quantities

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Capital Flows and FDI / Flux de capitaux et investissements étrangers directs
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairWajda, Joanna (Centre for International Governance Innovation)
PapersHajzler, Chris (Bank of Canada):
Expropriation Risk and FDI in Developing Countries: Does Return of Capital Dominate Return on Capital?
Darku, Alexander Bilson (University of Lethbridge):
Economic Openness, Sovereign Debt, and Debt Crisis: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Wajda, Joanna (Centre for International Governance Innovation):
The Network Properties of Capital Flows: How Connected is the Global Financial System?

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Macroeconomic Issues in Developing Economies / GCEM: Questions macroéconomiques et économies en développement
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairSchroth, Josef (Bank of Canada)
PapersRahman, Md Mahbubur (McMaster University):
The Rise and Fall of Q - A Tale of India's Relative Price of Investment
Scarlett, Hubert (University of Manitoba):
Transmission of U.S. Economic Shocks to Jamaica's Economy
Schroth, Josef (Bank of Canada):
Capital Flows to Developing Countries: Is there an Allocation Puzzle?

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
Teams and Information / Équipes et information
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairHaisken-DeNew, John (University of Melbourne)
PapersSadanand, Asha (University of Guelph):
Optimal Team Composition
Gilraine, Michael (University of Toronto):
Identifying Skill Formation with Multi-dimensional Regression Discontinuity Designs
Devereux, Kevin (University of Toronto):
Estimating Own and Collaborative Skills in Team Production: The Case of Professional Tennis

12:00-13:00Sunday, June 4, 2017Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ACE


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