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Information for Exhibitors

DATES: June 1 to June 3, 2018
EXHIBIT HOURS: June 1 and 2: 08:30-16:30; June 3: 08:30-noon
SET UP: June 1: 08:00-10:00 (complete before morning break)
DISMANTLE: June 3: noon-14:00

$650 (including taxes)

Approximate area 2.4 m x 3 m (8' x 10') with two 1.5 m x 0.6m (5' x 2') display tables (with table skirts)
The price Includes admission to the 2 receptions June 1 and 2, and the daily breaks.

PAYMENT/REGISTRATION: To reserve exhibitor space please send an email to cea.conference@gmail.com. Include the following details: group/organization name, details of exhibit, contact information and name of participant(s) attending the booth. Please make your payment by credit card through our CEA online system  https://economics.ca/cgi/xms. In this case, the payee needs to create a non-member account, and after setting up the account use the "Make Payments" menu to pay the exhibitor fee.
SHIPPING Storage space is limited - please consider bringing materials personally. If materials need to be sent, please note they can be accepted one week prior to event. Contact Paula Emery (cea.conference@gmail.com) for shipping and storage information. 
LIABILITY: The CEA or their officers, employees, or representatives will not be responsible for the safety of exhibits against robbery, damage by fire, accident or other causes prior to, during or subsequent to the period covered by the exhibit contract. Exhibitors should provide their own insurance for equipment and displays.


The Secretary-Treasurer of the CEA, Professor Werner Antweiler, must be notified of any cancellations by writing to cea.conference@gmail.com prior to May 8, 2018. A 50% administration fee will be withheld. No refunds will be issued on or after May 9, 2018.



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