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Conference Highlights

Presidential Address: Frances Woolley (Carleton University)

Purvis Lecture: Petra Elisabeth Todd (University of Pennsylvania) website

Innis Lecture: Francesco Trebbi (UBC) website             

CWEC (Canadian Women Economists Committee) Luncheon: Annamaria Lusardi (George Washington University) website

State of the Art Lectures: 

  • Jacques Crémer (Toulouse School of Economics)website “Competition Policy in the Age of Platforms” (sponsored by CIRANO-Phelps-RIIB) 
  • Dave Donaldson (MIT) website

  • Gilles Duranton (Wharton) website

  • Rohini Pande (Harvard) website

  • Lones Smith (University of Wisconsin) website

  • Stephen Williamson (Western University) website

Bank of Canada Special Lecture: Daniel Trefler (Rotman School of Management) website

CEBERG Special Lecture: Lise Vesterlund (University of Pittsburgh) website

Environment and Climate Change Canada Special Lecture: Alan J. Krupnick (Resources for the Future) website











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