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Preliminary Conference Program

Room Locations will be available in the printed program, which is available at the onsite registration. To view your personal session(s), login at and look under "Conference Schedule". Registered participants can see their room assignment on that page.

08:00-08:30Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee break / Pause-café

08:30-09:00Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Registration / Inscription
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)

08:45-09:00Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Welcome and Opening Remarks by Fabian Lange / Mot de bienvenue et allocution inaugurale du CLEF par Fabian Lange
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)

09:00-10:30Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Markets, Employment Insurance and Team Work / FCET : Marchés du travail, assurance-emploi et travail d'équipe
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairLange, Fabian (McGill University)
PapersMorin, Lucie (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Econometric Study on the Impacts of Working While on Claim
Pinheiro, Roberto (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland):
Automation, Spatial Sorting, and Job Polarization
Devereux, Kevin (University of Toronto):
Identifying the Value of Teamwork: Application to Professional Tennis

09:00-12:00Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Day / GCEDE : Conférences de l'avant-midi
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PapersMarcoul, Philippe (University of Alberta):
Altruism and Coercion in Gift-Giving
Stephens, Emma (Pitzer College):
Spatial market integration and food price crises: evidence from Niger
McCaig, Brian (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Foreign direct investment and human capital: Evidence from Vietnam

09:00-17:30Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Summer School - English Version / École d'été du PEF
OrganizerRochon, Louis-Philippe (Laurentian University)

09:00-17:30Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
École d'été du PEF / PEF Summer School - French Session
OrganizerRochon, Louis-Philippe (Laurentian University)

10:30-11:00Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

11:00-12:00Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Inequality / Les inégalités
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMorin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa)
PapersConnolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Social Mobility Trends in Canada: Going up the Great Gatsby Curve
Schirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University):
The Evolution of Longevity: Evidence from Canada

13:30-15:00Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Human capital / Le capital humain
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairSchirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersLange, Fabian (McGill University):
Earnings Dynamics: the Role of Learning, Human Capital, and Performance Incentives
Smith, Jeffrey A (University of Michigan):
The Impact of Teacher Effectiveness on Student Learning in Africa
Lavecchia, Adam M. (University of Ottawa):
Long Term Impacts of the Pathways to Education Program

13:30-16:30Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Day / GCEDE : Conférences de l'après-midi
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PapersLawson, Nicholas (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Those Who Can't Sort, Steal: Caste, Occupational Mobility, and Rent-Seeking in Rural India
Dessy, Sylvain (Université Laval):
Bride Prices and Child Marriage: A Quantitative Assessment?
Barham, Tania (University of Colorado Boulder):
No Place Like Home: Long-Term Effects of Early Child Health and Family Planning on Adult Economic and Migration Outcomes

15:00-15:30Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

15:30-16:30Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Experimental Labour Economics / FCET : Économie du travail expérimentale
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFrenette, Marc (Statistics Canada)
PapersLehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University):
When Economic Models Discourage the Encouragement Design
Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
Experimental estimates of the returns to education attributable to enhanced career education and early-promise grants

15:30-17:30Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Board of Directors Meeting 1 / Réunion du conseil d'administration de l'ACE 1
ChairWoolley, Frances (Carleton University)

16:45-18:30Thursday, May 31, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Keynote Lecture / Conférence principale du CLEF
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairWorswick, Christopher (Carleton University)
SpeakerHunt, Jennifer (Rutgers University)

08:00-08:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets: Child Care Policy and Parental Leave / Marchés du travail : Politiques de garde d'enfants et congés parentaux
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairDing, Weili (Queen's University)
PapersCleveland, Gordon (University of Toronto, Scarborough):
What is the Best Child Care Policy? Using a Microsimulation Model to Assess Impacts on Child Care Demand, Mothers' Employment, Affordability and Net Costs to Government.
Zhao, Qiongda (University of Calgary):
The Impact of Parental Leave on Fertility: A Natural Experiment from Canada
Ding, Weili (Queen's University):
Anticipating the (Un)expected: Evidence from Introducing a Universal Child Care Policy with a Shortage of Spaces

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Immigration / Immigration
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairPlesca, Miana (University of Guelph)
PapersIbrahim, Bousmah (University of Ottawa):
Linguistic Distance, Language of Work and Wages of Immigrants in Montreal.
Pandey, Manish (University of Winnipeg):
Temporary Migration and Informal Risk-Sharing in Rural Communities
Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph):
Human Capital Investment and Skills of Canadian Second Generation Immigrants

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Banking Industry / Économie financière - Le secteur bancaire
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairWang, Lu (Fairleigh Dickinson University)
PapersTarazi, Amine (Université de Limoges, LAPE):
Bank Liquidity Management and Bank Capital Shocks
Barattieri, Alessandro (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Banks Interconnectivity and Leverage
Wang, Lu (Fairleigh Dickinson University):
Bank Rating Gaps as Proxies for Systemic Risk

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Merger Decisions and Contracting Theory / Économie financière - Décisions de fusion et théorie des contrats
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairPringle, David J (Carleton University)
PapersKhoroshilov, Yuri (University of Ottawa):
Jump Bidding in Common Value Takeover Auctions
Docgne Penlap, Sandrine (University of Houston):
Uncertainty and Covenant Design in Private and Public Debt
Pringle, David J (Carleton University):
Canadian bank stability in 2008 and the 1998 bank merger decision: a counterfactual investigation
DiscussantsDufresne, Eric (Université du Québec à Montréal); Shen, Xiangjin (Bank of Canada)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Empirical Monetary Policy / Banque du Canada : La politique monétaire - Une approche empirique
OrganizerChampagne, Julien (Banque du Canada)
ChairChampagne, Julien (Banque du Canada)
PapersChampagne, Julien (Banque du Canada):
Changes in Monetary Regimes and the Identification of Monetary Policy Shocks: Narrative Evidence from Canada
Francis, Neville R. (University of North Carolina):
How Has Empirical Monetary Policy Analysis Changed After the Financial Crisis?
Tang, Jenny (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston):
FOMC Communication and Interest Rate Sensitivity to News
Lakdawala, Aeimit (Michigan State University):
Assessing the role of systematic monetary policy

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Strategy, Public Policy and Globalization / Stratégies d'entreprise, politiques publiques et mondialisation
OrganizerYanase, Akihiko (Nagoya University)
ChairYanase, Akihiko (Nagoya University)
PapersIchida, Toshihiro (Waseda University):
Imitation versus Innovation Costs: Patent Policies under Common Patent Length
Yanase, Akihiko (Nagoya University):
Trade Costs and Strategic Investment in Infrastructure: A Differential Game Approach
Mukunoki, Hiroshi (Gakushuin University):
How Do Rules of Origin Affect Multinational Firm's Strategy?: Transfer Pricing and Value Added Criterion
DiscussantsMukunoki, Hiroshi (Gakushuin University); Ichida, Toshihiro (Waseda University); Yanase, Akihiko (Nagoya University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Canada's Investment Relations with Asia / Canada/Asie : les relations en matière d'investissement
SponsorAsia Pacific Foundation of Canada, The School of Public Policy (UofC), Export Development Corporation
OrganizersBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
Tapp, Stephen (Export Development Canada)
ChairTapp, Stephen (Export Development Canada)
PanelistsStern, Pauline (Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada)
Suchanek, Lena (Bank of Canada)
Beaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Canadian Public Policy Special Lecture / Politique publique canadienne - Conférence spéciale
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairSchirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
SpeakerLacroix, Guy (Université Laval)
TopicSocial Policy and Income Mobility: An Interprovincial Perspective

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Shaping the Future of Work: Technology, Power and the Role of Public Policy / FEP : Façonner l'avenir du travail - Technologies, pouvoir et rôle des politiques publiques
OrganizerIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
PanelistsYalnizyan, Armine (Canadian Association for Business Economics)
Stanford, James (McMaster University)
Johal, Sunil (University of Toronto)
Christensen, Steffen (Government of Canada)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Behavioural Responses to Tax Incentives: Canadian Evidence / GECEP : Réactions comportementales aux incitatifs fiscaux au Canada : des faits
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairLavecchia, Adam M. (University of Ottawa)
PapersLesica, Josip (McMaster University):
Analysis of Differential Excise Taxes: The Unique Case of Beer in Ontario
Marchand, Steeve (Université Laval):
Who Benefits from Tax-Preferred Savings Accounts?
Messacar, Derek (Statistics Canada):
Registered Education Savings Plans and Household Spending in Canada
Lavecchia, Adam M. (University of Ottawa):
The Elasticity of Taxable Income, Tax-Deferred Saving and Optimal Income Tax Rates: Theory and Evidence from Canada

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Algoma U/NOEA: Topics in Applied Economics I / Question d'économie appliquée I
OrganizersLuitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University)
Aziz, Md Nusrate (Algoma University)
ChairKadiyala, Krishna (Algoma University)
PapersPapa, Leandra (Algoma University):
Income Inequality Before and After the Great Recession in the United States: New Evidence from Chow Test of Structural Break
Nicholson, Gabrielle (Algoma University):
The Relationship Between Wildfires and the Subsequent Economic Activity
Lew, Matthea (Algoma University):
A Review of Agricultural Water Usage and Practices: An Assessment of Economic Impacts with special reference to Northern Ontario, Canada
DiscussantsLuitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University); Sayeed, Jamil (Carleton University); Gajurel, Dinesh (University of New Brunswick)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Panel Data and Time Series / ACE : Données de panel et séries chronologiques
OrganizersWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
Yazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
ChairKhalaf, Lynda (Carleton University)
PapersCarrasco, Marine (Université de Montréal):
A regularization approach to the dynamic panel data model estimation
Dovonon, Prosper (Concordia University):
Inference in Second-Order Identified Models
DiscussantsAntoine, Bertille (Simon Fraser University); Saunders, Charles (Western University)

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Law and Economics I / Droit et économique I
OrganizerCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
ChairLee, Jonathan (Queen's University)
PapersCofone, Ignacio (New York University):
Journal Prestige and Journal Impact in Law
Angenendt, David Tobias (University of Bologna):
Easy to Keep, But Hard to Find: How Patentable Inventions Are Being Kept Secret
Lee, Jonathan (Queen's University):
Competition and Innovation: A Relationship Distorted by Strategic Patenting and Censored Data

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Agriculture and the Environment / GECERNE : Agriculture et environnement
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairWichmann, Bruno (University of Alberta)
PapersAmiraslany, Afshin (University of Saskatchewan):
The Climate Change Effects on the Canadian Prairies Crop Choices: a Panel Data Analysis
Moffette, Fanny (University of Wisconsin-Madison):
Environmental Policies, Agricultural Displacement and Deforestation Leakage: A Causal Study in the Brazilian Legal Amazon
Wichmann, Bruno (University of Alberta):
Information Networks and Conservation Auctions

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Business Cycle Modelling / GCEM : Modéliser les cycles économiques
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairSwarbrick, Jonathan (Bank of Canada)
PapersKichian, Maral (University of Ottawa):
The Empirical Validity of the Structural NKPC during the Great Recession
Paquet, Alain (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The Business Cycle Implications of Endogenous Schumpeterian Growth in a New Keynesian DSGE Model
Pujolas Fons, Pau Salvador (McMaster University):
Is the Neoclassical Growth Model Useful even after the Labor Share Decline?
Swarbrick, Jonathan (Bank of Canada):
Business Cycles in Space

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: News Shocks / GCEM : Les chocs anticipés
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairGunn, Christopher (Carleton University)
PapersUpadhayaya, Santosh (Carleton University):
Does Confidence Drive the Household Investment over the Business Cycle?
Claus, Edda (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Economic news, news heard and consumer behavior
Gunn, Christopher (Carleton University):
Inventories and the Comovement Problem in Response to TFP News

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
International Finance / Finance internationale
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairCotoc, Ionut (Johnny) (McMaster University)
PapersLigonniere, Samuel (Université Lille 1):
Fisherian Deflation and Debt Maturity
Rodriguez, Cesar M (Portland State University):
Inflation targeting and financial openness in sovereign debt denomination in developing countries
Cotoc, Ionut (Johnny) (McMaster University):
Debt, Defaults and Dogma: politics and the dynamics of sovereign debt markets

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Food Security / GCEDE : La sécurité alimentaire
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairKarim, Ridwan (University of Toronto)
PapersRahman, Andaleeb (Cornell University):
Does Non-Farm Income Affect Food Security? Evidence from India
Ogunlesi, Ayodeji Opeyemi (University of KwaZulu Natal):
Agricultural Productivity and Food Security Stability in Sub-Saharan Africa: LSDV and SYS-GMM Approach
Barkat, Karim (Qatar University):
The impact of foreign agricultural aid on agricultural output in African countries: New evidence from panel data analysis

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Education / GCEDE : L'éducation
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairBanerjee, Rakesh (Rice University)
PapersDas Gupta, Amlan (unaffiliated):
Education as a Household Investment Decision: Theory and Evidence from India.
Naito, Hisahiro (University of Tsukuba):
Population and Education Puzzle in Malawi
Banerjee, Rakesh (Rice University):
Social Promotion and Learning Outcomes: Evidence from the Right to Education Act in India

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Economics of Wine and Food / L'économie des vins et des aliments
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairLe Roy, Danny (University of Lethbridge)
PapersHaeck, Catherine (Université du Québec à Montréal):
What is the Value of Terroir? Historical Evidence from Champagne and Bordeaux
Burley, Jessica (Analysis Group, Inc.):
Do Consumers Prefer Local? Evidence from Ontario's wine Industry?
Morency-Lavoie, Félix (Norwegian School of Economics):
Industry consolidation under spatial-dynamic externalities
Le Roy, Danny (University of Lethbridge):
The Symbiosis of Plants and Fish: An Economic Analysis of Aquaponic Enterprise in Alberta

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Securities Trade and Mortgages / Commerce des valeurs mobilières et hypothèques
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairAllen, Jason (Bank of Canada)
PapersBrolley, Michael (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Maker-Taker Fees and Liquidity: The Role of Commission Structures
Mueller, Michael (Bank of Canada):
Speed Segmentation on Exchanges: Competition for Slow Flow
Chow, Yeuk (Queen's University):
Mortgage Refinance and Default Prevention: Evidence from the Home Affordable Refinance Program
Allen, Jason (Bank of Canada):
Identifying Dependencies in Demand for Government Securities

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Conflict and Differences / GCEDE : Conflits et différences
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairDickens, Andrew (Brock University)
PapersJanus, Thorsten (University of Wyoming):
Economic Shocks and Battle Deaths in Civil Wars
Koyuncu, Murat (McGill University):
Welfare as Counter-Insurgency in India
Dickens, Andrew (Brock University):
Ecology, Trade and the Geographic Origins of Ethnolinguistic Differences

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Cash Transfers and Safety Nets / GCEDE : Transferts de fonds et filets de sécurité
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairLaszlo, Sonia (McGill University)
PapersSanchez, Alan (Grupo de Analisis para el Desarrollo):
Impact of Juntos conditional cash transfer program on nutritional and cognitive outcomes in Peru: Comparison between younger and older initial exposure
Naraparaju, Karthikeya (Indian Institute of Management Indore):
Health and Nutrition Impacts of Social Safety Nets on Women and Children: Evidence from India's MGNREGA and Public Distribution System
Laszlo, Sonia (McGill University):
Cash Transfers and Fertility: Evidence from Peru's JUNTOS Conditional Cash Transfer Program

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: The Firm and its Managers / GCREEC : L'entreprise et ses gestionnaires
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairMestelman, Stuart (McMaster University)
PapersGross, Till (Carleton University):
Catering to Markets through Strategic Investment: Theory and Experiment
Hossain, Tanjim (University of Toronto):
The Effect of Organizational Design on Fairness and Efficiency in Joint Production
Lee, Yu Na (University of Guelph):
Production Decision Making under Price Ambiguity: An Experimental Evidence
Mestelman, Stuart (McMaster University):
The Potential Impact of Replacing the ICL Model of Loan Loss Provisions with the ECL Model of IFRS 9 or the CECL Model of FASB

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Social Dilemmas / GCREEC : Dilemmes sociaux
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairMigheli, Matteo (University of Torino)
PapersKidwai, Abdul (University of Massachusetts, Amherst):
Threshold and Group Size Uncertainty in Common-Pool Resources
Spraggon, John (University of Massachusetts, Amherst):
Tying enforcement to prices in emissions markets: An experimental evaluation
Zawojska, Ewa (University of Warsaw):
Can alternative non-market value-elicitation methods reveal the same values?
Migheli, Matteo (University of Torino):
Competition, Information and Cooperation

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Theory of Institutions in International Trade / GCECI : Théorie des institutions et commerce international
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairNken, Moïse (Ryerson University)
PapersTimoshenko, Olga (George Washington University):
Uncertainty and Trade Elasticities
Chisik, Richard (Ryerson University):
Limited Cross-retaliation and Lengthy Delays in International Dispute Settlement
Nken, Moïse (Ryerson University):
Implications of multilateral tariff bindings on the formation of preferential trade agreements and quest for global free trade

08:30-10:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirics of Global Value Chains / GCECI : Les chaînes mondiales de valeur - Une approche empirique
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairZaclicever, Dayna (DECON-UDELAR/Red Mercosur)
PapersMedina, Pamela (University of Toronto):
Large Firms and Market Structure in Global Value Chains: Evidence from the Fertilizer Value Chain
Dar-Brodeur, Afshan (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada):
Estimating the Effect of Changing Canada-US Border Costs on North American Trade Patterns and Expenditures
Zaclicever, Dayna (DECON-UDELAR/Red Mercosur):
Integration into international value chains: An empirical study on the drivers of countries' forward participation

10:00-10:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Undergraduate Student Poster Session / Séance de présentation d'affiches d'étudiants

10:00-10:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets: Unions / Marchés du travail : Les syndicats
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairRiddell, W. Craig (University of British Columbia)
PapersBenos, Nikolaos (University of Ioannina):
Workers of the world unite (or not?) The effect of ethnic diversity on the participation in trade unions
Liang, Jing (Queen's University):
Competition and Collective Bargaining: The Role of Unionization in the Diffusion of Demand-Side Shocks
Malherbet, Franck (Crest):
The Cost of Employment Protection Legislations: Evidence From France
Potter, Shannon (Western University):
Innovation and technology sharing among labour unions in Canada

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Indicators for Poverty Measurement / Les indicateurs de mesure de la pauvreté
OrganizerLewis, Brian (Ontario Ministry of Finance)
ChairLewis, Brian (Ontario Ministry of Finance)
PanelistsHeisz, Andrew (Statistics Canada)
Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph)
Notten, Geranda (University of Ottawa)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Human Capital: Economic Conditions, Training and Skills / Le capital humain : Situation économique, formation et compétences
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairCortes, Guido Matias (York University)
PapersKim, Jiyeon (University of Pittsburgh):
Skill-Biased Technological Change and the Role of Retraining
Ouch, Chandarany (Cambodia Development Resource Institute):
Vocational Training and Labour Market Transitions: A Randomised Experiment Among Cambodian Disadvantaged Young Adults
Blanchet, Yves (Université de Montréal):
Training Mutuals and their Contribution to Skills Development
Cortes, Guido Matias (York University):
Caught in the Cycle: Timing of Enrollment and Labor Market Performance of University Graduates

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Liquidity Risk / Économie financière - Le risque de liquidité
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
PapersFarouh, Magnim (Université de Montréal):
Estimation of Transaction Costs Based on Funding Liquidity
Hessou, Hélyoth Théodore Sedekon (Université Laval):
The Cyclical Effects of the Basel III Capital Ratios: The Impact of the LCR Regulation
Dionne, Georges (HEC Montréal):
Reinsurance Demand and Liquidity Creation

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Big Data and Machine Learning / Banque du Canada : Mégadonnées et apprentissage automatique
OrganizerThanabalasingam, Sri (Bank of Canada)
ChairThanabalasingam, Sri (Bank of Canada)
PapersSbordone, Argia (Federal Reserve Bank of New York):
Macroeconomic Nowcasting and Forecasting with Big Data
Thanabalasingam, Sri (Bank of Canada):
Can Media and Text Analytics Provide Insights into Labour Market Conditions in China?
Tkacz, Greg (Saint Francis Xavier University):
Payments Data, Machine Learning, and Nowcasting Economic Activity
Aron-Dine, Shifrah (Federal Reserve Board):
Using Big Data to Track Spending in the Path of Hurricanes

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN: Women and the Labour Market / RCCDR : Les femmes et le marché du travail
OrganizerGibson, Grant (McMaster University)
ChairFoley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersFontaine, Marie Mélanie (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The Family Gap in Canada: Trends, Geographical Patterns and the Link with Family-Friendly Policies
Goussé, Marion (Université Laval):
More or less unmarried. The impact of legal settings of cohabitation on labor market outcomes.
Pan, Yazhuo (University of Waterloo):
Family Patrimony Rules and Women's Labor Supply in Quebec
DiscussantsLluis, Stéphanie (University of Waterloo); Devereux, Kevin (University of Toronto); Compton, Janice (University of Manitoba)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Markets, Conditions and Needs: Analysis of Canadian Housing / Marchés, conditions et besoins: Analyse du logement au Canada
OrganizerDeschamps-Laporte, Jean-Philippe (Örebro University - CMHC)
ChairSopchokchai, Duangsuda (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
PapersSchiffler-Nishiguchi, Silvia (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
Do Investors Drive Home Prices Higher?
Sopchokchai, Duangsuda (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
The Empirical Analysis of Core Housing Need in Canada: Evidence from the Survey of Household Spending
Zhang, Lin (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
Understanding House Prices in Canada
ab Iorwerth, Aled (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
Analyzing behaviours and expectations of new homebuyers in large Canadian urban centres

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CWEC: Alternative Career Paths for Economists / CFÉC : Des parcours de carrière différents pour les économistes
OrganizersDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
Connolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
PanelistsGauthier-Loiselle, Marjolaine (Analysis Group)
Pichette, Lise (Bank of Canada)
Berechid, Maha (City of Montréal, Economic Development)
Maher, Anabelle (DAMÉCO)
Yang, Jing (Bank of Canada)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF-STATCAN: New Perspectives on Immigrants in the Labour Force Using Employer-Employee Matched Data / FCET - STATCAN : Les immigrants et la population active - De nouvelles perspectives grâce aux données harmonisées employeurs-employés
OrganizerAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
ChairMorissette, René (Statistics Canada)
PapersCardoso, Miguel (Western University):
Immigrants and Exports: Firm-level Evidence from Canada
Green, David (University of British Columbia):
Immigrant Entrepreneurs: The Entry of Immigrants Into Firm Ownership
Hou, Feng (Statistics Canada):
Immigration and Firm Productivity: Evidence from the Canadian Employer-Employee Dynamics Database

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
OrganizerRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairTaylor, M. Scott (University of Calgary)
SpeakerDonaldson, Dave (MIT)
TopicEconomic Geography and Urban Path Dependence

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Financial Markets, Financial Intermediation & Price Level Stability / RCHE : Marchés financiers, intermédiaires financiers et stabilité du niveau des prix
OrganizerLew, Byron J (Trent University)
ChairSkogstad, Karl (Lakehead University)
PapersMcWatters, Cheryl Susan (University of Ottawa):
The Stable Money Association: The Performativity of Economic Models
Dimand, Robert W. (Brock University):
Irving Fisher on the Stock Market: Hubris, Nemesis and Analysis
Dudley, Leonard (Université de Montréal):
Innovation Growth Clusters: Lessons from the Industrial Revolution

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-CD Howe Institute: Indigenous Issues Related to Infrastructure, Skills and Schools / CENV- CD Howe Institute : Des questions autochtones liées aux infrastructures, aux compétences et aux écoles
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
Richards, John (Simon Fraser University)
ChairVan Loon, Rick (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
PapersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
An Infrastructure Index for Remote Indigenous Communities in Canada
Anderson, Barry (Solte Consulting):
What can Effective Band-Operated Schools Can Teach Us
Mahboubi, Parisa (C.D. Howe Institute):
Skills Development in Working-Age Adults: Gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Outcomes
Thoppil, Paul (Indigenous Services Canada):
The Cost of Remoteness and its Impact on First Nations Programs and Services‎.
DiscussantsRichards, John (Simon Fraser University); Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation); Drummond, Don (Queen's University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CABE: Future Shock: Measurement Challenges of Macro Variables in the Digital Age / Le choc du futur - Les problèmes de mesure des variables macro à l'ère numérique
OrganizerYalnizyan, Armine (Canadian Association for Business Economics)
ChairYalnizyan, Armine (Canadian Association for Business Economics)
PanelistsLoranger, André (Statistics Canada)
Donald, Frances (Manulife)
Milland, Kristy (McMaster University)
Tobin, Steven (Labour Market Information Council)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: The Trudeau Government's National Housing Strategy / FEP : La stratégie nationale du logement du gouvernement Trudeau
OrganizerFalvo, Nick (Calgary Homeless Foundation)
ChairBusby, Colin (IRPP)
PanelistsBendaoud, Maroine (McMaster University)
Lee, Marc (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
Latimer, Eric (McGill University)
Steele, Marion (University of Guelph)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Public Economic Theory I / GECEP : Théorie de l'économie publique I
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairRaiha, Davin (University of Western Ontario)
PapersArchambault, Jerome (University of Ottawa):
Political Party Centralization
Gallego, Maria (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Modelling the influence of campaign contribution and advertising on US Presidential Elections
Raiha, Davin (University of Western Ontario):
Political Economy of Mobilizing Stakeholders
DiscussantsKlumpp, Tilman (University of Alberta); De Donder, Philippe (UQAM); Ng, Travis Ka Ho (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Algoma U/NOEA: Topics in Applied Economics II / Question d'économie appliquée II
OrganizersLuitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University)
Aziz, Md Nusrate (Algoma University)
ChairAziz, Md Nusrate (Algoma University)
PapersSayeed, Jamil (Carleton University):
Does US Economy Face a Long Run Trade Off between Inflation and Unemployment?
Gajurel, Dinesh (University of New Brunswick):
Oil Price Crisis and Its Impact on Sectoral Stock Returns in Canada
Mahar, Gerry (Algoma University):
Does immigration effect interprovincial and international trade? A Canadian perspective
Luitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University):
The Limits of Econometric Analysis Based on Secondary Data
DiscussantsAziz, Md Nusrate (Algoma University); Chowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of New Brunswick); Amiraslany, Afshin (University of Saskatchewan)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Microeconometrics / ACE : Microéconométrie
OrganizersWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
Yazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
ChairYazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
PapersGodwin, Ryan (University of Manitoba):
Identification and Estimation of a Counterfactual Parent Distribution
Marcoux, Mathieu (Université de Montréal):
Zeros in market shares for differentiated products: An indirect inference approach
Russell, Thomas (University of Toronto):
Sharp Bounds on Functionals of the Joint Distribution in the Analysis of Treatment Effects

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Law and Economics II / Droit et économique II
OrganizerCurry, Philip (University of Waterloo)
ChairGraham, John (Patterson Creek Consulting)
PapersLepage, Louis-Pierre (University of Michigan):
Are Criminals Strategic? An Economic Analysis of Drug Arrests
Belley, Philippe (Kansas State University):
What explains the decline in crime in the U.S.? Evidence from micro data
Graham, John (Patterson Creek Consulting):
Building a Nation-to-Nation Relationship with First Nations: Towards a New Governance Paradigm

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Behavioural Economics and the Environment / GECERNE : Économie comportementale et environnement
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairBeattie, Robert Graham (University of Pittsburgh)
PapersBoulatoff, Catherine (Dalhousie University):
Green Nudge in Practice: Application to Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
He, Jie (Université de Sherbrooke):
Impact of projection bias on willingness to pay for better air quality: the case of Nanjing, China
Beattie, Robert Graham (University of Pittsburgh):
The social cost of 'fake news': How media coverage of climate change affects behavior

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: The Labour Market and the Macroeconomy / GCEM : Marché du travail et macroéconomie
ChairSchott, Immo (Université de Montréal)
PapersPoschke, Markus (McGill University):
Wage employment, unemployment and self-employment across countries
Schott, Immo (Université de Montréal):
Corporate Tax Cuts and the Decline of the Labor Share

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Business Cycles / Les cycles financiers
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairBrault, Joshua (Carleton University)
PapersArbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor):
The Economic Effects of Temperature Shocks when People Value Nature
Galbraith, John W (McGill University):
Business Cycle Asymmetry and Unemployment Rate Forecasts
Brault, Joshua (Carleton University):
The Shifts in Lead-Lag Properties of the US Business Cycle

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Electricity and Trade / GECERNE : Électricité et commerce
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairShaffer, Blake (University of Calgary)
PapersAntweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia):
The economics of grid-scale electricity storage
Chan, Ron (University of Manchester):
Energy Costs and Exports: How Important Are Intermediate Goods?
Shaffer, Blake (University of Calgary):
Estimating spatial and temporal changes in electricity demand due to climate change
DiscussantsSchaufele, Brandon N. (Western University); Fraser, Alastair (University of British Columbia); Tombe, Trevor (University of Calgary)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Changing Canadian Economy / L'économie canadienne en transformation
OrganizerRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairRobson, Jennifer (Carleton University)
PapersYang, Zhe (Employment and Social Development Canada):
E-vulnerability index (EVI)
Riley, Jason (MacEwan University):
Drawing Outside the Lines: Improving Development Investments by Rethinking Economic Borders.
Haghiri, Morteza (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
The use of Bisphenol A in the food industry: Do consumers care?
Robson, Jennifer (Carleton University):
New evidence on gender differences in personal financial literacy

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Research to Policy Panel - Women Empowerment / GCEDE : De la recherche aux débats d'experts - L'autonomisation des femmes
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
Panelistsde Haan, Arjan (IDRC)
Hayes, Shawn (Global Affairs Canada)
Laszlo, Sonia (McGill University)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Agriculture - Climate Change and Uncertainty / GCEDE : L'agriculture - Changements climatiques et incertitude
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairRowlands, Dane (Carleton University)
PapersGarred, Jason (University of Ottawa):
Hedging Climate Change: Yield Volatility, Crop Choice and Trade
Masson, Solene (Aix Marseille University):
Environmental conservation program and poverty : evidence from the Brazilian Amazon

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Education and Labour Markets / GCEDE : Éducation et marchés du travail
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairHuguet, Mélissa (Université Laval)
PapersLehrer, Kim (Université de Sherbrooke):
Post-Secondary Education and Labour Outcomes of Educated Youth in Ghana
Cano-Urbina, Javier (The Florida State University):
Reforming the Informal Sector: Assessing the Impact on Young Less-Educated Workers
Huguet, Mélissa (Université Laval):
Education publique, éducation privée et offre de travail au Chili: une analyse dynamique en équilibre général calculable

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Innovation / Innovation
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairBlit, Joel (University of Waterloo)
PapersBaldwin, John (Ecoscript):
Patent Intensity in Canadian Firms and Intangible Assets
Beaudry, Catherine (École Polytechique de Montréal):
Beyond the innovation obstacle paradox - The role of government support in helping firms overcome these obstacles and innovate
Zhao, Long (University of Alberta):
Determinants of Locational Patenting Behavior of Canadian Firms
Blit, Joel (University of Waterloo):
Are knowledge spillovers really localized? Insights using machine learning

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Bargaining and Auctions / CCTE : Négociations et Enchères
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Paul (Carleton University)
ChairXu, Pai (University of Hong Kong)
PapersCuellar, Pablo (Boston University):
Bargaining over an Endogenous Surplus
Ali, Shafkat (York University):
A Three-Country Model of Coalition Formation under Uncertainty
Xu, Pai (University of Hong Kong):
Reserve Price Signalling with Affiliated Values

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Inequality and Class / GCEDE : Inégalités et classes sociales
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairLim, Kyoung Mook (Washington College)
PapersSwiecki, Tomasz (University of British Columbia):
Barriers to Mobility or Sorting? Sources and Aggregate Implications of Income Gaps across Sectors and Locations in Indonesia
Motiram, Sripad (University of Massachusetts Boston):
Class, Caste, and Production of City Space in India
Lim, Kyoung Mook (Washington College):
Structural Change and Income Inequality
DiscussantsMotiram, Sripad (University of Massachusetts Boston); Lim, Kyoung Mook (Washington College); Swiecki, Tomasz (University of British Columbia)

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Online Experiments and Social Networks / GCREEC : Expériences en ligne et médias sociaux
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairYang, Nathan (McGill University)
PapersJohnson, David B. (University of Calgary):
How Stable are M-Turk Workers' Characteristics? Very.
Cornwall, Thomas (University of British Columbia):
Estimating the Diffusion of Sentiment through Networks
Sabetti, Leonard (Payments Canada):
Twitter mood and Bitcoin price fluctuations
Yang, Nathan (McGill University):
Success Breeds Success: Weight Loss Dynamics in the Presence of Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

10:30-12:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade and Development / GCECI : Commerce et développement
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairSerieux, John (University of Manitoba)
PapersAlam, M Jahangir (HEC Montréal):
Misallocation and Trade Policy
Alam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University):
Inclusive trade: analysis of South East Asian specialty agro-food products
Serieux, John (University of Manitoba):
Are the BRICS Regional Hegemons?

12:00-14:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CWEC Luncheon Lecture / Conférence-midi du CFÉC
OrganizerDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
ChairDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
SpeakerLusardi, Annamaria (George Washington University)
TopicGender Differences in Financial Literacy: Evidence and Implications

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets: Female Employment, Wages and Intergenerational Effects / Marchés du travail : emploi des femmes, salaires et effets intergénérationnels
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairDjabir, Twahibu Kambi (Government of Canada)
PapersMoeeni, Safoura (University of Calgary):
The Intergenerational Effects of Economic Sanctions
He, Ailin (McGill University):
The Impact of After-school Care on Maternal Labor Market Outcomes
Gatto, Laura (University of Guelph):
Full-time and Part-time Work and the Gender Wage Gap
Djabir, Twahibu Kambi (Government of Canada):
Intergenerational transmission of occupations: The Canadian experience

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Encouraging Evidence Based Housing Policy Through Filling Data and Knowledge Gaps / Favoriser la création de politiques du logement appuyées sur des données probantes en comblant nos lacunes en matière de données et de connaissances
OrganizerSalerno, Mark (Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation)
ChairPaiement, Josée (Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation)
PanelistsBhardwaj, Vinay (Canada Mortgage & Housing Corportation)
Amano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
Dunn, Jim (McMaster University)
Amborski, David (Ryerson University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets: Effects of Policy Intervention on Inequality and Education / Les effets des interventions politiques sur les inégalités et l'éducation
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFeng, Yan (Employment and Social Development, Government of Canada)
PapersAdams, Jason (Queen's University):
Social assistance outcome disparities: An examination of immigrant experiences in Ontario
Zhang, Xian (McGill University):
How would one extra year of high school affect further education decision? Evidence from educational reform in Ontario
Feng, Yan (Employment and Social Development, Government of Canada):
Guaranteed Income Supplement Eligibility: Who is missing out on the GIS among senior immigrants?
DiscussantsHaeck, Catherine (Université du Québec à Montréal); Oguzoglu, Umut (University of Manitoba); Haeck, Catherine (Université du Québec à Montréal)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Credit Risk / Économie financière - Le risque de crédit
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairLee, Seung Jung (Federal Reserve Board)
PapersAsimakopoulos, Stylianos (University of Bath):
Net trade credit and firm performance
Coulibaly, Louphou (Université de Montréal):
Financial Safety Nets
Luger, Richard (Laval University):
Measuring distress risk in the euro-area sovereign CDS market
Lee, Seung Jung (Federal Reserve Board):
Prudential policies and their impact on credit in the United States

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Macro-financial Vulnerabilities / Banque du Canada : Vulnérabilités macrofinancières
OrganizerDuprey, Thibaut (Bank of Canada)
ChairDuprey, Thibaut (Bank of Canada)
PapersLopez, Jose (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco):
Calibrating Macroprudential Policy to Forecasts of Financial Stability
Kiley, Michael (Federal Reserve Board):
What Macroeconomic Conditions Lead Financial Crises?
Duprey, Thibaut (Bank of Canada):
Canadian Financial Stress and Macroeconomic Conditions
DiscussantsRoy, Saktinil (Athabasca University); Tkacz, Greg (Saint Francis Xavier University); Kronick, Jeremy Mitchell (C.D. Howe Institute)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN/CHEA: Inequalities in Health/Healthcare / RCCDR - ACES : Inégalités en matière de santé et de soins
OrganizerGibson, Grant (McMaster University)
ChairYazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
PapersGupta, Neeru (University of New Brunswick):
Income inequalities and potentially avoidable hospitalizations for diabetes mellitus: a Canadian population-based cohort study
Watson, Barry (University of New Brunswick):
Blown Off-Course? Unhealthy Vices of the Economically Insecure During the Great Recession
Hajizadeh, Mohammad (Dalhousie University):
Socioeconomic inequalities in psychological distress and suicidal behaviors among Indigenous peoples in Canada
DiscussantsStrumpf, Erin (McGill University); Michaud, Pierre-Carl (HEC Montréal); Makdissi, Paul (University of Ottawa)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Open Educational Resources (OER) / Les ressources éducatives libres (REL)
OrganizerIrvine, Ian (Concordia University)
ChairMueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
PanelistsIrvine, Ian (Concordia University)
Laflamme, Claude (Lyryx Learning)
Neill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Oke, Isabelle (McGill University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Special Lecture / GCEDE : Conférence principale
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
SpeakerEswaran, Mukesh (University of British Columbia)
TopicFor-Profit Business and the Alleviation of Extreme Poverty?

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF-STATCAN: New Administrative Data on the Returns to Post-Secondary Education / FCET - STATCAN : De nouvelles données administratives sur le rendement des études postsecondaires
OrganizerAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
ChairFrenette, Marc (Statistics Canada)
PapersTsao, Carolyn (Harvard University):
Community College Differences that Matter: A Canada-U.S. Comparison
Mehta, Janm (Alberta Advanced Education):
How has linked administrative linkage helped us know more about college students and graduates with loans?
Frenette, Marc (Statistics Canada):
Women in male-dominated apprenticeships and their labour market prospects

14:00-16:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
OrganizerRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairPeters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerSmith, Lones (University of Wisconsin)
TopicAssortative Matching in Economics

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Colonialism, Empire and Violence / RCHE : Colonialisme, impérialisme et violence
OrganizerLew, Byron J (Trent University)
ChairLewis, Joshua (University of Toronto)
PapersAvery, Mallory (University of Pittsburgh):
Resistance to Colonization and Post-Colonial Economic Outcomes
Elbourne, Liam (St. Francis Xavier University):
Droughts of Dismay: Rainfall and Assassinations in Ancient Rome

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-IRPP: Perspectives on Innovation / CENV-IRPP : Perspectives sur l'innovation
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
St-Hilaire, France (IRPP)
ChairSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
PapersGodin, Benoît (INRS):
The Spirit of Innovation: "In the Beginning was the Word"
Lester, John (University of Calgary):
R&D Spillovers in Canadian Industry: Results from a New Micro Database
De Fuentes, Claudia (Saint Mary's University):
Innovation and Productivity Outputs in Canadian Firms
Discussantsab Iorwerth, Aled (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation); Tang, Jianmin (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CABE: A Labour of Love: Finding the Signal in the Noise of Canadian Labour Market Data / Un travail d'amour: trouver le signal dans le bruit des données sur le marché du travail canadien
OrganizerBartlett, Randall (Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy)
PanelistsMorissette, René (Statistics Canada)
Lapointe, Dominique (Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy)
Scarfone, Sonny (Institut du Québec)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Macroeconomics Since 2008: Business as Usual or in the Midst of Change? / FEP : La macroéconomie depuis 2008 - Maintien du statu quo ou mutations ?
OrganizerPringle, David J (Carleton University)
ChairPringle, David J (Carleton University)
PanelistsRagan, Christopher (McGill University)
Alexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
Rochon, Louis-Philippe (Laurentian University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Public Economic Theory II / GECEP : Théorie de l'économie publique II
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairGomme, Paul (Concordia University)
PapersJeanniton, Jude-Henri (University of Ottawa):
Preferential tax policy with heterogeneous capital mobility
Jiang, Han (University of Ottawa):
Private Contribution and Charitable Investment Vehicle-A Sequential Game Theoretic Analysis
Gomme, Paul (Concordia University):
Ramsey-optimal Tax Reforms and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Use of Health Care Services / ACES : L'utilisation des services de santé
ChairDe, Prabal (City College of New York)
PapersDevlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa):
Does unmet health care need lead to poorer health outcomes?
Khanam, Farhana (McMaster University):
Does the Pattern of Healthcare Utilization by Immigrants Differ Compared to Non-immigrants in Canada?
Shigeoka, Hitoshi (Simon Fraser University):
Patient Cost-sharing and Health Care Utilization among Children
Zaresani, Arezou (University of Calgary):
Utilization with High Out-of-Pocket Costs: Evidence from In-Vitro-Fertilization Treatment

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Measurement and Inference / ACE : Mesures et inférences
OrganizersWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
Yazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
ChairMacKinnon, James G (Queen's University)
PapersShaikh, Shaun (McMaster University):
Trends in Successful Resuscitation after Cardiac Arrest under Trending Misclassification Error: Estimating Bounds for Partially Verified Data
Davidson, Russell (McGill University):
Statistical Inference on the Canadian Middle Class
Diewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia):
Estimating the Benefits and Costs of New and Disappearing Products

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Issues Related to Consumer Price Indexes and Household Behaviour / Des questions liées aux indices des prix à la consommation et au comportement des ménages
OrganizersBaldwin, Andy (Andrew Baldwin Consultants)
Yu, Kam (Lakehead University)
ChairYu, Kam (Lakehead University)
PapersYu, Kam (Lakehead University):
Welfare Effects of Price Changes for Government Lotteries
Baldwin, Andy (Andrew Baldwin Consultants):
The Treatment of Property-Casualty Insurance in Consumer Price Indexes

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
AEDSB: Micro and Macro Aspects of Development in Bangladesh: Theory and Evidence / AEEDB : Aspects micro et macro du développement au Bangladesh - Théorie et faits
OrganizersChowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of New Brunswick)
Reza, Abeer (Bank of Canada)
ChairAkram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial)
PapersIslam, Md (Boston University):
Additional Channels of Child Labor: Parental Perception and Heterogeneous Child's Ability.
Kabir, Mir Ahasan (York University):
Portfolio Theory of Rural-Urban Migration: An Empirical Study of Bangladesh
Alauddin, Md. (University of Manitoba):
The Relationship Between Tax Revenue and Economic Growth in Bangladesh:A Time Series Evidence
DiscussantsLeonard, Phil (University of New Brunswick); Serieux, John (University of Manitoba); Alam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Business Cycles / GCEM : Les cycles financiers
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairRaveendranathan, Gajendran (McMaster University)
PapersKhan, Shahed Kaiser (McMaster University):
Financial Shocks, Labor Market Fluctuations and Monetary Policy Rules
Letendre, Marc-Andre (McMaster University):
Can anticipated intermediation cost shocks drive the business cycle?
Kim, Ryan (Columbia University):
The Effect of the Credit Crunch on Output Price Dynamics: The Corporate Inventory and Liquidity Management Channel
Raveendranathan, Gajendran (McMaster University):
Disentangling Productivity Shocks from Demand Shocks and Financing Shocks

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Misallocation and Firm Dynamics / Mauvaises affectations et dynamique des entreprises
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairHage, Georges (Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal)
PapersOsotimehin, Sophie (University of Virginia):
Misallocation and Intersectoral linkages
Sattari, Yaser (Simon Fraser University):
Misallocation, Selection, and Aggregate Productivity-The Role of Endogenous Exit
Hage, Georges (Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal):
Digital technologies, open innovation and their impact on survivability of Canadian firms

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Oil and Commodity Price Shocks / La hausse des prix du pétrole et des produits de base
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairPeter, Jeffrey (University of Ottawa)
PapersAl Samara, Mouyad (University of Toronto):
Modelling the Asymmetric Responses of Price Level to Oil Price Changes in GCC countries: Evidence from Nonlinear ARDL Approach
Cao, Shutao (Victoria University of Wellington):
Input-Output Linkage, Trade, and the Propagation of Commodity Price shocks
Peter, Jeffrey (University of Ottawa):
The Effects of Oil Shocks in Canada: Sectoral Differences

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Special Lecture / Conférence spéciale d'Environnement et Changement climatique Canada
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairMacaluso, Nick (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
SpeakerKrupnick, Alan J. (Resources for the Future)
TopicShould It Stay or Should It Go? Cost-Benefit Analyses of Eliminating or Modifying Oil and Gas Regulations

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
International Aspects of Industrial Organization / Aspects internationaux de l'organisation industrielle
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairBrander, James A. (University of British Columbia)
PapersSandonis, Joel (University of Alicante):
Vertical Foreign Direct Investment: Make, Sell and (Not) Buy
Ng, Travis Ka Ho (The Chinese University of Hong Kong):
Import Competition and Workplace Injuries in U.S. Manufacturing Industries
Wang, Wenya (Western University):
Dynamic Reallocation in China Industrial Enterprise Survey Data: 1998-2007
Brander, James A. (University of British Columbia):
Intellectual Property Infringement by Imports and the ITC

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Poverty Measurement in North America
OrganizerMarchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
ChairAnderson, Gordon (University of Toronto)
PapersNotten, Geranda (University of Ottawa):
An evidence-informed decision rule to setting the cumulative threshold in composite poverty measures
Marchand, Joseph (University of Alberta):
The College Spike in Poverty: Emergence, Expansion, Endurance
Boshra, Sam (communstat):
Fifty years on, revisiting and revising Canada's low income lines
Anderson, Gordon (University of Toronto):
More Unequal yet Increasingly Similar Incomes: Polarization, Segmentation and Ambiguity in the Changing Anatomy of Constituent Canadian Income Distributions in the 21st Century.

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Housing and Mortgages / Logement et hypothèques
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairYao, Yuxi (Western University)
PapersAkdogan, Kurmas (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey):
Size and Sign Asymmetries in House Price Adjustments
Ouazad, Amine (HEC Montréal):
Dynamic Location Choice, Housing Market Frictions, and Real Estate Dynamics
Yao, Yuxi (Western University):
Accounting for the Change in House Price and Rent across U.S. Cities

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Game Theory - Foundations / CCTE : La théorie des jeux - Les fondements
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairWong, Po Yin (Norwegian School of Economics)
PapersRooney, Terrence Adam (Western University):
Characterizing Perceptiveness in a Game-Theoretic Model of Poker
Dufresne, Eric (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Governing the Commons - Institutions, Games, and Mechanisms
Wong, Po Yin (Norwegian School of Economics):
Do Time Preferences Change? Evidence from Italian Earthquakes

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Gender and Race / GCREEC : Genre et race
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairQuintero Rojas, Coralia Azucena (Universidad de Guanajuato)
PapersCook, Nikolai (University of Ottawa):
Working for Yourself
Backus, Peter (University of Manchester):
Gender, Competition and Performance: Evidence from real tournaments
Dilmaghani, Maryam (Saint Mary's University):
Gender gap in chess performance: Does economics have anything to do with it?
Quintero Rojas, Coralia Azucena (Universidad de Guanajuato):
Can social norms account for gender discrimination in the labor market? An agent-based modelling exercise
DiscussantsBackus, Peter (University of Manchester); Dilmaghani, Maryam (Saint Mary's University); Quintero Rojas, Coralia Azucena (Universidad de Guanajuato); Cook, Nikolai (University of Ottawa)

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Financial Economics / GCREEC : Économie financière
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairXie, Huan (Concordia University)
PapersVamossy, Domonkos (University of Pittsburgh):
Investor Sentiment & Earnings Announcement Returns
Rostom, May (University College London & Bank of England):
Poor Mortgage Choice
Liu, Jinjing (McGill University):
January Anomaly or Holiday Effect?
Xie, Huan (Concordia University):
Experimental Asset Markets with An Indefinite Horizon

14:00-15:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade Theory and Global Value Chains / GCECI : Théorie du commerce et chaînes mondiales de valeur
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairToksoy, Hakan (Ryerson University)
PapersImura, Yuko (Bank of Canada):
Reassessing Trade Barriers with Global Value Chains
Ivus, Olena (Queen's University):
Patent exhaustion regime and international production sharing: Winners and losers?
Toksoy, Hakan (Ryerson University):
The Role of the Informal Sector in the Global Supply Chain

15:30-16:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Undergraduate Student Poster Session / Séance de présentation d'affiches d'étudiants

15:30-16:00Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets: Self-employment, Short Term Supply and Multiple Job Holdings / Marchés du travail : Travail indépendant, offre de travail à court terme et cumul d'emploi
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairLalé, Etienne (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersAtabati, Omid (University of Calgary):
Self-employment productivity and networking investment
Manuel, Nick (University of Guelph):
The skills of the self-employed: A comparison between immigrants and natives
Lalé, Etienne (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The Evolution of Multiple Jobholding In Canada and the United States

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Opportunities for Better Housing Market Statistics / Pour de meilleures statistiques sur le marché du logement
OrganizerLewis, Brian (Ontario Ministry of Finance)
ChairLewis, Brian (Ontario Ministry of Finance)
PanelistsPerrier, Patrick (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
Hunsberger, Paul (Statistics Canada)
Nishimoto, Yui (Ontario Ministry of Finance)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Human Capital: Early Employment, Returns to Skills and Over-education / Le capital humain : Accès précoce au marché du travail, rendement des compétences et surqualification
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairPiraino, Patrizio (University of Cape Town)
PapersMa, Jie (Maggie) (McGill University):
Within Occupation Schooling Dispersion, Overeducation and Mismatch in the Labor Market: Theory and Empirics
Wyonch, Rosalie (C.D. Howe Institute):
Working to Create Work-Ready Graduates
Piraino, Patrizio (University of Cape Town):
The Value of Reference Letters

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Stress Test and Stochastic Volatility / Économie financière - Test de résistance et volatilité stochastique
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairConnolly, Michael (Boston College)
Papersvan Oordt, Maarten R.C. (Bank of Canada):
Market-based Stress Tests: An Application to the Countercyclical Capital Buffer
Ahsan, Md. Nazmul (McGill University):
Simple Estimators and Inference for Higher-order Stochastic Volatility Models
Connolly, Michael (Boston College):
The Real Effects of Stress Testing in a Financial Crisis: Evidence from the SCAP

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Macroeconomic Expectations / Banque du Canada : Prévisions macroéconomiques
OrganizerJain, Monica (Bank of Canada)
ChairJain, Monica (Bank of Canada)
PapersRondina, Francesca (University of Ottawa):
Estimating unobservable inflation expectations in the New Keynesian Phillips Curve
Petersen, Luba (Simon Fraser University):
Macroeconomic Literacy and Expectations
Jain, Monica (Bank of Canada):
Sluggish Forecasts

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN: Immigration Integration / RCCDR : L'intégration des immigrants
OrganizerGibson, Grant (McMaster University)
ChairPandey, Manish (University of Winnipeg)
PapersAkbari, Syed Ather H (Saint Mary's University):
Human Capital Valuation of Immigrants in Smaller Regions of Western Countries: Some Evidence from Atlantic Canada
Snoddy, Iain (University of British Columbia):
Job Search and Immigrant Enclaves
Chowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of New Brunswick):
Who Moves? A Longitudinal Study of Internal Migration and Integration of Recent Canadian Immigrants
DiscussantsOrlov, George (Cornell University); Gross, Till (Carleton University); Pandey, Manish (University of Winnipeg)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
IFSD: Holding Governments to Account: Institutions, Outlooks, and Outlays / Tenir les gouvernements responsables: institutions, perspectives et dépenses
OrganizerBartlett, Randall (Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy)
ChairPage, Kevin (Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy)
PanelistsBartlett, Randall (Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy)
Ali Khan, Azfar (Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy)
Khan, Sahir (Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
OrganizerNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
ChairNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersLi, Qin (South China Agricultural University):
The Short-term and Long-term Effects of Widowhood on People's Midlife Health
Kong, Weiyang (Nancy) (University of Queensland):
Gender Bias Within Chinese Families-Who Eats First in Tough Times?
DiscussantsDeri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa); Spotton Visano, Brenda (York University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA-STATCAN: New Administrative Data on Health and Employment / ACES - STATCAN : De nouvelles données administratives sur la santé et l'emploi
OrganizerAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
ChairAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
PapersJeon, Sung Hee (Statistics Canada):
The impact of cardiovascular health shocks on employment and earnings
Arim, Rubab (Statistics Canada):
Are Mental Health and Neurodevelopmental Conditions Barriers to Postsecondary Access? Evidence from Linked Survey and Tax Data
Morissette, René (Statistics Canada):
Mass Layoffs and Mortality in Canada: Evidence from Linked Census-Administrative Data

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
OrganizerRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
SpeakerPande, Rohini (Harvard University)
TopicEnding Extreme Poverty: Aid and the State

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Regional And National Aspects of Canadian Economic Development / RCHE : Aspects régionaux et nationaux du développement économique canadien
OrganizerLew, Byron J (Trent University)
ChairChernoff, Alex (Bank of Canada)
PapersSugden, Roger (University of British Columbia):
Economic Development of Interior British Columbia: Opportunities for Women in the Okanagan, 1881-1921
Keay, Ian (Queen's University):
Trade Protection and Canada's Terms of Trade: Evidence from the First Era of Globalization
Rosé, David (Queen's University):
A Different Kind of Banking? Exploring the Emergence of Credit Cooperatives in Rural Québec

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
IRPP: Innovation Policies in the Wake of the 4th Industrial Revolution / Les politiques d'innovation à la suite de la 4e révolution industrielle
OrganizerCastonguay, Joanne (Research Institute on Public Policies)
ChairCastonguay, Joanne (Research Institute on Public Policies)
PanelistsBeaudry, Catherine (École Polytechique de Montréal)
Shearmur, Richard G. (School of Urban Planning, McGill University)
Castonguay, Joanne (Research Institute on Public Policies)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN: Open Data comes to ESDC: Gains for Research & Policy / RCCDR : Les données ouvertes à Emploi et Développement social Canada - Les avantages en matière de recherche et de politiques
OrganizerGibson, Grant (McMaster University)
ChairSpencer, Byron Grant (McMaster University)
PanelistsDuclos, Jean-Yves (Government of Canada)
Milligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia)
Robidoux, Benoit (Employment and Social Development Canada)
Lacroix, Guy (Université Laval)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Understanding Modern Neoliberalism: Recent Challenges and New Developments / FEP : Comprendre le néolibéralisme moderne - Défis récents et nouveaux développements
OrganizersKlimina, Anna (University of Saskatchewan)
Seccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa)
ChairMacEwen, Angella (Canadian Labour Congress)
PapersSeccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa):
Understanding the Evolution of Neoliberalism within a Polanyian Perspective
Klimina, Anna (University of Saskatchewan):
When Authoritarianism and Nationalism are masked as a Heterodox Fight against Global Neoliberalism: The Disturbing Case of Modern Russia
Hudson, Ian (University of Manitoba):
The Transformation of Democracy under Neoliberalism
Gendzier, Irene (Boston University, Emeritus):
Neoliberalism, the DNA of Development Policies
DiscussantsPerron-Dufour, Mathieu (Université du Québec en Outaouais); Mendell, Marguerite (Concordia University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Taxes and Savings / GECEP : Impôt et épargne
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairLeroux, Marie-Louise (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersAchou, Bertrand (Université Laval):
Housing and Medicaid
Smith, Constance (University of Alberta):
Does a Discount Rate Rule Ensure a Pension Plan Can Pay Promised Benefits without Excessive Asset Accumulation?
Leroux, Marie-Louise (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Premature deaths, accidental bequests and fairness

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Obesity & Physical Activity / ACES : Obésité et activité physique
ChairDevlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa)
PapersMcLeod, Logan (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Gasoline Prices and Obesity: Canadian Evidence
Nguyen, Van Hai (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
Effects of Manitoba's Fitness Tax Credits on Physical Activity among Young Adults
Zhou, Weina (Dalhousie University):
Children's Weight and the Massive Expansion of Western Fast Food Restaurants in China
DiscussantsWei, Lan (McMaster University); Watson, Barry (University of New Brunswick); Yazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Bootstrap Methods / ACE : Méthodes d'autoamorçage (bootstrap)
OrganizersWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
Yazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
ChairDavidson, Russell (McGill University)
PapersMacKinnon, James G (Queen's University):
Validity of Wild Bootstrap Inference with Clustered Errors
Webb, Matt (Carleton University):
Testing for the level of (multi-way) clustering
Nguyen, Vinh (McGill University):
Putting Saddle on the Beast: Saddlepoint Approximations to the Wild Bootstrap

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Defence and Security Economics / Économie de la défense et de la sécurité
OrganizersBerkok, Ugurhan (Royal Military College)
Skogstad, Karl (Lakehead University)
ChairSkogstad, Karl (Lakehead University)
PapersSerre, Lynne (Department of National Defence):
Managing Canada's military workforce: do terms of service help predict the outflow of personnel?
Douch, Mohamed (Royal Military College):
The Military Expenditure and FDI Nexus: Evidence from the Middle East and North Africa Region
Aziz, Md Nusrate (Algoma University):
Armed Conflict, Military Expenditure and International Tourism

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Electricity / GECERNE : L'électricité
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairJenkins, Glenn (Queen's University)
PapersMemartoluie, Ghazal (University of Waterloo):
The Effects of Electricity Generation Fuel Mix on Air Pollution
Yiridoe, Emmanuel (Dalhousie University):
Expected Willingness to Pay for Wind Energy in Atlantic Canada
Jenkins, Glenn (Queen's University):
Parametric and Non-Parametric Models to Estimate Households and Businesses' Willingness to Pay for reliable electricity supply

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Entrepreneurship / GCEM : L'entrepreneurship
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairJia, Ye (George) (University of Prince Edward Island)
PapersRobinson, Baxter (University of Toronto):
Risky Entrepreneurship and Wealth
Brueggemann, Bettina (McMaster University):
Entrepreneurial Portfolio Choices with Aggregate Risk: Theory, Empirics, and Implications for Policy
Jia (George), Ye (University of Prince Edward Island):
The Decline of US Entrepreneurship after the Great Recession- The impact of unemployment benefits extension on entrepreneurship

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Crises and Their Aftermaths / Les crises et leurs répercussions
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairChorney, Harold (Concordia University Montreal)
PapersDelmez, Françoise (University of Namur):
Jobless recoveries: Extensive and intensive margin in employment recovery following a financial crisis
Roy, Saktinil (Athabasca University):
Are Speculative Bubbles in Asset Markets the Primary Drivers of "Systemic" Banking Crises in Post-war Advanced Economies?
Chorney, Harold (Concordia University Montreal):
Post crash macroeconomics: The eclipse of rational expectations monetarism and the need for a new synthesis.

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Open Economy Business Cycles / Les cycles financiers en économie ouverte
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairMilani, Fabio (University of California, Irvine)
PapersDolatabadi, Sepideh (Queen's University):
An Empirical Investigation of the Modern Theory of Optimal Currency Areas
Traum, Nora (HEC Montreal):
Trade Flows and Fiscal Multipliers
Milani, Fabio (University of California, Irvine):
Animal Spirits, Learning, and Economic Fluctuations in a Small Open Economy

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Panel Session: Modeling the Long-term Transition to a Low Carbon Economy / Table ronde d'Environnement et Changement climatique Canada : Modéliser la transition à long terme vers une économie faible en carbone
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairGoodlet, Warren (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PanelistsWood, Frances (OnLocation, Inc.)
Vaillancourt, Kathleen (ESMIA Consultants Inc.)
Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)
Macaluso, Nick (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
Peters, Jotham (Navius Research)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Collusion and Merger Policy / Collusion et politiques en matière de fusions
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairErshov, Daniel (Toulouse School of Economics)
PapersChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University):
Colluding on Surcharges
Kim, Jae Yeon (Ryerson University):
On the Linkage between Trade Costs and Endogenous Merger Formation and Merger Policy
Ershov, Daniel (Toulouse School of Economics):
Mergers in a Market with Complementarity

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Economics Papers on Canada / Conférences sur l'économie du travail au Canada
OrganizerMarchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
ChairRana, Saeed (McMaster University)
PapersChun, Young Jun (Hanyang University):
Business Cycle, Lifetime Income and Employment Stability, and Welfare Policies
Kim, Myeongwan (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
Rising Import Competition in Canada and its Employment Effect by Skill and Gender: Evidence from the 'China Shock'
Rana, Saeed (McMaster University):
Length of Time on and off the Ontario Disability Support Program Benefits: A Flexible Parametric Duration Model
DiscussantsArbex, Marcelo (University of Windsor); Finnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Location Choice and Traffic / Choix du lieu de résidence et transports
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairCraig, Andrea (Queen's University)
PapersLi, Meng (Queen's University):
Endogenous Neighborhood Externality, Household Income and Location
Ma, Daniel (University of Calgary):
Traffic Pricing and Air Quality: Evidence from London
Craig, Andrea (Queen's University):
Commute Mode and Residential Location Choice

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Innovation / CCTE : L'innovation
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairGrégoire, Philippe (Université Laval)
PapersLapointe, Simon (VATT Institute for Economic Research):
The Impact of Subsidy Bidding Wars on the Optimal Investment Decisions of Multi-Establishment Firms
Grégoire, Philippe (Université Laval):
Crowdfunding and community
DiscussantsFreeman, David (Simon Fraser University)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Environmental Economics / GCREEC : Économie de l'environnement
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairLi, Tongzhe (University of Windsor)
PapersDCouto, Taberah (University of Windsor):
Green Behaviors in the Laboratory, Environmental Donations in the Field
Liu, Haiyan (University of Waterloo):
Modeling Farmers' Demand for Catastrophic Drought Risk Insurance under Climate Change Using Choice Experiments
Li, Tongzhe (University of Windsor):
Will Public Awareness Diminish the Effectiveness of Behavioral Nudges?: A Field Experiment with Sufficient Statistical Power
DiscussantsAvery, Mallory (University of Pittsburgh); Beattie, Robert Graham (University of Pittsburgh); Spraggon, John (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Belief and Identity Formation / GCREEC : Croyances et formation de l'identité
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairCofone, Ignacio (New York University)
PapersFaton, Elfried (Université Laval):
Extremism and Listening in Networks
Leung, Tsz Kin (Toulouse School of Economics):
Limited cognitive ability and selective information processing
Cofone, Ignacio (New York University):
Biased Beliefs and Information Overload in Consumer Privacy: A Field Experiment

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirics of Processing Trade and the Firm / GCECI : Commerce/conditionnement et entreprises - Une approche empirique
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairMorrow, Peter (University of Toronto)
PapersBai, Xue (Brock University):
Trade and Minimum Wages in General Equilibrium: Theory and Evidence
Rodrigue, Joel (Vanderbilt University):
Learning-from-Exporting: Firm-Level Evidence from Chinese Trade Deregulation
Morrow, Peter (University of Toronto):
Is Processing Good?

16:00-17:30Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: International Trade and Finance Theory / GCECI : Commerce international et théorie de la finance
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairTuuli, Maxwell (McGill University)
PapersBazan Palomino, Walter (Fordham University):
Valuation Effect, Heterogeneous Investors and Home Bias
MacKenzie, William Gaelan (University of Toronto):
Import competition and labour market monopsony
Tuuli, Maxwell (McGill University):
Trading Goods and Trading Tasks: A Simple Model of Firm Heterogeneity with Innovation

17:45-19:15Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Innis Lecture / Conférence Innis
OrganizerRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairGreen, David (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerTrebbi, Francesco (University of British Columbia)
TopicAuthoritarian Elites

19:15-20:45Friday, June 1, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Reception / Réception
SponsorBank of Canada

07:00-08:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Department Chairs Breakfast Meeting. All chairs of economics departments are invited to attend, or send a delegate. / Petit-déjeuner rencontre des chefs de départements. Tous les chefs de département d'économique sont invités à y assister ou à y envoyer un délégué.
OrganizersJones, Stephen R. G. (McMaster University)
Redish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairJones, Stephen R. G. (McMaster University)

08:00-08:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café du CLEF

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Human Capital: Child Care Policy and Child Development / Le capital humain : Politiques de garde d'enfants et développement des enfants
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairSayour, Nagham (McGill University)
PapersKwon, Sungjoon (Ohio State University):
Parental Choice of Child Care, Child Development and the Effects of Child Care Subsidies and Income Transfers
Thomsen, Stephan (Leibniz Universität Hannover):
The Effects of Universal Public Childcare Provision on Cases of Child Neglect and Abuse
Sayour, Nagham (McGill University):
After-School Care and Child Development
DiscussantsGatto, Laura (University of Guelph); Gilraine, Michael (University of Toronto); Fontaine, Marie Mélanie (Université du Québec à Montréal)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Education: Determinants of Learning - Peers and Interventions / Les déterminants de l'apprentissage - Le rôle des pairs et de certaines interventions
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMcGee, Andrew (University of Alberta)
PapersMeilman Lomaz Cohn, Ricardo (Simon Fraser University):
School quality, peer effects and student achievement: evidence from British Columbia
Beland, Louis-Philippe (Lousiana State University):
Career Counseling And Youth Crime. Evidence From Career Compass In Louisiana
Brown, Ashton (University of Cambridge):
The Effects of Early Cognitive Scores and Childhood ADHD on Young-Adult Outcomes
McGee, Andrew (University of Alberta):
How Do Peers Impact Learning? An Experimental Investigation of Peer-to-Peer Teaching and Ability Tracking

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets: Labour Market Transitions, Moving Cost and Job Switching / Marchés du travail: Transitions sur le marché du travail, coûts de la mobilité et changements d'emploi
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairCote, Louis-David (Government of Canada)
PapersKamionka, Thierry (CNRS and CREST):
Homeownership and Labour Market Transitions
Lkhagvasuren, Damba (Concordia University):
Moving Cost and Unemployment: A Theoretical Analysis
Cote, Louis-David (Government of Canada):
What makes you switch jobs? A study of the factors influencing inter-occupational mobility

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Corporate Governance / Économie financière - La gouvernance des entreprises
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairZhang, Haofei (University of Toronto)
PapersCarew, Matthew (Western University):
Index Inclusion and CEO Turnover
Zhang, Jingyu (Imperial College London):
Monitoring and Learning by Institutional Investors: Theory and Evidence
Wu, Wendy (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Would Lehman Sisters Have Saved the Day?
Zhang, Haofei (University of Toronto):
Product market competition and corporate governance: substitutes or complements? Evidence from CEO duality

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Retailing and International Trade / Banque du Canada : Vente au détail et commerce international
OrganizerChernoff, Alex (Bank of Canada)
ChairChernoff, Alex (Bank of Canada)
PapersHottman, Colin (Federal Reserve Board):
Retail Markups, Misallocation, and Store Variety across U.S. Cities
Li, Nicholas (University of Toronto):
Borders, varieties and distribution costs: Evidence from a US-Canada retail chain
Alexander, Patrick (Bank of Canada):
Retailers, Importing and Exchange Rate Dynamics: Firm-level Evidence from Canada

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN: Modernization at Statistics Canada and the CRDCN: Implications for Research / RCCDR : La modernisation de Statistique Canada et le RCCDR - Les implications en matière de recherche
OrganizerGibson, Grant (McMaster University)
ChairSpencer, Byron Grant (McMaster University)
PanelistsMcDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)
Veall, Michael (McMaster University)
Dosman, Donna (Statistics Canada)
Amano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-Phelps-RIIB Session: Competition Policy I / Séance CIRANO-Phelps-RIIB : Politique de la concurrence I
OrganizersHorstmann, Ignatius (University of Toronto)
Ross, Thomas W. (University of British Columbia)
ChairGendron-O'Donnell, Alexa (Competion Bureau Canada)
PapersDe Leverano, Adriano (HEC Montréal):
Collusion through market sharing agreements: evidence from Québec's road paving contracts
Ziss, Steffen (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Proposal for a Merger Tax
Entezarkheir, Mahdiyeh (Huron University College):
Innovation Spillover and Merger Decisions
Mitchell, Matthew (Rotman School of Management):
Free (Ad)vice
Discussantsvon Wartburg, Markus W. (Analysis Group); Horstmann, Ignatius (University of Toronto); Samano, Mario (HEC Montréal); Chen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Macro - Money and Consumption Smoothing / GCREEC : Macro - Argent et régulation de la consommation
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairJiang, Janet Hua (Bank of Canada)
PapersArifovic, Jasmina (Simon Fraser University):
Adoption of a new payment method: theory and experimental evidence
Fenig Braverman, Guidon (University of Saskatchewan):
Improving Dynamic Optimization in Life-Cycle Consumption Experiments
Tasneem, Dina (American University of Sharjah):
Decision Rules for Precautionary and Retirement Savings
Jiang, Janet Hua (Bank of Canada):
Competing Currencies in the Laboratory

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA-STATCAN: Economic Costs of Smoking / ACES - STATCAN : Les coûts économiques du tabagisme
OrganizerAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
ChairFlanagan, Bill (Statistics Canada)
PapersManuel, Doug (University of Ottawa):
Health Care Cost of smoking in Ontario: 2003 to 2041
Evans, William K (McMaster University):
Cost-effectiveness of smoking cessation within an organized CT lung cancer (LC) screening program
Dobrescu, Alexandru (The Conference Board of Canada):
The Costs of Tobacco Use in Canada, 2012

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Preferences and Choice / GCREEC : Préférences et choix
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairFreeman, David (Simon Fraser University)
PapersZrill, Lanny (Langara College):
How Portable Are Utility Functions?
Castillo, Geoffrey (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg):
Choice consistency and the attraction effect
Javdani Haji, Mohsen (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Who Said or What Said? Estimating Bias in Views Among Economists Using a Randomized Controlled Experiment
Freeman, David (Simon Fraser University):
Why Choice Lists Increase Risk Taking

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-Productivity Partnership: Explaining Canada's Post-2000 Productivity Performance I: Setting the Stage / CENV - Partenariat productivité : La productivité au Canada après 2000 I - Les éléments de base
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
Veall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairCleroux, Pierre (Business Development Bank)
PapersTsang, Wing Kwong (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
The Stylized Factors About Slower Productivity Growth in Canada
Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada):
Economic And Productivity Growth In Canada And The United States: Recent Trends And Determinants
Alexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto):
Canadian Productivity, Secular Stagnation, And Technological Change
DiscussantsLester, John (University of Calgary); Duval, Romain (International Monetary Fund); Poschke, Markus (McGill University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Entrepreneurship and Private Enterprise Development I / Entrepreneurship et développement des entreprises privées I
OrganizerAmodio, Francesco (McGill University)
ChairDonovan, Kevin (University of Notre Dame)
PapersGechter, Michael (Penn State University):
Efficiency And Equity Of Land Policy In Developing Country Cities: Evidence From The Mumbai Mills Redevelopment
Rotemberg, Martin (New York University):
Engines of Growth: Railroads, Reallocation, and the Rise of American Manufacturing
Kagy, Gisella (Vassar College):
It's Getting Crowded in Here: Experimental Evidence of Demand-Side Constraints in the Gender Profit Gap

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Public Finance / GECEP : Les finances publiques
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairDong, Wei (Bank of Canada)
PapersFerris, J. Stephen (Carleton University):
Does Political Competition affect Fiscal Structure? What time series analysis says for Canada, 1870 - 2015
Joanis, Marcelin (Polytechnique Montréal):
Do fiscal rules cause fiscal discipline over the electoral cycle?
Leung, Cheuk Shing (McGill University):
Assortative Mating and the Optimal Progressivity of Income Tax
Dong, Wei (Bank of Canada):
Non-performing Loans, Fiscal Costs and Credit Expansion

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Financial Econometrics / ACE : L'économétrie financière
OrganizersWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
Yazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
ChairDjogbenou, Antoine Alex (Queen's University)
PapersKhalaf, Lynda (Carleton University):
Weak beta, strong beta: multi-factor pricing and rank restrictions
Gungor, Sermin (University of Western Ontario):
Comparing out-of-sample forecasts against a random walk: exact tests with application to exchange rates
Pondi Endengle, Eric Marius (Université de Montréal):
Dynamical relevance of factors in misspecified asset pricing models

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Empirical Microeconomics / Microéconomique empirique
OrganizersWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
Yazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
ChairDyck, Joshua (University of Manitoba)
PapersTchuente Nguembu, Guy (unaffiliated):
Immigration Policy and Remittance Behaviour: an application with fuzzy diff-in-diffs.
Héroux-Vaillancourt, Mikaël (Polytechnique Montreal):
How innovation culture can impact technological innovation performance?
Panahidargahloo, Akram (York University):
Positional Momentum and Liquidity Management; A Bivariate Rank Approach
Dyck, Joshua (University of Manitoba):
Regional used vehicle market pricing across Canada: A spatial econometrics approach

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Empirics / GECERNE : recherches empiriques
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairThille, Henry (University of Guelph)
PapersAzarafshar, Roshanak (University of Ottawa):
Assessment of Electric Vehicle Incentive Policies in Canadian Provinces
Collins, Ayoo (Carleton University):
A Cointegration Analysis of Gasoline Demand in Canada
Aghakazemjourabbaf, Sara (University of Waterloo):
Incorporating bankruptcy risk into optimal damage clean-up decisions under an environmental bond and a strict liability rule
Thille, Henry (University of Guelph):
The dynamics of Canada-U.S. crude oil prices: can we identify the effects of binding pipeline capacity?

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Health Care Delivery / ACES : La prestation de soins de santé
ChairGuliani, Harminder (University of Regina)
PapersAmmi, Mehdi (Carleton University):
The Impact of Healthcare Regionalization on Accessiblility of Care: Canadian Evidence
Rodriguez Llorian, Elisabet (University of Manitoba):
The Technology-Healthcare Expenditure Nexus for Developed Countries: An Investigation for OECD Member Countries and Canadian Provinces
Tombak, Mihkel (University of Toronto):
Competition between For-Profit and Nonprofit Healthcare Providers and Quality
DiscussantsRodriguez Llorian, Elisabet (University of Manitoba); Shigeoka, Hitoshi (Simon Fraser University); Papanastasiou, Anastasios (McMaster University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Canadian Economy / L'économie canadienne
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairSurprenant, Stéphane (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersSekkel, Rodrigo (Bank of Canada):
Changes in Predictability of the Canadian Economy: Evidence from the Bank of Canada Staff's Forecasts
Rao, Someshwar (S RAO Consulting INC.):
Macro-economic Impacts of Inward and Outward FDI in Canada
Wagner, Joel (McMaster University):
Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity in Canada: Evidence against a Greasing Effect
Surprenant, Stéphane (Université du Québec à Montréal):
A large canadian database for macroeconomic analysis

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Emerging Markets I / Les marchés émergents I
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
PapersElizondo, Rocio (Bank of Mexico):
What Determines the Neutral Rate of Interest in an Emerging Economy?
Li, Yang (Simon Fraser University):
Price Setting Under Hyperinflation

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada I: Climate Policy Impacts / Environnement et Changement climatique Canada I : Les impacts des politiques climatiques
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PapersSchaufele, Brandon N. (Western University):
Marginal Excess Burden of Unilateral Carbon Taxes: Evidence from Agriculture
Cherniwchan, Jevan (University of Alberta):
Do Environmental Regulations Affect the Decision to Export?
Wolff, Hendrik (Simon Fraser University):
Do Carbon Taxes Kill Jobs? Evidence of Heterogeneous Impacts from British Columbia
DiscussantsDahlby, Bev (University of Calgary); Bruneau, Joel (University of Saskatchewan); Seguin, Charles (Université du Québec à Montréal)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Housing Dynamics / La dynamique du logement
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairVerstraete, Matthieu (Bank of Canada)
PapersCosman, Jacob (Johns Hopkins University):
Market concentration in homebuilding and the macroeconomy
Zhou, Chenggang Mark (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
Speculation in Vancouver Housing Market: A Panel Analysis
Verstraete, Matthieu (Bank of Canada):
Personal Experiences and House Price Expectations: Evidence from the Canadian Survey of Consumer Expectations

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Empowerment GrOW Panel on the Care Economy in Developing / Table ronde sur l'autonomisation des femmes dans l'économie domestique des pays en développement
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
Panelistsde Haan, Arjan (IDRC)
Laszlo, Sonia (McGill University)
Harper, Sam (McGill University)
Nandi, Arijit (McGill University)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Health / GCEDE : La santé
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairMabeu, Marie Christelle (University of Ottawa)
PapersKang, Yifan (University of Ottawa):
Sex Ratios and Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections
Majid, Farhan (Rice University):
Do parents neglect sick babies?
Mabeu, Marie Christelle (University of Ottawa):
Democracy, Genes, and the Male Survival Disadvantage

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Auctions and Art / Arts et enchères
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairDee, Victor (University of Toronto)
PapersLiu, Zhuang (Western University):
Will the Leak sink the Ship? Identifying the Impact of Movie Piracy from Screener Leaks
Dee, Victor (University of Toronto):
Identification and Estimation of Pay-Per-Bid Auctions

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Exchanges Rates and Pass-Through / GCEM : les incidences des variations de taux de change
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairMnasri, Ayman (Queen's University)
PapersLewis, John (Bank of England):
Exchange rate passthrough with sectoral data
Mnasri, Ayman (Queen's University):
Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Monetary Policy: A Competitive Search Approach

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Labour / CCTE : Le travail
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairYu, Weiqiu (University of New Brunswick)
PapersDoumbia, Maéva Zeinab (Université Laval):
Gender Identity and Relative Income Within Households : Evidence from Canada
Gong, Yifan (Western University):
Uncertainty about Future Income: Initial Beliefs and Resolution during College
Yu, Weiqiu (University of New Brunswick):
The Impact of Cohort Size On Labour Force Participation In Canada

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: International Economics and Exchange Rate Theory / GCECI : Économie internationale et théorie des taux de change
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairElle Lei, Xiaowen (Simon Fraser University)
PapersBrabant, Dominique (Boston College):
The effect of exchange rate uncertainty on international trade: The role of financial frictions
Mohsin, Mohammed (The University of Tennessee):
Import Competition, Productivity, Terms of Trade and the Current Account in a Small Open Economy
Elle Lei, Xiaowen (Simon Fraser University):
Wait-and-See Exchange Rate Policy

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirics of Trade Policy / GCECI : Les politiques commerciales - Une approche empirique
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairNechi, Salem M (Qatar university)
PapersSun, Sharon Zhengyang (Carleton University):
Quantifying the UK's Post-Brexit Export Potential: A Gravity Model Analysis
MacIsaac, Samuel (Carleton University):
EU's New Generation of Free Trade Agreements: Implications for the CEECs
Siauw-Soegiarto, Fanny (Carleton University):
FTA Proliferation Impact on Indonesian Exports: Examination of trade creation and diversion effects.
Nechi, Salem M (Qatar university):
New Approach to Estimating Gravity Models Heteroskedastic and Zero Trade Values

10:00-10:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Undergraduate Student Poster Session / Séance de présentation d'affiches d'étudiants

10:00-10:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café du CLEF

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Inequality: Household Inequality / Les inégalités : inégalités au sein des ménages
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairPenney, Jeffrey (Queen's University)
PapersGiri, Anil (University of Central Missouri):
Do agricultural exports increase median household income and reduce unemployment rate? Analysis of Midwest states.
Long, Blair (Queen's University):
Labour Market Experimentation and Non-linear Inter-generational Earnings Persistence
Penney, Jeffrey (Queen's University):
An instructor like me: Uncovering the channels of racial interactions

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Modelling the Economic Impact of Trade Agreements / Modéliser l'impact économique des accords commerciaux
OrganizerRojas, Eduardo (Ministry of Finance)
ChairLewis, Brian (Ontario Ministry of Finance)
PapersTapp, Stephen (Export Development Canada):
Analyzing the Impacts of Trade Negotiations and Disputes in Real-time
Lysenko, Dmitry (Government of Nova Scotia):
Trade Policy Analysis at a Sub-national Level: Replacing Canada with Its Provinces in the GTAP Model
Ciuriak, Dan (Ciuriak Consulting Inc.):
Province-Level Impacts of Canada's Trade Agreements: Using Partial Equilibrium Models to Decompose National-level General Equilibrium Impact Estimates
Paquet, Marie-France (Global Affairs Canada):
Modelling Canada's Progressive Trade Agenda
Pujolas Fons, Pau Salvador (McMaster University):
Do We Have Good Models to Predict the Impact of Trade Liberalization?

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets: Employment Insurance / Marchés du travail - L'assurance-emploi
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairLluis, Stéphanie (University of Waterloo)
PapersAhn, Taehyun (Sogang University):
Assessing the Effects of Reemployment Bonuses on Job Search: A Regression Discontinuity Approach
Lepage-Saucier, Nicolas (ENSAI):
Why do half of unemployment benefits go unclaimed?
Brencic, Vera (University of Alberta):
Email Job Alerts and the Labor Market Experience of Unemployed Workers: Evidence from the Connecting Canadians with Available Jobs initiative
Lluis, Stéphanie (University of Waterloo):
Employment Insurance Impact on Spousal Labour Supply

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Central Clearing (CCP) vs Over the Counter (OTC) / Économie financière - Compensation centrale vs dérivés de gré à gré
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairCruz Lopez, Jorge (Bank of Canada)
PapersLee, Soomin (University of Toronto):
Why Trade Over-the-Counter? When Investors Want Price Discrimination
Rojas Cama, Freddy (Rutgers University):
The Impact of Collateralization on Swaps Rates Under Clearing
Cruz Lopez, Jorge (Bank of Canada):
Residual Risk and Default Waterfalls in Central Counterparties

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Structural Microeconometrics for Policy Analysis / Banque du Canada : Microéconométrie structurelle et analyse de politiques
OrganizerShcherbakov, Oleksandr (Bank of Canada)
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersLim, Paul (University of Toronto):
Regional Default Risk and Mortgage Lending in the U.S.
Salazar, Diego (Western University):
The Career Decisions of Juvenile Offenders: Punishment and Desistance from Crime
Samano, Mario (HEC Montréal):
Long-Run Market Configurations in a Dynamic Quality-Ladder Model with Externalities
Shcherbakov, Oleksandr (Bank of Canada):
Welfare Analysis of Equilibria With and Without Early Termination Fees in the U.S. Wireless Industry

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-Phelps-RIIB Session: Competition Policy II / Séance CIRANO-Phelps-RIIB : Politique de la concurrence II
OrganizersBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
Horstmann, Ignatius (University of Toronto)
ChairFaye, Anne Catherine (Analysis Group)
PapersCorts, Kenneth (University of Toronto):
Price-Matching with Supplier Power
Clark, Robert (Queen's University):
The Geographic Flow of Bank Funding and Access to Credit: Branch Networks and Local-Market Competition
Pourkarimi, Parisa (Carleton University):
Cooperative R&D, Innovation, Welfare and Profitability in vertically related industries
Bar-Isaac, Heski (University of Toronto):
Vertical Information Restraints: Pro- and Anti-Competitive Impacts of Minimum Advertised Price Restrictions
DiscussantsDiamantoudi, Effrosyni (Concordia University); Lasio, Laura (McGill University); Gunderson, Alan (Competition Bureau); Sahuguet, Nicolas (HEC Montréal)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CWEC: Gender in the Economics Profession / CFÉC : Le genre et la profession d'économiste
SponsorFederation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
OrganizerDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
ChairDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
PanelistsKahn, Shulamit (Boston University)
Neill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Sarsons, Heather (Harvard University)
Prummer, Anja (Queen Mary University of London)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
STATCAN: Research on Labour Market and Firm Dynamics Using Matched Employer-Employee Data / La recherche sur le marché du travail et la dynamique des entreprises grâce aux données employeurs-employés
OrganizerAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
ChairMorissette, René (Statistics Canada)
PapersBaum-Snow, Nathaniel (University of Toronto):
Localized Productivity Spillovers: Accounting for Firm Clustering
Dostie, Benoit (HEC Montréal):
Changes in wage and productivity inequalities in Canada over 2001-2011
Huang, Lyming (Carleton University):
How long until Canadian entrepreneurs hire their first worker?
Liu, HuJu (Statistics Canada):
Wage dispersion and firm-level productivity dispersion in Canada

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Social Preferences / GCREEC : Préférences sociales
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
PapersSong, Fei (Ryerson University):
Are "left-behind" children really left behind? A lab-in-field experiment on the impact of rural/urban status and parental migration on children's social preferences
Viianto, Lari Arthur (Universidad de Guanajuato):
Emotions of altruism, envy and guilt: experimental evidence
Brokaw, Morgan (Worcester Polytechnic Institute):
Analyzing Behavior Across Four Simple Economic Games
Childs, Jason (University of Regina):
Location, Location, Location: Is there a meaningful behavioural difference between Atlantic Canada and the Prairies?

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-Productivity Partnership: Explaining Canada's Post-2000 Productivity Performance II: The Role of Technology / CENV - Partenariat productivité : La productivité au Canada après 2000 II - Le rôle de la technologie
OrganizersVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
Drummond, Don (Queen's University)
ChairShute, Larry (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada)
PapersTang, Jianmin (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada):
Technological Change, Technical Efficiency and Canada's Post-2000 Productivity Performance
Mollins, Jeff (Bank of Canada):
ICT Contribution to Productivity Growth in Canada
DiscussantsNicoletti, Giuseppe (OECD); Cette, Gilbert (Banque de France)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Progessive Economics Forum Annual General Meeting
OrganizerPringle, David J (Carleton University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
OrganizerRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
SpeakerWilliamson, Stephen (Western University)
TopicInflation Control: Do Central Bankers Have it Right?

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Entrepreneurship and Private Enterprise Development II / Entrepreneurship et développement des entreprises privées II
OrganizerAmodio, Francesco (McGill University)
ChairAmodio, Francesco (McGill University)
PapersMartinez Carrasco, Jose (Duke University):
Coordination and Gains from Relational Contracts: Evidence from the Peruvian Anchovy Fishery
Roth, Ben (Harvard Business School):
Keeping the Little Guy Down: A Debt Trap for Lending with Limited Pledgeability
Medina, Pamela (University of Toronto):
Import Competition, Quality Upgrading and Exporting: Evidence from the Peruvian Apparel Industry

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Tax Policy I / GECEP : La politique fiscale I
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairDahlby, Bev (University of Calgary)
PapersChatterjee, Partha (Shiv Nadar University):
Optimal Taxation in a Federation and GST in India
Compton, Ryan (University of Manitoba):
The Tax-Spending Nexus: Canadian Provincial Evidence
Snoddon, Tracy (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Carbon Pricing and Equalization in Canada
Dahlby, Bev (University of Calgary):
The Trade-Off between Efficiency and Fiscal Equity in a Federation with Provincial Resource Revenues
DiscussantsFerede, Ergete (MacEwan University); Joanis, Marcelin (Polytechnique Montréal); Tombe, Trevor (University of Calgary); Snoddon, Tracy (Wilfrid Laurier University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Local Labour Markets / Les marchés du travail locaux
OrganizersMarchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
Serafinelli, Michel (University of Toronto)
ChairsMarchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
Serafinelli, Michel (University of Toronto)
PapersChan, Jeff (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Tariffs and the Composition of Employment: Evidence from the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement
Sheard, Nicholas (University of Liverpool):
Transport Infrastructure and Regional Welfare

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Changes in Structure, State and Time / ACE : Changements dans la structure, l'état et le temps
OrganizersWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
Yazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
ChairDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)
PapersAntoine, Bertille (Simon Fraser University):
Inference in linear models with structural changes and mixed identification strength
Liu, Long (University of Texas at San Antonio):
Testing for Shifts in a Time Trend Panel Data Model with Serially Correlated Error Component Disturbances
Leroux, Maxime (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Macroeconomic forecast accuracy in a data-rich environment

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Child Health / ACES : La santé des enfants
ChairShigeoka, Hitoshi (Simon Fraser University)
PapersWei, Lan (McMaster University):
The variation in children's outcomes across family structures: evidence based on Canadian longitudinal data
Jacks, David S. (Simon Fraser University):
Infant Mortality and the Repeal of Federal Prohibition

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Game Theory and the Environment I / GECERNE : Théorie des jeux et environnement I
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairInsley, Margaret (University of Waterloo)
PapersGarrab, Samar (Royal Military College):
Impact of signatories' leadership in static environmental agreements
Akakpo, Koffi (Université Laval):
Optimal Flood Warning Decisions with Imperfect Credibility
Insley, Margaret (University of Waterloo):
Strategic interactions and uncertainty in decisions to curb greenhouse gas emissions
DiscussantsTrudeau, Christian (University of Windsor); Morin Chassé, Rémi (University of Prince Edward Island); Kakeu Kengne, Justin Johnson (Université de Montréal)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Marijuana, Cigarettes, and Opioids / ACES : Marijuana, cigarette et opiacés
ChairHajizadeh, Mohammad (Dalhousie University)
PapersDavis, Andrew (Acadia University):
Labour supply among Canadian medical marijuana patients
Greenspon, Jacob (Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity):
The Effect of Local Labour Market Conditions on Opioid-Related Medical Incidents in Ontario
Guliani, Harminder (University of Regina):
Geographic and income variations in smoking behavior: Evidence from Ethiopia
Mital, Shweta (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
Too Young for Marijuana? Choice of Minimum Legal Age for Legalized Recreational Marijuana in Canada
DiscussantsMital, Shweta (Memorial University of Newfoundland); Amirkhalkhali, Yasmine (Dalhousie University); Davis, Andrew (Acadia University); Okoye, Chidozie (Dalhousie University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Productivity / GCEM : La productivité
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairAyerst, Stephen (University of Toronto)
PapersAcharya, Ram (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada):
Has the World Descended to a Lower Economic Growth Path?
Hasanzadeh, Samira (Carleton University):
Dissemination of Two Faces of Knowledge: Do Liberal-Democracy and Income-Level Matter?
Ayerst, Stephen (University of Toronto):
The Adoption and Diffusion of New Technologies

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Emerging Markets II / Les marchés émergents II
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairGermaschewski, Yin (University of New Hampshire)
PapersZhang, Yahong (University of Windsor):
Stimulus Policy, Financial Friction, Corporate Debt and Economic Slowdown in China
Shukayev, Malik (University of Alberta):
Business cycles in emerging markets: cross-country evidence and trend shocks
Germaschewski, Yin (University of New Hampshire):
House Price, Credit Supply, and Government Policy in China

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Finance and the Business Cycle / GCEM : Finance et cycles financiers
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairMoran, Kevin (Université Laval)
PapersRuge-Murcia, Francisco J. (McGill University):
Asset Prices in a Small Production Network
Candian, Giacomo (HEC Montréal):
Risk Aversion, Uninsurable Idiosyncratic Risk, and the Financial Accelerator
Koffi, Marlène (Université de Montréal):
Financial openness, idiosyncratic risk and business cycles
Moran, Kevin (Université Laval):
Financial Frictions in Macroeconomic Modelling: A Bayesian Evaluation

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada II: Environmental Regulation and Clean Innovation / Environnement et Changement climatique Canada II : Réglementation environnementale et innovations propres
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairMacaluso, Nick (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PapersRay Chaudhuri, Amrita (University of Winnipeg):
Green Technology and Patents in the Presence of Green Consumers
Scott, William (Smart Prosperity Institute - University of Ottawa):
CANADA'S NEXT EDGE: Why Clean Innovation is Critical to Canada's Economy and How We Get It Right
Najjar, Nouri (University of British Columbia):
Environmental Regulations and the Clean-Up of Manufacturing: Plant-Level Evidence from Canada
DiscussantsBernard, Sophie (Polytechnique Montréal); Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia); ab Iorwerth, Aled (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Infrastructure / Les infrastructures
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairBeaudoin, Justin (University of Washington Tacoma)
PapersTyndall, Justin (University of British Columbia):
Light Rail (Dis)Placement: Neighbourhood Choice, Transit and Labour Market Outcomes
Sandoval Hernandez, Aldo (Western University):
Short-Run Market Access and the Construction of Better Transportation Infrastructure in Mexico
Beaudoin, Justin (University of Washington Tacoma):
Is Public Transit's "Green" Reputation Deserved? Evaluating the Effects of Transit Supply on Air Quality
DiscussantsBeaudoin, Justin (University of Washington Tacoma); Tyndall, Justin (University of British Columbia); Sandoval Hernandez, Aldo (Western University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Research to Policy Panel - Canada and Free Trade with Asia / GCEDE : De la recherche aux débats d'experts - Le Canada et le libre-échange avec l'Asie
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PanelistsRowlands, Dane (Carleton University)
McCabe, Brian (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Oo, Zaw (CESD (Centre for Economic and Social Development))
Siauw-Soegiarto, Fanny (Carleton University)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Marriage / GCEDE : Le mariage
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairBidner, Chris (Simon Fraser University)
PapersKhan, Aisha (University of Calgary):
Early Marriage Awareness: Do Families Respond?
Hwang, Sam (University of British Columbia):
Can inter-marriages be promoted with cash incentives? Evidence from India
Bidner, Chris (Simon Fraser University):
Marriage, Commitment and Social Norms: Theory and Evidence from Egypt
DiscussantsDessy, Sylvain (Université Laval); Rosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University); Bau, Natalie (University of Toronto)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Behaviour in Air Transport and Electricity Markets / Le comportement des entreprises sur les marchés du transport aérien et de l'électricité
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairEckert, Andrew (University of Alberta)
PapersMorrison, William (Wilfrid Laurier University):
A model of Liberalization,Lobbying and the Distribution of Economic Welfare with an Application to `Open Skies' Air Service Agreements
Chandra, Ambarish (University of Toronto):
Price Discrimination along Multiple Dimensions: New Evidence from a Regional Airline
Min, Hyeck Ki (University of Alberta):
Strategic Timing of Outages on Coal Power Plants under Virtual Divestiture: The Case of Alberta's Electricity Market
Eckert, Andrew (University of Alberta):
Information and Transparency in Wholesale Electricity Markets: Evidence from Alberta

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Information in Games / CCTE : L'information dans les jeux
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairDamiano, Ettore (University of Toronto)
PapersKang, Minku (Western University):
Bayesian Persuasion and Naivete
Papanastasiou, Anastasios (McMaster University):
Non-Monotone Incentives and the Structure of Information in Hidden Action Models
Damiano, Ettore (University of Toronto):
Learning while Experimenting

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical trade I / GCECI : Le commerce - Une approche empirique I
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
PapersLópez Noria, Gabriela (Banco de Mexico):
The Impact of NAFTA on Total Factor Productivity: Evidence from the Mexican Automobile Industry
Fraser, Alastair (University of British Columbia):
Complements or Substitutes? The Importance of Transportation Mode Choice In International Trade
Nagaraj, Priya (William Paterson University):
Disentangling Trade Effects of Non-Tariff Measures and Regulatory Distance for TPP countries
Beaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary):
The Trade Policy Gender Gap: Why are Women More Protectionist than Men?

12:00-14:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Purvis Luncheon Lecture / Conférence Purvis
OrganizerRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairSchirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
SpeakerTodd, Petra E. (University of Pennsylvania)
TopicIncorporating Personality Traits into Economic Models of Education and Labour Supply

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Education: Measuring Education / Mesurer la qualité de l'éducation
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMcIntosh, James (Concordia University)
PapersSlichter, David (Binghamton University (SUNY)):
Education and the Geography of Economic Opportunity
Wylie, Peter (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
The Effect of Rising Numbers of International Students on Economics Undergraduate Degree Programs in Canada: Some Preliminary Indications from UBC
McIntosh, James (Concordia University):
New PISA Results For Canada

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI I: Education, Skills and Outcomes / IRPE I : Éducation, compétences et situation sur le marché du tr
ChairFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
PapersLefebvre, Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Long term educational attainment of private high school students in Québec: estimates of treatment effects from longitudinal data
Mueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge):
The Impact of Age at Arrival and Basic Skills on Earnings: Do Immigration Admission Categories Matter?
Truong, Khuong (McMaster University):
Do Skills and Earnings Decline with Age Differently for Immigrants and Canadians?

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets: Retirement / Marchés du travail : La retraite
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMudasser, Muhammad (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)
PapersCao, Zhan (Tongji University):
Retirement age and consumption
Ngoundjou Nkwinkeum, George (Université de Montréal):
House prices and Retirement in US
Kocourek, Petr (Memorial University):
The Effects of Mandatory Retirement Rules on the Employment Transitions, Health and Subjective Well-Being of Older Canadians
Mudasser, Muhammad (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology):
Effect of Longevity on Economic Growth, Accounting for Variability in Demographic Transition: Evidence for Pakistan using ARDL Bounds Testing Approach
DiscussantsNgoundjou Nkwinkeum, George (Université de Montréal); Cao, Zhan (Tongji University); Mudasser, Muhammad (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology); Kocourek, Petr (Memorial University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Hedging and Derivatives / Économie financière - Couverture et instruments dérivés
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairDudley, Evan (Queen's University)
PapersGradojevic, Nikola (University of Guelph):
Brexit and Foreign Exchange Market Expectations
Mnasri, Mohamed (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Real Implications of Corporate Risk Management: Evidence from U.S. Oil Producers
Dudley, Evan (Queen's University):
Corporate hedging during the financial crisis
DiscussantsKhan, Saad (Queen's University); Grégoire, Philippe (Université Laval); Wu, Wendy (Wilfrid Laurier University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada Fellowship Lecture / Exposé présenté dans le cadre du Programme de bourses de recherche de la Banque du Canada
OrganizerSchembri, Lawrence (Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada)
ChairSchembri, Lawrence (Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada)
SpeakerTrefler, Daniel (University of Toronto)
TopicChinese Innovation and its Impact on Canadian Innovation: The Role of Scale and Competition

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN/CWEC: Gender and Higher Education / RCCDR/CFÉC : Genre et études supérieures
OrganizerGibson, Grant (McMaster University)
ChairNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersFoley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan):
The gender gap in university enrollment: What role do skills and parents play?
Wang, Linda (University of Toronto):
The Effects of Parental Leave Policies on Educational Attainment of Potential Parents
Hartman, Jennafer (Queen's University):
The Determinants of Post Secondary Education Attainment and Labour Market Outcomes of Canadian Youth
DiscussantsMorin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa); Milligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia); Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-Phelps-RIIB Panel: Competition and Innovation / Table ronde CIRANO-Phelps-RIIB : Concurrence et innovation
OrganizersBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
Ross, Thomas W. (University of British Columbia)
ChairBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
PanelistsBrander, James A. (University of British Columbia)
Johnson, Paul (Competition Bureau Canada)
Beaudry, Catherine (École Polytechique de Montréal)
Larouche, Pierre (Université de Montréal (Law Faculty))

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Evidence on Effectiveness of Teaching Economics / Données sur l'efficacité de l'enseignement de l'économique
OrganizerRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairOrlov, George (Cornell University)
PapersHolmes, Hannah (McMaster University):
What Do Students Really Take Away from First Year Microeconomics?
Orlov, George (Cornell University):
Effectiveness of Active Learning in Teaching Econometrics

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
STATCAN: Measuring and Assessing the Impact of the New Economy / Mesure et évaluation de l'impact de la nouvelle économie
OrganizerAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
PapersGu, Wulong (Statistics Canada):
Intangible Capital and Productivity
Chernoff, Alex (Bank of Canada):
The Scale and Scope of Online Retail
Dixon, Jay (Statistics Canada):
Are these the Droids we are looking for?

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Principal Agent Interactions and Contracts / GCREEC : Interactions et contrats entre les agents principaux
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairGray, David M. (University of Ottawa)
PapersCadsby, Bram (University of Guelph):
The Sales Agent Problem: Effort Choice under Performance Pay as Behavior Toward Risk
Bago, Jean-Louis (Université Laval):
Do Risk-Preference-Revealing-Experiments Predict Contact Choices? Evidence from Field Experiments.
Moore, Jordan (Rowan University):
Optimal Investment Management for Prospect Theory Investors
Gray, David M. (University of Ottawa):
An Evaluation of a public campaign to promote volunteerism: Evidence from a correspondence testing experiment in the French Labor Market

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-Banque de France: The Impact of Digital Technology, Credit Constraints, and Financial Frictions on Productivity / CENV - Banque de France : L'impact sur la productivité des technologies numériques, du resserrement du crédit et des frictions financières
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
Cette, Gilbert (Banque de France)
ChairDrummond, Don (Queen's University)
PapersNicoletti, Giuseppe (OECD):
Going Digital: The Impact of Digital Adoption on Productivity
Cette, Gilbert (Banque de France):
Credit Constraints and Productivity
Duval, Romain (International Monetary Fund):
Financial Frictions and the Great Productivity Slowdown
DiscussantsSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards); Diewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia); Murray, Alexander (Finance Canada)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
PEF-CD Howe Institute: The Mandate of the Bank of Canada: Continuity or Change?
OrganizersPringle, David J (Carleton University)
Kronick, Jeremy Mitchell (C.D. Howe Institute)
ChairYalnizyan, Armine (Canadian Association for Business Economics)
PanelistsBellemare, Diane (Senate of Canada)
Seccareccia, Mario (University of Ottawa)
Kronick, Jeremy Mitchell (C.D. Howe Institute)
Koeppl, Thorsten (Queen's University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
OrganizerRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairBaum-Snow, Nathaniel (University of Toronto)
SpeakerDuranton, Gilles (University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School)
TopicThe New Economics of Urban Accessibility

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Taxes and the Environment / GECERNE : Fiscalité et environnement
ChairSeguin, Charles (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersMunzur, Alaz Safak (University of Calgary):
Pricing Carbon in Canada: An Analysis of Canada's Commitment under the Paris Agreement
Cai, Wenbiao (University of Winnipeg):
Financial Frictions and the Environment: A Quantitative Analysis of Taxes versus Tradable Permits
Seguin, Charles (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Price vs. Quantities within a Federation: Challenges posed by the simultaneous use of carbon taxes and cap and trade systems in Canada

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Tax Policy II / GECEP : La politique fiscale II
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairShiamptanis, Christos (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Papersde Lamirande, Patrick (Cape Breton University):
Basic income: The case for Nova Scotia
Arcila-Vasquez, Andres Mauricio (University of Waterloo):
The effect of a Consumption Tax on the Total Emissions in China.
Fall, Mamour (Université de Sherbrooke):
The (subjective) well-being cost of fiscal policy shocks
Shiamptanis, Christos (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Austerity Measures: Do they avert solvency crises?

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Macroeconometrics I / ACE : Macroéconométrie I
ChairAntoine, Bertille (Simon Fraser University)
PapersDjogbenou, Antoine Alex (Queen's University):
Comovements in the Real Activity of Developed and Emerging Economies: A Test of Global versus Specific International Factors
Normandin, Michel (HEC Montréal):
Identification of Structural Vector Autoregressions Through Higher Unconditional Moments
Liu, Xiaochun (University of Alabama):
On the Robustness and Forecastability of Business Cycle Asymmetries
DiscussantsStevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal); Carrasco, Marine (Université de Montréal)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Exogenous Shocks to Health / ACES : Santé et chocs exogènes
ChairWatson, Barry (University of New Brunswick)
PapersChoiniere Crevecoeur, Ismael (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The Impact of Income Uncertainty on Health
De, Prabal (City College of New York):
Identifying the Effects of the Great Recession on Mental and Physical Health Disparities in the United States - Evidence from Housing Shocks
Stoyanov, Andrey (York University):
Chemical pollution and sex ratio imbalances
DiscussantsJones, Maggie (Queen's University); Hajizadeh, Mohammad (Dalhousie University); Kong, Weiyang (Nancy) (University of Queensland)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Game Theory and the Environment II / GECERNE : Théorie des jeux et environnement II
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairBernard, Sophie (Polytechnique Montréal)
PapersSilva, Emilson (University of Alberta):
Asymmetric Innovation Agreements under Environmental Regulation
Strantza, Stefania (Concordia University):
International Environmental Agreements - Stability with Transfers among Countries
Bernard, Sophie (Polytechnique Montréal):
Green designs for durable goods with partial commitment ability and technological progress

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Physicians / Médecins
ChairAmmi, Mehdi (Carleton University)
PapersMehta, Nirav A. (Western University):
Optimal Contracting with Altruistic Workers: A Structural Model of Medicare Reimbursements for Dialysis Drugs
Proshin, Aleksandr (Paris School of Economics):
Impact of DRG refinement on the choice between scheduled C-section and normal delivery: recent evidence from France
Some, Nibene Habib (Western University):
Measuring Physicians' Response to Incentives: Evidence on Hours Worked and Multitasking
DiscussantsTombak, Mihkel (University of Toronto); McLeod, Logan (Wilfrid Laurier University); Mehta, Nirav A. (Western University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Trade / GCEM : Le commerce
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairTombe, Trevor (University of Calgary)
PapersCarrillo, Julio A. (Banco de México):
Inquiry on the Transmission of U.S. Aggregate Shocks to Mexico: A SVAR Approach
Lopez-Martin, Bernabe (Bank of Mexico):
Firm Export Dynamics and the Exchange Rate: A Quantitative Exploration
Tombe, Trevor (University of Calgary):
Opening Canada's North: A Study of Trade Costs in the Territories

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Fiscal Policy / Les politiques fiscales
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairFonseca, Raquel (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersIlori, Ayobami (University of Sheffield):
Germany Fiscal Policy and International Spillovers in Europe
Kia, Amir (Utah Valley University):
Direct Impact of Debt, Deficit and Debt Financing on Investment in a Large Country: Evidence from the United States
Fonseca, Raquel (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Cross-Country Differences in Health and Health Expenditures

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Macro-Labour / GCEM : Travail et macroéconomie
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairVincent, Nicolas (HEC Montréal)
PapersLange, Fabian (McGill University):
Matching Function Estimation Under Unobserved and Endogenous Search Efficacy
Faryaar, Hassan (Carleton University):
The Rise of Market Power, Inequality and Labor Share Decline
Créchet, Jonathan (Université de Montréal):
Risk Sharing in a Dual Labor Market
Vincent, Nicolas (HEC Montréal):
The Micro-Level Anatomy of the Aggregate Labor Share Decline

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada III: Climate Change Adaptation, Environmental Regulation and Productivity / Environnement et Changement climatique Canada III : Adaptation aux changements climatiques, réglementation environnementale et productivité
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairDumas, Alexandre (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PapersSavard, Luc (Université de Sherbrooke):
An impact analysis of climate change and adaptation policies on the forestry sector in Quebec. A dynamic macro-micro framework
Willox, K. Michael (Statistics Canada):
Environmentally Adjusted Multifactor Productivity Growth for the Canadian Manufacturing Sector
Yip, Chi Man (University of Calgary):
On the Firms Responses to Environmental Regulations
DiscussantsGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada); Tsang, Wing Kwong (Centre for the Study of Living Standards); Rostom, May (University College London & Bank of England)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Research to Policy Panel - Labour Markets in the Mekong Delta Region / GCEDE : De la recherche aux débats d'experts - Les marchés du travail dans la région du delta du Mékong
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairRodriguez, Edgard R (International Development Research Centre - IDRC)
PanelistsBetcherman, Gordon (University of Ottawa)
Vu, Hoang Dat (Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences)
Ouch, Chandarany (Cambodia Development Resource Institute)
Lin, Min Zar Ni (Center for Economic and Social Development)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Microfinance / GCEDE : La microfinance
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairBerg, Claudia (The George Washington University)
PapersVenet, Baptiste (Université Paris Dauphine):
Mission Drift in Microcredit: A Contract Theory Approach.
Wijesiri, Mahinda (Université du Québec- TÉLUQ):
Microfinance Programs and Women's Socio-Economic Empowerment: New evidence from rural middle hills of Nepal
Berg, Claudia (The George Washington University):
Microfinance and Vulnerability to Seasonal Famine in a Rural Economy: Evidence from Monga in Bangladesh

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Performance of Firms and Organizations / Les performances des entreprises et des organisations
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairPapillon, Benoit-Mario (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières)
PapersKelly, Ryan (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada):
Industry-university research grants and firm performance
Papillon, Benoit-Mario (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières):
Value creation, transactions and the firm

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Political Economics I / CCTE : Économie politique I
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairKlumpp, Tilman (University of Alberta)
PapersLu, Shih En (Simon Fraser University):
Legislative bargaining with long finite horizons
Afodjo, Nabil (Carleton University):
Herding and efficiency in bipartite networks
Klumpp, Tilman (University of Alberta):
Sequential Majoritarian Blotto Games

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: International Finance and Exchange Rates / GCECI : Finance internationale et taux de change
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairDjeutem, Edouard (Simon Fraser University)
PapersCusato Novelli, Antonio (Universidad del Pacifico):
Policy Gridlock and Sovereign Default
Wong, Sara (Polytechnic University (ESPOL)):
Real exchange rate and manufacturing industry profitability and employment in Ecuador
Kano, Takashi (Hitotsubashi University):
Trend Inflation and Exchange Rate Dynamics: A New Keynesian Approach
Djeutem, Edouard (Simon Fraser University):
Uncovered Return Parity: Equity Returns and Currency Returns

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical Trade II / GCECI : Le commerce - Une approche empirique II
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairCebreros Zurita, Carlos Alfonso (Banco de México)
PapersGu, Ke (York University):
Skills, Population Aging, and the Pattern of Trade
Chen, Zhe (University of British Columbia):
How does Export Control of Raw Materials Affect Downstream Industries? Evidence from China
Zongo, Wendkouni Jean-Baptiste (Université Laval):
Dynamics effects of animal disease outbreaks on the extensive and intensive margins of trade
Cebreros Zurita, Carlos Alfonso (Banco de México):
The Effect of Trade Policy Uncertainty on Foreign Direct Investment and Export Participation: The Case of Mexico

15:30-16:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Undergraduate Student Poster Session / Séance de présentation d'affiches d'étudiants

15:30-16:00Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Demography: Longevity, Fertility and Sex Selection / Démographie : Longévité, fécondité et choix du sexe
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairCompton, Janice (University of Manitoba)
PapersAydede, Yigit (Saint Mary's University):
Son Preference, Sex-Selective Abortions, Birth Spacing and Migration to Canada
Yip, Terry (McMaster University):
Parental sex selection and population sex ratio
Carrière, Yves (Université de Montréal):
Projection of Canadians workers into potential caregiving situation
Compton, Janice (University of Manitoba):
Measuring the Longevity of Older Couples and the Life Expectancy of Surviving Spouses

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI II: Education Policy, Interventions, and Outcomes / IRPE II : Politique d'éducation, interventions et situation sur le marché du travail
ChairMueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
PapersJohnson, David (Wilfrid Laurier University):
The influence of social and economic factors in the awarding of high school grades
Smoke, Wynonna (McMaster University):
Returns to Education Among Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Populations in Canada
Jones, Maggie (Queen's University):
Inequalities in Test Scores between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Youth in Canada
Martinello, Felice (Brock University):
Course Withdrawal Dates and Ontario University Retention Rates

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets: Minimum wages and Regulation / Marchés du travail : Salaire minimum et réglementation
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFang, Tony (Memorial University)
PapersJales, Hugo (University of British Columbia):
On the effects of the minimum wage on employment, formality, and the wage distribution.
Vu, Hoang Dat (Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences):
Impact of Minimum Wages on Employment and Wage Distribution in Viet Nam: Gender and Age Perspectives
Gambin, Lynn (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
Employers' behavioural responses to the introduction on an Apprenticeship Levy in England: an ex-ante assessment
Fang, Tony (Memorial University):
The Impact of Minimum Wages on Wages, Wage Spillovers and Employment in China: Evidence from Longitudinal Individual-Level Data

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Financing Investment / Économie financière - Le financement des investissements
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairSarkar, Sudipto (McMaster University)
PapersFerrando, Annalisa (European Central Bank):
What Finance for What Investment? Survey-Based Evidence for European Companies
Kabukcuoglu, Zeynep (Villanova University):
Interest rates, R&D investment and the distortionary effects of R&D incentives
Sarkar, Sudipto (McMaster University):
Agency Cost of Debt Overhang with Optimal Investment Timing and Size

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Understanding the Chinese Economy / Banque du Canada : Comprendre l'économie chinoise
OrganizerSteingress, Walter (Bank of Canada)
ChairSteingress, Walter (Bank of Canada)
PapersWang, Yanling (Carleton University):
From Honeymoon to Divorce: Institution Quality and Foreign Investors' Ownership Consolidation in China
Mitra, Devashish (Syracuse University):
Trade Liberalization and Labor Shares in China
Wang, Ruoying (University of British Columbia):
Import Competition and Innovation: Evidence from China
Steingress, Walter (Bank of Canada):
Product Sophistication and the Slowdown in Chinese Export Growth

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG Special Lecture / Conférence spéciale du GCREEC
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
SpeakerVesterlund, Lise (University of Pittsburgh)
TopicBreaking the Glass Ceiling: Insights from Experimental Economics

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Urban and Regional Economics / Économie urbaine et régionale
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairsColeman, Simeon (Loughborough University)
Lee, Jamie Donghoon (University of Guelph)
PapersAcosta, Camilo (University of Toronto):
Six Stylized Facts About the Spatial Organization of Multi-Establishment Firms: Evidence from Denmark
Iscan, Talan (Dalhousie University):
Cross-border trade in services: A comparison of international and interprovincial trade in Canada
Mayneris, Florian (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Cities in motion: Gentrification and local businesses
Lee, Jamie Donghoon (University of Guelph):
Economic benefits of Broadband in Southwestern Ontario

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Teaching Economics at Undergraduate Level / L'enseignement de l'économique au premier cycle
OrganizersIslam, Shahidul (Grant MacEwan University)
Alam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University)
ChairIslam, Shahidul (Grant MacEwan University)
PapersManaloor, Varghese (University of Alberta):
Learning about economic development in a place-based setting: Experiences from China and India Study Tour courses
Kozlova, Valentina (University of Alberta):
Is Lecture Capture a Substitute to the Live Lecture? Evidence from Undergraduate Economics Courses.
Islam, Shahidul (Grant MacEwan University):
Enhancing motivation and engagement in Economics Courses for `generation M' students
DiscussantsAlam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University); Manaloor, Varghese (University of Alberta); Kozlova, Valentina (University of Alberta)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
STATCAN: The Longitudinal International Study of Adults (LISA) / Étude longitudinale et internationale des adultes (ELIA)
OrganizerMartin, Steve (University of Ottawa)
ChairMartin, Steve (University of Ottawa)
PapersSt-Denis, Xavier (Statistics Canada):
An exploration of intergenerational income mobility using the Longitudinal and International Study of Adults for Canada
Pullman, Ashley (University of Ottawa):
A precursor of learning? Earnings stability and skill in Canada
Martin, Steve (University of Ottawa):
In Sickness and in Health: The Effect of Health on Household Income

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Current Debates on Macroeconomic and Financial Policies / Macroéconomie et politiques financières - Les débats actuels
OrganizerAkram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial)
ChairPackard, Le Anh Tu (Retired, Moody's Analytics)
PapersAkram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial):
An Inquiry Concerning Long-term US Interest Rates Using Monthly Data
Fardoust, Shahrokh (College of William and Mary):
Oil Exporters' Current Account Balances in the Era of Low Oil Prices
Gevorkyan, Aleksandr (St. John's University):
Exchange Rate Targeting and Gold Demand by Central Banks
DiscussantsGevorkyan, Aleksandr (St. John's University); Akram, Tanweer (Thrivent Financial); Fardoust, Shahrokh (College of William and Mary)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-Productivity Partnership Panel: Explaining Canada's Post-2000 Productivity Performance III: Can the Productivity Slowdown be Reversed and If So, How? / CENV - Partenariat productivité : La productivité au Canada après 2000 III - Peut-on inverser la tendance à la baisse de la productivité, et, si oui, comment ?
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
Drummond, Don (Queen's University)
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
PanelistsBeaudry, Catherine (École Polytechique de Montréal)
Drummond, Don (Queen's University)
Trefler, Daniel (University of Toronto)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Galbraith Prize in Economics Special Lecture / Conférence Galbraith Prize in Economics
OrganizerPringle, David J (Carleton University)
SpeakerStanford, James (McMaster University)
TopicArticulating a Progressive Vision of Trade Policy

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
OrganizerBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
ChairBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
SpeakerCrémer, Jacques (Toulouse School of Economics)
TopicCompetition Policy in the Age of Platforms

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Tax Policy III / GECEP : La politique fiscale III
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairSen, Anindya (University of Waterloo)
PapersAit Bihi Ouali, Laila (Aix Marseille University):
Top income tax evasion and preferences for redistribution - Evidence from the Panama Papers
Ferede, Ergete (MacEwan University):
The Effects of Personal Income Tax on Entrepreneurship
Grant, Nicky (University of Manchester):
How sensitive is the average tax payer to changes in the tax-price of giving
Sen, Anindya (University of Waterloo):
Estimates of Supply Shortages and Lost Tax Revenue after Marijuana Legalization in Canada

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Macroeconometrics II / ACE : Macroéconométrie II
OrganizersWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
Yazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
ChairMarcoux, Mathieu (Université de Montréal)
PapersStevanovic, Dalibor (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Is machine learning (already) useful for macroeconomic forecasting?
Bruneau, Gabriel (Banque du Canada):
Bayesian Inference of Threshold Vector Autoregressive Models
Chen, Chaoyi (University of Guelph):
A GMM Estimator for Linear Index Threshold Model

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Education: Teaching and Research Productivity / Enseignement et productivité de la recherche
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMilla, Joniada (Saint Mary's University)
PapersLuccioni, Enrique Martin (Western University):
Group or Individual Teacher Bonus?: An Estimation of the Potential Gains
Sattari, Reza (Simon Fraser University):
Public Research Funding and Scientific Productivity
Milla, Joniada (Saint Mary's University):
Teacher Incentives and Sorting: Performance Pay in Secondary Education
DiscussantsMilla, Joniada (Saint Mary's University); Luccioni, Enrique Martin (Western University); Sattari, Reza (Simon Fraser University)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Maternal Health / ACES : La santé maternelle
ChairMcIntosh, James (Concordia University)
PapersLeonard, Phil (University of New Brunswick):
What explains maternal complications after Caesarean Section? Results from a population-based study
Oguzoglu, Umut (University of Manitoba):
Look Ma, No Diabetes! Intergenerational Transfers of Health Behaviours.
De, Prabal (City College of New York):
Causal Effects of Public Reproductive Health Program on Maternal Health: Evidence from India's Janani Suraksha Yojana

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Reallocation / La réaffectation
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairCociuba, Simona (Western University)
PapersSuzuki, Michio (Tohoku University):
Decomposition of Aggregate Productivity Growth with Unobserved Heterogeneity
Priftis, Romanos (Bank of Canada):
Sectoral Reallocation: Long-Run Trends and Short-Run Fluctuations of the Last 150 Years
Cociuba, Simona (Western University):
Demographics and Sectoral Reallocation

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Growth / La croissance
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairBelem, Daouda (Université Laval)
PapersCette, Gilbert (Banque de France):
Rent Creation and Sharing: New Measures and Impacts on TFP
Khazri, Afifa (Royal Military College):
Military expenditure and economic growth
Rahman, Md Mahbubur (McMaster University):
Why is Agricultural Productivity So Low in Poor Countries? The Case of India.
Belem, Daouda (Université Laval):
Ramsey AK Model with Ecological Limits

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Housing / Le logement
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairWebley, Taylor (Bank of Canada)
PapersRouillard, Jean-François (Université de Sherbrooke):
Household Borrowing Constraints and Residential Investment Dynamics
Bahadir, Berrak (University of North Carolina - Greensboro):
Household credit and the business cycle: Housing loans vs. consumer credit
Webley, Taylor (Bank of Canada):
Fundamental Drivers of Existing Home Sales in Canada

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Demography: Assortative Marriage, Divorce and Women's Protection / Démographie - Homogamie éducationnelle, divorce et protection des femmes
OrganizersFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
Redish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairEswaran, Mukesh (University of British Columbia)
PapersSimard-Duplain, Gaëlle (University of British Columbia):
The effect of divorce and widowhood among Canadian women
Olivo Villabrille, Miguel (University of Calgary):
Assortative Marriages and Household Income Inequality
Eswaran, Mukesh (University of British Columbia):
State Complicity in the Sexual Assault of Women: The Fate of Cassandra?
DiscussantsNeill, Christine (Wilfrid Laurier University); Simard-Duplain, Gaëlle (University of British Columbia); Welling, Linda A. (University of Victoria)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Monetary Policy I / GCEM : La politique monétaire
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairShen, Xiangjin (Bank of Canada)
PapersPollak, Andreas (University of Saskatchewan):
Heterogeneity, Risk and Interest Rates
Caines, Colin (University of British Columbia):
Asset Price Learning And Optimal Monetary Policy
Hajdini, Ina (Drexel University):
"Stochastic Consistent Expectations Equilibria in a Regime Switching Model of Inflation Determination"
Shen, Xiangjin (Bank of Canada):
Balance sheet analysis by the factor augmented VAR model

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Financial Markets / GCEDE : Les marchés financiers
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairKim, Hyungju Henry (York University)
PapersSinha, Rishabh (The World Bank):
Precautionary Wealth and Financial Access: Evidence from Afghanistan
Rankaduwa, Wimal (University of Prince Edward Island):
Purchasing Power Parity and Intraregional Economic Integration in South Asia.
Kim, Hyungju Henry (York University):
Sources of Innovation: A Quantitative Analysis with Korean Data
DiscussantsKim, Hyungju Henry (York University); Sinha, Rishabh (The World Bank); Rankaduwa, Wimal (University of Prince Edward Island)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Voting and Education / GCEDE : Le vote et l'éducation]
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairBatu, Michael (University of Windsor)
PapersGodefroy, Raphaël (Université de Montréal):
Education and the Demand for Democracy
Lakhlef, Nadjib (HEC Montreal):
Complexité économique, capital humain et développement dans les pays pétroliers
Batu, Michael (University of Windsor):
Election Cycles and the Allocation of Foreign Aid

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Migration and Political Economy of Gender / GCEDE : Migrations et économie politique du genre
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairSilve, Arthur (Université Laval)
PapersMozumder, Pallab (Florida International University):
Internal Migration to Cope with Natural Hazards: The Role of Transient versus Permanent Shocks
Silve, Arthur (Université Laval):
International Migration and Cultural Convergence
Rosenblum, Daniel (Dalhousie University):
Upstream Effects of Female Political Reservations
Kimou, Assi Jose Carlos (University FHB of Cocody-Abidjan):
Female Leaders and Gender Gaps within the Firm: Evidence from Three Sub-Saharan African Countries

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Industry Studies / Études sectorielles
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairGittens, Jarone (Queen's University)
PapersValacchi, Giulia (World Intellectual Property Organization):
Global Trends of Innovation in the Mining Sector: the Role of Commodity Prices
Garnham, Alina (Ryerson University):
Fighting for Fares: Uber and the Declining Market Price of Licensed Taxicabs
Gittens, Jarone (Queen's University):
Carbon taxation and industry dynamics in the retail gasoline market

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Political Economics II / CCTE : Économie politique II
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairSinha, Dhruv (University of Toronto)
PapersTondji, Jean-Baptiste (University of Ottawa):
A Preference-Based Rationalization of the Majority Rule
Sinha, Dhruv (University of Toronto):
Jingoism and the Diaspora: Evidence from Palestine and Jordan

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical Analysis of Exchange Rates and Capital Flows / GCECI : Taux de change et flux de capitaux - Analyses empiriques
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairNaknoi, Kanda (University of Connecticut)
PapersPramor, Marcus (Deutsche Bundesbank):
Global Liquidity and Exchange Market Pressure in Emerging Market Economies
Friedrich, Christian (Bank of Canada):
Macroprudential FX Regulations: Shifting the Snowbanks of FX Vulnerability?
Naknoi, Kanda (University of Connecticut):
Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Market Structure in a Multi-Country World

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical Papers on FDI / GCECI : Les investissements directs étrangers - Recherches empiriques
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairJia, Wei (Jacky) (Brandeis University)
PapersYe, Zhenzhen (Information and Communications Technology Council):
What Role does Investment Climate Play in Attracting High-Quality Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Canada?
Sharma, Gaurav (Carleton University):
Determinants of FDI into Canada
Jia, Wei (Jacky) (Brandeis University):
Foreign Direct Investment, Product Sophistication and the Demand for Skilled and Unskilled Labor in Chilean Manufacturing
DiscussantsSharma, Gaurav (Carleton University); Jia, Wei (Jacky) (Brandeis University); Ye, Zhenzhen (Information and Communications Technology Council)

17:45-19:15Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Presidential Address / Discours du président de l'ACE
OrganizerRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
ChairRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerWoolley, Frances (Carleton University)
TopicThe Political Economy of University Education in Canada

19:15-20:45Saturday, June 2, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Reception / Réception
SponsorAnalysis Group

08:00-08:30Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café du CLEF

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: African Growth / GCEDE : La croissance en Afrique
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairFofana, Mory Fode (Université du Québec-ENAP)
PapersOkoye, Chidozie (Dalhousie University):
Economic Growth and the Demographic Transition: Causal Evidence from Heterogeneous Impacts of Railways
Aberra, Adam (McGill University):
The Economic Effects of the Legal System: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Kenya
Fofana, Mory Fode (Université du Québec-ENAP):
Institutional Challenges Of State Building In Post-Colonial Africa: An Interpretation Of Constitutional Political Economy And Public Choice Theory.

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Level Productivity Partnership - Data school: Overview and New Statistics Canada Business Microdata / Aperçu et nouvelles microdonnées sur les entreprises de Statistique Canada
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
SpeakerLi, Jiang Beryl (Statistics Canada)
TopicOverview of CDER and Recent Development on Business Microdata

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Short Presentations on Human Capital: Skills and Occupations / Le capital humain (courtes présentations) : Compétences et emplois
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairSchirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersCampusano Garate, Rolando (University of Toronto):
Occupations and the Substitutability of Computers and Workers
Vaahtoniemi, Saara (University of Vaasa):
Finance sector wages and human capital: Finnish evidence
Onozuka, Yuki (Western University):
Heterogeneous Skill Growth across College Majors
Loree, Jacob (Ryerson University):
Occupational Wages and Skill Portfolios
Lao, Yehui (South China Normal University):
The Educational Outcomes response to Pocket Money: Evidence from China

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: China - Growth and Transformation / GCEDE : La Chine - Croissance et transformations
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairHao, Tongtong (University of Toronto)
PapersMinard, Paul (Cegep Heritage College):
Institutions and China's Comparative Development
Wang, Tianyu (City University of Hong Kong):
Examining the Liquidity and Productivity Relationship: Evidence from Post-reform China
Hao, Tongtong (University of Toronto):
Intra-China Migration and Structural Transformation
DiscussantsHao, Tongtong (University of Toronto); Minard, Paul (Cegep Heritage College); Wang, Tianyu (City University of Hong Kong)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Labour Markets: Wage Differentials / Marchés du travail : Écarts salariaux
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMorin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa)
PapersSarsons, Heather (Harvard University):
Interpreting Signals in the Labour Market: Evidence from Medical Referrals
Mang, Colin (Ryerson University):
Earnings Differences among Academic Executives: Evidence by Gender and Academic Field
Morin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa):
Sex Ratios and Women's Employment: Demand versus Supply Channels
DiscussantsCook, Nikolai (University of Ottawa); Sarsons, Heather (Harvard University); Morin, Louis-Philippe (University of Ottawa)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Housing, Household Finance, and Financial Stability / Banque du Canada : Logement, finances des ménages et stabilité financière
OrganizerZhou, Xiaoqing (Bank of Canada)
ChairNocera, Andrea (University of Southern California)
PapersGuler, Bulent (Indiana University):
Housing Crisis, Deterioration of Bank Balance Sheets, and Macroprudential Policies
Anundsen, Andre (Norges Bank):
Time-varying housing supply elasticities and US housing cycles
Stacey, Derek (Ryerson University):
Do Financial Constraints Cool a Housing Boom?
Nocera, Andrea (University of Southern California):
House Prices and Monetary Policy in the Euro Area: Evidence from Structural VARs

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Coordination Games, Happiness, and Status Consumption / GCREEC : Jeux de coordination, bonheur et état de consommation
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairChih, Yao-Yu (Texas State University)
PapersGueye, Mamadou (Montpelllier SupAgro / INRA):
Does Equity induce Inefficiency? An Experiment on Coordination
Vadovic, Radovan (Carleton University):
Correlated beliefs: Predicting outcomes in 2x2 games
Chih, Yao-Yu (Texas State University):
Keeping up with Various Joneses: A Network Analysis of Diversified Status Concers

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-PEF: Boosting Employment and Productivity by Addressing the Labour Market Challenges of Individuals with Disabilities / CENV - FEP : Stimuler l'emploi et la productivité en relevant les défis que pose le marché du travail pour les personnes handicapées
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
Pringle, David J (Carleton University)
ChairYalnizyan, Armine (Canadian Association for Business Economics)
PapersBartram, Mary (Carleton University):
Productivity and Access to Psychotherapy: Lessons for Canada from the UK
Remillard, Richard (Remillard Consulting):
Productivity and Mental Health: A Perfect Storm?
McCuaig, Jessica (Every Canadian Counts):
Financing Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities: The Case for a National Disability Support Program
DiscussantsIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives); Sharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: High Frequency and Trading Cost in Stock Markets / Économie financière - Négociations à haute fréquence et coûts des échanges sur les marchés boursiers
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairLiu, Fulei (Fred) (Western University)
PapersKhan, Saad (Queen's University):
Market Fragmentation and Extreme Price Movements
Kone, N'Golo (Université de Montréal):
Test for Trading Costs Effect with Recursive Utility
Liu, Fulei (Fred) (Western University):
Realized Tail Risk and Equity Returns

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI III: Pre-PSE Influences on Access to Post-secondary Education / IRPE III : Quelques éléments qui influencent l'accès aux études postsecondaires
ChairMueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
PapersFord, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
The relationship between education savings accounts and postsecondary education aspirations
Finnie, Ross (University of Ottawa):
Access to Post-Secondary Education in British Columbia: An Analysis of Early Test Scores and Student Characteristics Using PEN Data
Warburton, Bill (Elevate Consulting):
Identifying High School Drop Outs at Birth

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
The Human Capital Production Function / La fonction de production du capital humain
OrganizerBau, Natalie (University of Toronto)
ChairBau, Natalie (University of Toronto)
PapersGilraine, Michael (University of Toronto):
Evaluating the Long-run Impacts of Educational Interventions under Peer Effects
Rotemberg, Martin (New York University):
The Unexpected Consequences of Positive Early Life Shocks: The Case of Child Labor
Bau, Natalie (University of Toronto):
Negotiating a Better Future: How Interpersonal Skills Facilitate Inter-Generational Investment

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Public Economics and Social Policy / GECEP : Économie publique et politiques sociales
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairJanmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus)
PapersGninanfon, Medesse Armande (University of Ottawa):
Income inequality by gender: evidence from Canada
Zeida, Teega-wende Herve (Université de Montréal):
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) : A Quantitative Evaluation
Zou, Jiaqi (University of Toronto):
Are China's "Leftover Women" really leftover? An investigation of marriage market penalties in modern-day China
Janmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Missing: A Methodology for Small Project CBAs

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Hospitals / ACES : Les hôpitaux
ChairClair, Luc (University of Winnipeg)
PapersGolo, Kossi Thomas (Université Laval):
Substitution in Long-Term Care and Hospital Utilisation : An Analysis of the Case of the Elderly in Quebec
Han, Jing (University of Manitoba):
Emergency Department Utilization and Visit Disposition among Urban Homeless Adults in Canada: an Empirical Study
Li, Yang (McGill University):
Healthcare seeking behaviour and hospital choices: a case study in rural China
DiscussantsClair, Luc (University of Winnipeg); Li, Yang (McGill University); Han, Jing (University of Manitoba)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Empirical Macroeconomics / Macroéconomique empirique
OrganizersWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
Yazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
ChairUzeda, Luis (Bank of Canada)
PapersDoukali, Mohamed (Central bank of Morocco):
Do institutions affect growth? A structural econometric analysis.
Awono, Cyprien (Canadian Dairy Commission):
The New Econometric Model for Long-term Forecasting of Canadian Milk Production and Dairy Processor Requirements
Uzeda, Luis (Bank of Canada):
The Effects of Monetary Policy on Trend Inflation: Evidence from Models with Drifting and Cross-Correlated Parameters

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Public Policy / CCTE : Les politiques publiques
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairLipnowski, Irwin (University of Manitoba)
PapersBehzadan, Nazanin (Ryerson University):
The Paradox of Transfers: Distribution and the Dutch Disease.
Chakravorty, N N Tarun (Siberian Federal University):
Does the impact of corruption on growth vary across industries? Evidence from Bangladesh
Lipnowski, Irwin (University of Manitoba):
Optimal Public Policy for Government-Operated Gambling

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Resource Development / GECERNE : Le développement des ressources
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairPelli, Martino (Université de Sherbrooke)
PapersMorin Chassé, Rémi (University of Prince Edward Island):
One Fish, Two Fish, No Fish: Fish Stock as Natural Insurance in Face of Catastrophic Risk
Keutiben Njopmouo, Octave (Université de Moncton):
Open Access Fisheries and Piracy in the Gulf of Aden
Schott, Stephan (Carleton University):
The impact of major mining projects on Inuit business development, employment and migration in the Canadian Sub-arctic
Pelli, Martino (Université de Sherbrooke):
Forest cover and the market for fuelwood in rural India

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Monetary Policy II / La politique monétaire II
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairKronick, Jeremy Mitchell (C.D. Howe Institute)
PapersD'Souza, Chris (Bank of Canada):
What Are People Thinking? The Role of Interview-based Qualitative Research in the Central Banker's Toolkit
Farvaque, Etienne (Université de Lille):
Misplaced Childhood: When Depression Babies Grow Up As Central Bankers
Kronick, Jeremy Mitchell (C.D. Howe Institute):
Do Demographics Affect Monetary Policy Effectiveness in Canada?

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Taxation / GCEM : La fiscalité
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairCozzi, Marco (University of Victoria)
PapersTalukdar, Bidyut Kumar (Saint Mary's University):
Organizational Capital and Optimal Ramsey Taxation
Kuruscu, Burhanettin (University of Toronto):
Use It Or Lose It: Efficiency Gains from Wealth Taxation
Cozzi, Marco (University of Victoria):
Optimal Capital Taxation with Incomplete Markets and Schumpeterian Growth

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Unconventional Monetary Policies / Les politiques monétaires atypiques
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairKabaca, Serdar (Bank of Canada)
PapersAiraudo, Marco (Drexel University):
Dynamic Self-Control Preferences in a New Keynesian Framework: Forward Guidance and Other Policy Implications
Alpanda, Sami (University of Central Florida):
Nominal GDP Growth Targeting and Long Run Uncertainty
Kabaca, Serdar (Bank of Canada):
Revisiting Portfolio Balancing Effects in the United States

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirics of Trade and Labour / GCECI : Commerce et travail - Une approche empirique
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairAziz, Ahmed (Iowa State University)
PapersHovhannisyan, Nune (Loyola University Maryland):
An Empirical Study of Training and Trade
Pupato, Germán (Ryerson University):
Estimating the Gains from Trade in Frictional Local Labor Markets
Aziz, Ahmed (Iowa State University):
Effects of Information Channels across Skill and Product Quality Groups: Evidence from Trade-Migration Nexus
DiscussantsChan, Jeff (Wilfrid Laurier University); Swiecki, Tomasz (University of British Columbia); Steingress, Walter (Bank of Canada)

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Competition and Strategic Behaviour / Concurrence et comportement stratégique
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairSu, Xuejuan (University of Alberta)
PapersMitraille, Sébastien (Toulouse Business School):
Strategic advance sales, demand uncertainty and overcommitment
Song, Victor Y. (Beedie School of Business, SFU):
Financial Structure and Oligopoly: The R&D Effect
Randrianarisoa, Laingo Manitra (University of British Columbia):
Adaptation to Climate Change Effects and Competition Between Ports: Invest Now or Later?
Su, Xuejuan (University of Alberta):
Public Private Competition

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CWEC: Mentoring Breakfast for Junior Economists / Déjeuner-mentorat pour les jeunes économistes
OrganizersGugl, Elisabeth (University of Victoria)
Akbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University)
ChairCompton, Janice (University of Manitoba)

10:00-10:30Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / pause-café du CLEF

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Level Productivity Partnership - Data school: CDER Researcher Session / Réseau sur la productivité des enterprises
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
PapersFung, Loretta (National Tsing Hua University):
Empirical Investigation in Cross Border Travel between Canada and the United States
Vermeulen, Wessel Nicolaas (Newcastle University):
Firms' Performance in a Natural Resource Based Economy: Evidence from Canadian plants
Yamazaki, Akio (University of Calgary):
Carbon Tax, Productivity, and Reallocation: Lessons from Canadian Manufacturing Plants
Houle, Stephanie (McMaster University):
Do Investment Agreements Necessarily Cause Offshoring? The Canada-Peru Case
Ozdemir, Gorkem (HEC Montréal):
Employment Growth and Financial Frictions at Firm Level: Empirical Evidence From Canada

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Political Economy, Political Quotas and Reform / GCEDE : Économie politique, quotas en politique et réformes
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairWang, Kunyu (University of Ottawa)
PapersKouwoaye, Amèvi Rocard (Université Laval):
Trade tax reforms and poverty in developing countries: does public good matter?
Wang, Kunyu (University of Ottawa):
Commodity Price Shocks, Institutions and Window of Opportunity for Structural Reform
Abor, Joshua Yindenaba (University of Ghana Business School):
African banking sector development: The roles of remittances and monetary policy
DiscussantsJeanniton, Jude-Henri (University of Ottawa); Kouwoaye, Amèvi Rocard (Université Laval)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Topics in Behavioural Economics / GCREEC : Divers thèmes en économie comportementale
OrganizersSmith, Alexander (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Xie, Huan (Concordia University)
ChairKröger, Sabine (Université Laval)
PapersRuffle, Bradley (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Tattoos and Honesty
Tong, Hanh (Simon Fraser University):
Moreno, Alejandro (University of Guanajuato):
Fair Threats and Promises
Kröger, Sabine (Université Laval):
Pre-election surveys and heuristics - A field experiment

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Asset Prices / Économie financière - Les prix des actifs
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairWalton, Adrian (Bank of Canada)
PapersMatveev, Dmitry (Bank of Canada):
Survey Expectations and Stock Price Theories
Koumou, Nettey Boevi Gilles (Université Laval):
RQE And CAPM: Rao Meets Sharpe
Walton, Adrian (Bank of Canada):
What Drives Episodes of Settlement Fails in the Government of Canada Bond Market?

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Twenty Years of the Progressive Economics Forum: Reflections and Assessments / FEP : Les 20 ans du Forum d'économie progressiste - Réflexions et évaluation
OrganizerPringle, David J (Carleton University)
PanelistsSpotton Visano, Brenda (York University)
Perron-Dufour, Mathieu (Université du Québec en Outaouais)
MacEwen, Angella (Canadian Labour Congress)
Dimand, Robert W. (Brock University)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI IV: Panel Discussion: A New Education Data Linkage Platform: The Power of PSE Administrative Data and Linked Tax Information / IRPE IV (Table ronde) : Mieux tirer parti des données sur l'éducation - Les liens entre données administratives sur le postsecondaire et renseignements fiscaux
ChairFinnie, Ross (University of Ottawa)
PanelistsJohnson, Stephen (Employment and Social Development Canada)
Mihorean, Karen (Statistics Canada)
Godin, Keith (Ministry of Education, BC)
Deller, Fiona (Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Prescription Drugs and Insurance / ACES : Médicaments sur ordonnance et assurances
ChairNguyen, Van Hai (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
PapersClair, Luc (University of Winnipeg):
Private Supplemental Insurance and Mental Health Care Utilization in Canada - An Investigation Using Nonparametric Estimation Methods
De Donder, Philippe (UQAM):
Personalized Medicine, Prevention Effort and Adverse Selection
Dobbs, Graham (McMaster University):
Household Determinants of Overburdening Out-of-pocket Prescribed Drug Costs in Canada
Michaud, Pierre-Carl (HEC Montréal):
Long-Term Care Insurance: Knowledge Barriers, Risk Perception and Adverse Selection

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Applied Econometrics / ACE : Économétrie appliquée
OrganizersWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
Yazbeck, Myra (University of Ottawa)
ChairWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
PapersAsare, Nyamekye (University of Ottawa):
Effects of ignoring structural breaks in GAS volatility models
Zhu, Steven (University of Toronto):
Contagion Effects of Cryptocurrencies: A Copula Approach
Galay, Gregory (University of Guelph):
Predicting NHL team winning percent following the 2004-2005 lockout season

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Social/Individual Choice / CCTE : Choix social / individuel
OrganizersHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
Peters, Michael (University of British Columbia)
ChairHoran, Sean (Université de Montréal)
PapersKivinen, Steven (Dalhousie University):
Robust Group Strategy-Proofness
Ghasvareh, Pooya (Concordia University):
Competing mechanisms, common information and quota distribution
Horan, Sean (Université de Montréal):
Extended Luce Rules

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CREE: Environmental Economics / CREE :
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairChen, Cheng (University of British Columbia)
PapersCorneille, Adrien (Université de Sherbrooke):
The role of information on the welfare estimates of non-renewable resources
Mirzapour, Hossein (HEC Montreal):
Reforming Energy Subsidies in Presence of Heterogeneous Consumers and Suppliers
Arychuk, Ryan (MacEwan University):
Household Level FireSmart Adaptation Cost Analysis
Belayneh, Anteneh (Carleton University):
The Efficient Redistribution of Water in the South Saskatchewan River Basin
Black, Samantha (Western University):
Climate Change and Population Distribution in Kenya and Tanzania
Chen, Cheng (University of British Columbia):
Efficient Government Spending on Promoting Electric Vehicles ---- a Case of California
DiscussantsBlack, Samantha (Western University); Chen, Cheng (University of British Columbia); Corneille, Adrien (Université de Sherbrooke); Mirzapour, Hossein (HEC Montreal); Arychuk, Ryan (MacEwan University); Belayneh, Anteneh (Carleton University)

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Digital Currencies / GCEM : Les devises numériques
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairSt Amand, Samantha (Centre for International Governance Innovation)
PapersDavoodalhosseini, Mohammad (Bank of Canada):
Central Bank Digital Currency and Monetary Policy
Dunbar, Geoff (Bank of Canada):
The (un)demand for cash in Canada
St Amand, Samantha (Centre for International Governance Innovation):
Cryptocurrencies: 1,000 sides of the same coin?

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Banking / GCEM : Les banques
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
PapersOprescu, Dan (Financial Institutions Commission):
Managing Systemic Risk in the Credit Union System: Lessons learned in British Columbia
Ghossoub, Edgar (University of Texas at San Antonio):
Income Inequality, Banking Competition, and Monetary Policy
Sun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University):
A Macroeconomic Theory of Banking Oligopoly

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: International Trade, Firms and Market Power / GCECI : Commerce international, entreprises et pouvoir du marché
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairGoetz, Daniel (University of Toronto)
PapersKapri, Kul (Rowan University):
Political Instability, Corruption, and Firm-Level Export Decisions
Li, Yifan (McGill University):
The impact of import penetration and the rise of market power
Goetz, Daniel (University of Toronto):
Quality Downgrading and Exchange Rate Shocks: Evidence from Russia

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Market Structure and Firm Behaviour / Structure des marchés et comportement des entreprises
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairTrudeau, Christian (University of Windsor)
PapersPinheiro, Roberto (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland):
Costly Information Intermediation as a Natural Monopoly
Sun, Ling (Brock University):
Information Transparency, Entry Cost, Price and Welfare in a Large Economy
Boik, Andre (University of California, Davis):
Prediction and Identification in Two-Sided Markets
Trudeau, Christian (University of Windsor):
Should the most efficient firm invest in its capacity? A value capture approach

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
Technological Change / Les changements technologiques
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairLee, Dongyoung (McGill University)
PapersAltamirano, Nelson (National University):
Technological Transfer to the Brazilian Aircraft Industry: Explaining Embraer's Successes and Current Challenges
Lee, Dongyoung (McGill University):
Technological Innovation, Financial Disclosure, and Firm Growth
DiscussantsLee, Dongyoung (McGill University); Altamirano, Nelson (National University)

12:00-13:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ACE
ChairWoolley, Frances (Carleton University)

12:00-13:00Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
EPRI Meeting

13:30-15:30Sunday, June 3, 2018Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Board of Directors Meeting 2 / Réunion du conseil d'administration de l'ACE 2
ChairRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)


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