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Frequently Asked Questions

1)   Where is the closest international airport and how do I get to Banff?

Calgary International airport is the closest and most convenient airport to Banff. Shuttle services are available for booking directly from the airport to Banff as well as rental car options. See the transportation page for details, as well as discount codes, at: https://economics.ca/2019/en/transportation.php

2)   Are there meals during the conference?

The lunch break is from 12 noon – 2 pm. Note the options for food at the Banff Centre facility and other options nearby. 

a. The CWEC luncheon on Friday and the Purvis luncheon on Saturday are ticketed events with speakers. You must purchase a ticket, if available, in your personal account under “make payment”.

b. The Banff Centre has a breakfast buffet (approximately $28.50) and lunch buffet (approximately $35.00). Note that the prices in your account include tip and tax. No speakers or sessions are included with these options. You can purchase either of these options in your personal account under “make payment” for a limited time.  Please be sure to choose carefully. Important Note: If you book a room at the Banff Centre, the breakfast buffet is included with your room charge.

c. Other options for food? Some other options for food at the Banff Centre can be found here. Options for food nearby, see Map link below.

3)   Where is the Banff Centre located?

The Banff Centre is located in the town of Banff, Alberta. It is nestled on the side of Tunnel Mountain. You can access shops and restaurants on Banff Avenue by car in about 6 mins. Or enjoy a beautiful walk to Banff Avenue in as little as 15 minutes. View the google map here.

4)   Where can I stay? 

For rooms at the Banff Centre go to the following site and click on the Banff Centre icon: https://economics.ca/2019/en/accommodation.php. There are also hotels elsewhere in Banff. As well you can find accommodation in nearby Canmore (approx. 18 kms east of Banff). Peruse the above website for options. 

5)   Is daycare available?

Yes, daycare options can be found at: https://economics.ca/2019/en/children.php

6) Are there other events that might be of interest and accessible to CEA delegates?

Yes, there are meetings on Thursday that are listed in the program for CLEF and CDESG. In addition, you may also attend the sessions at the Canadian Stata Conference; registration is separate and you can find more information here."


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