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Preliminary Conference Program

Room Locations will be available in the printed program, which is available at the onsite registration. To view your personal session(s), login at and look under "Conference Schedule". Registered participants can see their room assignment on that page.

08:30-08:45Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Registration

08:45-09:00Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Welcome
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)

09:00-10:00Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Session I: Labour Markets and Policy
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
PapersMcManus, Thomas (Blueprint-ADE):
Using Geospatial Labour Market Data to Improve Access to Employment Services in Manitoba
Pohler, Dionne (University of Toronto):
The Effect of the Working Income Tax Benefit on Labour Supply

10:00-10:30Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

10:30-11:30Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Session II: Academic Achievement
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairPlesca, Miana (University of Guelph)
PapersSkuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo):
The Relative Academic Achievement of International Students: Evidence from an Ontario University
Foley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan):
High School Math and Post-Secondary Schooling in Canada: What can we learn from interprovincial comparisons?

13:00-15:30Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Session
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PapersBerry, Albert (University of Toronto):
Land concentration in history and in economic development
Magesan, Arvind (University of Calgary):
Regionalism and Political Violence
Mergo, Teferi (University of Waterloo):
Political Representation and the Provision of Public Goods: Theory and Evidence from Ethiopia

13:30-14:30Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Session III: Human Capital
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairSkuterud, Mikal (University of Waterloo)
PapersGalassi, Gabriela (Université de Montréal):
The Intergenerational Correlation of Employment: Is there a Role for Work Culture?
Meilman Lomaz Cohn, Ricardo (Simon Fraser University):
Peer Sorting, peer effects and school effectiveness in private and public schools

14:00-16:00Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Board of Directors Meeting 1 / Réunion du conseil d'administration de l'ACE 1
OrganizerMarion, Sonya (Sonya Marion CPA)
ChairRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)

15:00-16:00Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Session IV: Methodology
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFoley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersLehrer, Steven F. (Queen's University):
An Initial Assessment of the Hype for Machine Learning Strategies for Causal Effects
Smith, Jeffrey A (University of Michigan):
Simple Tests for Selction: Learning More from Instrumental Variables

16:00-17:30Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Policy Panel: Researchers in the South: Academic and Policy Challenges and Opportunities
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)

16:00-16:15Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

16:15-17:45Thursday, May 30, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF Keynote Lecture
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
SpeakerBedard, Kelly (University of California, Santa Barbara)

08:00-08:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Environment/Resources
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairBlack, Samantha (Western University)
PapersLi, Kui-Wai (University of Toronto):
Is Oil as a Financial Resource Productive?
Batbayar, Nyambaatar (Gerege Partners LLC):
Impact of FDI in coal export sector on the Mongolian economy
Black, Samantha (Western University):
Mobility Response to Weather Shocks for Rural Households in East Africa.

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Gender I / Le genre I
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairTalba, Lucienne (Université de Montréal)
PapersBago, Jean-Louis (Université Laval):
Do Children Really Matter for Women's Self-Employment? Theory and Evidence from Uganda
Javed, Muhammad Rashid (University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour):
Son Preference, Parity Transition and Birth Spacing in Pakistan
Talba, Lucienne (Université de Montréal):
Historical determinants of gender roles

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Prescription Drug Finance; Health Innovation / Aspects financiers des médicaments sur ordonnance; innovation en santé
OrganizerGrootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
ChairBagnoli, Philip (Canadian Parliamentary Budget Office)
PapersMoradpour Taleshi, Javad (University of Calgary):
Patient income and health innovation
Li, Yang (McGill University):
The Impact of Generic Price Regulation on Drug Expenditure and Patients' Choice: Evidence from Pan-Canadian Competitive Value Price Initiative
Bagnoli, Philip (Canadian Parliamentary Budget Office):
USMCA's impact on prescription drug cost expenditures in Canada

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Immigration - Immigration and Mobility
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMcDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick)
PapersAkbari, Syed Ather H (Saint Mary's University):
Mobility determinants of immigrants and native-born in Canada
Khamis, Melanie (Wesleyan University):
Reversed Migration Trends and Local Labor Markets
McDonald, Ted (University of New Brunswick):
Internal Mobility of Immigrants in Canada: a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of alternative data sources

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Market Regulation - Life-Work Balance Policies
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairImbeau, Edouard (ESDC)
PapersCleveland, Gordon (University of Toronto, Scarborough):
Demand Side vs. Supply Side: Does It Make Any Difference How We Fund Child Care?
He, Ailin (McGill University):
The Effects of After-school Care on Maternal Labor Supply and Childcare Arrangements: Evidence from a Discrete Choice Model
De, Prabal (City College of New York):
Victory for Home Care workers? Measuring the Impact of USDOL's 2015 Home Care Rule reform

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Education Economics: Experiments in Education Economics
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairDing, Weili (Queen's University)
PapersAllen, Jeremiah (University of Lethbridge):
The Effect of Red-shirting on educational outcomes: Results from a Natural Experiment
McKeown, Robert (University of Toronto):
Should Students ``Front-Load'' Effort in Their Courses? An Experiment on Early-Semester Effort and Learning in Undergraduate Education
Wang, Linda (University of Toronto):
Students' Choice of Major: An Information Experiment
Ding, Weili (Queen's University):
Identification in Multi-Period Experiments with Period-Specific Compliance

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CWEC: Mentorship Breakfast for Junior Economists / Déjeuner-mentorat pour les jeunes économistes
OrganizerAkbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
ECCC I: Advances in Climate Change Modeling / Avancées en modélisation des changements climatiques
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairMacaluso, Nick (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PapersCarbone, Jared C. (Colorado School of Mines):
Modeling Climate-Induced Migration
Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada):
Capturing key energy and emission trends in CGE modelling: state of the art and remaining challenges
Mukhopadhyay, Kakali (McGill University):
Regional Impact of Clean Energy in 2035: An Application of E3 India Model
DiscussantsSeguin, Charles (Université du Québec à Montréal); Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia); Bhattarai, Keshab (University of Hull)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Risk and Resource Management / Gestion des risques et des ressources
OrganizerNkuiya, Bruno (University of Alberta)
ChairNkuiya, Bruno (University of Alberta)
PapersKakeu, Johnson (University of Prince Edward Island):
Temporal Resolution of Uncertainty and Resource Pricing
Atewamba, Calvin (United Nations University):
On the Coevolutionary Pathways of Climate Change and Income Inequality in the Global Economy
Nkuiya, Bruno (University of Alberta):
Does ecological uncertainty induce more resource conservation?

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CREEA: Fiscal Federalism and Energy Issues / Fédéralisme fiscal et enjeux énergétiques
OrganizersMorin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
ChairMann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
PapersAkakpo, Koffi (Université Laval):
Do gasoline price responses change between symmetric and asymmetric adjustments?
Moshiri, Saeed (University of Saskatchewan):
Consumer Responses to Gasoline Price and Non-Price Policies
Stevens, Jason (University of Prince Edward Island):
On the optimal management of oil revenue in a Canadian province
Missios, Paul (Ryerson University):
On the Relationship between Regional and Central Environmental Policy

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: OTC Markets / Marchés de gré à gré
OrganizerErgun, Lerby (Bank of Canada)
ChairErgun, Lerby (Bank of Canada)
PapersUthemann, Andreas (London School of Economics):
Higher-Order Uncertainty in Financial Markets: Evidence from a Consensus Pricing Service
Herskovic, Bernard (UCLA Anderson School of Management):
OTC Intermediaries
Brancaccio, Giulia (Cornell University):
Learning by Trading: the case of the US market for municipal bonds

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Information Economics I / Économie de l'information I
OrganizersDizdar, Deniz (Université de Montréal)
Dutta, Rohan (McGill University)
ChairLu, Shih En (Simon Fraser University)
PapersSalcedo, Bruno (Western University):
Persuading part of an audience
Ma, Sai (Federal Reserve Board):
Growth through Learning and Uncertainty
Lu, Shih En (Simon Fraser University):
Multi-Sender Cheap Talk with Noisy Observations and Monotonic Strategies

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Canada's National Housing Strategy: Is the Glass Half Empty or Full?
OrganizerIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
PanelistsProctor, Merran (Graduate of Queen's (MPA))
Jadidzadeh, Ali (University of Calgary)
McGee, Susan (Homeward Trust)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical Trade - Trade and Firm Dynamics I / Commerce empirique - Commerce et dynamique des entreprises I
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairIscan, Talan (Dalhousie University)
PapersAlviarez, Vanessa (University of British Columbia):
Global giants and local stars: Multinational brand amalgamation
Bai, Xue (Brock University):
Learning from Processing Trade: Firm Evidence from China
Iscan, Talan (Dalhousie University):
Structural Change and Global Trade Flows: Does an Emerging Giant Matter?

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Volatility, Uncertainty, Real Exchange Rates and Sanctions / Volatilité, incertitude, taux de change réels et sanctions
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairNitsch, Volker (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
PapersDzikpe, Francis Kwami (University of Manitoba):
Accounting for Real Exchange Rates in Emerging Economies
Nitsch, Volker (Technische Universität Darmstadt):
Freeze! Financial Sanctions and Bank Responses

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Credit Risk
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairAivazian, Varouj A. (University of Toronto)
PapersDalkir, Elif (University of New Brunswick):
Adverse Selection and Pay-in Debt Contracts
Rahaman, Mohammad (Saint Mary's University):
Precarious Politics and the Provisions for Bank Financing
Wang, Lu (Fairleigh Dickinson University):
Delayed Expected Loan Loss Recognition and Risk Assessment: A Case Study of BC Credit Unions
Aivazian, Varouj A. (University of Toronto):
The Problem of Debt Overhang:Canadian Evidence

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairSantilli, Diego (University of Ottawa)
PapersEntezarkheir, Mahdiyeh (Huron at University of Western Ontario):
Does Innovation Lead to More Productivity? Panel Data Evidence from U.S. Firms
Dowsett, Kaleigh (Innovation, Science and Economic Development):
Innovation Quality and Firm Performance in Canada
Lee, Kyuseon (University of Minnesota):
An Examination of U.S. Sectoral and Firm-Level Investments in Food and Agricultural R&D, 1950-2014
Santilli, Diego (University of Ottawa):
The Impact of Intellectual Property Awareness and Use on Innovation and Growth

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMHC: Housing and Socioeconomics / Logement et socioéconomie
OrganizerSopchokchai, Duangsuda (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
ChairSopchokchai, Duangsuda (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
PapersConnolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Intergenerational income mobility and housing in Canada
Sopchokchai, Duangsuda (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
Socioeconomic Inequalities in Housing Issues: Measurement and Beyond
Simo, Marguerite (CMHC):
Home Price Beliefs in Toronto and Vancouver: empiric evidences from census

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Canadian Public Policy Special Lecture / Politique publique canadienne - Conférence spéciale
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
SpeakerDavies, James B. (Western University)
TopicDo Canada's Disaster Assistance Programs Need a Reform?

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Assets and Inequality
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairHerrenbrueck, Lucas (Simon Fraser University)
PapersDjeutem, Edouard (Simon Fraser University):
Labor Income, Asset prices and Wealth Inequality
Kim, Heejeong (Concordia University):
Inequality, Portfolio Choice, and the Great Recession
Leung, Cheuk Shing (McGill University):
Accounting for the difference in wealth concentration across countries
Herrenbrueck, Lucas (Simon Fraser University):
Asset Safety versus Asset Liquidity

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Banking
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairKronick, Jeremy Mitchell (C.D. Howe Institute)
PapersGhossoub, Edgar (University of Texas at San Antonio):
Banking Competition, Capital Accumulation, and Interest on Reserves
Farouh, Magnim (Université de Montréal):
Sizing shadow banking through financial companies reports (10-Ks and 10-Qs)
Kronick, Jeremy Mitchell (C.D. Howe Institute):
Shadow Banking and Monetary Policy in Canada

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Misallocation
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairSattari, Yaser (Simon Fraser University)
PapersChen, Yu (University of Calgary):
Misallocation in Canada: Causes and Consequences
Ranasinghe, Ashantha (University of Alberta):
Misallocation across Entrepreneur Gender and Productivity
Sattari, Yaser (Simon Fraser University):
The Role of Adjustment Costs and Distortions in Misallocation What can we learn from the Exit Margin?

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
C.D. Howe Institute: Efficient Management of Oil Production and allocation of Pipeline Transport
SponsorC.D. Howe Institute
OrganizerBishop, Grant (C.D. Howe Institute)
ChairBishop, Grant (C.D. Howe Institute)
PanelistsChurch, Jeff (University of Calgary)
Lokanc, Martin (Suncor Energy)

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Teaching and Communicating Economics
ChairDimand, Robert W. (Brock University)
PapersDouglas, Catherine (University of British Columbia):
Experiential Learning in Economics Education: Benefits and Costs
Dimand, Robert W. (Brock University):
The Cowles Commission and Foundation for Research in Economics: Bringing Mathematical Economics and Econometrics from the Fringe of Economics to the Mainstream

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Political Economy
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairMajumdar, Sumon (Queen's University)
PapersDodds, Stefan A. (University of Winnipeg):
Declined-Ballot Voting in Manitoba General Elections, 1999-2016
Immel, Lea (ifo Institute):
Inequality and Extremist Voting: Evidence from Germany
Lesica, Josip (McMaster University):
Policy Formation, Ideology and Campaign Contributions
Majumdar, Sumon (Queen's University):
The Role of the Political Opposition in Policy Choice

08:30-10:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Volatility and Return Prediction / Volatilité et prédiction du rendement
OrganizerDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)
ChairNing, Cathy (Qiao) (Ryerson University)
PapersAhsan, Md Nazmul (McGill University):
High-frequency instruments and identification-robust inference for stochastic volatility models
Bandehali, Maygol (York University):
Likelihood-Based Estimation Methods for Credit Rating Stochastic Factor Model
Ponrajah, Jeremey (Ryerson University):
Stock-bond dependence structure: a dependence- switching copula approach
Ning, Cathy (Qiao) (Ryerson University):
Are leverage effect, volatility clustering, and feedback effect the same in the market downturn and upturn?

10:00-10:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Foreign Assistance
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGhazalian, Pascal (University of Lethbridge)
PapersRowlands, Dane (Carleton University):
Friends in Need: Donations by Canadians for Disaster Relief
Alauddin, Md. (University of Manitoba):
Human Development and Foreign Aid Nexus: Evidence from Bangladesh
Ghazalian, Pascal (University of Lethbridge):
Untying the Knot to Lengthen the Rope: How Untying Affected Canadian Food Assistance

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Finance I / Finance I
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairMacIsaac, Samuel (Carleton University)
PapersIslam, Khan (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Digital Loan and Three-Digit Interest Rate: Evidence for Kenya
Tremblay, Frederic (Queen's University):
Savings Group Design and the Consumption Smoothing Benefit
MacIsaac, Samuel (Carleton University):
Show Me the Money: Remittance Channel Substitution and Understanding "Formal" Finance Gaps

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Trade / Le commerce
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairMcCaig, Brian (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersKarim, Ridwan (University of Toronto):
Trade Boomers: Evidence from the Commodities-for-Manufactures Boom in Brazil
Rud, Juan Pablo (Royal Holloway, University of London):
Climate Change and Agriculture: Subsistence Farmers' Response to Extreme Heat
McCaig, Brian (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Export markets and microenterprise performance: Evidence from Vietnam

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Economics of Generic Drug Pricing / Économie des prix des médicaments génériques
ChairHollis, Aidan (University of Calgary)
PanelistsAnis, Aslam (University of British Columbia)
Danzon, Patricia (University of Pennsylvania)
Grootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
Zhang, Wei (University of British Columbia)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Immigration - Immigrant Women
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
PapersJiang, Shiyu (York University):
Task Specialization, Wage, and Immigration in Canada
Solati, Fariba (St. Thomas University):
To work or not to work? The case of Middle Eastern and North African immigrant women in Canada.
Ferrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo):
Career progression of immigrant women across Europe
DiscussantsCassidy, Hugh (Kansas State University); Khamis, Melanie (Wesleyan University); Suzuki, Tomoya (Kansai University); Gross, Till (Carleton University)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Market Regulation - Disability and Discrimination in the Labour Market
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairKoebel, Kourtney (University of Toronto)
PapersDiallo, Ibrahima (Université Laval):
Disability discrimination and the effectiveness of hiring subsidies: A job-search approach
Millard, Robert (Western University):
Work Impairing Health Limitations: Timing of Onset and Implications for Earnings.
Indacochea, Daniel (University of Toronto):
Crossing the Color Line: The Long-Term Effects of Racial Integration during the Korean War

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Economics of Copyright / Économie des droits d'auteur
OrganizerSolomon, Raphael (Copyright Board of Canada)
ChairSolomon, Raphael (Copyright Board of Canada)
PapersBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal):
The Three-Legged Stool of Value of Copyrighted Music: Hertzian Radio, SiriusXM, and Spotify
Katz, Ariel (University of Toronto):
Who Killed the Radio Star? How Music Blanket Licences Distort the Production of Creative Content

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CWEC: Managing Your Data - Dealing with Data Archives and Complying with Data Policies / Gestion des données : S'occuper des archives de données et respecter les politiques sur les données
OrganizerConnolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal)
ChairConnolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PanelistsVilhuber, Lars (Cornell University)
Morrow, Peter (University of Toronto)
Lluis, Stéphanie (University of Waterloo)
MacKinnon, James G (Queen's University)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CIGI: Is Canada Losing the IP Game? The Case for and Against Patents in the Digital Era / Le Canada perd-il au jeu de la propriété intellectuelle? Avantages et inconvénients des brevets à l'ère du numérique
OrganizerMcNorgan, Heather (Centre for International Governance Innovation)
PanelistsBlit, Joel (University of Waterloo)
Wajda, Joanna (Centre for International Governance Innovation)
Hinton, James (Centre for International Governance Innovation)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Environmental and Economic Performance Analysis using Microdata / Analyse du rendement environnemental et économique à l'aide de microdonnées
OrganizersAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PapersWillox, K. Michael (Statistics Canada):
The Impact of British Columbia's Carbon Tax on Manufacturers: A Bi-Production Approach to Estimate Environmental and Production Efficiencies
Zarkovic, Maja (University of Basel):
Economically do environmentally regulated firms perform worse? Evidence from the German Manufacturing Sector
Kabore, Philippe (University of Ottawa):
Impact of temperature on Canadian Manufacturing Activity

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Trade and Natural Resources
ChairVermeulen, Wessel Nicolaas (Newcastle University)
PapersMokhtarzadeh, Fatemeh (University of Victoria):
Softwood lumber trade: an application of Spatial Price Equilibrium model
Li, Xintong (University of Victoria):
Softwood Lumber Dispute and Trade Restrictions: Gravity Model
Vermeulen, Wessel Nicolaas (Newcastle University):
Manufacturing in a Natural Resource Based Economy: Evidence from Canadian Plants

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEA: Legal Institutions & Optimal Design / Institutions juridiques et conception optimale
OrganizerMetcalf, Cherie (Queen's University)
ChairAlarie, Benjamin (University of Toronto)
PapersCroutzet, Alexandre (Université Téluq):
Overlapping Generations, Physical Capital and The Optimal Quality of Property Rights
Marchand, Steeve (University of California, Berkeley):
Peer Effects in Prison and Optimal Pairing of Cellmates
Green, Andrew (University of Toronto):
Diversity and Democracy: Changing the City of Toronto's Electoral Boundaries
Alarie, Benjamin (University of Toronto):
The Rise and Fall of Legal Ambiguity

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CREEA: Canadian Issues - Energy and Environment / Enjeux énergétiques et environnementaux canadiens
OrganizersMorin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
ChairTombe, Trevor (University of Calgary)
PapersSarauer, Ashley (University of Alberta):
The role of innovation in economic and environmental performance: A spatial dynamic panel analysis of industrial facilities in Canada
Gamtessa, Samuel (University of Regina):
Shadow Costs of CO2 Abatement in Canadian Industries
Tombe, Trevor (University of Calgary):
How Important are Canada's Energy Exports?

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Microeconometrics / Banque du Canada : Microéconométrie
OrganizerHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
ChairHuynh, Kim (Bank of Canada)
PapersSnoddy, Iain (University of British Columbia):
Learning About Selection: An Improved Correction Procedure
Drukker, David (Stata):
Robust-to-endogenous-selection estimators for two-part models, hurdle models, and zero-inflated models
Felt, Marie-Hélène (Carleton University):
Losing contact: the impact of contactless payments on cash, debit and credit cards usage.

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Economic Measurement
OrganizersDizdar, Deniz (Université de Montréal)
Dutta, Rohan (McGill University)
ChairCourty, Pascal (University of Victoria)
PapersDiewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia):
Experimental Economics and the New Goods Problem
Esheba, Muna (University of Calgary):
Interactive Effects between Input and Output Technical Inefficiencies
Courty, Pascal (University of Victoria):
Is store expensiveness consumer-specific? A new decomposition of price dispersion

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Neoliberalism: Work, Politics, Health, Nature and Social Impact Bonds
OrganizerIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
ChairChernomas, Robert (University of Manitoba)
PanelistsLoxley, John (University of Manitoba)
Hajer, Jesse (University of Manitoba)
Hudson, Ian (University of Manitoba)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical Trade - Trade and Firm Dynamics II / Commerce empirique - Commerce et dynamique des entreprises II
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairYang, Chenying (University of British Columbia)
PapersPiveteau, Paul (Johns Hopkins SAIS):
Foreign Competition along the Quality Ladder
Yang, Chenying (University of British Columbia):
Location Choices of Multi-plant Oligopolists: Theory and Evidence from the Cement Industry

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS: Indigenous Economic Development
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
PapersHillel, Inez (Queen's University):
Resource Intensity and Welfare in Alberta: Contrast Between Reserve and Non-Reserve Communities
Hashmi, Irfan (Indigenous Services Canada):
Measuring and Accounting for Remoteness in Funding to First Nations
Kessler, Anke (Simon Fraser University):
Property rights on First Nations' reserve land

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Mortgage Market
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairEnkhbold, Amina (University of Toronto)
PapersKulkarni, Sheisha (University of Virginia):
Removing the Fine Print: Standardization, Disclosure, and Consumer Loan Outcomes.
Lim, Paul (University of Toronto):
Risk Pricing and Risk Screening in U.S. Mortgage Lending
Enkhbold, Amina (University of Toronto):
The effect of state anti-predatory lending laws on the mortgage market

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Industrial Organization Theory
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairZiss, Steffen (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersCorts, Kenneth (University of Toronto):
Long-Term Contracting with Formal and Relational Contracts
Thiele, Veikko (Queen's University):
Anticipatory Selling
Ziss, Steffen (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Mergers and innovation

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN: Tax Policies / RCCDR : Politiques fiscales
OrganizerGibson, Grant (McMaster University)
PapersZhang, Lu (Ryerson University):
An Empirical Analysis of the Displacement Effect of TFSAs on RRSPs
Smart, Michael G (University of Toronto):
Taxation and top incomes: Effects of recent reforms
Yip, Terry (McMaster University):
Canadian Income Taxation: A Panel Study using Administrative Tax Return
DiscussantsLavecchia, Adam M. (McMaster University); Davies, James B. (Western University); Milligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMHC: Innovations in the Development of Data to Answer Questions Related to Housing in Canada
OrganizerSopchokchai, Duangsuda (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
ChairShewchuk, Stephanie (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
PanelistsBourque, Andrew (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairCampa, Pamela (Stockholm School of Economics)
SpeakerFernández, Raquel (New York University)
TopicComing out in America: AIDS, Politics, and Cultural Change

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Business Cycles I
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairBatu, Michael (University of Windsor)
PapersDong, Wei (Bank of Canada):
Production Networks and the Propagation of Commodity Price Shocks
Zhou, Jiannan (University of Colorado Boulder):
Micro-evidence on Habit Formation
Batu, Michael (University of Windsor):
From Space to Earth: Economic Effects of Solar Activity

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Exploring Macroeconomic Effects of Innovation, and Tech Transfer
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairHamit-Haggar, Mahamat (Statistics Canada)
PapersKavand, Hossein (Carleton University):
Evaluating the Impact of Knowledge Spillover on Start-ups: Using Collaboration as a Proxy for Knowledge Spillover
MacKenzie, William Gaelan (University of Toronto):
Learning and Diffusion
Koffi, Marlène (Université de Montréal):
Patents, Innovation and Growth in Canadian Pharmaceuticals
Hamit-Haggar, Mahamat (Statistics Canada):
Horizontal Innovation and Clean Technology Review: Outline of an impact analysis framework and results of application to five business support programs

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Unemployment in the Labour Markets
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairClaus, Edda (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersMacGee, Jim (Bank of Canada):
Regional Unemployment and Wage Dynamics with Mobile Workers
Potter, Tristan (Drexel University):
Detachment Traps
Claus, Edda (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Do optimistic consumers cause unemployment? Dissonance in consumer expectations

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
C.D. Howe Institute: The Future of the Efficiencies Defence in Canadian Competition Law
SponsorC.D. Howe Institute
OrganizerBishop, Grant (C.D. Howe Institute)
ChairBishop, Grant (C.D. Howe Institute)
PanelistsJohnson, Paul (Competition Bureau Canada)
Ware, Roger (Queen's University)
Duplantis, Renée (The Brattle Group)

10:30-12:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Computational Economics and Robustness / Économie informatique et robustesse
OrganizerDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)
ChairPretis, Felix (University of Victoria)
PapersHao, Jasmine (University of British Columbia):
Using Euler Equation to Estimate Non-Finite-Dependent Dynamic Discrete Choice Model with Unobserved Heterogeneity
Rohit Dass, Adrian (University of Toronto):
The Use of Data Combination for Small, Unrepresentative Survey Data: Simulation and Application of Misspecified Moment Condition Models
Pretis, Felix (University of Victoria):
Testing the Presence of Outliers to Assess Misspecification in Regression Models

12:00-14:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CWEC Luncheon Lecture / Conférence-midi du CFÉC
OrganizerDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
ChairDhuey, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
SpeakerStevenson, Betsey (University of Michigan)
TopicWhat Economics can Teach Us About Working Families and What Working Families Means for Teaching Economics

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Gender II / Le genre II
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairZoundi, David Aimé (Université Laval)
PapersMughal, Mazhar (Pau Business School):
Female age at marriage, son preference and child welfare outcomes
Fors, Heather (University of Gothenburg):
Son Preferences and Education Inequalities in India
Zoundi, David Aimé (Université Laval):
Education, Polygamy, and Women's Marriage Prospects? Theory and Evidence from Uganda

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Education I / L'éducation I
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairLehrer, Kim (Université de Sherbrooke)
PapersChan, Jeff (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Oil Royalties and the Provision of Public Education in Brazil
Nordstrom, Ardyn (Queen's University):
Understanding the Impact of Household Income Shocks on Girls' Education
Kumar, Naveen (University of Illinois at Chicago):
Beyond Test Scores: Effects of Attending 'Good' Public Schools in India
Lehrer, Kim (Université de Sherbrooke):
Post-Secondary Education and Labour Outcomes of Educated Youth in Ghana

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Development and Health / Développement et santé
OrganizerGrootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
ChairShajarizadeh, Ali (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersPaul, Sourabh Bikas (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi):
Universalization versus Targeting in Maternal and Child Health Care Provisioning: Evidence from India
Pandey, Ekta (IIT Delhi & University of Waterloo):
How healthy is health payment mechanism in India: Critical analysis of out-of-pocket payment on poverty estimates in Indian population.
Shajarizadeh, Ali (Wilfrid Laurier University):
The Impact of Institutional Delivery on Infant and Mother Health Outcomes: Evidence from a Road Construction Program in India

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Immigration - Immigration and Language
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairYuksel, Mutlu (Dalhousie University)
Papersde Chardon, Cedric (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada):
The economic return of federally-funded language training services for immigrants: evidence from newly linked longitudinal tax data to administrative training records
Jackson, Nicholas (St. Thomas University):
How Does Language Proficiency in French Versus English Affect the Employability of Immigrants in Canada?
Yuksel, Mutlu (Dalhousie University):
Do English Skills Affect Muslim Immigrants' Economic and Social Integration Differentially?

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Market Regulation - Retirement
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMessacar, Derek (Statistics Canada)
PapersBecerra, Oscar (University of British Columbia):
Effects of Future Pension Benefits on Pre-retirement Labor Supply: Evidence from Chile
Nakazawa, Nobuhiko (University of California, San Diego):
The Effects of Public Pension Reform on Individual Labor Supply: Evidence from Japan
Imbeau, Edouard (ESDC):
Labour Market Impact of a Work Earnings Exemption on Benefits for Low-income Seniors

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-JDI-Phelps-RIIB: Competition and Regulation I / Concurrence et réglementation I
OrganizersClark, Robert (Queen's University)
Ross, Thomas W. (University of British Columbia)
ChairFaye, Anne Catherine (Analysis Group)
PapersGil, Ricard (Queen's University):
Vertical Integration and Market Foreclosure in Media Markets: Evidence from the Chinese Motion Picture Industry
Li, Shaoteng (Queen's University):
Dynamic Competition in Negotiated Price Markets
Strathearn, Matthew (Carleton University):
Settlements in the Presence of Leniency Programs: Costs and Benefits
Eckert, Andrew (University of Alberta):
The Impact of Information and Pricing Patterns on Behavior in Wholesale Electricity Markets
DiscussantsChurch, Jeff (University of Calgary); Fang, Limin (University of British Columbia); Boyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal); Samano, Mario (HEC Montréal)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Statistics Canada and Department for Women and Gender Equality session: Women and the Canadian Economy / Séance de Statistique Canada et du ministère des Femmes et de l'Égalité des genres : Les femmes et l'économie canadienne
OrganizerAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
ChairAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
PapersLi, Jiang Beryl (Statistics Canada):
Multinationals, gender and immigrant composition of the workforce, and firm performance
Houle, Stephanie (McMaster University):
Entry, Survival & Performance of Business Owners by Gender
Carpino, Tia (Department for Women and Gender Equality):
Research plan on topics related to women and the economy

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
ECCC II: Ecology, Air Quality Valuation Modelling, Trade and Renewable Resources / Écologie, modélisation de l'évaluation de la qualité de l'air, commerce et ressources renouvellables
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PapersGilmore, Elisabeth (Clark University):
Developing a Reduced-Complexity Air Quality Model (RCM) for Canada: Methods and Policy Applications
Roy, Rene (McGill University):
Evaluate the public benefits of ecological goods and services from beneficial management practices in the Bras d'Henri watershed
Ray Chaudhuri, Amrita (University of Winnipeg):
On the Impact of Trade in a Common Property Renewable Resource Oligopoly
DiscussantsSun, Meng (Thompson Rivers University); Olale, Edward (Environment and Climate Change Canada); Munzur, Alaz Safak (University of Calgary)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEA: Financial Economics / Économie financière
OrganizerMetcalf, Cherie (Queen's University)
ChairRobertson, Adriana (University of Toronto, Faculty of Law)
PapersHynes, Richard (University of Virginia):
Asset Exemptions and Consumer Bankruptcies: Evidence from Individual Filings
Ireland, Derek (Carleton University):
True and Full Opportunity Costs of Non-Compliance
Robertson, Adriana (University of Toronto, Faculty of Law):
The (Mis)Uses of the S&P 500

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Local Labour Markets / Les marchés du travail locaux
OrganizerMarchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
ChairMarchand, Joseph (University of Alberta)
PapersWhalley, Alexander (University of Calgary):
Space Race: Automation Innovation and Labor's Share
Cortes, Guido Matias (York University):
Are Routine Jobs Moving South? Evidence from Changes in the Occupational Structure of Employment in the U.S. and Mexico
Marchand, Joseph (University of Alberta):
Local Labor Market Effects of Environmental Regulations in Canada

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CREEA: Information and Productivity / Information et productivité
OrganizersMorin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
ChairWeiner, Robert (George Washington University)
PapersRahimian, Meghdad (Western University):
The welfare impact of Public Climate Change Awareness
Stuermer, Martin (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas):
Non-Renewable Resources, Extraction Technology and Endogenous Growth
Marcoul, Philippe (University of Alberta):
Informational Fishing Equilibrium and Cooperation
Weiner, Robert (George Washington University):
Disclosure Regulation and Competition between Multinationals and Domestic Firms: Evidence from Canadian Oil Investment

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Textual Analysis of Central Bank Communications / Banque du Canada : Analyse textuelle des communications de la banque centrale
OrganizerBailliu, Jeannine (Bank of Canada)
ChairBailliu, Jeannine (Bank of Canada)
PapersPetersen, Luba (Simon Fraser University):
Forecast Dispersion and Central Bank Communication: Textual Analysis Using LIWC
Wajda, Joanna (Centre for International Governance Innovation):
The Evolving Scope and Content of Central Bank Speeches
Bailliu, Jeannine (Bank of Canada):
Understanding and predicting Chinese monetary policy: what can we learn from text analytics on official documents and the media?
DiscussantsSiklos, Pierre L (Wilfrid Laurier University); Hendry, Scott C (Bank of Canada); Razo-Garcia, Raúl (Carleton University)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Information Economics II / Économie de l'information II
OrganizersDizdar, Deniz (Université de Montréal)
Dutta, Rohan (McGill University)
ChairKirkegaard, Rene (University of Guelph)
PapersLiu, Shannon (University of Toronto):
Contingency as Value Creation
Ghasvareh, Pooya (Concordia University):
Fairness Comparisons of Strategyproof and Efficient Matching Rules
Sidibé, Abdoul Karim (Université de Montréal):
Many-to-One Matching with Sized Agents and Size-Monotonic Priorities
Kirkegaard, Rene (University of Guelph):
Endogenous Correlation and Moral Hazard

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Solutions to Inequality: Let Us Count the Ways
OrganizerIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
ChairMacEwen, Angella (Canadian Labour Congress)
PanelistsSran, Garry (Alberta Union of Provincial Employees)
Regnier, Angela (unaffiliated)
Shaban, Robin (Carleton University)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical Trade - Trade and Firm Dynamics III / Commerce empirique - Commerce et dynamique des entreprises III
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairRodrigue, Joel (Vanderbilt University)
PapersHuebler, Michael (Leibniz University Hannover):
Climate change, economic policy and technology choice of heterogeneous producers
Li, Yifan (McGill University):
Multi-product Firms, Trade Costs and Exchange Rate Volatility: Evidence from Chinese Firms
Rachapalli, Swapnika (University of Toronto):
Innovation Along the Global Value Chain
Rodrigue, Joel (Vanderbilt University):
Trade Liberalization and Plant-Level Emissions: Evidence from China's Accession to the WTO

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
IRPP I: Promises and Prospects for a Guaranteed Basic Income in Canada / Promesses et perspectives d'un revenu de base garanti au Canada
OrganizersKoebel, Kourtney (University of Toronto)
Pohler, Dionne (University of Toronto)
PapersSimpson, Wayne (University of Manitoba):
What Have We Learned from Experimentation about a Basic Income?
Boadway, Robin W. (Queen's University):
Implementing a Basic Income Guarantee in Canada: Prospects and Problems
Pohler, Dionne (University of Toronto):
Expanding the Canada Workers Benefit to Design a Guaranteed Basic Income
Forget, Evelyn L. (University of Manitoba):
When Economic Field Experiments Go Off the Rails: The Case of Basic Income
DiscussantsMilligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: The Political Economy of Trade and Immigration / L'économie politique du commerce et de l'immigration
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairOzkok, Zeynep (Saint Francis Xavier University)
PapersMalloy, Brandon (St. Francis Xavier University):
Evolving Attitudes on the Economic Impact of Immigrants: Evidence from the European Social Survey
Nagaraj, Priya (William Paterson University):
Regulations and Immigrant Entrepreneurship
Ozkok, Zeynep (Saint Francis Xavier University):
Euroscepticism and public support for integration: Economic factors influencing attitudes across European countries

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Agricultural Economics
ChairLe Roy, Danny (University of Lethbridge)
PapersMurdoch, C (University of Lethbridge):
Economic Analysis of Crop Yield Map Data
Le Roy, Danny (University of Lethbridge):
Economic Analysis of Crop Rotations in the Canadian Prairies

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Fixed-Income Markets and Credit Rating
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairNolin, Guillaume (Bank of Canada)
PapersLi, Lifang (University of Alberta):
Seasonality in Canadian Corporate Bonds
Zhao, Guihai (Bank of Canada):
Learning, Equilibrium Trend, Cycle, and Spread in Bond Yields
Nolin, Guillaume (Bank of Canada):
Measuring Limits to Arbitrage in Fixed-Income Markets

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
ESDC: Enhancing Research and Evaluation Capacity through Innovation in Administrative Data / EDSC : Rehausser la capacité de recherche et d'évaluation grâce à l'innovation des données administratives
OrganizerSmith, Donna (ESDC)
ChairGibson, Grant (McMaster University)
PanelistsHandouyahia, Andy (Government of Canada)
Wood, Heather (Government of Canada)
Smith, Donna (ESDC)

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMHC: Housing Finance / Finances du logement
OrganizerBasiri, Kiana (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
ChairBasiri, Kiana (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
PapersOram, Michael (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
How Local Policy Frameworks Impact Prices in Housing Markets?
Japaridze, Irakli (McGill University):
Unaffordable Housing and Aging Population: (MLI) as indirect subsidy to fertility
Fontaine, Katelyn (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
The Effects of Housing Expenses on Household Resource Allocation

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairTombe, Trevor (University of Calgary)
SpeakerOssa, Ralph (University of Zurich)
TopicRethinking Trade Policy

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Business Cycles II
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairCunningham, Rose (Bank of Canada)
PapersSiwe, Guy leonel (Université de Montréal):
Increasing markups and the reallocation of market share
Alpanda, Sami (University of Central Florida):
Business Cycles with Oligopsonistic Competition in Labor Markets
Millogo, Abdoulaye (Université de Sherbrooke):
Missing disinflation and Human capital depreciation
Cunningham, Rose (Bank of Canada):
Exploring Wage Phillips Curves in Advanced Economies

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Inflation Expectations and Price Level Targeting
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairShukayev, Malik (University of Alberta)
PapersMoran, Kevin (Université Laval):
Conformism and Inflation Expectations
McNeil, James (Queen's University):
Monetary policy and the term structure of inflation expectations with information frictions
Shukayev, Malik (University of Alberta):
The value of temporary price level targets

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Housing
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairRondina, Francesca (University of Ottawa)
PapersVincent, Nicolas (HEC Montréal):
Location, Location, Location: Industrial Structure and the Distribution of House Price Growth
Yao, Yuxi (Western University):
Accounting for Changes in the Dispersion of House Prices and Rents across U.S. Cities
Rondina, Francesca (University of Ottawa):
The House Rules: Housing Market Responses to Oil Price Shocks in Canada

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Finance and Risk / Finances et risques
OrganizerChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
ChairChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
PapersTergiman, Chloe (Pennysylvania State University):
Can fraud in financial markets be deterred by competition and reputation?
Mussio, Irene (McMaster University):
Reconciling health and wealth background risks: an analysis of risky behavior when higher-order preferences are consider
Zrill, Lanny (Langara College):
Quantifying the Trade-off between Identification and Misspecification: Application to Choice under Risk

14:00-15:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Bootstrap Inference / Inférence par la méthode d'autoamorçage (bootstrap)
OrganizerDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)
ChairWebb, Matt (Carleton University)
PapersDavidson, Russell (McGill University):
An Improved Fast Double Bootstrap
Luger, Richard (Laval University):
A resampling method for dynamic quantile models of asset returns
MacKinnon, James G (Queen's University):
Wild bootstrap inference with multiway clustering
Webb, Matt (Carleton University):
When and How to Deal With Clustered Errors in Regression Models

15:30-16:00Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Gender III / Le genre III
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairShandal, Monica (University of Alberta)
PapersChatterjee, Esha (University of Maryland, College Park):
Women’s Low Employment Rates in India: Cultural and Structural Explanations
Lindskog, Annika (University of Gothenburg):
Can monetary incentives increase the valuation of the girl child?
Shandal, Monica (University of Alberta):
The Causal Effect of Public Infrastructure on Women's Empowerment in Rural Communities of India

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Education II / L'éducation II
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairBarham, Tania (University of Colorado Boulder)
PapersMeilman Lomaz Cohn, Ricardo (Simon Fraser University):
The Medium-Term Impacts of Cash and In-kind Food Transfers on Learning
Djissa, Gedeon Dossou (University of Ottawa):
Budgetary policy and human development in low and middle income countries:Essay on the effectiveness of government health and education expenditures in West African Economic and Monetary Union
Barham, Tania (University of Colorado Boulder):
Are Conditional Cash Transfers Fulfilling Their Promise? Schooling, Learning, and Earnings After 10 Years

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Labour / Le travail
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairZhang, Peng (Simon Fraser University)
PapersPeluffo Geronazzo, Silvia Adriana (Universidad de la Republica):
Employment and Skills
Hao, Tongtong (University of Toronto):
Spatial Labor Reallocation in Structural Transformation -- Evidence from China
Wamba Tindo, Paulin Joachim (University of Dschang):
Unemployment duration and wage in Cameroon
Zhang, Peng (Simon Fraser University):
Ethnic Diversity and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Post-Apartheid South Africa

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Quantitative Methods in Health / Méthodes quantitatives en santé
OrganizerGrootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
ChairDevereux, Kevin (University College Dublin)
PapersThomas, Stephanie (McMaster University):
Developing EQ-5D-5L value sets: is nonparametric regression an attractive alternative?
Shaikh, Shaun (Ontario Medical Association):
Can CIHI's Canadian health risk predictive model be used to predict high-cost health system users?
Devereux, Kevin (University College Dublin):
Correcting for Transitory Effects in RCTs: Application to the RAND Health Insurance Experiment

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Immigration - Immigrants and Refugees
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFeng, Hui (King's College)
PapersChowdhury, Mohammad (Carleton University):
The Determinants of Job Search Choice by Immigrants and Refugees in Canada: Evidence from the Longitudinal Study of Immigrants to Canada (LSIC)
Suzuki, Tomoya (Kansai University):
Destination Choice of Asylum Seekers in Europe from Conflict-Affected Countries
Aziz, Nusrate (Algoma University):
Good Governance, Quality of Institutions and International Migration
Feng, Hui (King's College):
Assimilation of the First and Second Generation Immigrants in Canada

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Labour Market Regulation - Employment Insurance and Minimum Wages
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairTownsend, James (University of Winnipeg)
PapersLeonard, Phil (University of New Brunswick):
Putting out the `income gap' fire in Part I of the Employment Insurance system in the 21st century: An analysis of the benefit period extensions
Lluis, Stéphanie (University of Waterloo):
Employment Insurance and Job Mobility
Mallett, Edward (Canadian Federation of Independent Business):
Minimum Wages and Employment Growth: A Firm-Level Study Using Panel Survey Data of Canadian SMEs, 2009-2019
Woodcock, Simon (Simon Fraser University):
The Effect of the Hartz Labor Market Reforms on Post-unemployment Outcomes, Sorting, and Matching

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Econometrics: A session in Honour of Ramo Gencay / Économétrie financière : Une séance en hommage à Ramo Gencay
SponsorOrganized by RCEA
OrganizerKonieczny, Jerzy (Wilfrid Laurier University/RCEA)
ChairKonieczny, Jerzy (Wilfrid Laurier University/RCEA)
PapersTseng, Michael (University of Central Florida):
Price Discovery for Options
Antoine, Bertille (Simon Fraser University):
Asset Pricing with a Large Matching Model
Zhang, Xiangyu (Simon Fraser University):
Testing for Structural Change in AR(1) Models with Wavelets

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
OrganizersBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
Ross, Thomas W. (University of British Columbia)
ChairHorstmann, Ignatius (University of Toronto)
SpeakerRogerson, William (Northwestern University)
TopicThe Competitive Effects of Vertical Mergers

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CREEA: Climate Policy / Politiques climatiques
OrganizersMorin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
ChairInsley, Margaret (University of Waterloo)
PapersSamano, Mario (HEC Montréal):
(Mis)allocation of Renewable Energy Sources
Kollenbach, Gilbert (University of Hagen):
Demand- versus Supply-Side Climate Policies with a Carbon Dioxide Ceiling
Lyssenko, Nikita (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
Climate Policy in a Distorted World

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Banks and Financial Networks / Banque du Canada : Banques et réseaux financiers
OrganizerPriazhkina, Sofia (Bank of Canada)
ChairPriazhkina, Sofia (Bank of Canada)
PapersPaddrik, Mark (Office of Financial Research):
Central Counterparty Default Waterfalls and Systemic Loss
Erol, Selman (Carnegie Mellon University):
Interbank Networks in the Shadows of the Federal Reserve Act
Wang, Chaojun (Wharton Business School):
Efficient Contracting in Network Financial Markets
Priazhkina, Sofia (Bank of Canada):
Network Formation, Bank Relationships, and Interest Rates in European Interbank Market

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Financial Vulnerabilities of Canadian Households / Vulnérabilités financières des ménages canadiens
OrganizerIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
ChairMacLean, Brian K. (Laurentian University)
PapersBuckland, Jerry (Menno Simons College):
Preliminary Insight from the Canadian Financial Diaries
Robson, Jennifer (Carleton University):
Assets in the new Government of Canada poverty dashboard: Measurement issues and policy implications
Spotton Visano, Brenda (York University):
Mixed messages: Policy implications of subjective versus objective indicators of Canadian financial stress

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: International Finance - Theory / Finances internationales - Théorie
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairBraml, Martin T. (ifo Institute for Economic Research)
PapersAlexander, Patrick (Bank of Canada):
Exchange rate policies revisited
Razo-Garcia, Raúl (Carleton University):
The Relativity of Economics Fundamentals in a Two-Country Model of Speculative Currency Attacks
Braml, Martin T. (ifo Institute for Economic Research):
What Do We Really Know About the Transatlantic Current Account?

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
IRPP II: Provincial Prospects for A Basic Income
OrganizerBusby, Colin (IRPP)
PanelistsFonseca, Raquel (Université du Québec à Montréal)
Koebel, Kourtney (University of Toronto)
Green, David (University of British Columbia)
Tedds, Lindsay M. (University of Calgary)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: The Impact of Trade and Trade Policy / Les répercussions du commerce et des politiques commerciales
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairWeder, Rolf (University of Basel)
PapersMai, Joseph (York University):
The Impact of Economic Openness on Women's Social Status
Swiecki, Tomasz (University of British Columbia):
Cross Border Intra-firm Trade and the Propagation of Idiosyncratic Shocks
Takam Fongang, Guy Martial (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Conditional effect of trade openness on manufacturing growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Does competitiveness matter?
Weder, Rolf (University of Basel):
Breaking Up: Experimental insights into international economic (dis)integration

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Regional Studies of Canadian Economic Development: The Case of the Okanagan
OrganizerLew, Byron J (Trent University)
ChairEmery, J C Herbert (University of New Brunswick)
PapersPooley, Ian (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Maintaining One's (Gendered) Position in the Dominant Culture: Gertie Pooley's Okanagan Orcharding Diaries (1916-1929)
Roy, Patricia (University of Victoria):
Chinese and Japanese in the Okanagan Work Force, c1871-1941
Sugden, Roger (University of British Columbia):
Development in Canada, British Columbia and the Okanagan, 1881-1941

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Governance
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairSchroth, Josef (Bank of Canada)
PapersCarew, Matthew (Western University):
Institutional Ownership and CEO Turnover:Evidence from Index Switching
Tong, Michelle (York University):
Aligning Corporate Hedging Decisions with Executive Compensation
Wu, Wendy (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Bank CEO Inside Debt and Screening Incentive: Evidence from the Syndicated Loan market
Schroth, Josef (Bank of Canada):
Why are CEOs allowed to talk to investors?

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Patents and Technical Change
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairGallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)
PapersAziz, Imran (York University):
Skill-biased technical change and intergenerational mobility
Cosac, Teodora (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada):
Economic Importance of Patents: What is the impact of owning patents on the ability of Canadian firms to generate more revenue per employee?
Zhao, Long (University of Alberta):
Impacts of International Search Authority on Patenting: Evidence from Canada
Gallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia):
To Sell or Scale Up: Canada's Patent Strategy in a Knowledge Economy

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Statistics Canada and CRDCN: Linked Administrative Data Files in the RDCs / Statistique Canada et RCCDR : Les liens entre les dossiers de données administratives dans les CDR
OrganizersAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
Gibson, Grant (McMaster University)
ChairAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
PanelistsMessacar, Derek (Statistics Canada)
Li, Jiang Beryl (Statistics Canada)
de Chardon, Cedric (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada)
Ostrovsky, Yuri (Statistics Canada)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMHC: Housing Markets / Marchés du logement
OrganizerBasiri, Kiana (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
ChairBasiri, Kiana (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
PapersRotberg, Shahar (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
Should Capital and Housing Be Taxed Differently?
Gensey, Timothy (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
Effect of Market Frictions on Housing Prices in Major Canadian Housing Markets: Evidence from Single-Detached Residential Markets and Apartment Structures.
Zhou, Chenggang Mark (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation):
Distributional Impact of Removing Mandatory Mortgage Loan Insurance

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairHamilton, Gillian C. (University of Toronto)
SpeakerDell, Melissa (Harvard University)
TopicUsing Advances in Machine Learning and AI to Unlock New Data

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
AEDSB: Development Issues on Bangladesh - Theory and Evidence / Enjeux de développement au Bangladesh - Théorie et éléments de preuve
OrganizersChowdhury, Muhammad Murshed (University of New Brunswick)
Das, Anupam (Mount Royal University)
ChairAlam, Rafat (Grant Macewan University)
PapersGoswami, Gour (North South University):
Determining the Optimal Currency Composition of the Foreign Exchange Reserve of Bangladesh
Mozumder, Pallab (Florida International University):
The Nature and Extent of Shocks and Coping Strategies of Urban Poor in Bangladesh
Alam, Md Rajibul (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies):
Can a higher wage attract Better Quality applicants without deteriorating public service motivation? Evidence from the Bangladesh Civil Service
Uddin, Mohammad Taslim (University of Manitoba):
The Macroeconomic Impacts of Investment in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): Evidence from South Asian Countries
DiscussantsSerieux, John (University of Manitoba)

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Business Cycles
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairRuge-Murcia, Francisco J. (McGill University)
PapersVerbrugge, Randal (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland):
Death to Two-Sided Filtering: New Results on the Undesirability of Bandpass Filtering Dynamic Regression Models, with a Proposed Solution
Xu, Libo (University of San Francisco):
Consumption, Leisure, and Money
Ruge-Murcia, Francisco J. (McGill University):
Indirect Inference Estimation of Nonlinear Dynamic General Equilibrium Models: With an Application to Asset Pricing under Skewness Risk

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Effects of Financial Regulation and Deregulation
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairSchure, Paul H. (University of Victoria)
PapersZivanovic, Jelena (Bank of Canada):
An optimal macroprudential policy mix for segmented credit markets
Roy, Saktinil (Athabasca University):
What Caused the Global Financial Crisis? A Longer Historical View
Schure, Paul H. (University of Victoria):
The European Systemic Risk Board - Governance and Early Experience

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Macroeconomic Lessons from History
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairChorney, Harold (Concordia University Montreal)
PapersGauvin-Coulombe, Raphaelle (Queen's University):
The Contribution of the Domestic Political Environment to Historical Business Cycles
Brault, Joshua (Carleton University):
Has the US Business Cycle Become More Asymmetric?
Chorney, Harold (Concordia University Montreal):
The economics of fuller employment in the early twenty first century

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Deception and the Darkside of Behaviour / Déception et le côté sombre du comportement
OrganizerChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
ChairChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
PapersMorrison, William (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Do pre-filled values reduce false insurance claims? Experimental evidence
Pikulina, Elena (University of British Columbia):
Preferences for Power
Saucedo Cepeda, Abraham (University of Calgary):
An Experimental Study of Auctioneers' and Bidders' Preferences over Corruption in Auctions
Tasneem, Dina (American University of Sharjah):
Honesty, ability, norm and socioeconomic status: An experimental study in Bangladesh

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Public Economics
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairCardwell, Ryan (University of Manitoba)
PapersZhong, Jianwei (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada):
Can we predict the magnitude of immigrants' net direct fiscal contribution and the likelihood of receiving social assistance based on their information at landing?
Cox, Joe (Athabasca University):
Not dead `til the deadline: The interaction between the deadline effect and completion bias in online collective fundraising initiatives.
Cardwell, Ryan (University of Manitoba):
Determinants of Support for Public Policies in Canada: A Customised Survey Experiment Applied to Supply Management

16:00-17:30Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Forecasting and Impact Analysis / Prévision et analyse d'impact
OrganizerDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)
ChairRoberts, Tom (Bank of Canada)
PapersFossati, Sebastian (University of Alberta):
A Test for State-Dependent Predictive Ability based on a Markov-Switching Framework
Tsafack Teufack, Idriss (Université de Montréal):
Forecasting the S&P500 index returns with a fully functional autoregressive model: a Comparative Analysis
Tchuente, Guy (University of Kent):
Does Obamacare Care? A Fuzzy Difference-in-discontinuities Approach
Roberts, Tom (Bank of Canada):
Local Affordability, House Price Forecasting, and Vulnerabilities

17:45-19:15Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Innis Lecture / Conférence Innis
ChairTaylor, M. Scott (University of Calgary)
SpeakerNunn, Nathan (Harvard University)
TopicRethinking Economic Development

19:15-20:45Friday, May 31, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Reception / Réception
SponsorBank of Canada

07:00-08:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Department Chairs Breakfast Meeting. All chairs of economics departments are invited to attend, or send a delegate. / Petit-déjeuner rencontre des chefs de départements. Tous les chefs de département d'économique sont invités à y assister ou à y envoyer un
OrganizerJones, Stephen R. G. (McMaster University)

08:00-08:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG Special Session (IDRC): Economic Complexity and Growth In Africa
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PapersMbaye, Ahmadou Aly (University Cheikh Anta Diop):
Senegal's International Competitiveness and Employment Creation for Women and Youth The Product Space Analysis and Fieldwork Findings
Oiro, Manaseh (Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis):
Building Economic Complexity in Kenya: Laying the Foundation for Women and Youth Employment
Steenkamp, Francois (University of Cape Town):
Economic Complexity and Employment Expansions: The Case of South Africa
Baah-Boateng, William (University of Ghana):
Economic Complexity and Employment for Women and Youth: The Case of Ghana

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Poverty I / Pauvreté I
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairBenoit, Kafando (Université de Sherbrooke)
PapersPkv, Kishan (Institute of Rural Management Anand):
Intergenerational Education Mobility in India: Trends, Nonlinearity, and The Great Gatsby Curve
Maldonado, Jorge (Universidad de los Andes):
Impact of the Graduation Approach to Reduce Poverty in Paraguay
Benoit, Kafando (Université de Sherbrooke):
Persistence of income inequalities: an analysis in terms of unequal access to education

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Economic Behaviour of Healthcare Providers / Comportement économique des fournisseurs de soins de santé
OrganizerGrootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
ChairShearer, Bruce (Université Laval)
PapersMalak, Natalie (McMaster University):
A Re-Examination of the Effects of Tort Reforms on Obstetrical Procedures and Health Outcomes
Goetz, Daniel (University of Toronto):
Endogenous Therapist Supply and Universal Coverage
Sarma, Sisira K (Western University):
Changing from retrospective to prospective payments for primary care physicians and preventive cancer screening: Evidence from Ontario's blended fee-for-service and blended capitation models
Shearer, Bruce (Université Laval):
Measuring Physicians' Response to Incentives: Labour Supply, Multitasking, and Earnings

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Immigration - Employment Choice of Immigrants
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairGross, Till (Carleton University)
PapersManuel, Nick (University of Guelph):
Going it Alone: Why Immigrants Choose Self-Employment More Frequently than Natives with the Same Occupation
Cassidy, Hugh (Kansas State University):
Occupational Licensing and Immigrants
Vu, Phuong (Western University):
Transition from Landing to Work: The Impacts of Social Networks on Employment Outcomes of Newly Arrived Canadian Immigrants
Gross, Till (Carleton University):
Temporary Foreign Workers and Firms: Theory and Canadian Evidence

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: New Approaches in Labour Economics - New Measures
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairEmery, J C Herbert (University of New Brunswick)
PapersShi, Ruoyao (University of California Riverside):
What Time Use Surveys Can (And Cannot) Tell Us about Labor Supply
Plesca, Miana (University of Guelph):
Precarious employment and poverty
Gillezeau, Robert (University of Victoria):
Illuminating Indigenous Economic Development
Emery, J C Herbert (University of New Brunswick):
True Cost of Living Measures for 10 Provinces: Using an Engel Curve Approach

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Education Economics: Academic Performance
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairSong, Yan (McGill University)
PapersMichaud Leclerc, Catherine (University of Toronto):
Searching for Answers: The Impact of Student Access to Wikipedia
Paloyo, Alfredo (University of Wollongong):
Real-Time Interactive Student Polling and Academic Performance
Song, Yan (McGill University):
Sophistication and Cautiousness in College Applications

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-JDI-Phelps-RIIB: Competition and Regulation II / Concurrence et réglementation II
OrganizersBoyer, Marcel (Université de Montréal)
Horstmann, Ignatius (University of Toronto)
ChairGallini, Nancy (University of British Columbia)
PapersBrander, James A. (University of British Columbia):
Intellectual Property Infringement by Imports: Injunctive or Fee-based Relief?
Barker, Eliane (Queen's University):
The impact of hospital mergers on hospital choice and patient welfare: The case of Ontario
Fellows, Garret Kent (University of Calgary):
Splitting the Spectrum: Spectrum Allocation and Auctions in Canada's Wireless Market
Parra, Alvaro (University of British Columbia):
On the Long-term Interaction between Patent Screening and its Enforcement
DiscussantsZiss, Steffen (Wilfrid Laurier University); Dimitropoulos, Dimitri (The Brattle Group); Johnson, Paul (Competition Bureau Canada); Corts, Kenneth (University of Toronto)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Inequality and Long Run Outcomes
ChairAnderson, Gordon (University of Toronto)
PapersSimard-Duplain, Gaëlle (University of British Columbia):
Wealth inequality in Canada between 1982 and 2015: Overall evolution and persistence of individual wealth rankings
Barrington-Leigh, Christopher (McGill University):
Feasible future global scenarios for human life evaluations: happiness in 2050
Anderson, Gordon (University of Toronto):
Measuring Differentness in Collections of Distributions: Extending Ginis' Relative Mean Difference and Transvariation Coefficients.

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
ECCC III: Environment and Climate Change Policy Impacts / Conséquences des politiques sur l'environnement et les changements climatiques
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairMacaluso, Nick (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
PapersWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary):
Carbon Pricing Costs for Households and Revenue Recycling Options in Canada
Schaufele, Brandon N. (Western University):
Feebates for Electricity Conservation
Antweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia):
Estimating the Fuel-tax Elasticity of Vehicle Miles Travelled from Aggregate Data
DiscussantsPelli, Martino (Université de Sherbrooke); Eckert, Andrew (University of Alberta); Moshiri, Saeed (University of Saskatchewan)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEA: Crime, Enforcement & Consequences; Empirical Methodologies / Crime, application de la loi et conséquences; méthodologies empiriques
OrganizerMetcalf, Cherie (Queen's University)
ChairYoon, Albert (U of Toronto)
PapersFilimonovic, Dragan (University of Basel):
Increase in Fines and Enforcer's Behavior: Evidence from Belgrade's Buses
Petersen, Garrett (Simon Fraser University):
Three Angry Men: A Framed Jury Experiment
Yoon, Albert (U of Toronto):
You Get What You Pay For: An Empirical Examination of the Use of MTurk in Legal Scholarship
Wilson, Stuart J. (University of Regina):
Crime and Housing Prices: Evidence from Regina, 2005-2015

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CREEA: Canadian Issues - Environment and Resource Development
OrganizersMorin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
ChairMorin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
PapersOlale, Edward (Environment and Climate Change Canada):
Application of cost-benefit analysis in environmental policy development in Canada
Mudasser, Muhammad (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology):
Decomposing scale, composition and technique effects on greenhouse gas emissions in Canada
Morin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi):
In the Shadow of Coase

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Housing Markets and Regulation / Banque du Canada : Marchés du logement et règlements connexes
OrganizerTodorov, Radomir (Bank of Canada)
ChairTodorov, Radomir (Bank of Canada)
PapersDavidoff, Thomas (University of British Columbia):
Not In My neighbour's Back Yard? Laneway homes and neighbours' property values
Parkhomenko, Andrii (University of Southern California):
Housing Supply Regulation: Local Causes and Aggregate Implications
Todorov, Radomir (Bank of Canada):
Regulatory Effects on Toronto's Condominium Market

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: IO Theory / Théorie de l'organisation industrielle
OrganizersDizdar, Deniz (Université de Montréal)
Dutta, Rohan (McGill University)
ChairRivadeneyra, Francisco (Bank of Canada)
PapersIchihashi, Shota (Bank of Canada):
Natural Monopoly for Data Intermediaries
Rooney, Terrence Adam (Western University):
Accounting for Perceptiveness in a Market Entry Game
Heinsalu, Sander (Australian National University):
Competitive pricing despite search costs when lower price signals quality
Rivadeneyra, Francisco (Bank of Canada):
Eggs in One Basket: Security and Convenience of Digital Currencies

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
PEF: Homelessness System-Planning: Prevention, Cost Savings and Post Traumatic Stress
OrganizerIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
ChairMcGee, Susan (Homeward Trust)
PanelistsFalvo, Nick (University of Calgary)
Waegemakers Schiff, Jeannette (University of Calgary)
French, David (A Way Home Canada)
Noble, Natalie (Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade and Innovation / Commerce et innovation
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairLiu, Runjuan (University of Alberta)
PapersBoddin, Dominik (Kiel University):
Imports, Exports, and Domestic Innovation
Wang, Yanling (Carleton University):
The Effects of Institution Quality on RD Activities in Foreign Affiliates: Evidence from China
Liu, Runjuan (University of Alberta):
Firm Innovation under Import Competition from Low-Wage Countries

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS: The Impact of China on the Canadian Economy
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
PapersKim, Myeongwan (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
The Price Effect of Trade: Evidence from the `China Shock' and Canadian Consumer Prices
Lapointe, Simon (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
Trade-induced Innovation: Measuring the Impact of Chinese Import competition on innovation in Canadian Manufacturing using a new Canadian Firm-level Data
Emenogu, Ugochi (Bank of Canada):
House prices, macroprudential policies and rising Chinese outward direct investment
DiscussantsDiewert, W. Erwin (University of British Columbia)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical International Finance - Capital Flows, Real Exchange Rates and Money / Finances internationales empiriques - Flux de capitaux, taux de change réels et argent
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairRodriguez, Cesar M (Portland State University)
PapersChu, Kam Hon (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
Taking Money Seriously and Putting it Back into the Feldstein-Horioka Saving-Investment Nexus
Kano, Takashi (Hitotsubashi University):
Searching for Currency Regime Effects on Real Exchange Rate Adjustments: 1972 Okinawa Reversion
Liu, Renliang (University of Guelph):
Illicit Financial Flows, Non-linearities and the Role of International Reserves
Rodriguez, Cesar M (Portland State University):
When it rains, it drizzles: Capital flows and inflation targeting

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Banking and Capital Structure
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairSarkar, Sudipto (McMaster University)
PapersKlaus, Benjamin (European Central Bank):
Overcapacities in Banking: Measurement, Trends and Determinants
van Oordt, Maarten R.C. (Bank of Canada):
Credit Risk Transfer and Bank Insolvency Risk
Sarkar, Sudipto (McMaster University):
How Does Operating Flexibility Affect Capital Structure?

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Growth and Clusters
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairPetrunia, Robert (Lakehead University)
PapersSui, Sui (Ryerson University):
Are you Tempted? How Peer Performance affects Export Market Strategy and Survival of SMEs
Huang, Lyming (Carleton University):
How long before Canadian startups first sell, become profitable, export and import? A duration analysis of entrepreneurial milestones
Riley, Jason (Western Economic Diversification Canada):
Defining cluster boundaries: geospatial profiles of economic clusters and distance-based effects
Petrunia, Robert (Lakehead University):
Growth Analysis of Canadian Firms using Quantile Regressions

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Linking Census Data: New Methods and Applications
OrganizerLew, Byron J (Trent University)
ChairCarlos, Ann (University of Colorado at Boulder)
PapersAndrews, Brendon (Northwestern University):
The Impact of Physician Supply on Mortality: Evidence from Early Twentieth Century America
Dorval, Bill (Royal Military College):
Evolution of francophones names in Canadian economic history
Hwang, Sam (University of British Columbia):
Census Linking: A Bounds Approach

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Statistics Canada: Immigrants, Wages and Trade / Statistique Canada : Immigrants, salaires et commerce
OrganizerAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
ChairLi, Jiang Beryl (Statistics Canada)
PapersOstrovsky, Yuri (Statistics Canada):
Workplace immigrant concentration and workers' earnings: a causal analysis
Dostie, Benoit (HEC Montréal):
Immigrant Careers and Networks
Cardoso, Miguel (Brock University):
The Trade-Creation and Labour Market Effects of Migrants: a Multi-Country General Equilibrium Analysis

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Discrimination and External Effects on Human Capital / Discrimination et conséquences externes sur le capital humain
OrganizerLaliberté, Jean-William (University of Calgary)
ChairHaeck, Catherine (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersPenney, Jeffrey (University of Alberta):
The Cries of the Harvesters: a Natural Experiment on the Multigenerational Effects of Slavery
Laliberté, Jean-William (University of Calgary):
Affirmative Action and Student Effort
Gilraine, Michael (University of Toronto):
Air Pollution and Student Achievement

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Credit
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairCandian, Giacomo (HEC Montréal)
PapersRaveendranathan, Gajendran (McMaster University):
Who Bears the Welfare Costs of Monopoly? The Case of the Credit Card Industry
Siddika, Rubina (Western University):
Late Fees and Renegotiation of Consumer Credit
Hoddenbagh, Jonathan (Johns Hopkins University):
Contract Complexity and Business Cycles
Candian, Giacomo (HEC Montréal):
Implications of Default Recovery Rates for Aggregate Fluctuations

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: The Canadian Economy
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairSuvankulov, Farrukh (Bank of Canada)
PapersColeman, Simeon (Loughborough University):
Regional Inflation and Unemployment Linkages in Canada
Dockrill, Madigan (Bank of Canada):
Understanding Canadian wage dynamics: structural and semi-structural approaches
Savoie-Chabot, Laurence (Bank of Canada):
The Trend Unemployment Rate in Canada: Searching for the Unobservable
Suvankulov, Farrukh (Bank of Canada):
Online versus face-to-face surveys: results from the Business Outlook Survey in Canada

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: International BC
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairKikkawa, Ken (University of British Columbia)
PapersKarimzada, Muhebullah (McMaster University):
Euro Area Business Cycles: Evidence from an Estimated DSGE Model
Wang, Wenya (Western University):
Product Dynamics and the Missing Large Firms: Theory and Evidence from China's Firm-Level Data
Kikkawa, Ken (University of British Columbia):
Measuring GVC participation with firm-level data

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Algoma U/NOEA: Topics in Applied Economics Research / Divers thèmes de la recherche en économie appliquée
OrganizersLuitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University)
Aziz, Nusrate (Algoma University)
ChairHornstein, Henry (Algoma University)
PapersAmiraslany, Afshin (University of Saskatchewan):
Structural Breaks, Biased Estimations, and Forecast Errors in the M1 vs M2 Money Supply Data
Sharma, Sankalp (Kent State University at Tuscarawas):
Education expenditure and positive unemployment outcomes: A case study for Midwestern states.
Papa, Leandra (Algoma University):
Types of Errors in Economic Research Design
Luitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University):
A Critical Review of Microfoundations in Economic Research Design
DiscussantsMahar, Gerry (Algoma University); Aziz, Nusrate (Algoma University); Luitel, Hari Sharan (Algoma University); Gajurel, Dinesh (University of New Brunswick)

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Public Programs and Policies
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairMurrell, David (University of New Brunswick)
PapersGäbler, Stefanie (ifo Institut):
Does highway access influence local tax factors? Evidence from German municipalities
Lin, Hsuan-Chih (Academia Sinica):
A Life-Cycle Model of Universal Basic Income
Matheson, Jesse (University of Sheffield):
Access Frictions in Public Services: Randomised Evidence from a Domestic Violence Intervention

08:30-10:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Treatment Effects / Effets de traitement
OrganizerDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)
ChairParker, Thomas (University of Waterloo)
PapersPuklicz, Mackenzie (University of Toronto):
The Study of the Determinants of an NBA Team's Success
Verstraete, Matthieu (Bank of Canada):
The Formation of House Price Expectations in Canada: Insights from a Randomized Experiment
Westermeier, Christian (Institute for Employment Research):
Measurement error, treatment effect dilution, and data aggregation: implications for minimum wage evaluations
Parker, Thomas (University of Waterloo):
Uniform bounds for the distribution and quantile functions of treatment effects in randomized experiments

10:00-10:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Health Outcomes / Résultats sur la santé
OrganizerGrootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
ChairDeri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa)
PapersBissonnette, Luc (Université Laval):
Occupational choice and life expectancy : An analysis using conditional inference trees
Azad, Kalam (University of Ottawa):
Does Health Cause Education?
Kouakou, Christian Roger Claver (Université de Sherbrooke):
A systematic review of the economic impact of harmful algae blooms on human health
Deri Armstrong, Catherine (University of Ottawa):
Location of Death in Canada: an updated investigation

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Employment and Jobs - Alternative Forms of Employment
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMancino, Maria Antonella (Wilfrid Laurier University)
PapersKostyshyna, Olena (Bank of Canada):
On the Evolution of Multiple Jobholding in Canada
Luu, Corinne (Bank of Canada):
The Size and Characteristics of Informal ("Gig") Work in Canada
Thomsen, Stephan (Leibniz Universität Hannover):
Idle time before retirement: resting or studying? An evaluation of part-time work
Mancino, Maria Antonella (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Intensive margin responses to income taxation: Lessons from the EITC and multiple job holding.

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: New Approaches in Labour Economics - Experimental Design
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairHickman, Brent Richard (Queen's University)
PapersAvery, Mallory (University of Pittsburgh):
The Effect of Affirmative Action Quotas on Subsequent Employability
Hill, Andrew (Montana State University):
Team Production in STEM
Derksen, Laura (University of Toronto):
Who Knows? An Experiment in Endogenous Network Formation
Hickman, Brent Richard (Queen's University):
Toward An Understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory and Field Experimental Evidence

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Human Capital - School and Wages
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairGreen, David (University of British Columbia)
PapersTanaka, Atsuko (University of Calgary):
College Loans and Post-schooling Skill Accumulation
Emery, Jamie (University of Victoria):
A Look at Atlantic Canada: Is Education a Good Measure of Low Skill?
Green, David (University of British Columbia):
The UK Educational Expansion and Technological Change

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CIRANO-JDI-Phelps-RIIB: Mergers in Markets in which Prices are Negotiated / Fusions sur les marchés où les cours sont négociés
OrganizersClark, Robert (Queen's University)
Horstmann, Ignatius (University of Toronto)
ChairGendron-O'Donnell, Alexa (Competion Bureau Canada)
PanelistsGowrisankaran, Gautam (University of Arizona)
Houde, Jean-Francois (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Rothman, Dov (Analysis Group, Inc.)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CWEC: The Ins and Outs of Successful Grant Applications and other Ways to Fund your Research / Tenants et aboutissants des demandes fructueuses de subventions et autres méthodes de financement de la recherche
OrganizerFoley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Being a Public Intellectual
OrganizerWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
ChairWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
PanelistsMilligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia)
Stevenson, Betsey (University of Michigan)
Tedds, Lindsay M. (University of Calgary)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
ECCC IV: Regulation and Clean Development Opportunities and Empirics / Réglemention et possibilités de développement propre : une approche empirique
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
ChairGilmore, Elisabeth (Clark University)
PapersRivers, Nicholas (University of Ottawa):
Visualizing energy efficiency
Bhattarai, Keshab (University of Hull):
Growth and Redistribution Impacts of Pollution taxes
Wood, Joel (Thompson Rivers University):
Tradable permits and pollution hotspots: Evidence from Ontario
DiscussantsGenc, Talat (University of Guelph); Missios, Paul (Ryerson University); Ghosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
MobLab: Teaching Economics Interactive Experiments and Surveys
OrganizerKim, Robert (MobLab)
PanelistsZrill, Lanny (Langara College)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CREEA: Resources and the Environment - Theory and Empirics / Ressources et environnement: enjeux théoriques et empiriques
OrganizersMorin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
ChairSeguin, Charles (Université du Québec à Montréal)
PapersCairns, Robert D (McGill University):
Reconciling Hotelling's Resource Model with Hotelling's Accounting Method
Insley, Margaret (University of Waterloo):
Climate games: Who's on first? What's on second?
Seguin, Charles (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Who are players in shallow lake games: evidence from 500 Quebec lakes?

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Systemic Risk and Complexity in Finance / Banque du Canada : Risque systémique et complexité dans le domaine des finances
OrganizerHalaj, Grzegorz (Bank of Canada)
ChairHalaj, Grzegorz (Bank of Canada)
PapersHuser, Anne-Caroline (Bank of England):
Contagion Accounting
Flood, Mark (University of Maryland):
The Complexity of Bank Holding Companies: A Topological Approach
Aymanns, Christoph (University of St Gallen):
Illiquidity Spirals in Coupled Over-the-Counter Markets
Halaj, Grzegorz (Bank of Canada):
Interconnected Banks and Systemically Important Exposures

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Game Theory and Law & Economics / Théorie des jeux et Droit et économie
OrganizersDizdar, Deniz (Université de Montréal)
Dutta, Rohan (McGill University)
ChairPerrault, Tiffanie (Université de Montréal)
PapersBull, Jesse (Florida International University):
Statistical Evidence and the Problem of Robust Litigation
Sadanand, Asha (University of Guelph):
Selten's Horse: An Experiment on Sequential Rationality
Peng, Zhe (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Modeling Envy and Bullying at Work
Perrault, Tiffanie (Université de Montréal):
Defeating Crime? An Economic Analysis of Cannabis Legalization Policies

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
OrganizerIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
ChairIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade Policy / Politique commerciale
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairGarred, Jason (University of Ottawa)
PapersDluhosch, Barbara (Helmut Schmidt University / University FAF Hamburg):
Perspectives on a "G-Zero World": Takeaways From Trade Policy Research
Garred, Jason (University of Ottawa):
When are Tariff Cuts Not Enough? Heterogeneous Effects of Trade Preferences for the Least Developed Countries

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS - Statistics Canada: Firm-Level Perspectives on Canada's Productivity Performance
OrganizerSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
ChairAmano, Isabelle (Statistics Canada)
PapersTang, Jianmin (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada):
The Productivity Advantage of Multinationals in Canada
Gu, Wulong (Statistics Canada):
Frontier Firms, Productivity Dispersion and Aggregate Productivity Growth in Canada
Sharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards):
Insights into Productivity Performance from Firm-level Data: The Case of Newfoundland and Labrador

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade Theory - Misallocation and Transformation / Théorie du commerce - Mauvaise affectation et transformation
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairPujolas Fons, Pau Salvador (McMaster University)
PapersPujolas Fons, Pau Salvador (McMaster University):
Trade and Structural Transformation in Spain since 1850

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Beliefs and Expectations / Croyances et attentes
OrganizerChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
ChairChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
PapersKhubulashvili, Robizon (Pennsylvania State University):
Belief updating under uncertainty in financially relevant situations.
Coutts, Alexander (Nova School of Business and Economics):
No one to blame: Biased belief updating without attribution
Kneeland, Terri (University College London):
Higher-Order Belief Elicitation under Limited Depths of Reasoning
Bedard, Nicholas (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Favored but Flawed Multiple-Round Simultaneous Auction

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Diversification and Risk Taking
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
PapersRimi, Tamanna (Iowa State University):
The Effect of Financial Literacy on Household Portfolio Allocation: Evidence From The Health-Wealth Relationship
Wang, Xiaoting (Acadia University):
Investor Sentiment and Mutual Fund Risk Taking
Wang, Zijian (Western University):
Trading Motives in Asset Markets
Dionne, Georges (HEC Montréal):
Coherent Diversification Measure in Portfolio Theory: An Axiomatic Foundation

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Digital Economy
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairMitchell, Taylor (Statistics Canada)
PapersFudurich, James (Bank of Canada):
Adoption of digital technologies: Insights from a global survey initiative
Gilbert-Gonthier, Mathieu (University of Toronto):
Participation and Quality in Open Source Innovation
Zhao, Pu (Boston University):
Pay for Content or Pay for Marketing? An Empirical Study on Content Pricing
Mitchell, Taylor (Statistics Canada):
E-Commerce and the CPI: Measuring Inflation in a Digital Economy

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Long Run Implications of Discrimination and Persecution
OrganizerLew, Byron J (Trent University)
ChairRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)
PapersDrelichman, Mauricio (University of British Columbia):
The Long Run Effects of Religious Persecution: Evidence from the Spanish Inquisition, 1480-2015
Haddad, Joanne (University of Ottawa):
Institutions, Attitudes and LGBT: Evidence from the Gold Rush
Rosé, David (Queen's University):
Competition and Discrimination in Public Accommodations: A Test Using the Green Books

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN: Charitable Giving / RCCDR : Les dons de bienfaisance
OrganizerGibson, Grant (McMaster University)
ChairKhovrenkov, Iryna (University of Regina)
PapersFerrara, Ida (York University):
To give or not to give: How selfishness, altruism, and social pressure shape charitable giving decisions
Devlin, Rose Anne (University of Ottawa):
Doing Good, Feeling Good: Causal Evidence from Canadian Volunteers
Smith, Justin (Wilfrid Laurier University):
The Effect of Tax Price on Donations: Evidence from Canada
DiscussantsSmith, Justin (Wilfrid Laurier University); Watson, Barry (University of New Brunswick); Khovrenkov, Iryna (University of Regina)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CIGI: The Economic Benefits of Gender Diversity / Avantages économiques de la diversité des genres
OrganizerMcNorgan, Heather (Centre for International Governance Innovation)
ChairMomani, Bessma (University of Waterloo)
PanelistsFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
Baggs, Jen (University of Victoria)
Kaplan, Sarah (University of Toronto)

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairAntweiler, Werner (University of British Columbia)
SpeakerPavcnik, Nina (Dartmouth University)
TopicIntegrated and Unequal? Trade, Poverty, and Inequality in Developing Countries

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: International Finance
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairJohri, Alok (McMaster University)
PapersMa, Sicong (University of Ottawa):
Efficiency of expenditures on public capital and the dynamics of real exchange rate: evidence from China
Khan, Shahed Kaiser (York University):
Anticipated Reforms, Financial Efficiency and International Capital Flows
Johri, Alok (McMaster University):
Corruption and sovereign spreads in a model of defaultable debt

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Macroeconomic Effects of Uncertainty
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairMeh, Cesaire (Bank of Canada)
PapersLi, Yang (Simon Fraser University):
Time-Varying Fear, Trading Volume, and The Great Recession
Nsafoah, Dennis (University of Calgary):
Monetary policy uncertainty and interest rate spreads
Meh, Cesaire (Bank of Canada):
Limited Nominal Indexation of Optimal Financial Contracts

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Economic Effects of Guidance
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairPriftis, Romanos (Bank of Canada)
PapersMa, Liang (University of Alberta):
How do Financial Markets Process FOMC Announcements? Evidence from the Stock Market
Siklos, Pierre L (Wilfrid Laurier University):
U.S. Monetary Policy SInce the 1950s and the Changing Content of FOMC Minutes
Sutherland, Christopher (Bank of Canada):
Forward Guidance and Expectation Formation: Cross-Country Evidence from Survey Data
Priftis, Romanos (Bank of Canada):
Endogenous forward guidance

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Market Structure and Pricing
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairMann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
PapersBoik, Andre (University of California, Davis):
Fighting Bundles: The Effects of Competition on Second Degree Price Discrimination
Ulrick, Shawn (Federal Trade Commission):
Price Effects of a Merger: Evidence from a Physicians' Market
Arsenault, Alex (Queen's University):
On the Optimal Timing of Auctions
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba):
Impact of Food-Borne Illness Outbreaks on Commodity and Retail Prices

10:30-12:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Machine Learning and Model Averaging / Apprentissage machine et moyenne des modèles
OrganizerDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)
ChairDjogbenou, Antoine Alex (York University)
PapersSimardone, Camille (McMaster University):
Model Averaging for Empirical Problems in Economics: Methods and Applications
Sufana, Razvan (York University):
Tests for group-specific heterogeneity in high-dimensional factor models
Djogbenou, Antoine Alex (York University):
Understanding the Role of Developed, Emerging and Global Real Economy Activity Factors in Oil Price Fluctuations

12:00-14:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Purvis Luncheon Lecture / Conférence Purvis
OrganizerTaylor, M. Scott (University of Calgary)
ChairShaffer, Blake (University of Calgary)
SpeakerWolfram, Catherine (University of California, Berkeley)
TopicEnergy Policy: Perspectives from California, Kenya, and Ghana

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Finance II / Finance II
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGaldo, José (Carleton University)
PapersKaraivanov, Alexander (Simon Fraser University):
Credit Lines in Microfinance: Evidence from an Indian Field Experiment
Boyd Leon, Chris M. (University of Minnesota):
Are Rural Microsavings Commercially Viable? Experimental Evidence from a For-Profit Financial Education Program in Peru
Galdo, José (Carleton University):
"The welfare effects of single and joint savings accounts for agricultural households: Experimental evidence from rural Ethiopia"

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Poverty II / Pauvreté II
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairMohapatra, Sandeep (University of Alberta)
PapersCoulibaly, Mohamed (World Bank Group):
Growth accounting and welfare improvement
Dapel, Zuhumnan (Scottish Institute for Research in Economics):
Will the poor in Nigeria escape poverty in their lifetime?
Mohapatra, Sandeep (University of Alberta):
The Devil's in the Tails: A New Approach for Identifying Poverty Traps

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Politics I
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairManzur, Shirleen (Simon Fraser University)
PapersKane, Abou (University Cheikh Anta Diop):
Exploring the impact of employment policy programs in Senegal : a case study
Roy Chaudhuri, Arka (Indian Statistical Institute):
The Political Economy of Public Good Provision in India: Evidence from Two Nationwide Programs
Manzur, Shirleen (Simon Fraser University):
Redefining Democracy: The Relation between Income and Different Types of Democracy

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Health Related Behaviours / Comportements liés à la santé
OrganizerGrootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
ChairPowell, Lisa (University of Illinois at Chicago)
PapersLéger, Pierre Thomas (University of Illinois at Chicago):
Demand and Supply-Side Responses to Sugar Sweetened Beverage Taxes
Guliani, Harminder (University of Regina):
Factors affecting the use and frequency of tobacco smoking: Evidence from Albania
Rahman, Muntasir (University of Maine):
The effect of public-place smoking ban on drinking behavior among different ethnicities in the United States
Powell, Lisa (University of Illinois at Chicago):
The Impact of a Sweetened Beverage Tax on Beverage Sales and Cross-border Shopping: Evidence from Cook County, IL

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Employment and Jobs - Mismatching
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairSummerfield, Fraser (St Francis Xavier University)
PapersLoree, Jacob (Ryerson University):
Multidimensional Skill Specialization and Mismatch Over the Lifecycle
Stops, Michael (Institute for Employment Research (IAB)):
Occupation-Specific Matching Efficiency
Summerfield, Fraser (St Francis Xavier University):
Has mismatch got us down? Skills and productivity in Canada.

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Economics of Crime - Death, Crime and the Economy
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairLiu, Sitian (Stanford University)
PapersTownsend, James (University of Winnipeg):
Gambling among Immigrants to Canada: A Quantitative Investigation Using the Canadian Community Health Survey
Heger, Dörte (RWI - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research):
Suicide rates among adolescents - does school kill?
Liu, Sitian (Stanford University):
Incarceration of African American Men and the Impacts on Women and Children

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Education Economics: Family Income and Education Programs
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMcKeown, Robert (University of Toronto)
PapersStein, Guilherme (Unisinos):
Unintended yet desirable effects of centralized college admission: Mobility costs and college enrolment for students with disabilities
Long, Blair (Queen's University):
College Noncompletion Across the Family Income Distribution: The Role of Inter-Vivos Transfers
Milla, Joniada (Saint Mary's University):
(Un)Intended Consequences of a Teacher Performance Pay Program

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CWEC: Mid-Career Mentorship: I've Got Tenure, Now What? / Mentorat en milieu de carrière : J'ai atteint la permanence. Et maintenant?
OrganizerAkbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University)
ChairAkbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University)
PanelistsKessler, Anke (Simon Fraser University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Environment and Climate Change Canada Special Lecture / Conférence spéciale d'Environnement et Changement climatique Canada
OrganizerGhosh, Madanmohan (Environment and Climate Change Canada)
SpeakerMedlock III, Kenneth B. (Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University)
TopicThe Global Energy Challenge: Legacy, Scale, Technology and the Dual Goals of Economic and Environmental Sustainability

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
History Matters: Museums and Archives Enrich Our Understanding of the Economy
OrganizerAnderson, Jennifer (Library and Archives Canada)
ChairGalletti, Nicholas (Bank of Canada)
PanelistsAnderson, Jennifer (Library and Archives Canada)
Montgomery, Heather (Bank of Canada)
Willis, John (Canadian Museum of History)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Child/Youth Well-Being I: Time and Policy / Bien-être des enfants et des jeunes I : Temps et politique
OrganizerDaley, Angela (University of Maine)
ChairPhipps, Shelley (Dalhousie University)
PapersHaeck, Catherine (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Paid Parental Leave: Leaner Might Be Better
Stewart, Jennifer (Carleton University):
Parental Work Schedules and Obesity in Children
Daley, Angela (University of Maine):
Transportation Subsidies and Food Insecurity in Remote Communities: Evidence from the Food Mail Program and Nutrition North Canada

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CREEA: Environment and Development - Empirics / Analyse empirique en environnement et développement
OrganizersMorin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
ChairPelli, Martino (Université de Sherbrooke)
PapersSaberian, Soodeh (University of Ottawa):
Hot Days and the Ability to Work: Evidence from a Representative Sample of 42,152 Indian Households
Novaes de Amorim, Arthur (University of Calgary):
Clouded Thoughts: Air Quality and Cognitive Performance
Pelli, Martino (Université de Sherbrooke):
Electrification and Cooking Fuel Choice in Rural India

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada Fellowship Lecture / Exposé présenté dans le cadre du Programme de bourses de recherche de la Banque du Canada
OrganizerChapman, James (Bank of Canada)
ChairChapman, James (Bank of Canada)
SpeakerWilliamson, Stephen (Western University)
TopicThe Role of Central Banks

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Housing Market I
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairRaiha, Davin (University of Western Ontario)
PapersChoi, C. Y. (University of Texas at Arlington):
Understanding Comovements of House Prices: Evidence from U.S. Cities
Li, Meng (Queen's University):
Income Inequality, Households Location and Housing Prices
Raiha, Davin (University of Western Ontario):
Does the Foreign Buyers Tax Reduce Foreign Demand? Evidence from Superstitious Beliefs in Real Estate Pricing

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical Trade - Trade and Economic Development / Commerce empirique - Commerce et développement économique
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairUral-Marchand, Beyza (University of Alberta)
PapersMatschke, Xenia (Universität Trier):
Location Choices of Private, Public, and Foreign Investment Projects in India: The Role of Upstream and Downstream Industries
Ural-Marchand, Beyza (University of Alberta):
Inequality and Trade Policy: Pro-Poor Bias of Contemporary Trade Restrictions

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CSLS-PEF Session: Economic Well-being in Canada: Past Trends and Future Challenges
OrganizersSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
Ivanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
ChairPringle, David J (Carleton University)
PanelistsSharpe, Andrew (Centre for the Study of Living Standards)
Ivanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
May, Douglas (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
MacEwen, Angella (Canadian Labour Congress)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Environmental Economics: The Big Picture
ChairCampa, Pamela (Stockholm School of Economics)
PapersShen, Sally (Global Risk Institute in Financial Services):
Strategic Asset Allocation with Climate Change
Sinha, Dhruv (University of Toronto):
The Impact of NGO Campaigning on Firms' Stock Performance
Campa, Pamela (Stockholm School of Economics):
Penalties in cash or in kind?

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Econometrics I
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairZhang, Haibin (University of Guelph)
PapersLiu, Ruifeng (University of Guelph):
Quantile- Based Estimator of Conditional Kurtosis, with an Application on International Portfolio Allocation
Panahidargahloo, Akram (York University):
Positional Momentum and Liquidity Management; A Bivariate Rank Approach
Zhang, Haibin (University of Guelph):
On the Direction of Causality Between Business and Financial Cycles

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Institutions and Incentives
OrganizerLew, Byron J (Trent University)
ChairGillezeau, Robert (University of Victoria)
PapersVoth, Hans-Joachim (University of Zurich):
Killer Incentives: Relative Position, Performance and Risk-Taking Among German Fighter Pilots, 1939-45
Feir, Donna Leanne (University of Victoria):
Missions in North America
Skogstad, Karl (Lakehead University):
Designing an Efficient Subsidy: Evidence from the Emergency Gold Mining Assistance Act

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN: Life Course Income / RCCDR : Revenu pendant le cours de la vie
OrganizerGibson, Grant (McMaster University)
PapersMessacar, Derek (Statistics Canada):
Market Behaviour versus Tax Planning Responses to Changes in Marginal Income Tax Rates among Older Couples
Spencer, Byron Grant (McMaster University):
Age-Income Dynamics Over the Life Course: Cohort Transition Patterns in Relative Income Based on Canadian Tax Returns
Milligan, Kevin (University of British Columbia):
Public pensions and retirement: estimating the impact of Additional Canada Pension Plan
Zhao, Qiongda (University of Calgary):
The Labour Market and Saving Responses to Early Retirement Programs
DiscussantsTedds, Lindsay M. (University of Calgary); Gray, David M. (University of Ottawa); Michaud, Pierre-Carl (HEC Montréal); Schirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University)

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
OrganizerMueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
PapersJohnson, David (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Blind and non-blind high-school grades: evidence from Alberta high schools
Ford, Reuben (Social Research and Demonstration Corporation):
The relationship between post-secondary education participation and household income in Canadian provinces
Warburton, Bill (Elevate Consulting):
How many babies born in BC are at high risk of low educational attainment from the moment of birth?

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairMagesan, Arvind (University of Calgary)
SpeakerAguirregabiria, Victor (University of Toronto)
TopicFirms' Information and Beliefs in Structural Models of Competition: Theory and Measurement

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Emerging Markets
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairObaid, Sabreena (Bank of Canada)
PapersAdjalala, Frida (University of Ottawa):
Asymmetric Shocks in a Currency Union: Perspectives from the West African Monetary Union with a New Keynesian Model
Azad, Nahiyan Faisal (University of Calgary):
Monetary Policy Spillovers in Emerging Economies
Obaid, Sabreena (Bank of Canada):
Interest Rate Shocks and Business Cycles of Emerging Economies

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Development
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairLi, Congfei (University of Toronto)
PapersRahman, Md Mahbubur (McMaster University):
Why is Agricultural Productivity So Low in Poor Countries? The Case of India
Sinha, Rishabh (The World Bank):
Distortions in Intermediate Markets and Structural Transformation in Latin America
Li, Congfei (University of Toronto):
Misallocation of Selection: Pure Exporter in India

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Prices
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairKonieczny, Jerzy (Wilfrid Laurier University/RCEA)
PapersGemaliel Vimala, Nadhanael (University of British Columbia):
Are Food Prices Really Flexible? Evidence From India
Azizirad, Marieh (Simon Fraser University):
A Model of Market Freeze as a Result of Informational Frictions
Konieczny, Jerzy (Wilfrid Laurier University/RCEA):
The Behavior of Price Dispersion in a Natural Experiment

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Motives and Responses / Motivations et réponses
OrganizerChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
ChairChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
PapersLi, Tongzhe (University of Windsor):
Evidence on the interactions between Social Norm and Framing: An Experiment
Xie, Erhao (Bank of Canada):
Inference of an Adaptive Learning Model without Assuming Monetary Payoff as Utility
Diallo, Mamadou Yaya (McGill University):
Social network and productivity : Evidence from field experiment.

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Public Finance I
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairPoitevin, Michel (Université de Montréal)
PapersSublet, Guillaume (Université de Montréal):
Optimal Macro-Prudential Policy
Tang, Sam Hak Kan (University of Western Australia):
The Curse of Population Ageing on Public Debt, Fiscal Policy Discretion and Macroeconomic Volatility
Winer, Stanley (Carleton University):
Franchise extension and redistribution: evidence from the United Kingdom 1820-1913
Poitevin, Michel (Université de Montréal):
Fiscal competition for labour and decreasing returns

14:00-15:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Panel Data Analysis / Analyse de données recueillies au moyen d'un panel
OrganizerDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)
ChairTripathi, Gautam (University of Luxembourg)
PapersGoodhand, John (Ryerson University):
Robust estimation and hypothesis testing for dynamic heterogeneous panels with interactive fixed effects
Kashaev, Nail (Western University):
Stochastic revealed preferences with measurement error
Liu, Long (University of Texas at San Antonio):
Bias-Corrected Estimators in the Dynamic Panel Data Model
Tripathi, Gautam (University of Luxembourg):
Integrated likelihood based inference for nonlinear panel data models with unobserved effects

15:30-16:00Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Coffee Break / Pause-café

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Special Lecture / GCEDE : Conférence principale
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
SpeakerBerman, Eli (University of California, San Diego)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Child Health / Santé des enfants
OrganizerGrootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
ChairFurzer, Jill (University of Toronto)
PapersHu, Min (Dalhousie University):
The Effect of Ramadan Fasting during Pregnancy on Birth Weight, Evidence from Canada
Tome, Romina (Duke University):
Curtailing Access to Alcohol: Evidence on the Impact over Child Outcomes in Brazil
Furzer, Jill (University of Toronto):
Textbook Heuristics: Representative Typing in School-Based Disability Identification

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Equity in the Labour Market - Women, Careers and Pay
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairMueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge)
PapersArcila-Vasquez, Andres Mauricio (University of Waterloo):
Does the Public Sector Help Women?
Vaahtoniemi, Saara (University of Vaasa):
Gender differences in career outcomes: Evidence from the Finnish finance sector
Wong, Po Yin (Norwegian School of Economics):
Women and resource windfalls: the Norwegian oil boom
Mueller, Richard (University of Lethbridge):
The gender pay gap in the public sector: evidence from the Labour Force Survey

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Human Capital - Majors and the Value of Skills
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairJones, Stephen R. G. (McMaster University)
PapersOnozuka, Yuki (Western University):
Heterogeneous Skill Growth across College Majors
McLean, Dawson (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Non-Cognitive Abilities: How Much Do They Matter for Earnings in Canada?
Xu, Qi (McGill University):
Occupational Task Difference and City Size Wage Gap

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Student Session - Labour Market Topics I
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFoley, Kelly (University of Saskatchewan)
PapersDiabagaté, Fatim (Université de Montréal):
Survival till layoff: insights from employer learning
Gong, Yifan (Western University):
Identification of Initial Beliefs in Learning Models
Yip, Chi Man (University of Calgary):
On the (In)flexibility of Labor Market Adjustments
Potter, Shannon (Western University):
Inter-union competition and workers' wages in Canada

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Statistics Canada: Health and Retirement Preparedness in Canada / Statistique Canada : La santé et la préparation à la retraite au Canada
OrganizerMessacar, Derek (Statistics Canada)
ChairMessacar, Derek (Statistics Canada)
PapersSchirle, Tammy (Wilfrid Laurier University):
Timing of public pension initiation and mortality: Evidence from Canadian administrative data
Michaud, Pierre-Carl (HEC Montréal):
The Effect of College Education on Health and Mortality: Evidence from Canada
Lavecchia, Adam M. (McMaster University):
The Welfare Consequences of Taxation with Savings Incentives and Optimization Frictions

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Child/Youth Well-Being II: Implications of Adversity / Bien-être des enfants et des jeunes / Temps et politique
OrganizerDaley, Angela (University of Maine)
ChairPhipps, Shelley (Dalhousie University)
PapersKong, Weiyang (Nancy) (University of Queensland):
Financial Stress During Pregnancy-The Short and Long-Term Effects on Children's Health and Labour Market Outcomes
Watson, Barry (University of New Brunswick):
Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Impact of Economic Vulnerability on the University Aspirations of Youth
Beneras P., Paola (Dalhousie University):
Playing on the See-Saw: As Disabilities Go Up Do Outcomes Go Down? Examining Children's Outcomes in the Presence of a Sibling with a Disability

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CREEA: Perceptions and Value / Perceptions et valeur
OrganizersMorin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
ChairMartinez-Espineira, Roberto (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
PapersCharles, Joni (Texas State University):
Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Groundwater in Texas: Threats, Availability and Management
Shamedova, Rovshen (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
Using Construal Level Theory to Understand Public Perception of Hydraulic Fracturing in Newfoundland and Labrador
Martínez Espiñeira, Roberto (Memorial University of Newfoundland):
Determinants of numerical certainty scales in contingent valuation: a multi-setting empirical analysis

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Market Infrastructures and Financial Stability / Banque du Canada : Infrastructures des marchés et stabilité financière
OrganizerCruz Lopez, Jorge (Bank of Canada)
ChairCruz Lopez, Jorge (Bank of Canada)
PapersRuffini, Ivana (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago):
Central Clearing Interdependencies
Heijmans, Ronald (De Nederlandsche Bank, Payments Canada):
Assessing Financial Market Infrastructures with Neural Networks: An Application to the Canadian Automated Clearing and Settlement System
Martinez-Jaramillo, Serafin (Cemla):
Which network measures explain the interest rate spread in the Mexican secured and unsecured interbank markets? An econometric analysis of fiancial networks
Cruz Lopez, Jorge (Bank of Canada):
Measuring Systemic Risk from Liquidity and Counterparty Risk Contributions

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Networks / Réseaux
OrganizersDizdar, Deniz (Université de Montréal)
Dutta, Rohan (McGill University)
ChairEngineer, Merwan (University of Victoria)
PapersSafi, Shahir (Aix-Marseille):
The Weakness of Weak Ties in Referrals
Munteanu, Andrei (McGill University):
The Welfare Effects of Online Reviews: A Model of Observational Learning
Engineer, Merwan (University of Victoria):
Insatiable Status and Efficient Conspicuous Waste

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
PEF Special Lecture / FEP Conférence spéciale
OrganizerIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
ChairIvanova, Iglika (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
SpeakerSpotton Visano, Brenda (York University)
TopicWhat is Progressive about Progressive Economics?

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Canadian Trade Policy / Politique commerciale canadienne
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairScarffe, Colin (Global Affairs Canada)
PapersTapp, Stephen (Export Development Canada):
Quantifying the potential market for Canadian trade and foreign direct investment
Sun, Sharon Zhengyang (Carleton University):
Quantifying Canada's trade future: a revealed comparative advantage analysis
Scarffe, Colin (Global Affairs Canada):
Early mover advantage in exports

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade Theory - Trade Agreements and Customs Unions / Théorie du commerce - Ententes commerciales et unions douanières
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairGerminario, Isabella (University of British Columbia)
PapersBezmaternykh, Natalia (Ryerson University):
Shallow versus Deep Integration of International Agreements
Zhao, Jingang (University of Saskatchewan):
The Formation of Bilateral Trade Agreements in a North-South Model
Germinario, Isabella (University of British Columbia):
Unemployment, Externalities, and Retaliation -An Analysis on the U.S. Steel Tariff Against Canada in 2018

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Taxation
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairAlessandrini, Diana (St. Francis Xavier University)
PapersHo, Anson (Bank of Canada):
The Optimal Early-Withdrawal Penalty on Tax-deferred Savings Accounts
Chien, Yili (Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis):
Implementing the Modified Golden Rule? Optimal Ramsey Taxation with Incomplete Markets Revisited
Traum, Nora (HEC Montreal):
Green Policies, Aggregate Investment Dynamics, and Vintage Effects
Alessandrini, Diana (St. Francis Xavier University):
Progressive taxation and economic stability

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Household Finance
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairZhou, Jie (University of Winnipeg)
PapersSanders, Barbara (Simon Fraser University):
Redistribution in modern occupational pension plans: hidden versus explicit subsidies
Snudden, Stephen (Queen's University):
Leverage and Rate of Return Heterogeneity among U.S. Households
Zerbo, Souleymane (Université de Montréal):
Family Portfolio Choice with Private insurance
Zhou, Jie (University of Winnipeg):
Household Portfolio Choice Before and After a House Purchase

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Research and Development
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairTombak, Mihkel (University of Toronto)
PapersSong, Victor Y. (Beedie School of Business, SFU):
Oligopoly and Financial Structure: The R&D Effect
Langinier, Corinne (University of Alberta):
Monetary and Implicit Incentives of Patent Examiners
Pourkarimi, Parisa (Carleton University):
The Impact of Cooperative R&D and Advertising on Innovation and Welfare
Tombak, Mihkel (University of Toronto):
University-Firm competition in basic research and university funding policy

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CNEH: Trade and Market Integration in the Age of Empire
OrganizerLew, Byron J (Trent University)
ChairHamilton, Gillian C. (University of Toronto)
PapersFlueckiger, Matthias (Queen's University Belfast):
Roman Trade Networks and Economic Integration: Past and Present
Jacks, David S. (Simon Fraser University):
The Gravitational Constant?
Moreno Cruz, Juan B (University of Waterloo):
American Slavery and the Repeal of the Corn Laws in England

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CRDCN: Housing Prices / RCCDR : Prix du logement
OrganizerGibson, Grant (McMaster University)
PapersPan, Yazhuo (University of Waterloo):
House Prices and Female Labour Supply: Evidence from Canada
Steele, Marion (University of Guelph):
A housing benefit and high and variable rents
Craig, Andrea (University of Windsor):
Housing Price Network Effects from Public Transit Investment: Evidence from Vancouver
DiscussantsConnolly, Marie (Université du Québec à Montréal); Huang, Haifang (University of Alberta); Davidoff, Thomas (University of British Columbia)

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Mowat Centre: Research Initiative, Education & Skills / Initiative de recherche, éducation et compétences
OrganizerSeward, Brad (University of Toronto)
ChairSeward, Brad (University of Toronto)
PapersFontaine, Marie Mélanie (Université du Québec à Montréal):
The effect of Separation and Divorce on Women's Income Trajectories: Empirical Evidence from Canadian Administrative Data Files
McKerrow, Wayne (Blueprint ADE):
Measuring Canadians' Literacy Skills
Seward, Brad (University of Toronto):
Why Education matters? An Analysis of Economic Returns to Skills and "Sheepskin" Effects

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
State of the Art Lecture / Conférence État des connaissances
ChairWinter, Jennifer (University of Calgary)
SpeakerKellogg, Ryan (University of Chicago)
TopicOil and Gas Production and Transportation Policy in the Age of Shale

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Firm Dynamics
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairCavenaile, Laurent (University of Toronto)
PapersSohail, Faisal (University of Melbourne):
Skill Biased Entrepreneurial Decline
Andrew, Kevin (Queen's University):
Selection and Firm Growth: A Quantitative Analysis of Size and Age Based Subsidies
Robinson, Baxter (University of Toronto):
Risky Entrepreneurship and Wealth
Cavenaile, Laurent (University of Toronto):
Advertising, Innovation and Economic Growth

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CMSG: Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairCozzi, Marco (University of Victoria)
PapersHanson, Madeline (Bank of Canada):
Impact of changes in US corporate taxes on the Canadian economy
Bouakez, Hafedh (HEC Montréal):
Sectoral Heterogeneity, Production Networks, and the Effects of Government Spending
Cozzi, Marco (University of Victoria):
Has the Canadian Public Debt Been too High? A Quantitative Assessment

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Economic Forecasting
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairDuprey, Thibaut (Bank of Canada)
PapersGuenette, Justin-Damien (Bank of Canada):
IMPACT: the Bank of Canada's International Model for Predicting Activity
Gelfer, Sacha (Bentley University):
Evaluating the Forecasting Power of a Canadian DSGE model when estimated in a Data-Rich Environment
Duprey, Thibaut (Bank of Canada):
Distance-to-Downturn: Monitoring the Canadian Financial System

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CEBERG: Public Goods, Coordination and Voting / Biens publics, coordination et vote
OrganizerChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
ChairChilds, Jason (University of Regina)
PapersHoelzemann, Johannes (University of Toronto):
Coordination in the Network Minimum Game
Oxoby, Robert J. (University of Calgary):
Social Identity, Participation, and Costly Voting
Wang, Liang (Alicia) (Concordia University):
An online economics experiment of the public goods game with polarized preference
Matthews, Peter (Middlebury College):
(Ir)Responsible Majorities? Expressive Voting and the Composition of Partisans

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Housing Market II
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairXiao, Hui (University of Guelph)
PapersQiu, Feng (University of Alberta):
Population growth and land development: Bi-directional interactions
Reed, Davin (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia):
Gentrification and the Location and Well-Being of Original Neighborhood Residents
Xiao, Hui (University of Guelph):
Trust Thy Neighbor: Uncovering the Structure of the Real Estate Market

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Public Finance II
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
Chaird'Astous, Philippe (HEC Montréal)
PapersNesterova, Iuliia (University of Waterloo):
The Link Between Conspicuous Consumption and Income Inequality
Chang, Andrew (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System):
Nothing is Certain Except Death and Taxes: The Lack of Policy Uncertainty from Expiring "Temporary" Taxes
Mou, Haizhen (University of Saskatchewan):
Transparency of budgets: an analysis of Canadian data
d'Astous, Philippe (HEC Montréal):
Tax-Sheltered Retirement Accounts: Can Financial Education Improve Decisions?

16:00-17:30Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Cointegration and Structural Break / Cointegration et bris structurel
OrganizerDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)
ChairShin, Youngki (McMaster University)
PapersBrien, Samuel (Queen's University):
Nearly Efficient Likelihood Ratio Unit Root Test for an Autoregressive Process of Arbitrary Order
Seo, Won-Ki (Queen's University):
Variance ratio test for the number of stochastic trends in functional time series
Houndetoungan, Elysée Aristide (Université Laval):
Selective linear segmentation for detecting relevant parameter changes
Shin, Youngki (McMaster University):
Factor-Driven Two-Regime Regression

17:45-19:15Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Presidential Address / Discours du président de l'ACE
OrganizerTaylor, M. Scott (University of Calgary)
ChairTaylor, M. Scott (University of Calgary)
SpeakerRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)

19:15-20:45Saturday, June 1, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Reception / Réception

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Institutions I / Les institutions I
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
PapersMabeu, Marie Christelle (University of Ottawa):
Colonial origins and fertility
Galindo-Silva, Hector (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana):
The Role of Religious Competition in Non-Religious Conflicts: Evidence from Colombia
Tandavanitj, Peerapat (University of Ottawa):
The Migration and Economic Impact of the Insurgency in Southern Thailand

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Politics II
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairBidner, Chris (Simon Fraser University)
PapersAkbulut-Yuksel, Mevlude (Dalhousie University):
The Impact of Recent Investments on Transportation Infrastructure on Rural Development and Political Support in Turkey
Bhattacharjee, Shampa (Shiv Nadar University):
Electoral Cycles in Crop Residue Burning: Evidence from India
Bidner, Chris (Simon Fraser University):
The Allocation of Political Power when Power Corrupts

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Social Determinants of Health / Déterminants sociaux de la santé
OrganizerGrootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
ChairKelly, Mark (Baylor University)
PapersIsabelle, Maripier (INSEAD):
Is it all relative? The health impacts of changes to absolute and relative income
Golo, Kossi Thomas (Université Laval):
Impact of social care on healthcare utilization : Evidence from elderly people in Quebec
Kelly, Mark (Baylor University):
Health Insurance as a Source of Inequality and Income Redistribution

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Equity in the Labour Market - Policies and Women's Employment
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairLiu, Xingfei (Concordia University)
PapersMoeeni, Safoura (University of Calgary):
The Role of Labor Market Barriers in the Life Cycle Decisions of Women
Choi, Youjin (Western University):
The Effects of Paternity Leave on Parental Earnings
Liu, Xingfei (Concordia University):
Flexible Work Arrangements for Mothers

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Employment and Jobs - Search and Jobs
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairBoudribila, Youssef (ESDC)
PapersDjabir, Twahibu Kambi (Government of Canada):
Estimating labour supply models by family type in Canada
Fissuh, Eyob (Employment and Social Development Canada):
Factors that influence the probability of finding jobs in employment insurance regions in Canada
Boudribila, Youssef (ESDC):
Occupational and regional aspects of job search and matching in Canada

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Student Session - Labour Market Topics II
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
PapersZaman, Mustafa (University of Calgary):
Do subnational agreements induce internal migration? Empirical evidence from the Canadian provinces
Zhang, Xian (McGill University):
The misfortune of one's birth: Cohort size and the youth earnings
Lepage, Louis-Pierre (University of Michigan):
Unifying Discrimination Theory Through Biased Beliefs
Dedewanou, Finagnon Antoine (Université Laval):
The Effect of Grandparents Involvement on Grandchildren's Academic Achievement

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Level Productivity Partnership - Data School
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
SpeakerLi, Jiang Beryl (Statistics Canada)
TopicAn Overview of Statistics Canada Microdata

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Urban and Regional Economics
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairJanmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus)
PapersBeaudoin, Justin (University of Washington Tacoma):
The Accessibility and Livability Benefits of Bus Rapid Transit Investment
Chen, Cheng (University of British Columbia):
The Cost of Commuting Time Reliability: Theoretical Advances using Reliability Standards and Empirical Findings from Metro Vancouver Traffic Data
Herzog, Ian (University of Toronto):
Inter-City Roads and Regional Economic Growth: Evidence from America's Highways
Janmaat, John (University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus):
Action Economics? Working with Citizen Groups in Revelstoke, BC to Evaluate the Impact of a Living Wage.

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CREEA: International Environmental Agreements / Accords environnementaux internationaux
OrganizersMorin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
ChairBaksi, Soham (University of Winnipeg)
PapersSartzetakis, Eftichios (University of Macedonia):
International Environmental Agreements and Trading Blocks. Can issue linkage enhance cooperation?
Munzur, Alaz Safak (University of Calgary):
Optimal Carbon Tariffs, Retaliation and Trade Wars in the Paris Agreement
Baksi, Soham (University of Winnipeg):
Strategic Environmental Policy and International Environmental Agreements

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Bank of Canada: Evolution of Inequality over Time / Banque du Canada : Évolution de l'inégalité au fil du temps
OrganizerPark, Youngmin (Bank of Canada)
ChairPark, Youngmin (Bank of Canada)
PapersAbbott, Brant (Queen's University):
Permanent-Income Inequality
Kambourov, Gueorgui (University of Toronto):
A Quantitative Analysis of Complex-Task Biased Technological Change
Mitra, Aruni (University of British Columbia):
Persistence of Consumption and Income Inequality across Generations
Park, Youngmin (Bank of Canada):
Earnings Dynamics and Intergenerational Transmission of Skill

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade and Geography - Agriculture, Resources and Distance / Commerce et géographie - Agriculture, ressources et distance
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairPiedrahita, Natalia (University of Guelph)
PapersIbrahim, Faisal (University of Toronto):
Unilateral Environmental Policies with Resource-Complementing Machines
Kapri, Kul (Rowan University):
Agricultural Productivity: Differentiated Effects of Earned and Unearned Remittance
Piedrahita, Natalia (University of Guelph):
Learning from Afar: The Influence of Linguistic and Geographic Distance on Demand Learning

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Empirical Trade - Offshoring, Trade and Labour Markets / Commerce empirique - Délocalisation, commerce et marchés du travail
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairDarku, Alexander Bilson (University of Lethbridge)
PapersGhosh, Ishan (Drexel University):
Offshoring, R&D and Productivity Nexus: Evidence from U.S. Census Bureau Microdata
Freylejer, Leandro (University of Northern British Columbia):
Wage Inequality in the Canadian Manufacturing Sector, and the 2008 Financial Crisis
Shen, Leilei (Kansas State University):
Skills Matter: The Effects of Value-added Imports on Wages, Employment Uncertainty, and the Cost of Inter-Occupational Mobility
Darku, Alexander Bilson (University of Lethbridge):
International trade and income convergence: sorting out the nature of bilateral trade

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CETC: Political Economy / Économie politique
OrganizersDizdar, Deniz (Université de Montréal)
Dutta, Rohan (McGill University)
ChairZhu, Ruizhi (University of Toronto)
PapersSezer, Ilhan (Lebanese American University):
Polarization and Participation via Group Rule-Utilitarianism
Viianto, Lari Arthur (Universidad de Guanajuato):
A study on political polarization in social networks: Mexico and the Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presidency
Zhu, Ruizhi (University of Toronto):
Targeted media bias and voting

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Microstructure and Stock Market
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairChen, Lei (University of New Brunswick)
PapersKhan, Saad (Queen's University):
A Tale of Two Jumps
Peng, Cameron (London School of Economics):
What Drives Extrapolation?
Chen, Lei (University of New Brunswick):
The roles of intraday and overnight information in volatility spillover between spot and futures markets: Evidence from China index futures

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Auctions and Matching Mechanisms
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairArslan, Hayri Alper (Queen's University)
PapersXiao, Ruli (Indiana University):
Identification of Auction Models Using Order Statistics
Richert, Eric (Queen's University):
Resolving Failed Banks: Uncertainty, Multiple Bidding and Auction Design
Brencic, Vera (University of Alberta):
Employment and Recruiting Industry Online: Market Structure and Decision-Making by Online Job Boards and Resume Banks
Arslan, Hayri Alper (Queen's University):
An empirical analysis of college admissions with endogenous entrance exam scores

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Labour I
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairTsuyuhara, Kunio (University of Calgary)
PapersWei, Mengying (University of British Columbia):
Great Recession and Long-run Labor Market Outcome
Garcia, Benjamin (Central Bank of Chile):
Job Ladders and Labor Productivity Dynamics
Tsuyuhara, Kunio (University of Calgary):
Making Do with Less? Workers' On-the-Job Effort and the Role on Macro Effects

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Consumption
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairHryshko, Dmytro (University of Alberta)
PapersGuo, Sheng (Florida International University):
Inattentive Households and Consumption Declines During Retirement
Capatina, Elena (Australian National University):
Health Shocks and the Evolution of Consumption and Income over the Life-Cycle
Hryshko, Dmytro (University of Alberta):
How much consumption insurance in the U.S.?

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Monetary Policy I
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairKabaca, Serdar (Bank of Canada)
PapersDery, Cosmas (University of Calgary):
Interest rates, money, and economy activities
Altermatt, Lukas (University of Wisconsin-Madison):
Inside Money, Investment, and Unconventional Monetary Policy
Kabaca, Serdar (Bank of Canada):
Liquidity and Unconventional Policy in a TANK model

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Econometrics II
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairRahman, Sajjadur (Texas A and M University-San Antonio)
PapersGajurel, Dinesh (University of New Brunswick):
Price-Volume Relationship under different Market Conditions: An Investigation of Emerging Crude Futures Market
Lee, Seung Jung (Federal Reserve Board):
A Tenous Link between Macroeconomic Overheating and Financial Vulnerability in the United States
Rahman, Sajjadur (Texas A and M University-San Antonio):
Oil Price Volatility and the U.S. Stock Market

08:30-10:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CESG: Instrumental Variable Inference / Inférence par la méthode des variables instrumentales
OrganizerDovonon, Prosper (Concordia University)
ChairSlichter, David (Binghamton University (SUNY))
PapersNguyen, Vinh (McGill University):
Identification Robust for Endogeneity Parameters in Simultaneous Equation Models with Incomplete Reduced Form
Vigie, Thomas (Simon Fraser University):
Improving 2SLS: polynomial-augmented 2SLS
Slichter, David (Binghamton University (SUNY)):
Testing Instrument Validity and Identification with Invalid Instruments

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CDESG: Institutions II / Les institutions II
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairPaul, Sourabh Bikas (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
PapersMamno Wafo, Viviane Laure (University of Cheikh Anta Diop):
The Role of Educational Gender Gaps in Economic Growth: An Analysis of Direct and Indirect Effects in Cameroon
Chakravorty, N N Tarun (unaffiliated):
How does corruption affect economic growth? A cross-country analysis with a quantitative measure of corruption
Paul, Sourabh Bikas (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi):
Caste Discrimination in Provision of Schooling in Rural India

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
OrganizerGrimard, Franque (McGill University)
ChairManaloor, Varghese (University of Alberta)
PapersDas Gupta, Amlan (Jindal School of Banking and Finance):
Impact of Climate Change on Food Consumption Patterns in India
Mookerjee, Sulagna (Binghamton University):
Informational shocks and street-food safety: A field study in urban India
Olabiyi, Olayemi (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology):
Does household food insecurity affect electoral participation in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Manaloor, Varghese (University of Alberta):
China's economic growth and demand for food-away-from home

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CHEA: Mental Health / Santé mentale
OrganizerGrootendorst, Paul (University of Toronto)
ChairSecrieru, Oana (Royal Military College)
PapersHajizadeh, Mohammad (Dalhousie University):
Inequalities in Psychological Distress and Suicidal Behaviours Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Population in Canada: What Explains the Differences?
Zhang, Haozhen (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada):
How do Socio-Economic Factors affect Mental Health Outcomes and Access to Mental Health Services for Immigrants and the Canadian-Born?
Secrieru, Oana (Royal Military College):
A Dynamic Model of the Demand for Mental Health

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Equity in the Labour Market - Wage Gaps
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairTroutt, Elizabeth S. (University of Manitoba)
PapersAmirkhalkhali, Yasmine (Dalhousie University):
The Intergenerational Transmission of Occupational Skills, and the Earnings Gap
Brown, Laura (University of Manitoba):
Scaling for equity: the effects of salary structure on male-female salary differentials at a Canadian university
Mehdi, Tahsin (Statistics Canada):
Between and within-firm earnings inequality in Canada

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Employment and Jobs - Firms and Employment
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairGrunau, Philipp (Institute for Employment Research (IAB))
PapersSchroeder, Christofer (Stockholm School of Economics):
Firm Credit and Occupational Employment
Heining, Joerg (Institute for Employment Research (IAB)):
How Workplace Consolidation Affects Workers: Evidence from Acquisitions in Germany
Grunau, Philipp (Institute for Employment Research (IAB)):
The heterogeneous impact of HR measures on work quality and employee turnover

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CLEF: Demography - Divorce and Fertility
OrganizerFerrer, Ana M. (University of Waterloo)
ChairWoolley, Frances (Carleton University)
PapersYasuoka, Masaya (Kwansei Gakuin University):
Fertility, Income Growth and Capital Accumulation
Robitaille, Marie-Claire (Saint Mary's University):
Son Preferring Fertility Behaviours in Turkey
Kattan, Lamis (University of Ottawa):
Women's Employment and Fertility: Evidence from World War II

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Firm Level Productivity Partnership - Data school / CDER Researcher Session / Réseau sur la productivité des enterprises
OrganizerVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
ChairVeall, Michael (McMaster University)
PapersLester, John (University of Calgary):
Do Returns to R&D Vary by Size of Firm? Evidence from Canada
Alam, M Jahangir (HEC Montréal):
Price Dispersion and Trade Policy
Morrow, Peter (University of Toronto):
Working with the Linked T2-LEAP Data Set

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CREEA: Short Session
OrganizersMorin Chassé, Rémi (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Mann, Janelle (University of Manitoba)
ChairWood, Joel (Thompson Rivers University)
PapersNguyen, Tu (Oregon State University):
Understanding preferences and trade-offs among restoration, recreation, and risk: a valuation of coastal dune and sandy beach restoration
Pan, Zehua (University of Waterloo):
A Theoretical Modeling Framework to Support Investment Decisions in Green and Grey Infrastructure under Risk and Uncertainty
Sun, Meng (Thompson Rivers University):
The Effects of Air Pollution on Cognitive Ability: Evidence from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Alishahi, Modjgan (University of Ottawa):
Hot Weather and Price of Milk: (Evidence from the Experiences of 42,000 Indian Households)
Tabari, Mokhtar (University of Calgary):
Paying for performance: The role of policy in energy storage deployment
Gittens, Jarone (Queen's University):
Abatement Cost Heterogeneity and the Efficiency of Environmental Policy

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Trade, Measurement and Prices
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairFiranchuk, Alexander (Trinity College Dublin)
PapersKelly, Brian (Seattle University):
Pass-through and Joint Product Pricing: Tariffs as a Coordinating Device
Ratfai, Attila (Central European University):
The Geography of Consumer Prices
Firanchuk, Alexander (Trinity College Dublin):
Imported Intermediate Goods and Incomplete Exchange Rate Pass-Through into Export Prices

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CITSG: Commodities, Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy / Marchandises, taux de change et politiques monétaires
OrganizerBeaulieu, Eugene C. (University of Calgary)
ChairWang, Yiwen (Victoria) (Queen's University)
PapersWang, Yiwen (Victoria) (Queen's University):
Commodity Price, Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate in Canada

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Spatial Economics
OrganizerSun, Hongfei (Amy) (Queen's University)
ChairSmrkolj, Grega (Newcastle University)
PapersMirzaei, Omid (University of Saskatchewan):
A Spatial Model of Investment Behaviour for Saskatchewan First Nation Governments
Oguzoglu, Umut (University of Manitoba):
How Far to the Jackpot? VLT Access and Gambling Behaviours.
Schnepel, Kevin (Simon Fraser University):
Income Assistance and Property Crime: Evidence from Vancouver
Smrkolj, Grega (Newcastle University):
Quality Differentiation and Spatial Clustering among Restaurants

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Empirical Industrial Organization
OrganizerChen, Zhiqi (Carleton University)
ChairGenc, Talat (University of Guelph)
PapersYimga, Jules (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University):
Airline Schedule Padding and Consumer Choice Behavior
Hao, Yiran (University of Toronto):
Electric vehicle demand, car ownership and environmental policy in a Chinese city
Fang, Limin (University of British Columbia):
Aggressive Growth in Retail: A Trade-off Between Deterrence and Survival?
Genc, Talat (University of Guelph):
Dynamic Competition in Electricity Markets

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Labour II
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairYang, Guanyi (St. Lawrence University)
PapersChopra, Anand (University of British Columbia):
Insurance Cyclicality
Jia (George), Ye (University of Prince Edward Island):
Energy price fluctuations and labour market performance
Yang, Guanyi (St. Lawrence University):
Sources of Labor Income Inequality: A GE Model of Lifecycle Skill Investment

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Monetary Policy II
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairAdemuyiwa, Idris (Centre for International Governance Innovation)
PapersUeda, Kozo (Waseda University):
Reallocation Effects of Monetary Policy
Terajima, Yaz (Bank of Canada):
Monetary Policy Transmission through SME Loans: Analysis of Loan-Level Data from the Business Development Bank of Canada
Ademuyiwa, Idris (Centre for International Governance Innovation):
Political and Economic Spillovers in the G-20

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Macro: Technical Change and Productivity
OrganizerAlexopoulos, Michelle (University of Toronto)
ChairCai, Wenbiao (University of Winnipeg)
PapersHossain, AKM Nurul (University of Calgary):
Technical Change in U.S. Industries
Shao, Lin (Bank of Canada):
Allocation and the Slowdown of Productivity Growth in an Input-output Economy
Cai, Wenbiao (University of Winnipeg):
Risk, Selection and Productivity Difference

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Low income and Poverty in Canada
ChairRana, Saeed (McMaster University)
PapersAsiamah, Henrietta (University of Guelph):
Early Childhood Chronic Poverty Experience and Later Life Outcomes
Fonseca, Raquel (Université du Québec à Montréal):
Public Pensions and Low Income Dynamics in Canada
Zohora, Fatima (University of Ottawa):
Poverty risks and provincial poverty reduction policies in Canada
Rana, Saeed (McMaster University):
Immigrant Use of the Ontario Disability Support Program: A Duration Analysis

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
Financial Economics: Asset Pricing and Options
OrganizerDionne, Georges (HEC Montréal)
ChairStentoft, Lars (Western University)
PapersEllwanger, Reinhard (Bank of Canada):
The Effect of Oil Price Shocks on Asset Markets: Evidence from Oil Inventory News
Fazel, Ehsan (Concordia University):
Asset Pricing Implications of Grouped Patterns of Heterogeneity
Stentoft, Lars (Western University):
Option Pricing with Conditional GARCH Models

10:30-12:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CPEG: Public Economics of Firms
OrganizerCotton, Christopher (Queen's University)
ChairWeichenrieder, Alfons (Goethe University Frankfurt)
PapersHicks, Jeffrey (University of British Columbia):
Firms' Responses to Accelerated Depreciation: Imperfect Take-up and Investment Behavior in China
Gninanfon, Medesse Armande (University of Ottawa):
Corporate tax incidence: evidence from Canada corporate tax system
Weichenrieder, Alfons (Goethe University Frankfurt):
Does Exchange of Information between Tax Authorities Influence Multinationals' Use of Tax Havens?

12:00-13:00Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ACE
OrganizerMarion, Sonya (Sonya Marion CPA)
ChairRedish, Angela (University of British Columbia)

13:00-14:30Sunday, June 2, 2019Loc. T.B.A.
CEA Board of Directors Meeting 2 / Réunion du conseil d'administration de l'ACE 2
OrganizerMarion, Sonya (Sonya Marion CPA)
ChairTaylor, M. Scott (University of Calgary)


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