The Journal of the Canadian Economics Association
La revue de l'association canadienne d'économique

Conflict of Interest Policy for Editors

In what follows below, the word Editor(s) applies to the Managing Editor, the Co-Editors and the Data Editor of the CJE. A paper submitted by one of the Editors will be handled by another Editor who is not at the same institution. The other Editor will select referees and make all decisions on the paper. The decision process will be handled in such a way that the submitting Editor does not have access to information or correspondence relating to the submission.

If an Editor feels that there is likely to be a perception of a conflict of interest in relation to their handling of a submission, they will declare it to the other Editors, and the paper will be handled in the same way as described above.

An Editor will declare a conflict of interest when a paper is submitted by an author whose relationship with this Editor might create the perception of bias (e.g., in terms of close friendship, conflict, or rivalry). Specifically, an Editor will declare a conflict of interest when a paper is submitted by:

The above list is indicative but not exclusive; other reasons for conflict of interest between Editor and Author may exist. The Editor who has declared a conflict of interest will not be involved in selecting referees or making any decisions on the paper.

With an initial submission of a paper, a corresponding author may alert the Editors to a potential conflict of interest regarding particular referees. The corresponding author must indicate the nature of the potential conflict of interest. Editors will exercise their discretion in assigning referees to ensure that all reviewers are "at arm's length" to the authors.