The Journal of the Canadian Economics Association
La revue de l'association canadienne d'économique

Data Availability Policy

For Econometric and Simulation Papers

For econometric and simulation papers, the minimum requirement is that the archive includes the data set(s) and programs used to run the final models, plus a description of how previous intermediate data sets and programs were employed to create the final data set(s). Authors are invited to submit these intermediate data files and programs as an option; if they are not provided, authors must fully cooperate with investigators seeking to conduct a replication who request them. The data files and programs can be provided in any format using any statistical package or software. Authors must provide a Readme PDF file listing all included files and documenting the purpose and format of each file provided, as well as instructing a user on how replication can be conducted.

If some or all of the data are proprietary (as is the case with Statistics Canada data not in the public domain), and an exemption from this requirement has been approved by the managing editor, authors must still provide a copy of the complete set of programs used to create the final results. We require this because the criterion for exemption from the data availability policy is that other investigators can, in principle, obtain the data independently. The programs and documentation need to be sufficiently complete that after a researcher obtains access to the data (e.g., at a Statistics Canada Research Data Center, or through the Stats Canada Data Liberation Initiative) the researcher can create the final set of results. These authors must also provide in their Readme PDF file details of how the proprietary data can be obtained by others.