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The Canadian Journal of Economics welcomes its new Managing Editor, Katherine Cuff (McMaster University). The CJE is a general interest journal that welcomes submissions in all fields. It receives around 300 submissions per year and publishes around 50 of these papers. In 2017, the median and mean time to a first decision were 82 and 88 days, respectively.

Issue 51(3): August 2018
Norman R. Swanson and Weiqi Xiong: Big data analytics in economics: What have we learned so far, and where should we go from here?, pp. 695-746.
Hongfei Sun and Chenggang Zhou: Monetary and fiscal policies in a heterogeneous-agent economy, pp. 747-783.
Maral Kichian and Milana Mihic: How important are wealth effects on consumption in Canada?, pp. 784-798.
Special section: The renewal of the Bank of Canada's inflation-control target
Francisco Ruge-Murcia and Alexander L. Wolman: Editors introduction: The renewal of the Canadian inflation-control target, pp. 799-801.
Lars E. O. Svensson: Monetary policy and macroprudential policy: Different and separate?, pp. 802-827.
Sami Alpanda, Gino Cateau and Césaire Meh: A policy model to analyze macroprudential regulations and monetary policy, pp. 828-863.
Gabriel Bruneau, Ian Christensen and Césaire Meh: Housing market dynamics and macroprudential policies, pp. 864-900.
Malik Shukayev and Alexander Ueberfeldt: Monetary policy tradeoffs between financial stability and price stability, pp. 901-945.
Patrick J. Coe: Downward nominal wage rigidity: Evidence from Canada 19011950, pp. 946-967.
Dany Brouillette, Olena Kostyshyna and Natalia Kyui: Downward nominal wage rigidity in Canada: Evidence from micro-level data, pp. 968-1002.
Joel Wagner: Downward nominal wage rigidity in Canada: Evidence against a greasing effect, pp. 1003-1028.
José Dorich, Nicholas Labelle St-Pierre, Vadym Lepetyuk and Rhys R. Mendes: Could a higher inflation target enhance macroeconomic stability?, pp. 1029-1055.

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