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The Canadian Journal of Economics welcomes its new Managing Editor, Katherine Cuff (McMaster University). The CJE is a general interest journal that welcomes submissions in all fields. It receives around 300 submissions per year and publishes around 50 of these papers. In 2017, the median and mean time to a first decision were 82 and 88 days, respectively.

Issue 52(2): May 2019
Nicole M. Fortin: Increasing earnings inequality and the gender pay gap in Canada: Prospects for convergence, pp. 407-440.
Kelly Foley: The gender gap in university enrolment: Do parents play a role beyond investing in skills?, pp. 441-489.
Donna Feir and Randall Akee: First Peoples lost: Determining the state of status First Nations mortality in Canada using administrative data, pp. 490-525.
Vincent Geloso: A price index for Canada, 1688 to 1850, pp. 526-560.
Juan Carlos Conesa and Pau S. Pujolas: The Canadian productivity stagnation, 20022014, pp. 561-583.
Brock Smith: Dutch disease and the oil boom and bust, pp. 584-623.
Matthias Flückiger and Markus Ludwig: Transport infrastructure, growth and persistence: The rise and demise of the Sui Canal, pp. 624-666.
Theo S. Eicher and David J. Kuenzel: European influence and economic development, pp. 667-734.
Nellie (Yinan) Zhang: Estimating the demand for settlement balances in the Canadian Large Value Transfer System: How much is too much?, pp. 735-762.
Irene Brambilla, Daniel Lederman and Guido Porto: Exporting firms and the demand for skilled tasks, pp. 763-783.
Nicolas L. Jacquet, John Kennes and Serene Tan: Wagevacancy contracts and multiplicity of equilibria in a directed search model of the labour market, pp. 784-821.
Ken-ichi Hashimoto and Ryonghun Im: Asset bubbles, labour market frictions and R&D-based growth, pp. 822-846.

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