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The Canadian Journal of Economics welcomes its new Managing Editor, Katherine Cuff (McMaster University). The CJE is a general interest journal that welcomes submissions in all fields. It receives around 300 submissions per year and publishes around 50 of these papers. In 2017, the median and mean time to a first decision were 82 and 88 days, respectively.

Issue 52(1): February 2019
Diego Restuccia: Misallocation and aggregate productivity across time and space, pp. 5-32.
Louis-Philippe Beland and Bulent Unel: Politics and entrepreneurship in the US, pp. 33-57.
Assaf Zimring: Testing the HeckscherOhlinVanek theory with a natural experiment, pp. 58-92.
Ingo Geishecker, Philipp J. H. Schröder and Allan Srensen: One-off export events, pp. 93-131.
James Lake: Dynamic formation of preferential trade agreements: The role of flexibility, pp. 132-177.
Hinnerk Gnutzmann and Arevik Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan: The silent success of customs unions, pp. 178-224.
Ctirad Slavík and Hakki Yazici: On the consequences of eliminating capital tax differentials, pp. 225-252.
Daniel Murphy: Demand complementarities and cross-country price differences, pp. 253-278.
Samira Hasanzadeh and Hashmat Khan: Sources of Canadian economic growth, pp. 279-302.
Martin Tobal: A model of wage and employment effects of service offshoring, pp. 303-338.
Alessandro Cigno and Annalisa Luporini: Student loans and the allocation of graduate jobs, pp. 339-378.
Ben Ferrett, Andreas Hoefele and Ian Wooton: Does tax competition make mobile firms more footloose?, pp. 379-402.

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