The Journal of the Canadian Economics Association
La revue de l'association canadienne d'économique

CJE LaTeX Package

The CJE package is included in most TeX distributions. You can also download the CJE package here or get the CJE package on CTAN. If you are downloading the package separately (i.e., it is not in your current TeX distribution), please save the files together in one folder along with your working file.

The CJE package provides the Journal's article class, allowing you to format your paper to CJE style with minimum effort. The class includes a review option for preparing your manuscript at the initial submission stage (double spaced for reviewers) and a proof option for the typesetters to prepare the proof you will eventually be asked to approve.

The package also includes an author guide (cjeguide.pdf, cjeguide.tex), written in CJE style. Also included in the package is a stripped down .tex file containing only code and some comments (cjetemplate.tex).

We highly recommend that you use BibTeX for your references. Please include your .bib file with your other files and prefer you do not copy your .bbl file into your main .tex document. Note that if you create your reference list manually, you will be asked at the proof stage to verify that all sources cited in the main text are in the reference list and that all sources in the reference list are cited in the main text.

Important: If you are using Scientific WorkPlace or Scientific Word, please save your files as a portable LaTeX file and submit only the portable format.

Before submitting your LaTeX files, please be sure that your source files compile without errors with latex or pdflatex. Although not recommended, if you use any LaTeX packages that are not included in TeX Live, please include them when submitting your files. Also include the PDF file generated from the source files you are submitting.


Please name all figure files with the figure number only, in this format: Figure_01.eps

Figures must meet Wiley artwork standards for formats, technical specifications, permissions, etc. Keep in mind that all figures will appear in black and white in the print version of the journal. Therefore, if you are using shading or colours in your figures, please ensure they can be interpreted in black and white. If not, please use textures, shapes, dashes, etc. to differentiate elements in your figures or submit separate B&W and colour versions.

If you have questions on the CJE package or run into difficulty while preparing your manuscript, please don't hesitate to contact the Journal's copyeditor, Kim Nesbitt, at