The Journal of the Canadian Economics Association
La revue de l'association canadienne d'économique

Advice to Referees

What is the CJE looking for in a paper?

A potentially publishable paper should meet the following criteria. Failure to meet any one of these criteria might be sufficient to recommend rejection.

  1. The motivation for the paper should be clear and compelling. Typically the motivation will include a clearly specified research question and a statement as to why this question is interesting. However, a paper whose primary motivation is to synthesize or even survey earlier work might also be publishable.

  2. The analysis in the paper should be correct and should be appropriately rigorous given the research question.

  3. The paper must be sufficiently original to warrant publication. Typically, this originality arises from new theoretical results or new empirical findings, but it may arise from new interpretation or synthesis of known material.

  4. The paper should be well written. In particular, the logical structure of the paper should be clear, and the paper should be relatively free from errors of grammar and usage. A skillful author can usually make an intrinsically difficult argument reasonably easy to follow, while poor writing can make even minor or trivial points hard to understand.

  5. The paper should be potentially interesting to a reasonably broad group of potential readers. These readers might be confined to a particular field within economics, but the ideal paper is one that would capture the interest of other readers as well.