The Journal of the Canadian Economics Association
La revue de l'association canadienne d'économique

Advice to Referees

How quickly does the editor expect my report?

The CJE is trying to reduce turn-around time. We ask referees to handle papers within about 6 weeks of receipt, allowing turn-around time of about 3 months from the author's point of view. We would suggest the following approach:

  1. When the paper first arrives (i.e. within the first week) take a quick look at it. You might be able to quickly form an opinion that the paper should be rejected, based perhaps on similarity to existing work or on lack of overall significance.
  2. If you can come to a quick decision of this type, take an hour or so to write up a short report, briefly explaining your concerns, then send it to the editor by e-mail. The e-mail can be sent to
  3. If, on the other hand, the paper looks interesting and well-done, then you will probably want to put the paper away until you have time to read it more thoroughly.