The Journal of the Canadian Economics Association
La revue de l'association canadienne d'économique

Advice to Referees

What should I do if I have refereed the paper for another journal?

Even if you have refereed the paper for another journal, the editor will be interested in your view. Some referees adopt a blanket rule not to review the same paper twice, taking the view that authors should not have to face "double jeopardy". This is, of course, their decision to make. However, we would prefer that you let the editor know that you have refereed the paper before and indicate your current view of the paper. For example, you might have recommended rejecting the paper at a very top journal but might view it as a reasonable publication for the CJE. The editor will be particularly interested in whether the authors have made any effort to deal with your earlier comments. We would prefer you to let the editor make the call about the "double jeopardy" issue. If your concerns are mainly matters of "taste" the editor will get sufficient other opinions to make a reasonable decision. In many cases, however, a previous referee is an ideal referee for the paper and it seems a shame to waste the effort already expanded on the paper by asking someone else to duplicate that effort.