The Journal of the Canadian Economics Association
La revue de l'association canadienne d'économique

Style Guidelines for Conditionally Accepted Papers

If your paper is conditionally accepted for publication you will be asked to prepare it according to the following specific CJE guidelines wich may involve "undoing" some of the steps taken to facilitate ease of reading at earlier stages.
First, if you are using LaTeX then please downlaod and use the CJE class file as part of the CJE LaTeX package.

Second, please follow the detailed instructions in our CJE Style Guide for Accepted Papers and ensure that your paper conforms to the additional points below.

Third, for papers containing any empirical work (including simulations), please prepare your data, programs, and sufficient documentation to permit replication, in electronic form according to our Data Availability Policy. Required information depends on the type of quantitative analysis as follows and detailed instructions for preparing the information is also given below.

When you have a final version of your paper and its data/program documentation conforming to the above specifications, you should send us two copies of your paper, including all tables and figures and your data zip file, via e-mail to Olivier Lebert ( One copy of your paper should be a PDF file with the complete paper, and the second copy should be the TeX/LaTeX or MS-Word sources of the text and tables. Figures may be provided in PDF or encapsulated PostScript. Wordperfect or other types of files should be converted to MS-Word for compatibility reasons.

If applicable, your data file submission will be reviewed by our Data Editor before a final acceptance if your manuscript is issued. Upon final acceptance, your manuscript will be reviewed by our Copy Editor to ensure it conforms to the CJE style in spelling, punctuation, and usage.