The Journal of the Canadian Economics Association
La revue de l'association canadienne d'économique

Instructions for Initial Submissions

The Canadian Journal of Economics publishes papers in all areas of economics, with the exception of very narrow papers addressed to small specialist audiences. Correspondence relating to the contents of the Journal should be sent to the editorial office by e-mail.

Manuscripts can be in English or French and are to be submitted through Editorial Express as a PDF file. Once you have uploaded your paper, you will receive a confirmation email. Your submission is not complete until you have received this email. Once your manuscript has been accepted for publication, you can submit the final version for publication in Word or LaTeX. If you ar using LaTeX, you can dowload the CJE class file as part of the CJE LaTeX package.

The CJE does not have a maximum page limit for first submissions, but authors should keep in mind that exceedingly long papers tend to try the patience of referees. The main text for all first submissions must be double spaced in order to facilitate review; footnotes and the reference section, however, can be single spaced. Font sizes ranging from 10 pt. to 12 pt. are acceptable. Authors are encouraged to consult the Style Guidelines before submission. It would also be a very good idea to read the Advice to Referees.

Authors are expected to familiarize themselves with our Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Guidelines for Authors. Per these guidelines, all authors should state all sources of financial support for their research and identify any interested party that provided financial or in-kind support in the form of consultancy fees, retainers, data access, etc. (An interested party is an individual or organization that has a stake in the paper for financial, political or ideological reasons.) All authors should reveal any paid or unpaid positions in organizations whose financial interests or policy positions are relevant to the submitted paper. If the paper is partly or wholly written under contract with an organization, this fact must be disclosed. If any of the above situations does not apply to one or more of the authors, this fact must be stated as well. The above information should be disclosed in a Disclosure Statement form (one for every author) at the time of submission. The form(s) should be appended at the end of the manuscript so as to be available to the editor and referees. A short statement summarizing the information in this form will be included in the acknowledgment footnote of the published version of the paper. Authors are expected to keep the journal informed of any changes in their status that could potentially put them in the appearance of conflict between the date of submission and the date of final acceptance of the paper.

For papers including empirical work, simulations, or experimental work, the CJE has established a data availability policy, effective January 1, 2008. Compliance with this policy is mandatory. The CJE makes data sets, software, and technical appendices available through the journal's online archive on this web site.

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