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Volume 50, No. 4Novembre 2017

Nancy Gallini: Do Patents Work? Thickets, Trolls and Antibiotic Resistance
Nancy Olewiler: Canada's Dependence on Natural Capital Wealth: Was Innis Wrong?
Jost H. Heckemeyer and Michael Overesch: Multinationals’ Profit Response to Tax Differentials: Effect Size and Shifting Channels
Alireza Naghavi and Chiara Strozzi: Intellectual Property Rights and Diaspora Knowledge Networks: Can Patent Protection Generate Brain Gain from Skilled Migration?
Andre Boik: The Empirical Effects of Competition on Third Degree Price Discrimination in the Presence of Arbitrage
Ibrahima Barry, Olivier Bonroy and Paolo G. Garella: Eco-labeling by a for-profit certifier: countervailing power and its consequences
Kurt R. Brekke, Luigi Siciliani and Odd Rune Straume: Horizontal Mergers and Product Quality
Yukiko Sawada: The Effect of Technology Choice on Specialization and Welfare in a Two-Country Model
Mauro Caselli, Arpita Chatterjee and Alan Woodland: Multi-product exporters, variable markups and exchange rate fluctuations
Andreas Lichter, Sebastian Siegloch and Andreas Peichl: Exporting and Labor Demand: Micro-level evidence from Germany

Volume 50, No. 5Decembre 2017
50th Anniversary Special Issue

Charles Beach, Nancy Gallini and Francisco Ruge-Murcia: A Celebration: The 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Economics Association
James A. Brander and Gregor W. Smith: Economic Research in Canada: Evolution and Convergence
James B. Davies, Nicole Fortin and Thomas Lemieux: Wealth Inequality: Theory, Measurement, and Decomposition
David A. Green and Christopher Worswick: Canadian Research on Immigration through the Lens of Theories of Justice
Shelly Lundberg and Aloysius Siow: Canadian Contributions to Family Economics
Bev Dahlby and Kevin Milligan: From Theory to Practice: Canadian Economists’ Contributions to Public Finance.
Robin Boadway and Katherine Cuff: The Impressive Contribution of Canadian Economists to Fiscal Federalism Theory and Policy
Brian R. Copeland and M. Scott Taylor: Environmental and Resource Economics: A Canadian Retrospective
Keith Head and Barbara J. Spencer: Oligopoly in International Trade: Rise, Fall, and Resurgence
Victor Aguirregabiria and Margaret Slade: Empirical Models of Firms and Industries
Marcel Boyer, Thomas W. Ross and Ralph A. Winter: The Dramatic Rise of Economics in Competition Policy: A Canadian Perspective
Zhe Chen, Michael B. Devereux and Beverly Lapham: The Canadian Border and the US Dollar: The Impact of Exchange Rate Changes on Cross-Border Retailers
Paul Beaudry and Francisco Ruge-Murcia: Canadian Inflation Targeting
Kim Nguyen, Michael Peters and Michel Poitevin: Can Econ Job Market Help Canadian Universities?
Russell Davidson and Victoria Zinde-Walsh: Advances in Specification Testing.
Gillian C. Hamilton, Ian Keay and Frank D. Lewis: Contributions to Canadian Economic History: The Last 30 Years

Volume 51, No. 1Février 2018

Marc Fleurbaey: Welfare Economics, Risk and Uncertainty
Max Blouin: Peacekeeping: A Strategic Approach
Aggey Semenov: Delegation to a Possibly Ignorant Agent
Patrick Hummel: How Do Selling Mechanisms Affect Profits, Surplus, Capacity, and Prices with Unknown Demand?
Sung Je Byun and Soojin Jo: Heterogeneity in the Dynamic Effects of Uncertainty on Investment
Anders Akerman: A Theory on the Role of Wholesalers in International Trade Based on Economies of Scope
Siew Ling Yew and Jie Zhang: Health spending, savings, and fertility in a lifecycle-dynastic model with longevity externalities
Jebaraj Asirvatham, Michael R. Thomsen, Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr. and Heather L. Rouse: Do peers affect childhood obesity outcomes? Peer-effect analysis in public schools
Paula E. Gobbi, Juliane Parys and Gregor Schwerhoff: Intra-Household Allocation of Parental Leave
Meg Adachi-Sato: Stock vesting conditions, control benefits, and managerial replacement

Volume 51, No. 2Mai 2018

Krishna Pendakur: Welfare Analysis When People Are Different
Hafedh Bouakez, Denis Larocque and Michel Normandin: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: A Disaggregate Analysis of the Effects of Public Spending in the U.S.
Anthony Garratt, Kevin Lee and Kalvinder Shields: The Role of Uncertainty, Sentiment and Cross-Country Interactions in G7 Output Dynamics
B.Cecilia Garcia-Medina and Jean-François Wen: Income Instability and Fiscal Progression
Joel Rodrigue and Kunio Tsuyuhara: On-the-Job-Search, Wage Dispersion and Trade Liberalization
Keith E. Maskus and Lei Yang: Domestic Patent Rights, Access to Technologies, and the Structure of Exports
Kenneth S. Corts : How the source of the entrant's advantage limits entry-deterring tying
Kenneth G. Stewart and Jiang Li: Are factor biases and substitution identifiable? The Canadian evidence
Marijke Bos and Gonzague Vannoorenberghe: Total factor productivity spillovers from trade reforms in India
Ruth Ben-Yashar, Miriam Krausz and Shmuel Nitzan: Government Loan Guarantees and the Credit Decision-Making Structure
Michael J. Kottelenberg and Steven F. Lehrer: Does Quebec's Subsidized Child Care Policy Give Boys and Girls an Equal Start?
Terence C. Cheng, Guyonne Kalb and Anthony Scott: Public, Private or Both? Analysing Factors Influencing the Labour Supply of Medical Specialists

Articles à paraître

Norman R. Swanson and Weiqi Xiong: Big Data Analytics in Economics: What Have We Learned so Far, and Where Should We Go From Here?
Cong Pan: Firms' Timing of Production with Heterogeneous Consumers
Lucas M. Herrenbrueck: Instability of Endogenous Price Dispersion Equilibria: a Simulation
Bruce Cater and Byron Lew: The Impact of Climate on the Law of One Price: A Test Using North American Food Prices from the 1920s
Sascha Baghestanian and Sergey V Popov: On Publication, Refereeing, and Working Hard
Louis-Philippe Beland and Bulent Unel: Politics and Entrepreneurship in the U.S
Jeff Quattrociocchi: Group income and individual preferences for redistribution
Ronald B. Davies, Rodolphe Desbordes and Anna Ray: Greenfield versus Merger & Acquisition FDI: Same Wine, Different Bottles?
Maral Kichian and Milana Mihic: How Important are Wealth Effects on Consumption in Canada?
Oliver Schenker, Simon Koesler and Andreas Löschel: On the effects of unilateral environmental policy on offshoring in multi-stage production processes
Hinnerk Gnutzmann and Arevik Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan: The Silent Success of Customs Unions
Walter Steingress: The causal impact of migration on U.S. trade: Evidence from political refugees
Paulo Bastos, Daniel A. Dias and Olga A. Timoshenko: Learning, Prices, and Firm Dynamics
Joel N. Blit: Foreign R&D satellites as a medium for the international diffusion of knowledge
Assaf Zimring: Testing the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek Theory with a Natural Experiment
Alessandro Cigno and Annalisa Luporini: Student loans and the allocation of graduate jobs
James Lake: Dynamic formation of Preferential Trade Agreements: The role of flexibility
Martin Tobal: A model of wage and employment effects of service offshoring
Malik Shukayev and Alexander Ueberfeldt: Monetary Policy Tradeoffs Between Financial Stability and Price Stability