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Volume 52, No. 1Février 2019

Diego Restuccia: Misallocation and Aggregate Productivity across Time and Space
Louis-Philippe Beland and Bulent Unel: Politics and Entrepreneurship in the U.S
Assaf Zimring: Testing the Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek Theory with a Natural Experiment
Ingo Geishecker, Philipp J.H. Schröder and Allan Sørensen: One-off Export Events
James Lake: Dynamic formation of Preferential Trade Agreements: The role of flexibility
Hinnerk Gnutzmann and Arevik Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan: The Silent Success of Customs Unions
Ctirad Slavik and Hakki Yazici: On the Consequences of Eliminating Capital Tax Differentials
Daniel Murphy: Demand Complementarities and Cross-Country Price Differences
Samira Hasanzadeh and Hashmat Khan: Sources of Canadian Economic Growth
Martin Tobal: A model of wage and employment effects of service offshoring
Alessandro Cigno and Annalisa Luporini: Student loans and the allocation of graduate jobs
Ben Ferrett, Andreas Hoefele and Ian Wooton: Does tax competition make mobile firms more footloose?

Volume 52, No. 2Mai 2019

Nicole Fortin: Increasing Earnings Inequality and the Gender Pay Gap in Canada: Prospects for Convergence
Kelly Foley: The gender gap in university enrollment: What role do skills and parents play?
Donna Feir and Randall Akee: First People Lost: Determining the State of Status First Nations Mortality in Canada using Administrative Data
Vincent Geloso: A price index for Canada, 1688 to 1850
Juan Carlos Conesa and Pau S. Pujolas: The Canadian Productivity Stagnation, 2002–2014
Brock Smith: Dutch Disease and the Oil Boom and Bust
Matthias Flueckiger and Markus Ludwig: Transport Infrastructure, Growth and Persistence: The Rise and Demise of the Sui Canal
Theo S. Eicher and David Kuenzel: European Influence and Economic Development
Nellie (Yinan) Zhang: Estimating the demand for settlement balances in the Canadian large value transfer system: How much is too much?
Irene Brambilla, Daniel Lederman and Guido Porto: Exporting Firms and the Demand for Skilled Tasks
Nicolas L. Jacquet, John Kennes and Serene Tan: Wage-Vacancy Contracts and Multiplicity of Equilibria in a Directed Search Model of the Labor Market
Ken-ichi Hashimoto and Ryonghun Im: Asset bubbles, labor market frictions, and R&D-based growth

Articles à paraître

Thomas Eichner and Rüdiger Pethig: Bottom-up world climate policies: Preserving fossil fuel deposits vs. capping fuel consumption
Daiki Kishishita: Does High Labor Mobility Always Promote Trade Liberalization?
Andrew Greenland, Mihai Ion and John Lopresti: Exports, Investment, and Policy Uncertainty
Julien Daubanes and Pierre Lasserre: The supply of non-renewable resources
Raquel Fonseca and Thepthida Sopraseuth: Distributional Effects of Social Security Reforms: the Case of France
Gilbert Kollenbach: Unilateral Climate Policy and the Green Paradox: Extraction Costs matter
Atsushi Yamagishi: Transboundary Pollution, Tax Competition, and the Efficiency of Uncoordinated Environmental Regulation
Colin A. Carter and Shon M. Ferguson: Deregulation and Regional Specialization: Evidence from Canadian Agriculture
Susumu Imai, Derek Stacey and Casey Warman: From Engineer to Taxi Driver? Language Proficiency and the Occupational Skills of Immigrants
Colin Davis and Laixun Zhao: How do business startup modes affect economic growth?
Lauren Jones, Kevin Milligan and Mark Stabile: Child cash benefits and family expenditures: Evidence from the National Child Benefit
Anna Grodecka: Subprime Borrowers, Securitization and the Transmission of Business Cycles
Colin A. Carter, Tina L. Saitone and K. Aleks Schaefer: Managed Trade: The U.S.-Mexico Sugar Suspension Agreements
Erick Sager and Olga A. Timoshenko: The Double EMG Distribution and Trade Elasticities
Michele Ruta, Alberto Osnago and Nadia Rocha: Deep Trade Agreements and Vertical FDI: The Devil Is in the Details
Erasmus Kersting and Christopher Kilby: The Rise of Supplemental Lending at the World Bank
Athanasios Geromichalos and Kuk Mo Jung: Monetary Policy and Efficiency in Over-the-Counter Financial Trade
Serife Genc Ileri: Selective Immigration Policy and Its Impacts on Natives: A General Equilibrium Analysis
Fidel Perez-Sebastian and Ohad Raveh: Federal Tax Policies, Congressional Voting, and Natural Resources
Ian Keay: Protection for Maturing Industries: Evidence from Canadian Trade Patterns and Trade Policy, 1870-1913
Chiu Yu Ko and Xuyao Zhang: Research Joint Venture with Technology Transfer
Kelly Chen, Lars Osberg and Shelley Phipps: Unequal Opportunities and Public Policy: The Impact of Parental Disability Benefits on Child Post-Secondary Attendance
Blake Shaffer: Location matters: Daylight saving time and electricity demand
Marco de Pinto and Jörg Lingens: Unionization, Information Asymmetry and the De-location of Firms
Bruno Merlevede and Bernhard Michel: Downstream Offshoring and Firm-level Employment
Chrysovalantou Milliou and Apostolis Pavlou: Foreign Direct Investment in Vertically Related Markets