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Latest Issue is CPP 36(4), December 2010
  • Raymond B. Blake: From Rights to Needs: A History of Family Allowances in Canada. UBC Press, Vancouver, 2009; 384 pages. ISBN: 0774815736. Reviewed by Cheryl Collier in CPP 36(4), December 2010, pp. 535-536. PDF: external
  • David A. Freedman: Statistical Models and Causal Inference: A Dialogue with the Social Sciences. Cambridge University Press, New York, 2010; 399 pages. ISBN: 0521123909. Reviewed by Daniel J. Dutton in CPP 36(4), December 2010, pp. 537-538. PDF: external
  • Ed Ratushny: The Conduct of Public Inquiries: Law, Policy, and Practice. Irwin Law, Toronto, 2009; pages. ISBN: 1552211681. Reviewed by Gregory J. Inwood in CPP 36(4), December 2010, pp. 539-540. PDF: external
  • Peter Sutton: The Politics of Suffering: Indigenous Australia and the End of the Liberal Consensus. Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2009; pages. ISBN: 0522856365. Reviewed by Andrew Nurse in CPP 36(4), December 2010, pp. 541-542. PDF: external


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