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Managing Editor:
Michael Veall
Associate Editors:
Stephen Gordon
Peter Graefe
Tammy Schirle
Lisa Strohschein
Robert Dimand
Volume 44, No. 2June 2018

Gregory Bauer, Gurnain Pasricha, Rodrigo Sekkel and Yaz Terajima: The Global Financial Cycle, Monetary Policies and Macroprudential Regulations in Small, Open Economies
Jason Allen and Kiana Basiri: The impact of bankruptcy reform on consumer insolvency choice
John Janmaat and Nargiz Rahimova: Managing Drought Risk in the Okanagan: A Role for Dry Year Option Contracts?
Can Erutku and Vincent Hildebrand: Carbon Tax at the Pump in British Columbia and Quebec
David Boisclair, Steeve Marchand, Guy Lacroix and Pierre-Carl Michaud: Individual Financial Returns From QPP Reform Options: Analyzing Proposals to Renew the 2nd Pillar of the Retirement Income Program
Kevin Milligan and Tammy Schirle: Health and capacity to work of older Canadians: Gender and regional dimensions
David M. Gray and Ross Finnie: How Do Older Laid-Off Workers Get By: Re-Employment, Early Retirement, or Social Insurance Benefits?
Robert Andersen and Meir Yaish: Preferences for the distribution of incomes in modern societies: The enduring influence of economic context

Accepted and Forthcoming Papers

Maurice Doyon, Stéphane Bergeron and Lota D. Tamini: Milked and Feathered: The Regressive Welfare Effects of Canada’s Supply Management Regime: A Comment.



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