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Rédacteur en chef:
Michael Veall
Stephen Gordon
Peter Graefe
Tammy Schirle
Lisa Strohschein
Robert Dimand
Volume 44, No. 1Mars 2018

Rupa Banerjee, Jeffrey G. Reitz and Philip Oreopoulos: Do Large Employers Treat Racial Minorities More Fairly? An Analysis of Canadian Field Experiment Data
J.C. Herbert Emery and Xiaoli Zheng: Would Better Access to Preventive Care Reduce Acute Care Utilization? Evidence from a Large Scale Not-for-profit Intervention in Alberta
Rodney Haddow: Are Canadian Provincial Tax Systems Becoming More Regressive? Is so, in What Respects and Why?
Leah Levac and Sara Worts: Invisible Young Women and Public Policy in Ontario
Philippe Cyrenne and Marian Shanahan: Towards a Regulatory Framework for the Legalization of Cannabis: How do we get to there from here?
Philippe Barla: Comment on: "Costs and Benefits of Quebec’s Drive Electric Program"

Volume 44, No. 2Juin 2018

Can Erutku and Vincent Hildebrand: Carbon Tax at the Pump in British Columbia and Quebec

Articles à paraître

Johannus A. Janmaat and Nargiz Rahimova: Managing Drought Risk in the Okanagan: A Role for Dry Year Option Contracts?
Robert Andersen and Meir Yaish: Preferences for the distribution of incomes in modern societies: The enduring influence of economic context
Gregory H. Bauer, Gurnain Kaur Pasricha, Rodrigo M Sekkel and Yaz Terajima: The Global Financial Cycle, Monetary Policies and Macroprudential Regulations in Small, Open Economies
David M. Gray and Ross Finnie: How Do Older Laid-Off Workers Get By: Re-Employment, Early Retirement, or Social Insurance Benefits?



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