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Rédacteur en chef:
Michael Veall
Stephen Gordon
Peter Graefe
Tammy Schirle
Lisa Strohschein
Robert Dimand
Volume 44, No. 4Decembre 2018

Vincent Chandler: Do evaluators prefer candidates from their own gender?
Olena Hankivsky and Linda Mussell: Gender-Based Analysis Plus (+) in Canada: The Problems and Possibilities of Integrating Intersectionality
Michele Campolieti: The Effects of Minimum Wages on Employment Dynamics and Prices in the Restaurant Sector: Canada, 1983-2016
Ali Jadidzadeh and Ron Kneebone: Patterns and Intensity of Use of Homeless Shelters in Toronto
Sébastien Breau, Brian Toy, Mark Brown, Ryan Macdonald and Oliver T. Coomes: In the footsteps of Mackintosh and Innis: Tracking Canada's economic centre of gravity since the Great Depression
Daniel Rosenbloom, James Meadowcroft, Stephen Sheppard, Sarah Burch and Stephen Williams: Transition experiments: Opening up low-carbon transition pathways for Canada through innovation and learning
Alan Hall, Rosemary Ricciardelli, Kathleen Sitter, Daniella Simas-Medeiros and Catherine deBoer and Sandra Small: Occupational Stress Injuries in Two Atlantic Provinces: A Policy Analysis
Bob Barnetson, Jason Foster and Jared Matsunaga-Turnbull: Estimating under-claiming of compensable workplace injuries in Alberta, Canada
Marcel Boyer: The Competitive Market Value Of Copyright In Music: A Digital Gordian Knot
Jonathan Kesselman: Can ‘Self-Financing’ Redeem the Basic Income Guarantee?
Wayne Simpson and Harvey Stevens: Is Canada Ready for Real Poverty Reduction through a Universal Guaranteed Basic Income? A Rejoinder to Kesselman’s “Can ‘Self-Financing’ Redeem the Basic Income Guarantee? Disincentives, Efficiency Costs, Tax Burdens, and Attitudes”
Robin Boadway, Katherine Cuff and Kourtney Koebel: Can Self-Financing Redeem the Basic Income Guarantee? Disincentives, Efficiency Costs, Tax Burdens, and Attitudes: A Rejoinder

Articles à paraître

Eugene Beaulieu and Mustafa Zaman: Do subnational trade agreements reduce trade barriers? Empirical evidence from Canadian provinces
Frank T. Denton and Byron G. Spencer: The effects of population aging on GDP per capita in the canadian provinces: could productivity growth provide an offset?



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