The objective of CREE is to provide a forum for researchers and policy analysts in resource and environmental economics to share ideas, questions and research findings. This is achieved primarily by way of an annual conference, usually held on a weekend in early October each year. CREE also organizes a small number of sessions at the annual Canadian Economics Association meetings, usually held in June. The annual CREE conference is deliberately kept small, usually with about 20 papers selected for presentation and discussion, and about 60 delegates in attendance. This setting fosters a high level interaction among participants and results in valuable feedback for presenters. It also provides a setting for emerging scholars to meet and interact with academics and policy analysts from across the country and, indeed, from around the world.

CREE gratefully acknowledges the financial support of its first Institutional Member, Environment Canada and its first University Member, the University of Guelph.



If you would like to announce an upcoming CREE-related event, please send your announcement to; please include "CREE Announcement" in the subject line.