Brock University, St. Catharines
Friday-Sunday, September 27-29, 2013


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Instructions to presenters: Your presentation should last about 20 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for the discussant and 5 minutes for questions from the audience. Your presentation should be in either PowerPoint or PDF format. You can bring a copy using a USB key.

Friday, September 27, 2013

19:00 Welcome Reception (Alphie's)
21:00 End

Saturday, September 28, 2013

08:00 Continental Breakfast (in Corridor outside AS201)
08:45 Energy/Electricity no parallel session
Chair: Brandon Schaufele (U Ottawa)
Location: Academic South 202
  Maya Papineau (Carleton University): Energy Codes and the Landlord-Tenant Problem

Discussant: Laura Grant (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Martino Pelli (University of Sherbrooke): Does the Quality of Electricity Matter? Evidence from Rural India

Discussant: Ron Chan (Maryland)
Shilei Niu (University of Waterloo): An Options Pricing Approach to Ramping Rate Restrictions at Hydro Power Plants

Discussant: Charles Séguin (UQAM)
10:00 Refreshment Break (corridor outside AS 201)
10:15 Public and Private Investments in the Environment Energy/Oil and Gas
Chair: Andrew Leach (U Alberta)
Location: Academic South 202
Chair: Anthony Ward, Brock
Location: Academic South 201
  Justin Beaudoin (University of California, Davis): Second-best public transit investment and the implications for congestion and air quality

Discussant: Marcel Oesterich (Brock U)
Robert Cairns (McGill University): Investment and Income in the Simple Hotelling Model

Discussant: Anna Sophia Ciesielski (Ifo Institute)
Janelle Mann (University of Manitoba): Is there a Global Relationship Across Crude Oil Benchmarks?

Discussant: Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira (Memorial U)
Brandon Schaufele (University of Ottawa): New Vehicle Feebates: Theory and Evidence

Discussant: Martino Pelli (U Sherbrooke)
Joel Wood (Fraser Institute): The second-best optimal gasoline tax for the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area

Discussant: Collins Ayoo (Carleton U)
11:45 Lunch (Alphie's)
13:00 Keynote Speaker: Christopher Costello (UCSB)
Be careful what you wish for: The global push for property rights in fisheries
Location: Academic South 202
Chair: Diane Dupont
14:00 Carbon Issues Environmental Regulation
Chair: Dina Tasneem (McGill U)
Location: Academic South 202
Chair: Stephan Schott (Carleton U)
Location: Academic South 201
  Carol McAusland (U British Columbia): Carbon Footprint Taxes

Discussant: Itziar Lazkano, Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Anna Sophia Ciesielski (Ifo Institute in Munich (Germany)): Carbon emissions scenarios in Europe based on a semi-endogenous growth model

Discussant: Carol McAusland, UBC
Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline (Paris School of Economics & University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne): Payments for Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils: Incentives for the Future and Rewards for the Past

Discussant: Joel Bruneau, Saskatchewan
Emilson Silva (University of Alberta): Future Strategic Effects of Environmental Policy Commitments: Climate Change, Solar Radiation Management and Correlated Air Pollutants

Discussant: Bidyut Talukdar, Saint Mary's
Andreas Marcel Oestreich (University of Guelph / Brock University): On Optimal Audit Mechanisms

Discussant: Justin Beaudoin, UC Davis
Bidyut Talukdar (Saint Mary's University): Organizational Learning and Optimal Environmental Policy

Discussant: Stephan Schott, Carleton
15:30 Refreshment Break (corridor outside AS 201)
15:45 Climate Change Non-market Valuation
Chair: Carol McAusland (UBC)
Location: Academic South 202
Chair: Maya Papineau (Carleton U)
Location: Academic South 201
  Mark Kagan (VU University Amsterdam): Climate Change Skepticism in the Face of Catastrophe

Discussant: Andrea Craig (Queen's U)
Itziar Lazkano (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee): Adaptation to Climate Change: How does Heterogeneity in Adaptation Costs Affect Climate Coalitions?

Discussant: Mark Kagan (VU University)
Andrea Craig (Queen's University): Optimal Emissions with Multiple Climate Predictions and Learning

Discussant: Christopher Costello (UCSB)
Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira (Memorial University of Newfoundland): Modelling scale heterogeneity in the estimation of the benefits of road traffic risk reductions: the case of moose-vehicle collisions in Newfoundland

Discussant: Olivier Beaumais (U Corsica)
Olivier Beaumais (LISA, UMR CNRS 6240, University of Corsica and EconomiX UMR 7235, France): Implausible willingness to pay estimates in choice experiments: preference space versus willingness to pay space

Discussant: Van Lantz (UNB)
Justin Quinton (Memorial University of Newfoundland): Scale Sensitivity, Respondent Certainty, and Numerical Skills in Contingent Valuation Surveys of Risk Reduction Policies

Discussant: James Price (Brock U)
18:30 Conference Dinner at Benchmark Restaurant (Niagara College, Niagara-on-the-Lake)
22:00 End

Sunday, September 29, 2012

08:00 Continental Breakfast (in Corridor outside AS201)
08:30 Abatement Issues Games and Resource/Environmental Problems
Chair: Robert Cairns (McGill U)
Location: Academic South 202
Chair: Joel Bruneau (Saskatchewan U)
Location: Academic South 201
  Andrew Leach (University of Alberta): Buying Greenhouse Insurance with Lottery Tickets

Discussant: Jennifer Winter (Calgary U)
Hei Sing (Ron) Chan (University of Maryland, College Park): Optimal Compliance with Environmental Policy: How Large are the Cost Savings from Emissions Trading?

Discussant: Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline (Paris School of Economics)
Alain-Desire Nimubona (Department of Economics, University of Waterloo): Search for Abatement Technologies

Discussant: Keisaku Higashida (Kwansei Gakuin)
Dina Tasneem (Department of Economics, McGill University): An Experimental Study of Extraction of a Common-Pool Renewable Resource in Continuous Time

Discussant: Sara Aghakazemjourabbaf (U Waterloo)
Charles Séguin (UQAM): Nonlinear differential games with Skiba points

Discussant: Eftichios Sartzetakis (Macedonia)
Eftichios Sartzetakis (University of Macedonia): International Environmental Agreements: An Emissions Choice Model with Abatement Technology

Discussant: Horatiu Rus (U Waterloo)
10:00 Refreshment Break (corridor outside AS 201)
10:15 Computable General Equilibrium Models, Trade, and the Environment Water
Chair: Alain-Desiré Nimubona (U Waterloo)
Location: Academic South 202
Chair: Marcel Oestreich (Brock U)
Location: Academic South 201
  Van Lantz (University of New Brunswick): Economic impacts of climate change considering individual, additive, and simultaneous changes in agriculture and forest sectors in Canada: A dynamic, multi-regional CGE model analysis

Discussant: Emilson Silva (U Alberta)
Aaron Gertz (The University of Western Ontario): Structural change and climate policy in developing countries

Discussant: Alain-Desiré Nimubona (U Waterloo)
Keisaku Higashida (Kwansei Gakuin University): Trade in Used Durables and Recycling Policies

Discussant: Brian Copeland (UBC)
Laura Grant (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee): Private Provision of Public Goods: Evidence from the Effect of Environmental Groups on Water Quality.

Discussant: Steven Renzetti (Brock U)
Stephan Schott (Carleton University): Marginal Valuations of Water Flow Adjustments over Niagara Falls

Discussant: Joel Wood (Fraser Institute)
11:45 Lunch and Business Meeting (Alphie's)
13:00 End
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