University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
Friday-Sunday, October 3-5, 2014


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Instructions to presenters: Your presentation should last about 20 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for the discussant and 5 minutes for questions from the audience.

Your presentation should be in either PowerPoint or PDF format. Please bring a copy using a USB key.

Friday, October 3, 2014

18:30-20:30 Reception and Registration (Delta Bessborough)  

Saturday, October 4, 2014

8:00 Continental Breakfast (EDUC student Lounge)  
8:30 Resource Theory
Chair: Joel Bruneau (USask)
Room:  EDUC 1004
No parallel session
  Robert Cairns (McGill)
Green Paradox or Green Unorthodoxy?
Discussant:  Jason Stevens (UPEI)
  Brian Copeland (UBC)
Trade and fisheries subsidies
Discussant:   TBA
  Jason Stevens (UPEI)
The debt-resource hypothesis re-examined with separate markets for unharvested resources
Discussant:  Joel Bruneau (USask)
10:00 Refreshment Break (EDUC student Lounge)  
10:30 Micro-Environmental Economics
Chair: Joel Wood (Thompson Rivers)
Room:  EDUC 1004
Chair: Maxym Chaban (U Sask)
Room:  EDUC 1039
  James Magnus-Johnston (CMU)
Sustainability through Song
Discussant:  Brett Dolter (York)
Olivier Beaumais, (UMR CNRS 6240 LISA; U Corsica)
Rank-Ordered Choice Data and Heterogeneous Ranking Capabilities: Why Not Allow Individuals to Rank Freely? A Scaled Rank-Ordered Logit Approach Applied to Waste Management in Corsica
Discussant:  Patrick Lloyd-Smith (U Alberta)
  Jie He (U Sherbrooke)
Spatial heterogeneity and transboundary pollution in a cross drainage basin: a contingent valuation study on the Xijiang River drainage basin of southern China
Discussant:  TBA
Patrick Lloyd-Smith (U Alberta) 
Endogeneity of Risk Perceptions in Water Expenditure Models
Discussant:  Olivier Beaumais (UMR CNRS 6240 LISA; U Corsica)
  Soodeh Saberian Ranjbar (U Ottawa)
Behavioral Impacts of Air Quality Alerts: Cycling and Ozone Alerts in Sydney
Discussant:  Jie He (U Sherbrooke)
Romain Crastes, (ESITPA AGRI'TERR & U Rouen) 
Modelling price non-attendants as true protesters in Discrete Choice Experiments
Discussant:  Janelle Mann (U Manitoba)
12:00 Lunch (Education Student Lounge)  
13:30 Environmental Theory
Chair:Janelle Mann (U Manitoba)
EDUC 1004
Climate Policy and Drivers
Chair: Donald Gilchrist (U Sask)
EDUC  1039
  Bruno Nkuiya (UC Santa Barbara)
Pollution control under a possible shift in system capacity
Discussant:  Hassan Benchekroun, McGill University
Hongxiu Li (U Waterloo)
Adaptation to Climate Change and International Mitigation Agreements with Heterogeneous Countries
Discussant:  TBA
  Eftichios Sartzetakis (U Macedonia)
Environmental Policy in the Presence of Corruption: An Alternative Perspective
Discussant:  Robert Cairns (McGill)
Nic Rivers (U Ottawa)
Vertical fiscal externalities and the environment
Discussant:  Randall Wigle (ULaurier)
  Naima Farah (U Calgary)
Elephants and Mammoths
Discussant:  TBA
Saeed Moshiri (U Sask)
Drivers of Canadian Energy Intensity
Discussant:  Soodeh Saberian Ranjbar (U Ottawa)
15:00 Refreshment Break (EDUC student Lounge)  
15:30 Policy Session 1
Chair: Joel Bruneau (USask)
Room:  EDUC 1004
No parallel session
  Akio Yamazaki (U Calgary)
On the Employment Effects of Climate Policy: The Evidence from Carbon Tax in British Columbia
Discussant:  Brandon Schaufele (Ivey Business School, Western)
  Paola Mellow (Acting Director, Environment Canada Current Analysis and Economic Research)
Economic Analysis at Environment Canada
Discussant:  Joel Bruneau (USask)
  Justin Domareski (Economist, EC Current Analysis and Economic Research) 
Competitiveness Analysis at Environment Canada: Natural Gas Production Financial Model
Discussant:  Graham Davis (Colorado School of Mines)
17:00 End of day:  bus back to Delta Bessborough 17:15  
18:30 Conference Dinner (Delta Bessborough)  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

6:45 Sunday Morning Run or Walk (Delta Bessborough)  
8:00 Continental Breakfast (EDUC student Lounge)  
8:30 Policy Session 2
Chair:  Joel Bruneau (USask)
Room:  EDUC 1004 (note: 45 minute per paper)
International Environmental Treaties
Chair: Brian Copeland (UBC)
Room:  EDUC 1039
  Randall Wigle (U Laurier)
Pulling the Plug: the Legacy of Renewable Support Academic
Discussant:  Joel Wood (Thompson Rivers)
Discussant:  Yunfa Zhu (Economist, EC Current Analysis and Modeling)
Leslie Shiell (U Ottawa)
Should We Care About Carbon Leakage? The Economics of Border Tax Adjustments Under Incomplete Climate Treaties
Discussant:  Akio Yamazaki (U Calgary
  Brett Dolter (York U)
Greening the Saskatchewan Grid Academic
Discussant:  Saeed Moshiri, USask Policy
Discussant:  Jessica Norup (Acting Director, EC Current Analysis and Modeling)
Horatiu Rus (U Waterloo)
Adaptation, Mitigation and Trade: Addressing the Economic Effects of Climate Change
Discussant:  Brian Copeland (UBC)
    Hassan Benchekroun (McGill)
Anticipated International Environmental Agreements
Discussant:  Eftichios Sartzetakis (U Macedonia)
10:00 Refreshment Break (EDUC student Lounge)  
10:30 Environmental Empirics
Chair: Leslie Shiell  (U Ottawa)
Room:  EDUC 1004
Private Behaviour
Chair: Geoff McCarney (Sustainable Prosperity)
Room:  EDUC 1039
  Timothy Fitzgerald (Montana State University)
Protecting rhinos through legal horn trade
Discussant:  Naima Farah (U Calgary
Martino Pelli (U Sherbrooke)
The Effect of Deforestation on Time Allocation: Evidence from Indian Households
Discussant:  Romain Crastes (ESITPA AGRI'TERR & U Rouen)
  Graham Davis (Colorado School of Mines)
Mining, Oil, and Inequality
Discussant:  Jennnifer Winter (U Calgary)
Maya Papineau (Carleton Universite)
Setting the Standard: Commercial Electricity Consumption Responses to Energy Codes
Discussant:  Martino Pelli (U Sherbrooke)
  Jennnifer Winter (U Calgary)
Alberta Oil & Gas Leases: Testing Competing Institutions
Discussant:  Leslie Shiell  (U Ottawa)
John Janmaat (UBC – Okanagan)
Water Conservation and Persuasion in Kelowna: Persistence Pays
Discussant:  Maya Papineau (Carleton Universite)
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch and Business Meeting (University Club) Bus to Bessborough 13:45  
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