University of Sherbrooke, Québec
October 2-4, 2015


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Instructions to presenters: Your presentation should last about 20 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for the discussant and 5 minutes for questions from the audience. Your presentation should be in either PowerPoint or PDF format. Please bring a copy using a USB key.

Friday, October 2, 2015

18:30 Welcome Reception and Registration (Grand Times Hôtel)
20:30 End

Saturday, October 3, 2015

07:00 Breakfast and Registration (Grand Times Hôtel)
08:30 Environment and Trade 1 Valuation
Chair: Paul Missios (Ryerson U)
Location: Grand Times Hôtel, Salle C
Chair: Olivier Beaumais (Corsica U)
Location: Grand Times Hôtel, Salle B
  Stefan Borsky (U of Southern Denmark), Andrea M. Leiter: Trade, Conflicts and Natural Resources: A Closer Look at the Diamond Market
Discussant: Ron Chan (Manchester U)
Anabelle Maher (U de Montréal): Migration, Trade and Environment
Discussant: Ida Ferrara (York U)
Paul Missios (Ryerson U), Ida Ferrara, Halis Murat Yildiz: Product Quality, Consumption Externalities and the Role of National Treatment
Discussant: Joel Bruneau (U of Saskatchewan)
Jie He (U of Sherbrooke), Franck Ndefo, Thomas Poder, and Jerôme Dupras: Hypothetical bias and consequentiality: Case of economic valuation of the hydrographical networks of Greater Montreal
Discussant: Hongxiu Li (U Waterloo)
Andrea Craig (Queen's U), Alex Chernoff, Huw Lloyd-Ellis: Neighborhood Sorting and Commuting Choices
Discussant: Chris Barrington-Leigh (McGill U)
Olivier Beaumais (Corsica U): Time for Waste, Waste for Time? Assessing Heterogeneous Values of Time Spent Recycling Using a Latent Class Rank-Ordered Logit Approach
Discussant: John Janmat (UBC)
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Environment and Trade 2 Social Cost
Chair: Justin Leroux (HEC Montréal)
Location: Grand Times Hôtel, Salle C
Chair: John Janmaat (UBC)
Location: Grand Times Hôtel, Salle B
  Charles Séguin (UQÀM), Emmanuel Coutu: Exchange Rate Uncertainty in Linked Cap and Trade Systems with Price Bounds: The Case of California and Québec
Discussant: Yunfa Zhu (Environment Canada)
Ron Chan (U of Manchester): Sulfur Dioxide Regulation, Emissions Leakage and Coal Exports in the United States
Discussant: Paul Missios (Ryerson U)
Justin Leroux (HEC Montréal), Étienne Billette de Villemeur: Track and Trade: A Liability approach to Climate Policy
Discussant: Ayoo Collins (Carleton U)
Alexandre Drzymala (Environment Canada): How Social Cost of Carbon Values are Implemented at Environment Canada
Amit Batabyal (Rochester Institute of Technology): Accessibility, Vulnerability, and Resilience in a Stochastic Model of Sustainable Ecotourism
Discussant: Soodeh Soberian (U of Ottawa)
John Janmaat (UBC): Water Conservation Expenditures as a Household Production Problem
Discussant: Jennifer Winter (U of Calgary)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Keynote Speaker: Prof. Gérard Gaudet (Université de Montréal)
14:00 Electricity Climate Change
Chair: Werner Antweiler (UBC)
Location: Grand Times Hôtel, Salle C
Chair: Alain Ayong Le Kama (U Paris Ouest, Nanterre)
Location: Grand Times Hôtel, Salle B
  Nic Rivers (Ottawa U), Steve Martin: Impact of Real-Time Information Provision on Electricity Consumption: Evidence from a Large Scale Field Trial
Discussant: Werner Antweiler (UBC)
Maya Papineau (Carleton U), Katrina Jessoe, David Rapson: Managing Split Incentives in Commercial Electricity Usage
Discussant: Elisabeth Isaksen (U of Oslo)
Werner Antweiler (UBC): A Two-Part Feed-In-Tarif for Intermittent Electricity Generation
Discussant: Nic Rivers (U of Ottawa)
Kent Fellows (U of Calgary), Sarah Dobson: Provinces Passing Gas: Consumption vs Production based Accounting of Canadian Provincial GHG Emissions
Discussant: Jie He (U of Sherbrooke)
Leslie Shiell (U of Ottawa), Nikita Lyssenko: Scarcity and Pollution in Public Policy Toward Fossil Fuel and Climate Change
Discussant: Amit Batabyal (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Alain Ayong Le Kama (U Paris Ouest, Nanterre), Aude Pommeret: When Cancun Met Nagoya
Discussant: Didier Tatoutchoup (U of Moncton)
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Emissions Exhaustible Resources
Chair: Chris Barrington-Leigh (McGill U)
Location: Grand Times Hôtel, Salle C
Chair: Pierre Lasserre (UQÀM)
Location: Grand Times Hôtel, Salle B
  Robin White (Environment Canada): Canada's Emission Trends 2014: GHG Emissions Projections
Soodeh Seberian (U of Ottawa), Anthony Heyes: Pollution and Skilled Worker Productivity
Discussant: Branko Boskovic (U of Alberta)
Chris Barrington-Leigh (McGill U), Bronwen Tucker, Joaquin Kritz: The Short-Run Household, Industrial, and Labour Impacts of the Québec Carbon Market
Discussant: Robin White (Environment Canada)
Sara Aghakazemjourabbaf (U of Waterloo), Margaret Insley: Optimal Resource Extraction with Hazardous Waste Production and an Environmental Bond
Discussant: Pierre Lasserre (UQÀM)
François Castonguay (UQÀM), Pierre Lasserre: Resource Agency Relationship with Privately Known Exploration and Extraction Costs
Discussant: Fabien Prieur (INRA and U of Montpellier)
Julien Daubanes (ETH Zurich), Saraly Andrade de Sa: Limit Pricing and the (In)Effectiveness of the Carbon Tax
Discussant: Annabelle Maher (U de Montréal)
17:30 Departure for the Conference Dinner (Cep d'Argent)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

07:00 Breakfast and Registration (Grand Times Hôtel)
08:30 Forests and Agriculture IO/Game Theory
Chair: Branko Boskovic (U of Alberta)
Location: Grand Times Hôtel, Salle C
Chair: Hassan Benchekroun (McGill U)
  Branko Boskovic (U of Alberta), Linda Nostbakken: The Cost of Environmental Land Use Regulation: Evidence from Auctions for Natural Resources
Discussant: Patrick Richard (U of Sherbrooke)
Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline (PSE & U of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne), Jean-Christophe Poudou, Sébastien Roussel: REDD+ as a Tool for Climate Change Mitigation and Biodiversity Conservation: Co-Benefits and Trade-Offs when Afforestation is Subsidized
Discussant: Philippe Descheneau (Environment Canada)
Jonathan Goyette (U de Sherbrooke): Environmental Regulation and Misallocation
Discussant: Nouri Najjar (UBC)
Sophie Bernard (Polytechnic Montréal): Design Choices and Environmental Policies
Discussant: Stefan Borsky (U of Southern Denmark)
Fabien Prieur (INRA & U of Montpellier), Raouf Boucekkine, Benteng Zou: On the Impact of Lobbying on Environmental and Economic Performance
Discussant: Julien Daubanes (ETH Zurich
Hassan Benchekroun (McGill U), Ngo Van Long: Status Concern and the Exploitation of Common Pool Renewable Resources
Discussant: Margaret Insley (U of Waterloo)
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Resource Management Competition, Innovation, and Regulation
Chair: Ida Ferrara (York U)
Location: Grand Times Hôtel, Salle C
Chair: Eftichios Sartzetakis (U of Macedonia)
Location: Grand Times Hôtel, Salle B
  Sisi Fu (U of Calgary), John Boyce: Estimating the Effect of Prorationing and Compulsory Unitization in the U.S. Oil Industry
Discussant: Maya Papineau (Carleton U)
Elisabeth Isaksen (U of Oslo), Andries Richter: Tragedy, Property Rights, and the Commons: Disentangling the Two-Way Causality between Institutions and Ecosystem Collapse
Discussant: Justin Leroux (HEC Montréal)
Ida Ferrara (York U), Paul Missios: A North-American Study of Household Waste Management
Discussant: Ayoo Collins (Carleton U)
Nouri Najjar (UBC): Competition and the Environment: Firm Abatement Incentives with Imperfect Competition
Discussant: Jonathan Goyette (U of Sherbrooke)
Hongxiu Li (U of Waterloo): Innovation as Adaptation to Natural Disasters
Discussant: Charles Séguin (UQÀM)
Eftichios Sartzetakis (U of Macedonia), Anastasios Xepapadeas, Anthanasios Yannacopoulos: Regulating the Environmental Consequences of Preferences for Social Status within an Evolutionary Framework
Discussant: Sophie Bernard (Polytechnic Montréal)
12:00 Lunch
13:30 End
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